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5.0 out of 5 stars Ok, this album needs to be recognized..., February 6, 2005
This review is from: Load (Audio CD)
This review goes out to all u "metallica fans", u whining, mullet sporting, black wearing, cheap beer drinking poseurs. U need to stop this and admit that u secretly LOVE this album. It's, personally, my favorite one of metallica's. They learned how to have a groove and, as opposed to the ABISMAL SOUNDING "...And Justice for All" and "Ride the Lightning"(even though I love their first few albums [CLIFF ROCKS] for their substance and playing, they still sound like COMPLETE CRAP. They even admit to this, THEY HAVE NO BASS!!! The bass does not exist for the most part), how to record. James Hetfield learns to stop writing lyrics that accuse other people and systems and starts to point the finger at himself. Lyrically he grew BIG TIME on this album.

I think the reason all u so-called "MEATALLICA FANS" hate this album is because it has balls. "Ain't My Bitch" just kicks. I have had that song stuck in my head for the last week, but "Hero of the Day" can almost bring a tear to my eye (though not quite because I am METAL!!! not Emo), though I like the S&M version better. They are really a dynamic band and it shows on this album. I just love this album. It feels good to listen to.

Just a couple points. First: stop with the hair thing, ok. Trust me, I have had long hair for A LONG TIME. It gets in the way and can, at times, be cheesy. I don't intend to have it as long as they did. They had it for over a decade and-a-half. U get older and get sick of holding on to some poseur version of rebelion that works in your teens and twenties. Hopefully you'll grow up some day and realize u don't stop maturing at age 17.

Next, u "Metallica fans" invest too much in other people. What these guys are doing, or any musicians regardless of style, is art. They will succeed and fail. They will make good work and they will make crap. That is the risk u take in making something. I believe this album is an UNDER-RATED CLASSIC. Even if u don't like this album, I understand, it is a BIG departure from their original work. But that's just it: they grew. If u were a true Metallica fan you'd at least respect them for trying something new. But u won't listen, So go back to your time-warp.

Load rocks. Is it as complex? No. Is it always as fast as their previous works? No. Does it kick ass? Oh God yes. But that's just my opinion. This album does not suck. I can listen to it cover to cover and not wanna change a song. I would recomend this album to people more than the black album.

On one last note: I do agree with most of those "METALLICA FANS" who say they should get rid of Bob Rock. I think St. Anger proves his departure is overdue. Even though that album has it's good points, it's lacking...a lot. Still, I respect it. LOAD RULES, though. Go buy this classic NOW!!!
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Master of Puppets
Master of Puppets
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5.0 out of 5 stars What the hell is wrong with some people?, November 27, 2004
This review is from: Master of Puppets (Audio CD)
Who dare to sayeth "MofP" sucks? They are blasphemus dogs and should be treated as such. Now I am no GIANT Metallica fan, at least when compared to many others, but i am a fan of theirs as well as *METAL!!!*, despite the attitudes of some members of metallica. Now while this is not my favorite metal album ever, it is my second favorite (right behind Appetite for Destruction). My question is "Why doest thou hate on MofP so?", moreover, "If this is not 'real metal', what, pre-tell, is?", 'cause let me tell u, this is it, boys and girls. THIS IS *METAL!!!!* Really. I mean, I respect other's opinions, but...WTF!? I mean, even if u hate this album, u at least have to respect the fact that this album is probably the cause of many of today's (so-called) metal bands. Really, this album is golden. A metal masterpiece. Oh well some people are just never satisfied.

Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
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1.0 out of 5 stars DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM!!!, October 13, 2004
This review is from: Greatest Hits (Audio CD)
Please, as a true Gn'R fan, I plead with other Gn'R fans not to buy this album for the simple reason I would ask people not to buy the Aerosmith Greatest hits (the first one with the editted version of "Sweet Emotion"), because the band has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!! In a strange way this album brought together the original members of Gn'R and they collaborated on something, as well: a lawsuit to try and keep this best of from being released. Yes, they are probably getting (a lot) of money for this, but this has nothing to do with the band. This is a ploy by the record company to milk this cash cow to the bitter end. Now, some might say "hey, wouldn't this help turn on some new fans to this band?" And I would slap them and say "No.", and they would cry. 'Appetite' is where to go. You don't need a best of. For any people thinking of trying out Gn'R, go there. For any true Gn'R fan who might want to get this to get a collection of Gn'R music, you can't save up and buy 3 albums? Hell, just get 'appetite' and 'uyi I' and you've got most of the best. Really, it's not worth the money to get this, it's just a marketing ploy.

Really, if you're a big Gn'R fan, you don't need this. It's not like it's Aerosmith here, they only have 4 albums out with original material, a covers album (don't bother with it, though), and a live album. Not that much. and for anyone interrested with trying out Gn'R, listen to 'Appetite', if you don't like it, that's pretty much their best of right there.

Use Your Illusion I
Use Your Illusion I
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5.0 out of 5 stars The better of the 2..., October 2, 2004
This review is from: Use Your Illusion I (Audio CD)
I write this review for the Gn'R fans who were converted by "Appetite...", because I know your dilema and you're probably the only ones thinking of picking these albums up now. You LOVE 'Appetite', but are weary of buying these albums because of the mixed reviews. You really don't know if it will hold up to their first album. Well, let me tell you right now, IT DOES NOT. Not by a long shot. But that doesn't make uyi I and II bad albums. It just means that appetite (I don't want to use '' anymore so get over it) was (and still is) THAT GOOD. Don't go into these thinking that.

