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Racism Sinful: Biblical Proof
Racism Sinful: Biblical Proof
Price: $7.33

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Kurowski is such a fine wordsmith! All of his works that I have read are in this vein. Here are but several examples of why you should get this, read it and share this fine book: RACISM IS BUT A SPECIES OF HATRED. ONLY THE MOST RADICAL SOLUTION BY THE CREATOR WOULD PROVIDE THE NECESSRY CORRECTIVE. ... AFTER ALL, THE MESSAGE OF GRACE KNOWS ONLY ONE HUMAN RACE.

Making the Case for Christianity:  Responding to Modern Objections
Making the Case for Christianity: Responding to Modern Objections
by Dr. Korey D.Maas (Editor)
Edition: Paperback
Price: $21.99
25 used & new from $18.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Modern Objections to Christianity Taken Head On, February 19, 2014
This is excellent collection of seven essays taking on some of the most frequent "modern objections" to Christianity: God's existence, New Testament Gospels as reliable history, Jesus Resurrection on Trial, Islam's view of Jesus Crucified, Is God Fair?, Evil 7 Suffering, and Christianity's Cultural Legacy.

As Lutherans, they defend Christianity using evidential approach and confront challenges with historicity and significance of Jesus of Nazareth. GK Chesterton observed correctly that Christianity is "attacked on all sides and for all contradictory reasons." This book addressed these modern attacks from all angles very well.

Hear an interview of one of the editors of this fine volume: [...]

More Things in Heaven and Earth: A Novel of Watervalley
More Things in Heaven and Earth: A Novel of Watervalley
by Jeff High
Edition: Paperback
Price: $12.02
95 used & new from $0.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Physician, November 26, 2013
In the vein of The Mitford Series, with of course a slightly different style, location and characters. Here the main character is not a pastor but a fresh out of med school, doctor. The character development is rich and deep, and so makes it possible to envision and look forward to the rest of a series.

From Nashville to Watervalley, this new doctor seeks to adjust to a totally different setting, a small Tennesse town with the pros and cons these smaller locales have makes for a great read. It has its mysteries and for a single, busy professional person like this doc, life poses its voids and challenges.

There are several nice mysteries that develop, some solved and others left for hopefully future volumes.

What grabbed this reviewer is that the church and Christian faith doesn't have nearly the focus as Father Tim in Mitford, yet bursts on the scene towards end of this book, and certainly has this reader yearning for what next. Believe this book will interest and consume many of you out there, be you familiar with Jan Karon's work or not. Make a great gift for Christmas as well!

I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare
I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare
by Robert Bennett
Edition: Paperback
Price: $26.99
32 used & new from $21.65

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5.0 out of 5 stars Well Researched and Written Volume on Neglected Doctrine, July 8, 2013
This fine book documents the vacuum of significant emphasis to pastoral and systematics theology over the last 100 years of the vital doctrine of demonology and spiritual warfare.

Bennett is led by missions work to investigate this doctrine's usage in the Lutheran Church of Madagascar and finds it holds important bridges to the same in Western Chritianity. The testimonial research and results shared paint a true picture of exorcism and spiritual warfare in this African nation.

An investigation of such usage as judged by Scriptural and Lutheran Confessional teachings rings true. Such as not only Luther, but Walther, Pieper, Montgomery, etc. show correlation with the biblical and confessional positions.

Highly recommended for personal, group study and gifts to Christian friends and pastors.

Then Fell the Lord's Fire
Then Fell the Lord's Fire
by Bror Erickson
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $22.25
32 used & new from $18.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Curate of Pastor's Souls, December 14, 2012
This collection of ordination sermons and essays by Swedish Bishop Bo Giertz (of Hammer of God fame) is truly a blessed edifying read for pastors and pastors to be. The translator of this book (Bror Erickson) so aptly summarizes: "He kept his pastoral bearing; he remained anchored in the Word."

