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Anthology 1
Anthology 1
Offered by lola's dream
Price: $23.84
255 used & new from $0.01

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3.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing choice of material but Important all the same, January 7, 2002
This review is from: Anthology 1 (Audio CD)
It's a shame that the Beatles didn't put more thought into this, the first volume of the Anthology series. Why? Because this is simply the worst of the bunch and it managed to turn a lot of Beatles' fans off to the entire Anthology output.
That being said, this is not a bad investment for a serious fan of the band. The early material presented on the first disc is hardly essential compared to their released output, but you won't find all of these songs in the same place for this price anywhere else. That is, the Beatles pre "Please Please Me" output had previously been available on scattered, expensive bootlegs.
The second disc, however, is redeeming. There are a treasure trove of live versions of early classics such as 'Twist and Shout.' But the real interest of the disc lies in the alternate versions of songs like 'Eight Days a Week' and 'And I Love Her.' The latter is much faster than the version the Beatles chose to release. In any case, this disc contains most of their early standards through late 1964.
Nevertheless if only one Anthology installment is in your budget, pick the second or the third volume instead as they contain more groundbreaking material. If, however, the Beatles are the apple of your eye (sorry)as they are in my case, you will want to make this investment to help round out your collection.
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Anthology 2
Anthology 2
Offered by lola's dream
Price: $21.64
141 used & new from $3.24

42 of 46 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars At Their Peak, January 3, 2002
This review is from: Anthology 2 (Audio CD)
As many other reviewers have stated, these CDs contain many demos and alternate versions of Beatles' songs. Among all of this material there is also some previously unreleased material which is very good. But this isn't just a matter of raiding the vaults to give Fab Four Junkies a fix; this material is a series of revelations about the band's most fertile period.
The live versions of 1965 material start the first disc off and then it moves to the more inventive songs from "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver." There are several very interesting alternate takes here, but the real excitement is on the second disc. Here one sees the evolution in sound during the making of "Sgt. Pepper," and it becomes very clear that the Beatles could have gone many different directions with their new songs. The "Magical Mystery Tour" material is first rate; unfortunately, many people have forgotten this over the past 30 years.
The absolute highlight of the collection for me is the sparse version of 'Across the Universe' that closes the second disc. It is light years better than the half-baked version that turned up on "Let it Be" three years later. "Anthology 2" shows the Beatles at the height of their powers, and in this it pleases Fab Four Fanatics or general music fans alike.

Anthology 3
Anthology 3
Offered by lola's dream
Price: $23.84
118 used & new from $4.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Dream for Fans of "The Late Beatles", January 3, 2002
This review is from: Anthology 3 (Audio CD)
This CD is an absolute treat for fans of the Beatles. And for all those who particularly adore the material from the tail end of their career, this is a dream come true.
There are countless alternate versions and demos of songs which landed on the "White Album," and there are even a few previously unreleased songs from the sessions as well. Some of the alternate versions are better than the album versions, but in most cases it's just a revelation to hear earlier acoustic versions of songs like 'Piggies,' 'Glass Onion,' and many others.
The second disc begins with material from the "Get Back Sessions," which evolved into the overproduced album "Let it Be." This is where the real treat of this volume of the anthology lies because the early versions presented here are far superior to the polished "Let it Be" versions. 'The Long and Winding Road,' 'Two of Us,' and 'Dig a Pony' are just a few of these stellar treats. The second disc finishes up with material from 'Abbey Road.' Again there are many interesting alternate versions present here as well.
Overall "Anthology 3" really shines. There are a few wonderful George Harrison songs that the Beatles chose not to release. These songs will undoubtedly mean more to fans since his death. There are a few previously unreleased Lennon/Mccartney compositions to speak of as well, but they are nothing to salivate over. Nevertheless, of the three volumes of the anthology this is the most consistent in quality.

Street Spirit (Fade Out) [UK #1]
Street Spirit (Fade Out) [UK #1]
23 used & new from $3.01

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The Best Radiohead Single Ever Issued, January 1, 2002
Most import singles are not worth the price of admission unless one is an avid fan of the band in question. This is the anomaly. The single itself is a great song. And the two b-sides found here are among the best songs Radiohead have recorded...including their albums. 'Talk Show Host' is a staple in their live performances, and it is a classic track. 'Bishop's Robes' is also superb, and the only other place to find it is on a Japanese e.p. that's way too expensive. If you only buy one Radiohead U.K. import CD, make it this one.

