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Chemistry: Concepts and Problems: A Self-Teaching Guide
Chemistry: Concepts and Problems: A Self-Teaching Guide
by Richard Post
Edition: Paperback
Price: $13.61
160 used & new from $6.00

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent book, but with a few problems, November 5, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is an nice book for a previously experienced hand looking for an interactive review. It may be of slightly less value to someone new to chemistry. The format of the book forces readers to concentrate on the material presented in order to be able to answer the questions posed at the end or middle of each, usually, short information bundle. The reading material contains the answer or enough information to answer the question. However, you need to read the material with care. You cannot skim this book.

The book has some problems. Its gentle approach, usually excellent explanations, and self-study format make it a nice companion to chemistry or chemistry for biology.

To give an example of the types of problems present, I have selected a few from the first and second Chapters.

On page 9, the book presents seven metalloids as if this (these) were an agreed upon categorization. However, what is or is not a metalloid is still an open issue. This classification can effect which elements are classified as metals and which as non-nonmetal. In fact, generally, only six elements B, Si, Ge, As, Sb, and Te are now considered metalloids by most writers. Other elements may be included, but this happens relatively infrequently and their inclusion is usually not agreed upon.

On page 22, the authors rounds Avogadro's number to 6.023 x 10^23. This rounding is inappropriate. There is general agreement as to the first 6 significant digits, i.e., 602214, although there is an ongoing discussion of values past the 4. Thus, one may appropriately round the value to 6.022 x 10^23, but not 6.023 x 10^23. Using the later value, as it appears in the book, leads to incorrect approximations in calculations. Again on page 33, the authors say "You should memorize Avogadro's number (6.023 x 10^23)". This inappropriate value for Avogadro's number continues to be used by the authors.

On page 24, when a diagram of the mass spectrometer is first presented, no explanation is given as to why the first coil is present (i.e., that it is there to ionize the sample so that the following magnetic fields in the spectrometer will be able to affect the movement of the atoms in the sample examined).

The sections on the Quantum Atomic Model and Electron Configuration, in my opinion, would be confusing to any reader who had not seen these concepts previously.

The author uses what many chemists call the Box Orbital Notation in both the information and question areas, without identifying this notation. Again, this might be confusing for those new to Chemistry.

However, in spite of these and similar issues, there are some issues present in most chemistry books, this is an excellent book, and one that I would not hesitate to recommend.

Duracell Procell 9 Volt Batteries, Pack of 12
Duracell Procell 9 Volt Batteries, Pack of 12
Offered by LIFE DEALS
Price: $16.19
41 used & new from $12.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Duracell should be embarrassed. Some batteries DOA and the ones remaining do not last! Their use will lead to frustration., May 20, 2014
I used these batteries in both smoke alarms and my outside garage door opener. For the smoke alarm I received "beeps" in less than a month accompanied with the voice message "battery low". My outside garage opener simply stopped working in less than a month. As all of these Duracell Procell batteries had an expiry date 4 years after they were installed, I can only conclude they last only a minimal time in use. Other reviewers, here on Amazon, have reported similar problems with extremely short battery life, i.e., only a few weeks, when these batteries are used in smoke detectors, so my experience is not unique. Since I used these batteries in two different types devices, with different use requirements, I can only conclude that these batteries have an amazingly short life regardless of the application.

The box says, "Not for retail trade", and in view of my results it is easy to see why the company will not put these into the retail market.

I had some batteries that failed to work as soon as installed, but I thought they were probably outliers. Obviously, these batteries are not equivalent to the retail version of Duracells and it is easy, for me, to see why the maker has chosen not to sell these through retail channels.

In my opinion these batteries should not be sold under the Duracell name. This was a brand whose name, regardless of their product, I had confidence in - no more. Except of Duracell Coppertops, for which I've had excellent results, I will ignore Duracell products from now on.

Many reviewers are satisfied with their results using these batteries. So, perhaps Duracell makes some versions using a different construction or at a different manufacturing plant. However, I purchased two boxes at different times from different vendors and have had the same unsatisfactory results with both sets of batteries. I have now thrown out the remainder of those I had, as there is not need to keep defective batteries. It is just too frustrating.

Do yourself a favor, ignore the lower price; these batteries will not provide the service life expected.

Bottom-line: Most of us would like to find the best buy we can, and it would be super if these batteries were the same quality as Duracell retail ones. However, they definitely are not, and in fact they badly diminish the Duracell name. Skip these in favor of higher quality batteries!

