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Sacrifice: The Prince Charming Murders
Sacrifice: The Prince Charming Murders
Price: $3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lima, Peru is the Real Star of this Exciting Thriller!, August 1, 2015
This is a fast paced thriller that takes the form of an archetypal detective novel. A mysterious serial killer is on the loose and it's up to a plucky reporter named Lourdes and a burned out detective named Rodriguez to crack the case. There is even a indigent stooge named Simple that reminded me of Silas from Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.

The comparison to Brown is apt because co-authors Dodig and Pitman take advantage of concise chapters to drive the plot. However, they don't rely on the constant cliff-hangers that Brown utilizes to entice...and sometimes annoy...readers.

A mystical element is set up by a prologue. It's fashionable these days to be critical of the use of a prologue, but I happen to appreciate them. They establish a kernel of information that hovers over the developing narrative suggesting wider possibilities and increasing the tension. When the elements introduced by the prologue become relevant to the unfolding story: watch out.

This is a very clean manuscript with a polished writing style that will keep the reader thoroughly entertained. The thing that really sets this book apart, however, is the truthfulness with which is portrays Lima, Peru. I liked how the drama of the murders was set against a very authentic representation of modern Lima. Travel books might tell you were to go and eat in Lima, Peru, but this book lets you listen to the city's heart beat for a while. Nice achievement.

Doves Fly In My Heart: My Love Affair With Peru
Doves Fly In My Heart: My Love Affair With Peru
by Lisa McClendon Sims
Edition: Paperback
Price: $18.68
11 used & new from $14.38

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5.0 out of 5 stars Put a Shine On Your Perspective, July 9, 2015
Having spent 10 years in Peru myself, I am familiar with the places and the kind of stories that populate "Doves Fly in My Heart." This is a nice story about a woman looking to confront the emotional trails that are an integral part of life, and who seeks solace in travel. There is an essentially female perspective to this story which was interesting to read in light of my own experiences in Peru.

I've never been the type of person who believes the universe is "telling me what to do" through abstract messages, but I have often embraced an impulse to do something my intellect told me was inherently silly. Perhaps that is the male equivalent of this kind of spiritual fixation.

It is certainly true that there is a lot more living to do in Peru and a lot less distraction. When I first moved there in 2001 I was fascinated by how I was able to cut back my expenses. In the US you get in the habit of paying bills simply because they arrive in the mail, and then you're stuck working 80 hours a week because the bills keep coming. What's lost in the equation is that you can escape this rat race without consequence (or at least negative consequence). But people don't believe you when you tell them that. They've all been trained to think they must punish themselves in order to avoid some mysterious, terrifying, "other" punishment that is imminent from a nameless, faceless source.

Early in the book, McClendon goes through a rebirthing ceremony which was a good start to this book. Whenever you sell everything you own and move somewhere else, you have to leave the past behind (at least for a while). For some people, that's the draw. It's important to take action if things aren't going well in your life...or heck, even if things are going "OK" but you feel something is missing. But you shouldn't feel as if you're abandoning the past completely. What happens is that you leave it for a couple years, and then slowly you start to revisit old memories and discover there were a lot more wonderful things going on than you remember. I think the best part of travel is not just discovering something new, but discovering something newly beautiful about your past.

Doctors in Hell (Heroes in Hell)
Doctors in Hell (Heroes in Hell)
Price: $7.92

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5.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining and Highly Reflective, an All-Around Success!, June 25, 2015
In this, the latest in the long running "Hell" series from Janet Morris, you are treated to a variety of wonderful tales of torment featuring some of history's most nefarious characters. However, this novel isn't just a gore fest (although of that there is plenty), but a meditation on torment and the human condition. All of the contributing authors take the time to provide nuggets of wisdom as well as social commentary in their efforts. It's also entertaining how this series of stories created by separate individuals also seems to have a arcing theme which provides a serendipitous level of meaning to the whole collection. This is a book that you'll be reading again and again.

