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GD-Lighting Metal Vintage Style Industrial Opening and Closing Hanging Light Pendant Wire Cage Lamp Guard with Edison Bulb
GD-Lighting Metal Vintage Style Industrial Opening and Closing Hanging Light Pendant Wire Cage Lamp Guard with Edison Bulb

4.0 out of 5 stars Grows on you, February 8, 2016
When I first unpacked the lamp, I was a little disappointed. The lamp was smaller than I had expected and when they said industrial, they weren’t kidding. The filament bulb itself came wrapped in foam and wedged inside the lamp so as to be well protected.

Despite the first impressions I decided to hang it up under the circular metal roof of our patio. There is no lamp there, only one on the wall of the house so I had my husband install this one. One of the reasons this seemed like an ideal lamp for the patio is that we often drag things like ladders, rakes, painting poles or planks of wood through from the garden gate and in through the patio doors or through to the side of the garden. With the vintage cage surrounding the bulb it is very hard to accidentally smash the bulb by knocking it. So it seemed ideal.

Once installed with the filament bulb turned on the lamp is transformed and actually looks quite attractive. I can see how hanging multiple lights at different heights in a cluster could look very cool. The filament has a rich warm orange/yellow glow. It’s not very bright but looks really nice. The light it emits is more of an orange glow similar to what you might get from a fireplace. It’s pleasant and warm and casts enough light for people to lounge around with glasses of wine or mugs of coffee. And because it isn’t as bright as a regular bulb, it doesn’t attract insects quite as much as a regular lightbulb. (This last is important with the unseasonably hot weather we’re having.)

We haven’t had the bulb long enough to know how long it will last. At one point we forgot to turn it off and left it running constantly for almost 48 hours. It casts very little light for a 40watt bulb. I noticed that more recently, LED bulbs have diversified into more interesting styles including LEDs shaped like filaments. So I may very well try one of those when this bulb goes. I’m not sure how bright those LEDs are. Some of the charm of this vintage style lamp is the warm orange glow from the bulb.

I tried taking photos with my cell phone. I have included them with the review. However, I couldn’t get a satisfactory photo in the dark because the camera overcompensates for the darkness and the bulb ended up being brilliant white. The photos are a true representation and the bulb because it isn’t super bright looks pretty similar to the dusk photo even in full dark. It maintains that warm orange glow in all lighting conditions.

So despite my initial disappointment, the lamp grew on me.

Disclaimer: I was provided this lamp in exchange for a fair and honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Non Stick Professional Grade Silicone Baking Mat, Set of 3, 2 Half Sheet, 1 Toaster Oven Cookie Sheet, Easy Clean, No Hassle Returns
Non Stick Professional Grade Silicone Baking Mat, Set of 3, 2 Half Sheet, 1 Toaster Oven Cookie Sheet, Easy Clean, No Hassle Returns
Offered by Urbane Homewares
Price: $29.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Extremely handy--and not just for baking, February 7, 2016
I have been using baking trays for years. Pretty much every day we cook something in the oven for dinner. Currently one of our favorites is chicken piccata. It’s a kind of breaded chicken breast served with a sauce. One of our weekend brunch favorites are latkes and cottage cheese blintzes.

Usually, whatever we cook requires a sheet of aluminum foil and a smear of coconut oil to prevent things from sticking. At the end of the meal the aluminum gets thrown in the bin. I can only imagine how much of that ends up wasted when it should be recycled.

Prior to this, I have never tried silicon mats. They are relatively new and I have been a little weary of plastics till quite recently. But as they were offered as a sample, we thought we would give these Urban Homewares ones a try.

They come rolled in a small rectangular box very similar to what aluminum/tin cooking foil comes in. Inside the box are three sheets. They look like sheets of silicon with some kind of woven mesh suspended in the middle. I assume the mesh helps the mat maintain its shape and gives it some durablilty. They are very flexible and rather grippy. They grip to the baking tray very well and are nonstick. I used them a few times and any congealed mess that is left on them after cooking in the oven washes off without any scrubbing. It just slides off with a sponge leaving a pristine, clean reusable mat behind. It’s quite extraordinary.

