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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Mine were also different than the ones pictured, September 17, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Have to say I was looking forward to getting these, the ones pictured that is. Very nice German figures. However I received completely different figures. They are dark green and a completely different set of modern marines. The quality isn't terrible, they're pretty sturdy and detailed with around 12 poses. However, judging by other reviews it seems what you get is at random - whatever the company decides to throw in. I would definitely hold off a purchase if you are in doubt. There are many better choices, such as the "true heroes" line and the bucket of "200 action figures - American, British, German and Japanese" on this site.

Kill Syndrome
Kill Syndrome
DVD ~ Kill Syndrome
Price: $14.98
5 used & new from $4.74

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Total amateur effort, October 21, 2008
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Kill Syndrome (DVD)
Kill Syndrome is a low budget, backyard camcorder type production, probably filmed on weekends with a group of friends. Not that there is anything wrong with this, I love independent/underground horror... a few good examples would be Zombie Bloodbath, Leif Jonker's "Darkness", or Olaf Ittenbach's "Burning Moon". The makers of Kill Syndrome just lack the expertise to make a decent movie, and do not have the talent to even come up with a "so bad it's good" flick. The story centers on a "Firefly" like family of crazies who kidnap people, kill them in their warehouse (more like a storage building) on camera and sell the tapes.

The premise is good and the acting is even alright for this type of movie (I do like the character Freakshow") but the believability of the physical torture and violence is the worst I've ever seen, and this was supposed to be the selling point of the whole thing. Any time a victim is beat or stabbed or chainsawed it seems they weren't able to get within 5 feet of the person. The actors couldn't sell a punch to save their life, and people say wrestling is fake! There is essentially no onscreen bodily damage, meaning the camera turns away then you see what took place after the fact. This is a big turn off for horror fans, it is just a cop out like the old "squirt the wall" variety of effect. They tried real hard to be like August Underground but there is little in common. Those looking for gore will be very disappointed, not much more than a little fake blood.

Maybe worst of all is the constant bickering of the family members, it gets on your nerves after 5 minutes, and it does not let up... seriously all they do is yell at eachother and then yell at their victims to scare them I guess, who in turn scream for help... the real essence of horror is silent build up, not constant noise. And the ending leaves much to be desired, kind of like the entire movie, and really just 54 minutes long? You ran out of ideas that quickly? I could go on and on, bottom line: one of the all time worst messes you will ever witness. "In the style of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre"??? Oh really. Well Dwayne King you better watch it again and try to pick up some sense of style and vision. Avoid at all costs. By the way, nice cover. The only good thing here.
Comment Comments (4) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 29, 2008 12:37 PM PST

Fujifilm Media 25367250 Empty Color Slim Jewel Cases - 50 Pack (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Fujifilm Media 25367250 Empty Color Slim Jewel Cases - 50 Pack (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
4 used & new from $24.00

18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars DO NOT BUY, February 14, 2005
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I ordered these and when I got them, 18 of the 50 cases were broken. Very fragile, made of cheap plastic. The packaging is pretty worthless as well, so if during shipping they get bumped around at all, some are gonna be broken. There are quality slim cases available, but not these.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Sep 6, 2009 10:11 PM PDT

Magnavox MRV640 DVD Recorder
Magnavox MRV640 DVD Recorder
2 used & new from $135.00

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Don't be too quick to give up on it, February 8, 2005
This recorder is a good deal for the capability it has. There are a few tips I came up with that will help you get the most out of it:

1. Stick to using it for recording and don't use it very often to play dvds. Not only do movies tend to freeze up on this thing but it will save on the life of the machine.

2. DVD+Rs are the standard this was designed to use, the dvd+rw's work well also but cost more usually. I've burned over 40 discs so far and have had no problems, the brands I used were Memorex and Philips. Buy them in spindles and you will pay only half as much as w/cases (buy cheap cases separately).

3. Don't over-work the thing. After a couple hours burning, put it on stanby and let it cool off. This is true of any electronic device. Also a good idea is to cover it from dust while not in use.

4. It has the potential to lock up for no apparent reason. When this happens unplug it and go through the set up again. This is a hassle but at least you can fix it.

5. Always refer to the manual, especially if a problem comes up. The trouble shooting section in the back will likely solve the issue. This is good to remember before returning it or getting upset.

This recorder has worked great for me, it performs basic operations well. One thing to keep in mind before buying is this doesn't seem to have a lot of the convenient features that other more expensive ones might. It's a bit slow and you've got to read up on how to do some of the more complicated tasks such as editing.

It's ultimately simple though once you have used it a few times, all you have to do to transfer camcorder/vhs tapes is hook up the cables and press record (not much different than a vcr). For this reason I'm favoring it over dvd burners, which have a lot more going on. However you can't burn a dvd in 10 minutes with this. Shop around and get a good deal, you will get a lot for the money.