Those two things tell the true treasure of this book: pastorally oriented and Word centered on Scripture's center: Christ crucified for sinners. Giertz knows the struggles and wrestlings pastors undergo in not only his age, but ours and all ages, for if the Servant of the Lord sticks to what is given him to proclaim, it will be challenging and bearing of crosses will come. Thus, Giertz understands this and provides in sermon and essay form powerful Scriptural messages which buoy and support the Pastor to be faithful to his call and joyful in that vocation.

Couple of my favorites will illustrate this. The first sermon bears also the book's title: Then Fell the Lord's Fire. It revolves around 1 Kings 18:38 and Elijah's calling fire down upon Baal's prophets and it was granted spectacularly. Thus the current pastor's dilemma, why no fire? or rare any fire? This he answers so well and pastorally and biblically, e.g. "Before the fire fell on Mt. Carmel, he had to fight through long years of persecution and loneliness. There was the time of great drought." "Until the end, the Lord's fire falls. Maybe not so that it flares and burns in the whole congregation. It may only be a little here and a little there, individual people who wake up, worried souls that open themselves, new communicants who dare come to the Lord's Table and remain there."

In another sermon he proclaims: "Grant Your Servants to Speak with Boldness." "The boldness is needed. It has never been easy to be a proclaimer. If the Word is rightly proclaimed, then it will also awaken offense. . . . How can one get such boldness the Word as a message from God? The answer is very simple: by experiencing it as a message from God. . . . The Word shows its truth powerfully when one lets it into his heart and his life. No one needs it more than the pastor."

There are many more of these 28 ordiantion sermons packed full of Gospel and words of admonition, encouragment and blessing for pastors and their flocks. In addition, there are 10 essays given at conventions and pastoral conferences and such. My favorite is one on "The Church's Way Today," where he describes how yielding and letting into the church the world's way "makes the Gospel into just what the Bible calls a heresy: a meaning, a current, a time-bound way of looking at things. Then the Gospel is in no way what the Early Church meant, when it called it "the Way."

So, this is excellent gift to your pastor(s) to keep them faithful and joyful in steadfastness to the Gospel proclamation. And for the pastors who the sheep will not gift, buy one for yourself. You will be blessed!
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The Lutheran Difference
The Lutheran Difference
by Edward Engelbrecht
Edition: Hardcover
21 used & new from $20.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Compendium of what Lutherans believe that's unique, September 4, 2012
Great collection of previous individuals books. Hear interview with the editor at: [...]
Doctrines are nicely formated in form of controversy, history, resources, and bible study questions at end of each discussion.
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Great Commission, Great Confusion, or Great Confession?: The Mission of the Holy Christian Church
Great Commission, Great Confusion, or Great Confession?: The Mission of the Holy Christian Church
by Lucas V. Woodford
Edition: Paperback
Price: $22.00
23 used & new from $12.51

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just What is the Mission & Message of the Christian Church?, July 10, 2012
Pastor Lucas Woodford shares his own journey as a young pastor trying to figure out this question. From an associate pastorate at a large Church Growth, mission oriented congregation to then being the Sr. Pastor at another congregation that is set on a path of becoming one, Pr. Woodford is led to discern through a careful search of Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions to see things through different lenses.

Mission or message? Technology or vocation? Great Commission or Great Confession? These tensions eventually get resolved for him, his new congregation and he now shares them with us through this book.

This is a well done, well thought out work that will grab the reader with the passion this man of God has for the truth and for outreach!

To be read, digested and shared among the Body of Christ! Those outside Lutheran circles will benefit by what he shares from the Ancient, Ecumenical Creed.
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The Longest Shot: Jack Fleck, Ben Hogan, and Pro Golf's Greatest Upset at the 1955 U.S. Open
The Longest Shot: Jack Fleck, Ben Hogan, and Pro Golf's Greatest Upset at the 1955 U.S. Open
by Neil Sagebiel
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $15.67
51 used & new from $2.47

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sure Shot of a Golf Read, July 6, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Sagebiel does the golfing community, especially its aficanados who enjoy reading about its history, a great service with this fine chronicle of one of golf's greatest upsets, Jack Fleck over Ben Hogan.