Since they’re made of a kind of rubber I was a little worried the first few times I used them because of the high heat. These mats are rated up to 482 farenheit. I have been cooking blintzers at 450f without incident so they do take high temperatures well. Deserts that have pastry and sweet syrup inside such as mince pies are much easier to cook on these silicon mats. They do not burn on the underside and anything that leaks washes off just by running the tap over the top afterwards.

They are also useful for working with pastry because nothing sticks to these mats. You can roll dough flat and not worry about any stick. My husband noticed that and stole one of the larger mats for working on an RC cars at his desk. (I guess they are useful for more than just baking.) He says he finds the mat useful because his RC car has lots of greasy components such as gearboxes and suspension shocks. I suppose it protects the wooden desk from scuffs and grease but still a bit annoying to have lost a mat to a toy car.

The mats come in two sizes: two large mats and one small-sized one. The small size is perfect for small bakes. The large ones were actually a little too big to lay flat in our larger baking trays. They were about 1 inch too long but having the ends raised slightly didn’t seem to effect the mats at all.

I like that these are so easy to clean and save on metal foil. We haven’t had them long enough to know how durable they are. But so far they haven’t discolored or shown any sign of damage so I am quite pleased with them.

Disclaimer: I received these mats in exchange for an honest and fair review. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Stuhrling Original Women's 683.02 Symphony Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch
Stuhrling Original Women's 683.02 Symphony Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch
Price: $147.62
5 used & new from $143.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A great timepiece that's almost jewelry, February 6, 2016
The idea behind Stuhrling watches is to create luxury watches that are affordable. And this watch seems to do the trick. To begin with, it has a very distinctive design. Personally, I have grown to quite like it because it does a great job of mixing style with visual fun—and as a result doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously.

The design does a good job of being neither too dainty nor too big. It’s a good compromise that doesn’t disappear on your wrist but, at the same time, is not “MTV big.” This also means that it is light on my wrist.

The dial design is simple and elegant. It has the brand name, little Swarovski crystals all around the outside of the dial, tiny little crystals inside, and hour and minute hands. That’s it. I was afraid at first that I would not be able to tell the time with this on but once I actually put it on, it turned out that I could. You know where 12, 6, 3, and 9 are and from there you can work out the rest. I was frankly surprised by how easy that was. It is advertised as being water-resistant to 165 feet. I have to admit I have not tested this (I don’t want to risk it) but it’s comforting to know that I don’t have to worry too much when wearing this watch in the rain.

The simplicity of this watch’s design makes it a bit of a cross between a bracelet and watch. The little crystals around and inside the dial draw attention to your arm in much the way a bracelet does. The metal bracelet itself has removable links you so you can adjust the size. So the watch works for both style, comfort and function. The clasp is easy to open and close with one hand. The overall look and feel is well-integrated and very attractive.

The watch comes in an elegant orange box with the Stuhrling logo on top, on the side and inside. Inside is a general user’s manual which is easy to follow and read though it truth you really don’t need it. It also has a warranty card and a little cloth to clean the watch. I found the last a really nice touch. The box itself comes in a black cardboard sleeve with the Stuhrling logo in gold writing.

Since this isn’t a large watch, it will work with just about any clothing style or occasion. I wear it to the office and a party with equal ease. And since it’s black it will go with literally anything.

It is a great timepiece that’s almost jewelry. It looks (I think) classy.

I quite like it.

Disclaimer: I received this watch in exchange for an honest and fair review. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Maxxchef 3 Stage Knife Sharpener
Maxxchef 3 Stage Knife Sharpener
Offered by MaxxChef Products
Price: $29.99
2 used & new from $13.49

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Sharpens very well, February 5, 2016
This review is from: Maxxchef 3 Stage Knife Sharpener
I must admit to not having extensive experience with knife sharpeners. Having said that, I did go through Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals courses and soon learnt that a sharp knife is important. So I bought a knife set and since he recommended doing a couple of strokes on the sharpener every time you use a knife, I also bought a cheap sharpener from Marshalls. It’s a simple, single-groove sharpener with a suction cup on the bottom.

To be honest, it worked but you still had to hold it and it was tiny. So I’ve been looking for a better and safer alternative and that is where the Maxxchef 3 stage Sharpener came in. I was quite eager to try it since it has a long, full hand grip that, when planted on a flat surface, can be held very steadily. The sharpener is still lightweight since it’s mostly plastic but it has rubber feet under the sharpening head and those grip the countertop well. The top of the hand grip is also rubberized so you can hold it firmly down against a surface.

