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Those Who Wish Me Dead
Those Who Wish Me Dead
by Michael Koryta
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $16.90
115 used & new from $4.33

1.0 out of 5 stars People seemed to like it. Well, January 13, 2015
This review is from: Those Who Wish Me Dead (Hardcover)
I started using my Kindle app so I've been buying ebooks in whims, this was three bucks, so why not? People seemed to like it. Well....people aren't always reliable. Remember my review of One Second After? People LOVED that book and it was pure garbage. We living in a world where you can't trust the herd. Onward with the review: The book sets the lead character, Ethan, up as an ex-military survival expert....the guy who trains the Navy Seals! He is constantly lecturing but fails to follow his own advice. This would be an interesting character flaw (hubris) if the book was better written and this was a different story, but alas here we are. If you have read more than three books in your life, the story is very predictable, like a thin screenplay...actually, this might work better as a Liam Neeson movie.
First, he makes a mistake that is so obvious right off the bat that I had a hard time continuing with the book. He's told that the most dangerous resourceful, and relentless killers EVER are looking for the kid he is charged with, and yet he leaves his wife alone at their home in the remote wilderness? Where the heck does he think they will start once they figure out where the kids at, because you know they will, otherwise there is no story to tell. He never listens to his wife, who has much keener instincts that he does, he even laughs at her foreboding. She's tough as nails, I wish the book had been centered on her! The killers are meant to be sociopaths, without affect, but they are more cartoon-like than anything else. I guess they are supposed to be Terminator-ish, but knowing something of their motives would probably help the story. There is a needless twist at the end of the book that negates everything else that happens. I rate this book MEH.

Lavievert Handmade Gray Felt Case Bag Sleeve with Yellow Elastic Band for Apple 15" MacBook Pro / 15" MacBook Pro Retina
Lavievert Handmade Gray Felt Case Bag Sleeve with Yellow Elastic Band for Apple 15" MacBook Pro / 15" MacBook Pro Retina
Offered by Lavievert
Price: $39.99
2 used & new from $13.99

California Air Tools CAT-10020 Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free 2.0 HP 10.0-Gallon Steel Tank Air Compressor
California Air Tools CAT-10020 Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free 2.0 HP 10.0-Gallon Steel Tank Air Compressor
Price: $339.15
3 used & new from $339.15

5.0 out of 5 stars Two hookups which is nice because I paint double fisted, January 10, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
SO QUIET it's a big change from the Kobalt and the Husky. Two hookups which is nice because I paint double fisted.

Blackout (All Clear Book 1)
Blackout (All Clear Book 1)
Offered by Random House LLC
Price: $9.99

1.0 out of 5 stars ... and her many awards instilled confidence that I would enjoy this book, January 7, 2015
Everything I've read about the author and her many awards instilled confidence that I would enjoy this book. I didn't.
You would think that introducing characters in the exposition would mean they play a role later in the book. They didn't.
I was excited at the prospect of an alternate history unfurling as a result of the hapless historians. There wasn't.
The entire book played out like a really boring missed connections ad from The Village Voice. But less fun.
I thought that this was book one in a two part series. It wasn't.
Basically, you get half a story with no climax and no conclusion. Plus, it's long.
Are you annoyed by the way I'm writing this review? Then don't read this book, the entire thing is written this way.

Aurorae Yoga Slip Free Rosin Bag. Stop Slipping on your Yoga Mat, Odor Free and Non Sticky. Made in USA.
Aurorae Yoga Slip Free Rosin Bag. Stop Slipping on your Yoga Mat, Odor Free and Non Sticky. Made in USA.
Offered by AURORAE
Price: $10.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Slide mostly no more!, September 15, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This works great on my sometimes slippery Manduka Pro mat. The only time it stops working is when the mat is so insanely covered with sweat that no reasonable person would expect anything other than a yoga towel to stop the slide. If a river of sweat is trickling off the tip of my nose, I lay the towel down. My yoga teacher is former gymnast, and when she saw my powdery mat she said, "Chalk! Smart!" For this stuff to work, you have to dust the mat with it before class, NOT your hands and feet. Be careful not to send up a giant cloud of dust or you will get stank eye from the other yogis, especially if it's a crowded class. Recommended!

