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Judas Priest: Epitaph (BluRay) [Blu-ray]
Judas Priest: Epitaph (BluRay) [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Judas Priest
Price: $17.84
52 used & new from $7.20

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5.0 out of 5 stars I think this about says it all.."WE ARE HEAVY F**ING METAL!", June 20, 2013
Judas Priest has been part of my musical life since my neighbor and I saw the cover to "Sad Wings of Destiny" in the LP rack way back in 1976. I have been a huge massive fan.. of the Priest ever since. They are one of the most important and legendary bands of all-time. PERIOD.

Now I have been on record here that I was not a fan of the music and tours that followed since Rob Halford returned to the band in 2003. I didn't care for "Angel of Retribution" and really disliked "Nostradamus". I also thought that "Rising in the East" sounded tired and ..well...old. Especially Rob. The show I saw on that same tour was disappointing as his vocals were stranded and harsh. The other thing that I noticed was that when Rob would tour with his band Halford, the live performances were honestly crushing what he was doing with Judas Priest. I never had one issue with the tours over the past several years with that band.

So I was a bit uneasy about this new release. Farewell tour or not I wasn't expecting too much at this stage. Also without K.K...whom I think (along with Brad Whitford) is one of the most under-rated guitar players in metal, I wasn't sure it would have the same classic Priest vibe to it. Oh my goodness was I wrong....and thank God for that! This is a flaming hot, brilliant and powerful set.

So what's the difference from all the other tours? Simple..Rob is singing his lungs out. After shaking my walls with this recording...that is the most enjoyable show I have heard from Priest since the 1990 "Painkiller" tours. It was just one killer song to another and Halford was just off the charts good.

As far as the DVD video and stuff...yes..there are some serious editing issues..(watch Scott Travis during the drum intro to Painkiller)..they clearly took different footage and moved it around a bit. But in the end...I am not too bothered with that aspect. The colors are very strong and the Tom Allom well....PRIEST LIKE! As one would expect from the man who captured and help create the Priest sound all those decades ago.

The stage is awesome, the songs great, and the performances recorded with power and clarity. Not much more you can ask for there!

If this is the last of the band live ..then what a send off! (Honestly I don't want to see them out again and risk messing up what I have just experienced..but that's just me.)

So, if you love Heavy Metal..and love vintage style, old school, in your face power....and most of all...Love Judas Priest, this is a must have item. I have listened to the entire show three days in a row and never once cringe expecting a bad spot to show up as in shows from the past.

Long live the Priest...and as they said.."WE ARE HEAVY F***ING METAL!!!!"

Frequency Unknown
Frequency Unknown
Price: $11.24
60 used & new from $2.25

24 of 32 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Don't confuse the past with the present...I can't forgive the present., April 29, 2013
This review is from: Frequency Unknown (Audio CD)
Sometimes you just feel a certain way about things and you know them to be true and it doesn't matter what goes on around doesn't change that reality. That is where I am with Geoff Tate.

I will start this way. I bought the Queensryche EP the week it was first released on vinyl and have either owned or heard every single recording by Queensryche since. And up until "Promised Land", I was a MASSIVE fan...obsessive in fact. I LOVED and still love those early recordings and Geoff will always be one of my all-time favorite singers...HOWEVER...that was then..this is now.

I can't support anything Mr. Tate does moving forward because I just can't look past his childish, immature and completely unprofessional manner in which he is conducting himself in the wake of being booted out of Queensryche. The album cover alone is so distasteful and rude. His lashing out at fans..(he is now challenging us to show our faces and "rant" on Youtube as to why we hate the new recording. What is that??? Who does stuff like that?? It's grade school nonsense and so beneath what was once an amazing and influential artist.

Tate and his manager rushed this to "beat" Queensryche to the punch and get their title out first..but in doing so..presented a wildly sub par effort, that lacks anything remotely entertaining , melodic or creative. And come sounds horrible! This is nothing more then a manufactured attempt at a new "Super Group"..which we all know..ALWAYS fail..and why..?? Because you can't force feed chemistry..and that is what is solely lacking from this album. It has no soul or heart.

