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Twitch Of The Death Nerve (Widescreen Uncut Version) (The Mario Bava Collection)
Twitch Of The Death Nerve (Widescreen Uncut Version) (The Mario Bava Collection)
DVD ~ Claudine Auger
22 used & new from $12.80

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5.0 out of 5 stars Murky plot, silly dialog, vague motives, creepy fun and the birth of, May 11, 2007
[...]While parts of this are beyond belief the camera work is fluid and the murders are very interesting.
A piece of prime property will be inherited by someone in this large circle of people and someone wants that circle just a little tighter and starts to bump the others off. There is also something about Campers on the land. It's all delightfully surreal with murders that top each successive murder.
Watching this one you will be struck at how much "Friday The 13th" owes to this movie. Some scenes were lifted wholesale from this into the story of Jason and his blood fetish. Not for all taste to be sure, but for it's nightmare like mood I found that I really liked this one

The Changeling
The Changeling
DVD ~ George C. Scott
Price: $5.27
51 used & new from $1.11

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dark Secrets and Spirits that won't stay buried, May 11, 2007
This review is from: The Changeling (DVD)
George C. Scott was a fantastic actor, and this quiet little "ghost story" once again proves it. As a family man who in the opening of the movie watch on as his family is killed in a traffic accident, you can feel the pain drip off the screen. He moves into a large house and slowly begins to believe that he may not be alone in the house. As he starts to hear and see things he can't explain he begins to unravel a 70 year old murder of the young child that lived there, which leads to a long hidden secret and a very powerful Senator(well played by Melvyn Douglas).
This film makes some leaps of faith at the audience, such as you have more than a [...] education and that the power of a ghost isn't in seeing but in hearing and feeling. Not for all taste, but if good non-gory thrills are what you want, this "chiller" fits the bill.

Crime Classics:  50 Pack
Crime Classics: 50 Pack
DVD ~ Edward G. Robinson

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5.0 out of 5 stars For the price, this is one great set, May 8, 2007
This review is from: Crime Classics: 50 Pack (DVD)
I have bought many of these sets of 50 movies and for the most part have liked them all. Sure the transfers are not the best, but for the price what are you expecting to find. The movies run from good to bad and all points in between, but you'll find more than a few "Gems" in this one,so if you aren't hung up on great transfers check this one out

The Dark Secret of Harvest Home [VHS]
The Dark Secret of Harvest Home [VHS]
3 used & new from $75.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars "Where's the beef?", May 8, 2007
Why would you take a fine eerie mini-series like this and cut it in half and think that it would hold together as a story or that people wouldn't be upset by it. This cries out for a DVD release and i'll give it a proper review of it then. Till then skip this poor stepchild.

No Title Available

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2.0 out of 5 stars 5 star stories(most of the time anyway), but 1 star transfers= 2 stars, May 8, 2007
In my quest for all things loved as a child, I was thrilled to find this set of episodes of one of my Sunday morning shows that I loved. At 5 in the morning on Sundays this show would run two episodes and then an hour of the Three Stooges would come on, so every Sunday at 5:00 a.m. I was plunged into the world of the supernatural for one hour and then given an hour of laughs before everyone got up and ready for Church. The stories were all "documented" as true(at least that is what they told us) and had the goose-bump factor well in place. Most were very good and all featured some well known faces( Charles Bronson, Robert Blake, even William Shatner) and the air of believeability about them.

The transfers are another matter, they never looked that great back then , but little if any care has been given to clean these up and the constant hum can be madding. I have ordered some of the other sets and hope they are better, but still I did enjoy the stories, but beware!
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Encounter With The Unknown
Encounter With The Unknown

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Tonight on Saturday Nightmares" Part 2, May 8, 2007
This review is from: Encounter With The Unknown (DVD)
This is one of the many movies that scared me when I was growing up and another in a long line of movies that I have looked for to see and own in my attempt to have a second childhood.

