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WoneNice High Quality Portable Small Fan & Mini-Air Conditioner Stay Cool Handy Cooler Speed Adjustable
WoneNice High Quality Portable Small Fan & Mini-Air Conditioner Stay Cool Handy Cooler Speed Adjustable
Offered by efreecity
Price: $12.89

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4.0 out of 5 stars For short-term relief from hot flashes...., August 25, 2013
I'm suffering from dreadful hot flashes that are usually short in duration ... I've opted to try to deal with them naturally and this fan definitely makes it easier ... the fan brings immediate relief

This unit is fairly quiet, is easy to hold, fairly lightweight, and so far fairly sturdy ... over all it's a little larger than I'd like it to be, but as long as it does it's function, I'm satisfied

As I usually turn if off when my hot flash ends, I cannot attest to whether it would function as well continuously over long periods of time.

A Kid To The Rescue
A Kid To The Rescue
by Susan Gable
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
25 used & new from $0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars 4 1/2 Stars! While this is my first book by Ms. Gable, it will most certainly not be my last., August 17, 2012
4 1/2 Stars! ~ Wide-eyed and scared, six year old Ryan had stopped talking the night his father strangled his mother in front of him. Somehow, Shannon has to help her nephew, and she prays art therapist, Greg Hawkins, will live up to his reputation. Greg also writes very popular comic books and has earned himself almost a cult following. This worries Shannon, after all there are no super heroes, and there are no guarantees of happy ever after. From the first session with Ryan, Greg realizes that there is more bothering the boy than the horror he witnessed. When he suggests moving the sessions to Shannon's apartment, he quickly sees what's wrong. While there is furniture, there's no life, no personal items, the apartment is just a shelter. And when Shannon is served with court papers from Ryan's paternal grandparents suing for custody, Greg knows he has to work very hard indeed. How can he convince a woman who has learned to detach herself emotionally, because everything and everyone has always been taken from her, that she has to fight, not just for the little boy but for herself too.

This is a story that gripped my heart from the first pages. Shannon's a remarkable woman who has never been allowed to count on anyone but herself. Putting Ryan's life and her own in Greg's hands is tough and very very risky. She's not sure she can stand to lose again in her life. While Greg knows he can help Ryan, he's shocked at the reality of Shannon's life. And the more time he spends with her and the boy, the more he loses his heart. Great characters all around. Greg's extended family bring life and warmth that lightened the tone of the tragic parts of this story. Ryan is adorable! While this is my first book by Ms. Gable, it will most certainly not be my last.

A Kid to the Rescue by Susan Gable ~ Harlequin SuperRomance #1545 ~ February 2009
Hawkins Brothers - Book #1

The Long Shot
The Long Shot
by Ellen Hartman
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $4.95
49 used & new from $0.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Ms. Hartman has a wonderful voice that makes her characters come alive., August 10, 2012
I adore Deacon, he's has so much love in him but he can't see that he in turn deserves to be loved back. He's devoted to his brother, Wes and fears he's screwing up. Coming home to Milton loosens up past memories and Deacon no longer hides some of the darker times. Wes comes to see his brother as the young boy who never stopped fighting for a better life for him. Julia starts to see that sometimes she's obsessive in her need to help everyone, and that sometimes you have to trust others that they'll be able to help themselves. I loved reading the journey to HEA for Deacon and Julia, and I understand Wes has his own story, Out of Bounds. I'll be reaching for that one next!

I think I have all of Ms. Hartman's books in my TBR pile, though I have only read one other from her so far. She has a wonderful voice that makes her characters come alive. There is some wit and charm, and lots of heart to the stories I've read. I'm eagerly looking forward to reading her backlist.