From this point forward...he could release the second coming of "Rage For Order" and I wouldn't touch it...because I am not giving one penny of my money..or one more second of my time to ANYTHING he does.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: May 2, 2013 5:37 PM PDT

Destroyer (Resurrected)
Destroyer (Resurrected)
Price: $8.99

6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Destroyer...still just bigger and heavier!, August 29, 2012
This will be short and sweet:

1) The material kills....duh..right.
2) The remixed versions are more powerful, fuller and sound amazing. My wife...heard 20 seconds and said.."Wow..that sounds amazing..what did you do to it?" Nuff Said.
3) This isn't meant to "replace" the's a supplement to it.
4) The intro to "Flaming Youth" IS a problem that shouldn't have been allowed to that is a bad thing. (Fix it..and it's 5 stars)
5) No bonus material...for $8.00..who cares!!
6) Kiss keeps ripping us off..?? Really..and when was the last time they forced anyone to spend one penny?? Don't want it..Don't buy it..and shut up.
7) Bob Ezrin is a genius..and this a great addition to my KISS collection.

8) See points 1 - 7

Have a great day and KISS RULES!!!
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13 used & new from $22.76

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5.0 out of 5 stars Starz...shines like few have then or today. A powerful classic!, August 6, 2009
This review is from: Starz (Audio CD)
I don't even know where to start with this album. Other then maybe Kiss "Alive" or Deep Purple's "Made In Japan", this IS my favorite hard rock album of all-time. PERIOD. This band is so good, so heavy, so nasty, so sexual and so much darn fun that all these years later, it still sounds as fresh and enjoyable as that fateful day back in 1976 when I picked this up purely because it had the greatest logo ever created. And man did it deliver.

First let me say that this (not Anvil!) is the story of a band that SHOULD have been as big as Kiss, Aerosmith and Ted Nugent. Managed by Bill Aucoin, Kiss's manager and promoted by Rock Steady Management, they came onto the scene with fire and attitude in their blood. Produced by Aerosmith legend Jack Douglas, this band put together a collection of hard rocking, guitar laiden, melody heavy, tunes that are a cross between Kiss's "Destroyer" and Aerosmith's "Rocks". Each song seemed to be better then the last and it doesn't let up until you are blown away.

So..what makes so great? Well, they are great song writers, great players, it is very well produced and yet original at the same time. This is the sound that Kiss WISHES they could have gotten on recordings like "Rock and Roll Over" and "Love Gun". The combination of teen sex driven lust and crushing guitars combine for a perfect combination of explosive and hostile music.

There isn't ONE bad track on this album. Not one. The duo of Richie Ranno and Brenden Harkin are just amazing. The riffs just never let up. Put this on with headphones and just listen to the inner play between the two of them. Amazing! Joe X Dube pounds away on the second largest drum kit of the era. (Only Neil Peart's Hemispheres kit was larger!) Pete Sweavel is very solid and provides an amazing low end punch! Then of course there is Michael Lee Smith. Yes is the brother of Rex Smith..but that is where the comparison end. Michael is Paul Stanley, Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler all mashed together and what comes out is a great thing to hear. His vocals are just edgy enough to cut but melodic enough to really hook you in.

Now I would be remissed if I didn't mention that they had the single greatest inner sleeve of any record I have ever owned. Bar none! And you Starz fans know what I am talking about! WOW that was sooo cool in 1976...heck...ANYTIME.

I am not going to go track by listen for yourself. All I know is that this one record made probably the largest single impact on me as a musician and fan of hard rock as any record I have ever owned. And if you are one of those people who have heard about it and thought...yeah but how great can it be? Find out for yourself! This is a great, great recording and this was an amazing band!

A Touch of Evil
A Touch of Evil
Offered by Big_Box_Bargains
Price: $10.89
28 used & new from $3.99

3 of 7 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Keep some perspective here people! Good but not great., July 26, 2009
This review is from: A Touch of Evil (Audio CD)
In reading existing online reviews, I am often shocked at the lack of perspective when ratings are given out. 5 stars is stellar, classic, one-of-a-kind, must have and so forth. They should be reserved for the best of the best. The Elite!

