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5.0 out of 5 stars Probably The Best Floyd Album From The 60's, October 9, 2005
This review is from: Ummagumma (Audio CD)
I am so happy I bought this album ! There is a certain beauty on the live and studio album that it's un-explicable. I don't know which of the two albums is the best, but I can tell you that they are awesome and completely original and very very mysterious.

Pink Floyd.- Ummagumma (Live Album)

1.- Astronomy Domine.- An excellent version of the song, but a little too long. The vocals are even better than Syd's. The guitar solos are amazing as well as the drums and keyboards. The bass is mind-blowing and the duration of the song is tolerable. (But don't pay attention to the duration of the songs on both albums !) -5/5.

2.- Careful With That Axe, Eugene.- To be honest, I haven't listend to the studio version of this one, but I obviously heard this live version and .... yes; I LOOOOVE IT !!!!!!

Very dark and psychedelical and very "Early Floyd", too.

David Gilmour's shriek is well done and necesary, but compare that shriek to his beautiful vocals on Wish You Were Here. Either way, the song is amazing and I love it. -5/5.

3.- Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun.- Another classic Floyd. Written by Roger Waters, this song is flawless, I love the various elements they use on this version of the song. It turned out more creative and extremely psychedelical. Probably the best version of the song. -5/5.

4.- A Saucerful Of Secrets.- I really prefer the version of "Live at the Pompeii", but this is a really close favorite and the next best version. I have to admit that the studio version is much much darker. I love the part of the celestial voices, really beautiful vocals from Mr. Gilmour. -5/5.

That's the live album, but you ain't heard nothin' yet !!!!!

Pink Floyd.- Ummagumma (Studio Album)

1.- Sysyphus, Pt. 1.- O.K. Mr. Richard Wright's amazing opening for his really amazing four part masterpiece. This song is just about the opening, no real big deal, but an intro to what his work is going to be; powerfuly psychedelical !!!

2.- Sysyphus, Pt. 2.- A mind-blowing piano solo from Mr. Richard Wright. The effects used on this one are really very creative and "tripping". Love this one.

3.- Sysyphus, Pt. 3.- More "tripping" material from genious Mr. Richard Wright. I admit that this part is really disorganized, but that's the beauty of the Early Floyd.

4.- Sysyphus, Pt. 4.- O.K. Now, this last part of the song is much more cleaner... but only at the beginning !!!

Later on, I think it's better I warn you that there will be a long total pause of silence for about, mmmm, 8 seconds, but the song isn't over yet !!!! Then the final part of the song is just like the beginning of the song, from the first part.

Now it's time to review the whole song, from part 1 to 4.

- Sysyphus.- Mr. Richard Wright's "psychedelical Beethoven" four part masterpiece is probably my favorite song on the album. It was put a lot of effort into it. Many, many creative sources and rhythm. A really big masterpice just like Beethoven's, but much darker, powerful and obviously, obviously; original. -5/5.

5.- Grantchester Meadows.- The most beautiful and epic song on this album. A masterpiece written by Mr. Roger Waters, who I respect very much. The lyrics are amazing and mostly clean. This song is only this single part. The ending is really creative and "Floyd". Along with Mr. Wright's Sysyphus, probably my favorite. 5/5.

6.- Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict.- I know, I realized it from the beginning. This song, even by its title alone, is probably the most "stoned tripping" from the album, and I should say that it is so so "tripping". You see, this song is the most interesting from all Floyd songs. If you listen to it, the song is just like its title states it. You will only listen to many squirels, skunks, wolves, etc, just squeeking and yelling and howling inside a cave which produces the hard echoes. There are many backwards messages and also when you fast forward the song two times faster you will listen to many many secret messages. Also try figuring out what Mr. Roger Waters is trying to say when he finally yells some indistinct words in a strange way. I have listened to it about 30 times and I cannot figure out the messages yet, listen to it, give it a try. Too bad that Mr. Waters only wrote two songs for this album. He has too much genious but he doesn't know how show it. -5/5.

