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The Sopranos: Season 3
The Sopranos: Season 3
DVD ~ James Gandolfini
Price: $17.99
28 used & new from $5.91

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Sopranos Season 3 Another superb and compelling season!, November 8, 2003
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Sopranos: Season 3 (DVD)
As compelling as the first two seasons were, season three is even more compelling, which is at odds with what I'd heard from several different people. Series creator David Chase obviously had to continue and even further improve on the intriguing and suspenseful saga that is the "family" life of New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano and he and the rest of the cast and crew did that quite successfully with this particular season.
The entire season is set up quite beautifully with them giving a larger role to the Jackie Aprile Jr. character and them showing what Tony tried to do to keep the kid out of the business and harms way and of course, Joe Pantoliano's role as Ralph is brilliant in the conflict it creates between him and Tony.
Every one of the actors and actresses deserve every award and accolade they've received for their performances in this brilliant season. The ever beautiful Annabella Sciorra makes a very poignant and compelling guest appearance and her acting skills shine through in this role.
I highly recommend not only this third season DVD set but every one that is available; you will be hard pressed to find a more compelling and intriguing series on television today that covers the material that the Sopranos does with such ease.
Episode recaps:
Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood - I truly enjoy how they begin every season with Tony walking down his driveway to get the paper and looking "around." In this brilliantly written season opener, FBI Agent Harris concocts a bold scheme to get a bug in Tony's basement where he holds "private" business meetings.
Proshai, Livushka - Tony no longer has to worry about his mother ratting him out with the Feds when she passes away and the shows creators come up with a digital masterpiece to give Tony and Livia one final scene; meanwhile, Tony meets Meadow's new boyfriend from college and is not exactly pleased with his heritage.
Fortunate Son - Christopher soon discovers that being a "made" guy isn't all it's cracked up to be as finds himself behind in payments to Paulie plus he allows Jackie Aprile Jr. to help him on a heist which doesn't exactly make Tony happy; Janice moves into Livia's house and immediately has a problem with the Russian housekeeper; Anthony discovers some leadership skills and something "else" on the football field.
Employee of the Month - Ralph Cifaretto is starting to become a major problem for Tony; Dr. Melfi faces a major personal crisis which makes you wish she'd chosen differently at the end of the episode; Svetlana calls on the Russian mob to help with her conflict with Janice and Tony cannot help but wonder why Johnny Sack has moved to Jersey.
Another Toothpick - Bobby Baccilieri Sr. comes out of retirement to make a hit against the wishes of his son and Junior; Christopher insists that Adrianna quits her job at Arties restaurant and Arties finds he must confront his feelings between both Adrianna and his wife Charmaine and Carmela is now taking a more active role in Tony's therapy.
University - Ralph's behavior comes into even further question by Tony when Ralph has a volatile relationship with one of the strippers from Bada Bing; Meadow and Noah's relationship becomes strained due to her mentally instable roommate.
Second Opinion - Tony convinces Junior to seek a second opinion; Carmela sees a different shrink and Christopher finds himself being even further humiliated at the hands of Paulie and his probationary period.
He is Risen - Tony and Ralph's relationship becomes even further strained despite Johnny's "efforts" but Ralph's luck is about to change; Jackie Jr. and Meadow become involved, much to Tony's pleasure and Tony meets Gloria (Annabella Sciorra) at Dr. Melfi's office.
The Telltale Moozadell - Tony meets Gloria at the Mercedes dealership and their relationship becomes a lot more interesting; Christopher gives Adrianna a night club; Anthony Jr. gets into some serious trouble at school and Tony has a serious conversation with Jackie Jr. about his relationship with Meadow.
...To Save us All from Satan's Power... - Tony is haunted by the ghosts of Christmas past; Janice has a new boyfriend and a music "career" and Furio and Tony pay a surprise visit upon a Russian who roughed up Janice.
Pine Barrens - This episode has to be one of the most hilarious episodes of the entire series as Paulie and Christopher go to collect from a Russian and Paulie's mouth sets off the Russian and they "whack" him and take him to the woods but soon find out he's not dead and they end up lost in the woods; Tony's relationship with Gloria takes a very unexpected turn for him.
Amour Fou - Ralph tells Jackie Jr. about how his father became a made guy and Jackie Jr. decides to attempt to follow in his fathers' footsteps and everything falls apart for him and Tony discovers that his relationship with Gloria is very similar to that which he had with his mother.
The Army of One - Tony begins to seriously reconsider his practices as the head of two families; Anthony Jr. gets himself expelled from school and Tony tries to send him to a military school; Jackie Junior's attempt to become a made guy puts him at odds with the business and Meadow is forced to reflect upon life and death in the Soprano family at his funeral. {ssintrepid}
Episode list:
Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood
Proshai, Livushka
Fortunate Son
Employee of the Month
Another Toothpick
Second Opinion
He is Risen
The Telltale Moozadell
...To Save us All from Satan's Power...
Pine Barrens
Amour Fou
The Army of One
Special Features:
-Episode commentaries by Michael Imperioli, Steve Buscemi and David Chase
-Behind the Scenes Featurette
-Episodic and season recaps and previews

