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Rune Factory 4 - Nintendo 3DS
Rune Factory 4 - Nintendo 3DS
Price: $39.89
27 used & new from $29.92

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Harvest Moon with RPG Elements, October 8, 2013
If you played Runefactory before then you'll find this game similar to the previous. For others who hasn't it's a mixed of Harvest Moon + RPG elements. You start off as an amnesiac protagonist who falls from the sky and land in a kingdom ruled by a Dragon god. There you become royalty and live in a luxurious palace where you rule over your people. And here's where it all begins.

Just because you're royalty doesn't mean you can just sit back on your throne and let your minions do your bidding. Nope. You have to actually farm and grow crops to raise money, listen to your subjects requests and complete them, expand the town, explore the forests and dungeon, and go on epic adventures all while trying to find your lost memories.

So here's my review.

- The game is really fun. This time it lets you pick your own sex so you're no longer stuck playing just as a boy or a girl (though questionably they look pretty much identical more on this later).
- It's fast paced in terms of action time. Your hero is like hyped up on steroids, doing everything extremely fast. You can pretty much water half your farmland within an hour since each action barely takes over a second. Time in this game passes as 1 second = 1 minute game time. This allows you to complete your chores fast so you have more time exploring towns, building relationship, and doing other things besides spending all day on the farm.
- Time saver. You can stack the same items (up to 9) in one stack. This saves you time so if you run across a field of 7 herbs instead of harvesting one and putting it in your backpack one at a time, you can stack them all up then put them all in at the same time.
- Multiple spouses to choose from. There's also a map that shows exactly where everyone in town is so no longer do you have to run frantically at random trying to find the person you want to increase your relationship with.
- Dungeons to explore. There's a lot of exploration in this game with lots of different types of monsters. There's even bosses in each dungeon to provide a challenge.
- Lots of choices of weapons and skills. Choose what weapon you like best, whether it be swords or axes or more. Not fond of weapons? You can use magic instead. Different armors and outfits you can wear and lots of accessory to boost up your stats. There's a level up system for both your hero's level and also skills that you can expand like cooking, fishing, ect ect.
- Party system. Don't want to go into a dungeon alone? Ask someone to go with you (perhaps the person you're gunning to marry hint hint).
- Befriending monster. Tired of doing farming chores? Befriend monsters to make them do your work for you. Monsters are also the only way you can get staple items like eggs, milk, wool ect. They can also accompany you to fight. There's a huge range of monsters to choose from.
- Customizable. Almost everything is customizable. From your fridge to your storage box, even your watering well. Don't like where you place them? Pick it up and place them somewhere else. It doesn't even have to be in your room.
- Living the luxury life. You don't start out as just a poor farm boy/girl trying to revive a farm or what not. Nope you start out as a Prince or Princess (albeit you're still poor). You live in a huge palace and have servants and all that glam. But because you're royalty you must listen to your people. Requests are made each day and you should complete them to get points. These point are then use to upgrade many things from your backpack, to acquiring licenses for you to do things like cook, and even to expand the town itself like raising shops levels so they stock better items or creating festivals dates so you can bring in more tourists.

- There's not a lot but there is some tediousness. While rotating tools and weapons is fast it can get tedious. For instance you might be in a dungeon with a sword equip and you run past rocks that you can mine. You must switch out your sword for a hammer to mine them and then re-switch it back to your weapon. This doesn't sound too tedious but this can get a bit annoying and repetitive especially if every other sequence have something that you need to harvest and constantly switching back and fourth from weapon to tools.
- While stacking does save time it can also cause other problems. If you're clicking too fast you can accidentally throw the items you just stacked. This wouldn't be such a big problem if you can find exactly where you toss them but sometimes you can't. The game does have a lost and found system in place so if one of the towns people come across an item you toss and can't find they might bring it back to you.
- This last part is just my own opinion but there is definitely questionable designs in terms of ages for these spouses. I mean common. The girls barely look like they passed elementary school. I know it's the style of the game but when you bring themes in such as marriage and building a family and what not... they could at least make them look a little older. If you're playing as a boy, well your hero's gender might come into question. Personally for me he looks more like a girl than a boy. Heck half the males in the game look like they could be girls. Androgyny wins in this game I suppose.

