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Metro 2033 - Xbox 360
Metro 2033 - Xbox 360
Price: $29.84
48 used & new from $13.19

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4.0 out of 5 stars Gritty Goodness, March 18, 2010
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Metro 2033 - Xbox 360 (Video Game)
This is a very good game. What I like is atmosphere (plently of that), story (finally something different), and gunplay that doesn't seem unfair. It gives me the feeling of Dead Space and Condemned Criminal Origins (being constanlty on edge and isolated). It is a balance of shooting anything that moves and conserving your ammo. If you get surprised, your tendency is to keep firing until it quiets down. This leads to low ammo and the fear that you will run out before your next safe zone. All you're trying to do is survive the trip from station to station.

This an old-school-type FPS for gun mechanics; not so much precision. If you are used to the mature mechanics of Bioshock, Mondern Warfare, and Halo, this game will bother you. It took me time to get used to it, but I don't mind it at all now. The gun mechanics match the feel of the game.

What appeals to me the most is that it is different. Theme, situations, locale, and style; and the different ways your items are used, hand crank light and gun and gas mask.

The game is missing the next iteration of game mechanics polish on some aspects (ie., I've seen this done better in another game). This pulls me out of the game at times, but not enough to detract from the game experience. For example, wonky AI, the barter system isn't at deep as advertised (don't generally regret not upgrading guns-ammo is so precious), and inconsitent stealth. The one thing that is consistently bothersome is that some enemies are always trying to bit off your knees, so you're always looking down and shooting (shotgun works the best here). Also, an improved melee mechanic would do wonders for this game.

This is an on-a-rail-type FPS with great set pieces and a variety of situations and not a in-your-face, run-and-gun, unlimited ammo type FPS. I would recommend this game to anyone that the game style appeals to and if you're FPS-multiplayer-hardcore (wait for used).
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Star Wars the Force Unleashed - Xbox 360
Star Wars the Force Unleashed - Xbox 360
Offered by Bat Country Books, LLC
Price: $25.39
105 used & new from $6.28

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3.0 out of 5 stars Another could have been great if ...., October 7, 2008
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This game was a great Star Wars experience with too many moments of excruciating game play frustration. If it wasn't for the story cliff hangers to keep me going, I would have walked away from this game several times. Too many times I wanted to throw my controller. I would only recommend this game to a Star Wars fan. Assassins Creed had the sword fighting mechanic down perfect for me.

The good: The art direction was great. The levels were dramatic and captured the Stars Wars atmosphere beautifully. The story was good and I enjoyed all the cut scenes. The QuickTime events were over-the-top once I could stop staring what button to press and actually watch it. Some the battles you get into are extremely fun when you can pull off some combos and use the light saber. The mini-boss fights were some of the favorite battles for me.

The bad: The game play was enjoyable only about 60% of the time. It seemed to me that the actual game play was an add-on to the story/movie portions. The 40% part was frequently a tedious exercise in frustration. Why?

1. Targeting, especially in a short range fight. It always picks some piece of junk instead of the enemy that your fighting or one that is about to attack you.
2. Most of the levels, while beautiful, are just boxes. When they have an unfair amount of enemies/snipers so you end up using "glitch" behavior to get through them. There is no strategy only your ability to quickly kill them off to build your health faster than they can wear it down. Too much luck involved for survival.
3. Once you get knocked down every enemy hits you just as you about to stand and you are soon dead. The sequence timing is terrible.
4. Many times you re-spawn in front of enemies without your light saber ready. They get a couple shots in at you before you can defend yourself.
5. The end-boss Jedi fights are in an exercise in tedium and frustration. I cruise along having a good time and then the end boss battle shows up and ruins everything. These should be the best and they are NOT. The fixed camera approach is terrible. The QuickTime events are the only good thing.
6. Too many combos to remember and there is a long learning curve for the appropriate situation for many of them because you just use the ones that work for you. Rinse repeat.
7. Looking for holicrons etc around the level is lame.
8. Not enough save points.