7.- The Narrow Way, Pt. 1.- A kind lovely of acoustic string instruments written by Mr. Gilmour. This first part is strange, yet also beautiful and really clean, but psychedelcial.

8.- The Narrow Way, Pt. 2.- Much more psychedelical than the first part. Also very creative and "tripping", but not that much of a deal on this part.

9.- The Narrow Way, Pt. 3.- The best of all three parts of this song. I have to complain that in the sticker of the green box the holds this two C.D's, it says that it includes a poster, two C.D's full color picturs FULL lyrics !!! The booklet doesn't provide the lyrics for this song. But all in all, this song is amazing and it's a joyful psychedelical part.

Now, the whole song reviewed;

- The Narrow Way.- This song is slightly boring, specialy for the first two parts. The third one is more understandable and "listenable". Knowing Mr. David Gilmour's talent, he could have written this song much better and entertaining. - 4/5.

10.- The Grand Vizier's Garden Party (Part 1: Entrance).- The introduction to the three part masterpiece written by Mr. Nick Mason. This intro is really cool. Nice flute work and the drums at the outro of this first part aren't bad either.

11.- The Grand Vizier's Garden Party (Part 2: Entertainment).- The real "brains" of the three part song. On this part, the song is concentrated on the mind-blowing psychedelical percussion work by Mr. Nick Mason. The drums solo towards the end of this part is simply breathtaking. Real entertainment.

12.- The Grand Vizier's Garden Party (Part 3: Exit).- This part is exactly just like the first part, except for the percussion at the end, they added the violin work at the background. Lovely outro for an amazing album.

Now: The whole party reviewed !!!

- The Grand Vizier's Garden Party.- The song is really creative and original. The concept is truley and completely understandable. The highlight of this song is the percussion work of Mr. Nick Mason. Along with Sysyphus and Grantchester Meadows, my favorite off the album !!!

Ummagumma (Discs 1 and 2)

The concept is really amazing. This album got to show us the talent of these four musicians and what they are made of and what they really like doing, and they taste in music. I rather enjoyed both albums as much as The Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall or Wish You Were Here. This album has become an instant classic to me, to my C.D collection and to my soul and heart and I am sure it will become a part of your lives to if you listen to it.
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Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here
Offered by CAC Media
Price: $32.49
70 used & new from $1.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Pink Floyd.- Wish You Were Here, October 8, 2005
This review is from: Wish You Were Here (Audio CD)
Dedicated to Mr. Syd Barret, one of the most famous Floyd albums they've released. Very important album in the history of rock.

This album was recorded in 6 months and during that period, when The Floyd were recording the album, Syd Barret appeard on the studio and they were happy and shocked at the same time.



Pink Floyd.- Wish You Were Here

1.- Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part One).- A real masterpiece, here. Really "Floyd" style. Probably my favorite song of the album. Dedicated specially to Syd, here. A real deal, really special. -5/5

2.- Welcome To The Machine.- Another Roger Waters masterpiece.

Amazing vocals from himself. It has a catchy guitar riff and special effect from Mr. Rick Wright. -5/5.

3.- Have A Cigar.- Vocals from Roy Harper. He sounds so cool on this song. I just love it. Here is another Roger Waters masterpiece, yet AGAIN !!! -5/5

4.- Wish You Were Here.- The other song dedicated to Mr. Barret.

Beautiful vocals, beautiful solo, beautiful lyrics and a really gorgeous song !!! -5/5

5.- Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part Two).- The second part of the song dedicated to Mr. Barret. Not as gorgeous as the first part but clooose !!! If you realize it, here's a trick !!! :

- Shine On You Crazy Diamond (the title) has SYD on the initials of the title: (Shine on You crazy Diamond) COOL HUH ?

See? buy this album ! It's amazing ! Grab a copy TODAY.

