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Call Me Elizabeth
Call Me Elizabeth
by Dawn Annandale
Edition: Paperback
72 used & new from $0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Prostitutes are human beings, July 27, 2016
This review is from: Call Me Elizabeth (Paperback)
I can well understand why Dawn Annandale chose to become an escort -It was out of love of her children and the determination to give them the best life possible.
I do not however believe she would have done this though if her sense of self-worth had been so badly damaged by the severe sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father as a child and teen.
It clearly made her feel her own body was worthless and that it mattered not if she enjoyed sex, sex was merely a stepping stone of survival.
think any woman has a right to be a sex-worker whatever her reason - and I believe few women enjoy it.
And no one has a right to take away her dignity or harm her .
But many women have to take up sex-work purely to survive and stop their children starving to death.
Dawn Annandale was not faced with such a stark choice - her children would have had to start again but would still have what they needed , if not the best education and extra murals.
But did she go into this trade knowing how soul destroying and dangerous it is.
I do think to a large extent that she glamourizes the experiences of prostitutes when in reality prostitutes (I prefer the term 'sex workers' ) go through such hell and are severely abused and fear for their lives at the hands of clients, and often their pimps and even the police.
Towards the end of the book she is beaten and raped by a lowlife but I thinbk most prostitutes endure this far more often than the author did, and often come to tragic ends.
Which I why I fight for prostitution to be decriminalized so these girls can get full protection from the law. what is certain is that any woman who finds herself involved in prostitution out of desperate economic necessity or another has aright to be safe and protected and to have realistic exit routes out of prostitution
I would encourage no woman to become a prostitute but if she does nobody has a right to harm her or treat her without dignity.
Prostitutes are human beings, often with bigger hearts than many saints and we can all learn to judge people who have been through so much less harshly and find some compassion. the answer is to ensure no women have to do this.A society is nothing if it does not put at the very heart of its policy considerations, the welfare of the vulnerable in society.

Prostitutes are human beings, often with bigger hearts than many saints and we can all learn to judge people who have been through so much less harshly and find some compassion. the answer is to ensure no women have to do this.A society is nothing if it does not put at the very heart of its policy considerations, the welfare of the vulnerable in society.

Path of the Kabbalah
Path of the Kabbalah
Price: $7.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Intriguing, July 14, 2016
An intriguing look into the world of Jewish mysticism in way that is well explained and deep at the the same time.
.Sheinkin delves into the building blocks of kabbalah and the mysteries of the universe How there are many paths to G-D but the Jewish path of Torah uplifts the whole world.
He explains the Creation and proof of the existence of G-D and does so in a universal and non-dogmatic way but in a way that leaves no doubt.While there are many paths it is not a matter of pick and mix We must choose a specific path and stick to it.
Sheinking clarifies the reality of Creation and how one day means 7 thousand years each in the time described in the Torah , what really happened in Eden with Adam and Eve and their origins, and the male and female energy forces of Adam who before the creation of Eve had male and female components.
How Moses was rescued by Egyptian Princess Batya who was ALREADY converting to Judaism and was in the river as part of the ritual bathing process.
And how Moses killed the Egyptian overseer who was beating the Hebrew slave , only by speaking a kabbalistic verse.
Astrology, meditation and reincarnation are all a part of Judaism as Sheinkin explains, And he deals with the kabbalistic concepts of angels, demons, the many levels of the should, good and evil, the messiah and heaven and hell.
Some practical kabbalistic meditations in the appendix. A fine introduction for both Jew and non-Jew alike highly reccomended.

Why Israel?: The Anatomy of Zionist Apartheid - A South African Perspective
Why Israel?: The Anatomy of Zionist Apartheid - A South African Perspective
Price: $9.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Vile and disgusting agitprop, July 11, 2016
When the Arabs realized in 1973 that militarily defeating Israel was impossible they embarked on a diabolical dual strategy of ruthless terrorism against civilians (mainly women and children) and the greatest, most destructive and venomous propaganda machine in history to make Dr Goebbels look like a bumbling amateur.

