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The Mix-Up
The Mix-Up
Price: $4.99
85 used & new from $1.37

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Funk/Dub/Jam/Instrumentalists, July 6, 2007
This review is from: The Mix-Up (Audio CD)
I dont know what album the 1 and 2 star reviewers are listening to! This is amazingly great funk by the Beasties. I must say I AM the man this albumn was recorded for. My favorite album of theirs hands down is Check Your Head, with all the instrumentals (pow!, in 3s) and awesome early 90's grunge/rap like So whatcha Want?... I loved Ill Communication, I loved Hello Nasty and was totally disappointed by To The 5 Boroughs. I'm just not much of a rap guy i guess.

So when I heard Adrock, MCA and Mike D were getting behind some instruments, I nearly greased my shorts. Deep, deep bass, funked-out wah guitars, Mike D.'s rhythm machine, and some INCREDIBLE synth and percussion... not a lyric, and not a looped sample in the mix, and this may be their opus! This music is music that will set the world right. Nothing can possibly shake you, not with rhythm this insistent or funk this stinky. This is some BROWN music by the beastie boys, and it's the kind of record i thought they had forgotten how to make after hello nasty's trip into electronica. Honestly it reminds me more of The Meters e.g.Struttin' mixed with Salaryman e.g.The Electric Forest than any of their earlier works.

I guess if you were expecting some hip-hop you will be disappointed, but, come on, the beasties started as a punk band, morphed into djs, then became funk instrumentalists, and then techno musicians and back to DJs... it was time for their homage to their influences... and these guys are at the top of their games. They know how to make the funk come. If you can honestly put this in your ipod, walk downtown in your city and NOT just strut around, i fear for your soul.
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81 used & new from $0.68

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Overhead an albatross hangs motionless up in the air", May 12, 2000
This review is from: Meddle (Audio CD)
Meddle is my favorite Floyd album. It's not their best (that would be Dark Side of the Moon). It's not as popular as the Wall. It doesn't even have my favorite Floyd song ("Mother Matilda", or "Careful with That Axe Eugene" if you don't like syd.) or my favorite Floydian Guitarist (Syd Barrett). But I think it's my favorite album for one simple reason: It has elements of every Floyd era, every style, and every kind of music they ever made. Simply put, Meddle is the disc I listen to when I know I want Floyd, but aren't sure which one.
Side one (tracks 1-5 for the layman) is great. "One of these days" is an amazing tune. The double bass guitars and the scary Nick Mason vocal scared the pee out of me, and the whole song seems to pulsate with rhythm. "A Pillow of Winds" is mellow, almost to the point of being narcotic. I can remember listening to this song after a night of clubbing, and I was instantly asleep and happy. "Fearless" is beautiful. That opening riff gets me dizzy, the vocals are heavenly, and the interpolated Rogers and Hammerstein song is creepy in the best way. It was my favorite Floyd song for a while, and I get a grin whenever I hear it. "San Tropez" is a superb song, despite the fact that it sounds very un Floydian to those unfamiliar with the bands roots. Remeber, these guys were orignally led by Syd Barrett. If you like syd, you'll like this song. "Seamus" sucks. Ok, it still rocks, but it is probably the worst Floyd song recorded in the 70s. I prefer "Madamoiselle Nobs"from Live at Pompeii, which is in the same vein.
Side two (also known as Echoes) is greater still. When I first got this album I was into the shorter Floyd songs from Dark Side, and also the Beatles' stuff, so to me, a 23 minute song, and one that took 4 minutes to get to the vocals, was just not gonna be tolerated. Of course, now, it plays on repeat in my head all the time. "Echoes" is great. As I understand it, the band recorded each of their parts for the song in separate rooms, but I'll be damned if their jams on this album flow better than any other studio disc. Mason's drum breaks are great, Rick Wright's keyboards open the side and are eerie through the whole song, Roger Waters' bass provides a solid backing, and of course, David Gilmour's vocal and guitar are, as always, floaty. My only problem with Echoes now is that, since I saw Pompeii, it seems short!
I can't conclude this review without mentioning my favorite way to experience Floyd. Get some friends, get your relaxing agent of choice, and put Disney's Fantasia in the VCR on mute. Then, right as the blue screen before the Disney castle appears, hit play on your CD player. This trick works better than Dark Side/Wizard of OZ. For the full effect, put the CD on repeat, and watch the whole movie. For some unknown reason, the music and movie will be synchronized the whole way, and right as echoes starts for the third time, the movie ends. I don't know if the band did this on purpose, but it works. Totally trippy.
In short: BUY THIS CD!

