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ASUS VS228H-P 21.5-Inch Full-HD 5ms LED-Lit LCD Monitor
ASUS VS228H-P 21.5-Inch Full-HD 5ms LED-Lit LCD Monitor
Price: $129.99
93 used & new from $90.00

4.0 out of 5 stars I like it, September 28, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Its a pretty screen and all, and for the price ya can't complain, but those who are complaining of kinda washed out colors aren't in the wrong...

Pokemon 3DS XL XY SYLVEON PC Clear Plastic Cover Case 6th Gen Nintendo
Pokemon 3DS XL XY SYLVEON PC Clear Plastic Cover Case 6th Gen Nintendo

3.0 out of 5 stars Slightly disappointed..., February 28, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Great case. Solid build, and it doesn't have that obnoxious hinge so many of it's plastic shell siblings have. Clings tight to the 3DS XL, and barely lets a lick of dust underneath. The grips along the bottom side are nice too, and feel comfortable in your hands. All in all, as a protector it's great, especially seeing the competition in the line of XL protection.

My issue lies in the appearance. The top of the case has the adorable Sylveon in full view, and is a very nice graphic. Unfortunately, there's a rough outline (think of how you cut vaguely around a decal when applying) around the graphic making the picture look clear, but the rest around it looks foggy. Almost as if someone had washed a window to place a cling, but not the rest out of laziness. On the back lies the same graphic but cropped and smaller, but it's noticeably crooked, say maybe 10 degrees.

For the money your paying for it, I kinda wish the graphic didn't look like a half-assed decal job...

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance
Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance
Price: $29.99
63 used & new from $27.95

6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars I'd say it's my #3 favorite KH game, September 26, 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
The Kingdom Hearts series has always been one of my favorite video game series, so naturally I had to pick this game up. I have to say I really liked this one, especially seeing as every other KH on a Nintendo system (Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, and Re:CODED)... well, they sucked.

This game plays more like the PSP title Birth by Sleep than it does 1 or 2, with the Command system acting as your main source of nonbasic physical strikes, magical attacks, and items. The new Flowmotion combat is pretty to look at at, as well as the Reality Shift mechanic, but I usually ignored these gimmicks unless a boss fight required it. As for the Dream Eater system, I had no love. Your Spirits (good Dream Eaters you have obtained through a synthesis process similar to Item Synthesis in the originals or Command Fusion in BBS) will serve little combat aid in the attacking department, the Link Attacks are just another gimmick that steals real strategy away from combat, and the fact that half of your passive abilities are linked to what Dream Eater you have equipped really bugged me.

Let me elaborate on this. All abilities have to be earned through completing a Spirit's Command Chart. Each Spirit has a specific chart, each with unique abilities to unlock. Think along the lines of Final Fantasy 10 or 12's system. Certain passive abilities, like Once More and Leaf Bracer will be both characters' forever once you unlock it with either character (which is cool), but Stat-Boosting abilities, like Attack Boost, Fire Screen, Reload Boost, and Magic Haste will only be yours if you stick with the Spirit. You can equip up to 3 spirits at once, meaning you can diversify your Stat abilities a little once you've completed a Spirit's board, but that itself requires either sticking with the same Spirit for a lot of gameplay, or really obnoxious minigames. Either way, I was upset I couldn't max out my characters like I took the time to do in BBS.

Other than that one MAJOR flaw, the only other thing that takes away from this game is its story. Don't get me wrong. Overall, especially the last 8 hours or so, the story is almost better than 1 and 2's combined, but it takes a long time to get going, let alone make any sense. Oh, and for those who insist they won't play any of these "filler" Kingdom Hearts games and are waiting for III... good luck!

Lastly, on another positive note, this game has the greatest soundtrack of possibly any Square Enix game to date. The remixes from older Kingdom Hearts games and The World Ends With You (another Tetsuya Nomura game for the DS, and a great game in itself were amazing, and the new tracks are to die for.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy
Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy
Offered by Delaware
Price: $22.44
72 used & new from $15.00

33 of 46 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars It was fun for a few hours... maybe..., September 26, 2012
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
When I first heard about this game a few months back, I thought it'd be some awesome blend of Rhythm game and RPG, like every site said it would be/was. After Dissidia's amazing recipe of RPG elements and character progression, and 3D Action/Fighting game combat, I thought they could do it again with Theatrhythm. I was wrong.

First off, it's just a rhythm game. Don't let the fact that you can assemble a party and assign skills fool you. Note buttons come along, you tap the screen, you either hit it or you don't. Easy enough. All the while the creepy looking party of Final Fantasy heroes either runs in a straight line or performs one of their one animations to strike an opponent. It's not bad as a quirky time wasting mini game, but I think what they meant to do was have it so as you raise a character's stats, your party has a better chance of beating foes and getting treasures, raising your score as you play a song in tune. After obtaining an average party level of somewhere in the high twenties, I saw almost no change from level 1, seeing as you'll always beat the boss of the stage with an S-rank Perfect streak, regardless of your stats. If anything, the RPG "elements" feel convoluted and completely unnecessary. As a rhythm game it's okay, but there's no sense of replay value after you beat the "story" levels, then beat every song again on hard, which will take you maybe five hours at the most. After that it's off to the Chaos Shrine, which is there attempt at "mixing it up." After playing One-Winged Angel in 6 out of my 9 Dark Notes, I gave up on any hope that this game would have substantial replay value.