Of course a lot of their work had been done for them in the totalitarian Soviet Union (the land of gulags and terror). That is where the entire 'Zionism is racism' blood libel was created and its follow on that 'Israel is an apartheid state'. Since South Africa is effectively governed through elites that were trained in the old Soviet Union (and those that were trained in turn by them), as well as Muslim extremists who pull the strings, is it any wonder that South Africa is one of the main breeding grounds of this type of propagandist hateful filth.

Certainly given the dominance of this anti-Israel hate industry in the universities, media, NGOs etc one can feel like an infant David up against an army of Goliaths, but someone somewhere has to speak truth to the tsunami of hate.
The writers of this book Suraya Dadoo and Firoz Osman are lead figures in the Media Review Network an organization that has defended Holocaust denial, identifies with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hamas and Hezbollah and seems to favour Sharia Law.

As is evident in the title of the book, the authors accuse Israel of being an Apartheid State. This is a vicious blood libel.
Almost 2 million people living in Israel are not Jews.
No laws on statute books prescribing living areas or movements.
Unlike under South African Apartheid laws there is no Israeli ideology, policy or plan to segregate mistreat or persecute the Arab population.
In Israel the State owns 93% of the land, which is leased to all citizens regardless of race. The remaining 7% can be bought by all
Israeli citizens.
There is no official separate schooling in Israel;people choose schools for their religious, linguistic or cultural background.
Non-Jews can become citizens if they comply with necessary immigration requirements as anywhere in the world.
Non-Jews can serve in the army as volunteers.
Israeli Arabs are full citizens, enjoy full political rights, can vote and stand for election and political association- hardly
Apartheid. but the aim of propaganda like this is the extinction of Israel and it's replacement by another Muslim state in which the ethnic cleansing of the Jews will obviously follow-so who are the real racists?

The authors of the book do not answer the question at all why they and their ilk are so unconcerned about the genocide in Darfur and Sri Lanka , murderous gender oppression across the Islamic world (especially in their much favoured Iran) , torture and murder of dissidents in North Korea, Zimbabwe , Iran and China to name a few, politicide in Syria, the repression and genocide of the Kurds, Berbers and people of Tibet.
But as the old song go's 'I only have eyes for you'
what makes this worse is the sheer persecution and bullying by these hate mongers of anyone who tries to speak up for Israel's right to exist or the human rights of Israelis. they make no apologies for using all means they can fair or foul to silence any voice for Israel.

Cheryl: My Story
Cheryl: My Story

5.0 out of 5 stars An inspiring auto biography of a talented performer and special warmhearted young lady, July 9, 2016
This review is from: Cheryl: My Story (Kindle Edition)
An inspiring auto biography of a talented performer and special warmhearted young lady who from a poverty stricken childhood on a council house estate in Newcastle in northern England achieved her childhood dream of stardom in 2000s supergroup Girls Aloud and later as a solo performer and a judge on the X factor
She has devoted massive time and money to philanthropy including climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money for food and mosquito nets to save lives of Tanzania's suffering masses.

Hounded mercilessly by the press and the execrable papparazi (the British media always hound and torment people from poor British backgrounds who make it big - especially if they happen to be White)

From losing friends to heroin addiction, a cheating husband and a near fatal bout of malaria she has come though it all stronger than ever
More power to this beautiful, talented , big hearted young lady- may she live long and prosper.