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5.0 out of 5 stars The iron skillet of yoga mats, May 30, 2012
For a long time, I didn't think a yoga mat mattered. I mean, in India, they don't even use a mat right!? And $100!? That is CRAZY. But then, my husband went out and bought a lululemon mat and I tried it. I was like...hmmm, this sucker doesn't move. It's kinda nice. And before long: "Hey honey, can I borrow your mat today?" It was only a matter of time before I wanted my own super fancy yoga mat. My teacher says her Manduka gives her superpowers, so decided that was the mat for me. Some people complain that it takes a long time to break this mat in. I had trouble sliding the first few times I used it, so I scrubbed it with sea salt, rinsed it, and left it out in the sun for a day. It's kind of like seasoning an iron skillet, the more you use it, the better it gets! I think the key is to leave it in the sun...that seems to break down the coating that makes it slippery. While I was in "break-in" mode, I used a grippy yoga towel on top and that worked fine. (We work hard and sweat a lot.) All in all, it took about three weeks of 2-3X classes per week to break it in. If you practice yoga seriously, don't be a dunce like me and wait a million years to get a decent mat. I can't believe the problem with the cheap one was that it was stretching when I was in down dog and standing poses, making me unstable. This mat does NOT move, and it doesn't follow me when I vinyasa. I've found that I'm able to "work" in the poses because my feet and hands don't move anymore, poses as basic as downdog are a whole new experience. It has a lot of cushion, so my knees don't hurt, AND, the grippy thickness helps in standing balance poses as well. I've noticed a huge improvement in my practice now that my mat isn't working against me. SO...join the $100 yoga mat club. It seems ridiculous at first, but remember this: a Manduka lasts a lifetime, so if you are a committed yogi, this mat will actually save you money over time, and shrink your footprint too. I mean, do we really need more cheap mats in landfills?

Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel
Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel
by Gary Shteyngart
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $18.01
226 used & new from $0.03

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5.0 out of 5 stars Occupy, Facebook, Debt Crisis, it's all here, January 2, 2012
I was driving today, after finishing this book, and saw a Starbucks in a Bank of America branch, attached to a Ralphs and immediately thought, "BofAStarbucksRalphs"......I saw coverage of the Occupy movement encampments on the news and thought of Tompinks Square park and the displaced vets in the book. I teach, and the insertion of abbreviations and text-slang is already permeating what is supposed to be formal writing. All the things Gary Shteyngart puts forth in SSTLS are already happening to various degrees, I know I'll never look at my iPhone the same way again! This book takes place in the near future, but that future could easly be just a year or so away. But don't mistake this book for sci-fi, or for a romance. This book is a social satire told through the lens of a May-December romance. If you liked Jennifer Egans "A Visit from the Goon Squad", and David Mitchell's, "Cloud Atlas", then you will enjoy this book as well. All share a non-traditional narrative style through use of secondary story telling devices, in this case, a diary and online communications, and all offer a near future dystopia. (only at the very end of the Egan book, where children who use iPhone like devices are called "pointers") On another note, I just looked at facebooks new Timeline feature, and darned if that isn't one more thing that the prescient Shtyengart saw coming a mile away. Highly recommended.

