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Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag, Navy/Navy, One Size
Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag, Navy/Navy, One Size
Price: $79.99
4 used & new from $79.95

2.0 out of 5 stars Good-looking bag that will not hold up to frequent and heavy use., July 24, 2015
I've owned the Black/Tan version of the Novel since 2012. Herschel seems to have addressed a few of the original shortcomings of the bag, but there are still a number of issues that would prevent me from recommending this duffel to others.

- Attractive. The contrast of the "leather" handles against the black on the Black/Tan version is nice. The red and white striped pattern of the lining is a nice detail as well.
- Separate shoe compartment is a good idea.
- Comes with a shoulder strap, which surprisingly, not all duffels come with (I'm looking at you, Fjallraven!)

- No other pockets, not counting the shoe compartment. However, I did get this bag in 2012, and according to Herschel's website, it seems that they added an internal zipper pocket at some point. That being said, for the bag with a capacity of 42.5L, not having any (if you have an older version of the bag) or just having one (if you have a more recent version of the bag) internal/external compartment is a bit of a bummer.
- The shoe compartment, while a nice idea, could be executed a little better. When you stick in a pair of shoes, the only thing separating your shoes from the contents of the main compartment are two layers of the striped fabric liner, which is very thin, not waterproof, and not very good at isolating any odors from your shoes. This could be solved by getting a shoe bag for your kicks, but that defeats the purpose of having a built-in shoe compartment.
- Flimsy plastic hooks for connecting shoulder straps to the duffel. Herschel seems to have improved the design of the hooks a bit, which is good. On my bag from 2012, the hooks were completely made of plastic, and were not very good at holding much of a load.
- Fake leather for straps on the Black/Tan version starts to deteriorate and flake off after a short while. The handles on my bag currently look like shredded fabric. Shredded fabric might be trendy on other things, but it's not what I would look for in a duffel.

Stanton Uberstand Laptop Stand
Stanton Uberstand Laptop Stand
Price: $99.00
16 used & new from $79.89

1.0 out of 5 stars One extremely poor design choice ruins what could have been an excellent laptop stand., March 30, 2015
I purchased this lapstop stand several years ago when I was looking for an attractive, sturdy, high quality, and well-designed product. While it did meet most of the criteria, the Uberstand incorporates a really mind-boggling design choice with the hinge locks (more on this later) that make it a poor choice for a laptop stand.

- Very attractive. Make no mistakes, this lapstop stand looks great. Machined aluminum almost always looks good.
- High quality, all metal parts (mostly). Except for the hinge locks, everything else looks like it should be able to withstand a lot of abuse.
- Detachable, friction fit platform for your DJ interface unit (like the Serato SL-series).
- Comes with a handy cinching pouch for storage.

- THE HINGE LOCKS. To better illustrate this point, let's first discuss how the Uberstand works. The top assembly (that holds the laptop) and the bottom assembly (that rests on the tabletop or surface) are both connected to the center spine with hinges. For storage, you fold both of these assembles so that they're parallel to the center spine, and it can be packed flat. To deploy, you flip both assemblies out 270 degrees so that they're perpendicular to the center spine. To keep the Uberstand locked in the unfolded position, Stanton did not include a more graceful built-in lock. Instead of including thumbscrews, knobs, or wing nuts to lock the stand, Stanton forces the user to use separately included plastic zip ties, that can be easily lost, or broken (as mentioned by another reviewer). It is a really poorly-designed option that brings down what would otherwise be a completely solid, premium piece of equipment.

With all that said, you can certainly use the stand even without the zip ties. I personally have not had the stand undo itself on accident, and some other reviewers have also reported the same. And if the zip ties break, you can always purchase more, or use velcro straps. However, if you are going to drop nearly $100 for a laptop stand, would you accept such a poor design choice?

Replacement Wireless Charger Cradle for Moto 360 Third Party Replacement Charger (Gray)
Replacement Wireless Charger Cradle for Moto 360 Third Party Replacement Charger (Gray)
Offered by YuTaoZ
Price: $9.99

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Not a perfect replacement for the stock Moto 360 charger., January 27, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Apparently, while the Moto 360 can be charged with any Qi charger, some chargers don't work as well because they overheat the Moto 360. I believe the Moto 360 has overheat protection built in, so it automatically cut out charging when temperatures get too high. The unfortunate side-effect of this is that charging will cut in and out and in and out, which is less than ideal. This particular YutaoZ charger was advertised to have overheat protection built in, so I decided to give it a try.

