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TECHO® Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit for Iphone 6 / 6 Plus / 5s / 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S5, Mobile Phone (0.45x Super Wide Angle Lens + 12.5x Super Macro Lens + 37mm Thread Clip Holder)
TECHO® Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit for Iphone 6 / 6 Plus / 5s / 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S5, Mobile Phone (0.45x Super Wide Angle Lens + 12.5x Super Macro Lens + 37mm Thread Clip Holder)
Price: $39.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great Macro lens, so-so Super Wide, nice clip, August 3, 2015
I received a free sample for an evaluation and honest review.

I've used a series of other clip-on lenses for my phones, mostly from a company named YOPO. Those lenses are much smaller than these - MUCH smaller. Even after viewing the pictures here on Amazon, I was surprised by the size of this when I unpacked it. While less portable than smaller lenses, larger lenses have certain optical advantages - and one disadvantage in the case of this kit.

I hope to add some photos, but until then, I'll try to describe my impressions.

(*) Super Wide Angle Lens: 3 Stars. This lens is the bulk of the size, and you'd expect the image quality to justify that bulk. This TECHO lens kit has less curvature on the edges on the Super Wide Angle lens than the smaller kits have, but it does still have some. Image quality, though, is good. The biggest issue for me, and why I rate this lens as "okay" is that the edges of the lens housing are visible in the image. The lens is so large that the black housing is visible in the field of view, at least on my Galaxy S3. It looks like a black circular frame in the edges of the picture. I admit to not being a fan of that.

(*) Macro Lens: 5 Stars. This is the star of the show, IMO. It works very well and doesn't have any image distortion that I've noticed. It also seems to have a larger range of distances in which my phone can focus compared to the smaller lens kits. With the smaller kits, I have to work pretty hard to get the camera at just the right distance to get a nice focused image. It's easier with this lens. The Macro lens is also pretty thin, so while it is a larger diameter than those in the smaller kits, it's not very bulky at all.

(*) Lens Clip: 4 Stars, bordering on 5. At first, I thought this clip was worse than my others because there wasn't obvious padding on the inside to protect my phone. Upon further inspection, I saw that it does have a protective material on both clamping surfaces, but it is thinner and (I think) higher quality than on my other clips. It's easy to put on and remove from my phone, and it seems well made. I docked it a little bit because sometimes it takes a bit of time to line up the threads on the lens to get it engaged to screw on.

(*) Optics in general: 4 Stars. The glass is mostly well made, and I don't see issues in the images, but there are a couple of visible particles trapped in the lenses (one in each lens). The particles in mine are off to the side, and perhaps they passed inspection because of that, but I do wonder if I just got lucky and didn't have one in the center.

The hardware is sturdy and well made, and it all comes packaged securely in foam. The kit also comes with a decent carrying case along with a cleaning cloth for the lenses.

I love the Macro lens, like the design and quality of the clip, and think that the packaging and case/cleaning cloth all add up to a solid four star product. The Super Wide Angle lens isn't my choice because I can see the lens housing in the images, and I wouldn't recommend this kit if that is an issue for you. For close up macro shots, I think this is a solid choice.

Desertwolf Vintage Canvas Tote Bags - Hobo Bag - Cross Body Handbags with Shoulder Strap - Fit 12" Laptop
Desertwolf Vintage Canvas Tote Bags - Hobo Bag - Cross Body Handbags with Shoulder Strap - Fit 12" Laptop
Offered by EM Store
Price: $29.99

5.0 out of 5 stars This thing is just super well made, August 2, 2015
Length:: 2:58 Mins

I received a free sample for an evaluation and honest review.

The video shows off the bag and gives my overall impressions of it. Below are some highlights.

First off, this bag is very well made. The whole thing just exudes quality, IMO. Very nice material construction, and not one bit of it feels cheap to me. I also love how the canvas feels - it's just so "earthy."

