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Walking with Dinosaurs (VHS)
Walking with Dinosaurs (VHS)
DVD ~ Tim Haines
Offered by Madisons Papa
Price: $7.30
58 used & new from $0.01

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1.0 out of 5 stars A mockery of science., July 27, 2000
I know that this review will gain me quite a few enemies. I don't care. It must be said. Walking With Dinosaurs is one of the worst shows I've ever seen, riddled with inaccuracies. To show that I'm not some stupid know-it-all, I have a list of its wrongdoings.
Episode 1: First off, neither Placerias nor Postosuchus were cold-blooded. They weren't even reptiles. Postosuchus was a Psuedosuchian, an ancestor of the dinosaurs, who were also not reptiles. Placerias was a Protomammal, the predecessors of modern mammals. This episode also starts off the depressing and infuriating anti-dinosaur, pro-mammal bias that is carried on throughout the series.
Episode 2: This was the worst. First of all, Diplodocus DID NOT LAY EGGS. The newborns were one-fifth the size of adults, too large to be layed in an egg. The large pelvic opening on females supports this. They were born live. And that's not the only unforgivable flaw. The point on the skull where it meets the neck is at a right angle, meaning that if it walked around with its neck stretched out, it would be perpetually staring at the ground. Not only that, but it suffers from a problem which effects almost every dino in the series: croc lips. Look at the skull, and you'll see tiny holes along the jaws. These are where the blood vessels and nerves went into the lips and cheeks, so that their food never fell out while eating. One last diplodocus flaw is herd structure. In the series, the herd is spread out and loose. Fossil trackways show that they walked with adults on the outside, protecting the young in the center.
Episode 3: Not too many in thos one, except the croc lips and the floppy-winged Rhamphorynchs. Their wings were reinforced with tendon and muscle, and were stronger than they look.
Episode 4: A huge case of self-contradiction. According to the narrator, dinosaurs are reptiles. Now watch the Utahraptors. The animators really got it right. They move exactly like birds.
Episode 5: Not much, except for the usual reptile garbage. The muttaburrasaurus just didn't look real.
Episode 6: While I just can't hate anything with a Rex in it, this episode is terrible. Take a look at those "Dromeosaurs". They look more like Deinonychus, except for the fact that Deinonychus was already extinct by the time T-rex came on the scene. Dromeosaurs have more squarish heads. Quetzalcoatlus was far too small, also. And the ending. GOD, I hate the ending! And it's not just the ending, but throughout the whole episode is the depressing sense of doom, up to the end where they blatantly show the dinosaurs as big, stupid, doomed beasts, forever destined to be overthrown by the ever-industrious mammal. I'd also like to say that the meteor theory is the most implausible load of garbage theory I've ever heard.
In conclusion, this series is a mess of lies, self-contradictions, anti-reptile(and bird) bias, and glaring inaccuracies whoes only redeeming quality is the CGI. And even that's not the best. I saw better CGI in the Filter "Take A Picture" video.
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