- Good quality construction. The charger is made of thick plastic, and the base is also weighted.
- Perfecf fit. The charger's form is also nearly identical to the stock Moto 360 charging cradle, so there is no problems with seating the Moto 360.
- Comes in a few different colors, unlike the black-only offering from Motorola.
- Affordable. As of this writing, this charging cradle is only half the price of Motorola's.

Not so good!
- Sandpaper-like texture, as opposed to the stock charger's soft-touch surface. With repeated use, I feel the rough texture might be enough to scratch the plastic back of the Moto 360.
- Doesn't come with an AC adapter or microUSB cable, but to be fair, many of us will likely have many spare AC adapters and microUSB cables anyway
- Charging cuts in and out. This is my biggest problem with this charging cradle. I'm not sure if this is the Moto 360's fault, or the charger's fault, or a combination of both, but once the Moto 360 reaches levels above 75% or so, the charging begins to start and stop itself multiple times. I could tell this is happening because the charging screen starts and stops, and the Moto 360 also vibrates every time charging begins. This is also shown in the jagged line when observing the battery levels within the Android Wear app. While this issue doesn't sound like a big deal, it was enough to drive me nuts because it would buzz a bunch of times randomly in the middle of the night. Whatever the case, it doesn't seem like the advertised overheat protection works properly.
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 30, 2015 11:53 AM PDT

Square Jellyfish Spring Tripod Mount for Smart Phones 2-1/4 - 3-5/8" Wide
Square Jellyfish Spring Tripod Mount for Smart Phones 2-1/4 - 3-5/8" Wide
Offered by Square Jellyfish
Price: $14.95
3 used & new from $12.53

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Versatile, but do yourself a favor and just get the metal version., January 26, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Was looking for a selfie-stick mount for my Nexus 6. This had all the features I was looking for, but unfortunately failed after a few uses.

- Portrait and landscape modes (plus anything in between). Many cell phone mounts only offer one orientation or the other. You can adjust this by loosening the knob shown on the back.
- Accommodates a good range of phone sizes. I've tested it on an iPhone 4, and it also fits my Nexus 6 comfortably (which is equivalent to a Samsung Note 4 or iPhone 6 Plus).
- Grips the phone decently well. The springs offer a good amount of tension, and the grips are lined with rubber.
- Decently compact. The phone grips can fold, and the mount is easily pocketed.

- Not durable. The screw threading is plastic, and wore out on me after just a few uses. I would highly discourage anyone from using this as a selfie-stick mount. The mount holds my phone just fine, except that I don't trust the mount to be securely screwed to the tripod or selfie-stick. The metal version of this mount is here: Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount for Smart Phones 2-1/4 - 3-5/8" Wide (METAL VERSION)(Stand not Included)

StrapsCo Tan Thick Vintage Leather Watch Band size 22mm
StrapsCo Tan Thick Vintage Leather Watch Band size 22mm

3.0 out of 5 stars Looks good, but very stiff, not very comfortable, and not compatible with the Moto 360., January 19, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a decent looking watch band that I was hoping to use with my Moto 360. It doesn't fit the Moto 360, but I'm giving 3-star rating for the band itself for use with regular watches, not because it doesn't work with the Moto 360 since it wasn't advertised as such.

- Nice color, a lighter brown against black edges.
- Comes with a pair of 22mm spring bars.

- Very stiff and a little uncomfortable, most likely because of how thick these bands are. They weren't kidding when they said this band is thick, as the pictures don't really offer a good idea of how thick 4mm is for a watch band (look at a ruler instead). The leather isn't very supple, either, so combined with how stiff the bands are, it just doesn't feel too comfortable around a wrist.
- Pre-punched holes start off at a wrist size that is much too large, at least for me. I do have fairly small wrists, however, and I suppose they assume skinny wrists wouldn't wear a watch band as thick as these. This is nothing a hole punch can't solve, but just be aware that the default wrist size range is fairly limited.

