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White Rabbit
White Rabbit
Price: $14.63
43 used & new from $5.24

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2.0 out of 5 stars Limping out of the starting gate with their followup..., June 2, 2011
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This review is from: White Rabbit (Audio CD)
Being a fan of Egypt Central for a few years, I've heard the first album so many times I can't even count how many hours I've wasted listening to it. It was great, the lyrics and sound were just different to pretty much everything else I've heard.

So when I heard in October that Egypt Central was going back into the studio to record a followup album, to say I was excited is an understatement. I was doing a happy dance when two of my favorite bands [EC & Adelita's Way] were releasing albums within a week of each other.

Having pre-ordered White Rabbit and waited impatiently for it to arrive all of Tuesday, when I received the album and threw it on.. I was.. underwhelmed.

I understand bands change, and they need to. When I placed my order for White Rabbit I was NOT expecting or even wanting Egypt Central 1.5, as long as they did what they loved I thought I'd enjoy it enough. I can say the same about My Chemical Romance, I love Danger Days as well as their old work.

Ghost Town starts off decently enough, but dovetails within a minute into generic rock. All I can remember from this forgettable song was that the start was alright.

White Rabbit is a standout track of only three on the entire album, but after repeated plays it really doesn't hold up and gets old, and the Elmer Fudd voice he uses near the end irritates me to no end. [Won't get what I waaannntt... what I deserveeeee...]

Goodnight just feels like a filler track. It is one of the many songs on this album I couldn't tell you anything about. Nothing makes it stand apart from anything else.

Kick Ass is one of those potential standout tracks, but it never really gets going and the heart-pumping anthem it wants to be falls flat. It's pretty much their fight song. Doesn't every band have one of those? [Sick Puppies - You're Going Down, Adelita's Way - Invincible, Mindless Self Indulgence - Lights Out, Rev Theory - Justice, Stroke 9 - Kick Some... you get the point.] It just never got going and fell to the side.

Change is yet another song I couldn't tell you anything about. I listened to this album twice, against my better judgement. The second time through was a complete chore, but I tried to be fair to see if this would grow on me. Change didn't. I honestly can't tell you a single thing about it.

The Drug (Part 1) was the most surprising thing about this album. It's the track that finally gives the album the kick in the pants it needs to get moving. Which might be because it's the only song that really feels inspired- the band members themselves have stated this song is about their drug addiction and definitely seems to be a topic they had strong opinions on. Enough to make what is really the only good song on the album.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and on White Rabbit that's clear. We get back to the forgettable, generic music directly after this all the way to the end. Do you guys really want me to just keep listing each song and saying "Forgettable, generic." over and over?

The final song, Backfire, is the mandatory slow song that every rock album has. Egypt Central had it on their last one, and you can probably point out plenty of these.

The song is.... okay. It's that other "standout" track, and even then it just barely is. I can only recall the chorus.

When I say the song is forgettable, I'm not just rating a song on if I can remember it after I finish listening, although that is pretty important. I rate it on whether or not I would want to ever listen to the song again, or if the lyrics are any good, or if the instruments blend. And no. I wouldn't. All but three songs on here feel like filler tracks in every way, shape and form that they just had to throw them on to the disc in order to get a decent amount of songs.

It feels like they're playing it safe and just playing tame, friendly rock songs. I wouldn't say they're going "mainstream", that's stupid. They definitely didn't give it their all with this one, though, and that's clear. Uninspired songs and an overall forgettable album is what White Rabbit ends up being, and I couldn't be more shocked and saddened about that. Egypt Central had a sophomore slump.

You'd be better off playing their first album repeatedly for the next few years until their next release. Let's see if they can get it right with the third album.

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3.0 out of 5 stars You get what you pay for., April 16, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Let me start off by saying, I saw the low reviews after I purchased the item. I was worried it was going to suck, as these lower rated ones didnt start pouring in until after it was already coming in the mail.

After receiving the screen protectors, I tried them out. The cloth for cleaning the screen is very nice, which is a little plus considering the cheap price of the protectors.

The bubbles are a genuine problem, just like all the reviews state. They are annoying and as far as I'm aware, there's no way to completely get rid of all of them. I managed to clear them off the screen, but there are small ones hovering all around the bottom and a few at the top. To be fair, some of the bubbles seem to fix themselves after a time, but this shouldn't be such a big problem in the first place.

There really isn't much more to say about the screen protectors. I'm leaving mine on as I would hate to see even a nick on my iPod Touch, and the bubbles are worth the price if it does keep the screen safe- which it seems to do well.

One final thing I would like to point out, I don't see the "oil spill" or "rainbow effect" everyone else does when my iPod is on or off. It looks normal. I would assume the other reviewers received bad screen protectors, which makes me even more hesitant to recommend this to anybody.

Overall, the screen protector is a rather cheap item that seems to work fine- but you have to put in a fair amount of work to get the bubbles off the screen. I doubt there is a way to get them out entirely. And if you have to re-apply the protector, be aware you will probably attract dust or other pieces of junk floating in the air, none of which will be visible until you re-apply it to the screen.

For two dollars, you get three protectors and three decent cleaning cloths included. If you REALLY want to find a low priced protector, this might be the "best" choice. Just keep in mind you'll have to work at clearing the bubbles to get a decent view on the screen, and that you may possibly end up with a bad set of screen protectors.
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