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The Sagittarius Whorl: Book Three of the Rampart Worlds Trilogy
The Sagittarius Whorl: Book Three of the Rampart Worlds Trilogy
Offered by Random House LLC
Price: $5.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Julian May at her worst is better than almost anything you are likely to ..., July 17, 2014
Julian May at her worst is better than almost anything you are likely to pickup at random. Nothing will ever measure up to her Pliocene Exile series, however, so that's not a valid bar for comparison.

Downton Abbey 1000-Piece Puzzle - Family and Staff
Downton Abbey 1000-Piece Puzzle - Family and Staff
Price: $16.99
8 used & new from $14.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Cheap and Shoddy, January 7, 2014
Every internal piece has two tabs and two slots, always on opposite sides from their mates. This indicates extreme laziness on the part of the puzzle maker and results in many pieces that are essentially identical except for minor differences in how well they fit. Given the large amounts of blue sky (and brown everything-else) this is a puzzle that is more annoying than satisfying. Hard is one thing, this thing is just tedious. Shame on Pressman!

Under a Graveyard Sky (Black Tide Rising Book 1)
Under a Graveyard Sky (Black Tide Rising Book 1)
Price: $6.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars I'm sure it's a great read but . . ., December 14, 2013
I'm still feeling rather burned by the main Posleen series because . . . well, if you read it you know it. If you didn't you could still read the reviews. I highly recommend his one-off books but when it comes to a new series I think I might wait until the series is complete and I hear no complaints about another Deux Ex Machina ending.

In the Field with Archer: Cast & Creators Live at the Paley Center
In the Field with Archer: Cast & Creators Live at the Paley Center
Price: $4.99

11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Pathetic, December 5, 2013
I never realized that David Cross, playing Tobias Funke on Arrested Development, was actually having to dial it way back in that role. If this is him playing himself then he's a much huger idiot than Tobias could ever be. He made this a complete waste of our time and of the Archer folks' time. No one buys or rents something called "In the Field with Archer: Cast & Creators Live at the Paley Center" to hear an hour of someone who is not even on the show giving a non-stop monologue ramble on anything and everything but the show.

The Last Starfighter
The Last Starfighter
Price: $2.99

4.0 out of 5 stars I liked it., May 28, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Amongst all the races in the Rylos Star League , that rarest of all individuals may be the one with the innate "gift" to become a starfighter. Never numbering more than a few dozen, they are the League's best, last, and only line of defense beyond that of the Frontier itself.

Built in times long past, the Frontier is a defensive wall of vast force shields. It forms an almost impenetrable shield protecting that region of space containing the League and its member star systems against the limitless numbers and unmatched ferocity of the relentless Ko-Dan Empire.

Within that region of space are many primitive, nonmember planets, deliberately kept ignorant of external affairs until their cultures are deemed sufficiently advanced for such knowledge. On one of these planets there is a popular arcade game called Starfighter. Unbeknownst to its players, the game is actually both a training program and a test.

In his last month of his senior year of high school, Alex Rogan has just played his last game of Starfighter. Channeling all of the frustrations of his young life into a driving force, Alex has done something no one on his planet has ever done before. Alex has beaten the game.

Something is coming for Alex.

But treachery will bring low the defenses of the Star League. In the space of less than an hour, the Frontier will be shattered and its guardians slain before they can launch. Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada will be coming in numbers uncountable while the League, and even Earth itself, will be naked before them.

There is no more time for games.

There is only time for the last starfighter.

BioShock Infinite - PC
BioShock Infinite - PC
Offered by Toys & Videogames Trader
Price: Click here to see our price
68 used & new from $5.50

5.0 out of 5 stars A ground breaker, April 18, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: BioShock Infinite - PC (DVD-ROM)
It's a beautiful game, the combat isn't non-stop so you do get time to catch your breath and experience it from time to time, and to piece together the story.

Although I greatly enjoy the gameplay, the story is the real champion here. Only a handful of games have ever let me say that about them, Starflight 1 & 2, Star Control II, Myst 1, BioShock 1, and maybe a few more. It's not a long list and I've played a LOT of games over a long time.

Elizabeth is worth the price of admission alone.

Some people said the vigors didn't have a real place in the game. I enjoyed them and if you get to the ending you get enough justification for them being there although you may have to think about it. Some people said one or two were overpowered and that the rest have limited uses. I think that's more a matter of how you choose your default tactics. I found uses for all of them, my only complaint there is that a couple of them came so late in the game my play style had already been established and refined and I didn't really have time to incorporate them. Also, given your early cash flow, the vigor upgrades are far too limited and expensive for far too long into the game.

Some people have complained about the graphics. Personally, I just upgraded my PC a few months ago and am running a 7.6 (out of 7.9 possible) on the "Windows Index Experience." My only complaint is that the game didn't crank up my video accordingly during initial set up. Once I did, manually, for my second play through, I maxed it all out and the game is amazing. The light reflecting off the enamel painted doors, the wood grain in the paneling, those amazing metal pipes, everything so incredible it feels like I should be able to stick my hand into the screen and feel the textures. And no lag or jerkiness at all. That said, my daughter is playing it on the PS3 and it's a pale and poor imitation.

Some people have complained about the lack of weapon variations. My complaint was more along the lines of I wanted a pistol, a short distance gun (machine gun or shotgun -- which played very differently by the way -- or one of their upgrades, a long range precision weapon (carbine or sniper rifle), and a heavy weapon like an RPG or something because very little else was effective on the big bad boys unless you could repeatedly hit their single vulnerable point. So rather than complaining about the lack of weapon variations, I would complain that I was constrained to two weapons rather than four. In my mind a one handgun and one anti-tank weapon should be separate allowances above the rule of two. Another complaint relating to weapons is that it is a long time before you start finding machines to let you upgrade them.