The Long Shot by Ellen Hartman ~ Harlequin SuperRomance #1777 ~ May 2012
~ Fallon Brothers Book #1

Too Many Brothers
Too Many Brothers
Price: $3.60

4.0 out of 5 stars This is quick paced and a pleasure to read., July 27, 2012
This review is from: Too Many Brothers (Kindle Edition)
Daphne, ever optimistic, is constantly being underestimated by her family. Sure, not every choice she's made has been brilliant, but she's sorted her career out and is remarkably talented in makeup artistry. In between jobs, she's moonlighting as a face-painting party clown, that's how she meets Logan. He's on the run from the mob after his undercover FBI position is exposed. While the goons search the neighbourhood, Logan sneaks into his sister's house where Daphne is performing for his niece's birthday. Clever Daphne dresses Logan as a partner clown and they escape the area. He's forced to hole up in her apartment, ordered by his superiors to stay put. Enter Daphne's smothering brothers; each sniff out Logan, warn him to keep his hands to himself, and then stick around to make sure Daph stays out of trouble. When Daphne's talent at creating disguises attracts to the eye of Logan's boss, she finds herself in the middle of the mob take down operation much to the up roar of her three brothers.

This is a fun and charming love story. Logan and Daphne share an instant chemistry that grows stronger with every moment spent together. Logan is impressed by Daphne's astute insights and is quick to defend her to her brothers. Daphne tends to jump in with all her heart which often lands her in some humorous situations. This is quick paced and a pleasure to read.

Too Many Brother by Roz Denny Fox
~ Harlequin American Romance #1036 ~ September 2004

Father Figure
Father Figure
Price: $4.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Ms. Logan has woven this most enjoyable love story with humour, sizzling chemistry, and heart warming moments, July 20, 2012
This review is from: Father Figure (Kindle Edition)
4 Stars ~ It's been more than a decade since Dean Fraser gave up everything -- his family, his career, his inheritance -- to marry flower-child Rose, a woman found most unsuitable by Dean's father. All ties were cut, and then word came after six years, that Dean died tragically in a plane crash. So Dean's father turned to second-son Charles to fill his shoes, both as heir and as vice-president of his ad agency. Charles' whole life is wrapped up in the agency, he's a workaholic with no desire for personal commitments. Imagine the shock when Charles' father declares that he's a grandfather. Instantly, he scans his memory and does some math to see who the possible mother could be. His father lets him off the hook but is ecstatic to announce that Dean had a infant son when he died, and the boy is now five years old. When Dean died Rose moved with her son into her aunts' home and has been living less than an hour away all this time. Rose placed an ad in the local paper for a "Father Figure" type mentor for her son. Living in a household of women, Rose is concerned that young Lucas is missing a male influence. Charles' father insists that he apply for the position with a fake resume showing him to be a graduate student working on a study of children and how they relate to the world. He's to get proof that Rose is an unfit mother to take to court for the custody battle.

The instant Charles meets Rose he knows he's in trouble. Their attraction is undeniable and Lucas looks just like Dean. He wants very much to be a part of their life, and quickly they sneak under his skin and into his heart. Lucas has made him their Charlie, and all Charles can hope is that he has time to make them his before they find out who he really is. Rose sees something good in Charles, the way he is with Lucas, the way he balances the play time and the learning good lessons time. She sees him as the man he hadn't realized he was, lonely for the love of family.

I wasn't sure how Charles was going to pull off the deception. Luckily, in grand fiction style, Dean didn't really resemble his own father, like Charles did, and young Lucas took after Dean. Rose and her aunts show Charles a freedom he's never known and with Lucas he learns what unconditional love is. All his life he'd lived to please his father, and these wonderful people are showing him a life that his brother eagerly gave up everything for. Rose is a terrific heroine. She'd loved her husband and never thought she'd feel that again. With Charles there's an instant bonding, and she's flustered and feeling like a woman again. Lucas is adorable! Ms. Logan has woven this most enjoyable love story with humour, sizzling chemistry, and heart warming moments.

Father Figure by Leandra Logan ~ Harlequin American Romance #732 ~ June 1998

Who's the Daddy?
Who's the Daddy?
Price: $4.74

4.0 out of 5 stars Ms. Christenberry had me hooked from the first pages!, July 18, 2012
This review is from: Who's the Daddy? (Kindle Edition)
4 Stars! ~ Imagine waking up in the hospital with a whopping headache with your family gathered around you but you haven't a clue who they are or who you are for that matter, and then the doctor announces that you're pregnant. And then imagine again, that your father bellows out "I demand to know who the father is!", and then three men step forward and call out "I am". The first thing that Caroline thought was, 'She was sleeping with three men? At the same time? What kind of woman was she?'. All Caroline knows is the sexy man in the blue jeans, Max, makes her heart flutter, but the other two in the suits, Prescott and Adrian, just annoy her. With all three men claiming paternity, Caroline just has to remember. Max is disappointed that Caroline doesn't remember him or the two glorious weeks they spent together. The morning after they made love, she vanished without a goodbye and he couldn't find her. But now that he has, and she's carrying his baby, he just has to convince her that they were meant to be together. But can he? Adrian has proof that she was with him two months before.