There are three sharpening slots of varying coarseness from left to right. The first two stages seem to have pairs of metal disks that intersect similar to my old sharpener while the third slot has white possibly ceramic disks. When I’m using it, I can feel the different coarseness as I pull the blade back over the slot. You don’t have to press hard. The middle slot was similar to what I was used to, sliding the knife backwards you can feel a little friction that reduces after a couple of goes while the third fine slot is fairly smooth. I can see that it did something because the white disks have some residue left over which you can see in my photo.

Although the handle is made of plastic, the slots are surrounded by a form fitting sheet of stainless steel so you aren’t going to scour the plastic too much. My knives came out really sharp. It was very noticeable with the chefs knife. I also have a claw shaped knife in my set that I use for opening boxed packages. I really noticed how much sharper it was when cutting through layers of reinforced plastic and paper tape.

Incidentally, a sharp knife is safer than a blunt one. With a sharp knife there is little need for force and the knife slices through smoothly almost gliding. When you have a blunt knife and you start sawing and combine that with downforce pressure you risk losing control and the knife slipping suddenly and clumsily down to one side.

I really like this sharpener. It allows you to grip it from a safe distance with your hands well away from the blade as it is dragged over the sharpening grooves. You can hold it very steady and it doesn’t slide over counter tops thanks to the rubber feet. I suppose it is quite large but easily stowed away in a drawer. Having said that, it doesn’t look ugly like most sharpeners so you can just as easily leave it out on the counter. It lies flat on the counter and if you use it regularly, you might want to just leave it out. I would recommend giving the knife a couple of strokes each time you use it and it will stay with little effort.

I should also mention that the Maxxchef comes in a fairly attractive and easy to open box which is refreshing when most things come in that flat pack vacuum formed plastic that is literally a pain to open. And that for me is definitely another plus.

Disclaimer: I received this knife sharpener in exchange for an honest and fair review. The opinions expressed are my own.
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BESTRUNNER 10Pcs 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Pen Memory Stick Storage Thumb Stick Random Color
BESTRUNNER 10Pcs 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Pen Memory Stick Storage Thumb Stick Random Color
Offered by MECO_DIRECT
Price: $46.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Very convenient, February 5, 2016
I received one of these 16GB (Gigabyte) USB flash drives as a sample for review. They are 16GB USB drives that are relatively small. The entire drive is 2 inches long or approximately three times the length of the metal plug. It’s made of clear plastic with a thin metal wrap around the body and come in a variety of colors. Mine is green. Other features are a snap-on plastic cap to protect the plug from dirt and the elements. The rear has a shallow, integrated loop which means that you can fasten it to a keyring, badge holder or something similar.

One neat feature I noticed when I plugged it in is that the rear end has a red LED that illuminates to show it is active.

When plugged into Windows 10 it shows it is preformatted FAT32 which is the most widely compatible format. So there is a good chance media like photos, music and video stored on it will play back if plugged into various consumer electronics like your TV (if the media format is supported).


A drive’s actual available storage space is usually smaller than the stated value because the formatting and storing of data chunks uses up some of it. These USB sticks have 16,027,475,968 bytes or 14.9GB. (This is to be expected and is almost three DVD’s worth of storage).


The specs for these USB sticks are Read speed = 22 megabytes per second and Write Speed = 3.5mb per second. Note that I have a fairly modern gaming desktop computer with a solid state drive. On my computer read and write speeds were significantly faster than specified. When copying a 1gb video file to and from the SSD from this USB stick I get 25 – 25mb read speed and 6 – 9mb write speed. So the actual read speed is only slightly faster than advertised while the read speed is almost double what is advertised.


I am very pleased with my 16gb USB drive. It has a faster write speed than expected and consistent read speed. They sell them in packs of 10 which at the current price work out as $5 a piece which to me seems like a bargain. They are also quite small and can be conveniently attached to a keychain or lanyard and are fairly robust. It’s a lot faster to copy video files to these and plug them into my TV or media hub in the living room than send them over our Wifi network and files can be easily backed up easily. Further, the flash drive’s small size means it can be stored more securely and less conspicuously than CD’s and DVD’s while not being so tiny that you might easily break or lose them like my MicroSD cards.

I like it.