You'll see. YOU WON'T REGERT IT !!!!

Have a nice day, and god bless Pink Floyd.

Cursed (Unrated Version)
Cursed (Unrated Version)
DVD ~ Christina Ricci
Offered by 40K ITEMS ON SALE
Price: $10.05
232 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars It's O.K For A "Werewolf" Movie., October 1, 2005
This review is from: Cursed (Unrated Version) (DVD)
I got my copy of this DVD today and I should say that this movie isn't that bad as many other scary movies based on classical characters such as FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA and yes; WEREWOLVES.

The special effects are great, I admit it. The movie is... a little better than "O.K". If you want to watch a scary movie filled with gore and violence, then watch this one.

This movie is O.K for being a movie about "werewolves", such a ridiculous plot now a days. Because back then, it was probably considered one of the scariest plots ever.

Considering the WHOLE movie including performances, plot twists, ending, story and even language, I rate this movie 4 stars TOPS.

A GOOD movie overall.

The Division Bell
The Division Bell
Offered by Speedy CD
Price: $24.40
151 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Probably The Best Floyd Album Ever Released !, October 1, 2005
This review is from: The Division Bell (Audio CD)
O.K. First Things First. I have to say that I am really in love with this album. I knew it was going to be a real wonder since my brother bought it for me. Obviously better than A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, and much more powerful and sentimental. A real masterpiece. A TRUE HIT SAVER !

You have probably heard so many bad reviews about the album, but do not listen to any of them, for this album is unbelivably powerful. EVEN MORE POWERFUL THAN DARK SIDE.

Check out the following review if you are interested in knowing more about this album that kicks ass !!

Pink Floyd.- The Division Bell

1.- Cluster One.- Excellent instrumental. One Of The TWO instrumentals in the album along with MAROONED. This instrumental reflects how the rest of the album wil be. - 5/5.

2.- What Do You Want From Me.- A real masterpiece from Rick and David. The lyrics are kind of "weak", but the song in general : ROCKS !!! -5/5.

3.- Poles Apart.- AMAZING !! One of the best on the album. AMAZING LYRICS !!!! GREAT SOLO !!!! FLAWLESS GUITAR WORK !!!!

BEAUTIFUL VOCALS !!!! What else could you possibly expect. -5/5.

4.- Marooned.- The last instrumental you will find on the album.

Some of you might already know, but this song is probably the best rock instrumental ever written. The background is amazing. The effects are breathtaking and the effort was huge enough to create a masterpiece. -5/5.

5.- A Great Day For Freedom.- The lyrics are the best part of the song. The guitar, piano and drum works are also amazing. Specially the guitar solo from Mr. Gilmour. -5/5.

6.- Wearing The Inside Out.- One of the best songs on the album. The only song sung by Mr. Wright. He does a flawless job on the vocals and on the song all-together. He is amazing as well as this beautiful song. -5/5.

7.- Take It Back.- The C.D single. Another Excellent song and top 5 on the album. Beautiful song with an amazing vocals. This song has a "U2" "touch". Great job on this one. Beautiful. -5/5.

8.- Coming Back To Life.- One of my all-time favorite's !!!!



I JUST LOOOOVE IT !!!! -5/5.

9.- Keep Talking.- Cool song. Cool sound effect. Great lyrics. This song is as good as any of the ones listed above. One of Floyd's best works. You'll love it as much as "ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL".

10.- Lost For Words.- GORGEOUS SONG !!!!! I ADORE IT !!!!!

A very country song with excellent guitar works and solos. The vocals are amazingly graceful. The lyrics are also beautiful. All in all it's just another classic in the wall.

11.- High Hopes.- A gorgeous song and one of my all-time favorite's. The first song written for the album yet the last one finished. This song is the perfect outro for a very powerful album such as "THE DIVISION BELL". -5/5.

I recommend you get this album soon so you too can be able to enjoy an album so so powerful and emotional as well as beautiful and entertaining such as this one. The Division Bell.