Miss Chopsticks
Miss Chopsticks

5.0 out of 5 stars splendid read, June 27, 2016
This review is from: Miss Chopsticks (Kindle Edition)
A beautiful engaging book both humorous and with a penetrating understanding.
Explores the lives of three Chinese girls from a rural village , from a family that has only produced girls, in a culture where this is seen as a great misfortune.
To have girls according to this mentality is a misfortune as girls are regarded as 'chopsticks' disposable, and a son as a 'roofbeam', - holding up the family and household.
These three girls (given only numbers) and not names make their way to the city of Nanjing to make anew life for themselves and find employment and new lives in different businesses
References to the horrors of the past such as the cultural revolution as well as the greater freedoms which seem to be slowly growing in China.
You will be overwhelmed with admiration for these young ladies (who represent the many female 'migrant' workers from the Chinese countryside to the cities.
And pearls of wisdom such as this : "Money can buy a bed , but it can't buy good sleep.
Money can buy a house but it can't buy a home.
Money can buy food but it can't buy flavour.
Money can buy a gym but it can't buy health
Money can be used for trade but it can't buy friends
Money can buy qualifications but it can't buy ambition"

and quirky Chinese means of description, used by one of the sisters, like : " People mountain, people sea - Great crowds of people
Morning three night four - blow hot and cold
Wang eight eggs - bastard
Wield a big knife in front of General Guangong - show off
Good good study, day day up - Study hard so as to make progress every day.
Written with great wit and a love for China and it's people. Captures sights, sounds , tastes and especially the spirit of today's China. And also a taste of the beautiful ancient culture and tradition of China which the cultural revolution never quite succeeded in destroying.
Great characterization and cultural insight.

Sharon (Enhanced Edition): The Life of a Leader
Sharon (Enhanced Edition): The Life of a Leader
Offered by HarperCollins Publishers
Price: $12.99

5.0 out of 5 stars An officer and a gentleman, June 18, 2016
A consummate, deep , passionate portrayal of both the life of the larger than life Ariel Sharon, soldier and statesman , a valiant, courageous, patriotic, dedicated and kind hearted man. A man with a great sense of humour and a bottomless compassion for Jew and gentile alike, a man who had suffered great tragedy throughout his life with tremendous strength and forbearance . An officer and a gentleman A lover of animals who when family Great Dane sadly Ogi died after swallowing a child's pacifier replaced her him with another harlequin Great Dane, and told his two little sons, who had already been through the family suffering loss , that this was Ogi. Ogi had had his ears cut in the customary fashion of the time and the new Ogi had ears uncut . when little Gilad asked what happened to Ogi's ears his father Arik said 'the grew'.
A man who had Israel not had war forced on her from before her re-establishment would have loved to be a farmer and cattleman. This would have been his choice of career being a true son of the soil of the Land of Israel (unlike the 'Palestinians' who are in truth intruders on Israel's land )
It is also a history of the Land Israel beginning in the 1920s with the Arab pogroms against Jews beginning in 1920 from which the organized Arab terror in Israel and the Arab-Israel conflict of today should be dated. The conflict is therefore nearly century old.

Some see the murder of Rabbi Avraham Shlomo Zalman Tzoref in 1851 as the first nationalistically motivated murder of Jews by Arabs - the birth of Palestinian terror.
Previous murders had been deemed as a result of religious or financial conflicts or whatever other motives Arabs have had to murder Jews since the beginning of Islam.

