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Food to Live WALNUTS (Raw, No Shell) (2.5 Pounds)
Food to Live WALNUTS (Raw, No Shell) (2.5 Pounds)
Offered by Food to Live
Price: $30.49
2 used & new from $24.94

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4.0 out of 5 stars Country of origin is USA but they are not (certified) organic, November 12, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Ok - I'd give the nuts 5 stars, they were delicious, crispy and whole pieces. I did not encounter rancidity like some people, these were very fresh! Secondly, the label has country of origin to be USA.

So that is the good, now the bad....

These are not organic (as stated when I originally purchased them, which has been removed now!), there are no seals of such and the label does not contain the term "organic" anywhere. If you are buying them thinking they are organic (or certified), I will have to say, don't.

I am into an organic diet for health reasons and bought these after seeing the word organic and discovered that they were not after receiving them. I'm attaching a picture of the label, hope this helps.

Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB Internet Tablet 16:9 Capacitive Multi-Touch Widescreen, Black MID7036-4
Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB Internet Tablet 16:9 Capacitive Multi-Touch Widescreen, Black MID7036-4
Offered by greatpower 8
Price: $72.98
3 used & new from $59.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Just got it, no Google Play, but Netflix can be installed. UPDATE Included!, October 30, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Just got it today, so I am giving it a 4 star (sadly last update Jan 2013, I had to reduce 2 stars from my review) and will update this review as I use it. Here goes...

I was eye balling the new Ipad (yeah, I am all things Mac), but honestly could not justify the $500+ (already have a macbook air that I can slip in my bag) for simply needing a tablet that can stream Netflix and perhaps some kids apps. My daughter loves watching Curious George, hence I needed a reasonable tablet that can keep her busy while visiting my workshop.

I got this after reading the reviews for Coby Kyros MID7015 Coby Kyros MID7015 7-Inch Android Internet Touchscreen Tablet - Black - so I knew many had said no Netflix (because there is no Google Play for this little guy), but I took a gamble (after reading that some people found a way around the no Google Play issue) and ordered the new version (MID7036-4) anyhow.

Connecting to wireless was a breeze, the MID7036-4 comes with an app called GetJar, which will allow you to download many of the apps I was looking for, such as Netflix. However I went ahead and downloaded 1mobile (dot) com and downloaded Netflix, Angry Birds with ease. I used GetJar to download some puzzles and kids educational apps for my daughter.

Netflix has been working without any issues and so did the Angry Birds (ahem, for me!). I have to admit, I was sure it was heading right back, but there is a way around no Google Play.

Wanted to do a quick review for people in my shoes, looking for a compact tablet that was reasonable and was for Netflix etc...

Please note that this is not an Ipad (or similar high end tablet) equivalent as far as resolution goes, but it is perfect for my needs. resolution is good enough, the touch screen is very reactive and functions great, the size is just right and has fit my Kindle Touch cover with ease.

I will post more as I use it. Hope this helps :)

Small Update / Nov 2nd, 2012
1. The battery life is about 2-3 hours while using Netflix.
2. Connects to 2.4G but not to 5G band on my router.
3. Connects to my Macbook Air and allows me to drag and drop music, photos with ease.

Update / Nov 20th, 2012
1. Connects to my Windows (Sony laptop + other desktop) and I can drag movies and photos with ease.
2. Can download Kindle reader from 1mobile(dot)com and read my kindle books (attaching images on the product for you all).
3. GetJar app that this comes w does not have a lot of the apps I can get from Amazon or 1mobile
4. Can add the tablet to my Amazon account and use the Kindle Fire apps.
5. Can set parental control w/ the Android Parental Control app.

Update / Nov 24th 2012
1. Installed Amazon Appstore, nice addition to my Imobile app store.
2. Email set up: Was a breeze, I clicked email icon and entered my gmail address and followed the screen instructions. Email synced and works great.
3. Downloaded Youtube app from Imobile (looked for it under the Amazon Appstore, but could not find it). Installed Youtube and it works great.
4. Can open PDF files w/ Adobe Reader that is already installed in this tablet. There is also Office Suite in this tablet.

Next up, testing the battery life for Kindle books :)

Update / January 4, 2013 (Down 2 stars!)
1. Kindle book battery life time is about 3 hours.
2. The power jack (dc input) socket on the tablet is fragile, awkward and flimsy at best. It needs a light hand to plug the power adaptor (in order to charge). If you allow your youngster they may break this when pushing the power adaptor in. Knowing what I know about this tablet's flimsy power jack socket, I'd not be able to suggest this tablet whole heartedly (unless you have buyers protection w/ your credit card, like I did, and can get an easy refund incase yours breaks under 90 days).