The Open upset in 1955 at Olympic Club was brought to all of our minds with the recent Open happening there and the TV interview with Fleck himself. This spurred my purchase of this volume and read it with pleasure and interest as it is very well written. It tracks the two different paths for the '55 playoff, one a obscure pro from Iowa and the other the renowed Hawk who was nearing the end of a marvelous career.

This is developed over the years and then becomes more detailed as the Open in San Francisco and what leads up to it. Amazing and fascinating to this Christian golfer is the faith of this man and that he took a portable phonograph (remember those) and played Mario Lanza singing "I'll Walk with God," and his hearing a voice several times saying to him "Jack, you are going to win the Open." This coupled with his saying to Hogan before the playoff, "You'll know what I mean," without his even knowing why he said it.

The connection between Hogan and Fleck with boy playing Hogan clubs is amazing. Finally, the Cherry Creek Open transceting the career of Fleck, Hogan, Palmer and Nicklaus. Truly this is a book worth reading and owning.

Life among the Lutherans
Life among the Lutherans
by Garrison Keillor
Edition: Paperback
Price: $12.14
73 used & new from $0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Life Among Scandavian Rural Lutheranism, July 6, 2012
Keillor has easily proved himself as a talented and humorous storyteller. Here is a collection of those that address the Lutheranism of his beloved Minnesota. Being that this part of Lutheranism is predonimatley Scandanavian, and in Lake Wobegon Danish, this focuses primarily on that side of Lutheranism in that part of the world. That being said, Lutherans and non-Lutherans alike of all stripes can enjoy his humor and amazing ability to develop a story while rambling from topic to topic, from character to character.

Lutherans can and do laugh at themselves and this book gives ample opportunity. Just a couple of my favorites: "A good sermon has a great beginning and a great ending, with those being as close as possible." And on organists: "Organists despise stillness. They're sitting there with the organ equivalent of a 300 hp Ferrari and they want to put the petal to the metal and make that baby fly." Too funny!

Or the instance where Pastor Lingqvist's sermon prep of two index cards, one which was the biblical text, and the other that read "conclusion," than the surprise of a large crowd shows up to hear this prepared homily. Too funny!
Than there was the wrestler turned preacher and the Performing Gospel Birds. Too funny! The classic pontoon boat with the overload of Lutheran clergy and the hot charcoal briquets chasing them into the water. Too funny!

Surely not all appreciate Keillor's storytelling or Lutheran ethos, but those who do will smile most of the time while absorbing this volume. Too funny!

The Church and Her Treasure
The Church and Her Treasure
by Francis Pieper
Edition: Paperback
2 used & new from $17.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars One to be read, shared & adhered to!, June 19, 2012
This is truly an amazing, clear and powerful English translated reprint of a series of lectures that Pieper presented to Seminary students in the late 19th century on justification and the church.

Thus, the tile "The Church and her Treasure." The treasure is none other than the justification of sinners by grace through faith. The church must proclaim, center, defend and revolve around this center. Pieper has the wonderful skill to unload and proclaim this central Biblical teaching in precise and organized thinking. That is why my title of this review said this book should be discovered by the church, read and adhered to by both pastor and layperson alike.

Pastors because this is their charge and Pieper has much to say to them about this charge being from the Lord of the Church and the object of the Treasure. Laypeople because this book will inform them if their pastor(s) are about the Treasure and if not, give them remedy to amend.

This work is divided into two sections: Justification and the True Visible Church, the first consisting of nineteen lectures and the latter being 23 lectures. This is the first time the second part has been translated and published in English while the first had been translated but not well known or used.

May God so make this book of import known, thanks be to God for its author and its publisher now, and the people of God follow its Biblical admonition and encouragement.
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