Overall it is a very fun game if you enjoy the Harvest Moon series but also look from so adventure and action then you'll definitely enjoy this. I would really rate it 5 out of 5 except for the fact my morale conscious comes into question regarding the age of some of these characters... but don't let that stop you from enjoying this game!

Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning - Nintendo 3DS
Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning - Nintendo 3DS
Offered by MOST WANTED
Price: $24.49
40 used & new from $21.79

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great game with some minor cons., March 14, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This harvest moon really brings me back to when I played Harvest Moon 64. It's a pretty great game. If you're a fan of Harvest Moon then it will make a nice addition to your collection. But there are some problems with this game.

- Stay true to the series. You have your basic everything, grow crops, raise livestocks, ect ect. There's some new additions too like silkie chickens and llamas.
- Gives you a goal to work towards. It's not just about restoring your farm and earning lots of cash and expanding it. You also have a goal too and that's restoring the town and it's a goal that you just can't ignore because it's vital to the game.
- Great line of bachelors and bachelorettes to choose from with different personalities.
- Best pro of all is that everything is customizable in this game. (Well almost everything). Your farm is customizable. You can move everything around to your liking. The town is customizable. You can move people's houses and store around for your convenience. You can also decorate it however you like as well.
- Your character is completely customizable. From the gender to the hair to what kind of outfits you want to wear. And this is not just at the beginning of the game when you're designing your character. When you meet specific town restoration goal, shops will appear that lets you change your character from the hairstyle to giving you addition wardrobe.
- There's a lot of townspeople and character and many areas to explore.
- Variety of festivals.

- This could be a big deal breaker for many but the game starts out extremely slow. Literally you are in a town that's populated by three people. So there's really not much to do at all. And this is goes back to why you need to complete your goals to restore the town. As more and more of the town is restore more people will begin to populate it.
- Restoration can be a pain if you're not using a guide or don't know what you're doing. Restoration can be a gruesome painfully slow process if you're not using a helper to let you know ahead of time what you need to collect and how. So if you're not using a guide, then the only way to ensure that you restore the town in a fast manner so that the game actually starts to pick up is to basically become a horder and horde everything you collect. For instance, the notorious weed that everyone hate. You think it's useless but it's actually an item that is needed to build something that is necessary to restore the town. But by the time you figure this out, you have to wait days, maybe even weeks to collect all the weed that you need and thus slowing your process.
- It's not a bad thing to have a goal but when the town takes so long to restore, everything becomes extremely slow and boring. You can go for a whole year with just 6 people living in your town if you're not on track. That's a really boring town!
- Unnecessary cut scene that you CANNOT skip. What were the makers thinking? For instance Neil opens his animal shop 4 days a week at 10 and closes at 6. If you happen to be in town around that time there's this really annoying cutscene that you have to watch EVERY SINGLE TIME and ITS NOT SKIPABLE. It doesn't benefit you in any way at all. Why did they even add it?!
- Everyone in town eats extremely slow. Seriously, it takes them 2 hours to eat a single meal and when you combine breakfast, lunch, and dinner that's 6 hours wasted. WHO SPENDS 6 HOURS A DAY JUST TO EAT?! It's not so much of a problem but when you're trying to raise friendship or love you can't give them any gifts while they are eating. So yeah, you have to time yourself around their eating schedule.
- Time goes by too fast. Time never stops, not when you're indoors, not when your outdoors, not when your in a your barn ect. Each minute is a second in real time. When the game starts picking up you'll have so much to do but not enough time to do it. Just tending to your animals and crops can take a huge chunk out of your day especially when time doesn't stop when your inside your barn or coop. But if you want to do other things, then you have to give up some time not brushing your animals or showing them some love.

Other things to consider
- Unlimited stamina. You can restore your stamina by eating food so if you have a lot of food, you can have unlimited stamina. The downside though is that there's no power berries or power ups that increases your stamina and many things takes up a lot of your stamina. You lose a whole heart by just brushing 5 animals. Yeah.
- No mute on music. You get one music per season but if you dislike the music there's no option to just mute it without having to silence the sound effects as well.
- The mining isn't tedious. Unlike most other harvest moon where you can explore the mines the mine in this game is very simple. You go in and hit three areas and then receive random things each day. That's it. No exploration.