As a Moto 360 band: Not recommended. To be fair, nowhere does the description state that these would work in any smart watch, but I figured any 22mm band would serve as a drop-in replacement. I realize now that you really do have to pay attention to the thickness of the band (the Moto 360 works best with 2mm thick bands), and the band should also have a notch cut out in the center of the ends of the strap that connect to the watch (look up any smart watch band replacement to see what I mean).

Amphipod RunLite 8 oz. SnapFlask Module, 2 Pack
Amphipod RunLite 8 oz. SnapFlask Module, 2 Pack
Offered by Revel Sports
Price: $15.95
2 used & new from $15.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Works with the Airflow Endurance pack, January 3, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
While Amphipod's own website says the SnapFlasks aren't compatible with their Airflow Endurance Pack Airflow Endurance Pack BLACK, I've been able to use them successfully.

- Attaches just fine to the belt straps of the Airflow Endurance Pack, but I have to attach them in front on my belly, though I would have preferred to attach them against my lumbar instead. You can also attach it so that the bottles face sideways, or upside-down, but I haven't noticed a need to use any other orientation than right-side up.
- Secure. I have yet to knock these bottles out of their holders while running, but I am pretty good about not brushing my limbs against them. They seem to hold up fine with the regular bounce of running.
- Minimal leaking. I previously used a Nathan Trail Mix belt Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt, and the included bottles tended to leak unless you really tightened them. I haven't experienced that with these bottles.
- Tasteless. I just use water, and I haven't noticed a plastic-like taste, though this may change with extended use. The bottles on my Nathan Trail Mix definitely makes my water taste funny.
- Bright, high-visibility color.

- Pricy. Combined with an Airflow Endurance Pack, the total can run you up to about $50.
- No fun color choices.

Airflow Endurance Pack BLACK
Airflow Endurance Pack BLACK
Offered by Teamstores
Price: $26.95
3 used & new from $26.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Great running waistpack, with a more generous size to fit your phablet., January 3, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I owned a Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt which I was fairly satisfied with, but it could barely fit my HTC One M7. Once I got a Nexus 6, I knew I had to get a bigger waistpack, and Amphipod's website advertised the Airflow Endurance to be able to carry an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, so I went with it. The good news is that it does fit, but I also found that it's a great running waistpack in and of itself.

- Large enough to hold most current phablets, as long as you don't have any huge cases. I'm using a Nexus 6 with a Nexus 6 Case, Spigen® [Air Cushioned Bumper] Nexus 6 Case Bumper **NEW** [Ultra Hybrid Series] [Gunmetal] Scratch Resistant Bumper Case with Clear Back Panel for Google Nexus 6 (2014) - Gunmetal (SGP11244), which is a relatively slim case, and the Endurance pack can zip up, just with a small amount of difficulty.
- Separated inner pocket will let you slip in your keys in a separate section so it won't rub against your phone (though it amazes me how many people still carry their keys/coins and phone in the same pocket).
- Two small open-top mesh pockets can fit gel packs, though I don't use them.
- Can attach Amphipod's Snapflask modules Amphipod RunLite 8 oz. SnapFlask Module, 2 Pack. The Amphipod website says the Snapflasks aren't compatible, but I have no idea why, because they most certainly attach to the Endurance's belt just fine. I do have to attach the Snapflasks in front of my belly, instead of having the flasks near my back like my older Nathan Trail Mix.
- Highly-adjustable elastic belt lets you get a nice, tight fit to eliminate bouncing. I run about 5-10 miles at a time, and I'm 5'10", 145 pounds and typically wear size 30 pants. I did have a slight bouncing problem on my old Nathan Trail Mix belt, but I've found the Airflow Endurance to be a much better fit and does not bounce much at all, even with two full 8-oz Snapflasks attached.

- No color choices other than black, at the time of this writing. I would have liked a high-visibility yellow, or any other color, really, but you don't have much of a choice.
- Can't attach Snapflasks to the back so that you're carrying them against your lumbar. I prefer the flasks against my back since I feel that's the least-obstructive position for water bottles. The Snapflasks attach to the belt strap, so the farthest back you can attach the flasks will be the sides of your hips. I had to attach my 8-oz flasks near the front, on either side of my belly button, which works fine as long as I'm aware of brushing my arms and hands against them while running.
- A little pricy. The Endurance pack plus a pair of Snapflasks can easily run you close to $50. It's certainly not the cheapest option if you're looking for hydration waistpack, but you don't have much of a choice if you need one to carry your phablet.