Get Behind Me Satan
Get Behind Me Satan
161 used & new from $0.01

4 of 59 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Noooooooooooo, August 22, 2005
This review is from: Get Behind Me Satan (Audio CD)




In Your Honor
In Your Honor
Price: $17.47
109 used & new from $0.72

18 of 22 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Why The Hell Did They Do This ?, August 6, 2005
This review is from: In Your Honor (Audio CD)
I am not a Foo fan, but I think that they shouldn't have done this. They sound like if they were desperate in loosing a couple of bucks, like if they didn't earned a lot of money for this great album. Plus, this is the FIRST album I've seen that was protected against piracy. The guys from Foo Fighters are the only ones worried that they might loose a couple of bucks. I like Foo Fighters' music and songs, but why did they do this ?

I ripped this CD perfectly fine in my computer, but as I read on the reviews, MOST OF YOU WERE NOT ABLE TO GOT IT RIPPED. I TOTALLY DISAGREE PIRATE MUSIC !!!!

But they should not have taken that decision to the extreme extend, they shouldn't be able to burn it to a CD, but they should be able to put that music to the ipods, THAT'S WHY WE ALL PAID 300 BUCKS, RIGHT ????!!!!!!

Now, speeking about the music: Foo Fighters' music is ALWAYS GREAT, that includes this album. The acoustic part is the best.

Foo Fighters did something new here. In fact this is the first album I've seen that it half electric - half acoustic and the very first COPY PROTECTION album too.


Offered by Digital Wax
Price: $20.46
77 used & new from $0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS IN HISTORY !!!!!!!!, July 26, 2005
This review is from: Meddle (Audio CD)
For me, probably my favorite "Pink Floyd" album I have ever heard so far from my most favorite band of all time. Of course: "Pink Floyd". ALL THE SONG ARE JUST TOO MUCH FOR ME !!!!!!

This album is the clear work of geniouses (Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Rick Wright and of course David Gilmour).


Pink Floyd.- Meddle

1.- "One Of These Days".- Obviously one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs of all time. An unbelivable instrumental unlike you ever heard before. Truly a masterpiece !!!!! The bass guitars played by Mr. Waters and Mr. Gilmour is unforgettable and mind-blowing. The drums are just TOOOOO AWESOME !!!!!!! Mr. Richard Wright ain't bad either. His keyboard work is also mind-blowing and unforgettable. This song is a typical "Pink Floyd" song.- 5/5.

2.- "A Pillow Of Winds".- Amazing guitar work. Great effects. But specialy: AMAZING LYRICS !!!!!!!! The lyrics have touched my heart and soul. They are simply amazing and unforgettable. This song is unexplainable. Just TOOOOO GOOOOOD !!!!!!! -5/5.

3.- "Fearless".- BEAUTIFUL SONG !!!!!!! Teaches a very valuable lesson that we should all learn. Listen to the song to appreciate it better and listen to the beautiful lyrics from the song. The guitar riffs are AMAZING !!!!! This song is very simple, really. Not much effort put into it (I kinda think that the only songs from this album that have been written with alot of effort are "ONE OF THESE DAYS" and specialy "ECHOES"), but still... PRETTY AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!! (If you listen to this song carefully, you will be able to listen to a soccer crowd cheering for a team, realy amazing and creative !!!) -5/5.

4.- "San Tropez".- Again, not much effort put into this song.... BUT STILL PRETTY AWESOME !!!!!!!! I love this one, specialy it's lyrics and acoustic guitar. AMAZING !!!!!! I don't know why most people hate it. Great song, overall.- 5/5.

5.- "Seamus".- AHHHHH, cool song. Waters' dog will be howling along the song. The dog named SEAMUS, that's why that is the name of the song. The "attraction" to the song is Mr. Roger Waters' dog at the background. This song has kind of a "bluesy" rhythm. Not much effort put into it, specialy in the lyrics. BUT EVEN THOUGH IS KINDA POOR, THAT'S THE BEAUTY OF IT, IT TURNED OUT AMAZING !!!! -5/5.