That being said, let me be the first to tell you to GO BUY UYI I at least. This album has more of the fast paced rock songs and loud screaming you crave. Songs like The Garden of Eden, Don't Damn Me, and Perfect Crime just make you wanna thrash around violently, whereas Don't Cry and November Rain will make you wanna hold up your lighter even in your bedroom. Please forgive You Ain't the First, I know I try to. It's the only "eh" point in the album for me. I, personally, love the cover of Live and Let Die and will even go so far as to say it's better than the original (did he just say that? Oh yes I did. mmmm, sacrilage). It rocks harder, anyway. Sorry Mr. McCartney, go cry on the shoulders of all the millions of Beatles fans. Dead Horse has one of the best screams I have ever heard which then segues to one of the more powerful solos by Slash. You could tell Axl was dealing with some demons. When he sings sometimes it just sounds painful.

While we're here, lets talk about Axl for a second, seeing as no one else is (BURN!!!!). He was really trying to take his voice somewhere else on these albums and make it more dynamic. Say what you will about Axl, there were few who were greater. I am not a big fan of all the things he has done, or for that matter, what he is doing (or supposedly doing) with the band. He was one of the best front men of all time. WAS. I'm a Gn'R fan, but I'm also a realist. The original band is DEAD. And, quite frankly, I'm glad. Let Axl beat the perverbial "dead horse". He, unfortunately, could not keep the demons at bay. If the original band got back together, they would have to prove to me it was not about money. I am tired of keeping the flame alive. Time to move on, both in life and in the review. I am very sorry, but I had to vent my rage and profess my disdain for the way the things have gone with this band in a public forum. Moving on.

Double Talkin' Jive is a pretty cool song, made only cooler by an IZZY SOLO!!! YEAH, IZZY!!! Bad Obsession just has a nice groove to it, as well as a very cool slide intro by slash. It's also a nice break to have a song where Axl isn't SCREAMING IN YOUR F***IN' EAR. Then you get November Rain.

Now, not many people know this, but when they were starting to work on Appetite, they were first thinking "Double Album", but, it's not cool to have your major label debut be a double album, so songs like don't cry and you could be mine (uyi II) were held back, as well as November Rain. They (well, mostly Axl) worked on this song to make it right FOREVER. Finally, it was released on this album, and it's pretty f***in' good. It's an epic done right. Just that vision of slash on the piano at the end of the video playing that KILLER outro is a staple in rock music history. Great arranging as well.

So, if you don't have any Gn'R albums, please don't buy this one first. Go get appetite. That is the s**t. If you have Appetite and want more from this band, get uyi I THEN get II. Well, get Lies before you get either of I or II. I don't doubt that there are some, or possibly many who don't like this album, and I can see why. It is Mos Definately worth a try. Go get this album, you'll either love it or have a general malaise for it (i hope i used that word right. Trying to grow a little, ya know?). I think it's pretty damn good. five stars, no doubt.

A little note: If I got ANY of this information about the band wrong, PLEASE, I urge you Izzy, Slash, Duff, Steven, Matt, or even Axl to hunt my e-mail down, send me a message and correct me. It's only right.

Use Your Illusion II
Use Your Illusion II
Price: $8.39
302 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very good, but...just not "solid", October 1, 2004
This review is from: Use Your Illusion II (Audio CD)
First off, I am a VERY BIG Gn'R Fan. 'Appetite For Destruction' is the best metal album ever made and one of the best rock albums of all time (just look at the sales). Now that that's clear, onto the review. This one is the weaker of the 2 uyi albums. The first one is just better and more "stable" than II. What I mean by that is this album, while really good, has a couple of points which makes u go "huh?". For instance, "My World". What the hell is this piece of trash? In a strange way, it's very suiting for the last creation of the original Gn'R. This song is the direction Guns n' Poseurs is now going in. It's all Axl. There is no happy ending to this fairy tale, boys and girls. In this story, the villain wins. It's heavily influenced by NIN and Ministry (which is not bad music) and just very self indulgiant (or however u spell it). It just leaves you with a confused feeling when they could've ended it with a BANG. When I finished listening to this album, the experience of it was soured by this song. It was juxtaposed next to an alternate version of 'Don't Cry'. While the lyrics are good, I don't get it. Couldn't you get it right the first time? I like both, but, I just don't get why they did this. Maybe, if you stop listening after 'You Could Be Mine' and think of these songs as bonus tracks, the album ends on a better note. I guess I just wanted a little more from the last gasp of Gn'R.

Now that I've complained, I'll compliment. This is a really good album. Whilst you may be weary of the ballads on both, give them a chance, they're actually good (if you have the time to listen to them.) And Talent AND style, what more could you want? And just a little note: will people PLEASE start to recognize izzy as a true under rated talent. He was the backbone of Gn'R. He let everyone else take credit for a lot of what HE did. Granted, when you're in a band it's one for all, etc., but still, the point is, he did what he did for the right reasons, MUSIC. All he wanted to do was be in the background and strum his guitar. And when he felt that the band had lost its soul, he left. AT THE HIEGHT OF THEIR SUCCESS, no less. Izzy is a TRUE ROCKER and REBEL. I respect him. Anyway, he was crutial on this album. His contributions to both these 2 albums and "Appetite..." go, for some reason, unrecognized.

So, though you may have not known it in '91, this was the last trace of new music from gn'r. We wait for Chinese democracy. Ya know, there's a joke I heard in relation to this: How many Gn'R fans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

none. They all sit in the dark room staring at the dead light bulb saying "don't worry, it'll come on again. And when it does, it'll f***ing shine." I think that sums up my feelings about this new album and band. At least we have these albums. If you've questioned buying this album, trust me, it is worth a try at least. They can't hold a candle to appetite, but then again, few albums can. They deserve to be respected as a good effort, if for nothing else.

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