Into the Nebula (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 36)
Into the Nebula (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 36)
by Gene DeWeese
Edition: Paperback
176 used & new from $0.01

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars STNG #36 Into the Nebula - An unexpected hero!, November 8, 2003
Strangely enough, this was the last Star Trek title released by this author. This is especially disconcerting when taking into consideration that Gene DeWeese could write such an outstanding novel that entails Data's cat Spot becoming the hero of the novel! I found the author's writing style to be very fast paced and highly intriguing, lending to a very quick read.
The cover art for this novel is pretty much standard fare for the time in which it was published.
The premise:
The Enterprise encounters a strange nebular dust while exploring an unknown region of space. Within this nebular cloud they discover a planet called Krantin, where "all" life on the planet is dying. After a series of explosions and a ship disappearing into thin air, Captain Picard and crew begin to believe there is another group that is behind the destruction.
The leader of the planet believes the Enterprise and her crew are behind the plot against them and has the away team arrested. As time is running out Data and believe it or not, Spot must find a way to save their crewmates and the planet.
This is a highly intriguing and fun STNG novel to read and I highly recommend it to all fans of the Star Trek fiction genre. {ssintrepid}

Devil in the Sky (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 11)
Devil in the Sky (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 11)
by G. Cox
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
145 used & new from $0.01

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars DS9 #11 Devil in the Sky - An enjoyable Trek tale!, November 2, 2003
I found it interesting to read in the interview with Greg Cox by Kevin Dilmore in the back of "Star Trek The Q Continuum" that Greg Cox and John Gregory Betancourt had written "Devil in the Sky" with only the series bible, the script for "Emissary" and having only watched a few episodes. The reason I found this so interesting is that in this novel, which was the inaugural Star Trek novel for both authors, they captured the characters and the feel of Star Trek Deep Space Nine so well. You will quickly find that the pacing of this novel and both authors overall writing styles lend well to a quick and thoroughly enjoyable read.
Both authors proved with this novel that both of their works, whether collaborative or individual, are to be looked forward to. One of the main themes that started in this novel and has continued to today in novels written by Greg Cox, is his penchant for using characters and species from all of the series, but most especially the Original Series, such as his use of the Hortas in this novel, which according to his interview with Kevin Dilmore was John Ordover's idea.
"Devil in the Sky" also lends itself very well to the early feel of the series. This is the type of story you "could've" seen on the series, except for the prohibitive costs of using the Horta via a heavy amount of CGI.
The cover art for "Devil in the Sky" isn't all that imaginative other than the drawing of a Horta, giving a potential reader that this creature from the Original Series is included in the story.
The premise:
Bajor has recruited the Hortas from Janus VI to help rebuild their devastated mining industry all in the hopes of revitalizing their struggling economy. Unfortunately for the Hortas and the Bajorans, Cardassian raiders step in and abduct the Mother Horta. Now Commander Sisko finds himself stuck with twenty Horta eggs and they suddenly begin to hatch and the only food source for them appears to be Deep Space Nine itself. Meanwhile, Major Kira sets out on a rescue mission, deep in Cardassian space.
I highly recommend this novel to any and all fans of the series or Star Trek in general. If you've never read a novel written by one or both of these authors, you will soon learn that they can definitely be counted among some of the best that Star Trek has to offer. {ssintrepid}

Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden
Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden
by William Shatner
Edition: Hardcover
255 used & new from $0.01

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Star Trek The Ashes of Eden - The Shatnerverse begins!, November 2, 2003
To date, "The Ashes of Eden" remains one of my favorite and most memorable reads in The Original Series Star Trek universe. This extraordinary novel serves well in what I'm gathering was William Shatner's desire to stay connected with the universe he helped create. I found this novel and it's follow up novel, "The Return" to both have been extraordinarily brilliant in the way William Shatner and his collaborators, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens were able to perpetuate Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek universe, despite the character having been killed off in Star Trek Generations.
Although some of William Shatner's later Star Trek novels in the ongoing story do not quite live up to this first one, I would have to say that he's carved himself a nice niche in the Star Trek universe, at least in the fictional sense.
The cover art for this novel is brilliant and exciting, lending very well to the story!
The premise:
It is six months prior to that fateful day in which the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B is launched under Captain John Harriman and she heads off for her inexorable brush with a destiny that entails the loss of the Federations most renowned captains, James Tiberius Kirk.
Captain Kirk finds himself facing the spectre of an unchallenging retirement when suddenly, a very beautiful young woman makes him an offer he couldn't refuse; a perilous voyage to an uncharted planet where he will confront that which poses a very real threat to the burgeoning peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Along the way, he has the opportunity to recapture his youth.
Captain Kirk finds that he must turn his back on his closest friends and is that he's also being hunted by Captain Sulu and the USS Excelsior. He also finds that he must stand alone as the chief defender of an incredibly beautiful world and he must choose between conquering the gravest challenge of his career or surrendering to the greatest passion he's ever known.
I highly recommend this novel and those Shatnerverse novels that follow for you will find that this incredible writing team of William Shatner and Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens are capable of producing some the most memorable Star Trek fiction ever put to print. {ssintrepid}

The Escape (Star Trek Voyager, No 2)
The Escape (Star Trek Voyager, No 2)
by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Edition: Paperback
156 used & new from $0.01

1 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars STV #2 The Escape - An extremely well written novel!, November 2, 2003
"The Escape" is the first in the line of original Star Trek Voyager stories and quite rare indeed insomuch as most first original novels for the other series just plain fell flat on their intended purposes. That is certainly not the case with this novel, as I believe Pocket Books and Paramount gave the authors the proper amount of time to get to know the characters from the episodes as opposed to only asking them to write a story based off of the bible written for the series. That patience pays off quite well in "The Escape."
"The Escape" is also only the second Star Trek novel for this extraordinary writing team and, as always, I found their writing styles to be quite intriguing and very fast paced. They just don't seem to get bogged down in the details as some authors do. This novel is well worth the time to read it based on the characterizations alone, which are extraordinarily accurate to the series and the characters at the time this novel was published.
The cover art for this novel can be counted among the best of any of the Star Trek novels at the time this novel was released, it's nice to see "some" thought actually being given to that aspect in Star Trek fiction.
The premise:
Captain Janeway finds that her ship is in desperate trouble. Voyager's systems are damaged and the warp engines are failing, without immediate repairs, the valiant but troubled crew could find themselves stranded between the stars, open to attack from the local hostile races. Janeway leads her ship to an ancient, deserted planet in hopes of repairing their ship and restoring their supply stores, but they soon find that the planet is hiding more than one deadly secret...
I highly recommend this early Star Trek Voyager novel as it is a true rarity among the first few Voyager novels and it makes for an excellent Star Trek read! {ssintrepid}