The book cover's Arik's childhood and youth, and the roots of his parents as well as his role in the Haganah in the 1948 War of Independence, his command of the force that rooted out.
He reveals the true context of affairs behind incidents ,which Israel's many enemy propagandists,have used to malign him and Israel.
For example, Israel-hating ideologues like to refer to raid against Arab terrorists in the Arab border village of Kibbiya in 1953.They like to point to unintentional casualties of Arab civilians, as proof of 'Zionist atrocities' but the truth is that raid followed years of bloody attacks into Israel by Palestinian terrorists, a reign of terror against Israel's civilian population, living in border areas. In 1951 , 137 Israelis were murdered by terrorists, almost all civilians, many of them women and children.In 1952, the number rose to 162.1953 was especially terrible. In that year over 3000 incidents took place, almost ten a day. Again there were over 160 deaths. Israel took it's case to the UN, but it was ignored. Eventually it undertook action aimed at terror bases. The raid on Kibbiya was mounted in response to a particulalrly horrendous incident in the town of Yehud, in which terrorists, murdered a young mother and her two infants, one and two years old while they were asleep. Police investigations revealed that the raid had been mounted from the Arab border village of Kibbiya, into an area that had been subject to terror attacks almost every day. It Kibbiya, Israeli forces fought a battle against Palestinian terrorists, backed by Jordanian army units. Several Arab civilians died when buildings in the village were destroyed as always happens in war. Israeli forces had actually taken Arab children to safety, but this too has been ignored in leftist and Moslem propaganda accounts.
All Israeli actions have always been in retaliation to Arab terror against Israel's people. Israel has never acted, except in reaction to attacks and ugly threats against her people, a fact anti-Israel hate-mongers have always hidden.
It was the Sic Day War and Yom Kippur War in which Sharon acquired his legendary status as one of Israel's greatest generals. He disliked politics but for the sake of Israel was an engineer of the merger of Menachem Begin's Herut Party with various smaller parties to from the Likud bloc.
During the first term of office of Yitzhak Rabin , Ariel Sharon (who always had cordial relations with Sharon) acted as a special security adviser.
The author Gilad makes a number of perspicacious and salient points about the gross hypocrisy of Israel's enemies and critics.
In referring to the heroic raid on Entebbe by Israeli commandos which rescued Jews taken captive by German and Palestinian terrorists Gilad writes of the response : "Western countries praised Israel for it's actions, but the Soviet Bloc and the Arab countries condemned the raid and the UN, under the direction of Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, condemned the rescue operation, labeling it 'a flagrant aggression' This from a man who had a Nazi past.

In Chapter 14 the author presents a comprehensive list of terror attacks from the Palestinian terrorists on Israeli civilians , including many women and children, which eventually led to Israel going into Lebanon to destroy the PLO's terrorist network.
An example includes the incident where "on May 22, 1970 , a squad of terrorists knowingly ambushed a bus of school children on the way to the village of Avivim on the northern border of the school in the village Dovev. They fired anti tank weapons at the bus, killing twelve chilren".

And the killing by Muslim Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar of an Israeli policeman in his aprtment at home and his two little girls. The policeman Danny was killed in front of his daughter Einat who was bludgeoned to death by Kuntar. Smadar Haran , wife and mother was the only one who survived.
As Gilead documents "Kuntar is considered a hero to Palestinians and members of the Shiite terror organization Hezbollah . After his release President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran saw fit , on November 24, 2008 and January 30 2009, respectively to award him a medal of honour".

The attempted assassination of Shlomo Argov may have set the date, but it most certainly did not bring about the 1982 Lebanon War, the author points out.
Israel was reacting to 14 years of Palestinian terror against her population.

Another incident in which propagandists have played up to demonize Israel through the years has been Sabra and Shatilla. For years PLO terrorists, had inflicted a reign of terror against Lebanon's Christian population, murdering tens of thousands of Christian men, women and children. At Damour in 1976, the Christian village was destoyed on Arafat's orders, and hundreds of Lebanese civillians, mainly women and children were butchered. After the assasination of Christian President Bashir Gemayel, the IDF had allowed Christian Phalangist fighters into the Sabra and Shatilla areas of Beirut, to flush out PLO units controlling the area.Palestinian civillians had died in the fighting, though this was far less than that inflicted in many massacres by the PLO and Syrians of Christian Lebanese dowen the years. For this their were massive protests in Israel, and a massive international media offensive against Israel.

Apart from clarifying various propaganda myths, Gilad Sharon talks about his own life and his fathers' life , it's trials,tribulations and tragedies, as well as Arik Sharon's vision for Israel as a Jewish State, the project of Jews all over the world. Of Israeli identity being at one with Jewish identity, and of the Jews unbroken presence in the Land of Israel, for over three thousand years.

