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Behold the Eye: Viridia
Behold the Eye: Viridia
by Veronica R. Tabares
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $24.43
10 used & new from $19.33

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5.0 out of 5 stars Behold The Eye: Viridia, May 1, 2010
In The last installment of three. Behold the Eye: Veridia begins right where it's predecessor Behold the eye: Curulea leaves off. In this book we find a conclusion to the dream travel of Vickie at last.

As they leave Curulea, the land of blue eyes who can read minds, they travel onto Veridia the land of green eyes, where all the citizens are intensely connected to all wildlife. It is a world like none of the other books writer Veronica R. Tabares' has written, and fits fantastically to the other adventures she has her characters encounter along the way in their strange yet fascinating journey.

Veridia brings Tricia, Cathy, and Kathy, Vickie's best friends set their minds on finding a way to get Vickie back to them by dream travel. They are very focused on their goal and despite any dangers they might encounter are determined to prevail in their task! So much so that Tricia becomes stuck within the dream world as well posing yet another problem for the girls, how to release Tricia so they can find Vickie and take her back home where she belongs. Throughout the book, the reader sees the friendships of these girls grow tighter and tighter and leaves the reader with a feeling of satisfaction that these young girls have learned something many adults struggle with, the importance of friendship.

When Tricia is trapped, she too falls into a deep coma in her real world, leaving those who stand by her side, clueless as to what has happened, wondering if this could be part of a larger picture for both Vickie and Tricia. On the surface, everyone tries to bring Vickie and Tricia back but the reader knows that until they can escape the dream world, there is little hope of them returning.

In fact, within this entire book, family and friendship play a large part of the story and the relationships between the characters involved grow deeper with every page within this remarkable book.

Vickie, while searching for a way out, still knows she must find a way home or she may be forced to repeat a grade due to her prolonged absence, and while on one hand it is appealing, she also knows that she also may be trapped in the dream world forever.

While trapped in her dream world, Vickie, Shanti and Micah are forced to undertake a dangerous quest which not only is a task of difficulty and surprises but proves to be much more difficult that the three expected. During this quest, Vickie comes to an epiphany of sorts where she asks herself some hard questions, questions that answers do not come easily but are ultimately the best for Vickie. The outcome of their quest is one the reader must experience for him/herself, as it is unique indeed.

Back in the real world, parents of Vickie and Tricia, convinced that a kidnapping of sorts has to the be the answer to the girls disappearance and all those who are near and dear to these two find themselves working not only to find the girls but learning lessons themselves along the way of the importance of a home that is safe for their children. This is a lesson that the searchers take to heart and as they search, the lesson only grows more solid within them.

The ending, as in all writer Veronica R. Tabares' books is best read to appreciate. I as a writer myself prefer the reader to discover the ending and experience it in their own special way as both a person and as a lover of books. And this book is no different.

Fantastic and entertaining in all ways, at times an "on the edge of your seat" read, this book, and the trilogy itself is one I would wholly recommend to parents, grandparents and anyone who wants to open a new world for the young reader in your life. Don't stop with purchasing just the first book, but the entire trilogy and save yourself time, for it is imaginative, exciting and adventurous, three attributes that make for a successful serious, and this serious is all that and much more! Happy reading...enjoy!

Emotional Black Holes
Emotional Black Holes
by Grant J. Hallstrom
Edition: Paperback
27 used & new from $5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Emotional Black Holes, April 10, 2010
This review is from: Emotional Black Holes (Paperback)
Emotional Black Holes is a book which puts into clear perspective the existence of emotional black holes one comes into contact with and how they can and do impact ones life to the point of deep despair. But it also shows through the authors experiences and knowledge that there is a way out of the black holes and a way to enjoy a fuller more enjoyable life despite what has gone before.

Sectioned into 28 simple chapters which cover the gamut of explaining what "emotional black holes" really are as well as how "prayer is the key" and "control freak" ending with "you are invited", this book shows without a doubt that there is hope for those who have fallen through the black holes it describes.