Disclaimer: I received this flash drive USB stick in exchange for an honest and fair review. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Ibagbar Small Multifunction Durable Canvas Waist Fanny Pack Outdoor Running Sport Cycling Leisure and All Outdoor Activities Bag for Men and Women (Army Coffee)
Ibagbar Small Multifunction Durable Canvas Waist Fanny Pack Outdoor Running Sport Cycling Leisure and All Outdoor Activities Bag for Men and Women (Army Coffee)
Offered by I.Bag.Bar
Price: $13.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Surdy and looks good in a functional sort of way, February 4, 2016
This is a really nice sturdy canvas fannypack or small belt kit for a hiker. It’s made of sturdy yet light canvas and has a retro vintage look which is really cool. There are two main pouches plus a diagonally zippered pocket you can slip small essential items into. The back of the pack is all one piece of cotton canvas with the belt strap passing through the side of the pouches and stitched both inside and out for reinforcement. The front of the pouches are also lined with cotton; the lining creating a partition between the main pouch and zippered pocket. The zips all feel of good quality with leather tabs to make pulling them easier, even when wearing gloves.

You can wear it in a couple of configurations. The strap length can be adjusted from both sides while a sturdy plastic snap-on clip/buckle similar to what you find on dog harnesses, locks the strap shut. The strap can be adjusted in length to allow for wearing it in a couple of configurations. As a belt or across the shoulder bandolier style.

In use

I really like this pack. It’s larger than your average exercise fanny pack and is far more sturdy. It’s great for walking the dogs along the trails along local rivers and hiking. The pouches are quite roomy. The small one is big enough to carry a small style survival kit for hiking in remote locations while the larger pouch can hold all your essentials: flashlight, camera, cellphone and/or GPS. Glasses case, a snack or folding binoculars. The zippered pouch has an opening that’s not quite wide enough for a modern cell iPhone 6-sized phone in a bulky, wallet style case. But it will also fit the same phone without the chunky case. It’s also a good place to keep an ID and other important cards.

I like that the strap can be adjusted long enough to hang from your shoulder across your chest. This gives you a much more sturdy platform on which to hang water bottles. It gets very hot here in the summers and it is vital to have fluids. Especially for dogs. Strapped across your shoulder, the pack can easily bear the weight of a water bottle while a belt configuration is usually uncomfortable because it pulls down on your pants and interferes with your movement.

The only negative thing I can think of is that in a bandolier configuration, the quick release latch is across your back. It’s great for a belt but you don’t need it when it’s hanging from the shoulder and it does offer an opportunity for someone else to unlatch it in a snap. I can see it being done as a practical joke or potentially by a thief. Other than that, if you’re hiking near water, it’s worth having some watertight bags for any valuables because cotton canvas isn’t waterproof and takes a while to dry once soaked.

To me it’s not a big negative. I have a lightweight rain jacket that will fit in the larger pouch and cover the belt in either configuration should it start raining.

It doesn’t look sporty or glamorous, but it looks cool in a more functional kind of way and certainly carries a lot more since it’s a lot sturdier than some of the flimsier and more fashion oriented accessories. I really like it.

Disclaimer: I received this canvas waist pack in exchange for an honest and fair review. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Sahara Sailor Survival Bracelet Kit Carabiner Grenade Paracord with Flint Rod Weights Floats Fishing Line Hooks Scraper Fire Starter Whistle Mini Torch 30 survival kits
Sahara Sailor Survival Bracelet Kit Carabiner Grenade Paracord with Flint Rod Weights Floats Fishing Line Hooks Scraper Fire Starter Whistle Mini Torch 30 survival kits
Offered by Sahara Sailor
Price: $27.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Good to have with you, February 2, 2016
Reviewing this item is a bit awkward since it has been configured for optimal convenience. It’s a small, tight, compact bundle that you can stow anywhere you can fit your hand. But in doing so, it is really set up for one-time use.

But since this was a free sample I felt I had to at least take a peek inside and give my impression and so long as you don’t unbraid the paracord it is possible to put it back together.

As you can see in the photos, this is not supposed to be some kind of covert “tactical” survival kit. It uses bright day glow fluorescent colors to make it as visible as possible. The main bulk of the kit is made up of braided and wound fluorescent orange paracord rated at 500lbs which is enough to handle two average adults and though risky, potentially three in an emergency. On the surface you have access to:

A clip on compass that works reasonably well. It’s cheap floating disk type but accurate enough to get your bearings though you will need light to see it in the dark.