If you factor in the entire Priest library, they have many 5 star classics. In my opinion they are "Sad Wings of Destiny", "Unleashed in the East", "British Steel", "Screaming for Vengenence" and "Painkiller". Does that mean the other recordings stink. No Way! They just are a step below. "Defenders of the Faith", "Stained Class", "Point of Entry" and others are incredible recordings and I own every one.

In regards to this recording, it is a solid and very good recording. The setlist is unique and is a strong representation of where the band is at this stage in their career. It isn't going to sound like 10 years ago. That is o.k. and once you accept the fact that Rob Halford can't sing like he used to you, you can treat the recording for what it is. Not what you wish it would be. There is a huge difference. But it isn't one of the elite and certainly doesn't merit 5 stars.

I am not going to go track by track. That is incredibly boring. Suffice to say, the recording is heavy, loud, in your face and aggressive. The material from "Nostradamus" is better served in the live environment and they are some of the better performances on the disc. The only thing I would question is why select songs that feature so much of Halford's higher range (Painkiller and Beyond the Realms of Death)as it only shines a brighter light on the fact that he might not be able to sing them as in the past.

So..if you enjoy Judas Priest, get this! If you expect "Unleashed" part II, forget it. If you expect the Halford of 10 years ago, move on. But if you can except that life catches up to ALL of us and that includes our heroes, this is a very entertaining and hard hitting metal recording. Enjoy it.
Comment Comments (10) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 5, 2009 6:56 PM PST

Flight 666 (2CD)
Flight 666 (2CD)
Price: $16.19
33 used & new from $6.68

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The return of metal's biggest band..., June 25, 2009
This review is from: Flight 666 (2CD) (Audio CD)
Having listened to the entire set for the third time, I just can't get enough of this amazing collection of metal classics. First of all, the setlist is unreal. For those of us who are old enough to have seen the original tour in 1984 - 1985, this brings back memories of a time when all things were great in the world of metal and hard rock!

Up until now, Life After Death was THE bible on that era...but no more. These perfromances are just too good to ignore. Bruce is singing like he is in his teens but with a maturity that reflects one of the eras greatest vocalists.

The three headed monster of Gears, Smith and Murray didn't make sense to me at first and the studio recordings with the three of them had not convinced me. But here they shine like never before! The triple leads on "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" give me chills! INCREDIBLE!!

Steve Harris is so solid you could set your watch by his powerful playing!

But the real hero is Mr. McBrain. This is his greatest moment with Iron Maiden! The tempos are perfect, his playing is frantic and controlled at the same time. A feat not easily done. The power, the speed and the control are amazing to watch and listen to. He is 1000% better then on Live After Death and the band is better for it.

Now I can't leave out Kevin Shirley's massive recording. Each player is easily heard in the mix but together create a wall of sound almost never re-created before. I love the background keys on the chorus of "Powerslave" it makes the whole song.

This now ranks up there with KISS Alive, Live and Dangerous, Made in Japan and other all time classic hard/heavy live recordings of all time!

UP THE IRONS...Maiden is once again the biggest metal act in the world...BAR NONE!!


American Soldier
American Soldier
Offered by insomniacsonline
Price: $10.48
93 used & new from $1.48

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars "American Solider" a strong return to the Queensryche of old., April 1, 2009
This review is from: American Soldier (Audio CD)
I love Queensryche. I can clearly remember the day my best friend Joe and I found their EP on vinyl all those years ago. It started a long relationship with a great band.

First of all, I do think this is their best collection of material since "Empire". It is a tad uneven..and has a couple pieces that do not stand up to the better tracks. However there are some really great moments as well. "At 30,000 ft" is amazing. That could have been on "Rage For Order" nicely. Which is clearly my favorite "Ryche" recording by a long shot!

I was getting a little frustrated with all the recordings in "Unafraid". In my opinion...they could have done something similiar to what Janet Jackson did with "Rhythm Nation" and have interludes of dialogue about a certain topic that connected one song subject to the next. Just a thought. I would prefer to hear the band during the songs instead of all the background stuff. But I understand what they were trying to do.