It can hold a decent amount of stuff, but just realize that not all of the pockets are fully contained. There are three zippered pouches about the size of a cell phone that completely close and will hold in your stuff. The front flap does not securely close, so stuff in that front pouch could spill out. Also, the main compartment doesn't completely close - the zipper has opening on both ends. While any large object in the main compartment will be contained easily, small items could fall out.

As long as you're okay with it not completely securely everything, I have no problem recommending this. The quality construction and great feel of the material are fantastic. This is one of the products that I knew as I unpacked it that it was very well made. Some things come across as cheap, but not this. Every detail is well made, but just know that not every pocket is completely secure.

BTSKY™ New USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone with Mini Stand (Black)
BTSKY™ New USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone with Mini Stand (Black)
Offered by Theoneer
Price: $35.99
2 used & new from $35.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful USB mic at a great price, August 2, 2015
Length:: 3:51 Mins

(I received a free sample for an evaluation and honest review.)

The video shows off the mic and features audio from the mic itself in the last ~1.5 minutes (and it's labeled in the video when I'm using the mic). Overall, I'm quite impressed for the current price of ~$35, and below are some highlights and additional details.

Two years ago, I bought a Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone that works fantastically well, but those run about $100. About six months later, I tried out a Samson MTR101A Studio Microphone Kit that is a great mic, but it requires a phantom power supply and also costs about $100. I also recently tried out an Innogear condenser mic that requires a phantom power supply, but costs under $30 and does a great job.

Enter this mic. Currently about 1/3 the price of the more expensive options, and just slightly over the price of the Innogear. This doesn't require a separate phantom power supply (that'll cost you about $20 or more), and I think that it performs very well. I don't require any sort of professional-level recording, so this is just the opinion of someone who uses mics for internet chatting and videos. I'm quite impressed by the natural sound of it and the overall build quality. The mic, as well as the cable it comes with, is built very well. Nice aluminum housing and solid connector on the bottom. The cable isn't flimsy at all and is plenty long. I love that it also comes with a stand.

Note that this mic is unidirectional, meaning that it really only has a good response in one direction. If you talk into the back of the mic, it's really quiet.

While unidirectional, this competes very well against the Blue Yeti unless you want something other than unidirectional and want a nice headphone amp. The Yeti is a great piece of equipment, but it's about three times as expensive as this even when it's on sale. This mic comes with everything that you'll need - the mic, a nice stand, and no need for a special power source - any USB power port will do. It's very attractive, IMO, and is a strong competitor to the Yeti for most folks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll respond as quickly as I can. Thanks!

iCanvasART Jardin De Giverny by Claude Monet Canvas Art Print, 26 by 18-Inch
iCanvasART Jardin De Giverny by Claude Monet Canvas Art Print, 26 by 18-Inch
Offered by buyartforless
Price: $55.00
3 used & new from $55.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Exceptional canvas, beautiful ink job, so-so framing, August 1, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
The canvas and ink used for this print are, IMO, top notch. The canvas has texture to it and comes across like a real canvas used for painting. The colors in the ink are vivid and just pop, and it is a matte finish so it doesn't look glossy and like an obvious print job unless you get up close and look at the texture. It is just ink on canvas, and there is no attempt to make the surface look like it was painted - but it is nonetheless a very good reproduction.

For the image itself, it looks just like the product pictures here to me. If you like the artwork on this page, I sincerely believe that you will be happy with how this looks when you get it. The frame depth is listed accurately at 0.75 inch, but the product image currently on the page fooled me a bit, as I think it shows one of their sizes that is 1.5 inches deep. I did think it would be deeper than it was when I unpacked it, but it's still a nice size.