The Wager by Janet and Chris Morris--This is a delightfully scathing criticism of modern warfare written in a Homeric style that only underscores the lack of honor and softness of the modern battle monger. The image of privileged, arrogant souls willfully driving themselves to ruin as a result of their own hubris and blindness is almost as heartbreaking as it is mildly amusing. The tone of this story is especially artful as it could have drifted easily into satire and become a mockery of the very point it was trying to make. Too heavy handed and the audience would drift away, but too light and the message is lost. Janet and Chris Morris do a wonderful job of navigating these opposing forces and the result is entertainment that packs a thoughtful punch.

The Cure by Chris Morris is so wide sweeping and boldly lyrical that it must be read aloud to be truly appreciated. I enjoyed the images of the struggling poets Milton, Shakespeare and Marlowe as they wrestled with the prospect of oblivion, all under the ominous, ever present shadow of Satan spreading his demonic wings. Satan offers nothing more than the illusion of salvation, delighting as the hungry souls lurch for the false reward even while fundamentally understanding they're doomed to suffer another trick. Satan is again set at a perfect note in this tale, declarative of how the human weakness will manifest, confident and secure, yet mysterious, at least, until the whole tale is completed.

Grim by Andrew P. Weston--With a story like Grim it's easy to see why Andrew P. Weston is one of the fastest rising authors in the Perseid stable. A first person account of an errand of the grim reaper himself, Grim is a fast paced noir effort that reminded me of the Clyde section in "Sin City." Weston does an excellent job maintaining the forward action while filling in the back story. This is a very satisfying tale that leaves you wanting more.

The Right Man for the Job by Deborah Koren is a story about the continuing adventures of Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp in Hell. A new plague in hell sets the stage for a thoughtful meditation on the concept of torment. In this case, that torment is felt by a doctor who kills everyone he attempts to cure. The Bat Masterson/Wyatt Earp tale felt like a continuation from the story within the last Hell volume, and it's nice to see these chapters line up as a kind of book within a series.

In Memory by Nancy Asire a host of rodents has brought plague to Hellview estates, home of Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington, Atilla the Hun, and others. When plague threatens to take the life of Napoleons consort Marie, only the unexpected arrival of field medic Dominique-Jean Larrey can provide a spark of hope.

What Price Oblivion? by R. E. Hinkle begins with a brutal murder and continues to escalate in pace and tension. When Charles Baggs suffers a fleeting moment of pity, he can expect to be dealt with harshly in Hell. There is quite a bit of nuance in this well-crafted tale that ends on a cruel punishment that comes in the form of an unexpected regeneration by the infamous Undertaker.

In the Shadowlands by Dr. Richard Groller. This is a complex tale that finds Zeno and Edison working on a time-perterbation detection network to probe the nature of infinity in Hell. Houdini also makes an appearance, even taking the time to perform a bit of slight of hand with the ferryman of Charon himself.

Let Us Kill the Spirit of Gravity by Matthew Kirshenblatt. Nietsche works up enough courage to go and visit Lilith for some carnal reprieve, but gets more than he bargains for when he utters a name that penetrates to a soft spot on the queen of the demonesses. Before the story is over, a hydra will be called upon and Nietsche will be tamed.

Pavlovian Slip by Bill Snider. Pavlov and Freud have a series of dialogues while intermittently pausing to watch Pavlov's trained house zombie devour unwanted guests. This tale is especially satisfying, and Pavlov is gifted a great closing line.

Hell on a Technicality by Joe Bonadonna shows Victor Frankenstein's brain residing in the body of the monster he created. Likewise the brain of the monster, Adam, resides in Victor's human body. As Frankenstein lances boils on the face of Chicago gangster Johnny Fortune, the two damned souls muse on whether or not the man-made monster, Adam, is in hell by mistake. Other historical figures get involved in the question such as Quasimodo and Aristotle who debate whether the soul resides in the head or the heart.

Convalescence by Michael H. Hanson features Calamity Jane in a retirement home populated by damned souls that tormented the elderly. Plague abounds, and catches up with Jane in the end.