Overall the game is great but because of the slow start and slow process it can get boring really fast. I strongly recommend you use a guide so that you can speed up the restoration a little bit faster to bring in more townspeople to make things more livelier... either that or you're gonna be stuck with just 2 marriage prospect and an unpopulated town for a year+.

NOW solutions Sweet Almond Oil, Moisturizing Oil, 16 ounce
NOW solutions Sweet Almond Oil, Moisturizing Oil, 16 ounce
Offered by iHealthTree Store
Price: Click here to see our price
51 used & new from $7.37

5.0 out of 5 stars Works Wonders!, December 4, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
My hair have never felt smoother! The first time I've applied it to my hair I felt a major difference. Instead of dry and brittle hair, its very soft and smooth! Using it on my skin leaves it feeling incredibly smooth. It also helps with the bags under my eyes as well!

The only thing to note is that if you use it on your hair, it does leave behind a bit of an oily feeling if you touch your hair. But its so smooth and soft how can I argue!

Arc Rise Fantasia - Nintendo Wii
Arc Rise Fantasia - Nintendo Wii
Offered by gamedynasty
Price: $87.45
39 used & new from $29.00

9 of 12 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars If only there wasn't terrible voice acting..., July 29, 2010
- Great graphics.
- Great music/sounds.
- Interesting storyline.
- Creative Battle system.

- Terrible voice acting.

Arc Rise is a great game but has a terrible drawback that could ruin your experience playing it. The game has great graphics, though the camera can get clunky. The music and sound is great. The storyline is interesting though it's slow on the uptake but once it picks up it gets you really engaging. And finally it's the battle system that is interesting.

Battle is turned base. You start with a pool of AP (depending on how many characters are in your party) and you assign all actions at the very start of your turn. Once you end your turn all the actions are carried out. Your max AP and AP regain per turn is dependent on the level and what character you choose. This of course calls for some strategic thinking as different actions you take can lead to powerful spells and combo. While for the most part regular battle hardly requires much thought, boss battles can prove difficult and will require you to strategize. You can't win a boss battle by just randomly selecting actions.

Weapons and magic also play a crucial part in the battle system as well. Each weapon has skills that you can unlock if you use the weapon enough. Once unlock you can customize those skills and put them onto other new weapons. Magic works the same way. Spells depends on what gems you equip and how you upgrade your magic. Planning your weapons and magic before a battle is crucial to winning it, especially for boss battles.

The game also offer side-stuff. You can dress up your characters in different clothing which can unlock some scenes. There's also side quests you can do for the guild with rewards as well.

Sadly, the terrible voice acting can ruin the whole experience for you. The minute I heard the voice acting I just wanted to put down the controller. It seems the populace of Arc Rise all speak monotonously and voided of emotions. I was only able to bare the terrible voice acting for a couple hours. Luckily the game offers a sound options to turn off voice acting so if you can't stand it just go to options and silence all the voices. Personally they should have kept an option for the original Japanese voice acting since everything is subtitled anyways so I didn't see why they went through all the trouble to dubbed the game with such horrible voice acting.

If you can look beyond it's one big flaw, the game can prove to be worthwhile to play.

Final Fantasy XIII: Platinum Hits
Final Fantasy XIII: Platinum Hits
Offered by 4Woods
Price: $21.79
216 used & new from $2.74

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars FF13... Epic... Fail..., March 16, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The upper world, Cocoon, has experience peace under the guidance of the fal'cie. However, a fal'cie from pulse disrupt the peace by turning the chosen of the fal'cie into pulse l'cie. These poses pulse l'cie poses a threat to the Cocoon fal'cie. Caught up in the middle between pulse fal'cie and Cocoon fal'cie lies our heroes...