Although this book underlines the authors deep belief in Christ and how He can help us through any hardship we may encounter, this book also speaks to all denominations and benefits all belief systems with it's simple, no nonsense structure and easy to understand chapters. A Christian myself, I found a lot of hope within this book which I could relate to with my faith but I also can see how someone with perhaps no specific faith what so ever, could benefit from what is found within this book.

For like the author, I am deeply saddened by the world around us and the anger and darkness that seems to engulf so many. From the young 15 year old girl, Phoebe, so prominent in the news these days, who hung herself due to bullying, to the stories of people who have given up all hope of ever being happy, living what lives they do have in a haze of unhappiness and misery, I found this book addressing so many reasons how and why we can all leave those black holes behind, that I feel this book should be one which every teenager reads along with his/her family and every church, despite it's denomination, has within it's library. For it is a book which gives hope, while explaining in simple terms how to find that hope and enjoyment within ones self in order to climb out the black hole in which they have fallen.

I especially found insight within the chapters "Sacrifice the need for Validation" and "Happiness comes from within" for they spoke to the spiritual side of me, reminding me that I do not have to be perfect, and I do not have to look for things or others to make me happy. I have the perfect me and all the happiness I need inside of myself when I walk with God. It was a reminder that will hit home with many who read this book despite their belief system, for it is written in an honest, forthright way that clearly shows author, Grant J. Hallstrom's passion and belief in every word and chapter he has put into this book.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who has ever thought they were worthless, unneeded, trapped or in a sense, at the bottom of a black hole with no way out. It is spiritually uplifting as well as easy to digest and thought provoking too.

It is the type of book one may not know they need until they read but having read it, instantly feel they have connected with the author and his heartfelt message within. It is in my opinion a book that would benefit anyone who has negative thoughts or as the author calls it "emotional black holes', places where there seems no way of escape which drag the reader deeper into sadness and despair.

Don't pass this book by as you seek some self help or inspiration, for a lot of what you need may be found within the pages of this book. It is a book worth the read, and one that will find its way to a friend, a "passing on" type of book. And to me, that is the best sort of book to have. One that makes you want to share it's knowledge and wisdom to someone else, hoping they too will find the inspiration found within it's pages.

The Cram Zone Guide to Walt Disney World 2010
The Cram Zone Guide to Walt Disney World 2010
by William F. Sauerbier
Edition: Paperback
Price: $14.89
25 used & new from $7.73

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Cram Zone Guide To Walt Disney World 2010, April 10, 2010
I must be honest from the start. I am a big Disney World fan and have read nearly every book about visiting the site as well as having been there several times, from the time it was first conceived to my last trip in 2008. But I also was intrigued. I knew from my last trip that there was much more to Disney World than we had experienced, even though we had a 5 day trip full to the brim. And so I found myself reading this book. My curiosity over what we had missed and how to make the trip more efficient in time and travel took control and I was hooked.

What I found inside the striking orange cover of this book was unique indeed. For not only was it simply sectioned off into 9 chapters covering everything from "Disney World: The How, the When and the What (chapter 1)" to even a chapter on "Cram dining"(chapter 7). It was a Disney lovers dream, almost a "secret" way on how to get from here to there as quickly as possible and cram so much into a day that you literally fall asleep at night exhausted but dreaming of Stitch, trips into the past and even Captain Jack Sparrow (a favorite of mine, I must admit). This book was, in the simplest of words, perfect for the Disney fanatic and the first timer as well.

And that is where it's beauty really lies. In the way the author makes it an easy journey to adventure to any of the parks for the newbie and the frequent Disney visitor as well. Delving in to such nuances such as the time it takes to stand in line, the best times to go on a particular ride, fast passes and even how long the rides take to complete was a special favorite to myself and I suspect will be to anyone who reads this priceless guide to Disney World.