A small D-ring type shackle with a threaded pin and a larger D shaped carabineer hook that you can use to fasten to a belt. Combined, these two metal hooks with the paracord give you a lot of options for pulleys, hoists and anchors.

Unraveling the paracord to see what’s inside, I found that when I tried to pull the grey cord loose the green loop came loose. The grey paracord is heat bonded to the orange and I wonder if the green loop was originally bonded to the end of the grey as a fastening point. I don’t have another to check and find out. It may just be a short piece for tying your coiled paracord after unraveling to keep it tidy.

When you unwind several feet of grey and then orange cord you are left with braided orange cord looped around a flexible plastic box. Opening the box you can empty all the components from the kit. The kit is compartmentalized in small ziplock bags sealed from moisture. These are grouped into separate bags depending on their use.

One bag contains paparclips, safety pins, a needle with a paper tape bungie on the sharp end and a striker for starting a fire. Another bag contains fishing gear, three weights of line, floats, hooks and other bits and pieces. A different bag contains whistle on a chain. And yet another bag contains the wire saw with loops at each end. And some cotton wool type fluff to use as tinder comes in its own little bag.

Loose in the box are: a scalpel blade, sterile pad, and a thermal blanket (a sturdy folded sheet of tin foil).

There is also a small credit card-sized stainless steel multi-tool with many functions and an accompanying instruction sheet. The only catch being that the instructions are in Chinese calligraphy/script. I included a decent close up photo of the multi-tool along with the rest of the contents.

There is also a mini flashlight which is a neat little bullet shape with a loop in the back. It has a telescopic lens that allows you to vary the light from a pinlight to a broad flashlight. It is LED and fairly bright. It has a push button on the but end. Initially, I was disappointed because the flashlight didn’t seem to work. But then I unscrewed the back and found that they had intentionally broken the electrical contact with a small disk of card. Once the card is removed the flashlight works as intended.


This is actually a really neat little survival kit that I will keep in my car and take on hiking trips. It is grenade sized and fits perfectly in one of my hiking belt pouches. It can also be hung on a belt via the carabineer clip. Everything seems to be of sufficient quality and tightly packed. I was pleased that I could access the kit and repack it all within 5 minutes. If there was one thing I’d have like added, it would be some water sterilization tablets which I feel are pretty essential for a serious survival kit. You can go without food for over a week. But dehydration is very dangerous so some way of sterilizing water would have been nice.

Otherwise you have a good selection of tools in this kit. The flashlight is a little fiddly to get operational at first; you probably couldn’t do it with gloves on or numb hands because it has to be disassembled.

I know I probably sound picky, but I do like this kit and will keep it on hand. But will make sure to have a few extra items with it. The tinder is very small and I suggest packing a couple of tampons to use as additional tinder or as a gauze pad for minor injuries. You will also want some refillable water containers for hydration, sterilization tablets. All that and I think your good to go.

I’m very pleased I managed to put it back together after taking the photographs which I have included with this review. They show you all the contents much better than I can describe them.

Disclaimer: I received this survival bracelet in exchange for an honest and fair review. The opinions expressed are my own.

SmartOmni Powerful Bass Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headset Retractable Stereo Headphones with Mic
SmartOmni Powerful Bass Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headset Retractable Stereo Headphones with Mic
Offered by SmartOmni
Price: $25.99
2 used & new from $25.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Look good and sound good and have a long battery life, February 2, 2016
A few months ago, I got SmartOmni earphones for my phone and was impressed by them. But when I am at home, I typically prefer headphones to in-ear earphones.

I already have some over ear gaming headphones which are big, bulky, heavy and a little too isolating. These smart omni ones are closer to on-ear headphones if perhaps slightly larger but are still less bulky than over hear headphone cups. They are mostly made of plastic with a rubberized, tactile feel to the matte black parts and with nice gunmetal disks on the outside of the cups to give them a pretty nice clean, look. The headband looks like a solid piece but the underside is actually a hollow rubber cushion that is quite soft and comfortable on top of your head.

The cups are made of soft foam-filled-leather like plastic that sits quite snug on your ears. Often, on-ear headphones are called Supra aural headphones because they give a more open natural sound letting some of the ambient noise around you in. These Smartomni ones actually seal quite well on my ears and isolate quite a lot.

