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1.0 out of 5 stars Does not have a writable/rewritable white board. Material is ..., November 14, 2015
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Does not have a writable/rewritable white board. Material is filmsy. First one delivered was damage. It was replaced with new one.

Deep Into the Game (Book 1) (S. W. Tanpepper's GAMELAND)
Deep Into the Game (Book 1) (S. W. Tanpepper's GAMELAND)
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3.0 out of 5 stars Zombie or more?, November 12, 2012
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I don't know if it's a growing trend but the last 4 or 5 "free" books on kindle seem to end short of being a complete story. This book is about a post apocalyptic world where zombies exist and are taken care (controlled) of by the government or so you are to believe. There are other apocalyptic things mentioned through the story such as ice caps melting. They serve more a means to an explanation, why New York City is flooded, rather than anything really significant. I can't really elaborate on it more since the story ended before anything really interesting happened. The idea of a conspiracy is evident in the novel, but it never fully develops to the point where you have some concrete evidence that makes you want to push forward to find out.

We follow the ramblings of a teenager girl (Jess) and her friends (Kelly, Reggie, Ashley, and Micah). They are all hackers except Kelly. There level of ability is unmatched according to them. Boosting that they can and will hack into everything including attempting to infiltrate the "the Game." "The Game" which is only accessible by the very rich allows players to take over a "controlled infected" AKA zombies to fight against other zombies. They don't really go into much detail how that works, other than a chip installed in your brain. There is a home version of the game that the teenagers play but they soon grow tired of it. They get the crazy idea to break into the infected area where zombie supposedly exists.

"The Game" or "Gameland" is located on Long Island which has been quarantined off. So the teenagers begin their adventure to find a way into Long Island. This happens all relatively fast with some of the party for it some against it. But they finally find a way in and that is where you think the story would begin to gain legs. It ends before it every does.

The author cuts the story short IMO. He leaves us with this cliff hanger, except I'm not hanging on. I just let go of the ledge and decided not going to spend the 3 dollars to pick up the next book, I mean episode. This seems to be a growing trend on Kindle now, instead of completing the story and moving onto to the next book in the series. The Authors are treating these kindle books like episode from a TV series. Stay tuned next week as we find out the fate of our merry band of teenagers and there misadventures into the forbidden zone.

Jess and Kelly (Jess's Boyfriend) have some good teenage drama going on in their relationship. Jess's background is developed nicely and you get a sense of who she is, but the rest of the cast is sort of left to drown with the exception of Kelly. Kelly is the only other character that is developed, but not enough to truly understand his motivation. I think this might be because the story is too short and doesn't develop. Perhaps in the next episode we could see more. There is an insertion of a third party, Jake, into Kelly and Jess's relationship that seems tossed into the story. There is more to the character Jake however; it's not in this book so we are left scratching our hands about why he is inserted except for a means to an end.

There are hint of government control, attempting to put a chip in everyone's brain. When you die and reanimate you have to spend 3 years under government control. Sort of an undead slave service if you will. This time can be increased for crimes, however, that seems rather illogical, unless you can tell time as a zombie what different is 10 years of service once your dead or 1 day, you wouldn't know your dead. I assume this might be explained later on, but seems like a rather weak way to prevent people from doing crimes.

It is a decent book zombie book, but unless you are making a commitment to buy the next episode of the story I would just pass on it. You aren't missing anything really.

Legend of Apollo (Barcode Book 1)
Legend of Apollo (Barcode Book 1)
Price: $0.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Could have been better, November 8, 2012
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I picked this book up because the setting sounded interesting. People born with the data of mythical creatures/gods inscribed in them. I can't recall any book I have read that has a similar storyline. I am a huge fan of mythology whether it is Greek, Roman, Japanese, or Indian. Anything mythology is fascinating to me. Unfortunately this book really doesn't so much with it, other than to say, ohh he has Apollo's data tied to him.

The main character of the book, Spencer, is a whiny spoiled brat who is destined to do great things. Except all we see of him, is being this childish teenager, who complains about life so much that I begin to dislike him so immensely, I stopped caring about him. I am not sure if this was the author's intent but it happened to me. He harps on the fact his father is never there for him always too busy running the school and the county. The authors plays him up like he's a big shot and everyone around him treats him like a big shot, but you never actually see him do anything. Honestly the entire time I was reading this novel, I just wanted someone to beat the piss out of him.

