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NcStar Airsoft/Paintball LED Flashlight/Quick Release Weaver (AQPTF)
NcStar Airsoft/Paintball LED Flashlight/Quick Release Weaver (AQPTF)
Offered by WaveToGo
Price: $24.99
10 used & new from $20.12

5.0 out of 5 stars Works better than expected. A tight, but secure fit for the S&W SD9VE., July 11, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I was looking for a highly-rated and inexpensive tactical light that I would be able to safely and securely mount on my Smith and Wesson SD9VE pistol for home defense purposes. I have nothing against mil-spec, high dollar firearm accessories but I felt that this NcStar model would meet my expectations, and it did. The design and build quality is robust, the light slides on and firmly clicks into place on the light/laser rail of my SD9. There is not wiggle, no play, just a firm lock to the rail. I was pretty excited when my light arrived earlier this morning so I took my SD9 out to the range for a quick 100 round test, and the light had no issues and still works like new after this break in. What was surprising was the unit I received was rated on the box, and instruction manual has having 90 lumens (not 35), even though the model number on my box and what is advertised here on Amazon are exactly the same. An error? Maybe, or maybe NcStar has upgraded their line. I have not had any issues with NcStar items in the past as I recent installed a set of their iron sights on my AR and while robust and functional, they are also reliable, hold zero and I didn't have to "break the bank" in acquiring them. I wish this light would toggle between strobe and beam but it is beam only, but on a positive note, it was great to receive a free CR123A battery with this light, saving me even more $$$. If you want a solid, well built tactical light for your pistol, you cannot go wrong here.

Assembled Stainless Steel Guide Rod with 17lb. Spring and black screw for Smith & Wesson Sigma/SD-VE pistols by Galloway Precision
Assembled Stainless Steel Guide Rod with 17lb. Spring and black screw for Smith & Wesson Sigma/SD-VE pistols by Galloway Precision
Offered by Galloway Precision
Price: $35.00

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The SD should have come from the factory with a steel rod in the first place..., July 8, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
My S&W SD9VE had failure to feed and failure to eject issues from day 1. I tried two different types of ammo in it, both Federal brass FMJ and some inexpensive Herters (TulAmmo) steel-cased FMJ and both failed to function properly. Before spending the $30 it would cost me to ship my pistol back to Smith, I did a little research online and found out that several SD owners online were complaining about FTF's and FTE's once their pistols got hot. I had been shooting my pistol on 90+ degree days out in the sun and upon field stripping my pistol between jams, I noticed how flimsy my plastic guide rod had become. I just figured that if I had sent the gun in for repair that the most I would get out of the repair would be an identical replacement guide rod and recoil spring so I bit the bullet (no pun intended) and purchased the 17lb. spring and steel guide rod from Galloway. I had a chance to go to the range today and out of 100 rounds that I fired through my SD pistol, I had zero failures whatsoever. I recommend the 17 lb. spring because this is the same spring weight that the gun comes with from the factory. I am very happy with my replacement guide rod and I noticed the slide is tighter and the slide release is much more "authoritative" than it was before. I think the .40 cal SD pistol also uses a 17lb. spring and rod but I recommend you visit Galloway's website before ordering. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Case ArmyTM USB Charger SYNC Data Cable for Apple iPod Shuffle 3rd 4th 5th Generation 10.5cm
Case ArmyTM USB Charger SYNC Data Cable for Apple iPod Shuffle 3rd 4th 5th Generation 10.5cm
Offered by Unlock Army
Price: $4.70

27 of 27 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Don't waste your time looking for other sync cables, just buy this one!, June 23, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This very well may be the shortest review I have ever written. To make a long story short I lost my 3rd gen iPod shuffle sync cable and due to its' proprietary nature could not use any other cable to charge it. I read the reviews of this particular retailer, Unlock Army, and after reading favorable reviews (compared to nightmare stories from other supplies of cheap sync cables), I made the purchase. Received my package in three days. This charging cable looks, feels, functions, smells and tastes exactly like my apple original. If you are in need of a sync cable for your 3rd or 4th generation Shuffle, don't waste your time looking elsewhere because this cable works just fine!