Does the summary sound confusing? Yes cause the whole damn plot is. I was waiting for Final Fantasy to be something epic... and it is epic alright... epic PHAIL. Pros and Cons

- AMAZING graphics
- Integrated battle system
- Lots (and I mean LOTS) of character development
- Cutscenes are pretty awesome

- Horrible and unoriginal plot
- Awkward dialogue
- The game is super linear
- Lack of everything else except battle

Okay so here's why final fantasy 13 fails in so many aspects. First the developers decided lets just make this a battle focus type of game and really they did make it battle focus. Its one battle, after another, after another, after another, after another... forever. The area to explore is extremely linear. For those that bought the prima guide, well money down the drain cause you don't even need a guide for this. The map is almost fully explored and "hidden" items are so obvious that they might as well just put them out in plain sight. The plot is a pretty much two sides in a war and your in the middle trying to save the world type, laced with cliche. There's no main character of focus but rather all the people in your party are the main focus. The game spends a lot of time developing each character so when you're not in constant battle after another is a long cutscene reflecting about life and death and what not.

The only thing the game excel at is the battle system which is pretty integrated. First healing is automatic after each battle. You will recover full hp. There's no MP anymore, but rather skills and attack are based off of ATP gauges. You start off with 3 and depending on what type of skills you pick it drains each gauge. You also have different roles, up to 6, to set up tactics and each roles give you a different set of skills. Before battle you can organize your roles and set up what type of battle tactics you want then change them immediately during battle via paradigm. While the battle system is pretty interesting is also fails because half the time you don't even need to set up complicated battle tactics to actually win a battle. This system only works well on long boss battles where you actually have to fully use the tactics system. There's also a summon system that consumed TP. TP are recovered a little bit depending on the rank of each battles you get. While summons are cool I suppose, they are pretty much useless because they cost a lot of TP to use and they aren't really needed at all.

Speaking of the battle system, even though you can change your role in the battle, you cannot change how your teammates fight. There's no actually "tactics" where you can set up to tell them what they need to do. Rather its all based on their own knowledge. The AI are fairly decent but sometimes they are just plain stupid because they use skills you don't want them to use. There's also no option to turn off skills you don't want them to use.

On more bad notes about FF13 is how the gameplay is set up. About 80% of the game is set up so that you have absolutely no freedom in who you choose to be in your party or who is the leader. It follows a one way course. More freedom comes 80% later with sidequests but they are more tedious to do than actually enjoyable. It's like the developer thought, this game is too short like this, we need to add some really tedious sidequests so the game play hours will go up!

There's no armor in this game either. You only get weapons and accessories. Synthesis happens when specific type of weapon and accessories passive skills are equipped together resulting in a new skill. Weapons and acessories are upgradable by sacrificing other items to increase their experience. Problem is, these items are hard to find because 1. enemies don't usually drop them 2. even if they do drop them the experience you get from the items isn't much 3. the "rare" drops are really rare and again they don't even give a lot of experience. You also don't earn any experience or gils after battles. Rather you earn useless points (just so you know your score yay?) and CP which are points use to further upgrade your status of your hero. And because gils aren't drop money is hard to come by which makes things more frustrating. OoO I want that weapon. What!? It cost 10,000k!? I only have 5000 gil even though I been playing the damn game and encounter so many freaking battle for over 10 hours already!

Basically FF13 thought maybe if the graphics and cutscenes are so awesome, it'll make up for the lack of everything else.

The equation for FF13 = 90% constant battle + 5% plot + 5% cutscenes.
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Rune Factory: Frontier - Nintendo Wii
Rune Factory: Frontier - Nintendo Wii
20 used & new from $22.95

64 of 71 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars When Harvest Moon meets Final Fantasy, March 21, 2009
Ever wondered what would happen if you combined Harvest Moon series with Final Fantasy? Well you'll get something like this: Rune Factory: Frontier. While fans of Harvest Moon series will find this game very, (I stress the very), similar to it don't be afraid to buy it thinking it's a bad rip off. Trust me it's not.

While the gameplay is basically the same as Harvest Moon: raise crops, interact with the villagers to build friendship, and of course woo your mate and get married, there's a couple unique aspects in this game that Harvest Moon does not have. The Final Fantasy aspect. There are dungeons to explore in the world of Rune Factory and these dungeons have... MONSTERS! But don't be afraid. You have your weapons... and if you can't afford them yet, you can use your farming tool (isn't this great!? Now you can vent your anger on these poor creatures!). There are also boss battles as well so if you get bored of whacking gnomes and wild squirrels, just go deeper into the dungeon.