The frame job (and packaging) is where this art falters a bit. For the most part, it is well done - and I don't mean to convey that it looks shoddy. However, one of the sides on mine wasn't wrapped around the back far enough, and part of the white border is obvious on that side versus seeing the printed image covering the entire side like how it's shown on the page here. The pine frame also seems somewhat low quality and isn't completely straight all around the border. More minor, but still a note about the overall quality of framing, is that a couple of the corners arrived with the canvas bent outwards on the back side where I expected it to be flush. That could have been due to how it's packed by the manufacturer. The packaging kept it secure with foam blocks on each corner holding this in a cardboard box, and it did arrive is good shape. However, there was no protective wrap around the art itself, which I found a bit baffling - the foam was in direct contact with the print, and I'm really happy that I got home to bring this inside before a storm hit that day because it was only surrounded by cardboard. I think that you're taking some risk ordering this given the lack of moisture protection in the packaging, but Amazon's A-to-z guarantee has you covered if it arrives damaged.

This is my second artwork order in the past couple of weeks, and I'd like to compare it against the build quality of the Lake with Wooden Bridge Pier under Sunset 20"x30" x 3 Panels from another company that costs the same amount - but essentially gives you three times the area of wall space. The images are totally different, and I don't want to comment on the art itself - just the quality of the product. The canvas and ink on this print are far superior to that other print - that was immediately obvious to me just pulling it out of the box. The other artwork comes across like vinyl stretched over a wooden frame, and it is somewhat glossy with no real texture to speak of. The other art still looks nice, but nothing at all like an actual painting. From a visual perspective, this iCanvasART is a huge step up. The framing job on this print, though, is actually a little worse. Had the framing been as good as on that other product, this would have been five stars without question to me, and I would have called it a good value even at the current $60 (with shipping) price. The canvas and ink are just awesome. Given the lower quality of the framing, though, I'm going with four stars for the whole package. I do honestly still think it's worth the money, but I wish they'd have done a better job framing it and put a plastic sleeve over it for shipping.

EDIT: I added some photos to show off the overall picture, the wonderful texture of the canvas, and the area where the side face shows the white edge (which I don't think it is supposed to).
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Waterproof Speaker, Mengo AquaCube [3W Ultra Clear Sound] Waterproof Portable Bluetooth (4.1) Speaker - Green - Retail Packaging
Waterproof Speaker, Mengo AquaCube [3W Ultra Clear Sound] Waterproof Portable Bluetooth (4.1) Speaker - Green - Retail Packaging
Offered by Mengo Products
Price: $19.98
2 used & new from $19.98

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars ASTONISHING sound from a speaker this small, July 29, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I received a free sample for an evaluation and honest review.

Bluetooth speakers - seems like everyone is selling one these days. Some are decent, some utterly suck. At the current price of this Mengo AquaCube ($20), some models include other inputs like a 3.5mm stereo jack, micro SD card slot, maybe an FM tuner. They might have more internal speakers, too (which makes them bigger). A lot of them also have an internal mic (like this Mengo) for use with your phone. So, how does this compare to the others that I've tried that might have more speakers and more inputs?

Amazingly well. Simply amazing. Mengo put their design efforts into being small (and this thing is TINY) and playing well, leaving out some of those extra inputs and frills - and they nailed it. Okay, to get it out of the way...the mic isn't very good, so while folks on the other end of a call will understand you, it is not the highlight. The highlight is how good this speaker sounds - especially on vocals.

Listening to audio books and other vocals, this speaker sounds very natural. At this size, I expected the sound to be high-pitched and thin sounding, but it is not for voices. It's got some really nice midrange response. Music also sounds good to me, and far better than I expected it to. One caveat that will probably be obvious to you - don't expect any bass from this. Any. A speaker this size simply cannot play low frequencies. I still really enjoy listening to songs on this, though, and everything sounds very clear. It out performs some headphones that I have in this price range (and even slightly higher). There isn't a bunch of distortion as it tries to play bass, either. It just does audio very well.

The sound will begin to distort a bit if you crank it up really loud, but at volumes that I listen at, it's very good.