Transparent Plastic Clipboard, Flat Clip, 9"x12-1/2", Smoke (SPR01870)
Transparent Plastic Clipboard, Flat Clip, 9"x12-1/2", Smoke (SPR01870)
Offered by Court House Supplies
Price: $7.15
20 used & new from $3.50

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Works but rulers on sides are gratuitous and distracting. Without rulers this would be an excellent low cost clipboard., March 7, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I had an earlier version of similar plastic clipboards, without the rulers, and was quite pleased with them.

While the pull-out hanger on these are smaller than on my previous ones, this clipboard works. However, the unwanted rulers on each side of the board are -very- distracting. One does not buy a clipboard to have rulers, at least I do not.

My gentle suggestion to Sparco ... drop the rulers - they are gratuitous, not helpful, and quite distracting.

Sparco Transparent Clipboard, neon green
Sparco Transparent Clipboard, neon green
Price: $5.14
26 used & new from $3.62

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Works but rulers on sides are gratuitous and distracting. Without rulers this would be an excellent low cost clipboard., March 7, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I had an earlier version of similar plastic clipboards, without the rulers, and was quite pleased with them.

While the pull-out hanger on these are smaller than on my previous ones, this clipboard works. However, the unwanted rulers on each side of the board are -very- distracting. One does not buy a clipboard to have rulers, at least I do not.

My gentle suggestion to Sparco ... drop the rulers - they are gratuitous, not helpful, and quite distracting.

Trigonometry For Dummies
Trigonometry For Dummies
Price: $10.99

12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent for self-study, expands material & corrects first edition errors. Fine on Kindle DX, but display problems elsewhere., February 15, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I read the first edition and found it excellent. When this 2nd edition was announced, I purchased it feeling it might improve on the first edition. I was correct.

This is an outstanding book for self-study. It is well written in essentially non-technical terms when compared to some other mathematics texts. It can be easily understood, even by those just beginning, or refreshing, their study of trigonometry. It defines terms clearly and understandably, and includes some examples to re-enforce the concepts presented. However, the number of examples provided is relatively sparse, and as is often said mathematics is -not- a spectator sport, it needs to be participated in to develop a meaningful understanding.

The small number of worked examples, the lack of Chapter exercises, and the emphasis on statements made without proof are the text's primary weaknesses. For this reviewer, these deficiencies are compensated for by the presentation's excellence. Because of the lack of proofs, this should be considered an applied, rather than a pure, mathematics text. If you are interested is learning basic trig terminology and gaining a fundamental understanding of how trigonometric problems are solved, this is an excellent book (although, as noted, one with a shortage of solved examples, and thus one requiring a supplemental problem book, such as Kelley's excellent "The Humongous Book of Trigonometry Problems").

However, if you're primarily interested in understanding why certain trigonometric statements are true and how to prove these statements, this book is not a good choice.

This edition modifies, augments, and corrects material from the first edition. As examples, the informative section on "Angles in circles" has been added between the "Chord and Tangent" and "Sectors" sections, retained from the first edition. In addition, the first edition presents an example for finding the area of a sector. In that example, the diameter is incorrectly used in place of the radius in calculations. That error has been corrected here.

This book provides one of the clearest explanations of the six trigonometric functions. It presents these using a broad brush introduction in the first Chapter. It later expands and extends this introduction, using an explanation involving the sides of a right triangle. In a still later section, the trig functions are presented from a somewhat different perspective, based on the coordinates of a circle.

This book's text as well as its equations and graphs display nicely on my Kindle DX. However, many equation displays on my Kindle HDX 7", HDX 8.9", PC and Android Kindle emulators are literally unreadable. Enlarging the font, sadly, only enlarges the text, but not these equations or graphs. The equations are still unreadable.

Later Amazon Kindles appears to have a significant problem in displaying formulas, and this problem now appears pervasive. I am not aware (at the time of this review) of any current comment from Amazon about this issue, or even if they are aware of it and have a "fix" planned.

Perhaps, one of Amazon's team will read this review and comment on this problem, present at the time of this posting. It appears ubiquitous in most Kindle editions of mathematics and science texts targeted for the HDXs and Kindle emulators. I do not have HDs or Paperwhites and so cannot comment on versions for those products; perhaps owners of these products will be kind enough to add comments here.

Until this issue is fixed, I would gently recommend that any Kindle version of a mathematics or science text always be sampled on the target Kindle platform before purchase, and if this cannot be done, unless you are using a Kindle DX, the e-version be skipped in favor of the printed book.


