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Diztronic High Gloss Mint Turquoise TPU Case for Amazon Fire Phone (AT&T) - Retail Packaging
Diztronic High Gloss Mint Turquoise TPU Case for Amazon Fire Phone (AT&T) - Retail Packaging
Offered by Diztronic
Price: $8.99
2 used & new from $8.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Nice case but the buttons are very hard to press, December 12, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I got the mint turquoise one. Nice looking, fits snug, and priced right ($9 Prime). It's an easy alternative over the offical Amazon case (ahem, $30!!!) But this case has covered buttons, which in itself is not a bad thing (better protection) and as long as the covered parts are not any less easy to press than if exposed, it's fine.

Unfortunately, the covered buttons now takes a lot more force to press them. A simple press and the buttons do not register. You really need to press hard. It's too bad b/c otherwise, this is a decent case for the money. You've been warned. Lastly, the back side is a fingerprint magnet and shows all the smudges.

Takara Tomy Mega Drive Megatron (SEGA Transformers) Action Figure
Takara Tomy Mega Drive Megatron (SEGA Transformers) Action Figure
Offered by Bestsku
Price: $119.99
29 used & new from $108.42

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Nostalgia overload for this child of the 80s..., December 8, 2014
Who wudda thunk they'd combine Megatron and Mega Drive (Genesis in the US)!!

I am a child of the 80s, teen in the 90s. Watched G1 Transformers religiously as a little kid and grew up on 8-bit games which projected into the 16-bit era my teenage years. I actually had Sega Mega Drive from Japan, while my friends all around me ended up with Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.

This Sega / Transformers collaboration is amazing. I don't know how it happened... did someone just say one day "hey, why don't we make a Mega Drive Megatron!" However it happened, I'm glad b/c this is an awesome idea. Super nerdy and somewhat niche but then nerd is cool right?

The figure in console form depicts Mega Drive well - you will notice that there are some cosmetic differences to Sega Genesis that you remember. I actually like Mega Drive's look over Genesis but for those that had Genesis, you might find it a bit off and might not tickle your nostalgic senses as much... Notably, the big "Sega Genesis" logo is missing right below the cartridge port and "16 Bit" is larger and in gold color. In the robot form, well, the only thing "Megatron" about this guy is his head. Everything else is unrecognizable. But who cares!

Even the box art is awesome. when you open the cover flap, you'll actually see the orignal Mega Drive console box art with the figure transformed as the Mega Drive console. Google it around. It's awesome. The nice bonus is that they included the Mega Drive version of original Sonic cartridge - a miniaturized version of the '91 smash hit that changed Sega forever. The cartridge shape and artwork is true to the actual Mega Drive cartridge, just way smaller.

A PS1 Optimus Prime is planned to be released in Feb 2015. It would have been better as a Super Famicom (Super Nintendo) Optimus to stay in the same console era as Mega Drive but the PS1 version would hit home for those that had one. I wouldn't wait around to get these since it is a limited release.

I will quote my friend upon seeing this figure.... wait for it... "He should be called Segatron".

Sony HVLF20M, MI Shoe External Flash for Alpha SLT/NEX (Black)
Sony HVLF20M, MI Shoe External Flash for Alpha SLT/NEX (Black)
Price: $148.00
22 used & new from $92.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent with RX100M2, November 27, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This seems to be the go-to "cheap" flash unit for Sony mirrorless APS-C cameras like NEX6 and the newer Alphas (i.e., Alpha 6000). I've not seen any reviews of it being used with RX100M2 which its compatible with, so I went on blind faith that thing will turn out okay.

RX100M2 is a nifty little camera with excellent image quality but it's also been one of my most frustrating cameras to use b/c of the slow shutter speed it chooses for low light settings (wrote a lengthy review of that). I've also always struggled with the poppy-uppy-flashy of RX100M2. Direct flash is too harsh so often, I'd use bounce b/c the in-camera flash unit is spring loaded and can be tilted upwards as with most other Sony mirrorless cameras; however the bounce effect would only light up top half of the photo, so either the angle is wrong or the flash is too weak. I almost got to the point of selling the RX but decided to give it a try with this little guy (HLVF20M) to see how taking low-light, indoor photos might change.