COBY, how could you skimp on the power jack socket? Not cool at all! :/
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EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Lighted Display, 400 lb. Capacity and "Step-On" Technology [2014 VERSION] - 10,000+ Reviews EatSmart Guaranteed Accurate
EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Lighted Display, 400 lb. Capacity and "Step-On" Technology [2014 VERSION] - 10,000+ Reviews EatSmart Guaranteed Accurate
Offered by EatSmart Products
Price: $39.95
22 used & new from $28.95

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1.0 out of 5 stars Now I am 140 lbs, in a few minutes I may be 135 lbs and only if I can turn it on!, July 13, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I cannot believe I am reviewing a bathroom scale, but odder things have happened. Like a scale that allows me to be totally different weights, all under 2 minutes! I mean I can feel super thrilled that I have lost 2 pounds when I step on it in the bathroom and in my bedroom be 3 pounds heavier. I dash to the office and the living room and step on the scale. Oh my, cannot be, but I do not give up, I try each room in my house even my porch. This is right out of a Pink Panther cartoon, for anyone watching me that is.

Each room gives me a different reading, in my living room and bathroom, I seem to weigh less -- my office and my bedroom a tad more, guestroom and kitchen yet another reading. Between us, I think I will stick with the living room/bathroom lbs next time I visit MVA :P

I pinky swear, the above has happened many times over in my house and though it looked and sounds quite comical, I am left with a *scale* that cannot seem to weigh anyone in our house properly (or turn on at times).

I bought this after reading the positive reviews, plus I really liked the way the scale look -- clean design is my weakness. *When* and *if* I can turn it on, I am bound to get different readings, bouncing between 135 lbs to 138 lbs and at times 140 lbs -- all within few minutes.

I am not sure if I got a scale from a bad batch, but I have had bathroom scales for many years now and never once had one that was this "temperamental". Though I dig being 5 lbs lighter (in some parts of my house), I really need a scale that is accurate and comes on each time I step on it.

Hope your experience is much better than mine.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 13, 2012 7:31 AM PDT

Sanrio Hello Kitty Toothbrush
Sanrio Hello Kitty Toothbrush

1.0 out of 5 stars We must have had a dud!, December 10, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Unfortunately, the 2nd day we used it, the pink on button cracked a little. This crack grew bigger and bigger and finally grew into a hole. I would have been on it and returned it in a timely manner, but we had a loss in the family and I put it on the back burner. Fast forward this week, I finally had time to deal with it. I will try to file a claim with the company and see where this gets us.

It is possible this is a one in a million thing and we were the one to get a defective button. Other than this one mishap (which in our case makes the toothbrush inoperable),it is a good starter toothbrush and makes it fun for young ones.

I would have liked it if it had a softer head and also 2 speeds for sensitive kids (like mine). She found the head to hard and her gums bled. I am going with a Philips Sonicare for Kids HX6311/02 Rechargeable Toothbrush even if Sanrio comes through.

Hope you have better luck :-)
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Teva Women's Montecito Boot
Teva Women's Montecito Boot

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5.0 out of 5 stars Pleasant Surprise!, November 10, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
These boots arrived while I was waiting for my Timberland Women's Earthkeepers Grandby Tall Fleece-Lined Boot [...] -- I was very excited until I tried them on and realized they were too big for my calves. Other than that they felt great, loved the color, but I felt wearing them with a skirt would look a bit odd. Bummed, I stuck them in a box and got ready to return them. Life has a way of working itself out. I got too busy and could not ship them out, so the box just sat there, where we stared at each other every morning.

Clueless that another let down was around the corner, I clung to the dream that Timberlands would "fill" the void left by the Tevas. Dreams are for dreamers, but this dreamer seemed wake up without boots :/ My skinny calves looked bulky in the Timberland, it was like a cruel joke. Here are 2 boots for you, lovely on their own, just don't dare wear em missy, kind-a joke! I tossed them back in the box mumbling to myself that I deserved this for shopping for shoes online.

Day 5, I decided to try the Tevos again. This time I was wearing my leg warmers (an unplanned action) and they fit perfectly around my calves. I walked around and for the first time I really realized how comfortable they were and how great they fit me. I am a 10 and these boots fit me perfectly! Not too tight, not too much room. I knew I had judged them too fast (shame on me) and I have been wearing them for the last 6 days.

They look amazing. I wear them with long XCVI skirts and have gotten so many compliments. Not only that but I work on my feet and wore them for 10 hours each day. No part of my feet hurt or ached during these 6 days. If you want to wear really thick (winter) socks, you may need to go up 1/2 size, but I wear medium weight athletic socks just fine with mine. So to recap:

1. Gunsmoke, a lovely color, not too brown, so I can wear it with black and gray...looks amazing.
2. Super comfortable! 10+ hours on my feet per day with ease.
3. Style, adorable and making my size 10 feet not look huge. Major kudos!
4. Wore it in rain, no marks, dry feet. Love it!
5. Price, fabulous.