Another note - there is no background whine from the Bluetooth receiver in this. I have a few Bluetooth speakers/headsets that have an annoying whine when connected over Bluetooth, but this doesn't have any audible sign of one at all. So nice. That's actually incredibly important to me because that whine is a deal breaker on most speakers. There is some background hiss from the internal amp if you're really close, but I can't hear it from a couple of feet away. Hiss is something that I've knocked other speakers on, but not this one because it is at such a quiet level.

In case it isn't clear by now :D, I absolutely recommend this speaker. I tend to turn down offers to let me try out and review Bluetooth speakers because the ones in this price range all seem to have some annoying flaw to them, but I'd been so impressed by Mengo in the past that I decided to try this out - and I'm very glad that I did. Like I said above, I think that they just nailed it with this design.

iHomeSet Electric Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser - Cool Mist Air Humidifier - With Auto Off LED Light (Light Brown)
iHomeSet Electric Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser - Cool Mist Air Humidifier - With Auto Off LED Light (Light Brown)
Offered by EM Store
Price: $36.99
3 used & new from $24.47

4.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful shape and wood look, super easy to operate, July 29, 2015
I received a free sample for an evaluation and honest review.

This is my second iHomeSet diffuser, and I've been impressed by both of them. The fit and finish on the pieces is just great. It might sound like a small thing, but the molded plastic pieces are all done perfectly, and everything fits together correctly and just snaps into place. They do a very good job with their hardware.

When I first unpacked this, I actually thought it was real wood based upon the look, feel, and weight of the lid when I removed it. I understand that it's plastic, but it's a convincing imitator. :) It really does have a nice look to it, and I also like the lower and more curved shape of it compared to others that I have.

The diffuser is incredibly easy to use. You fill up the reservoir with water and a few drops of an essential oil (if you want), put the lids on, plug it in, and push the button. Voila - done. There are only two buttons on this, one for the diffuser mode (always on, intermittently on, or off) and one for the lights. The lights are quite attractive, too. Because of the wood-like sides, there isn't as much translucent plastic area as there is on other diffusers, so this won't light up a room as much as some others - but the overall look is still nice.

I mentions "lids" above, as in plural. In addition to the outer lid, there is an inner plastic lid over the reservoir (that is shown in one of the product images). That's an extra step that I don't have on my other diffusers, but it's barely more work and actually helps to keep any water from sloshing out when you twist open the lid or carry it around. Speaking of which, this comes with a handy and small water container to let you not have to bring this diffuser to your sink - you just fill up that little container and bring it over to the diffuser.

A small design detail, but I absolutely love that the power plug is inserted straight into the side of the unit. Many diffusers have the plug on the bottom, so if you fill them up before plugging in the cord, you have to be careful not to spill the water out of the reservoir as you lift it up to plug it in. Others have the power plug on the side, but you have to push up to insert it. This design is just a lot easier to work with, IMO, and I appreciate that detail.

The one design aspect that I don't like, and the reason that I dropped this down to four stars (so it would be five stars if you don't care about the following), is the inclusion of two bright indicator lights. You can see those in one of the images right under the iHomeSet logo - one red light and one blue light. To me, the brightness of those lights detracts from the nice effect of the main color-changing light. I happen to get annoyed by bright lights like this, so I admit it's a pet peeve of mine. You may not care at all, and of course you could always cover them up.

So, overall, I do think this is a nice, attractive, well-made, and functional diffuser. While I would personally prefer it to have dimmer indicator lights, I'd still recommend it and think it is easily worthy of four stars.

FSX-521G Kids Girls Watch - Multifunctional Cute Pink Sports Digital Water Resistant Eye Wrist Watches
FSX-521G Kids Girls Watch - Multifunctional Cute Pink Sports Digital Water Resistant Eye Wrist Watches
Offered by Foresee
Price: $39.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Super comfortable, cute, and a big hit with a six year old, July 29, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I received a free sample for an evaluation and honest review.

To set the stage - I don't wear watches, and it's mostly because I don't find them comfortable. I just don't like having them on my wrist. Watch bands tend to pull on my arm hair, especially when I'm trying to adjust position. Overall, watch bands are not my friends.