The supporting cast is the star here. There are a lot of characters. Some get enough face time while others just seemed thrown into the mix to be forgotten until later. The author does a good job of giving each one an individual personality, however, I feel like not enough time was given to fully develop them. This could just be my desire to hear more about them because I honestly hated the main character. A lot of the information about the supporting cast comes in 1 or 2 sentence blurts. Sort of like it was an after thought of the author.

The romantic interest for Spencer is a love triangle. It's handled pretty well considering how Spencer acts and behaves. Also, it is from the perspective of teenagers who flip flop on emotions so fast you don't quite know what to think. One minute is loves one girl, the next he loves the other. In fact at one point he tells both of them that he loves them. It became tiresome for me mostly because I don't really care about this aspect of stories.

The meat of the story is that Spencer is destined to defeat the "Big Evil". Other than being a dictator, I don't really know why he was the "Big Evil". We actually don't even meet him until the book is nearly complete. I think was somewhere around 75% complete with the novel when he finally shows up. His character is never really given a chance to shine and as I finished the novel I understand why. The author wrote this book so that he could sell the next book. You might say to yourself so what, that's what authors do and I would agree. Except authors usually have closure to each book in a series. There is no closure here and it's annoying.

I can't recommend reading this book, because it's not complete in my opinion. Things are not explained. Details are left out so that you are forced to read the next book. Characters at the end of the story behave oddly. I can't really go into details without explaining the ending and if I explain the ending there is no point in reading it. Sort of a catch 22. Just take it at face value that you will scratch your head and ask why all the characters are so accepting.

Dishonored - PC
Dishonored - PC
Offered by Enteme
Price: $7.49
96 used & new from $2.24

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1.0 out of 5 stars Really? That's it?, October 12, 2012
This review is from: Dishonored - PC (Video Game)
I am not quite sure where to start with this Over-hyped game. I guess the story; the main story can be beaten in 10 hours. The story telling for the main story is garbage and you will roll your eyes at the plot twist that you saw coming a mile away. It's stereotypical betrayal/revenge story. There are two endings, so that's good but the story is so bad I didn't even bother to play through to get the second ending, since apparently I already played "the hard way". The game story is very linear. You make choices but mostly the choices are black/white, kill or no kill. This relates to the level of "Chaos" you cause on the world which can be seen by the number of plague carrying rats that run around? I was low chaos the whole time so I didn't really notice anything.

I went stealth. Here is the issue with Stealth. It's too easy. Really, I mean the mechanics are so piss poor that it's laughable. You wait until people turn their backs and carefully run or teleport away from them. You walk on Air Conditioning/vents 5 feet above the guard and they can't see you because they never look up. Let's ignore that fact that an aluminum vent can somehow support the weight of a 200 lb man. Unlike other games Thief/Deus Ex lighting makes no difference in this one. Whether you hide in a bush in the shadows of a building or stand under a light post, the enemy sees you both equally the same. It's all about Line of sight. The last level of the game, I didn't even take out a single guard until I got to the final guy who I choked out.

I was never engaged to my character. You are given your equipment that you can upgrade and a set of abilities. Other than Blink which you get right of the bat, they are just filler. You don't need them if you stealth through the game. They are mostly for people who are going to go in gun blazing. Don't get me wrong some of the abilities are fun to tinker with but never made me feel like I was creating my character. Perhaps this is because you rarely ever speak.

The environment is developed through picking up books and sitting listening to conversations between guards/townspeople/thugs. It really never does a good job of immersing you into anything. I was completely detached from the setting. Several zones looked the same, in fact they might have been the same, I couldn't tell. Each mission is instanced with a sort of open world feel to them. But I always felt closed off. You can wander around to find things in the particularly part of the city or find an alternative route to your goal. The area you are instanced in is very small and you can't just randomly walk off in a direction hoping to find part of the city you already been to or explore some part you haven't. In order to get to new locations, you have to progress the main story.
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