Hell Noon by Paul Freeman features Doc Holiday and once again Calamity Jane. They are stuck in a gambler's hell at a table that also features Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Doc is cursed by the fact that he always wins, which steals the danger of gambling and the joy of victory. However, in Doc's final gambit of the tale, the odds come crashing down.

The Judas Book by Jack William Finley features Frank Nitti and Elliot Ness. The two of them go to visit Dr. Walter Freeman, a lobotomist with spikes protruding from his eyes. Freeman has a plan for escaping Hell based on the belief that damned souls only endure torment because they themselves believe they deserve it. The escape plan, however, turns out to be the greatest of deceptions, with Judas himself as an overseer.

Writer's Block by Janet and Chris Morris features Shakespeare and Marlowe sharing a moment of clarity in the eternal battle against Satan. Shakespeare's power is such that he is afforded a certain relative comfort in damnation, and this story ends on a hopeful note that is a fitting finale to this collection.

Also included is an excerpt from Andrew P. Weston's upcoming novel.

Doctor's in Hell is a tremendous collection of tales that will horrify, delight, and make you pause and reflect. You might even discover some writers whose other works you will wish to explore. Highly recommended.

AboveTEK® Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Gooseneck Arm Smartphone and Tablet Desktop Bolt Clamp Mount Set - With 3 Swivel Device Holders To Support Devices From 3.5 inch To 10 inch Mobile Phones and Tablet Computers - Anti-Slip Clamps And Holders And Rust-Resistant Steel Alloy Material
AboveTEK® Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Gooseneck Arm Smartphone and Tablet Desktop Bolt Clamp Mount Set - With 3 Swivel Device Holders To Support Devices From 3.5 inch To 10 inch Mobile Phones and Tablet Computers - Anti-Slip Clamps And Holders And Rust-Resistant Steel Alloy Material
Offered by AboveTEK
Price: $29.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Functional and Elegant, June 7, 2015
This is an easy to operate stand that you can have operational minutes after pulling it out of the box. Everything is quite intuitive. Your devices are held into the clips via springs, and the clamp is fixed to the table through a screw locking system (note: you don't screw anything into your desk, the stand itself screws tight). I have already placed this on several surfaces and the stand doesn't leave any scratches or other markings.

The head of the stand is adjustable so you can swing your mobile or tablet around to various angles. The head is a bit stiff, but this is necessary so that the stand doesn't move once it has been put into position. Frankly, I like this because once you get into the habit of placing your phone in the stand, you never lose it.

Syllable Portable D50 Bluetooth V3.0 Car Wireless Cordless HD Voice Handsfree Mono Headset Headphone Earphone with Micphone for Driver iPhone Samsung HTC LG Blackberry & More Smartphones (White)
Syllable Portable D50 Bluetooth V3.0 Car Wireless Cordless HD Voice Handsfree Mono Headset Headphone Earphone with Micphone for Driver iPhone Samsung HTC LG Blackberry & More Smartphones (White)
Offered by TGOGO
Price: $15.99
2 used & new from $9.49

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for Active people, June 7, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This works great. I had it hooked up to my phone within minutes of pulling it out of the package (and I can be a little slow on stuff like this). To sync up, you wait for a blue and red flashing light. Some of the off/on/reboot commands might seem a little strange since they're all variations of holding the power button down for lengths of time, but you'll figure it out quick. It was obviously designed this way to help achieve a sleek design.

The earpiece goes into place with ease, and once it's there you hardly notice it. To answer calls, you just push the portion of the earpiece below the power symbol. Calls came through loud and clear, and I asked callers if they could hear me and had no complaints.

It's a nice product, economical, and totally functional. Would make a great gift.

TGOGO Ergonomic 2.4G Wireless Optical Professional Adjustable DPI Gaming Game Mouse Mice with 6 Buttons for PC Pro Gamer (102-White)
TGOGO Ergonomic 2.4G Wireless Optical Professional Adjustable DPI Gaming Game Mouse Mice with 6 Buttons for PC Pro Gamer (102-White)
Offered by TGOGO
Price: $15.59

5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific Product, June 7, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Great item. This is a wireless mouse that connects to the computer via a tiny USB chip sensor. I've seen other sensors that extend two inches out from the computer which kind of clutter up the workspace. This sensor extends from the computer less than a quarter inch. Once it's plugged in, you hardly notice it.