To make these headphones more portable, the headband is hinged so you can fold them in order to fit them in a case and a dustproof cloth bag comes in the box to protect them. There are plenty of inexpensive headphone cases that are compatible with these as well so you’re not locked in.

At first I could not figure out which side of these headphones was which. There are no markings for left or right. When I plugged them into the computer and tested the channels in the audio control settings. The controls are all on the left headphone.


There are a couple of accessories included with these headphones:

Cloth drawstring bag for keeping them clean when you put them away.

Since these are Bluetooth headphones with an internal lithium battery, the headphones come with a MicroUSB cable for charging.

These headphones can also be used wired via the included A 3.5mm 1/8 inch aux cable that plugs into the left headphone cup.

Why would you need a wired option if you have Bluetooth? In my case, my desktop computer and guitar amp, TV and reciever have headphone sockets and no Bluetooth. Without the option of wired use I would only be able to use the headphones with the phones, tablet and notebook we have in our home. So having both wired and Bluetooth options means you can adapt these to fit any application. Plus, you can use them wired if the battery runs out at an inopportune moment.


These headphones have minimal controls that are pretty easy to use. There’s a sprung centering toggle wheel. A quick flick to either side skips to the next or previous track, while holding it on will gradually change the volume in either direction.

The power button is multifunctional depending on what mode the headphones are in. It’s the on/off button when held down for a few seconds. It’s also the play stop button when on and music is playing. It also answers incoming phonecalls if you get one when playing music. You can also reject phonecalls or redial with a quick double press.

I like the controls. You don’t have to fiddle with them much because there is only one tall button and the rocker wheel that does everything. The only other features are the 3.5mm 1/8 inch socket and MicroUSB socket.


The sound from these headphones is really good. The bass is quite punchy without being muddy. They have more bass than other headphones I have with 40mm drivers. When it’s too boomy I get fatigued pretty quickly. These aren’t too bad and really help fill in and bring warmth into the midtones while treble is a little muted and might need some equalization to give it more detail. If you use one of the better phone apps like PowerAmp you can tweak the bass to your comfort levels. The important thing is that the bass is there and gives you options to play with. For the types of music I listen to, rock, classical, 80’s and 90’s pop and the occasional dance track, these headphones are really good. They are fairly isolating but you can still hear a little of what is around you.

They arrived already charged and the play time seems to be long. They lasted for several hours before I plugged them in for a recharge and I accidentally left them on overnight while my phone was charging and the batteries didn’t seem to have been affected much if at all.

Setup was easy and pretty standard. Just hold the on/off button for 4 seconds till LED’s on the headphones flash alternatively red and blue. Then search for devices in your phone/tablet/notebook settings and select these headphones which should be listed as SmartM1 and you’re done.


These headphones look and sound good and have a long battery life. The included aux cable lets you run them wired too, something I appreciate because although my mobile devices are all Bluetooth my desktop computer and guitar amp are not, but they do have inputs for 3.5mm headphones. I like them.

Disclaimer: I was provided these headphones in exchange for an honest and fair review. The opinions expressed are my own.
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[Patent Pending] Cable Clips, Kollea Pack of 6 Multipurpose Wire Cord Cable Clip Smart Organizer for Desktop & Workstation - Released 10/20/2015
[Patent Pending] Cable Clips, Kollea Pack of 6 Multipurpose Wire Cord Cable Clip Smart Organizer for Desktop & Workstation - Released 10/20/2015
Offered by Kollea Direct
Price: $18.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Very Handy, January 31, 2016
These are pretty handy. When I bought my new desk it came with one of those cable management grommets which was cool. But even so, I was always getting frustrated because I have many cables and some, such as USB and headphone extensions, are not always hooked up leaving either unsightly coils of cables on the desk or the weight of the cable drags the plug over the back edge where it falls behind the desk and is really hard to find again.

I found that these cable clips work really well. I have used single clips before and have also seen double clips before. These clips can hold three per clip and you get six in the pack. I put two of them on the top of my desk at the back to hold my loose plugs. The clips are made from a flexible silicon with rounded slots which mean they’re stiff enough to hold a cable, even upside down and while the cable itself fits in the clip the head does not. This is great for me because it means I can hang my cables at the back edge of the desk with the plugs held by the clip. You simply pull the plug towards you and the cable trails behind. Then plug it into your speaker, mobile device or storage device.