This one isn't gory or even well acted(it has the look of a low budget or even a student movie. It was written and directed by John Newland of "One Step Beyond" fame and claims to be based on "true stories". Perhaps because of the low budget and imperfections in the film stock, this is one eerie little movie. It kept me up late with the lights on long after it ended as a 10 year old!

The movie tells three "True Tales" of trips into the supernatural. In the first, a prank leads to the death of a young man and his mother puts a curse on the boys responsable and they find out that the number 7 isn't always lucky. The second tale takes place at the turn of the century, and tells of a hole that opens in the earth around a farming town. Terrible smells and awful sounds emerge from it and against sound judgement one family man goes down to retrieve what sounds like a family dog,with very unexpected results. The third tale is about a couple who pick up a girl hitchhiking home and what happens when she gets there.

Like I said this isn't a great film but it does what it sets out to do, which is give you a cold chill up the spine. The transfer is not the best but that is part of what makes this one so creepy. Worth a look

The Haunting
The Haunting
DVD ~ Liam Neeson
Offered by Mediaflix
Price: $11.57
78 used & new from $0.01

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1.0 out of 5 stars Things go "DUD" in the night, May 7, 2007
This review is from: The Haunting (DVD)
Once again a remake takes a "Classic" film "The Haunting"(the best haunted house movie ever) and retooled it as an effects driven mess. Did they even watch the original or read the wonderful novel? Surely not if this is what they came up with. All the subtler aspects of the first are thrown out in favor of the mind numbing CGI effects. The result is one big dud of a "thriller". The cast is good but wasted as the makers seem more intent on showing us what they can do with CGI rather than giving us a true "chiller" like the better than ever original was.

All in all, not even a nice try!!!

The Haunting
The Haunting
DVD ~ Julie Harris
Offered by DealsPro
Price: $19.99
49 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Whatever walks in Hill House walks alone", May 7, 2007
This review is from: The Haunting (DVD)
This is THE BEST HAUNTED HOUSE MOVIE EVER MADE!!!! Director Robert Wise has given us the Perfect Haunted House movie with this understated "Thriller" that takes for granted that we are all over the age of 3 and can use our brains as more that just a processor of gore and fright masks. Nothing is seen but it is sure felt as this movie works it's magic on you.

A doctor who studies the paranormal(Richard Johnson in a very nice turn) brings two psychics( Julie Harris And Claire Bloom, both of whom are in top form here) and the sole heir to the house known as Hill House( Russ Tamblyn also very strong in his role) to study the house which has a very dark past. As the study goes on the house comes alive around them and as the more susceptible Harris begins to fall under its spell the tension becomes more and more palatable. All the sounds and sights become bigger than the sum as little by little the house forces its will on the group.

This is a haunted house movie for everyone who likes to feel the cold chill creep down your spine, and doesn't have to have a shock every 30 seconds to get scared. This doesn't have one false note or scene in it. Be sure to unplug the phone and turn down the lights for this one, if you DARE!

The Wild Wild West - The Complete Second Season
The Wild Wild West - The Complete Second Season
DVD ~ Robert Conrad
Price: $29.60
21 used & new from $21.92

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Night Of The Color Episodes, May 5, 2007
The Wild Wild West Roared back for it's second season with color and more fantastic plots. West and Gordon also face off against arch foe Dr. Miguelito Loveless(Michael Dunn in a gleefully maniacal turn) in four episodes. The whole cast and guest stars look to be having a ball and letting us go along for the ride. Yes it's true, no extras but just having the shows to watch at your leisure is extra enough. The colors and bright and the western/sci-fi/action plots are fun to lose yourself in. I can't wait for season three to come out. ENJOY!

The Hitcher (Widescreen Edition)
The Hitcher (Widescreen Edition)
DVD ~ Sophia Bush
Price: $6.09
164 used & new from $0.01

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1.0 out of 5 stars Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Stop Remaking Movies Now, May 3, 2007
I'm sorry about using Dr. Seuss paraphrases here but really, PLEASE don't remake good old movies and trash them like this. Not worth the time I wasted watching this "updated" like cinematic treat(more like gum on your shoe. The worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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