The mouse itself works great, there are buttons and dials everywhere so you have a lot of options for mouse movement and control. It's instantly intuitive and feels comfortable in your hand.

There is even the option of turning on some yellow "running lights" on the mouse, although those will increase the strain on battery power. All in all, a terrific mouse.

Philips AE1500 Pocket Size Portable Radio
Philips AE1500 Pocket Size Portable Radio
Offered by The Retail Kings
Price: $16.99
7 used & new from $13.19

5.0 out of 5 stars Saves me Money, June 6, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I got this for use at one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in the state of Wisconsin. I hook it up to a larger speaker that I connect to my cell phone with bluetooth. The radio works great, and this helps save money since I'm not using my data plan on my phone to access a radio station through an app.

The speaker on this radio is fairly effective for use in a very small room, but it works better if you hook it up to a larger speaker through the audio jack.

Yoga[Addict]™ Yoga Full Toe Socks (in 10 Colors), 2 Pairs Value Pack Set
Yoga[Addict]™ Yoga Full Toe Socks (in 10 Colors), 2 Pairs Value Pack Set
Offered by YogaAddict
Price: $28.90

5.0 out of 5 stars For More Efficient Planking, June 3, 2015
My yoga is very entry level, mainly consisting of holding a plank daily for 2 to 3 minutes, but I was excited to try out these socks. They are a good "around the house" sock with the knobs on the bottom of the foot and the toes (good for chasing your kids in circles around the kitchen table on the linoleum floor).

For the actual planking, these socks are superior to shoes. I felt a lot more stable than I do when balancing with my feet in a shoe...even a tightly laced shoe. The socks could probably use some knobs on the sides for when you are doing a side plank, but they are effective in their current design.

I received two pairs of socks with my order. The image suggests as much, but I couldn't see that specifically stated in the item description.

My feet are 10.5 and although the package states they fit up to 11, I'd be hesitant to try these socks with larger feet. The toe finger for the big toe was a little on the tight side (although, who knows, maybe I have knobby feet). Still, I'm assuming these will stretch over time. They take a little while to get on, but are comfortable. Good product.

Sesame Street  Classics Vol. 2
Sesame Street Classics Vol. 2
Price: $17.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Much Better than the New Episodes, June 2, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I discovered these old versions of Sesame Street on Amazon prime and I've been having a blast with them. I just threw them on and left them for the kids to watch, but every now and then when I'd swing in to check on them, I'd see clips from episodes of Sesame Street I remembered from my youth.

Honestly, what happened to Sesame street over the years? In the first seasons it was funny and edgy and occasionally a little bit "inappropriate" (although it's only inappropriate if you're one of those psychopaths who finds problems in everything--those people tend to be the ones doing the worst things in their private lives in my who cares what they think?).

Mainly what you're going to enjoy about these is the complete non participation of Elmo. The early Bert and Ernie sketches are especially funny. Give it a look for some family friendly entertainment and nostalgia.

Viva Labs - The FINEST Organic Quinoa, 100% Royal Bolivian Whole Grain, 1 LB Bag
Viva Labs - The FINEST Organic Quinoa, 100% Royal Bolivian Whole Grain, 1 LB Bag
Offered by Premium Vitamins
Price: $21.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for a Healthy Diet, June 1, 2015
I first started eating a lot of Quinoa when I lived in Lima, Peru. There was a restaurant in Miraflores that served a Quinoa covered shrimp dish that was absolutely fantastic.

Quinoa is a wonderful food choice. It's basically got everything you need for a healthy diet. Also, it doesn't have an overwhelming taste, so it's quite easy to mix in with other foods and boost up their health value. My wife makes a Quinoa/Oatmeal mix that she drank in the morning all throughout pregnancy (it's got enough nourishment in it to get you through the morning without hunger pains...even when pregnant).

The Viva labs Quinoa is as good as any I've tried. Give it a go, this is a great product and a great staple to add to a healthy diet.

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