The author makes no bones of his disdain for certain Israeli leaders such as Shimon Peres, Ehud Olmert and Benyamin Nentanyahu describing Olmert as 'smug and arrogant' and of Netanyahu 'Not only was he subversive but he was also a coward'. He also documents in detail , verbatim , the various conversations between Prime Minister Sharon and other statesmen such as George W Bush , Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin and Hosni Mubarak.

As the author documented Arab terror against Israel's civilians from 1968 - 1982 culminating in the 1982 Lebanon War, so he described some of the horrific terror attacks of the 2000-2005 Oslo War.

He details the politics and diplomacy behind the 2005 Gaza disengagement and details Arik's reasons.
He also gives us an insight into Sharon's wisdom such as Sharon's perceptive understanding of Europe's hostility to Israel : "European hostility to Israel he always believed , was not just linked to the anti-Semitism of old , which had been recycled as anti-Israel and anti-Zionist opinions but also a means of clearing the consciences of many nations. If the Jews, the victims, had turned out to be so dreadful, these cruel and crushing occupiers of the poor Palestinians, then perhaps the sins that these nations had visited upon the the Jews of Europe were not so bad after all"

Sharon pointed out to the European Union when they were refusing to include Hamas and Hezbollah on the list of terrorist organizations 'There is no good and bad terror , and all those believe in democracy and liberal values hope that all terror organizations are included in the list".

In response to a reporter's question about the events of 911 Arik said that Israel would not be Czechoslovakia implying that Israel would not allow itself to be sacrificed by the West to appease the Arab world , as the West had sacrificed Czechoslovakia to appease Germany in 1938".

The author takes us to his father's tragic first and second stroke, the latter leaving him in a vegetative state, and his family's refusal to switch off Arik's life machine.
The book was published before Arik Sharon's passing in January 2014.