I used it at a wedding recently (as slave camera to the NEX5R outfit ;-) and must say, I got some fantastic photos with this thing out of RX100M2. I used bounce for all photos (the strobe can be pointed upwards), which is invaluable, and the pics came out smooth, evenly lit, and the color rendition was great. It looks rather funny to attach such a big piece of accessory to a little camera like RX100M2 but I really now appreciate the fact that the camera came with a hot shoe mount b/c it allows for things like this. If you think about it, to get TTL flash with a camera like RX100M2 is great. Also, the strobe part sits quite high distance apart from the camera lens, which is what you want anyway so this is good. Sadly, the updated RX100M3 model has dropped the hot shoe mount to make room for in-camera EVF, so as far as the RX100 series go, M2 is now the only model and perhaps the last model where you can attach external accessories. *Tears*

Back to the flash unit. It's small, light, runs on its own batteries so the cycle time are fast and does not cut into the camera's battery, and is strong enough, as long as you're not expecting Speedlite-like strength and range. Again, the ability to bounce is invaluable. For mid-sized rooms, it's perfect. I do wish it had swivel but I'm not aware of any flash unit with swivel in this price range. One minor complaint is that the unit turns on/off by the hinge that's at the bottom of the unit. So in the off position, the flash unit sits parallel to the ground and to turn on, you swivel it upwards as you see in the product pic. I wish there was a separate on off switch, since the off position makes the unit protrude out compared to the depth of the RX100M2 camera. At $150, it's not a bad price at all especially when you think full-sized flash units are $400+.

LG G3 Case, Caseology [Drop Protection] LG G3 Case [Sky Blue] Slim Fit TPU Cover [Shock Absorbent] Armor Bumper LG G3 Case (for LG G3 Verizon, AT&T Sprint, T-mobile, Unlocked)
LG G3 Case, Caseology [Drop Protection] LG G3 Case [Sky Blue] Slim Fit TPU Cover [Shock Absorbent] Armor Bumper LG G3 Case (for LG G3 Verizon, AT&T Sprint, T-mobile, Unlocked)
Offered by MODN Mall
Price: $8.99
2 used & new from $8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Well fitting case but color is very off for sky blue, October 19, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Well fitting case but the color is way off. I ordered sky blue and on the Amazon pic, it does indeed look sky blue. The actual color however is much darker and is very smurf blue... if you're a bimmerhead, then it's similar (but not quite) to laguna seca blue. I didn't originally like the color but it's kind of grown on me so now I like the case.

The fit and finish is nice and the case doesn't add significant amount of bulk or weight (a little over an ounce) to the phone. Also there are only 2 major cutouts - the circular earphone jack hole and the rectangular cutout micro-USB; both are on the bottom. This leaves most of the phone covered, unlike some cases that leave the entire top side exposed for example. The cutout for micro-USB could have been just a tad bigger so it will be compatible with all cables (some cables have big plug that rub up against the case). The top edges are also raised so if you place phone face down, the screen will not touch the surface. Overall, nice case and I like it but be warned about the color.

I've not done the drop test yet - hopefully will never have to but if it happens as it inevitably will, will update review to indicate how well the case performed against drops. I'm coming off of a Galaxy S4 and Caseology's "Matte Hybrid" case... I've dropped my GS4 a good 7-8 times and each time, the case has saved the phone completely. Just by the feel of it, it does feel like Matte Hybrid case would perform better against drops - the key impact areas (i.e., corners) are meatier on the Galaxy case compared to this LG case... but only a real test can confirm.

Lenovo - IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro Ultrabook Convertible 13.3" Touch-Screen Laptop - 4GB Memory - Silver
Lenovo - IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro Ultrabook Convertible 13.3" Touch-Screen Laptop - 4GB Memory - Silver
Offered by Voltage Converter Store
Price: $979.99
19 used & new from $699.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Half baked product, September 9, 2014
There are many Yoga versions out there. I have Yoga 2 Pro (not to be confused with the newer and cheaper "Yoga 2" line up) with 4th gen i5 / 128gb / 4gb.

The laptop is fabulously light at around 3lbs. Yoga screen flipping freedom is really nice and useful. It's decently fast with i5, despite only having 4gb of ram. Boot times are very fast, just as how an ultrabook should be. Backlit keyboard is nice tho, you either set it to on or off. There's no auto on/off by proximity sensor like with my work Dell Latitude.