In summary this game is similar to Bioshock for me. Good story, beautiful design, and a variety of tools to fight with. It has many unique and enjoyable small events, but Jedi fails in the big picture - game play. I can't believe all these frustrations got by their game testers or they ignored them.

I did finish it and I am working on the second try at the highest difficulty to see how more effective I can be with my fighting style and to pick up things I missed first time through. The only reason I continue to play is that there are not any other game out that interest me.

Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed
Offered by Budget Video Games Inc.
Price: $22.59
130 used & new from $6.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars A perspective on the negatives, December 18, 2007
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Assassin's Creed (Video Game)
After reading the different reviews, I am submitting mine to give a perspective on the negative opinions. I have completed the game and enjoyed every second of it. My recommendation, buy it. It is a similar to the stealth games, Splinter Cell and Thief, which I enjoyed.

If you play primarily FPS games and your tendency is to play fast and take the shortest path to the end, this game is probably not for you. This game is most enjoyable if it played the way the designer intended, slowly, by experiencing all the quests before the assassination. If fast is your style of gaming it will become repetitive because you are just checking off a mission to get the finish and not enjoying the scope of it all. It is only necessary to complete two investigations before permission is granted for the primary assassination.

What I liked, everything. You can read other reviews about the good stuff so I won't repeat them here. I thought BioShock was a wonder to behold, but this equals it on many levels. Some of my favorites:

- Finishing moves with the assassin's blade during fights.
- Throwing guards off rooftops and listening to the commotion below.
- Killing crusaders in low profile mode
- Knife combos
- Strolling the streets looking for trouble
- A high profile kill in a crowded street

What I disliked. I didn't dislike anything, except for tedium of collecting flags, I just think some things could have executed better. Here they are:

- The overall storyline and the unique story for each assassination are great, but there is little local story or background information for each city. This could have been an opportunity for a lot more depth.
- The 2nd to last end boss(s) fight was a little cliché, but I still enjoyed it.
- The ending could have been tidied up so I actually knew it was the end; so many comments are valid there.
- I wish there were more to do down among the streets so to spend more time there.
- There were some low res textures and character clipping, but I noticed it maybe 5-10 times throughout the whole game. That's a non-issue for me. For every visual flaw there are plenty of visual examples of beauty.
- The fighting was unique and I never got tired of it. There were good variety of moves and weapons. Try fighting with your assassin's blade and watch your counters with that. I prefer the timing method because I'm tired of playing twitch-response games. The best parts were the counter and finishing moves. The camera would frame them as you finished for your viewing pleasure and, yes, sometimes the view would end up behind a post or foliage. This happens when the fight was in a tight space with walls and the camera got irritating at times.
- Knife throwing was clunky. If you are not targeting perfectly the knife would hit something in the way. Targeting can switch to the wrong target when you are under duress and can frustrating.
- The missions before the assassination were enjoyable. The eavesdropping and pickpocket missions are easy and draw you into the game. The intimidations became more difficult as the game went alone when ruffians would join the fray. The mini-assassinations were the best. You had to try different approaches to beat the time limit. The problem I had with all the missions were that they were plotted on your map after climbing a tower and syncing. If they gave you a count or a general area so you would have to go look for these missions and get more engaged in the streets. I thought they were too easy to find. Oblivion did it the best. You had to walk around and talk to people to discover information.
- I wanted a save system. I wanted to try the 9 assassinations with different approaches and see how they worked out. I would actually die on purpose so I could try again.

You have not played a game like this before, ever. This is a stunning game. I never got tired of looking out over the cities from all the different points or fighting. It was total immersion just walking the streets. It felt like a living city with all the people walking around and the sounds that go with it. The smooth physical movements of Altair makes this game better than all others. What I liked best is that I could enjoy watching him in action without concentrating on landing or grabbing perfectly like other games. I would wander around just to create an opportunity to experience them.

The review scores swing wild because this game crosses boundaries in play style. Different players had different expectations and reacted accordingly. I highly recommend the game. I could easily suspend my disbelief and engage in the story and not be disconnected during the game because of any poor design. If you spend time looking for inconsistencies you will find them. If you compare against perfection you are going to find flaws. I forgave them all and played a great game.

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