This edition and the Kindle DX version can be highly recommended for applied users, but not for mathematicians, who would likely want a more "proof-oriented" text.

This book deserves five stars for its content.

Perhaps Amazon has implemented a solution to the formula display issue. However, I still found this same "formula" problem present in other Kindle books. If Amazon reads these reviews, may I gently suggest that until this problem is resolved, you consider -not- selling Kindle versions of any book containing formulas. If/when this display problem is fixed, please be kind enough to leave a comment with this review. Since Amazon now has an option for automatic updates available, we should then be able to see the correct display of these formulas on our Kindles and Kindle emulators.

When/if I see Amazon's comment I would be pleased to check my HDX and Kindle emulator versions of this book for the proper formula display, and update this review accordingly. Until then, while this text is highly recommended in its book form, it cannot be recommended of any Kindle HDXs or any versions of Kindle emulator software.
Comment Comments (4) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Sep 23, 2014 8:32 PM PDT

GreatShield LEAN Series Slim-Fit Bluetooth Keyboard Case with Sleep / Wake Cover for Kindle Fire HDX 7" (Black / Orange)
GreatShield LEAN Series Slim-Fit Bluetooth Keyboard Case with Sleep / Wake Cover for Kindle Fire HDX 7" (Black / Orange)
Offered by GreatShield Store
Price: $49.99

20 of 21 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Keyboard pairs easily with Kindle. However Kindle insertion and removal is very difficult. Support stand frequently collapses., January 28, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
It took me a significant effort to insert my Kindle HDX 7 in this case. The compartment for the Kindle is almost too small. It took so much effort, I was concerned the Kindle might get damaged. It did not.

Both the Kindle Fire HDX 7" and 8.9" were designed so that the mini-USB charging cable inserts at a slight angle toward the Kindle screen. This may have been done to allow the units to be charged resting on their backs without cable strain. However, when inserted in this case, where extra clearance for the power connector is not provided, the cable brushes against the case when plugged in. Whether this will lead to future issues with the female plug in the Kindle, only time will tell.

The support arm for this case is relatively unstable, and touching the screen, even gently, frequently results in the unit collapsing.

Use of this case requires two charging cables, one for the Kindle and one for the keyboard.

The cutouts are all in the appropriate places including the one for the front facing camera, although perhaps a little too tight for the power connector.

Bottom line: Except for the non-trivial issues mentioned above, this case does its job and protects the Kindle in the process. It provides a working keyboard, converting the Kindle into an an easy to use portable computer with almost desktop-like capabilities. It is also attractive. However, it is not correct to say, as the description does, that this is a "leather case". It is polyurethane (PU) and not leather. PU leather is not leather at all! This term, perhaps coined by vendors, may suggest to some that a non-leather item is some form of leather, even though it is not. One other issue worth considering is that the two female cable connectors (one for the Kindle the other for the keyboard) are on different sides of the case. This can make it harder to orient the case for easy charging using both cables. However, this has proven to be a minor rather than a major issue,

As E. J. Landrith noted in a review of a similar product for the HDX 8.9" reader: "...while a keyboard is a nice addition - most uses of a tablet, especially a Kindle, don't need a keyboard, so the non-removable keyboard is just in the way most of the time."

Therefore, a key issue to consider before buying this item is that it is difficult to remove the Kindle (once inserted) e.g., for temporary use in another case, such as when the keyboard is not needed, which is probably most of the time when it is used as a reader. Repeated insertion and removal of the Kindle from this case might, it seems to me, result in damage to the Kindle.

To eliminate any uncertainty, I was not paid by GreatSheild or its competitors for this posting. I hope it may prove useful to potential buyers.
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Sep 5, 2014 10:57 AM PDT

Cracking the AP Calculus AB & BC Exams, 2014 Edition (College Test Preparation)
Cracking the AP Calculus AB & BC Exams, 2014 Edition (College Test Preparation)

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent for AP exam, and ideal for self-study. Essentially unchanged from earlier editions., January 15, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have included portions of my review for the earlier 2009 copy with minor updating as appropriate. I felt this 5 year later version should be even better. (See Bottom Line below.)

Based on my experience, it is possible to complete this book in about eight weeks, working at a comfortable paces.

