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AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire - 50 Feet
AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire - 50 Feet
Price: $8.12

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4.0 out of 5 stars Could Basic Speaker Wire, June 28, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
The 50 feet of 16 gauge stereo wire I received under the title "Amazon Basics" is good basic wire for anyone who wants to set up electronics equipment without spending a fortune. It was easy to cut, layout and worked well with my receiver and speakers.

iPad 4th Generation and iPad mini Portable Genius
iPad 4th Generation and iPad mini Portable Genius
by Paul McFedries
Edition: Paperback
Price: $25.00
49 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars An Easy Guide to Use, March 6, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
In the past I've used the "portable Series", when I first got a classic iPod. It was quite useful.So it made sense to continue reading the series for my iPad use. Now I'm a novice to the iPad and this book was really helpful as a guide and information resource.Its very easy to use, not to technical (jargon wise), has clear and concise graphics and is well layed out in the various chapters. If you ever get stuck, this is a go too guide for the answers.

Women from the Ankle Down: The Story of Shoes and How They Define Us
Women from the Ankle Down: The Story of Shoes and How They Define Us
by Rachelle Bergstein
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $20.11
70 used & new from $0.01

3.0 out of 5 stars Would Have liked Some Photographs, February 21, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Its fun to follow the changes women's shoes have gone through during the last century and how they were impacted by political/ cultural events (WWII, the sexual revolution ETC.). This book comes off as being rather dry. It would have worked much better as a coffee table book with lavishly photographed pictures of the shoes I was reading about. maybe something better on the same subject matter will eventually come out.

Record Store Days: From Vinyl to Digital and Back Again
Record Store Days: From Vinyl to Digital and Back Again
by Gary Calamar
Edition: Hardcover
33 used & new from $2.92

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5.0 out of 5 stars "I Went Down to the Sacred Store, Where I'd Heard the Music Years Before...", April 27, 2010
I've been collecting music for well over 30 years. Whenever, I have gone to the local music store, I feel like I'm on a quest. Sort of like Captain Kirk on his "5 year mission to seek out new life, new civilizations" or Indiana Jones on his endless quest for archaeological treasures.

In my case, its to find that special sound. I think for music collectors, there is something special about finding, what I call the X-factor sound. You know, that next great musical recording, thats going to blow your mind and become something important in your life. Sometimes the search for that sound can be almost as satisfying as actually finding it. For many this has lead to spending countless hours in record stores. I think everyone, who is in anyway dedicated to collecting music has tucked into their memory, that special record store that in some way is important to them.

Thats' why the small coffee table book, "Record Store Days: From Vinyl to Digital and Back Again" by Garry Calamar and Phil Gallo is such a treat. It is a detailed look at those special places, where music collectors haunt. It gives a detailed, well written history of the record shop industry. This includes both the major chains (Tower Records, Sam Goody's Etc.) as well as some of the more famous Independant shops (Bleeker Bob's, Amoeba). But more important this book emphasizes and talks about the atmosphere and community feeling, that any good record store fosters. This is a relaxed atmosphere, where you can just zone-out, search through the stacks of music for hours or just shoot the breeze and talk music with the owner, store staff or other customers. You can't get that doing a download on your home computer.

The book is well laid out and features loads of interesting photos (my favorite is a shot of Elvis Costello & Jerry Garcia giving an in-store concert together). Whats more, throughout the book are all sorts of interesting little sidebars, which feature a variety of interesting topics, anecdotal stories, lists and quotes from musicians and people in the industry.

This book is a must for anyone, who has the urge to collect. I loved every minute going through it. Highly recommended!

Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"
Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"
by David Bianculli
Edition: Hardcover
109 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars "Mom Always Liked You Best!", March 24, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
In 1967 the CBS network had a problem on its hands. What could they schedule against the NBC ratings juggernaut, "Bonanza" that dominated the TV landscape? It was like the 800 pound gorilla (in a cowboy hat) that wouldn't leave the room. After a few tries the answer to this problem came in the form of "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour". This was a comedy-variety show hosted by folk musicians/comedians, Tommy & Dick Smothers.