6.- "Echoes".- Obviously the best song on this album, although all of the songs on this album are great too, this one is more "worked" and "improved" than all the others. Probably my favorite "Pink Floyd" song I've heard so far. Amazing lyrics, amazing work, amazing effect AND MOST IMPORTANT... VERY DARK, SCARY, CREATIVE, AND "CLEAN" !!!!!!!! ("Pink Floyd's" style !!!)

Unbelivable song. Although it lasts 23 minutes and you think it will become too boring after you listen past the 13 minutes, believe me, THIS SONG IS A GREAT EXEPTION !!!! I've bought this album 4 days ago and I've already listend to "Echoes" about 24 times WITHOUT EXAGERATING !!!!!!!

It's a unique song, that only "Pink Floyd" could come up with.- 5/5.

There's my review of this unbelivable album. Now, what I suggest you do is:

1.- Check out more reviews head on and read them carfully so you can see that I am right about this C.D !!!!

2.- Try to get a friend or uncle or parent, anyone to make you listen to any song on this album EXCEPT ECHOES (you won't want to spoil the surprise !!!!!) After you listen to all of the songs on the album, THEN YOU CAN LISTEN TO ECHOES. (that is my suggestion) It will be better if you listen to ONE OF THESE DAYS, or FEARLESS first so you can get a preview of what the album is all about !!!!

3.- If you liked a song from the album, BUY THE ALBUM RIGHT AWAY !!!!!!!!!

Anyway..... I know you will LOVE this album, so you go buy it now !!!!!!

PINK FLOYD RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Side Of The Moon
Dark Side Of The Moon
Offered by cdgiveaways
Price: $12.00
228 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Trust Me When I Say That This Is The Best Album From The 70's !!!!!, July 5, 2005
This review is from: Dark Side Of The Moon (Audio CD)
The Dark Side Of The Moon. Cool name, really, as well as the album. Many of you must know, but for those who do not know:

THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM FROM THE 70'S AND I AM NOT MAKING THIS THING UP !!!! This album is a MUST for EVERYONE, even if you hate Pink Floyd. I know I looooove Pink Floyd, it's my all-time favorite band. I love every single song they wrote. I am a true Pink Floyd fan, so there was more reasons I have bought this album. But BELIVE ME !! THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM IN THE 70'S, AND PROBABLY THE BEST ALBUM IN HISTORY. Everyone who love rock and their band, such as LED ZEPPELIN, THE WHO, KISS, among others, THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU !!!

Check my review, you'll probably agree after you read this.

1.- "Speak To Me/Breathe".- AMAZING SONG !! A great intro for the best album in history. But it has only few lyrics, but great power !!!! -5/5.


This song will trip your ass off. AMAZING SONG !!! To be honest, ON OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITES !!!!! -5/5.

3.- "Time".- Obviously one of the best songs in history !!

It has an amazing solo from legend David Gilmour. It has EXEPTIONAL DRUMS IN THE BEGINNING !!! AWESOME LYRICS !!

This song is perfect !!! -5/5.

4.- "The Great Gig In The Sky".- Well, another instrumental. AN AMAZING ONE !!!! Great vocals solo from Clare Torry. Great song written by rick wright, if you like those "high class and quality" instrumental songs.- 5/5.

5.- "Money".- But Of Course...another one of the best songs ever written in the history of rock 'n' roll. Amazing saxophone solo from Dick Parry. Really amazing. And of course a mind-blowing solo from David and his amazing guitar and skills. One of the best songs ever !!!!! -5/5

6.- "Us And Them".- Another quality song from Pink Floyd, of course. Powerful lyrics, great vocals and great saxophone from Dick Parry once again.- 5/5.