ESPN NBA 2K5 - PlayStation 2
ESPN NBA 2K5 - PlayStation 2
Price: $14.25
210 used & new from $0.01

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A long ways to go, October 16, 2004

-ESPN game intros by Stuart Scott

-24/7 mode keeps you coming back w/unlockable items and innovative game types (Bomb ball is a blast).

-Movement of players is getting more realistic, as well as the appearance of players (ie their body shape is true to life). Also certain game elements are much improved.

-Good commentary (but Bill Walton can get annoying)

-Player skill ratings are customizable (and this is essential since they got so many wrong- example: Shaq - 95 and Kobe - 99. Since when is Kobe the best player in the game? Current 3 point shootout champ Voshon Lenard's 3p rating= 77 ?! The guy is almost automatic. This is just sloppy.


Where to begin!

-Lack of fun game modes (24/7 & street are good but that's the exception) "the Association" is pretty pointless.

-So far I haven't seen the All-STAR WEEKEND which Live has.

-In-game camera is too far away, even w/full zoom and different angles. Hard to get into a game when you can't even see the player's faces. B-ball games from 6 or 7 years ago were better in this area.

-Create a player is very lacking, plus you can only have two custom teams whereas before you got 10.

-When your shot goes in there is roughly a 2 sec. delay before the proper sound effect and crowd reaction kicks in. No excuse for this!

-On defense the computer often forces you into a double team on the guy with the ball, and because you're locked into this maneuver the offensive player passes to an open teammate who easily scores. This is the MOST FRUSTRATING THING ever in a video game! I don't see how they let this pass. Simply unforgiveable in "the most complete b-ball game on the market"

-You still can't recognize traits of each player, ie If KG shoots the ball I want to be able to tell it's KG shooting and not a generic animation. The way he cocks the ball back over his head, the position of his body, etc. This would be a huge improvement and I think it would be nice to have more animations in the game also, right now it feels limited to a few for each shot range.

-About 70% of the shots from the low post area are circus shots, fall away-flip over your head blind shots, and it's totally rhidiculous because they go in most of the time. Rarely do you see someone perform a regular bank shot off the glass from close range. Buzzer beaters are a joke since no matter where the guy is (even a full court shot) the ball will hit the rim and barely miss. EVERY time!!!

It's said you get what you pay for, and this is the case here I think. For every good aspect of the game there's at least one equally or worse negative thing. Too many negatives ruin a game, especially a basketball game where you can compare it to the real thing. I love the fact the rosters are all up to date (well they won't be in another 2 or 3 weeks) and other current changes to the nba, such as the lighted backboard during the closing seconds of a quarter, have been added. But the ultimate test is how much fun it is to play, and it falls short here. Add to that the annoying details such as the lagging sound and the exact same animations that come up over and over again during games and it doesn't matter how great the graphics's a disappointing product.

And in my book the graphics aren't that good here, while the player's faces are well done (most look pretty real but a few others are way off- Vlade Divac for one) the uniforms are too shiney and smooth looking. Likewise the crowd still has room for improvement. And how about some other additions like technical fouls (coaches or players like Rasheed Wallace could argue the ref's calls), half or 3/4 full arenas in cities w/a losing team, and maybe video montage intros to the game w/various highlights. I'd also like to see highlights from the game afterwards on a shortened edition of sports center. These things could really improve the game.

I'd say rent it if you must play 2k5, and check out the 24/7 mode, because that's the one real bright spot. Some of the street courts are well done also. Hopefully next years game will take the good things from this, fix what's wrong and add even more features.

Mutilation Man
Mutilation Man
DVD ~ Terek Puckett
13 used & new from $6.08

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Uneven and odd, March 16, 2004
This review is from: Mutilation Man (DVD)
Mutilation Man is a post apocalypse weirdo splatter flick, demented and hypnotic. Strange doesn't quite cut it, kind of like Organ mixed with the Toxic Avenger, Begotten, Tetsuo, Santa Sangre and a bunch of other cult movies. Yes there is some gore but not in the traditional horror capacity, basically a guy mutilates himself as a traveling side show attraction in the country. At times you think the makers of this just wanted to freak people out with gross and twisted scenes. The story is going to be hard to figure out upon the first viewing, it really gets lost among all the surreal visuals. Maybe that's the point of it all?

It's likely a love it or hate it deal, for me it was just ok. There are much better underground movies out there, and in the gore genre this is only average in my book. Stuff like Street Trash and the Toxic Avenger is more entertaining imo.