There are now three new prefatory chapters similar to other recent "Cracking the AP" Princeton study guides in this series. These chapters add little to the study of calculus, which now begins in Part IV, but they may prove useful to some taking the AP test. They total only about 25 pages. The "meat" of the study guide now starts on page 30.

May I gently suggest considering the paperback rather than the Kindle version. The formulas in the Kindle edition are very small, and difficult to read. Changing to a larger font does not seem to help. This problem is visible even on the latest current Kindle, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9". These Kindle reading difficulties are noticeable throughout, and start at the beginning of the calculus presentation, when limits are introduced. The subscripts for the 'lim' notation, such 'x -> 2' are relatively small in normal use. However, they appear even smaller in the Kindle version. So small that they are, literally, unreadable.

This book provides an outstanding presentation of core topics in applied calculus. Only areas identified by the AP Calculus Development Committee are covered. Narrowing the areas presented to those needed for the exam considerably reduces preparation time. Whether you are taking the AP exam or not, this is an excellent self-study guide to calculus.

The greatest strength of this text is its excellent practice problems sets with fully-worked solutions. There are usually about 8 - 25 problems per set, often with multiple problem sets per chapter. Surprisingly, for a book with this many problems, solutions are usually well-described and accurate. Although there are the rare solution section errors, e.g., the incorrectly drawn figure on page 445, or the solution to a different problem than that given on page 450.

Arguably, the book's primary deficiency is its strong emphasis on memorization of problem formats and pattern solutions, to the exclusion of a more general problem-solving strategy. The pattern-solving approach, while extremely helpful for the AP exam, may occasionally lead to "missing the forest for the trees", resulting in readers spending more time solving a problem than needed. As one example, in Chapter 8, Problem Set 8, problem 13 readers are asked to, "Find the values of x where the normal to the graph of (x-9)^2 is parallel to the y-axis." The solution presented follows the previously presented solution pattern of finding the derivative of the curve, i.e., the slope of the tangent to the curve, recognizing that the slope of the normal is the negative reciprocal of the slope of the tangent, and then finding where the slope of the negative reciprocal is infinite. Simply recognizing (x-9)^2 as an upward opening parabola with vertex at x=9 would have allowed the solution to be quickly identified by inspection.

It seems that the material from earlier editions, including deficiencies and errors, were just copied into this edition, with few if any changes. Later calculus titles in this series have later dates, but it appears other than more current dates, little of substance has been changed.

Fortunately, this and earlier editions were/are excellent in their coverage with only limited problems. Some of these deficiencies include the occasional editing lapse, although the unrelated integral trigonometric equation that appeared in the middle of page 81 in the 2009 edition is now missing from page 128, the equivalent location, in the 2014 edition. Some extended coverage, at least an appendix, on the use of graphing calculators, as they are now required for the exams, would have been appreciated and is still missing in this edition. Also, the paper appears to be relatively lower quality than usual, which is probably acceptable considering the book's relatively low cost. The print appears lighter than in earlier editions and Chapter headings are definitely not as dark. Overall, the change in font is -not- an improvement.

If you are considering an earlier edition to reduce costs, note that although the presentation, examples, and problem sets in earlier editions such as the 1999/2000 appear almost identical to the current edition, earlier editions, e.g., 1999/2000, only provided answers.

Although there are some minor deficiencies, this book can be highly recommended for those preparing for AP calculus exams, owing to the excellent concise presentation of topics, and the outstanding and extensive sets of problems with full solutions.

The 2014 text still includes relatively extended coverage of curve sketching, an anachronism from earlier decades when plotting software and graphing calculators were not widely available.

This book can be highly recommend for self-study in preparation for applied courses or independent reading where a basic understanding of calculus is needed, even if the AP exams are not a consideration.

If one compares the table of contents of the new Part IV's, 21 chapters, relative to the calculus content of earlier editions, it will be found to be essentially identical. Therefore, an earlier less expensive edition, from 2009 forward would be an equally good, and in terms of its better font, perhaps a superior option. However, owing to its relatively low cost, this edition would seem an appropriate, although clearly not a required choice, as earlier editions after 2009 are essentially identical. Earlier errors appear to have been retained, and the "meat" of calculus material is fundamentally unaltered. It appears little effort was made to correct earlier errors, and these still appear in this edition.

Bottom line: If you can find a less expensive and clean edition from 2009 or later, considering this edition's slightly harder to read font, and almost identical content, an earlier edition is a viable and, possibly even, better choice.