7.- "Any Colour You Like".- There you go, another mind-blowing and unique instrumental and a really amazing intro to yet another astonishing song from Pink Floyd. Great sound and guitar work from David Gilmoure. The drums and bass guitar aren't bad either. The effects Richard uses are obviously unique..once again.- 5/5.

8.- "Brain Damage".- Ohhhh. Too sad. This is were the album comes to an end. And we do not want that. That is why I listened to the whole album 3 times straight. Anyway...I think this song should be connected the next one: "Eclipse". But connected or not, this song is still one of the best Pink Floyd songs there is, and probably in history of rock. I LOVE THE LYRICS !!!

I ALSO LOVE THE KEYBOARDS WORK FROM RICHARD WRIGHT. Great bass from my hero Roger Waters, amazing drums too. This song is TOO MUCH !!!!!! -5/5.

9.- "Eclipse".- Here is were the album really ends. As I mentioned previously, this song should be connected to "BRAIN DAMAGE". Just buy the album and listen to "BRAIN DAMAGE" followed by this one to listen to real music. Amazing song. Always love it. But Sad, because the albums ends.

AMAZING ALBUM !!!!!!!!!! -5/5.

There you go, the best album in the 70's and probably the best there was, is and ever will be. Now this is what you call REAL MUSIC AT LAST !!!!!!!! Buy this album. It's a must. You can buy any version of the album. (This REMASTERED version or the HYBRID SACD, the only difference is that in the HYBRID SACD is that you need a special "C.D PLAYER" that can play HYBRID SACD (Super Audio CD) compact discs. But if you DO buy the HYBRID SACD version and DO have that special "C.D PLAYER", THE SOUND WILL BE MIND-BLOWING, AMAZING, FROM ANOTHER PLANET, AND THE BEST SOUND YOU WILL EVER HEAR. But I SHOULD warn you before you get the HYBRID SACD that if you DO NOT have that special C.D PLAYER, the sound will be just like in the REMASTERED version. So buy any version, it is still the same price from, so you should feel free to buy any version. I bought the REMASTERED version. I think that this version is enough. BUT GO NUTS !!


Roger Waters - The Wall (Live in Berlin)
Roger Waters - The Wall (Live in Berlin)
DVD ~ Roger Waters
Price: $17.19
47 used & new from $11.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE BEST CONCERT EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, June 1, 2005
I bought my copy yesterday, I was so excited that I saw from beginning to end. I personally think that Roger Waters is a true genius to have written and directed a masterpiece like such. The best concert you'll ever watch in your lives is this one, it's not only a concert, it's kind of like an opera too, specially on "The Trial", there are actors and tenors, the whole thing is just amazing. They also build a wall during the concert. It is amazing. So I think you should buy your copy today because if you are looking for masterpieces, concert and plenty of surprises all mixed together in one, then this is the PERFECT !!! DVD for you to own. If you loved the audio C.D "The Wall" from PINK FLOYD, you won't belive the quality and performances by many, many guest stars such as: BRYAN ADAMS, SCORPIONS, VAN MORISON and alot other geniuses too.

I'm not saying anything more because I don't want to be ruing the concert for you guys. BUY THIS DVD NOW !!!!


The Sixth Sense (Collector's Edition Series)
The Sixth Sense (Collector's Edition Series)
DVD ~ Bruce Willis
Price: $5.00
513 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars BETTER THAN "THE RING" !!!!!!!, April 23, 2005
I bought the DVD today and to be honest, today was the first time I saw this movie. I admit I got scared on many parts of the movie. And I even saw "The Ring" at midnight and it didn't scared as much as "The Sixth Sense", and I have even seen this one on the afternoon !!! It has unbelivable performances from Bruce Willis and specially from Haley Joel Osment. If you really like to get a terrific scream and feel butterflies on your stomach, than this is the perfect movie for those who love thriller and suspense and a little bit of terror. So buy this one today. Highly recomended.

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