Ms. Christenberry had me hooked from the first pages! Max knew from the moment he met Caroline that she was the one for him. Even without her memory, Caroline knew there was something about Max, not just their incredible chemistry. Max and Caroline are great together and her family has just the right quirkiness to make this a fun and very quick read.

Who's the Daddy? by Judy Christenberry
~ Harlequin American Romance #579 ~ April 1995

The Family Man
The Family Man
Price: $4.50

4.0 out of 5 stars 4 1/2 Stars ~ I hope Ms. Milburn brings us back to Horizon Beach someday, July 17, 2012
This review is from: The Family Man (Kindle Edition)
4 1/2 Stars! ~ In Iraq, he'd watched the woman he loved, an aid worker, die in a road side bombing. And so after a decade in the army, Adam had enough of violence, tragedy and responsibility. He loves his carefree and unencumbered life in Horizon Beach, and if only his nightmares would end, his life would be perfect. Sara is a detective on the small police force. Searching for a runaway teen brings her to the Beach Bar where Adam is filling in while his best friend Zac is away on his honeymoon. Adam's noticed Sara before, in fact, he'd flirted with her until he learned she was a cop. There's no way he's getting involved with a woman who places herself in danger. Sara has a definite image of Mr. Perfect, and Adam's irresponsible lifestyle just doesn't fit, but she can't keep herself from fantasizing about the hunky bartender. She's surprised when Adam doesn't shy from her two adopted daughters, even more so, when he seems quite happy to include them in his life. Adam's learning what family is and he surprises himself with how happy he is when he's with Sara and the girls. When Sara places herself in front of a loaded gun, Adam's nightmares are back, only now it's Sara who's being killed.

I was intrigued by Adam in Ms. Milburn's A Firefighter in the Family, and so when I seen he had his own story I had to find out more about this irresistible playboy. Adam is very good a pretending he's only out for a good time, he's even managed to fool himself. That is until he meets Sara and she rocks his world. Adam is one of those wounded heroes you can't help falling in love with. I loved how he proved to Sara that he indeed was her Mr. Perfect. I hope Ms. Milburn brings us back to Horizon Beach someday. There's a hunky fireman from her previous book that deserves a HEA too!

The Family Man by Trish Milburn
~ Harlequin American Romance #1300 ~ March 2010 ~ Horizon Beach - Book #2

A Firefighter in the Family
A Firefighter in the Family
Price: $4.50

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars 4 1/2 Stars! This is Ms. Milburn's debut with Harlequin and I'm very pleased to have finally read it, July 16, 2012
4 1/2 Stars! ~ In mere moments a rash decision made by an eager to prove herself firefighter, tore apart her family and left her fire chief father in a wheelchair. There was nothing left in Horizon Beach for Randi except pain and accusation, and her own tremendous guilt, so she fled. It's now almost three years later, and she's made a name for herself as a leading arson investigator for the state. And it's arson that brings her back home. She's surprised to find that one of the lead suspects is a firefighter she'd been in love with, one who had also flung blame on her shoulder. Only Zac now runs a beach bar, has had his own experience with being shunned by the mighty Cooke family of firefighters, namely her four brothers. Zac's not really surprised to see Randi, but he is surprised to learn that her family still pushes her away. These two had something good before, and Randi's heart aches for that again. She's good at her job, almost too good because the arsonist is now leaving threats. And when one particular threat hits very close, it's not just Zac coming to her rescue but her whole family.