One Touch Can Opener
One Touch Can Opener
4 used & new from $70.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Super can opener, but be cautious of "knock offs". The true OneTouch has a printed OneTouch (tm) logo. The "knock offs" do not., January 1, 2014
This review is from: One Touch Can Opener (Kitchen)
The OneTouch is an absolutely outstanding can opener. It has held up through years of use, and I use it daily.

Perhaps some reviewers reporting problems have one of the apparently ubiquitous "knock offs". These OEM copies weigh less (and thus, perhaps, are not as well built), and are of different dimensions (a potential problem in working as they should).

A true OneTouch has the OneTouch(tm) name printed on the outside of the opener.

The "knock offs" do not have this text anywhere on the opener, and these are likely to give much poorer performance, as I can relate to from personal experience. I was so happy with my original opener (which is still working) that I ordered another. The seller's pictures showed a OneTouch, including the logo on the side. However, I received a "knock off" copy. It looks similar, until you put it side-by-side with the original, then its poorer quality seems apparent. If you do not have a true OneTouch to compare to, the "knock off" may appear to be a OneTouch - so be forewarned.

Remember to look for the OneTouch(tm) logo printed on the outside of the opener. Perhaps current versions are no longer made like the original, but the OneTouch I have is a really great can opener that continues to work.

NETGEAR RangeMax WNR1000 Wireless Router - Manufacturer Refurbished
NETGEAR RangeMax WNR1000 Wireless Router - Manufacturer Refurbished
4 used & new from $11.98

95 of 120 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars NOT RECOMMENDED. Netgear customer support is abysmal., September 24, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I received the product as advertised quickly from this seller, whose speedy shipping is to be commended.

The problem was not with the seller but with Netgear, the manufacturer, whose lack of support for their own re-manufactured product was both unexpected and quite disappointing. This review discusses my personal experience.

When the package arrived it came with no instructions, manuals, or software, only a sheet of paper referencing the Netgear site to download the manuals and software. I went to the site as instructed, and found a firmware update was available. I attempted to download it. Netgear first requested my name, date of purchase, email, etc. Even after entering the requested information, the firmware update did not download.

So, I called Netgear to learn what the problem was. I was connected to a customer service representative. I explained that I had purchased a unit that was manufacturer refurbished. He asked me the same questions I was previously asked and had answered, but added additional ones as well. These questions were, to me, intrusive and not related to my problem. After answering all of his questions, he told me that this product was not supported by the manufacturer, even though they had done the refurbishing. However, for an additional payment temporary support could be provided.

Almost immediately after posting, this review received one "not helpful" vote. There were then 97 reviews for this product. My experience was factual, so this seems a quite unlikely, but not impossible occurrence. It would be shameful if this vote were not left by a potential, or actual Amazon buyer. That is, if as soon as a negative review appears, some folks are paid to rate it unfavorably or to post positive reviews so a negative one will receive unfavorable votes potentially displacing negative reviews from the first page and/or ensuring the total rating for a product will not dip too low. Hopefully, that is, and was not, the case here. Note, however, the top two five star reviews preceding my review, at the time this was written, were from reviewers with a total of two reviews. Perhaps, this should make one cautious.

Another purchaser "Keith Misenheimer" reports similar problems in his review. He found equivalent difficulties and rated this product one as I did (Amazon does not allow zero).

Netgear should be embarrassed, although apparently they are not, as they are continuing a policy, which to me, attempts to extort additional customer payments (based not only on my experience, but on those of other customer reviewers as well) to obtain support for a product just purchased. Another reviewer, Mary Kline, used the term "bait and switch".

There are a reasonable number of positive reviews so some buyers are pleased with their purchase experience. However, I and the other one star reviewers obviously were not.

It may be helpful to see how many total reviews, i.e, ones for purchased Amazon products other than Netgear products, the five star reviewers have. It may also be helpful to note the relatively large number of one star reviews.

At the time this review was posted, almost 20% of reviews for this product were negative. As this is not a unique category of product, potential buyers should consider this figure.

As a famous writer once noted, all positive reviews are the same, only the negative ones are worth reading. Perhaps this is good advice here.

----- Added 2/16/2014

It is surprising that there are now (2/16/2014) a fair number of "unhelpful" ratings for this review. As my comments describe my personal, and from other reviews not unique experience, this to me is somewhat surprising. Some others may be happy with their purchase, but that does not change -my- experience with NETGEAR. That this product continues to have about 20% unfavorable reviews, should be considered before making a purchase.