Also included is chapter 6 which centers on tips and Chapter 9 which helps the traveler to make their own Cram session at Disney. Both were exceptionally well written, as was the rest of the book, and gave even myself, no novice by any means, to the park some insight I hadn't previously considered.

Forget all those flashy "guides" to Disney you see crammed in stores and booksellers everywhere. Purchase before your trip this simple book with its festive orange color and see for yourself why I recently suggested this book to a friend who was going to Disney World instead of a book which was prominently displayed in the bookstore. She later reported that though she had to have it special ordered that she liked it so much, she told the bookseller to "get more and put them on a special display"! Laughing at her Mickey like exuberance, I stopped short when I next visited the book seller in question, to see this simple orange book front and center with other Disney travel guides around it. Of course, I then made sure the folks who were checking out the array of books about Disney, that they gave "The Cram Zone" a look. When last I saw them, they had the book in hand and were heading for the counter. I smiled and knew that they would have the time of their lives and not miss a minute if they took the sensible advice of this author to heart.

As I am now planning our next Disney trip, this book will travel with us. For not only is it packed full of priceless information, it is also small enough to place within your day backpack and take to any park with you. And don't assume you will find it at Disney World for though it is good, it isn't a Disney owned book and it will not be in any store within the parks. Though if Disney executives were smart, they would stock a lot of this book and sell it for it far exceeds any other tour book I've read about the parks and holds the basics without any fluff to bog down the book. It is a must read for anyone who is traveling to Disney World, whether you are a first timer or a frequent visitor for as I have previously mentioned, there are bits within this book that will catch you by surprise and the information on the rides themselves are priceless to any visitor wanting to get as much as possible from the trip.

My Mickey ears are off to author William F. Sauerbier for finally writing a book that is not only basic but has information within that travelers really want, as well as need to read before embarking on their next adventure. It is a hidden treasure that I am sure Walt himself would have approved and one that you'll find is worth every penny you spend in adding to your visit to Disney World.

Have a great time at Disney World and if you see a 5' redhead decked from head to toe with trademark Mickey gear on Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Space or even at Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular...come on over and introduce yourself. I can't be missed, as I am the biggest Disney fan around and I show it!

Purchase this book and enjoy your's a once in a lifetime adventure to fun...and one that everyone in the family will find enchanting from toddlers to Grandma and Grandpa. It's truly a trip for the ages, and this book makes that trip so simple, it's amazing! As Mickey himself said, "See you real soon!"

Behold the Eye: Braumaru
Behold the Eye: Braumaru
by Veronica R. Tabares
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $24.40
13 used & new from $17.83

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5.0 out of 5 stars Behold the Eye: Braumaru, March 20, 2010
As Micah came of age at 15, in the land of Braumaru, he finally finds his gift, as did others before him. Micah Zomorah however, had no idea that his dreams might have anything to do with his gift and at the beginning, he ignored them and categorized them as merely fantastic dreams. When he realizes that his dreams are his gift, that he indeed is a dream traveler, this discovery sets him upon an adventure that will captivate and capture the imagination of all who read it.

On another plane and place within this book, the reader meets 6th graders, Vickie and her friends, Karen, Cathy, and Tricia. These four girls find themselves one day on the playground bored to tears, so they decide to become rich and famous by writing a book. Though there is a bit of a hard time deciding on a topic to write the book on, the four girls finally settle on a book which would be factual and would be about actual encounters with ghosts and goblins. This of course proves harder than they expected, but still they continue trying to write the book. As their work is ongoing , surprising things begin to happen to Vickie. One day much to her surprise, Vicki realizes that the girls have a special power of dreaming and they turn their focus from the book to developing their dream power, if only to see where it might lead them.

But, unbeknownst to all involved, while the girls and Micah are trying to wrap their minds around what is happening to them, there is nearby an "evil one" who is trying desperately to find the secret of dream travel. This person is evil in that he dreams of returning to a past world and gaining the power of king, a power he feels is his birthright. His intentions upon becoming king are not good and this is a worry for the girls and Micah when they finally do figure him out. One of the worst problems with this "evil one", is he will do anything in his power to gain that power, even if it puts Micah and the girls in harms way.

