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5.0 out of 5 stars This game is one of my favorite RPG's of all time, October 31, 2012
This review is from: Drakkhen (Video Game)
This game is one of my favorite RPG's of all time. It really stands out amongst the others RPG's i've played, too. Back in the day, the game was really advanced, and ground breaking for the SNES. The 360 degree view was advanced, and so was being able to freely wander the landscape with no restrictions. Also, it was advanced how all the players would automatically fight on the screen during battle, yet at any given moment, you could take over, and command any of the 4 characters fighting. These new advances are some of the things that made Drakkhen epicly awesome.

Another thing that i really liked about this game is the stereo sounding music, and sound effects. The creators of this game obviously spent a lot of time, and detail, making the beautiful music, and sounds, to this game in CD stereo sound. It's all crystal clear, and the dungeon/castle effects, and music are hauntingly eerie. Dare i say, i would love to have the music, and sound effects on a CD? Sure, i would.

I was also really impressed with the SNES graphics. You can easily tell the advanced graphics over the first NES platform. Not only that, but the new ability to wander freely across the landscape, instead of being confined to only a certain direction was something that definitely put this game out in front of any other NES platform, or any other non-computer platform. You can wander around the whole country without restrictions, and to keep this up a notch the game is played in real time type scenario with Drakkhen switching from day to night, night to day, continuously. How cool is that?

The only thing i find to be a bummer is that the game just doesn't last long enough. While it does take many hours to finish, i often wished it would continue on for a lot longer. The game is very involving. When it finally ends, i want it to keep going.

The critics have said the game controlling is clunky, but i think just the opposite. I find that once you get the knack of how to do it, then it isn't difficult at all, and actually quite simple, to be honest. I find the controlling to be fun, and not a major hassle. Not only that, but since this was a ground breaking game for a non-computer platform, i found the creators task of bringing the computer versions controls to the SNES platform's controls to be a success. This being the first game to do that, i thought the critic were unnecessarily brutal, when reviewing Drakkhen.

The one part of the game that is frustrating is the arrows in the center of the country. Trying to get across them is really a hassle, as the dragons from the sky keep dropping down. Backing across the arrows does seem to help, but doesn't always work.

This game is ground breaking SNES sleeper classic. It's unfortunate the game wasn't a blockbuster hit, considering how extraordinary it is.

I highly recommend this game. 5 stars.

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