Freddy vs. Jason (New Line Platinum Series)
Freddy vs. Jason (New Line Platinum Series)
DVD ~ Robert Englund
Offered by SpReAdLoVe
Price: $4.64
302 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME, January 16, 2004
"Freddy vs. Jason, place your bets" the trailer boasts. We horror fans druel at the rare possibility of a showdown between two of the biggest icons in the genre with high hopes of a spectacular knock down, drag out hack-a-thon. Of course there is also a good chance that they will disappoint the hardcore fans with a less than satisfying result. I'm happy to report they pulled it off and delivered not only an over the top blood drenched slug fest that more than lived up to the hype and did justice to the style and persona of both characters but also a kick ass movie overall.
I can't understand the few bad reviews that are out there, anyone who is a slasher/horror fan will love this movie which runs like a greatest hits of both Jason and Freddy. The storyline was surprisingly well thought out and makes perfect sense- Freddy needs to send someone to temporarily take care of his killing on Elm St. while he regains his old strength and Jason is the perfect guy for the job. As we all know Jason can get carried away, and he keeps on killing Freddy's victims, stealing the spotlight from Freddy if you will. Freddy realizes he can't control Jason and meanwhile the kids from Elm St. figure out the best way to save themselves is to bring him out of his realm and into the waking world where Jason will be waiting. So the stage is set for the greatest battle in horror history.
In the end, a movie like this should be entertaining, and it definitely is- with some downright scary and haunting images (the scene where we look into Jason's mind is crazy) some of the GORIEST killings ever, and of course truckloads of clueless teens getting naked and partying. They also kept the humor to a minimum which is a good thing. So for the hardcore slasher freaks this is obviously a must see but for horror fans in general I think it'll be a lot of fun too. Check this bad boy out!

Chamber Metal: Neo-Classical Metal Guitar
Chamber Metal: Neo-Classical Metal Guitar
Offered by CDWarehouseOnline
Price: $15.74
18 used & new from $5.24

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Decent, January 3, 2004
I agree that the compositions and playing aren't very original, but for anyone curious to hear something a little different it's worth a spin or two. Alot of it is laid back and classical sounding (European musicians are always heavily influenced by classical music) I would have like to hear a little more agressiveness- the cd may be called metal guitar but you won't find much metal here. Overall it's not bad for a somewhat amateur level, but for a real take on European metal guitar try Children of Bodom, Symphony X, In Flames or Soilwork. Those wanting to hear more of a shred type album I suggest anything by Joe Stump, Michael Angelo Batio, or Rusty Cooley.

Gore Score 2001: The Splatter Years
Gore Score 2001: The Splatter Years
by Charles Balun
Edition: Paperback
18 used & new from $14.99

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars the authority on the splatter genre writes a book about gore, December 31, 2003
Chas gives you his thoughts on many classic and obscure gore flicks, and he doesn't hold back on his opinions- he gives it to you straight. Also included are pictures and poster shots from multiple gross out fests. Lots of good reviews here, movies such as Redneck Zombies, Burning Moon, Riki Oh, Day of the Dead, Maniac, Rabid Grannies, Blood Diner and many others that you don't hear much about. Well done. Note: this book mainly covers movies from the 80s on.

Hei tai yang 731
Hei tai yang 731
DVD ~ Jianxin Chen

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One of the top 10 sickest shockers ever, December 1, 2003
This review is from: Hei tai yang 731 (DVD)
Warning: ultra graphic carnage, torture, violence, gore and realistic shots of dead bodies/body parts (some real) are shown in this movie. If you want to see for yourself how extreme torture and horrific human experiments got in WW2, look no further. Men Behind the Sun doesn't sugar coat anything. It goes without saying that I was pretty surprised to see this film available on amazon. As a follower of gore flicks it's safe to say that this is is about 10 times worse than Cannibal Holocaust or any of the Guinea Pig movies, and that's really saying alot. Even though it is an incredibly brutal movie, there are positive things about it too, it serves as a historical reminder of the cruelty of war. It's unbelievable what depths a country will sink to in order to gain an edge in war time. The Japanese' experiments were merciless and evil, they involved putting people in pressure chambers, freezing their limbs and then soaking them in boiling water, and other things too vile to describe. All of which is put in front of the camera to assault and disgust the viewer. The story follows a group of boys who are sent to one of these torture camps so they can be trained. The boys witness the horrors and must make up their own minds if it is right to follow in their elders footsteps. Thought provoking indeed.
So no, it's not your typical gore for the sake of gore mindless slasher pic (there is TONS of gore on display) but there is a lot to gain from watching it. Just have your seat belt fastened securely. Note: my 5 star rating is only to off set the 1 and 2 star ratings that will likely be posted due to the offensive rat scene.

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