The evil one discovers a lost `dream traveling' girl and falsely gains her trust, promising to help her find the secret to returning home. This man knows exactly what he needs to gain the power he seeks, so he sends the girl to help him find an ancient lost book that contains inscriptions from a long time ago ancestor, detailing the story behind how their home was lost, with only a few remaining. One he believes will give him the power he seeks.

The evil one uses the lost girl and her discovery of clues and his knowledge of his family history to try to find a way to find a way he can travel to the past and regain what he feels is his deserved royal status. The evil one also tricks another girl, by luring her to fall into a coma of which doctors, in the present, have no idea how to treat, much less how to help her regain consciousness.

Of course, evil as he is, he also locks his helper, Shanti and comatose Vickie, into a sort of dream house where they cannot escape. Micah knows of the house through his dreams and he and the girls attempt to find the house and rescue the two girls inside. During this time, Micha and the girls encounter creatures of which nightmares are made and quickly discover that the dream world can actually be more dangerous than the working, living world they came from.

The ending is filled with page turning surprises and shocks as the four attempt time and again to rescue the girls from the house. As they work, so does the evil one, calling up creatures and instances that both thrill and shock the reader into a point of disbelief and discouragement that anyone will prevail over the evil one. the discovery of the girls and what Shanti represents are as surprising to Micah as they are to the reader. What happens at the end of this book is best left for the reader to discover, as it is so intense that I found myself re-reading parts of it to fully grasp the ending and what happens to the characters within.

As the first of a trilogy, this sets the stage excellently for more books ahead and hours of suspense and great reading not just for the pre-teen and teen set, but for adults as well. Writer, Veronica R. Tabares, has a unique talent of writing a book that instantly captures the attention of many ages of readers and keeps one wondering, until the final page is turned.

I must be honest and admit, I have books 2 and 3 of the trilogy and intend to dive into number 2 this week to learn more from this trilogy, it so intrigued me. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who has a suspense, sci-fi loving pre-teen, teen or even a fun loving adult they wish to gift with a unique book. I can guarantee that this book is one of the best books I have read in all my years of reading, one that is somewhat on the level of A WRINKLE IN TIME, in it's intensity and suspenseful events strewn within. A book which can be purchased at many different outlets, it is easy to find and easier still to lose oneself in, once the first page is turned and the adventure begins!

A Wizard Sleeping On a Watermelon and Other Wondrous Sights
A Wizard Sleeping On a Watermelon and Other Wondrous Sights
by Mary Pansini La Haye
Edition: Paperback
Price: $17.41
29 used & new from $7.73

5.0 out of 5 stars A Wizard Sleeping on a Watermelon, March 15, 2010
This ABC book is like no other. Not only does it have fun phrases that rhyme and use the letter profiled in many different ways, but the illustrations are fantastic and clearly showcase the talents of not just the writer but of the illustrator Anita Miles as well.

When I first opened this book, I was struck by the fun way the author has taken the English language and turned it into an ABC book, like none other I have seen previously. No A is for apple for author, Mary Pansini La Haye. No, her A is for antelope and this antelope is "leaping in a cantaloupe field" The unique words that she chooses and the adventures she brings to life on one page are the sort of adventures into language that even the most fidgety of children will stop and pay attention to when read to. Older readers will find a satisfaction out of reading the somewhat hard words and will view with pure pleasure, the illustrations within.

I have young nieces who would adore this book and in fact, it is going to be hard to decide what I will do with it, after I finish. I am half tempted to keep it until I have grandchildren, for as a former teacher, I can attest to the boring books there are on the market designed to teach kids their ABC's. This book is not only unique but it's imaginative as well. A statement that I honestly cannot make with most of the ABC books on the market.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone who has young children, pre-school age and up. It is fun to read and funnier still to see the words turned into colorful pictures. I know that children of all ages will giggle when they see a camel swimming in a pool or an iguana eating an ice cream cone. Each page has it's own charm and it is because of this charm that I feel this book will be a hit in your home and in the classroom as well.