The only thing that is a tad annoying is the rear elastic hemp strap -- it seems to get in the way every time I try to put the boots on and taking it on and off is cumbersome for a busy Mama of a toddler that seems to hit the ground running, but these are so comfy and cute that I can live with this one little pet peeve.

I am busy eye balling the other colors. See what I get for judging things too fast ;-)

Dec 10, 2011
Bought the black leather one last week. Loooove it! Same great fit, same comfort and awesome look. :-)

Sony DVP-FX750/W 7-Inch Portable DVD Player, White
Sony DVP-FX750/W 7-Inch Portable DVD Player, White
2 used & new from $85.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars why did i wait so long to get one?, May 17, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I cannot answer my own question, really....

Great size, battery life is very good and unlike my laptop I no longer worry if my toddler will press all the keys on my keyboard (which drove me insane!). Hold button is a plus. If low on charge, I use the wall adapter (unit does not charge while viewing, but powers it so you can still use it.) I have not shown my daughter how I put the dvds in, so she cannot open and close the dvd "door" at random....yet! She is used to ejecting dvds out of my mac, but this one got her puzzled. I intend to keep it like that for as long as I can.

The white color is very cool, my daughter calls it our tiny-mac. Volume is very good, the screen is good enough size and resolution was very good. All in all, a very good buy. Wow, that was a lot of good. I love that it turns on and off with a simple click of a button as well.

I do not let her use it in the car or at home. It is for when she visits my work, where she can watch 1 dvd (only) and leave mama to get some work done. I burn dvds at home with shows I want her to watch, she gets to pick one and take with us to work. I am thrilled to have something so lightweight, compact and at a great price. Go Sony!

J. Furmani Clutch with Beaded Design - Champagne
J. Furmani Clutch with Beaded Design - Champagne

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5.0 out of 5 stars sweet little bag!, May 17, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: J. Furmani Beaded Evening Bag
I needed a reasonable priced clutch bag for a wedding I am attending. I was not sure what to expect but gave it a try and loved it as soon as I saw it. It is everything I needed, cute, dainty, soft cloth, perfect color without being gaudy or cheap looking. You can dress it up or down -- I totally love it!

I almost got the black one too, but ended up getting this one Menbur Aranwe Clutch for my black dress I have to wear on another wedding. I may still get a few other colors since I can use them anytime and even with semi casual wear. Loveeee it!

Update: Ok, I had to get the grey one as well. Thinking it will go great with black as well as jeans!

Kakadu Pet Nylon Shell And Fleece Lined Dog Coat With Reflective Stripe, Medium 22", Grass (Green)
Kakadu Pet Nylon Shell And Fleece Lined Dog Coat With Reflective Stripe, Medium 22", Grass (Green)

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5.0 out of 5 stars great great product, but not for deep chested breeds, May 17, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Great little coat for such a fab price, however if you have a deep chested dog (think pitbull, boxer) like I do, it will not fit. If you go one size above, it may fit around the chest, but most likely be too long in the back. I have a rescue pitbull and this jacket looked so cute on her, however it barely closes on her chest and when she runs it comes a part eventually.

The pros are, it is fabulously made, thick enough, trendy, feels great, the Velcro is super - it sticks like no ones business!

Cons: Not for deep chested dogs. May have to go a size larger...measure well (I thought I did,

My wish is that the manufacturer will think of keeping the Velcro part a tad longer or create another jacket for people who have deep chested breeds. If it fits your dog, you will love it! So, to be fair to the product, I had to give it a 5 star. It simply did not fit my massive chested sweetness....but I really hope it will work for your dog :)

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars love it. great color, wonderful price!, May 17, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I got this to hang on my wall and the price was very reasonable. I love the color and the design very much. If you need an inexpensive yet unique item and love elephants as much as I do, you can't go wrong with it. I got a second Red Indian Elephant Mandala Tapestry, Hanging Wall Art & Dorm Decorone from the same seller and love that one equally.

The only thing I would suggest is to air it out a bit before hanging it, it had a mild aroma, which I think is from the ink used on it. Hope yours will bring you as much joy....

Jockey Women's Bras Seamless Cotton No Wire Bra
Jockey Women's Bras Seamless Cotton No Wire Bra

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great comfy cotton bra for amazing price!, April 18, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have issues with synthetic bras, they make me sweat and feel uncomfortable no matter the price tag. I go for cotton, but have been having such a hard time finding one. Bought this because of the reviews and price. I am so happy with it. It is real simple, yet pretty. Looks great under a shirt, the straps really does not look like a bra, so if they show a little, it sort of looks like you have a camisole underneath. Much nicer look for me personally.

The price is great. The fit is perfect. Just make sure you measure yourself before buying a bra. I found out that I was buying the wrong size for a while. I now have to hunt down the black color. Thank you Jokey for making a wireless (torture) bra that looks cute and is made of cotton.
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