Motorolla Keylink - Bluetooth Phone and Key Finder
Motorolla Keylink - Bluetooth Phone and Key Finder

14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good when it works, range and battery life are greatly exaggerated., January 3, 2015
I've had my Keylink for about a month with a Moto X 2014 (which was returned, then used with a Nexus 6), and it's been working fine for me. The functionality is great, but the advertised range and battery life are exaggerated. Keep in mind that these are my experiences with Android handsets. Not all functionality will be available on iOS.

- Location finder function is nice. Using Motorola's Connect App, and view its last known location via Google Maps. You can also "ping" it and make it beep using its onboard speaker. Conversely, you can also enable the Keylink to "ping" your phone, so that when you double-click the button on the Keylink, your phone will beep loudly. The Connect App says enabling the "Find your phone" mode increases battery drain on the phone, but I've found the drain to be minimal at best.
- Convenient to use as "Trusted Device" on Android. On Android 5.0 Lollipop, there is a function called "Smart Lock", which can automatically remove the PIN/password/pattern lock on your phone if you are connected to a "Trusted Device", which are typically Bluetooth devices. You can have it set up so that the Keylink is a "Trusted Device", and whenever your phone is in range and connected to the Keylink, you'll only have to swipe to unlock your phone instead of going through your secure lock screen.
- Battery changing is easy and requires no tools. Just a thumbnail and a spare CR2032 cell are needed, the latter of which you can easily find here on Amazon.
- Splash-proof. Haven't tested out how much water the Keylink can handle, but Motorola's website touts that the Keylink can handle a little water. The electronic innards appear to be sealed with a rubber or silicone grommet, so it can probably take a little splashing, but probably not a swim in the pool (or toilet).

- The advertised 100-foot range is most certainly exaggerated. I've found that in real-life settings where your Keylink is not within line-of-sight of your phone, you're looking at something more along the lines of 10-20 feet. I'm okay with this, but just be aware that you're going to have to be fairly close to use the "pinging" functions.
- The onboard speaker on the Keylink is pretty quiet. You'll be okay if you're in a quiet setting, but I don't think you'll have much luck if you try to "ping" your Keylink at a bar or many other public settings where you're likely to lose your keys (or whatever else you attach your Keylink to).
- The advertised one-year battery life is also just a little exaggerated. UPDATE 07/07/2015: My original review criticized the battery life out of the box, because it was only a month before the Motorola Connect app gave a notification at the battery was low. But, I put in a fresh battery in December, and I got a low battery warning at the beginning of July. Half a year of battery life is good, but it isn't a full year, like advertised.
- Size of the Keylink could be a little more compact. To be fair, the Keylink isn't that big to begin with... think of a guitar pick, but as thick as a pencil. The only reason I complain about this is that upon opening the Keylink to change its battery, I noticed there's a millimeter or two or empty space that I feel could have been reduced with a bit of better engineering.
- Hard to find! Motorola's own website is out of stock, and I've noticed that the prices are greatly inflated elsewhere on the Internet (including here on Amazon). MSRP is only $25, so don't pay more than that unless you're desperate. I was able to find one pretty easily at a T-Mobile brick-and-mortar store, so try that first.

UPDATE 7/07/2015: So I originally wrote that I had to change my battery within a month of purchasing the Keylink. While that is true, I'm still currently on the first battery change, so the new battery has lasted about six months. That's certainly better than the one month battery life expectancy I had originally thought to be the case. Because of this, I'm increasing my review to four stars. Motorola also offers a small portable battery with Keylink capabilities: Motorola Quartz Canvas Portable Battery - Retail Packaging - Dark
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Nexus 6 Case, Spigen® [Air Cushioned Bumper] Nexus 6 Case Bumper **NEW** [Ultra Hybrid Series] [Gunmetal] Scratch Resistant Bumper Case with Clear Back Panel for Google Nexus 6 (2014) - Gunmetal (SGP11244)
Nexus 6 Case, Spigen® [Air Cushioned Bumper] Nexus 6 Case Bumper **NEW** [Ultra Hybrid Series] [Gunmetal] Scratch Resistant Bumper Case with Clear Back Panel for Google Nexus 6 (2014) - Gunmetal (SGP11244)
Offered by Spigen Inc
Price: $15.99
2 used & new from $6.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good case, but not many other options currently available., December 24, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Right now, there are very few choices for Nexus 6 cases. Fortunately, this is a decently good case that I'm sure will satisfy many Nexus 6 owners.