What kills this is... BUGGY BUGGY BUGGY. This really is a half baked product. The laptop freezes up often, has random reboots, the keyboard stops taking inputs b/c it thinks the screen is in tablet mode when it's in laptop mode, wifi fails to reconnect after coming out of sleep which can only be corrected with a reboot (this is seriously one of the biggest annoyances), etc, etc, etc. It's just not a finished product. It just baffles me that such an unfinished product is being sold as a premium ultrabook from the same makers of Thinkpad (tho Thinkpad has tanked over the years as well).

As stated by numerous others, the included Wifi card's performance is deplorable. It's not very fast. And at my home, it only connects to the G channel, not N. I have upgraded the wifi card that everyone else is ordering (that's another $35) and it is better... the card picks up the N signal now.

Other annoyances:
- Only 2 USB ports... it's just not enough
- The SD card slot is the type where half the card sticks out. Very annoying. I also have the smaller Yoga 11s and its slot swallows the whole thing.
- 3200x1800 screen - yes, it really does have a yellow cast, which many can probably live with, like me. But 3200x1800 at this point is really good for nothing since the fonts and icons are eye-straining tiny. I have the screen res set to 1600x900, which seems to work for me, which is also the same res as Yoga 1.
- Micro HDMI - this port really has no use on an ultrabook... I know the intention is to keep a svelte form factor but the port is flimsy and is very likely prone to breaking over time. Mini-DVI or Mini-HDMI is more appropriate (though, I would rather have a full-sized HDMI port :) Yoga 11s does indeed have a full-sized HDMI port... I question why the designers did not keep a common design element across the 2 Yoga products.
- Keyboard is not that great. I don't know the fuss about chicklet/island keyboards but they suck. It's as you have to be more precise with every stroke. I type much faster and more accurately with the "regular" keyboard on my Dell Latitude.

Would've been one of the best out there if the darn thing wasn't so buggy. Great laptop in concept but the horrible execution often makes it a very frustrating laptop to use.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Oct 9, 2014 10:53 AM PDT

Link Depot HDMI to HDMI Cable 25 feet
Link Depot HDMI to HDMI Cable 25 feet
Price: $5.80
72 used & new from $3.55

5.0 out of 5 stars 25ft - Outputs flawlessly to TV, August 24, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought the 25ft version and the output from laptop to TV is flawless.

Before the cable, I was streaming via a media server (PS3 Media Server to be exact) but this got to be a chore since video playback on media server can be slow, sometimes choppy, sometimes doesn't support all video file types, and just navigating around the interface can be slow. Then why not just output what you see on your laptop directly to the TV, as long as you don't mind the cable? Now I watch videos that I would watch on my laptop but on bigger screen. This includes movie files, youtube, and many other online video streaming. It's really simple.

I got the 25ft version b/c I felt that gave enough play and distance from where the laptop usually sits and the TV. I had wondered whether there would be too much signal drop and get no picture but that's not the case. I get video and audio on my TV just fine. Side note: I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro so I had to get micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter as well (micro-HDMI really stinks btw).

$7 for a 25ft cable and Amazon Prime... hard to go wrong.

HDMI 3-In 1-Out HDMI Auto Switch with 1.5 feet Cable
HDMI 3-In 1-Out HDMI Auto Switch with 1.5 feet Cable
Price: $5.06
61 used & new from $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Cheap, works well enough, especially for the price, August 24, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
My aging TV only has one HDMI port so it's always been a chore when I had more than one device that used HDMI because I had to go to the back of the TV and do the whole unplug-plug business of a couple of HDMI cables back there. I considered those manual switcher devices but then that required getting up and changing the input as well, plus they are rather pricey. Compared to some others, I think my setup is simple: PS3 and occasional HDMI output of my laptop plugged into the switch, so only 2 devices.

As long as you are not trying to push through both signals at one time, the auto-switching works relatively well. This means when I'm displaying the laptop, the PS3 is off and vice versa. The quirk I noticed - let's say laptop was displaying on TV already, then I turn the PS3 on. The switch cuts over to PS3 automatically. There is a little button on top of the unit that let's you manually choose the input but while the PS3 was on, switching to the laptop output just displayed a blank screen. When I turn the PS3 off, the switch switches to the only active input (input) but it continues to display the blank screen. I had to disconnect/reconnect the HDMI cable of the laptop before to "reset" it, which then works fine again.

So as you can see, the operation is not perfect... however, as long as you're not pushing through multiple live inputs at the same time, the switch will auto-switch to the one active one coming in and to that point it really is hands free. Also a plus is that this unit is self-powered by the HDMI port. No external power necessary. Could it be better? Yes, but really for $6, there's really nothing I can complain about.