At first CBS was delighted, that they had a hit show on their hands, that appealed to the ever so important baby boom youth demographic. But soon, that delight turned sour, when they found that Producer/Performer, Tommy Smothers wanted something more than a good old fashion variety show. His vision was about breaking boundaries and creating controversy. This all took place during the heady days of the Vietnam War and the counter culture. Tommy Smothers wanted to create a show that reflected this. What started out as some minor disagreements with CBS Standards & Practices soon escalted into an all out war between Tommy Smothers and his CBS Bosses.

In the book "Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour", writer David Bianculli lays out this scenario. In minute detail he guides the reader through the three short seasons of a show, that would basically change television content forever. He takes us through all the byzantine backstage politics, that created these controversies. He suggests that if both sides (especially Tommy Smothers) had been a bit more accomadating, than the show might have lasted a bit longer.

Finally, Bianculli shows us the lasting impact, that " The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" had on the television medium. The book is well written, but a little repetitive. A good read for anyone who has an interest in the history of TV, backstage TV politics or the issue of freedom of speech. Very interesting. Give it a try!

Up in the Air
Up in the Air
DVD ~ George Clooney
Offered by Mediaflix
Price: $7.95
252 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Anybody Who Ever Built an Empire, or Changed the World, Sat Where You are Now ...", March 12, 2010
This review is from: Up in the Air (DVD)
In the run-up to the recent 2010 Academy Awards, it seemed like the only thing people could talk about was the matchup between the mighty "Avatar" and little "The Hurt Locker". Both fine films in their own right. But lost in all the noisy hub-bub was another small, marvelous, nominated film. It had no space aliens or bombs going off. Instead it was just a well made, quiet, intelligent film about people called "Up in the Air".

In "Up in the Air" we meet Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), who makes his living traveling from company to company firing/laying off employees in the downturn economy. In other words, he's a professional hatchetman. He does his job with a certain sense of style and grace. He sets people adrift, gently. He travels without end, living a life, that is mainly made up of airport bars & lounges, rental car counters and chain hotels. What we hate about traveling he loves. His one kick in life seems to be collecting exclusive memberships in travel industry clubs, that offer big perks to those on the road and in the skies. What he dosn't have is a real home, wife, children or significant other ETC. Instead he espouses and lives an insular life without any true emotional responsiblities or commitments.

This all changes when two women enter his life. One is Natalie (Anna Kendrick) a smart, energetic, young woman, who's business ideas could lead to the end of Ryan's nomadic wanderings (she wants employees fired via the internet). The other is Alex (Vera Farmiga), a mature, sexy business woman, who seems 'to get' Ryan's interests and lifestyle. Ryan and Alex meet at various junctures on the road for a series of sexual liasons. Together, these two interesting women turn Ryan's life upside down, causing him to finally question the path he has chosen for himself.

Writer/Director, Jason Rietman has created a film, which is a wonderful character study. It portrays a man, who at first thinks he knows it all, but winds up eventually questioning everything. I love the way Reitman strips away his characters, until finally the truth is revealed. "Up in the Air" has a smart and funny script, which has razor-sharp, intelligent dialogue. It treats its characters with respect. I really love the fact that this movie dosn't try to tie everything up with a fake Hollywood ending. Instead the film leaves us on a more ambiguous note.

The cast in this film is steller. George Clooney essentially gives the best performance of his career (so far). Anna Kendrick also gives a poised, well acted performance as the young upstart, who is both a pain and conscious for Clooney's character. But the real discovery of the film is actress, Vera Farmiga. She really gives a "star is born" type of performance. Its hard to match an actor like Clooney, charisma-wise, but Vera Farmiga manages to do it. Her sexy, smart business woman really jumps out at you. Its an amazing performance. I predict big things for this actress in the future.

I think "Up in the Air" was one of the best movies I saw all year. Its both heartfelt and humorous. A great piece of storytelling. Give it a try!

DVD ~ Amber Heard
Price: $6.17
211 used & new from $0.15

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Pretty Soon Life's Little Twinkie Gauge is Gonna Go Empty!", February 19, 2010
This review is from: Zombieland (DVD)
"Zombieland" is a good Ol' popcorn muchin', summertime style zombie killin', action flick, that is actually smartly written and deftly directed. The best comparison I can make is that it's a cinematic cross breeding of the apocalyptic, zombie disease destroyed, civilization of "28 Days Later" with the zombie belly laughs of "Shaun of the Dead".

