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Godzilla Vs Monster Zero (SP Mode) [VHS]
Godzilla Vs Monster Zero (SP Mode) [VHS]
Offered by Hellava Life
Price: $10.95
29 used & new from $1.00

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars One of the better written Godzilla films., August 13, 2005
This film is one of my childhood favs. It is one of the few Godzilla films that I actually do not fast forward through the ridiculous human drama. TOHO has rehashed the story of this one many times the latest being "Godzilla: Final Wars".

Tetsui is a great nerd-like character who saves the world. I also like the two astronauts and the aliens with their mod space outfits and quirky hand signs.

Some have mentioned that they are disappointed that Ghidrah is always referred to as Monster Zero. Actually, if you listen closely, the astronauts call it by its actual Japanese kaiju name of King Ghidorah, something that was never done in the English dubs of the older Godzilla films.

The best thing about this film is Nick Adams as the American astronaut, Glen. His presence adds a nice feeling of universal cooperation (as it did in his other turn for Japan kaiju "Frankenstein Conquers The World") and he even looks good in that white and yellow outfit that looks like an Egghead suit from the TV show Batman. His dialogue is great. When the aliens reveal their evil plan to dominate Earth, he hisses "Those double crossing finks!" When the aliens exterminate his robot girlfriend, he yells "You rats! You stinkin' rats, what did you do to her!"

Priceless! He must have had a ball filming this picture.

The special effects are TOP notch in this. Yeah, they use a lot of footage from previous films, and its three guys in rubber suits, but they make up for it with the transport of Godzilla & Rodan to planet X, the showing of the sound waves and how to counter-act them, and the disintegration of the female robot is a great effect.

The famous Godzilla superiority dance after the defeat of King Ghidorah is VERY silly. You either love it or hate it. Personally, I think it looks a little too much like a winning Popeye moment, but as a child, I remember loving that moment. This was the point when the Godzilla movies were changing direction to appeal more to kids.

As an installment in the famous kaiju franchise, this is one of the more memorable films which has a good story line that is not bogged down by a whining child star. It's a keeper! It ranks up their with "Ghidrah, The Three Headed Monster" and is a great double feature with that movie and/or "Destroy All Monsters", the most ambitious of the earlier Godzilla films.

Akira Ifikube's musical score is a bit repetitious but there are some nice themes, including the films opening theme, which doubles as the alien theme for this film.

Stagecoach DVD
Stagecoach DVD
DVD ~ Stagecoach

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars To Yog - Or Not to Yog?, August 13, 2005
This review is from: Stagecoach DVD (DVD)
To Yog or not to Yog? That is the question. This is a later installment from the boyz who brought us Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidrah (aka: King Ghidorah). The Toho company stopped producing these kinds of films a few years after this one. None of the aforementioned monsters are in this film, which is about a nasty space amoeba that rode to earth on a satelite bound for home.

Gone are the scenes of mass destruction in cities like Tokyo, Okinawa, and Hokaido. In its stead, are scenes of helpless island natives and tourists running around with spears and gas cans. Hmmmm... tanks, fighter jets, and rocket launchers have been useless with these types of monsters before.

It seems that the Yog-ster can inhabit the bodies of small aquatic creatures and make them gigantic. A giant turtle (uh, can you say Gamera rip-off!), a giant crab (not Ebirah, the giant lobster that fought Godzilla), and my favorite - Gazora, a giant walking octopus who looks like he was fashioned by slapping two mattresses together and then attaching some rubber legs and glooing on some ping-pong ball eyes. By the way, rumor has it that the budget was so lo on this one, that they opted not to fix the lighting of Gazora's eyes when they burned out half way through production, thus, in some scenes the eyes glow, and in some... they don't... And though it did come from the bankrupted film company American International, it wasn't a Roger Corman film. You get three monsters in Yog, but though the first shot of the film shows them all fighting one another for a few brief seconds, we do not get the grand battle of the the trio of titans. We get a short battle between the turtle and another crab (You'll know what I mean by that if you watch the film), but it is staged on a boring mountain and doesn't really get too exciting.

Then the strangest thing happens in the last half of the movie. Yog inhabits the body of a sleezy guy in a white leisure suit. My question here is the obvious one... then why didn't this guy turn into a giant monster in a white leisure suit. Now THAT would have been entertaining.

This movie is an uninspired rehash for only the die-hard daikaiju fan. It is kind of fun in its silliness and the actors do the best with what they have, (especially the guy in the leisure suit) but it is definitely ultra low low budget, so don't expect great costumes or effects. The best suit is the turtle Koemeba who is seen torn to shreds in the recent "Godzilla : Tokyo SOS", so I guess one of them did make it into a G film... well kind of.

Lastly, the best ingredient in this film, is its music by Akira Ifikube. The grand master of Japanese kaiju soundtracks turns in some nice music here, with some haunting monster and action themes. Sadly, and ironically the delicious music is wasted on a lackluster production.

Gamera vs. Monster X / Monster from a Prehistoric Planet
Gamera vs. Monster X / Monster from a Prehistoric Planet
DVD ~ Tamio Kawachi
18 used & new from $0.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Great Gamera Movie! Poor Quality Copy!, August 13, 2005
When you see a message at the beginning of your DVD that says "We have done our best to preserve the quality... blah blah blah" then you know you've just been had. Yep! The quality of the movies on these DVDs - both pan/scan are poor quality. The Gappa film is very dark and "muddy". It looks like a very old 16MM dub.