Medelco #4 Cone Permanent Coffee Filter
Medelco #4 Cone Permanent Coffee Filter
Price: $5.98
27 used & new from $0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Good fit for Technivorm, August 23, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The way I brew my coffee at home is a bit different so this review may not apply to most. I have a Technivorm Mocchamaster and this filter is a very good fit. It's slightly shorter than a standard #4 paper filter but in terms of how it fits the brewing basket of Technivorm, it's great.

I don't let coffee pass through as it's brewing; rather I let it sit in the brewing basket first, then open the dispense gate (with Technivorm, you can do this), so it's pseudo-French pressing in a sense the water is allowed to sit. Because of this, I don't see the issue of many others' complaints about the mesh not being fine enough and letter water pass through too fast that results in watery coffee.

The good thing about this filter is that it lets coffee bean oil from fresh beans to pass through. I can actually see a very thin later of oil on the surface of a fresh brew. Some like this and some don't. And yes, you do get some coffee silt... some don't mind this and some hate it. I don't mind actually.

As of this writing, it's been about a year since I've started using the filter and it's still working fine. No tears in the mesh.

This filter does cut down the waste from using paper filters but then you have to wash permanent filters which wastes water. While the environment is important, let's not get too serious and enjoy your cup of coffee.

Primula Today Shake and Infuse Pitcher, 3-Quart, Sky Blue
Primula Today Shake and Infuse Pitcher, 3-Quart, Sky Blue
Offered by TheFactoryDepot
Price: $10.55
5 used & new from $10.55

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for mugicha (barley tea), August 23, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I was looking for a pitcher that was not so complicated to use, had plenty of capacity, and not too expensive. Primula fit the bill. The screw on top is easy and the handle is nice and strong and you can carry a filled pitcher by the top handle which is very handy. To pour, all you have to do is to twist the top 180 deg. I really appreciate the big capacity of 3Qts. 1 or 2 is just not enough. The pitcher is also BPA-free and odor-free.

I primarily use the pitcher for cold-brewing mugicha (Japanese barley tea) and Japanese green tea. They're perfect for the hot summer. You can buy mugicha packets also from Amazon (Itoen brand). I usually use 2 bags at a time... and you can keep adding more water until the flavor is too thin when you need to start a new cycle. For green tea, I put loose leaves in a tea bag and overnight, it brews nicely. The tea is nice and clear green color. It would be perfect if the pitcher came with a mesh infuser so you can cold brew any loose leaves. I know Takeya makes one but it is more expensive and the 1Qt capacity is just not enough. Primula is 3Qts so the drinks last quite some time before I have to add more water.

I've not used the infuser attachment yet. I've seen many hotels these days offer fruit/veggie infused water and love them, though I often wonder whether they've been washed and how much pesticide I'm drinking. At home, you can use organic produce. I think 3Qts of organic cucumber-infused water would be wonderful. I can also see using the infuser to cold brew Korean barley tea or roasted corn tea, and you can pick up bags of these in the loose, roasted kernel form at Korean supermarkets such as Hmart or Assi. I'm not sure if the barley kernel are big enough but the corn ones are definitely big enough to remain within the infuser. Will try next.

Got mine for $13, Amazon prime.

Got2b Defiant Define & Shine Pomade-2 oz (Pack of 2)
Got2b Defiant Define & Shine Pomade-2 oz (Pack of 2)
Offered by Pharmapacks
Price: $21.13
2 used & new from $16.78

1.0 out of 5 stars Chemical factory on your head, August 1, 2014
Another review said "utterly putrid odor" and that is absolutely correct my friend. I saw these on clearance at a local store for $3 a pop so I stocked up and now I know why. These have the most wreaking, stinking, chemical smell ever and gives me a horrible headache. I can smell it while on my head; I could imagine what others near me might think. Thankfully I was able to return them.

As for styling, they are sticky/gummy and waxy, which I don't like. Good alternatives are Loreal Studio Line "Overworked Hair Putty" or Garnier Fructis Style "Pure Clean Finishing Paste". They both go on pretty clean, not waxy but matte, washes off clean, and won't break the bank. There is also this Got2b putty with a yellow lid... this one is actually pretty good. It goes on fine with a little dab of water but also fine for without if you want to sculpt your hair. Definitely run from the orange one.

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