The Sunne in Splendour
The Sunne in Splendour

5.0 out of 5 stars Epic and haunting historical masterpiece, April 30, 2016
This is one of my top five favourite historical fiction novels of all time!
What makes Sharon Penman's historical novels set in medieval Britain so amazing is how they combine sticking quite close to historical facts, with making a thrilling read enjoyable to modern readers, together with an engaging cast of characters.
This novel documents English Civil War and the life of Richard of Gloucester from the age of seven in 1459 until his death through treachery at The Battle of Bosworth in 1485.
We get to read about Richard and his brothers the reflective and scrupulous Edmund, the charming and impetuous Edward, and the reckless conniving George.
After reading of the devastation rendered on England by the ruthless and malign Queen Marguerite de Anjou , consort to the pious and half mad weakling Henry VI, we experience the execution and desecration of Richard's father the Duke of York and his oldest son Edmund by Marguerite and the malicious Earl of Somerset. Richard's mother Cecily is a deeply religious women with endless strength of character and forbearance - she suffers many losses as we see through the novel.
The feud between the cynical and vengeful master power broker Richard Neville , Earl of Warwick (who aligns with his erstwhile archenemy Marguerite of Anjou) and Edward of York after Edward weds the ambitious and magnificently beautiful Elizabeth Woodville, eventually leads to the death of Warwick and the total defeat of the forces of Lancaster at the Battle of Barnet.
Edward's rule is a period of peace and security in England at the time, though his dissolute court and his many mistresses certainly suggest a man of decadence His Queen Elizabeth Woodville and her hated family irk both Richard and his treacherous bother George Duke of Clarence
George earns Richard's hatred by his incarceration of Richard's great love of his life Anne Neville, daughter of Earl Warwick.
We journey through Richard's rescue of Anne, and George's imprisonment and death because of his knowledge of claims of King Edward's earlier marriage which makes his marriage to Elizabeth Woodville illicit and his children 'bastards'
Elizabeth Woodville is ambitious and ruthless in the extreme, but one cal also see in her actions a determination to protect at all costs the welfare and fortunes of her children.
There is a vast cast of character in this magnificent evocative novel. Sharon Penman shows not only a brilliant grasp of the history of England at the time but also a absolutely penetrating perception of human nature
It is the way she threads this epic together with never a dull moment, full of adventure and romance, intrigue and heartbreak, while never departing from the known historical facts that makes this a masterpiece.
The last part of the novel covers Richard's ill fated reign after Edward IV's death, his seizure of the crown which he sees as being for the good of England, and of course the fate of Edward IV's sons Edward V and Richard, 'the princes in the tower' Richard aims to protect the boys and give them security and comfort in new lodgings but is thwarted by the treacherous Duke of Buckingham , Henry Stafford, who in this narrative is the man who during his rebellion against Richard has the boys murdered.
The book also encapsulates one of my favourite women of English history, Edward's mistress and the 'merriest whore in court' the good natured and sexually adventurous Jane Shore. One thing I did not like seeing Richard do to her was her penance of being marched throgh London clad only in her kirtle and holding a taper, as a humiliating penance , But the support the people of London is heartwarming as is the happy ending to her story as she is rescued from Ludgate Prison by the King's Solicitor General, Thomas Lynom, who Richard reluctantly agrees to let wed her.
Haunting and heartrending is Richard's great love for his Queen Anne, and the death of fist their son Prince Edward and then of consumption of Anne herself and the terrible torment suffered by Richard therein
Richard is presented as a thoughtful noble and valiant man , a man of chivalry and altruism , loved greatly in England's North He is anything but the deformed and evil murderous villain painted by Tudor propagandists and made famous by Shakespeare's play Richard III.
The novel proceeds to the Battle of Bosworth which would have seen Richard defeat and kill the invader, the conniving and unscrupulous Henry Tudor if he were not betrayed by Lord Stanley.
The novel comes to a close with Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville's daughter Princess Elizabeth of York (Bess) , who was Richard's must loved niece and a great admirer of his, being forced to marry Henry Tudor (now Henry VII) which she agrees to do for the peace of the realm
And ends with Bess about o give birth to England's heir, discussing with her half-sister Grace, how Richard's name will be sullied by Tudor's propaganda and wishing history would remember him as he really was
The novel is epic and haunting and one in which you will read again and again. It will be enjoyed by all afficionadoes of good literature, and not only history buffs like myself.

Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel
Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel
Price: $9.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars pivotal and insightful, penetrating and hard hitting work,, March 4, 2016
I have often wondered how from being supported by almost the entire world (except for the Arab/Muslim world and the Soviet bloc) including the non-Stalinist left, which saw the justice of Israel;s cause and why Israel needs to survive , Israel has become across the world a victim of such bottomless and unrelenting hate across the world including by powerful interest groups, the United Nations, the world mainstream media, the EU, third world regimes, churches, and almost the entire left. Today Palestinian privilege means Palestinians can bully little Jewish children , attack Jewish babies in strollers, murder Jewish parents in front of kids, send rockets to Israel civilians and still be regarded as the victim.
In this pivotal and insightful, penetrating and hard hitting work, Joshua Muravchik explains.
In his introduction the author refers to the perfidious 2009 Goldstone Commission was unjustly accused of crimes against humanity in Operation Cast Lead , an operation in 2008/2009 to prevent Hamas from launching rockets at civilian Israeli targerts (including schools) and to prevent Hamas plans for a mega attack on Israel's civilian populace.
the phrase 'crimes against humanity' which was invented at the Nuremberg trials into Nazi atrocities.

As Muravchik points out "The moment underlined a dramatic change in international opinion that would have seemed unthinkable a few decades earlier. Little more than forty years had elapsed since the underdog Israel had fought a six day war against it's Arab neighbours in which the Western world had cheered for it's victory...But by 2009 this sympathy seemed a distant memory in the United Kingdom and the rest of Western Europe , and the United Nations was arrayed overwhelmingly against Israel" the UN General Assembly had gone so far as to support terrorist attacks against Israel's population as 'legitimate resistance'

"In short the 'global community had stamped Israel as an outcast. what had happened in the intervening decades to occasion such a dramatic turnaround?"