This is Ms. Milburn's debut with Harlequin and I'm very pleased to have finally read it! There's a world of hurt living inside of Randi and more guilt than any person should have to endure. She's strong and determined to never to allow her gut to lead her again, it's all hard evidence for her. Zac's struggling with his own guilt at not standing by Randi, and when he's falsely accused of arson he quickly learns what it's like to be on the outside. Both have something to prove. Randi that she's worth loving and Zac that he's innocent. This is a suspenseful love story with deep emotions and a some great chemistry too. I'm looking forward to reading Zac's friend Adam's story next.

A Firefighter in the Family by Trish Milburn
~ Harlequin American Romance #1228 ~ September 2008
Horizon Beach - Book #1

Dream Daddy
Dream Daddy
Price: $3.60

4.0 out of 5 stars I really enjoyed this last installment in the Foster Brother trilogy, July 15, 2012
This review is from: Dream Daddy (Kindle Edition)
4 Stars ~ It takes a letter from the IRS announcing an impending audit to put Ian in a panic. Not because he's cheated on the family corporate taxes, but because his old fashioned bookkeeping may not be good enough. So the reclusive sheep farmer / business manager is forced to hire the Town Mayor / private tax accountant. Tansy has always been intrigued by the youngest, gloomiest Foster brother, so when Ian seeks her help in updating his books, she's happy to. As Mayor, Tansy's working on a fund raising festival to help repair the Town Hall. She uses her persuasive skills on Ian, and soon he's agreeing to help with the festival. And when she finds his hidden studio with all his glorious paintings, she uses her skills again along with his family's, to get him to sell them at the festival. Ian's hates being in the limelight but he can't seem to refuse Tansy. Working together brings them closer and just when he thinks he can have a future with her, his past catches up to chase his dreams away.

This is the last of the Foster brother trilogy, and throughout Ian has been the dark horse, the one with the solemn and reclusive nature. But like his brothers, he has a sensitive and caring heart, he just hates to show it. Tansy is just the firecracker to put some spark into Ian's life. I liked how she wriggled into his life and how he finds himself enjoying it. They say opposites attract, and in Ian and Tansy's case their attraction is powerful. I loved reading their journey to a HEA.

This trilogy is character rich, both in heroes and heroines but especially in the secondary characters who make up the Foster clan and the community. I'd love to read more about the people in Serenity Valley.

Dream Daddy by Daly Thompson ~ Harlequin American Romance #1308 ~ May 2010

Surprise Dad
Surprise Dad
Price: $4.50

4.0 out of 5 stars I love the family and community dynamics that surround Mike's Diner., July 15, 2012
This review is from: Surprise Dad (Kindle Edition)
4 Stars ~ All her life Allie knew she was going to be a doctor. She'd studied hard, got all A's and in college achieved a 4.0 average. Then she had to make what she thought was the hardest decision of her life, having discovered that medicine really didn't do it for her, she quit. Returning to Serenity Valley with only a few months free to decide her next move before the next semester, Allie surprises everyone and goes to Mike's Diner to see about her old job. Mike's pleasantly surprised to see Allie, but she's no longer the teenager who used to waitress for him, she's grown up and she's beautiful. Of course, a job is not a problem. And just as Allie starts to fit back into life in the Valley, Mike's whole world is about to change. A phone call from a Boston lawyer, and another call from a New York food corporation, have him going in circles. New York wants to franchise his restaurant into a chain, and Boston has an inheritance from his estranged father, one he can't refuse, an eight-month-old brother. Adding to this, his short-order cook, Barney, has a cardiac scare that will take him out of the kitchen for weeks. Mike finds he's turning to Allie more and more. As Allie's heart becomes attached to baby Brian and his new dad, she realizes that the hardest decision of her life is back to school for her new career choice or stay and make a family.

Mike's life revolved around his restaurant and his bond with two foster brothers, so finding himself an instant father shakes him to his core. Mike's a stand-up guy, always upbeat and hugely respected in his community. Usually unshakable, losing control of his life has left him all jumpy. Allie knows Mike is a threat to her future independence and she's afraid she'll fall into his life and later regret not pursuing a career of her own. I love the family and community dynamics that surround Mike's Diner. With the help of amazing secondary characters, Allie and Mike become alive. I'm so glad we'll see glimpses of them again in the next book of this trilogy, Ian's story.

Surprise Dad by Daly Thompson ~ Harlequin American Romance #1297 ~ March 2010

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