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Space Brothers Collection 4
Space Brothers Collection 4
DVD ~ Hiroaki Hirata
Price: $34.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Oxygen, something you'd hate to go without, June 25, 2015
This review is from: Space Brothers Collection 4 (DVD)
Hibito is living his dream on the moon and loving every minute. Except the minutes he is about to encounter after a soon-to-occur disaster….

Hibito's moon arc is my favorite story in the series. The exciting stuff all takes place in this set, but the reproductions continue on until the end of the series. Hibito finally gets some attention and growth as a character.

Mutta also gets some excitement in this set as he starts his astronaut training! (Finally!) Perhaps to honor by Hibito’s moon excitement, Mutta’s first training is a survival training, involving a long trek through the desert. New characters are introduced and Nitta gets some backstory.

Grayline 40624 2-Tier Satin Nickel Mesh Organizer
Grayline 40624 2-Tier Satin Nickel Mesh Organizer
Price: $24.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Exactly what I wanted!, May 7, 2015
This organizer arrives assembled, all you just have to put the drawers on the rack. It doesn't seem very big, but it holds quite a lot. The drawers slide in and out smoothly, and the design prevents you from pulling the drawers out vertically. There is a decent amount of space between the two drawers for taller things. I use it as a craft supply organizer, but it would probably work great for beauty produces or small kitchen things, like spices or measuring cups.

The biggest problem I had with this drawer set, is that it's too long to fit in most places I tried to stick it. The width is good, but I wish it had been made wider and shorter. For now it is stowed on the floor, which is not very convenient.

Still, this is a great little set. It's light, but seems solidly constructed, smooth drawer action, space between drawers, and it looks nice too. With only the complaint of it being too long, I am overall very happy with it.

Noragami: Season 1 [Blu-ray]
Noragami: Season 1 [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Artist Not Provided
Price: $37.25

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4.0 out of 5 stars A God’s Dream of Greatness, May 6, 2015
Yato is a very minor god without so much as a single shrine to his name. This is a fact he intends to change, one 5 yen coin at a time. After saving a girl named Hiyori from a traffic accident, she tracks him down and befriends him. Then they are joined by Yukine, who has the ability to transform into a “sacred treasure”, a weapon that can be used by a god. Together the three of them battle beings called “you” and slowly learn about Yato’s past.

I quite enjoyed this series and Yato as a character really grew on me. His past isn’t particularly detailed, but it does a good job of illustrating how and why he ended up as he did. Most of the story is him developing relationships with Hiyori and Yukine, something that develops into a particularly great scene.

The ending wraps up the show nicely, but the manga is still running and a second season was announced 3/31/15. There is also an OVA, but it is not available domestically. I believe it is just a side story though, so not essential to the main storyline.

One Week Friends
One Week Friends
DVD ~ Sora Amamiya
Price: $32.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars Making Friends, One Week at a Time, May 6, 2015
This review is from: One Week Friends (DVD)
Yuuki Hase notices that his classmate Kaori Kujomiya always seems to be alone, so he decides to try and befriend her. She rebuffs his overtures at first, but soon reveals that it isn’t that she is unfriendly, she just suffers a condition that causes her memory to be reset every week. Its hard to make friends when you can’t remember them, but Yuuki is determined to make it happen.

This was a cute show. At some points Yuuki’s obsession with Kaori becomes annoying/worrisome, but overall they have a good relationship. It was actually kind of funny how long it took Yuuki to realize he actually had a crush on Kaori (the only person denser than him is Kaori).

My favorite part of the series was actually the subplot that involved to secondary characters (Kiryuu and Saki). It was cute and they are my two favorite characters :)

The premise is an interesting idea and the show does a fairly good job of tackling the issue in a believable way. I think the biggest weaknesses were that it goes kind of slowly at times and in the end I couldn’t really buy into the reason for Kaori’s memory impairment. But for the most part it is a sweet little story of romance and friendship.

Space Brothers Collection 3
Space Brothers Collection 3
DVD ~ Hiroaki Hirata
Price: $28.78
12 used & new from $21.83

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5.0 out of 5 stars Moon Rabbit, April 30, 2015
This review is from: Space Brothers Collection 3 (DVD)
This set first focuses on Hibito and the launch (though from Mutta’s perspective, not Hibito's), then finishes up with the end of the astronaut exam and the results.
Trivia: When Hibito makes it to the moon, he is dubbed the Moon Rabbit (or something like that) by the Japanese media. This is because the Japanese, instead of seeing the Man in the Moon, see a rabbit pounding mochi (rice cake).

Hibito’s screen time is steady growing, which I enjoyed, as Hibito is actually a very interesting character. Kenji and Serika also get more attention, each get their own episode telling their backstory and fleshing them out as characters. An eccentric new character is also introduced.

This set contains episodes 27-38 (12 episodes) out 99 total. At this rate, the last set (number 8 at the current) should come out around April 2016. That would make it a little over a year to release all sets for the series!

I saw the entire series on Crunchyroll, but am working on collecting the DVDs as well :)
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Unlimited Psychic Squad
Unlimited Psychic Squad
DVD ~ Junichi Suwabe
Offered by Anime Corner
Price: $31.67
15 used & new from $21.73

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4.0 out of 5 stars Never saw the original series, April 20, 2015
This review is from: Unlimited Psychic Squad (DVD)
Kyosuke Hyobu is the leader of the secret ESPers organization PANDORA. The organization is dedicated to fighting those who would entrap, enslave, or kill ESPers. Sometimes their methods are a little questionable.