Secondly, no matter what the packaging will try and tell you, the game only has 3 playable songs for each game, not 5. You can tap along mindlessly as a narration plays along to the opening and ending themes of each game, but it feels more like an interactive loading screen then an actual song to be played. Also, you can download more songs offline, but for over a buck a song!

Finally, my biggest complaint about this game has to be the lack of updated music. After Dissidia's soundtrack updated so many classic 8-bit themes into orchestra level masterpieces, why in the name of whatever deity you believe in would they put the original crap into a RHYTHM game?! After buying Battle Scene 1 (from FF2) as DLC, I was hoping to hear the piano/violin combo I've come to know and love in the past few years. Instead, I got blipblipboopbop for 2 and a half minutes. It's no different with the songs included int he game from FF1 to FF6. The classic versions will always have a place in my heart, but that's it. In my heart. Not in any more games.

This game is a big heaping pile of nostalgia, wrapped in creepy character animations, poorly executed RPG schematics, and a sub-par rhythm game. This game could have made more sense as a goofy DLC only title on the DS store for 10 dollars or so, but it definitely does not warrant the 40 dollar price tag.
Comment Comments (4) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Sep 11, 2013 2:11 AM PDT

Persona 3: Official Design Works
Persona 3: Official Design Works
by Matt Moylan
Edition: Paperback
14 used & new from $139.72

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great Art Book for a Great Game, September 26, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
First off, I just want to say that I am not a fan of most "art" books, even if I love the artist(s) or series. I don't buy a book just to LOOK at full page pictures. I want to see where the artist/design team first started when they came up with the idea and how it transformed into what we know now. I like being able to read their thoughts and comments on each step or the design over all. This book does NOT disappoint, and does a great job of letting the reader see into the minds' of the game's brilliant team.

Persona 3: Official Design Works starts off with some nice promotional art and then leads into breakdowns of each character, all the story-relevant Personas, some shadows and enemies, the "world" itself, some color charts, and lastly into a lengthy interview with the game's producer and art director about the themes of the game. It's well composed, and has got some great early/rough drafts, some of which I almost wish they used instead. Ha.

My only real complaint was that they only threw in the rough drafts for a handful of characters, some of which I believe didn't even really warrant the attention. I love rough drafts, because I believe they do a great job of letting you see... well everything I mentioned int he first paragraph. Yukari has the most, filling up a whole three pages, but many just have a sketch or two labeled "final design". I'd love to pretend the design team was so genius they got every character right the first time, but... I doubt it. I understand some early drafts might have been deemed so embarrassing, atrocious, or just plain unworthy to be seen by human eyes they decided not to include them, but a few more wouldn't have hurt.

Besides that, overall it was a great buy and I definitely can't wait until my copy of Persona 4: Official Design Works shows up the mail!

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: The Complete Series
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: The Complete Series
DVD ~ Arisa Ogasawara
Price: $41.81
16 used & new from $36.81

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Anime Purchase I've Made in a While, July 18, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I watched Panty and Stocking a while back and loved every minute of it, so when I saw it got a US release I had to pick it up. You get all 13 episodes, along with some great shorts and commentary on the bonus disc, all for a pretty good price, considering what anime dvds could go for. That, and surprisingly, the English voice acting is pretty good. In fact, the English dialogue is better if you ask me, but that's just my opinion. The box is nice too!

As for the show, I know the art style and silly name make it seem harmless, if not dumb, but a word to the wise (or an invitation to those with what I'd consider a good sense of humor) this show beats out anything you've seen on US TV in the curse, sexual material, and overall raunchy humor department. My brother and I died laughing at least every 30 seconds, but others might find it offensive.

Overall, a great purchase.

Second Sight (World of Darkness)
Second Sight (World of Darkness)
by David Hicks
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $21.16
29 used & new from $12.49

4.0 out of 5 stars Definitely Worth A Read, December 6, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The psychic stuff is what really hooked me, but the minor magic is relatively interesting too.

I've been a fan of the World of Darkness games for a few years now. I've played tons of base human campaigns, some Vampire, some Promethean, some Changling, and have a player in our current campaign who plays a werewolf religiously. After reading through this book, I find it a solid addition to any campaign, or a good start for a campaign of its own.

Coby CV215RED Deep Bass Stereo Headphones and Earphones (Red) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Coby CV215RED Deep Bass Stereo Headphones and Earphones (Red) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

3.0 out of 5 stars Worth the price, but not much else..., December 6, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
First off, these headphones are extremely cool looking. They fit very comfortably, and block out outside noise very well.

As for the sound quality, I was relatively disappointed. It's not the worst I've heard, but if you're a real critic of crisp sound quality, it's mediocre at best. It also cuts out in little second long spasms once every 6 minutes or so, but I won't accredit that to every pair.

For the ten dollars I payed it was definitely worth it, but unless these things last years or stop bullets or some other redeeming quality, I'll probably look at another brand next time I need new headphones.

A solid three star buy.

Afterschool Charisma, Vol. 3
Afterschool Charisma, Vol. 3
by Kumiko Suekane
Edition: Paperback
Price: $10.80
71 used & new from $3.75

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Definite Improvement, November 8, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The series started out interesting, but weak. This volume changes that. I'm definitely sold on this series now. If you're going to check out this series, at least read up to this volume!

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