Buy this book for the young reader in your life. You won't be sorry and in fact, I'll bet you have as much reading it as your young readers did. I know I enjoyed it immensely and I don't even have any little ones in my home at this time. It's a winner, hands down!

The Secret Of The Sacred Scarab
The Secret Of The Sacred Scarab
by Fiona Ingram
Edition: Paperback
Price: $16.16
29 used & new from $10.72

5.0 out of 5 stars The Secret of the Sacred Scarab, March 13, 2010
We find upon opening this book that young Adam and his cousin Justin Sinclair have been invited to go on a tour of Egypt by their Aunt Isabel, an investigative journalist, and will be accompanied by their grandmother as well. Their excitement is palpable as they begin a journey of adventure, danger and even deception before finally making the discovery of which dreams are made.

Joining their tour group in Cairo, Adam is given three small scarabs by a peddler who disappears when the police arrive. Suddenly their average run of the mill tour is replaced by mystery and intrigue, some which place the boys in danger and some which give them insight into not only the three scarabs but another unique scarab they discover has been slipped unknown into a pocket of Adams' pants.

When they discover that the famous archeologist James Kinnard is missing, the boys are more than ever drawn to finding out what is so special about the scarabs they now have in their possession. They have a feeling that Kinnard's disappearance is somehow mixed in with the mysterious peddler and the searching of their room. But it isn't until their Aunt's camera is stolen and they are suddenly given a much more expensive version by a highly placed Egyptian man, who just happens to be around when the thief is caught, that they are drawn even deeper into the mystery and become more involved as the days pass watching and waiting for the next turn in their adventure.

Even meeting Dr. Faisal Khalid, the head of the Egyptian museum somehow makes them uncomfortable and when they follow some men into a hidden room, they boys know they are in for trouble if they do not discover, before someone else does, the real importance of the scarab they hide so carefully.

Add to this a trip down the Nile, a face in their window, the story of the Scarab King, ruins galore and the appearance of many sinister characters and you have the makings of a book any young reader will find not only riveting but fun to read as well.

I highly recommend this for the young adventurer in your life. Through it's twists and turns the author leads the reader to an end and puts two young boys and assorted characters through many exciting and mesmerizing times.

It is a book that young readers will cling to for it's excitement and suspense and a book that older readers will enjoy for the pure joy of reading a book filled with possibilities of treasure in Egypt.

I know, I enjoyed this book as much, as my young son will and I intend to obtain every copy I possibly can, of books, author Fiona Ingram has written. For in this day and age of real life horrific tales, this is one that safely takes the reader into a land of mystery and intrigue yet delivers them in the end safely back at home, ready for the next adventure of Adam and Justin. And that in my opinion, is what makes a successful writer for young readers, that safe ending that is premised by excitement, promise of treasure, adventure intertwined with twists and turns galore!

In Their Blood: A Novel
In Their Blood: A Novel
by Sharon Potts
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $19.15
95 used & new from $0.01

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars In Their Blood, March 13, 2010
Jeremy Stroeb is a lot like many kids his age who are living a comfortable life. With parents who have more than enough money to support his wanderlust, his world of rebellion and backpacking anywhere his heart took him in defiance of his parents so called "sell out world" hits hard when he receives the news that his parents have been brutally murdered in their bed and that his sister Elise is now his responsibility. His parents had named him and not his Uncle Dwight to be her guardian, angering his uncle beyond belief.

Jeremy finds for the first time in his life of privileges, that he is now responsible for someone other than himself. In fact, he is the only one who can save his sister from the plight of being thrown into a home with her materialistic Aunt and Uncle. He has to learn the hard way how to be responsible and that way is in a lot of ways hard indeed for Jeremy.

Through many false starts and somewhat naive moves, Jeremy takes it upon himself to find his parents killers. But during this time, he makes many decisons, some good and some bad to find the means to an end and put justice to work.