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
52 used & new from $1.92

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5.0 out of 5 stars 11 hits of some Syd...., May 12, 2000
"Piper at the Gates of Dawn" is a great album. It's not their best. (Dark Side of the Moon is.) It's not my favorite. (That would be Meddle, duh.) In fact, as an album, it is not all that cohesive. This is not an epic work of art in the vein of their later works, but instead contains 10 songs, each about 3-4 minutes long, that are Syd Barret's greatest works ever. One of these is my favorite PF song ever. And as an extra special added super bonus, you get to hear Roger Waters' first song. This albumn's lyrics are evocative of the great English psychedelicist of the 1800's... Lewis Carrol. Then it was opium, for Piper, it's acid (or ASyd, if you will) but the effect is similar.
Let me go track by track, since you need not listen to all of "piper" at once.
Astronomy Domine: This is the first Syd song I ever heard, at a Floyd cover band's show. I was floored then, and I still am. Great rock song that manages to intoxicate you when you hear it.
Lucifer Sam: Floyd does pop. Sorta reminds me of the Who, or the Beatles. You will be singing "Lucifer sam, siam cat/Always sitting by your side/always, by your side." over and over and over...
Mother Matilda: This song is my favorite Floyd tune ever. I get dizzy during the first 2 minutes, and then at exactly 2:01, my brain goes through some sort of orgasm. This is everything great about Syd-led Floyd.
Flaming: Not my favorite song on the album, but it still rocks. Has a great line, very descriptive of the band: "Hey ho, here we go, ever so high" I would have no idea what they meant, of course.
Pow R Toc H: I love this song. Sort of a prototypical "Careful with that Axe" this instrumental has weird noises, a great groove, and it's only 3 minutes long!
Take up thy stethoscope and walk: Roger Waters first song on LP... I like the last two minutes. Alot. The first minute is experimental, and it did not age like the other 44 minutes of this record.
Interstellar Overdrive: I can't say anything too novel about this song. It is Syd's masterpiece. It's 10 minutes long. I suspect the sober crowd hates Syd, so they bash this song. Ignore them. This track makes me happy.
The Gnome: I suspect this is why Waters worshipers hate piper. The song's about a gnome. It's silly. It's poppy. And yet, it is Floyd. My next pet is gonna be named Grimble Gromble, so obviously, I like it.
Chapter 24: I'm told this refers to the I Ching. Huh. This is your typical hippy "rubbish", with ramblings about the circularity of existence. Being a hippy, I like this song.
Scarecrow: Again, I think side two of Piper is the Anti-Wall. I love Waters, but these songs touch me. I get a smile on my face, my feet start moving, and I get that weird numb spine feeling.
Bike: Syd's lyrics are stupid. We know. I like Primus, too, so I don't need every song to be a monumental epic about the evils of society. Still, this comes of (to me) as being very communistic (as in hippy communes), and the tune is catchy. Phish covers this alla time.
Again, this is not the Floyd of the 70's. Floyd's early stuff is reminiscent of other music from the same era. Remember, this album was recorded at the same time as Sgt. Pepper, and even in the same studio. Both bands swapped ideas, and these two records are among the greatest ever made. Don't get me wrong, I love Gilmour and Waters, but Barrett is a genius on par with them, for different reasons.

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