Update: I just want to add one quick update to my review. I plugged my Unlock Army sync cable into my cell phone plug to charge it directly to the wall and as I pulled the cable out after my Shuffle was done charging, the plastic cover at the base of the USB plug pulled back, but the USB end remained plugged into the wall charger. I was able to carefully pull the USB plug out and I decided to put a few drops of superglue on the inside of the white USB cover and reinserted the rear of the USB plug into the white cover/insulator and all is now well. I don't recommend you pull apart your cable in order to glue the USB plug to the plastic cover but if yours should separate like mine did, you will know what to do. I'm happy to report that my sync cable is now back to normal.

Transformers Decepticon 3 inch Vinyl Decal Sticker ORANGE
Transformers Decepticon 3 inch Vinyl Decal Sticker ORANGE

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!, April 18, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I feel that Lucidchaos makes a quality vinyl transformers logo and I've had vinyl Transformers stickers on our vehicles for years now (its always been a childhood fantasy of mine to have a real, full sized robot so for now "branding" my vehicles fills that void). My decals have withstood all sorts of car washes, waxing and the daily grime that you get on your car and I have yet to have any of them peel or bubble. Just take your time installing and you will be fine. I bought my stickers from Lucidchaos here on Amazon but I believe other retailers also offer these stickers. When you read this review there may be another retailer that is listed on the advertisement page but I am guessing that most of these companies use the same automotive-grade vinyl and 3M adhesive so I'm sure you can't go wrong.

Blackberry Rapid Charging Stand for Playbook - Retail Packaging - Black
Blackberry Rapid Charging Stand for Playbook - Retail Packaging - Black
Offered by Starving Students Music Supplies
Price: $10.55
29 used & new from $4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Pick it up now while you can..., April 18, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This charging cradle is an excellent addition to your Playbook accessories collection. I believe it puts out around 2 Amps (2,000 milliamps) and it charges your Playbook quickly and does so without wearing out the USB port which some Playbook owners have complained about in past reviews. I bought mine for something like $15 and when I see the original retail price, I knew I would be getting a bargain. I have yet to have any issues with RIM Playbook accessories and my opinion is that they make functional, reliable peripherals that give you your money's worth. Now, if I could just find one of those RIM keyboards that doesn't cost $150 I would be even happier...but I digress. This charging stand also includes a power cable so you don't have to make your original USB charger play double duty and just gently insert the Playbook into the cradle and you should have now excessive wear issues that some Playbook owners have complained about. I have two other family members that have BB Playbooks and I have purchased the charging stand for both of them and we've all had no issues with them. I guess the only minor gripe some owners may have is the fact that the Playbook would need to be removed from a protective cover/case if you carried yours that way before it could be charged. Otherwise, I highly recommend this product.

Decepticon Decal Sticker - Size:3.0 x 3.2 inches - Color:Black
Decepticon Decal Sticker - Size:3.0 x 3.2 inches - Color:Black

5.0 out of 5 stars I've bought from these guys before and have had great luck., April 18, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I feel that Lucidchaos makes a quality vinyl transformers logo and I've had vinyl Transformers stickers on our vehicles for years now (its always been a childhood fantasy of mine to have a real, full sized robot so for now "branding" my vehicles fills that void). My decals have withstood all sorts of car washes, waxing and the daily grime that you get on your car and I have yet to have any of them peel or bubble. Just take your time installing and you will be fine.

Research in Motion Gray Zip Sleeve for BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet (ACC-39318-304)
Research in Motion Gray Zip Sleeve for BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet (ACC-39318-304)
Price: $1.99
5 used & new from $1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Memory foam, in a tablet case, are you serious..., April 18, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
...but yeah, believe it or not the foam material is excellent and I feel it securely protects my Playbook from all of the gear that I feel like hauling in my daily bag. I would say that this case is a step up from the included slipcover that comes with the playbook. This gray zip sleeve offers protection all of the way around and protects the top buttons, something the slipcover did not offer unless you loaded the tablet into it upside down. For the few bucks I paid for this cover I do feel that it is cheap insurance that offers an extra level of protection when I haul the playbook around in my computer bag. Only time will tell if it holds up but I may post an update in the future (if the case is still available) to comment on the sleeve's durability.