The Romulan Stratagem (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 35)
The Romulan Stratagem (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 35)
by Robert Greenberger
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
145 used & new from $0.01

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars STNG #35 The Romulan Stratagem - A fantastic novel!, November 2, 2003
"The Romulan Stratagem" is author Robert Greenberger's first solo Star Trek novel and if you read the author's notes at the beginning of the book, you'll see that it was a labor of love for him to write this novel and it paid off extremely well. What I find surprising about this novel is that it was released as a paperback because I truly believe it had earned a hardback release.
I found Robert Greenberger's writing style to be extraordinarily well paced and his knowledge of Star Trek in general shows on the pages, his characterizations are "spot on" and his usage of guest characters in the story is beyond reproach. I especially liked his usage of Ensign Ro Laren, one of STNG's best non regular characters. "The Romulan Stratagem" clearly puts this author in my top ten Star Trek authors list.
The cover art for this novel is above average for the time in which this novel was published.
The premise:
The Enterprise is on a mission to the planet Eloh, which is dangerously close to the Klingon/Romulan border, to negotiate its potential Federation membership. Upon arrival though, a Romulan Warbird shows up and it's commanded by Commander Sela and she's there to "negotiate" with the Elohsians as well, hoping that they will soon join the Romulan Star Empire.
A series of fatal incidents brings suspicion upon both delegations and Data must form an uneasy alliance with Sela in order to prove the innocence of the Enterprise; at stake is this strategic stronghold, vital to the Federations vigilance of the Romulan Star Empire.
I highly recommend this novel to any and all fans of Star Trek fiction. Author Robert Greenberger's work with this novel deserves all the praise that is possible for it. {ssintrepid}

Valhalla (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 10)
Valhalla (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 10)
by Nathan Archer
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
129 used & new from $0.01

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars DS9 #10 Valhalla - A very well told early DS9 tale!, November 2, 2003
Surprisingly enough, "Valhalla" was only the first of two Star Trek novels for this outstanding author. I found his writing style to be fairly well paced and he had a thorough grasp of the characters and the overall theme of the series at the time in which this novel was published. This type of Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel is truly what DS9 was about at that time; a mystery from the Gamma Quadrant floating through the wormhole and the good old Cardassians from right next door, coming to waive their flag and make threats. It would certainly be nice to see this author make a return to the Star Trek universe after so many years away.
The cover art for this novel is pretty much standard fair for the time in which it was published and can even be considered lower than that considering the extremely poor rendition of Major Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor), which I find it surprising that she checked off on it.
The premise:
The Cardassians are raising the tension levels on the station and Bajor once again due to speculation that they may attempt to reoccupy Bajor, but things become complicated even further when a mysterious ship comes through the wormhole from the Gamma Quadrant. The crew of this ship is found dead and some very valuable technology from the Gamma Quadrant is found. Sisko soon finds that he must deal both with the Cardassians who are attempting to seize control of this ship and Kira who believes it to be Bajoran property.
When the alien ship suddenly seizes control of Deep Space Nine, Sisko finds he must now face this alien entity controlling the station and the Cardassians who are attempting to seize control of it. Here is where a very special player comes into play that came from the first season episode "The Forsaken."
I highly recommend this early Deep Space Nine novel to any and all fans of the series and Star Trek fiction in general. {ssintrepid}

Warped (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
Warped (Star Trek Deep Space Nine)
by K. W. Jeter
Edition: Hardcover
254 used & new from $0.01