Since there are 6 clips, I preferred the two black ones but I still used the other four but I stuck them behind the modesty board at the back of the desk. I use two clips to hold 6 cables that hang from left to right behind my desk to stop the cables dangling down where my dogs can’t reach them. And a couple of them are upside down and they hold the cables to my audio equipment to the right of my desk.

In use

The clips are really easy to use. They have a circular foam adhesive pad on the back. You just peel off the backing and press the clip in place. It doesn’t take much pressure since the adhesive is strong. It can hold just about any USB or CAT5 ethernet cable. It can also hold most thinner power cables, including the flat ones from my joystick.

The only odd thing was that the colors did not match the photos on Amazon. I noticed my pack had all the same colors other reviewers received. Personally, I would have preferred them to be less colorful which is why I put the colored ones on the underside and side of the desk for better management. Otherwise, I really like these very handy clips.

Disclaimer: I received these clips in exchange for an honest and fair review. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Mugig MT-1 3 in 1 Metronome,Tuner (Metro-tuner) and Tone Generator , FCC&CE Certified
Mugig MT-1 3 in 1 Metronome,Tuner (Metro-tuner) and Tone Generator , FCC&CE Certified
Offered by BUYHOPE
Price: $12.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very nice tuner, January 29, 2016
Length:: 3:23 Mins

This is a surprisingly good tuner with many nice features. I tried to make a video but it doesn’t really do the tuner much justice.

It’s is a nice size; not too small yet large enough to hold in your palm. It comes with two AAA batteries and a cable with a clip-mounted sensor for attaching to your instrument. If your instrument has a TS or TRS ouput you can plug that in directly too. Though if you use an electric guitar the clip means that you can tune it without unplugging the guitar from your amplifier.

The tuner has an approximately 2.5 inch widescreen display. When I first put in the batteries it automatically turned on. When I flipped it over I though the bright clear display was actually a printed overlay sticker and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. (It doesn’t show on the camera just how dark the background is).

The buttons are nicely spaced out with a volume knob on the top side. There’s a 1/8 inch headphone socket on the left for listening to the metronome or tuning tone discreetly. Also on the rear is a flip out stand that perches the tuner at a 30 degree angle for better viewing.

Tuner Mode

The tuner works very well. I tried plugging in the guitar directly via an instrument cable. I also used the clip-on pickup which is included and is required for instruments that don’t have an electric output and are still useful for those that do. The clip means that you don’t have to turn off your amp and unplug your electric guitar for tuning.

The tuner is sensitive enough to pickup your string wavering which happens a lot on my low E string as it oscillates. The tuning frequency can be adjusted in 1hz increments and covers a broad range. A single press of the up or down buttons adjusts in 1hz increments while holding down the same button scrolls through the frequencies much faster.

One nice thing is that during tuning, the display is orange with a needle indicating how far off the note is. There are also three labeled LEDs across the top in the sequence of red, green, red that illuminate to represent the note being played and indicate whether it is flat, in tune and sharp. The best feature is that when your note is playing in tune, the screen changes to a bright green backlight which is very visible. This feature is extremely useful for people with poor vision.

Accuracy seems to be really good. It’s comparable to my clip-on Snark and TS Electronics Polytune clip which is considerably more expensive. It can also be used for checking intonation since it does display the notes accurately when comparing open notes with notes on the 12th fret when checking your guitar. (That’s something a lot of popular smart phone apps fail to do).

Metronome Mode

The metronome is comprehensive, using the same up and down buttons to set timing from 30 beats per minute to 250 and there are several rhythm modes that can be set in between and further divide the beat.

Tone Mode

There is also a tone generator which lets you toggle between Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin and Ukelele. Guitar and Bass let you change flat too. Then you press the same up and down key as the other modes to parse through the various notes. On the Guitar that is 6E, 5A, 4D, 3G, 2B, 1e. The play button lets you play the tone for the selected note. If you leave play on it will stay on and change as you scroll through the different modes.


This is a really nice tuner and I’m glad to have this welcome addition. It works very well with a very clear and bright display. I included a video which doesn’t really do the tuner much justice but will hopefully roughly illustrate how it works.

Disclaimer: I received this tuner in exchange for an honest and fair review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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