I do like this production better then the sound they got on "Mindcrime II". I am still not as happy with the drums as I was on earlier recordings. The snare drum on "Middle Of Hell" sounds awful. They just don't have the same impact as on the perfectly mixed "Empire" recording. Again...I can live with it.

A few more heavier riff songs like "MAN DOWN" would have been nice...but again...I am being picky.

I have to take a moment to thank Queensryche for writing "Home Again". If you are a parent or have a family member away from home for ANY can you NOT be moved by this amazing and powerful song! That song alone is worth 3 stars!! I wept thinking of my children growing up and wondering if I will be there for them when they need me the most. Incredible stuff!

The material is solid, the playing is very solid and the band sounds great for the most part. I am very pleased with this recording and look forward to hearing it played next to the "Rage For Order" material on this tour!

So...listen to this recording.

I think Geoff's voice sounds just fine. Better then fine. It sounds great. Now...if they could just add Chris DeGarmo's screaming high background vocals over the can dream you know!

Give it a listen...a serious listen. It is a strong recording with some really great songs.

Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 17, 2009 10:26 PM PDT

Alive! [2 CD Remastered]
Alive! [2 CD Remastered]
Price: $15.30
82 used & new from $5.14

14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Kiss Alive...a true masterpiece of emotion and power! Bring it on!, June 22, 2008
This is my favorite recording of all-time. Period!

There aren't many bands that cause such a "love 'em or hate 'em" mentality as does Kiss. Suffice to say, I don't care about any reviews from people who hate the band anyway! And trust are as transparent as a hooker at a nurse's convention. So..if you hate Kiss...we don't need your opinions. It isn't like we haven't dealt with people hating the band in the past!

So let's talk about this recording. Let's get to the heart of the complaints from others.

1) The album is full of overdubs - OMG really? Call the police! Thin Lizzy's "Live and Dangerous" (considered by many as one of the greatest live recordings of all-time) is full of overdubs. I don't hear anyone slamming that recording. I would much rather hear mistakes corrected then listen to a recording (many Led Zeppelin bootlegs come to mind) with horrible vocals and sloppy playing.
Also, who did the overdubs? KISS DID!! So it was them anyway.

2)They aren't musicians. I love this one. Then what are they? The Monkees? Hum..that was really Peter on drums...Ace on Lead...Gene on bass...and Paul on vocals and guitar. No wait...they were pretending to backing tracks recorded by studio cats. That would explain it!

Just because something is simple and direct doesn't mean it sucks or that they are bad musicians. I have heard dozens of Kiss tribute bands and almost done of them get it close to sounding correct. How can that be? Doesn't Kiss suck at their instruments? Hummm maybe it isn't as easy as you think and they might, just might..know what they are doing and can actually play?

3) The crowd was piped in and made louder then normal. Well this is the dumbest reason to hate this album I have ever heard. Have you ever even been to a Kiss show back then? The crowd WAS that loud. I know, I was there! Eddie Kramer just made it louder in the mix is what!!! So...this excuse just blows!

4) Other bands are better..Deep Purple...Led Zeppelin..etc. Well, surprise, I love ALL those bands and everyone offers something amazing and unique. Deep Purple's "MADE IN JAPAN" is my second favorite recording of all-time. They are an amazing band and the musicianship is first rate..Hell I even named my oldest boy Ian...after Ian Paice. But I also love can that be? Hum...having an open mind helps! the best stuff! The sound of this recording is second to none. Not so much the indivdual instruments, although I do love that, it is a collective thing. Never before or since has a band as a whole projected as much raw power and energy as on "Alive". You do actually "feel" the band's sweat and volume in each song! It is incredible. When I first put on "Deuce" I was floored! It just went from strength to strength. There isn't one bad moment in this! Not one! Even all these years later, if I am having a bad day, all I have to do is put on "100,000 Years" and listen to Paul Stanley's intense vocals and I feel like I can take on the world.

And isn't this the real point here? That is the essence of Kiss..the ability to lift one create an emotional wall of sound that is bigger then the song itself and even larger then the band itself! It has never be captured by any other band in history.