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars DS9 Warped - Poorly written and executed!, November 2, 2003
As a general rule I do not normally like to completely run an author's work into the ground, so in this case my intent is to be as fair as possible with reference to this title. It was not thoroughly surprising to see "Warped" be the second and final Star Trek novel by KW Jeter, who I know to be a very popular author in other genres. Between this and his first DS9 novel "Bloodletter," an astute fan of the series can quickly catch on that the author just didn't seem to grasp the characters or the overall theme of the series very well.
Although no one but those at Pocket Books can say for certain, I believe that the reason that this was the only hardback Star Trek Deep Space Nine release up until DS9's "Unity," which is due out this year, is because "Warped" did so poorly in sales due to it's slow pace and lack of familiarity to the actual series. I find this to be a sad fact as well, considering the novels that came out later that so richly deserved a hardback release!
The cover art for this novel is standard fare for the time it was published, not exceptionally imaginative.
The premise:
Attempting to capitalize on the outstanding second season trilogy episodes of "The Homecoming," "The Circle" and "The Siege," the author brings into play these aspects, playing on the political strife in the newly formed Bajoran provisional government. A series of murders occurs on the station and Commander Sisko finds himself dealing with a new religious faction that wishes to force the Federation away from Bajor.
Odo soon traces the mysterious murders on the station to a dangerous new form of holosuite technology which has also affected Commander Sisko's son, Jake. Sisko must now deal with this new religious faction and the very real possibility of murder coming his way from any direction, to include his own son.
I've also owned the audio tape for this novel for several years; read by Rene Auberjonois, it can be an "okay" distraction for three hours while driving down the highway. Of course, Rene Auberjonois' reading is excellent for what he was reading.
Overall, the premise to this story is an extraordinarily intriguing one; it's in the execution of the story where it falls flat. I would only recommend this title as a collectors or completist's type find. {ssintrepid}

Blaze of Glory (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 34)
Blaze of Glory (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 34)
by Simon Hawke
Edition: Paperback
169 used & new from $0.01

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars STNG #34 Blaze of Glory - A great Trek tale!, November 2, 2003
Surprisingly enough, this was the third and last Star Trek novel for this excellent author. I would definitely have thought he would've made more trips into the Trek universe, but alas that's not the case. I found his writing style to be very fast paced, making for an excellent Star Trek The Next Generation novel. It would definitely be nice to see this author make a return to the Trek universe someday!
The cover art is pretty much standard fare for the time in which this novel was published, nothing special.
The premise:
The Enterprise is temporarily assigned to the planet K'Trall which has just come out from under the yoke of barbarous suppression. Captain Picard and crew soon find that they must deal with a pirate ship of a sort that has been attacking Federation shipping. This intriguing ship just happens to be an old Constitution class starship equipped with a cloaking device. Along with dealing with the rogue ship, Captain Picard must also deal with the Romulans.
The planet itself holds a deadly secret as well and Captain Picard soon finds that he not only has Federation shipping to protect but millions of lives on the planet as well.
I highly recommend this numbered STNG title as you will find it to be one of the best published at that time and it's truly good, fast paced and intriguing Star Trek fiction. {ssintrepid}

The Sopranos: Season 2
The Sopranos: Season 2
DVD ~ James Gandolfini
Price: $17.99
37 used & new from $5.50