Price: $1.29

5.0 out of 5 stars Not a Coldplay expert but..., April 18, 2014
This review is from: Magic (MP3 Music)
I find this song to have a nice beat, bittersweet lyrics and a high replay-ability (if such a term even exists) and an awesome video to go along with it. I have a Coldplay album or two and to be honest, I've only listened to the major releases that have been on commercial radio and on TV but Magic is a nice taste of something different. If you are a fan of Coldplay I'm sure you will like this track. I love the beat and it is a great track to add to your collection, just something to throw in your playlists when you want to chill out. The only thing that would really make this song better is if it could be done in some sort of a duet form with the lead singer alternating verses with a female vocalist. In my opinion a duet form could make this song awesome.
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HELLA 003427291 Vision Plus 190x132mm High/Low Beam 12V Halogen Conversion Headlamp (HB2)
HELLA 003427291 Vision Plus 190x132mm High/Low Beam 12V Halogen Conversion Headlamp (HB2)
Price: $47.25
19 used & new from $37.80

5.0 out of 5 stars "HELLA" Good!, March 29, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
It isn't everyday that something so simple as a set of headlights can bring me sheer joy. These Hellas did just that! I've owned my 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport (XJ) for about three years now and for some reason or another just drove it daily with the standard halogen headlights that came with it. I rarely contemplated looking for something brighter or better and to be honest with you, I didn't even know this HB2/HB4 conversion kit even existed.

If you are a Cherokee XJ owner, you know that the headlights are barely bright enough and I frequently would flick on my brights while driving to work so I could safely see. A fresh paved road, during any kind of precipitation, rain/snow would usually result in me using the high beams. Anyway, I thought I would give these a shot. I wanted to buy a brand I recognized and wanted Amazon's ease of return just in case I wasn't happy, so I went with these Hellas. I'm going to explain what I did for my XJ install in a minute, but to sum up my experience now that I have had the opportunity to test them out in the pitch black, I'm happy to report that they are absolutely fantastic.

They remind me of the H4's in my Kia Spectra. They fill the road up with light and have some pretty distinct, strong beams that you will notice that light up the center. Another big difference that I noticed was that road signs and the reflectors people put on their road sides to mark their driveway (anyone who lives in a small town/rural area or has ever ventured out into the country knows what I am talking about) are lit up way brighter than they were before. I was even thinking about changing out my wiring harness for the headlights, another $125 investment but for now I am going to hold off as I am completely satisfied with this conversion set.

Yeah, $80 stings the wallet a bit, especially for Cherokee drivers that tend to be frugal and drive their XJ because they are dirt cheap to maintain, always start and are very easy to fix, but the safety factor should not have a dollar sign put on it. They work great and you can replace the bulb itself (a standard Hella HB2/H4 type) for around $8 each here on Amazon. I was paying at least $14 at my local Walmart for each lamp (Sylvania or Wagner Halogen) when they would burn out, which has only happened once but when you go to buy a replacement, there really isn't much in terms of on the self selection.

Here is how I changed my old lamps for the HELLAs on my 2001 Jeep Cheorkee...

1. In your tool box, I would recommend one of those multi-bit screw drivers with an extension bar to make it easy to reach the screws on the unit as they are set back just a bit.

2. Remove the two black screws from both the left and right side molding that surrounds the headlight and front amber lamp. Pop out the molding, it is held in place by two tabs on the bottom.

3. Shoot each screw (there are 4 of them which keep the aluminum trim piece around the front of the headlight) with some WD40, silicone lubricant or something that you will actually be able to remove the screws out of the aluminum trim that surround the headlight. My screws were slightly rusted and took a lot of force to get to unscrew. DO NOT USE A TORX SCREWDRIVER TO REMOVE THE TORX SCREWS ON THE TOP AND SIDE OF THE HEADLIGHT MOUNT. If i am correct, those two torx screws are what keep your headlights pointed in the correct direction when you re-mount the headlights. I did notice on the drivers side, the bottom left screw (in the aluminum trim) had some wiring that was running in front of it blocking the screw itself but all I had to do was push it slightly to the left and I could reach the screw.

4. Remove the aluminum trim that surrounds the front of the headlights. The lamps should basically fall out but will be held in place with the plug on the back of the bulb. Mine were an absolute pain to remove. I have a gray/black headlight plug and I couldn't tell if I was supposed to un-click something or squeeze the sides but after about 5 minutes of wiggling the plug back and forth, mine came off and the three prongs on the back of my headlight were freed from the plug.

5. My Hellas came with a rubber cap over the back of the headlight out of the box, but you can remove that cap and it will expose the three prongs that will plug into the wiring harness on each side of your jeep and they should plug right in. Also, if you take a look at the back of the Hella headlight you can see the wire support that keeps the headlight bulb itself inserted into the lamp. Aside from having to remove the entire lamp from the Cherokee, the bulbs should be a piece of cake to remove. I am going to order a second set of bulbs to keep in my vehicle just in case I need to do a bulb change. I don't know what kind of life I can expect from these new bulbs but I want to be ready should one burn out.