So...go ahead and hate it if you want. We don't care. Bad mouth it..we don't care! We fans all know that it is the ultimate in emotion, power, energy and raw rock n roll! So if you don't like it...TOO DARN BAD!
Comment Comments (5) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 6, 2014 5:03 AM PST

Mistreated (Live In Düsseldorf 1976)
Mistreated (Live In Düsseldorf 1976)

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing performance from an amazing era!, June 19, 2008
I just love this recording! I have a huge Rainbow fan and this set is one of the best out there. Recorded in Germany 1976, this features THE Rainbow lineup. Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio, Jimmy Bain, Tony Carey and the late, great Cozy Powell. The recording is powerful, clear and full of fire. The drums are fat and pounding while Ritchie's guitar work is masterful!

Because the band changed things up from night to night, even the same set list sounded different from one night to the next. Ronnie Dio is perfectly powerful and amazing. Clearly one of the best performances from this era.

I prefer this to the "Onstage" recording as the band was in better shape overall and the vocals are better. The only complaint is that the show doesn't have "A Light in the Black" ..but it does have everything else and "16th Century Greensleves" is a gem! FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE!!

So..if you love Rainbow, this is a must get.

Truly and amazing performance from an amazing era!


Price: $9.00
45 used & new from $3.50

24 of 40 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars We should have seen this coming...or had Nostradamus warn us!, June 19, 2008
This review is from: Nostradamus (Audio CD)
I have just finished listening to the entire recording without a break. I used to love doing that when I was younger and I was very much looking forward to this time as well. Let's not minch words, I am a HUGE Priest fan. I always have been and up until "Angel of Retribution" I can think of only a small handful of songs that I haven't liked in their entire catalog. I purchased Rocka Rolla when it came out and have purchased every recording since.

When "Angel" came out, it was the most disappointed I had ever been in a Priest recording. That was not a familiar thing for me. The first half of the album had some gems..but for the most part I didn't enjoy the album. The second half in particuliar was hard to listen to as the songs lacked fire, focus, melody and any classic Priest dual guitar fireworks. "Lochness" was the beginning of what was to come and it has carried over to the new recording.

So...."Nostradamus" is a cool subject for certain. And I agree with others that to be successful, it doesn't need to have any "hits". But it does need to have some real strong song writting and it just isn't here. The songs all sound the great variance in tempo, style and any two people could have been playing was that ..ordinary. The pattern started ..soft intro, heavy song.. fine..but mix it up even a little.

I for one feel that the song writting is the biggest disappointment here. Neither "Angel" nor "Nostradamus" are anywhere near as good as either of Halford's solo recordings "Resurrection" and "Crucible". They just don't have very good material here and no matter what you do with is going to sound the same and ..frankly boring. I would have never been able to say THAT word with ANY of the previous recordings of Priest, Fight or Halford. Even the recordings with Ripper had much better material and were very enjoyable recordings.

Some will say.."You don't understand Progressive Metal.." this isn't "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" and you are right it isn't. But I really don't care what you want to call it. If a piece of music lacks a solid melody, chord progression, catchy riffs, and catchy lyrics, it doesn't matter what you call it. It is hard to listen to and is easily forgotten after you are done listening to it.

I love concept albums, but if you are going to release one, you had better make certain the material is extra strong as you have to carry a theme through the entire recording. King Diamond's "Abigial", Queensryche's "Operation Mindcrime", Pink Floyd's "The Wall" all had incredible material. Look what happened to
Mindcrime II", no Chris DeGarmo..(a main songwriter) and the material just isn't as good.

The band plays great, Rob is amazing..but none of that matters when there is nothing to latch melody to hook you (and do NOT confuse that with a hit, or pop..even songs like "Call for the Priest", "Burning Up", "Saints in Hell" and soo on, were never hits..but they still had melody and structure and amazing character.)no great riffs, Scott Travis is lost in the mix and not given a lot to work with.

I will listen to it again..(not all at once..that ship has sailed)and if I was too harsh or rash and rushed to judgement, I will be the first to edit this and applogize. But I feel pretty confident that won't happen.

I think I will go buy the "Fight" remasters and listen to some really great metal!


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