He asks for and is given a job with his mothers old firm where he makes friends with Robbie and he learns more than someone is comfortable with at PCM, setting in motion a chain of events that are definitely dicey if not deadly for anyone who pushes the envelope too far.

Jeremy also enrolls at his father's college where he hopes to learn more than is taught in the classroom. Such as why his father's office was set afire and why it seems the top dog of the school hated his father with a passion. Intertwined in this, is his meeting and ever growing relationship with his father's grad assistant, Marina who turns out to be someone who turns his life upside down, revealing secrets about his father he never would have dreamed possible. Though she means well, Marina is too close to the action, a fact that Jeremy finds out the hard way.

All through Jeremy's search, his sister Elise is battling her own demons regarding the night her parents were killed. As the shock wears off, she remembers more of the night and that fact alone is enough to put her life in danger as well.

Add to this, a grandfather who is supportive while grieving for his late wife, a detective who is working as hard as she can to find the killers, while trying to keep Jeremy and his sister safe and a myriad of other characters as well and you have a suspense novel that is impossible to put down and more impossible to turn the last page on.

This is a book like no other. It has romance, lust, suspense, danger, missed signs, and a cast of sometimes unbelievably real characters who make the reader stop and realize that he/she has met someone just like this character in his/her life! That knowledge alone is enough to propel the reader deep into the lives of Jeremy. Elise, their grandfather and all the other characters who are so well fleshed out by author Sharon Potts that you'd swear at times they were sitting in your living room with you!

I recommend this book to all who love a mystery/suspense type novel that actually "could" happen given the right circumstances and place. It is a book that rivets the reader and compels them to read until the final page is turned and the book is safely on the self ready for the next read. But I'll warn you, putting the book away will not take it from your mind, as you will ponder it's contents for days. And to this reader and writer...that is exactly what makes a good book. The ability for it to stick with you hours and days later.

This is that sort of book and I highly recommend this read to anyone, for it will change the way you look at life forever as you follow Jeremy and Elise through the most horrific time anyone can imagine, in their quest for the truth of their parents deaths and justice for their killer.

Golden's Rule
Golden's Rule
by C. E. Edmonson
Edition: Paperback
Price: $16.19
23 used & new from $10.17

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Golden's Rule, March 6, 2010
This review is from: Golden's Rule (Paperback)
Maddie Bergamo seems to have the world on a string with a downwards pull, but sometimes life places a rock in the way of the world and you are thrown off course so badly that you wonder if you'll ever get back on track. And so it is with Maddie.

As the book begins we see a young teen who has everything going for her playing in a basketball game. Suddenly out of nowhere, her leg collapses under her and she cannot make it move no hard she tries. Her mother insists she must go to the hospital, but before she can be transported, her leg is fine again. Though she is as confused by what happened as everyone else, she wants to get on with her life. Her mother makes an appointment for Maddie to see her doctor, despite her claims that she is fine. But she isn't fine, as we soon discover when Maddie passes out while eating breakfast.

This is where the story really begins to become intense. Dr. Martin insists they take Maddie to the Emergency room to be further evaluated. After a myriad of tests it is discovered that Maddie has a tumor in her brain and the doctors begin to discuss options laid out for them while Maddie struggles with the idea that something is "wrong" with her brain that she cannot fix.

While at home. Maddie is forced to take a good look at herself and who she is. She is a pretty bi-racial kid with plenty of dreams, hopes and talents but she cannot get past the tumor. It fills her mind constantly. That is, until her mother gives her a book written by Maddie's great, great, great Grandmother, Golden Lea Jackson. Her mother explains it is a memoir of her life as a slave and she thinks this is the perfect time for Maddie to read it. Maybe through this book she can gain some wisdom from her ancestor and come to terms with her tumor as well.

Maddie begins the book somewhat reluctantly although curious as to what her ancestor might have had to say about being a slave born in the 1830's. Soon she is immersed in the book and it becomes an important part of her life and her struggle to survive.