I bought this because I wanted a copy of "G Vs. Jiger" on DVD. It was cheap so I am not complaining more than I already have.

As Gamera films go, I really liked "Gamera Vs. Monster X" (Jiger). The two main kid heroes are a little older in this one, so they were not so annoying. The fact that they are wearring scout outfits throughout is kind of strange and the little girl in the movie is just creepy. Watch it and I am sure you will agree. I don't know if it is the fact that an adult actress is doing the English child voice in the dub or if its just the fact that she looks like one of the flying monkeys from the "Wizard Of Oz". I am shuddering now just writing this passage about her - WEIRD!!!

Anyway, Jiger is a ridiculous costume. He is a quadruped like Barugon and Guiron with a stinging tail, suction cup skin, and rhino-like horns that shoot bone darts. He also has a bitchin' heat ray. Though the costume is a bit silly, the effects in this movie are not too shabby. There is some serious city devastation in this one. More than in most Gamera films. The Expo center set is not too remarkable, but it beats a wooded area with a few popsickle stick electric towers anyday.

The best part is the boys venturing into Gamera (Yeah - right. Their parents are going to let them do that!) to find out what is wrong with him. Great homage to "Fantastic Voyage". Inside they must battle a mini Jiger with no weapons. Now that's tension.

A hysterically silly kaiju film with an incredibly gory escape from death by Gamera, where he has to pull a bone dart through each of his limbs in order to fly again. Ahhhhh! That's gotta hurt!

Come to think of it... I could never understand how Gamera could fly with fire jetting out of his shell holes and never get burned. Hmmmm.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Don't think. Just enjoy. This Gamera is a fun one. Get a copy.

Gamera Vs. Guiron [VHS]
Gamera Vs. Guiron [VHS]
Offered by surfcitysales
Price: $19.98
10 used & new from $4.25

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A Knife-Headed Monster... Priceless!!!, August 13, 2005
This review is from: Gamera Vs. Guiron [VHS] (VHS Tape)
First off, let me say, that I love the Gamera films. As others have said before it mystifies you that these films are geared toward children audiences and yet, the violence and violent themes abound.

The deliciously wicked and attractive female aliens in this film want to eat our young heroes brains. In a wonderful cameo, a silver Space Gaos gets sliced and diced by Guiron, thus showing his powerful might. This film rocks!

Yes, we laugh at the comical fight between Gamera and Guiron as he spins round and round on the metal building support like a kaiju athletic star. Yes, we love it when Guiron materializes metal shurikens in his head from no where and fires them at Gamera's eyes. Gruesome yet hilariously fun at the same time.

If you want to have some brews with the boys and watch a TOTALLY entertaining Japanese monster flick - you should check out this poorly dubbed wonder. It is as fun as "Godzilla Vs. Megalon" and is a great double feature with "Gamera Vs. Viras" (aka: Destroy All Planets) and/or "Gamera Vs. Jiger" (aka: Gamera Vs. Monster X).

Gamera Vs Zigra [VHS]
Gamera Vs Zigra [VHS]

2.0 out of 5 stars Lowest Budget Gamera - The End Was Nigh!, August 13, 2005
This review is from: Gamera Vs Zigra [VHS] (VHS Tape)
"Gamera Vs. Zigra" was the last of the original classic Gamera films by Daie (Daei? Daiei?) and was obviously the lowest budget. The spaceships, moonsets, and models are remarkably cheesy. They looked like storebought toys. Yes, the kids in this film are not only the youngest, but the most annoying children in any kaiju movie (and thats a long list). Everything out of their mouth will make you wince. Zigra is an uninspired kaiju, looking like a reject from an episode of Ultraman or Zone Fighter. The concept is not so interesting (as we already got a giant space octopus in "Gamera Vs. Virus") and the suit was just... well... cheap. Speaking of cheap suits, the female alien in this wears a space suit from a previous Gamera film "Gamera Vs. Guiron" (Guillon to some). Shame, shame. Did they not think that fans of the series would not notice that? Or maybe by this time, they just didn't care. Perhaps they knew the end was nigh.

The most remarkable thing about this movie is the lack of Gamera. Yes... The big flying fire breathing turtle whose name is on the film, doesn't get much screen time. He makes a brief fly by at around the twelve minute mark, but his first real screen time isn't until -- are you ready for this -- Twenty seven minutes into the film. What were they thinking? It is no wonder that it took years (decades) for them to manage to make another Gamera film. I haven't seen the elusive early 80's "Space Monster Gamera" movie that was pieced together using old Gamera footage yet. I hear it is worse than this mess of a film, but I can not see how. I have seen the US dubbed version that is not wide screen. I feel that watching the Japanese version probably wouldn't be a much better experience.

OK, Gamera films are for kids and we can usually laugh at the poor quality of the effects with a fond heart. I am sorry to say as a die-hard kaiju fan, that this film is so bad, we can't even do that. As one other reviewer so elloquently stated in an earlier review, if you are a fan of kaiju movies, then buy "Gamera Vs. Zigra" for your collection, but you probably will only watch it once.

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