Enter this watch. Wow. I love how comfortable this is! I wore it around, adjusted it, and never once felt any discomfort at all. It's pretty amazing (to me, anyway) to discover a watch this comfortable. Very well done.

At over 40, I will admit that the watch face is a bit busy for me with the two bubble lenses over the alarm and chime indicators. However, I can remember back when I was younger and absolutely loved watches with stuff all over them. I go for simple these days, but I loved complex back then - and this watch is geared for kids.

Speaking of kids, while I found it very comfortable to wear, I'm not really the target audience. :) That, and I'm still a bit embarrassed even at my age to strut around the neighborhood rockin' some pink flair on my wrist - so I gave this to a friend for his six-year-old daughter. She loves it. She was very excited to get it, and while she's still figuring all of the features out, it was apparently a big hit. It really is super cute in person, and the buttons are easy to push, too.

While the watch face was a little busy for me, I think that the way the color changes when you hit the "Light" button is one of the coolest things that I've seen on a watch in years. I'd old enough to remember the Indigo lighting watches that were amazing compared to what we used to have, and this watch is much cooler than that, I think.

The product packaging is fairly attractive and definitely keeps the watch protected. The watch is packed in a good amount of foam, but the metal cylinder has a clear top so that you (well, or your daughter) can see the watch face before opening up the package. It makes for a nice gift. The cylinder comes in a cardboard box that you'd probably want to remove if you're giving it as a gift, but I like the box because it keeps the cylinder protected in shipping.

All in all, even at the current $20 price, I definitely recommend this.

Beautiful Wall Decor Photo Art - Lake with Wooden Bridge Pier under Sunset 20"x30" x 3 Panels | Large Size Canvas Print
Beautiful Wall Decor Photo Art - Lake with Wooden Bridge Pier under Sunset 20"x30" x 3 Panels | Large Size Canvas Print

4.0 out of 5 stars Great quality for the price, but product packaging lends itself to some shipping damage, July 29, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I received a free sample of the 20"x30" version for an evaluation and honest review.

I wasn't sure what to expect in wall art that has three 20"x30" panels for only (currently) $55. That seemed a bit too inexpensive to get a quality product these days, considering what I've paid in the past for similar sized framed photos. I'm very happy to say that my suspicions were totally wrong - these are nicely made! The wood frames are pretty good quality with nice corner connections, and the only minor knock is that the center support beam is stapled to the rest of the frame - but it is done well. The canvas itself is good quality, too, and all three were stretched over their frames very nicely.

The canvas on these is not textured, so they don't have the simulated look of a real painting. That said, from a distance, they come across like one. Overall, just very nicely done.

The image in person looks like it does in the photos, so what you see is indeed what you get. With the canvas stretched around the frame, you get part of the painting on the side edges, which I think is a very cool look. I've seen other art made like this before, and I really do like the "frameless" look.

As several other reviewers have mentioned, be prepared for a little damage on the art. You hopefully won't have any, but unless they changed the actual product packaging, you might get some just like a lot of us have. In particular, two of the three panels face each other in the packaging (all three panels come together with an outer layer of bubble wrap) with a thin piece of paper to separate them, and the corners can arrive with some wear on them. Enough people have commented on that particular damage that I don't think it should be considered an anomaly. Mine also arrived with a ~10-inch scratch on one panel. I've contacted the seller to see how they handle that from paying customers, and I'll update my review if I get a response. The great thing about Amazon is that you're covered by their A-to-z guarantee either way.

I removed one star because of the minor damage (the corners are very minor but still disappointing, and the scratch is more noticeable), and only one star because the damage isn't obvious from a few feet away and doesn't completely ruin the experience at all. The quality and overall beauty of the pieces certainly warrant four stars, and if they can better protect them in transit, I'd say these would easily be five stars for the price. You get good quality and a lot of wall space for $55 on the 20"x30" version.