"Unhelpful" votes can result in a review being moved from the first page. This would be unfortunate as other customers for this item, and for other NETGEAR products, mention similar experience to those I had.

To quote Dwayne Sorton's comments left for another NETGEAR Wireless Router, "This company needs better customer service". I, obviously, completely agree.

As I mention in an answer to a response to this review: If you have had a negative experience, as I have, posting your comments, even if only a few lines, and voting positively for this review, may help provide an appropriate balance.

This product and its manufacturer, NETGEAR, are definitely not recommended!
Comment Comments (17) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jan 12, 2014 6:26 PM PST

Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Mathematics
by K. A. Stroud
Edition: Paperback
Price: $52.95
51 used & new from $41.00

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Truly outstanding for self-study, lacks formal definitions. Needs to be published in two volumes., July 7, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have included my review of the previous edition, with minor updating, as it is still applicable. The additional material in this edition is a nice improvement, as is the lower price.

However, there is now a caveat. In my opinion, the publishers made an unfortunate decision to publish this in one volume. It needs to be published in two parts. While publishing in one volume may reduce costs, it is definitely not user-friendly. Its now weighs almost 6-1/2 pounds. This makes it very, very difficult, perhaps impossible, to carry and use easily. Its weight requires a table, or large book support, be used to work comfortably. The previous edition was almost two pounds lighter, and had a smaller size, making that edition comfortable to handle. I had no problem carrying it with me to refer to as time allowed. The weight and size of this edition make that, for me, impossible.

This is an excellent text for self-study or as a supplement to a classroom text. It is fairly wide ranging, covering a large portion of the mathematics needed during the first few years of an engineering, or physical science program. However, it is not quite comprehensive, lacking some areas that have gained significant importance in recent times, e.g, discrete transforms. Although some Fourier Series and transforms are covered in the companion volume "Advanced Engineering Mathematics".

The pretests and revision (more commonly called review in the US) sections are quite helpful. The book de-emphasizes formal definitions, as concepts and intuitive descriptions are provided in conjunction with examples. However, in some instances this can lead to problems, where the appropriate problem-solving approach is well-presented but the lack of a formal definition can lead to some "fuzziness". In these cases an inexpensive mathematics dictionary, or standard text, should provide the needed clarity.

Some sections or chapters are quite elementary and may not be needed by many readers. For example, the book starts with an approximately 60 page section on arithmetic.

The book is well designed and laid out with black type, avoiding the distracting overuse of color found in some competing texts. The authors are usually quite clear, and quickly get to the "meat" of a topic. Extra material is kept to a minimum. One section where this is not true is the Programme F.10 (section) on Functions where unneeded, and arguably unhelpful, box graphics are introduced and used fairly extensively to visually denote the the ideas of function input and output. However, the boxes are not standard mathematical constructs for handling functions. In my opinion, these extraneous constructs are an unnecessary distraction, as the function notation carries with it all the structure needed for comprehension, and is what students will see in later work. In reviewing the 6th edition, I had hoped these boxes would be eliminated in later editions. However, they are, unfortunately, retained for this edition.

The book still shows a much earlier publishing heritage as some mathematical terms no longer in common usage are nonetheless retained.

For a book this large in size, there are an unusually small number of errors or misstatements and these are usually obvious. One example where this is not true is when the authors use the terms "range" and "co-domain", page 271, incorrectly as synonyms.

This is an outstanding and well-written book. The book's presentation of desired learning outcomes, i.e., behavioral objectives, at the start of each Programme is excellent. Material is presented in easily digestible short sections that allow for breaks to be taken at almost any time, without the need to stop in the middle of an unfinished section. Pretest quizzes allow readers to determine what sections they can skip and what sections they need to work on. There are very few backward references to previously covered material. A minor deficiency is the lack of more formal definitions. These are usually not needed. In a number of cases they would help aid understanding and reduce the chance of encountering unexpected problems in later work. However, the book's strong emphasis on carefully developing concepts needed to comfortably handle the mathematical manipulation and problem solving skills required for engineering is exceptional.

There are additions in this edition, but if the 6th can be found at a significantly lower price, not the case on Amazon at the time of this review, it would likely serve as well. Owing to its lighter weight and size, that edition may prove even more useful for those who spend considerable time away from their home/office/classroom/etc.

This edition's uncomfortably large size and weight is compensated for by its outstanding content. It continues to deserve the highest recommendation.
Comment Comments (4) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 14, 2014 4:45 PM PDT

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