You can customize your character's armor, use magic, forge weapons, tools, and accessory, cook, fish, and level up your character and skills. What's even better is you can become friends with those monsters and eventually they will live in your barn and help you do your farming chores. There are so many secrets and things to do in Rune Factory, as well as progress the plot (yes there is actually a plot in this game besides making a family), that'll leave you with hours of fun.

So in summary:

+ Unique game play (many interesting aspects
+ Good Graphics
+ Music is good
+ There's actually VOICE ACTING (something Harvest Moon did not have!... but whether it's actually good...)
+ A wide range of things to do that'll have you gaming for months!
+ Quick loading time (unlike Havest Moon: Tree of Tranquility)
+ A huge number of potential spouses (12!)

- You can only be one sex (male)
- Some of your potential mates... looks quite young... TOO YOUNG
- Too similar to Harvest Moon in gaming aspects (I would like a little more uniqueness... I mean even the crops are the same!)
- Extremely awkward dialogue at places... (At least I wouldn't find myself saying those things...)
- Your protagonist... looks totally androgynous

So overall it's a great game. It offers a lot more than Harvest Moon has with its dungeon and fighting concept.
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Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility - Nintendo Wii
Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility - Nintendo Wii
Offered by Missouri Wholesalers
Price: $25.49
62 used & new from $13.76

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5!, January 1, 2009
1. Stay loyal to the past Harvest Moon. But mostly resemble closely to Harvest Moon 64 (if you played that you find a lot of similarities).
2. Great Graphics!
3. You actually have a mission to revive the Goddess and not just marry, farm, and make babies. And as you progress through the quest to save the Goddess more areas unlock for you to explore.
4. Your spouse and offspring actually does stuff now. Yup no more freeloading around the house! I want my bento!
5. You can adopt different animals. No longer are you limited to just that dog. Why settle for a dog when you can have a panda or a squirrel or a weasel of even a penguin!
6. Who needs a horse when there's an Ostrich! Yes you can ride one and it lays eggs!
7. New farm animals. You're no longer just stuck with chickens and cows and sheeps and a horse. You can buy horses, goats, ducks, silkworms and more!
8. Tools can level up! Thank goodness cause it takes forever to do your farm chores if your tools don't level up.
9. You can be either a boy or a girl and there are many spouse option to choose from each with distinct and unique personalities.
10. You can cook in here. Buy your cooking utensils and then utilize them to make recipes!
11. Homes can be upgrade and your house can be remodel (including inside stuff). Don't like your bed? Upgrade to a more luxurious one! Why settle for a cheap cabinet when you can get a lovely expensive one!
12. The little elves are so funny and cute~ When you meet them choose the funny options =).
13. Add accessory and outfits to wear. No longer are you stuck with the same old boring clothes (I must question the past harvest moon... if I were to peak into my character closet I probably will see 20 of the same exact outfit...). But no longer will you be plain and boring. You can be fashionable and woo the whole town~ (Your clothes also automatically changes from seasons too making it more realistic.)
14. A convenient stamina meter shows you exactly how much energy you have so now you're never constantly wondering are you at the brink of passing out due to overworking. Eating foods will recover your stamina as well and you can tell exactly how much is recovered!

1. Loading time. O-M-G... seriously... loading time is like every single time you move to a place. Enter a home, exit a home. It just takes so long and so annoying!!!!
2. Glitch in game. If you're playing a girl you can't marry one of your potential mate: Calvin. Don't even try or else your game will just lock up.
3. You don't start with a TV! Or even a calender at that! Most things have to be bought. (This is just my little vent about now having a TV!) But it makes the game more enjoyable in a sense that you're working hard to buy stuff!

My overall view:
This game is fun and enjoyable. It stays loyal and true to all the past harvest moon but also incorporates new ideas so you get a little something old and a little something new. The only thing I found displeasing is the loading time. It like move scene, load, move scene, load. It gets annoying. I would've also like some voice acting. But then again maybe I'm asking too much... Music IMO is good overall (though they really should give you the option of switching music because listening to the same thing over and over again can be quite annoying). Music only switch with season. Even if you haven't played past harvest moon before you'll definitely enjoy this game. Highly recommended!

Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Offered by DealTavern
Price: $24.87
96 used & new from $6.74

14 of 20 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5, January 1, 2009
Lets start with the pros:
1. Good graphics. Improve greatly but still kept the original form from its predecessor so fans of the original Tales will be delighted.
2. New concept. Introduction of befriending monsters! (That's right! The very monster you kill you can now befriend and have them join you and level them up like Pokemon!)
3. Very good voice acting. Usually when you get these japanime (is what I like to call them) based game and you have the dubbed American version, voice acting is terrible. However, this game really hit it on the spot with the voice acting. Awesome job (way better than the predecessor).
4. Interesting plot line. It kept me interested though I have to say these japanime games really need to drop the cliche of memory problems/split personality issues. Really why does every hero has to have a problem with their memory?
5. How you run into monsters actually affects the start of the battle! Yes it does! If you run into them from behind, you start the battle with them being dazed and vice versa.
6. Those mini scenes now have sounds! You can actually hear them speak. And BTW I found many of them hilarious (kept me laughing and entertained).

Now the bad:
1. Not much has change besides the new concept of befriending monsters. Same old hack and slash, building up combos, ect. ect. One thing I dislike about this is the lack of skills they offer. Much less than what the original had.
2. You can only use 2 main people. Yes the game previews are misleading! While old Tales of Symphonia heroes do reappear again and do join your party, you cannot control them. You can only essentially control the two main protagonist of this series. (You can't control the monster that you befriend either).
3. AI is really stupid. Unlike the prequel the sequel setup for AI strategy is really bad in the sense that there is barely anything at all. Most of your option are "Attack Freely", "Block Magic", "Frontiness" and other of the sort. You tactics are really limited to the option that they give you. (So don't expect AI to do all of the work. Oh and I also love how when you're hp is low all the AI starts to heal you instead of just one...).
4. Corniness. O-M-G some parts are really corny. "I realize now your kindness is not really a weakness." "I will always love you forever." ect. ect. If your into that mushy stuff then I guess it won't bother you that much but it bothers me a lot.
5. Marta is extremely annoying sometimes (this is just my personal opinion though).
6. Short. Even with doing sidequests and other things I finished the game in under 25 hours (pretty short for an RPG imo).
7. I wish they had like help journal in the menu because honestly a lot of the concepts were confusing for me so a help option would be really nice idea in the menu.
8. Where are the other Centurions? I mean the prequel actually shows you all the summon spirits but in this game you only get to see two out of 8 centurions...? Did they just get lazy and didn't want to design the other 6?

Neutral stuff that could be good or bad depending on you:
1. As I mentioned, though new concept are introduce most of the battle still hasn't change from the prequel. This means same stuff you've been doing in the last game. Whether this is good or bad depends on you really.
2. While skills were limited in the sense of you can't use between S or T in this version it makes things more simple. (You don't have to be worried about all the skills you'll miss if you choose S instead of T, and likewise). Again, good or bad depends really on you.
3. You no longer have the option of exploring the map. Initially key places appears on the map and you have to select them. You can't walk around the world map like you did in the prequel. This means game time and exploration cuts down dramatically. And also the tediousness of walking around only to find a dead end on a map...
4. Stay loyal to its predecessor. Not much has change. However, you really need to play Tales of Symphonia before playing Dawn of the New World to truly appreciate all the game has to offer (there are more references back to the prequel). But maybe too loyal. I want a little bit of uniqueness too you know?
5. Dungeons are short and easy to solve. Which makes the game easier to play. (Though I haven't tried this on hard mode yet so it may take longer... but that just means stronger monster).

My overall view of this game:
Basically, IMO this game was put together as a fan service for all those who were madly in love with Tales of Symphonia. People who haven't played the original will probably not enjoy this game as much as I can. The plot was stable but I found it... rushed in a sense. The game was cut really short as well. I found myself really disappointed though in the fact that I couldn't control my other heroes (that was a huge bomb shell for me). Though I was mostly impress with the voice acting (definitely hire these voice actors again). So my recommendation is, if you liked the prequel you'll probably like the sequel. If you didn't like it then I suggest not buying it since you'll probably won't like this as well. But hey not bad for a game that only cost 40 instead of the 50 right?
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