Nature Valley Toasted Oats Muesli, Original, 11 Ounce
Nature Valley Toasted Oats Muesli, Original, 11 Ounce
Offered by Versailles General Store
Price: $13.00
7 used & new from $9.99

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars I can't begin to comprehend the high price, July 26, 2015
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Right now, this costs over $13 for an 11-ounce package. That's insane. INSANE. I wouldn't call it much better than the Bob's Red Mill Muesli that I bought from Amazon for _substantially_ less cost per ounce. I won't be surprised if the price has plummeted by the time that you read this, but if it hasn't, I encourage you to move on to another product. It's simply not worth it.

The ingredients are pretty good, but I hesitate to agree with their description of it being "lightly sweetened" when sugar is the second ingredient behind oats. Shockingly, even with that much sugar, it tastes incredibly bland. It's not really bad, mind you, and like the Bob's Red Mill in having a mostly oat taste. It just isn't very good unless you're looking for bland. I tend to eat cereals like Grape-Nuts, so it's not like I'm comparing this against something like Sugar Bombs or something. It's just bland. I will say that I found it easier to chew than the Bob's Red Mill, which can be a bit tough. This goes down pretty easily - I'll give it that.

I knew before I ordered this that I expected it to not be worth the current price, but I did expect it to taste better than it did. My pack still has about six months before the "best used by" date, so I don't think it's stale. It's just...well...not great. I might pay a premium for it if this was harvested by homeless kittens in order to give them employment and a chance at a better life, but I'd think that they'd have that on the wrapper if it were the case. :)

I'm sure it's obvious by now, I don't recommend this - at least at the current price. At 20 cents/ounce, maybe, but definitely not at the current >$1/ounce.

Fitness Gym Towels (2 Pack) for Workout, Sports and Exercise - Soft, Lightweight, Quick-drying, Odor-free
Fitness Gym Towels (2 Pack) for Workout, Sports and Exercise - Soft, Lightweight, Quick-drying, Odor-free
Offered by desired things

5.0 out of 5 stars High quality towels that are a perfect size for weight benches, July 26, 2015
I received a free sample of the grey color for an evaluation and honest review.

For 15 years now, I've been using a Hoist adjustable weight bench at home (which, if their quality is still as good, I highly recommend - all of their gear has held up fantastically). I've always just used a regular hand towel to wipe it down, which honestly works just fine. However, while a hand towel works fine, I really like these fitness towels better. They are a great size for my bench and let me drape them over the top part where my back and head sit. They aren't quite long enough to cover the entire bench down to the where my legs sit, but they are long enough to completely cover the back portion and have enough length left over to drape over the top and keep them in place when the bench is upright (say, for shoulder presses). They are about as wide as a hand towel, but at least twice as long.

The quality of these towels is great. The primary material is nice and soft, and the edges are sewn on very well. A lot of fabric items that I get will have at least some loose threads strewn around when I open the package that I need to pull off (or loose threads in hems that I need to pull out or cut off), but I didn't notice any at all on these. That's an attention to detail that I really appreciate.

As for the comfort level, I had been working out directly on the bench and then using a towel to wipe it off afterwards. I just leave these on the bench, and they are very comfortable. They are soft but not overly thick, so they are very unobtrusive.

The product images show using one of these while doing pull downs on a pulley machine. I gave that a try, and while it worked, it wasn't my preference. It just felt odd to me to have the towel draped over the bar. I'm sure that I'd get used to it, just like I'm used to not using it, but I thought I'd mention it.

As for color, I thought that I might prefer the white, but I actually REALLY like the grey. It's a little darker than my grey bench, but it pairs up with it great. The grey color matches the rest of my workout area much better than white would.

Overall, I think the design and quality of these towels make them a good value at the current $20 price. You can always go buy a bath towel at the local store, but it probably won't cost that much less and would be a lot bulkier. These are thin enough to fold up compactly and not take up much room in a gym bag, they wouldn't be cumbersome to carry around at the gym, and the material is very comfortable. I do recommend them.

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