In the film, human civilization has apparently munched on one too many E.coli filled cheeseburgers, which has made "the leap from mad-cow to mad-human to mad-zombie." The film is narrated by Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) a brainy, nebbish-like wimp, who is forever going over his list of rules (which are inventively displayed on screen), that have so far kept him alive in what he has dubbed "Zombieland". He is joined by Tallahasse (Woody Harrelson) a violent, psychotic redneck, who's two joys in life are killing zombies and finding the last remnents of Hostess Twinkies, left in the USA. These two characters are polar opposites, but their humorously testy, at odds, relationship seems to work. Eventually they meet up with two young, con-artist sisters, Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), who are on their way to a supposably "zombie-free", L.A. amusment park for a little fun. Together, these four eclectic characters embark on a violent, but very funny, zombie killing road trip, cross-country to the West Coast.

"Zombieland" is hardly a horror film. I really wouldn't call it scary at all. Instead it is more of a comedy, set up with some very well-directed, violent, action sequences. But what really sets this movie apart from other zombie films is the literate, well written script (by Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick) that actually seems to care about its characters and give them a little dimension all while offering up some very funny, pointed, dialogue that satirizes everything from American obesity to our obsession with movies and Hollywood celebrity. Plus, how many zombie movies have you seen that references both Gandhi and Hannah Montana?

The young cast is very good, but the stand out performance goes to Woody Harrelson. He's really amazing playing a psychotic redneck with heart (and a whole lot of weapons). Finally, there is a surprise, extended celebrity cameo, that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. (O.K., one hint...he's a comedy legend).

"Zombieland" is an excellent, action packed movie with lots of blood, bodies and laughs. Give it a try!

Forever Young
Forever Young
by Bob Dylan
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $13.62
121 used & new from $3.81

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Wonderful Book to Share With Your Child..., February 11, 2010
This review is from: Forever Young (Hardcover)
"Forever Young" has always been one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs.It has a sweet yet wistful emotional sentiment about our hopes and dreams for the people we love. Over seventeen years ago, this was the first song my new wife and I danced to on our wedding day. On a day like that, there are lots of hopes and dreams. Eight years ago, I was blessed with a healthy, happy new son. More hopes and dreams.

Recently, my son and I were browsing in the local bookstore, when we came apon in the children's section, the book "Forever Young". I seem to know instantly that this book was perfect for us. This is a beautifully illustrated book, which brings to life Bob Dylan's classic, poetic lyrics. The book's illustrations portray a young boy receiving his first guitar and how he grows up playing it, against the backdrop of 1960's Greenwich Village. The illustrations are littered with lots of references to Dylan's biographical history, songs, influences and other icons of the 1960's decade. Illustrator, Paul Rogers has done a wonderful job with this book. His illustrations and pictorial storytelling seem to mesh perfectly with Dylan's lyrics, creating just the right emotional feeling of the hopes and dreams we have for our children.

I am lucky to have a young son, who shares my deep interest in both music and history. We love going through the book together and I get to explain to him the historical/cultural references found throughout the illustrations.I love talking to my son about Greenwich Village, Woody Guthrie, Cafe Wha?, Jack Kerouc, The Beatles and the peace movement. It gratifies me to know that he takes an interest in this. Furthermore, my son has questioned me about some of the meaning behind Bob Dylan's lyrics. We had a whole conversation about the meaning of what it ment to be "righteous".

Usually, my son and I look at the book before bedtime. Sometimes I read it to him. Other times we read along as we play the Dylan or Joan Baez (Her live album, "From Every Stage") versions of the song. One time after playing the Baez version, my son looked up at me and said, "Daddy, sometimes I feel funny, when I hear this song. I feel funny inside". His eyes were welling up, holding back tears. Though he couldn't exactly put into words what he was feeling, I knew exactly what he saying.

Beautiful words. Beautiful Illustrations. A wonderful book. If your a Dylan fan, you and your child will enjoy this book together.