- Slim, low-profile case. Offers a good amount of protection without adding too much bulk. I can actually fit the Nexus 6, with this case, onto the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder, if only barely (you'll have to squeeze the side tabs that open the holder in order to make a few millimeters of space needed to fit).
- Small lip on screen side lets you rest the phone on its face on a flat surface without making contact with the glass screen.
- Side buttons are easy to press.
- Cutouts for the headphone jack on top and microUSB port at the bottom are cut a little wider to accommodate a wider range of jacks and microUSB cables.
- Clean, minimal, no-frills design. There are no unnecessary flares or curves or designs that make the case look cheesy.
- Tight fit. Spigen may have tightened up their design, because I'm not seeing a loose fit as mentioned by earlier reviewers.

- Color representation in the product shots are a little off. The colored edges are mostly matte, with some glossy accents. The Gunmetal Gray is a pretty deep gray, and the Metal Slate is a deep blue-black. Neither are really metallic at all, which is fine, but the names are misleading. I just wished the Gunmetal Gray was a lighter gray so that it wouldn't be that close to black.
- Glossy plastic back is a fingerprint and dust magnet. A frosted plastic back (like a matte plastic texture, and not just a rubberized coating) would be a good choice to offer, as that would offer reduce the appearance of skin oils, and increase grip slightly.

So far, this case currently seems like the best choice for slim cases that offer decent and not too minimal protection. It's not the perfect case, at least for me, but it's perfectly serviceable.

Car Charger, Incipio [Faster] Quick Charge 2.0 USB Car Charger-Black
Car Charger, Incipio [Faster] Quick Charge 2.0 USB Car Charger-Black
Offered by Mob Gear
Price: $17.99
14 used & new from $17.99

7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Charges as advertised, but not one of the better choices., December 23, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
There are very few options for Quick Charge 2.0 car chargers, and this charger was one of the only ones available at the time. Here's my experience with it.

- Clean design.
- Accelerated Quick Charge 2.0 charging. I haven't done any empirical tests, but it does seem to charge my Moto X 2014 faster than the 2A car charger I had used previously. See notes at the bottom for an explanation of how Quick Charge works, as it's not straight-up faster charging.
- One of the few Quick Charge 2.0 chargers available at the time I was looking. **UPDATE 1/29/2015**: Other Quick Charge 2.0 car chargers are now listed on Amazon, see bottom of the review for my recommendation.

- Expensive. I have since found other Quick Charge 2.0 car chargers for less. **UPDATE 1/29/2015**: The price on the Incipio has dropped to other comparable chargers on Amazon, so this is no longer much of an issue.
- Not very compact. At first, I thought it needed extra hardware for Quick Charge capabilities, but I've found a more compact car charger later, which means it's possible for the Incipio to have a smaller form factor.
- Doesn't work in all car outlets. I couldn't get the charger to work in the cigarette port in my car, but I was able to get it to work in another car. Not sure why.

I ended up returning the Incipio charger and got one a Ventev Dashport Q1200. It wasn't on Amazon at the time of this review, but I was able to pick it up on eBay for less than the Incipio (and the Ventev even came with a flat micro-USB cable). The Ventev charger also is much more compact, sitting nearly flush with car outlets. **UPDATE 1/29/2015**: The Ventev Q1200 is now listed on Amazon: Ventev - dashport q1200 Car Charger with Single USB Port 2Amp, Includes Micro USB Cable

About Quick Charge: Make sure your phone supports Quick Charge 2.0, otherwise this (and any other Quick Charge charger) will just charge your device at typical USB charger speeds. Also, understand that Quick Charge pumps up the charging voltage when your battery is at lower percentages, then slows down as your battery level approaches full. Think of it as pouring water quickly into an empty cup, then slowing your pour to a trickle as the cup gets full.
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