Hyobu reminds me a lot of Magneto (X-Men). He is dedicated to the protection of his kind, but a little less than considerate for normal humans. As he is the central character of the series, you tend to sympathize with him more than not, even as you recognize that his ideas are flawed (speaking as normal human that is).

This series is a spinoff of a show called 'Psychic Squad' ( Zettai Karen Children), which I had never heard of, much less seen before watching this show. As far as I can tell, this series takes place either in the middle or towards the end of the original series (at least, in this series the kids are in their early teens instead of being 10). The main characters for the original show show up briefly, but this series is really dedicated to their enemy, Hyobu.

I was able to follow along with the series just fine without having seen the original show. I was a little confused when the girls showed up, but I could still understand their role as opponents of PANDORA.

I think Hyobu was a interesting character and he straddled the line between good and bad guy really well. His backstory was well done too. There were things I didn't particularly like about this series (some of the characters were annoying and the plot not terribly strong at points), but I really liked Hyobu and thus found the series an entertaining experience.

Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990-1990
Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990-1990
by Miriam Elia
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $10.66
67 used & new from $1.26

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5.0 out of 5 stars Life is Cruel and Empty, April 17, 2015
2 Minutes into hunger strike. I am strong and determined.

5 minutes now. Beginning to feel week.

The seeds. They are taunting me!

Edward the cynical hamster muses on the meaning of futility of existence and perfectly describes what my very brief chocolate strike was like.

Most of the entries are very short, but that is hardly surprising, considering the strain poor Edward must have suffered, forgoing food while writing all of those words.
Illustrations accompany many of the entries, but the more desperate entries are simply harsh words, black against the white of the page, begging the reader to imagine the darkness of his words all on their own.

This tale is not for the faint of heart.

Perfect State
Perfect State
Price: $2.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars What comes next after you've conquered the world?, April 3, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Perfect State (Kindle Edition)
"On the three-hundredth anniversary of my birth, I finally managed to conquer the world."

So starts Perfect State, a clever little sci-fi story about reality, emperors, and dating. The main character, God-Emperor Kairominas, was surprisingly easy to relate to, even though, as of the quarter-century anniversary of my birth, I have yet to conquer anything. The other characters don't get much time to shine, but Shale and Bask made good use of their appearances and I liked both of them a great deal.

The story is fast paced and humorous, though the ending gets a little... serious. However, it is a really short story (about 71 Kindle pages). Calling it a "novella" feels misleading. To me, novella implies a short novel. Perfect States is really just a short story. I would have purchased it regardless, but would have preferred to know how short it was beforehand (NOTE: when I purchased the book and at the time I wrote the review, the page count for this story had not been posted).
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Nobunagun: Complete Series [Blu-ray]
Nobunagun: Complete Series [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Artist Not Provided
Price: $37.39
18 used & new from $36.86

18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Summary: Nobunaga and Jack the Ripper Fighting Aliens, March 31, 2015
Shio Ogura is a Japanese high school student with an obsessive love of guns and military. This alianates her from her more normal classmates, but during a class trip to Taiwan it seems like one of them might be willing to befriend her. In Shio’s moment of happiness, she is attacked by monsters and the area turns into a war zone. In order to save her new friend, she must join forces with agents known as “E-Gene Holders” and discover her own e-gene - the soul of Oda Nobunaga, one of Japan’s greatest warlords.

I started watching this on a whim and was surprised to find myself continuing all the way to the end. I was interested in Shio’s slightly unconventional attitude (she had lots of fun fighting and killing monsters, but it wasn’t exactly how she had planned to live her life). As with any series involving historical characters, it was fun to see who they brought in and what weird powers they might have. My two favorites were Newton's power of gravity manipulation and Gandhi's force field ability.

But the thing that impressed me the most was the ending. This isn’t a very complicated series and the characters don’t get a whole lot of development, but the ending contains a nice twist, a pretty good explanation for events, and a rousingly fun battle scene.

Yakitate!! Japan, Part 1
Yakitate!! Japan, Part 1
DVD ~ -
Price: $34.99
8 used & new from $29.25

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well Baked Show, March 25, 2015
This review is from: Yakitate!! Japan, Part 1 (DVD)
Azuma Kazuma has a dream - to make a bread that will represent Japan itself and replace rice as a breakfast staple. In order to help achieve his dream, he wants to get a job at Pantasia, a world famous bakery. But the path to JaPAN (pun used extensively in the series, 'pan' being the Japanese word for bread) is not going to be easy!

I saw this series years ago and still remember it with great fondness. The baking battles can get pretty ridiculous and the taster's reaction to the bread often hilarious. It generally transports them to an exotic local, such as in one case, Heaven. The characters are fun and Azuma likable, though not very bright. But who needs smarts with his skills?

If you enjoy baking, it is fun to see the different techniques used and laugh at the seriousness baking is treated with. If you don't enjoy baking, then... you can still enjoy the same things.

Yakitate is 69 episodes in total and this set contains the first season (27 episodes).

Ahh, I can't wait to watch it all again on DVD!

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