5.0 out of 5 stars The Sopranos Season 2 - A truly compelling series!, November 1, 2003
This review is from: The Sopranos: Season 2 (DVD)
As compelling, unpredictable, intense, intriguing and entertaining as the first season was, this second season is all of that and even more. In every conceivable way, "The Sopranos" is entertaining, from the masterful subtleties to the down right provocative scenery and dialogue. From the explosive first episode to the revealing and poignant last episode, the writers, actors and directors all deserve high praise for bringing this season to fruition. There has never been and probably will never be another show like this one.
James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, Lorraine Bracco and all of the other outstanding actors for this series bring such a liveliness and depth of character to each character that each and every one of them deserves all of the accolades they've received and will continue to receive for their performances in this pivotal series.
Series creator David Chase can only be described a pure genius for "The Sopranos!" No other movie or series has ever taken a look at the mob life such as this one and it works brilliantly from episode to episode, there's never a dull moment. I truly enjoy how they work in clues in one episode that may payoff in that episode or it may take several episodes before it pays off, it's just brilliant. "The Sopranos" is truly episodic drama at its finest!
Even though I do find that the pricing for the boxed DVD set is a bit high considering that there are only thirteen episodes per season, it is worth every penny as it will give you an opportunity to get caught up on the entire season. Due to job responsibilities at the time, I didn't get caught on to this show until recently and I can only imagine the wait between episodes and seasons on HBO, as I will soon be discovering as the fifth season rolls in here in a few months.
Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist's Office... - Junior's in jail following a Federal indictment; Big "P" makes a surprise return; Dr. Melfi has given up on Tony in fear for her life; Tony is now no longer the de-facto boss, he is the boss; Tony's completely given up on his mother and his sister Janice makes a return from Seattle to "help" Livia.
Don Not Resuscitate - Tony has taken over almost all of Junior's business but leaves him five percent to continue earning and Janice falls into Livia's web of deceit and self pity.
Toodle-F'ing-Doo - Interesting title for an episode that can certainly not be named here. Meadow has a "party" at Livia's house, leaving Tony and Carmela to come up with a "suitable" punishment. Dr. Melfi finds herself completely mortified after a chance run in with Tony and Richie Aprile gets out of prison after ten years and starts making things complicated for Tony. Big "P" has some new friends!
Commendatori - As part of taking over Junior's car importing business, Tony and crew take a trip to Italy where he finds an interesting boss there and he also arranges for a new lieutenant in Furio.
Big Girls Don't Cry - Furio proves his talents to Tony; Dr. Melfi is spending some time on the couch herself; Richie and Janice make a chance reunion and Christopher receives a gift of acting/writing classes from Adrianna.
The Happy Wanderer - Robert Patrick of T2 and X-Files fame makes a guest appearance as David Scatino, an old high school pal of Tony's and he has a gambling problem that soon gets him in trouble with both Richie and Tony. The tension between Tony and Richie is almost palpable at this point.
D-Girl - AJ's confirmation is coming up but Tony and Carmela are finding his attitude to be apathetic; Christopher is trying to pursue writing and meets John Favreau through his cousin's fiancée Amy, he regrettably reveals some family secrets.
Full Leather Jacket - Carmela takes advantage of her "family" status in an attempt to keep Meadow to a closer college; Richie makes an attempt at making peace with Tony and two young associates of Christopher's try to hook up with Richie but go about it in entirely the wrong way, bringing dire consequences upon themselves.
From Where to Eternity - Christopher has an out of body experience and tells Tony and Paulie about it, causing Paulie to rethink his life in some of his best scenes ever; "P" takes on a hit with Tony in an attempt to get closer to him and Carmela wants Tony to get "snipped."
Bust Out - Richie makes an attempt at an alliance with Junior; a witness comes forward in the shooting that Tony did and he starts to make arrangements should he be arrested but he still has time to squeeze David Scatino for his last penny.
House Arrest - Tony gets lucky with the legal bullet and his lawyer suggests he should spend time with his legitimate business; Junior finds a companion; Dr. Melfi makes a scene with her son and the tension between Tony and Richie and Richie's pending wedding to Janice has Tony up in arms.
The Knight in White Satin Armor - Tony throws an engagement party for Janice; Carmela has reached her limit with Tony's womanizing; Tony tries to break it off with Irina but she's doing everything she can to keep him; Junior brilliantly analyzes his situation between Tony and Richie.
Funhouse - Tony finally must deal with Livia and her living arrangements; Tony has a bout with food poisoning and his waking dreams bring about a revelation that he must deal with once his suspicions are confirmed. {ssintrepid}
Episode List:
Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist's Office...
Don Not Resuscitate
Big Girls Don't Cry
The Happy Wanderer
Full Leather Jacket
From Where to Eternity
Bust Out
House Arrest
The Knight in White Satin Armor
Special Features:
-Audio commentary on a couple episodes
-Season review
-Season 1 recap
-Cast & Filmmakers bios
-2 Featurettes

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