DVD ~ Adrien Brody
Price: $6.14
127 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Don't Be a Dummy, Get This Movie!, January 21, 2010
This review is from: Dummy (DVD)
For the longest time I wanted to see the movie, "Dummy" and I really have no ideal why. Maybe it was the DVD cover art or the title or the fact, that I'm a fan of many of the actors in the movie. Well, I'm glad I did, because "Dummy" turned out to be a small, charming, indie-style film, that leaves you with a good feeling.

This comedy/drama is about a rather meek, shy guy named Steven (Adrien Brody), who has reached what seems like the crossroads of his life. He lives at home in suburbia with his dysfunctional family, works in a dead end job and dosn't have much going in the romance department. Approaching thirty, he feels like his life is in a rut. This all changes, when Steven makes the decision to leave his job and in a awkward, yet determined fashion, follow his dream of becoming a professional ventriloquist. Everyone in his life seems to have both an opinion and advice about this. This includes Steven's cynical, romance-lorne sister, Heidi (Illeana Douglas) who works as a wedding planner, his emotionally volatile, best friend, Fangora (Milla Jovovich) and finally the young, pretty, career counselor, Lorena (Vera Farmiga), who is the object of Steven's romantic interests.

Steven's actions seem to effect all these characters. They are all in one way or another unhappy people, who's lives change, when they follow Steven's example and follow their dreams. What those dreams are just might surprise you.

This is a small film about changing lives. The characters are rather quirky, even sometimes hard to watch. But in the end the film has a charming, almost magical feeling, that will leave you with a smile on your face. All four of the film's lead actors give terrific performances. This film is best characterized as a hidden gem that really shines by the end. What a wonderful movie! Give it a try!

Miss O'Dell: My Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and the Women They Loved
Miss O'Dell: My Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and the Women They Loved
by Katherine Ketcham
Edition: Hardcover
67 used & new from $0.01

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Witness to Music History and a Rock N' Roll Soap Opera!, January 7, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
In her autobiography, "Miss O'Dell: My Hard days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and the Women They Loved", Chris O'Dell actually did what many classic rock fans can only dream about. She worked for and even became a trusted friend of some of the most iconic rock stars of the 1960's and '70's.

Chris O'Dell describes in the book how she did this with a lot hard work, chuzpa, the right personality and a little luck of being in the right place at the right time. Over the years, Chris would in some form or capacity work as either a personal assistant or a tour manager for what can only be described as Rock n' Roll royalty. The list includes the Beatles,The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, CSNY, Santana, Eric Clapton, Derek & the Dominos, ETC, ETC. Her many clients over the years seems to go on and on.

This book is a breezy read, that is interesting on three counts. One, it gives you a good description about, what is was like to be part of these major rock tours. Chris goes into detail about what life on the road was like in the hard partying '70s. This includes detailed descriptions of touring with the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan's 'Rolling Thunder Review' and even the infamous 1974 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reunion tour. She really puts you on the road with a huge cast of famous folks, showing them at both their best and at their worst.

Second, not only did Chris work for these people, but in many instances, she became a trusted friend in this elite crowd of the rich & famous. In particular, she goes to great length in describing her close friendships with George Harrison & his wife, Pattie and Ringo Starr & his wife, Maureen. Chris was a witness (and even a participant) in the events that lead to both of these women to eventually divorce their famous husbands. Chris describes in detail the lifestyle of these people and all the soap opera-like drama, that went with it. She really takes you into their lives.

Finally, this book is so interesting, because Chris O'Dell had a front row seat to many events, which are considered Rock N' Roll history. She was there for much of the life of the Beatles' Apple Records. Chris gives us the the inside scoop of what it was like to work for Apple. She also hung out at many of the Beatles' later recording sessions. This includes the Beatles' famous, historic, roof top concert featured in the film, "Let It Be". This was the last time John, Paul, George and Ringo would ever play live together as the Beatles. Other major events detailed include George Harrison's 'Concert For Bangladesh' and the recording of the Stones' classic album, "Exile On Main Street". Man, what a lucky gal to have been part of all of that!

In the end "Miss O'Dell" is wonderful read that takes you inside the world of some of the great rock icons of the '60's & '70s. If you are a classic rock fan then you will eat this stuff up! I really loved this book!

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