Street Spirit (Fade Out) [UK #2]
Street Spirit (Fade Out) [UK #2]
33 used & new from $1.98

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3.0 out of 5 stars Nothing Groundbreaking, January 1, 2002
There are two b-sides here to speak of. 'Banana Co.' can also be found on "Itch," the extremely pricey Japanese import e.p. It's a good song, but not one of Radiohead's most memorable ones. 'Molasses' may be available other places, but not that I am aware of. It also is a good song, but is it worth the price of this single for these two b-sides? That really depends on how much you like Radiohead. 'Street Spirit' is a great song, but you can get it on "The Bends" as well as the other U.K. single for this song which is a lot more interesting. My advice is to buy "The Bends" AND the other single if you're a big fan.
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25 used & new from $7.93

16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars How Big of a Fan are You?, January 1, 2002
This review is from: Itch (Audio CD)
It's hard not to notice the amazing cost of this CD, and so the most important question is whether it's worth the investment. "Itch" consists of songs that are good by normal rock and roll standards. When one looks back at the Radiohead backcatalogue, however, it is pretty clear that these tracks are among the least interesting the band ever recorded. Several of these are live versions of songs which were included on "Pablo Honey." The acoustic version of 'Creep' is probably the only great revelation among these songs which are merely alternate versions.
On the other hand, there are also a few previously unreleased songs here, and this is where the e.p. really has potential. Nevertheless, as good as 'Banana Co.' and 'Faithless, the Wonder Boy' are, they don't really merit [the] investment. This all having been said, the band in question is indeed Radiohead, and any avid fan of the band will probably want to take the leap in order to own these songs.
The bottom line though is that "My Iron Lung" is an e.p. that sells for basically half the price of "Itch," one can find the same exact acoustic version of "Creep" on it as well, and the songs on it are a lot more accomplished than the ones you will find here on this Japanese import e.p.

The Queen is Dead
The Queen is Dead
58 used & new from $2.65

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Light of This Album Should Never Go Out, December 9, 2001
This review is from: The Queen is Dead (Audio CD)
While it is true that the Smiths were primarily a singles band, "The Queeen is Dead" is a rare example of an album almost completetly perfected. When one looks backs the 80s there simply isn't another album as cohesive as this one.
The chemistry between Morrissey and Marr was at its' zenith during the recording of this album. Their songwriting collaborations were the most poignant of their career; songs like 'There is a Light That Never Goes Out,' 'Bigmouth Strikes Again' and 'The Boy with a Thorn in His Side' are among the most well written songs of the entire decade.
This album, however, is not flawless. 'Frankly Mr. Shankly' and 'Some Girls' are not mere drivel, but at the same time they do not live up to the standard achieved by the other eight tracks on the album.
That all being said, this is a brilliant album with some great melodies and very witty lyrics. Above all though, one can't really appreciate the face of modern British music without hearing this album...several times....

Achtung Baby
Achtung Baby
Offered by IMS Distribution
Price: $15.11
566 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars U2's Finest Hour, December 9, 2001
This review is from: Achtung Baby (Audio CD)
This album is U2's supreme achievement. Bono's lyrics are better here than on any other U2 album by far. Songs like 'So Cruel' and 'Love is Blindness' effectively paint pictures that are universal to the human experience: loss, alienation, and heartbreak.
The musicianship here is top-notch as well. One of the things that has always turned me on about the band is the rhythm section with Clayton on bass and Mullen on drums. On no other album is the chemistry between the two finer. 'Acrobat' and 'Light my Way' are two such songs where the rhythm section simply rocks.
In retrospect, "Achtung Baby" is the most experimental and original thing that U2 have done. It's less commercial than "The Joshua Tree" but it had no shortage of hits either. 'One' and 'Even Better Than the Real Thing' are the most accessible tracks on the album, but like all great albums "Achtung Baby" gets better with every listen and the songs function best when listened to together and uninterrupted.

How to Steal the World
How to Steal the World
Offered by cdgiveaways
Price: $11.34
22 used & new from $0.01

3.0 out of 5 stars Inconsistent, December 8, 2001
This review is from: How to Steal the World (Audio CD)
This is a decent album. There are moments of real sophistication, such as 'Glove Compartment' and 'It's Not Fetish.' Jackie Joyce, a.k.a. Helicopter Girl has an interesting voice and it is best appreciated by people who like winsome female vocals.
That being said this album is not as consistent as I'd like it to be. Towards the end of the album the vocals get tiresome, and there aren't enough layers to the music to really make this sort of album one would want to listen to too often.

OK Computer
OK Computer
Price: $4.99
246 used & new from $0.01

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Definitive Masterpiece of Our Time, December 8, 2001
This review is from: OK Computer (Audio CD)
"O.K. Computer" is the definitive masterpiece of the 90s and it may very well be the most influential album to come out since the Beatles made records. No other modern band has influenced so many bands on both sides of the Atlantic, and this album is their bonafide masterpiece.
From the opening track, 'Airbag,' this album probes the depths of man vs. technology. The classic Radiohead guitars are present throughout and notably on 'Paranoid Android,' one of the most brilliant songs ever recorded. The time changes are shattering and the arrangement is exquisite. It would be easy to dissect each songs on the album, but in the interest of time and space it should be said that 'Let Down' is probably the definitive song in expressing the overall theme of the album. The keyboards swirl and the guitars layer the sound. 'Climbing up the Walls' is simply disturbing in depicting absolute paranoia. There are catchier tunes here like 'No Surprises' and 'Karma Police' but they all function withing the concept of the album, a rare feat indeed.
"O.K. Computer" is not a particularly accessible album, but it gets better with every listen. One cannot conceive of the past four years worth of innovative music without hearing this; it is the supreme blueprint for its' time just as "Pet Sounds" and "Revolver" were for the 60s. Absolutely essential for any serious music collection.

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