6. To finish instillation, screw the 4 screws back into the aluminum trim that keeps the headlight in its mount.

7. Put the two tabs from each molding piece back into the holes and screw the two screws in on each side of the molding and you are done.

I would recommend that whatever screwdriver or tip you used to loosen the screws from the aluminum that you toss it into the back of your jeep and just remember it is there. It took me at least 6 different phillips heads before I found one that would grip the screw tight enough for me to turn the screw without the risk of wearing off the grooves the screwdriver head goes into. Keeping this tool in my Jeep itself will make headlight changes that much easier in the future.

8. Take your Jeep out someplace really dark and enjoy your new lights. Like I said, I really noticed a big difference with the low beams and the high beams definitely projected down the highway longer than with stock halogens.

I am very happy with this purchase.

ATI Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R Monte Carlo Stock
ATI Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R Monte Carlo Stock
Price: $66.12
34 used & new from $60.83

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Tames the beast and inspires shooting confidence., December 22, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I just want to start off by saying that I am not an expert marksman, nor do I have much experience with what I would consider "larger caliber" bolt action rifles. But what I can tell you is that this ATI stock does modify you Mosin in a way that makes it more ergonomic to shoot and inspires confidence in your shooting simply because it makes firing the rife a much more pleasant experience. While it may not reduce the felt recoil that the 7.62 X 54r produces, it does virtually eliminate the sting and subsequent bruising that the metal butt plate from the original stock produces. Going back to what I had mentioned about shooting large caliber guns, I actually enjoyed shooting the rife more after the stock change because it made the gun more controllable with less shoulder pain to look forward to after shooting. I also have a new found respect for the soldiers that had to defend their lives with theses beasts! Before the new install I was usually good for 20-30 shots from the Mosin before the wood stock would get the best of me. Now, I am sure you can get used to it withe the wood stock and maybe I am just a, well, for lack of a better word a sissy, but it is hard to get around the physics the 7.62 round produces in terms of force mixed with the steel butt plate. My prior experiences had been less than pleasant. So anyway, enough about my issues with the 7.62 round...

I installed the ATI stock on my 1935 Izzy hex receiver and while the barrel was not "floated" by any stretch afterwards, everything did snap perfectly into place and I had no filing and/or sanding that I needed to do. After reading the horror stories about some of the stocks that other Amazon customers had received, I was worried that I would have to make a return. The only comment I would make about defective stocks is it seems like many of the complaints people had about poorly fitting stocks were reviews from 2011-2012. Maybe ATI stepped up their quality control or maybe I just got lucky. You also need to understand that many Mosins were produced under wartime conditions and there are some variances in the finished molding/casting of the rifle parts so for some, this stock is not a one size fits all application.

Back to the recoil, it does kick but I would say not more than my Mossberg 30-.06 which has a similar style stock to the ATI. I was shooting 1.5 inch groups at 50-75 yards (unfortunately my range does not offer 100 yard distances) and I was having pretty good luck with the 20 rounds of Herter's 165 grain steel-cased ammo that I used in it.

Just a few final thoughts...the barrel on the Mosin is huge and every time I look at my Mosin now, it almost has a cartoonish appearance but I just remind myself that this is probably something that Ernest Hemmingway (or Elmer Fudd) would have carried on their hunts and it makes me laugh. It is a compromise as I absolutely love the look of the wood stock and mine is in excellent condition but I just could not stand the feel of the stock against my shoulder nor did I look forward to the recoil and the effects from it, so the ATI stock will stay for now. There are some pretty sharp after market wooden Monte Carlo style stocks out there for the MN and I may consider one of those in the future. Also, the swivels on the ATI stock work great if you have an extra standard sling sitting around the house and is an inexpensive addition. I am also keeping my open Iron sights as the gun is perfectly usable as is.

One final thing to remember is with the 91/30 there is a good chance that the front ring that is used to keep the upper wood stock in place while using the rife in its original configuration will not come off the gun easily without removing the front sight. I actually bought a steel front sight removal tool on ebay because the type of ring on my gun would have to be cut if I didn't want to remove the sight, and I wanted to keep the ring just in case I decided to go back to the original stock set up.

Overall I am very happy, have no complaints and even the box the stock arrives in is presentation quality that I simply cannot bring myself to throw it away in the garbage.
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