Seemed too that most of the named opponents died in cinematics, rather than actual combat and while I understand the story necessity for some of this, it's more satisfying to get them ourselves.

I'd still give it somewhere over a nine on a one to ten scale.

Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner (2 oz)
Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner (2 oz)
Offered by Trusted-Sales, LLC
Price: $19.95
6 used & new from $17.85

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing cosmic performance in an eensy-teensy bottle, January 26, 2013
Really has to be seen to be believed. I've been working on a fixer-upper and had just about despaired of ever getting the whirlpool garden tub free of brown gunk bits. Then the love of my life sent me a bottle of this stuff. I can only surmise that the reviewers rating this product low didn't read the instructions and were trying to use it as a supppository. Everything the other five star raters is saying seems to be spot on:

"I was appalled and amazed at the amount of gunk that was purged from my tub using just ONE TEASPOON of the product. At long last I have found the answer to at least one of life's challenges. My little jar of Ahh-Some takes its place alongside all my essential bath time amenities."

"Despite regular cleaning with dishwasher detergent and bleach (as recommended by the service rep for MTI), a few months ago we started noticing gunk showing up in our baths. I purchased a 2oz container of this cleaner a month ago and have used it 5-6 times. The first few times I saw a lot of disgusting looking debris getting cleaned out of the system. The last few times less and less, as the tub is now finally clean again!"

"Each use, I scoop a bit on the back of my fingernail, and that is enough (anymore and it foams right out of the tub). I would estimate I have used less than 15% of the 2oz. Since I will be using it slightly less often to just maintain cleanliness, I expect this will last at least as long as advertised (probably another 6-8 months). It is in fact a great bargin, in my opinion."

Cold Days: A Novel of the Dresden Files
Cold Days: A Novel of the Dresden Files
by Jim Butcher
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $20.04
120 used & new from $1.32

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Hurray, it's not a reboot, December 11, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have to admit that, after "Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12)" and especially after "Ghost Story: A Novel of the Dresden Files and "Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files"," I was worried that Jim Butcher was doing a kind of reboot of the series. I thought it even possible he might have intentions of alternating in works with secondary characters (and little or no Harry) or even having them become the norm. To my typically immense displeasure, other writers have done similar things (probably out of ennui or lack of imagination on where to take the main character of their series). I should have expected better of Jim Butcher.

I didn't even like the possibility Harry was off to play on an entirely new field with entirely new friends, etc. This would have been a series reboot as far I was concerned and, in this case, extremely undesirable. The "Changes" title kind of played to that possibilty, as well.

Again, I stand relieved. The severing of so many connections, friends, favored toys, old haunts, isn't really a severing at all. Even apparent servitude to the Queen of Winter might not be as limiting as it might have seemed at first. After all, if anyone can occasionally turn the tables on even the scariest of beings while finding allies and friends in the most unlikely of places, it's Harry.

Harry Dresden and Jim Butcher are not giving up the old, they are just building on top of the powerful foundation it provides.

Plus, of course, aside from everything else, the characters, the plots, the ideas, and the creation of an internally logical magical reality, one of the guilty pleasures of the Harry Dresden series is watching him "level up" with almost every installment. Try to imagine what the other wizards must be saying about him now, both his detractors (Merlin and the old boy network) and his fan club, the younger set.

The Reality Dysfunction (The Night's Dawn)
The Reality Dysfunction (The Night's Dawn)
by Peter F. Hamilton
Edition: Paperback
Price: $18.00
141 used & new from $0.02

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars 1) Disjointed, 2) Poorly Thought Out, and 3) No Future Vision, August 26, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Some here have called this: "bleeding-edge speculative science"

Really? Self-aware, living spaceships have been done before but at least I had signed on for that much. Much of the book is about a bunch of settlers on a muddy little colony that arrive with only their trusty laser rifles and their infant livestock in hibernation. Then they proceed to hack out log cabins and plant crops by hand (and do everything else with nothing more than Daniel Boone would have had). Seriously? These aren't some sort of future Amish or anything. They are meant to portray people from a high tech culture as they would actually go about settling a new planet. I was shaking my head at this and regretting the purchase even before they started summoning up evil spirits that were all powerful and unstoppable.

Maybe by "bleeding edge" they really meant "bloody awful."

And yes, as others have mentioned, there is so much exposition that your eyes may bleed. There are POV characters that hop around, disappear, don't come back, or sometimes do but with no clear impact on the story and so might make you want to tear your hair out. And the book hops across so many tracks you might also find yourself wondering if the author has attention deficit disorder or really thought this would make the book seem more "epic." Obviously, by some of these reviews he has clearly fooled some people.

I still wouldn't use the term "bleeding-edge" though. Someone might think you mean it in a good way.

No Title Available

4.0 out of 5 stars Sturdy and good looking, July 1, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Needed something for the kitchen that would look good with white cabinets and tile.

Was delivered pretty quickly. Took some assembly but was not bad.

My one complaint is the little plugs that cover the screw holes are beige plastic, painted white, and the paint chips off easily and doesn't adhere to the plastic well and, worse, a protusion on the inside needs to reach the inside of the screwhead for the thing to stay on and some of those were, of necessity, screwed in too far for the plugs to reach. My solution will be to put a bit of caulk in those holes and stick the plug into that but that is not optimal.

Felt solid and held my weight well. My mother weighs less than half of what I do so I will worry less with her no longer standing on chairs to reach the top of the counters.

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