As her condition worsens and she undergoes treatment, Maddie's mother reads aloud to her of Golden's life and her own struggle to gain freedom from slavery. In the book, Maddie can relate to Golden's fear for the future. During the worst time in her life, Maddie can hear Golden's words echo within her mind and she gains an inner strength and a link to her roots that she did not have previously.

How this book ends is amazing in and of itself and to reveal what Maddie and Golden each undergo would not be fair for the reader. For I as a reader discovered as much about myself as I read this book as Maddie and Golden. I discovered that I wanted them to win and their strength of character and mindset gave me the same sort of inner strength to want to succeed in my quest, as they did in theirs.

I would highly recommend this book for a number of reasons. One: It shows how our past can influence our present and perhaps our future and two: It shows that determination and strong will can and do prevail when all seems lost.

This is not just a book about a young multi-racial girl with an ancestor who was a slave or even is it about a teen who is suffering from a brain tumor. It is much more than that. It is a story of strength, belief in things unseen, and faith in the future whatever that might be as well as a story of hope and perseverance against insurmountable odds. Read it and see for yourself if you do not gain a bit of strength through the story as I did. It is a winner in many ways and a book not to be missed.

Sign of the Anasazi
Sign of the Anasazi
by Marc R. Lieberman
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $20.35
30 used & new from $1.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sign of the Anasazi, March 6, 2010
This review is from: Sign of the Anasazi (Hardcover)
Mariah had enjoyed, even reveled in the fact that her job was the first line of defense in keeping the small community safe and to be honest, her arrest record was paper proof that she was darn good at her job. Then one evening as she was at her post, a light blinked signaling trouble. She followed the light to a list telling her where the trouble was located. It was her home! Mariah naturally was frightened for her children when she heard a voice come from the speakers whispering, "We're taking the children. They'll be returned when and if you deliver your father-the professor. We'll be in touch." And then all was silent. This is where it all began with FBI agent Keenan Darstow and the search for her children Brittany and Jacob.

As the story unwinds the author takes us around the world to meet up with characters in their own element who will add suspense and eventually either aid or hinder Mariah and Darstow's attempts to find her father and children. They meet Andrew, an up and coming young reporter who finds himself writing for a trashy tabloid when he actually dreams of a legitimate writing job with a decent paycheck. Thomas Kuzmic, another character had served for 7 years as an FBI agent with a specialty for counterintelligence and hostage rescue teams.

One of the first people to give them insight into the Professor is Trixie Pentov who shows them a necklace made of fine turquoise sent to her by the Professor Marcus Aaron, Mariah's father. She explains that it was sent to her and she interpreted it as a love note, that the Professor would come to her but that after three years she doesn't know why it was sent.

And so the story begins. Filled with intrigue,, speculation of all sorts as to where the Anasazi fit into the story, why the professor is sending "signs" to those he loves and of course, where the children are being kept. This book keeps the reader on point the entire read. It is a book that is hard to put down once picked up. And during its amazing even unbelievable twists and turns the reader finds questions such as "could this really happen?" come to mind on more than one occasion.

A book filled with characters such as Andrew Sawyer, and Old Vic round quite nicely the storyline and add much needed details that the reader must absorb to fully enjoy this trip into a world where anything is possible when searching for the Professor.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in the Anasazi tribe who had resided in the Chaco Canyon region for approximately 7,000 years, left without a trace in approximately 1300 baffling those who have studied them for years without knowing why or how they came to leave such an elaborate colony and where they then settled. It is a book that gives the reader another mystery to solve and some questions as to what is real and what has been kept from the populace by the powers that be. There is much out there, the book implies that the common man does not know and perhaps, after reading this book, I have come to the belief, we were simply not meant to be more informed than we have been in the past. Perhaps it is not out of malice, perhaps it is for our own good. Read this heart stopping, mind turning book and decide for yourself if what the author has written is plausible or not. I for one, look at things a bit differently now even though this book is a work of fiction for it has given my imagination free rein to believe the impossible and hope as well, all mixed together with a story that kept me reading well into the night until I turned the final page.