A Visit from the Goon Squad
A Visit from the Goon Squad
by Jennifer Egan
Edition: Paperback
Price: $10.28
377 used & new from $2.82

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5.0 out of 5 stars Egan has a keen eye for what makes people tick, October 8, 2011
In a way this book reminded me of David Mitchells "Cloud Atlas" due to both it's post-modern non-linear structure, and the way the story moves through time. Egan takes it further though, with authorial maneuvers like the much celebrated "Powerpoint" chapter, which is surprisingly moving. That an author can make the content deadening format of Powerpoint poignant, revealing, and achingly sad is a feat in and of itself. I'm an avid reader with broad tastes, and this book was one of the few that truly surprised and confused me, but in a good way. I enjoy having to think about a story, and Egan makes us read between the lines, draw parallels, and see a story from multiple perspectives and narrative structures. With that said, you might think that this is a lit-geek book that's hard to read, (I'm talking to you David Foster Wallace!) or overly intellectual, but that is not the case at all. It's very readable, her prose is achingly poignant, razor sharp, and keenly insightful...she is able to write about the small things that are really the BIG things. I found myself relating intensely to the ineffable sadness that so many of the characters feel regarding the too-quick passage to time. There were times when I'd re-read a sentence just because it was so dead on, so quirky but weirdly universal that I had to savor it a little bit. There are a few books that I've read where I get to the last page and my first thought is, "I need to read that again!" I felt that way with Annie Proulx "Heartstrings, every single one of Raymond Carvers works, Cormac McCarthys "The Road", and David Mitchells "Cloud Atlas". I have a special place on the bookshelf for these books, so I've made a space for "A visit from the Goon Squad"....when I need a really good read that I know will be even better the second time, I'll reach for it again.

Once Upon a River: A Novel
Once Upon a River: A Novel
by Bonnie Jo Campbell
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $19.00
183 used & new from $0.01

15 of 30 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Asperger-esque gun toting sex-addict on a river., October 8, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a story of a girl who lives/survives on a river after running away from home...sounds good right?

The main character, Margo, suffers some pretty serious losses and traumas, including a weirdly casual rape and the death of her father brought on by her own ill considered attempt at revenge. The author wants to set Margo up as a heroine, but she is anything but. She is REALLY slow on the uptake, and has a casual relationship with life and death, right and wrong. She steals, sneaks around, and abuses other peoples charity. She shoots the penis tip off her rapist and then murders another brute who has it in for her, effectively ruining the life of the "nice guy" who took her in. After about 40 pages, you realize that she will either kill or sleep with every man she meets. At one point, I wondered if she had Aspergers or some form of mental impairment, or maybe PTSD...but apparently, the author seems to consider selfish, anti-social (bordering on socio-pathic) traits noble....a girl taking charge of her own destiny on her own terms!

All in all, she is predictable, annoying, and never takes responsibility for her actions. (or even thinks about them very much) Her decisions and not decisions, she just stumbles into various scenarios as she moves along the's a weak narrative structure and in NO WAY resembles Huckleberry Finn (as some reviews claim). All in all, it was a structurally ambiguous story with one-dimensional characters. The only thing I enjoyed about the book was the descriptions of the river itself. Maybe it should have swallowed Margo up and spared us her absurd story.
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Modkat Litter Box Red
Modkat Litter Box Red
Offered by Quidsi Retail LLC
Price: $180.00

19 of 26 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One pricey poop box, July 26, 2011
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This review is from: Modkat Litter Box Red (Misc.)
You might ask yourself what kind of person pays $180 for a litter box. The answer is the same person who pays over $100 for a simple-human garbage can, and that person is ME. Cat boxes are ugly. Plastic garbage cans are ugly. I'm a design snob with a tiny house so litter tracking is a serious problem. The box not only looks good, it works too. As my 3D design teacher always said, "IT HAS TO FUNCTION!" (He was right.) The top flips open easily, so I clean it more often. I don't need those stupid plastic liners because of the nifty re-usable snap-to liner. I still get a LITTLE tracking, but that's just because I have a punk cat who hops onto the top and then SHAKES her paws to get the litter bits off, scattering them about the room. My other, more decorous, cat steps out onto the platform in a civilized fashion, so the anti-track feature works with her. Plus, weirdly enough, I have received many a compliment on this box...and when was the last time someone said to you, "Hey, that's a beautiful litter box!"?
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