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INTEX Queen Raised Downy Airbed Mattress Bed with Built-In Pump | 66717E
INTEX Queen Raised Downy Airbed Mattress Bed with Built-In Pump | 66717E
Offered by Windy City SuperStore
Price: $67.95
7 used & new from $61.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great! Especially for the price., March 21, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a great INDOOR bed. If you're looking for a camping bed, keep looking, since this one won't handle climate changes well. That said, this bed is wonderful. I bought it to use until I buy my regular bed, and I only have to reinflate (touch-up inflating, very minor) every few days. I've red a lot of reviews that say the seams rip, etc. Things to consider: the weight of the individual(s) using it. I think the max is about 350 lbs. Also, be sure to let it sit and acclimate to the house for a day before unfolding and inflating. It's pretty comfortable. I bought (at the same time) a 1.5" memory foam topper and placed it right on top, but it really doesn't need it. I figured I'd use the topper on my regular mattress once I buy one. I thought I only had about a month or two before I'd have to break down and buy a mattress, but I really think I have at least six months of continuous use on this one. Afterward, I'll fold it away and use it for company. A great buy.

A New Day Has Come
A New Day Has Come
Price: $7.99
371 used & new from $0.01

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not usually among my favorite artists...., November 10, 2004
This review is from: A New Day Has Come (Audio CD)
This is neither my favorite album nor my favorite artist, but I've chosen to review it because it a favorite of my pre-teen-aged daughter, and a couple of the tracks are growing on me. My eleven-year old likes to fall asleep to this CD and she has commented, more than once, that she would like to have a voice like Celine Dion's. Since I'm not a huge fan of Celine Dion, this album surprised me; her voice is relaxed and natural which sets this CD apart from her others that are full of pompous ballads. I don't dislike her voice, primarily because she doesn't have that warbly wannabe voice that most singers seem to have these days. Her voice is angelic and powerful, but I don't think she's quite as polished as Barbara Streisand. I take that back. She probably is as good as Babs, but unlike Ms. Streisand, Celine seems to choose songs that showcase her talent, while Barbara Streisand uses her voice to showcase what she sings.

Nevertheless, I cannot deny that there is magic in Celine's music, with the power to transform because of her graceful manner of showing emotion in some of these songs, especially, "Goodbye's" and "Prayer." Her angelic voice is subtle, yet vigorous and powerful. I sometimes find myself silently singing the lyrics to "Goodbye's (the Saddest Word)," a song about a mother's farewell to a grown child who has rediscovered her love for her mother, beceause she has recently given birth to a child of her own. Celine sings this song with passion and tenderness, and I was particularly impressed by the soaring key changes (two of them). It helps, also, that Shania Twain sings backup vocals for this track.

This is a long album; it feels like more meaty than the sixteen versatile cuts on it. The first couple of songs didn't impress me: "I'm Alive," is new-age-like with a dance flavor, and "Right in Front of You" is a light pop tune with an upbeat tempo. "Have You Ever Been in Love" begins in typical Celine Dion ballad fashion, that begins with a light piano and her voice at low and sleepy pitches. However, she builds up to a crescendo that begins to give one the sense of the power that she's harnessing. This is the first song where we hear her soaring key ranges, but the song is too smooth for my taste.

One of my daughter's favorites is "Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)." The music in this song has a little bit techo-type of quality, especially in the beginning, with a lot of syncopation. Sure, she belts out a few lines sort of like Cher, and the tune is a bit catchy, but her voice doesn't do anything special yet. "A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix)" reminds me a little of Enya, but not quite as angelic. "Ten Days" begins with acoustic guitar and has a strong steady beat, but doesn't have much more to offer.

"Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)" is a touching ballad that Celine sings with passion and power that moves me every time I hear it, but the next song, "Prayer" showcases her talent. It is another ballad that is loaded with emotional power. She's just warming up, though, and sings "I Surrender" with such drama that my heart is touched. In this song, we get a sense of Celine's talent. Her strength lies in her wide vocal range (again, not quite as wide as Barbara Streisand, but wide enough that it merits a mention) and her ability to hold those high notes for long periods of time. In this song, she bridges the high notes beautifully and with a subtle beauty. This song begins slow and ballad-like, but the tempo picks up and syncopation is added to make it almost danceable. She begins to unleash the power of her vocal chords in this song, in a passionate and dramatic fashion that is moving.

I usually cringe when I hear remakes, but I was surprised by the freshness that Celine Dion brought to "At Last," a beautiful old ballad that begins at low pitches with a steady rhythmic beat that has a blues-like tone sung with tenderness.

"Sorry for Love" sounds like techno-Cher at her best. I was most impressed by how long she can hold, not just a note, but a high note, without faltering, which she holds for 16 (count them) seconds. "When the Wrong One Loves You Right" is an upbeat, syncopated, almost danceable track, that features some high notes toward the end. "A New Day Has Come" is a ballad with its highlight of layered vocals in the chorus that gives this song an almost Enya-like quality, although Celine's angelic voice is unmistakeable. The harmony in this song is also pleasant. Overall, it is upbeat yet relaxing.

I'll summarize with a little bit of triviality. In all, there are eight or nine dance-type songs, nine love ballads, and a couple of light pop music tracks. In addition, the word "love" is mentioned over 50 times, "heart" over a dozen times, and spiritual references such as "angel," "spirit," or "God," at least 25 times. Most impressive are the 7 or so soaring key changes, two of which occur in "Goodbye's"

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