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Unprecedented - 2000 Presidential Election
Unprecedented - 2000 Presidential Election
DVD ~ Peter Coyote
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5.0 out of 5 stars Bias doesn't necessarily equal untrue, November 3, 2003
This documentary did an exceptional job of investigating the Florida vote controversy.
To address other negative reviewers arguments:
The documentary didn't try to link the felon list to black disenfranchisement alone. They offered the statistic that the majority of ex-felons vote for Democrats while also noting that 90% of all blacks vote for Democrats. Additionally, 50% of ex-felons in Florida are black. Add it all up, and Katharine Harris's masterful list of names would inevitably affect many more Democratic voters than Republican ones. It's as simple as that. She knew what she was doing. Purging of voter rolls is not new, but a statewide 15% error rate is absurb and wrong.
It WAS a concerted effort to block Democratic voters.
One fact that wasn't mentioned in the documentary was that the election commissioner in one county had her name removed from the rolls because she was supposedly a felon!
Harris was the CO-CHAIR of BUSH'S CAMPAIGN and she got to use her "discretion" to decide which votes to count! That fact alone is so absolutely outrageous (but true, regardless of your bias).
There is no doubt that this isn't the first time an election was stolen, even at the presidential level. But it's still disconcerting to know that the man who lost the popular vote and, by voters' intent, lost the electoral college is president today.
Even if you forget all the disenfranchisement controversy and just consider the thousands of votes Pat Buchanan got in the heavily Jewish/Democratic area with the infamous butterfly ballot, Gore would have won. Many voters mistakenly voted for Buchanan -- evident in personal testimonies and apparent in the extremely high number of votes Buchanan got in these Jewish communities. Buchanan is known for essentially saying the Holocaust didn't happen or something anti-Semitic like that (regardless of the details, even Buchanan himself stated after the election that those votes clearly weren't meant for him).
Sure, you can say some things are "biased" in this, but Republicans are so guilty of trying to sway the public view with bias (like claiming that Democrats wanted to block the military overseas ballots, which is just not true -- they wanted to make sure that illegal overseas absentee ballots were not counted). Democrats could make the claim that Republicans wanted to block the black and Jewish vote, which they basically did, but not exactly so. It's more true than saying Democrats didn't want the military to vote, which is what James Baker stated in a press conference on Bush's behalf. Just a blatant lie.
Lately Republicans try to equate "liberal bias" with something being false, when in fact it's their own bias that leads them to believe the truth is biased against them! I used to vote for Republicans more often than not, but now I have trouble seeing beyond the party affiliation. I admit I am a Jim Jeffords independent, but I admire moderate/independent-thinking Republicans such as John McCain, George Voinovich, and Arlen Specter, to name a few.
Overall, the documentary is not necessarily exciting, but at times the evidence presented is infuriating and shocking, though all completely true. Definitely a must-see for anyone living and voting in America.
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