The first reason is that the Arab world which has always been explicitly homicidal it its aims towards Israel and thoroughly infused with genocidal rhetoric , is no longer seen as the massive axis threatening tiny Israel but now the 'Palestinian cause' has become widely sympathized with and is an extremely 'progressive' and fashionable cause.
Israel has certainly gained the ability to defend itself and has become a military power as a result and the Palestinians have suffered casualties but however much they are outgunned and however much they might be suffering heavier casualties. They are the aggressors, they are the ones who have been attempting genocide against Israel's population for nearly a century. While Israel has always engaged in defensive measures and targeted terror networks, the Arabs have always aimed at murder of Israel's civilian population (often specifically (and they make no bones about this targeting women and children)
This is one sided war-only one side the Palestinians and Muslim world want this war.
What has changed the paradigm to a large degree has been the change whereby the left abandoned class struggle for supporting the 'noble struggles' of dark skinned third world people against the demonized West (particularly whites) Third worlders can do no wrong (unless they aligned with the West) in this world view and are always the victims. The White Westerners are the epitome and root of all evil in the world
(West vs the Rest) Israel (though half it's Jewish population are dark skinned and originate from the Middle east and North Africa, are seen as Western and White and therefore evil and the Palestinians are seen as noble dark skinned oppressed victims.

A current example of this anti-white racism is how left wing feminists who historically campaigned against rape and the right of women to dress as they pleased now defend Muslim migrants in Europe in their rape jihad against European women and girls and even go so far as to say the victims are at fault for not dressing in a way that 'provokes' the Muslim migrants.
This world view has also led the international left to support some of the cruelest and even genocidal tyrannies of modern times such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, North Korea, Sudan of Omar al Bashir, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe , Saddam Hussein's genocide of the Kurds and Communist China's suppression of Tibet.
Chapter One takes us from the Balfour Declaration of 1917 to the 1967 Independence War and covers the time 'When Israel Was Admired (Almost All Around)
Chapter Two how the Arab cause became 'Palestinian' and 'progressive'
"No longer was it Israel versus the Arabs. Now it was Israel versus the homeless Palestinians. David had become Goliath"
The Palestinians after realizing they could never win militarily alone launched a two pronged strategy of terror and the greatest propaganda machine since the Third Reich (perhaps even greater as it is more widespread and global)
"Now however a critical makeover had been achieved No longer did Israel enjoy the public relations gifts of opponents who were collaborators of Hitler and Goebbels , now they faced the comrades of such chic ro
manticized figures as Che Guevara and ho Chi Minh. Not only had David become Goliath but on the other side the frog had become a prince"

The book explains in successive chapters about the use of terrorism by the Palestinians and their left wing fellow travelers, the use of the Arab world's oil weapon to pressure the world against Israel, the Arab takeover of the United Nations and how it became a body determined to destroy Israel.
How under the malignant influence of Austria's execrable Jewish-born Chancellor Bruno Kreisky the Socialist International was turned against Israel, and how 'Edward Said conquers academia for Palestine'

The book has chapter on Israel's own internal political culture and in Chapter Eight 'On the Wrong side of the Left's New Paradigm, deals with the International Solidarity Movement which supports the killing of Israeli civilians and refuses to work with even Israel left wing groups.
Their poster girl Rachel Corrie (killed with interfering with an Israeli anti-terror operation ) herself showed scant compassion for Israeli victims of terror.