Runaway Storm
Runaway Storm
by D. E. Knobbe
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $15.26
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5.0 out of 5 stars Runaway Storm a runaway hit!, February 21, 2010
This review is from: Runaway Storm (Hardcover)
Nate was not a happy camper in more ways than one. His mother was leaving him with him with his father for the summer while she ran off to "do her own thing" in Paris with her newest boyfriend.

The summer had promised fun. Nate's dad had planned a month of kayaking in the Gulf Islands but at the last minute informed Nate he was canceling their plans because he was needed on "urgent business". Nate was furious, commenting to his friend Sam, "Tell me what urgent business could a geologist have?"

As the two sat and talked, Nate decided he was going to go to Vancouver anyway and take that kayaking trip by himself. There was no way his mother would cancel her trip and his dad wouldn't know until he got home. Scrambling to get ready he headed for the garage fir supplies finding much to his surprise he found a beautiful yellow Kayak there. It must have been meant as his birthday present. He was naturally thrilled and had the Kayak, he named Solace, packed for the trip in no time.

With help from friend Mike Watson, he was ready for his adventure. After rigging a contraption to lower the kayak into the water, Nate was off, so far, no one the wiser that he was a minor all on his own.

After kayaking, he stopped at a small island and bought some basics. After some time kayaking Nate met some kids who had no homes and were determined never to go back to foster care. After gaining their trust, they became friends and worked together to keep the camp in good shape and keep out of the watchful eye of the ever wandering Department of Fisheries employees who made routine checks of the area.

As time progressed, all seemed fine until Nate found out that his parents had discovered he was missing. Not wanting to make life harder for his friends because of all the people who were looking for him, Nate decided it was time he left. He slipped into his Kayak and took off heading down river to find a little island or area where he could lie low for awhile.

About the time Nate was thinking things were going to work out, a huge storm appeared and struck with such force that he struggled to keep the Kayak upright and on course. But it rolled and Nate found himself underwater wondering what to do. Then he remembered a maneuver designed to right an upside down Kayak. Despite all his failures at camp practicing, this time Nate got it right and was soon back in the upright position and was searching for a place to settle, rest and think about what to do.

As he began to set up his shelter, he met up with a young girl in a sailboat, sail undone, needing some assistance to make her ship seaworthy. This young girl, dressed all in black, introduced herself to Nate as Kat. They made a trade for help with Nate assisting Kate in putting up her campsite and Nate getting fresh water. It was one that Nate couldn't resist so he took "Goth girl" (a private nickname he gave her because of her appearance) up on her offer.

Suddenly they spied a sailboat. After a few moments, the motor sputtered and died. Those on the ship, Jimmy, Tanya and Stef rowed to shore to ask for assistance. They all agreed that they would help the three stranded the very next day get help. A bit after this, Nate began to get a strange feeling about the three marooned visitors. Between overheard conversation, flags changing, to the boats name and origin had been changed overnight, Nate came to the conclusion that these three were trouble.

What happens next in the story is exciting, thrilling and downright genius on the part of the author. The predicament Kat and Nate are in is fantastic in suspense and the get away of the three only adds a much needed boost of adrenaline to the reader. But as they say, "all good books must come to an end" and luckily for Nate and Kat they are rescued from the island, the coast guard steps in to deal with Jimmy, Stef and Tanya and Kat gets the medical attention she needs.

This is one book I have to be totally honest when I say, I loved it. Although it is meant for a teenage age group it held my attention and it was totally entertaining from first page to last. So much so, that I will be purchasing several copies of it as gifts as well as donating a copy to our local middle school. As for my copy? That will go on a shelf I have that holds books that have touched me in some special way. And this one did just that. Check for yourself and see if it speaks to you or the teen in your life. I would bet it will and it will find a place on your permanent bookshelf as well.

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