The author delves into the world of Jews who nurse a pathological hatred of all things Israeli including such evil and malignant figures as academic Norman Finkelstein (every Nazi's favourite Jew) and 'UN Human Rights Council 'Special Raconteur on Israel's violations' and Princeton law professor Richard Falk who supported the Islamic Republic of Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini and today describes Israelis as Nazis and praises suicide bombings as legitimate resistance'
Chapter eleven entitled Israel in the Dock describes the pillorying, demonization and delegitimization of Israel in the wake of the so called second intifada of 2000-2005
How Israel has even been brought to trial in the International Criminal court in the Hague for a purely defensive measure - the Security Fence built by Israel after 1000 of her people were murdered in terror attacks on buses, religious ceremonies (such as the 2002 Netanya Pesach Seder) , discotheques, pizza parlous and Jewish children shot to death in their homes The implication being Israel has no right at all to defend herself against terror. by any means at all

The author describes the sick irony of how Israel is consigned by the world left to darkness and villainy even though according to the left's nominal values such as freedom, democracy , tolerance of religious racial and sexual diversity and social justice Israel is among the world's best and it's enemies rank among the worst.
In his conclusion the author describes how the demonization, delegitimization, isolation and onslaught against Israel imperils its existence and puts its six million Jews at risk of a second holocaust
'Should Israel's enemies succeed the result would be a second Holocaust. This would be a tragedy of unspeakable proportions for the Jews
but not only for them. The world would have lost one of it's most creative countries and the devastation of the Jewish people would cause incalculable harm to the spiritual life of the West and perhaps beyond"
This remarkable book is vital reading for anyone who wishes to know why and how Israel has gone from being one of the most admired countries in the world to one of the most reviled and the total injustice of this. Every decent person in the world will stand by Israel in her hour of need and will say to those who mean her harm 'Stop bullying Israel! Israeli will not become one more Islamic state!'

The Miniaturist
The Miniaturist

5.0 out of 5 stars Intriguing, February 20, 2016
This review is from: The Miniaturist (Kindle Edition)
The year is 1786 in the Netherlands , the Netherlands is at the height of it's prosperity and maritime influence. But Amsterdam is held under the tight fist of the dour Burgomeisters who repressively try to enforce their restrictive Calvinistic norms , ruining more than a few lives in the process.

Nella Oortman a 18 year old farm girl is married off to a wealthy merchant twice her age, Johannes Brandt , who is kindly but distant, more interested seemingly in his vast business dealings than his young bride and with a secret which will be his undoing.
Nella is further made unwelcome by Johannes' sharp tongued and reclusive spinster sister Marin.
Her only friends in the household are the spunky but kindly maid servant and former orphan, a girl of her own age, Cornelia and an African manservant brought as a slave from Dahomey, Otto-the first time Nella has seen a Black person.

Things start to get very mysterious and downright eerie when her Johannes pressnts Nella with cabinet which is an exact miniature of the house and its furniture down to the inhabitants of the house and even the pets

Things soon spin out of control and this is when the book becomes impossible to put down and caused me to read late into the night

This book has all the makings of a modern day classic Love and hate, mercy and cruelty, prosperity and want. Eerie, touching and exciting, this has all the makings of a real literary treasure for lovers of historical fiction and great literature

The Painted Lady
The Painted Lady

5.0 out of 5 stars The model for Lady Britannia and a beautiful lady of iron will, February 13, 2016
This review is from: The Painted Lady (Kindle Edition)
A compelling and quick read very picturesque and evocative with rich dialogue. Brings the court of Charles II to life Too me seven days The story of Frances Stuart, who returns from poverty stricken exile in France to the court of Charles II in restoration England. Frances Stuart was such a great beauty that Following the war with the Dutch, Charles had a commemorative medal cast, in which her face was used as a model for Britannia; this subsequently became customary for medals, coins and statues. She continued to appear on some of the copper coinage of the United Kingdom until the decimalization of the currency in 1971
Charles II, used to getting his own way with women becomes infatuated with Frances who resists his advances who is herself in love with the king's cousin Charles Stuart Duke of Richmond and Lennox,
Her great friend and mentor Mall Villiers stands by her side and the totally malignant and vindictive Lady Barbara Castlemaine will stop at nothing to try and destroy Frances, as Castlemaine is insanely jealous of the king's affections for Frances.
I enjoyed this book.

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