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4 X EagleTac Protected 3400 mAh 18650 Battery Bundle (4 Batteries Included) and GoingGear LED Keychain Light
4 X EagleTac Protected 3400 mAh 18650 Battery Bundle (4 Batteries Included) and GoingGear LED Keychain Light

5.0 out of 5 stars Eag Tac: The Gold Standard in 18650 3.7v Li-iOn Batteries available today, period!, September 23, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This battery is a premiere 18650 3.7v Li-Ion battery, literally hand made with a couple very sophisticated charge, discharge, and overcharge "IC protrectioin circuits" built each and every cell. There is also short protection built into the chip that commands all these functions for each cell in a group or batch. I'm surprised they don't have run-time discharge graph on the side of each one, like some high-end Sub C Li-Ion racing cells used for commpetitive RC car and truck racing!

This battery is absolutely the best hpossible combination of sturdiness, quality, safety, and high discharge rating (3400mAh) that I could find for sale anywhere. There may be a better 18650 battery out there from another high-end tactical battery or fllashlihght hcompany, but I didn't have time to research others like it honestly. However, I can tell Amazon readers of this review that the Eag/Tac Li-Ion 18650 3.7v cells are the best you can buy here in any case!! This is certain!

The comparison to lesser cells is obvious when you put them side by side and just physically take a look at each cell such as one of these Eag-Tac cells and an Ultra-Fire 18650 cell. First, when you pick them up, no matter what the rating of the cells are, the Eag-Tac cells feels different in every possible the weight for one, the Eag-Tac green and white cells are substantially **heavier** than even an ultrafire 5000mAh cell! The end caps (protection against hard impacts) are totally outclassed in the Eag-Tac cell where the cap feels and looks a LOT stronger and thicker than the other cell's caps. The positive end of the cell, ie the one that gets the biggest work-out in any discharge state, is obviously vented and secured with an ultra-chic type of contact point on the Eag-Tac cell, ,while the other cell just has a flat, normal non-vented system. The differences are substantial when you add them all up and take inventory of the strong points of the Eag-Tac cell, as that cell just totally outclasses and is 200% better constructed than any Ultra Fire cell is, period, end of statement!

Performance is where it really is notable that the Eag-Tac cells will out distance (run time) any of the Ultra Fire cells I have by hours and hours or more, sometimes the difference is literally 4 hours on an 8 hour charge! Honestly I don't know if the Eag-Tac cells are worth the price they command, ( close to $20 a cell discounted when you buy in quantity) in today's high-end battery markets, but so be it. You get what you pays for with this battery vs any other Ultra Fire or similar brand. If money was no object, everyone would have these cells in masse while the other brands would simply languish on the shelves of merchants!

About ratings in mAh: the Eag-Tac cells are rated at 3400mAh, while Ultra-Fire and other similar cells may have ratings up to 5000mAh or better, which are just totally unrealistic numbers in my book. If Eag-Tac says that this 3400mAh cell is the highest possible rating to give an 18650 3.7v Li-Ion battery given today's battery technology, then so be it...I believe that statement is reasonable and prudent in terms of actual run time ratings go.The other battery ratings may simply be inflated and un-reachable numbers for the batteries, ie they may be rated at 5000mAh but there's no way to sustain such capacity in the real world.In any case, this is the King of 18650 battery tech in my estimation, and I will order another set of these (4 cells for just less than $80US) just to have on hand for any emergency or mission critical situation that I may run into in the near future. It pays to be prepared!!

To sum up, the Eag-Tac cells are a Class 10 battery act, while every other manufacturer that sells discounted, cheap if you will, 18650 batteries starts out at Class 5 and goes backward from there, from my viewpoint. .The Eag-Tac cells are the creme-de-la-creme of Li-Ion Class 18650 battery tech and remain alone in combining features and heavy duty construction to the Maxx in each and every cell that the company retails or sells to law enforcement, government agencies etc at a discounted price. I guess you could say "These are the Gold Standard" in 18650 3.7v Li-Ion cells, bar none!

I don't have equipment to test such cells as these presently, but if I could I betcha I'd find the 3400mAh rating for the Eag-Tac cells are reliable conservative numbers that the battery can consistently maintain, charge after charge. Every battery has its day, if you get my drift, in that there is no cell that will perform at its peak rating forever, Li-Ion or Metal Hydride, any tech known on this planet at this time....but the Eag-Tac bullet-proof cells are the most heavy-duty, tactical 18650 battery available right now, and that is saying a lot but I stand by it.

The Eag-Tac battery cells get 5 Stars across the board from Wavey Davey, and if there were a 6th star available I'd give these that fine distinction...they are just that good.

Wavey Davey - September 22,, 2014

Wahl Home Pet Pro-series Complete Pet Clipper Kit #9590-210
Wahl Home Pet Pro-series Complete Pet Clipper Kit #9590-210
Price: $45.00
24 used & new from $28.50

3.0 out of 5 stars Not a good choice for a pair of French Angora bunnies with long fur!, September 18, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
We have a couple Angora bunnies, with very long fur that can be a handful to deal with in the best of circumstances, so my view of these cutters is somewhat tainted to start with. The cutters *will cut* Angora fur, but not the very tough, or matted stuff nearer to the skin...which we have to exercise great caution with anyway. If I hold the fur extended for my wife's cutting effort, the cutters will work but slowly, ever so slowly. They also work fantastic for the trim areas of the bunnies, ie around the face, legs, and lighter fur around the stomach/belly parts.

The attachments on the Wahl machine are somewhat useful around the lesser parts of the bunnies' fur, but in the thick parts near the ears, on the back and thighs/buttocks of the animals they prove less than ideal. We found the best way to cut their fur with the Wahl, where it is deep and thick, is to use the bare blade surface and clean it often. Alternatively would use blade #2 and cut smaller areas of the fur with quick, strong motion. We didn't find the other attachments to be much help frankly, but that blade #2 is just about right for a 3/4" cuts.

Funny enough we used the Wahl cutter plugged in mostly, except aorund the lighter parts of the fur, as the Wahl plugged in= approximately 25% more power, more RPM's of the blade in my estimation. It is a significant amount or I wouldn't mention it here tonight. Other tips for cutting longer fur/hair in pets is to go slowly, but steadily forward, when encountering thick patches.The blade tends to get clogged quickly in tough areas also, so one must turn the Wahl off, brush out the excess fur and clean the blades housing etc before resuming the action.

As for the sound of the Wahl, it was definitely there, but not so severe as it scared our bunnies much after hearing it for a couple seconds or more. I found the sound of the blades more disconcerting for the bunnies rather than just the sound of the motor itself. Overall the sound is not heavy handed at all compared to some cutters I've heard. So the sound really wasn't a negative factor for our purposes.

The Wahl needed to charge overnight before it was up to full charge status, the 1st time we charged it. The battery was sent without charge apparently. After the 1st charge, the Wahl seemed to charge to full capacity in less than 6-7 hours overall by my counting time.The most we ran the Wahl non-stop was about 20 minutes, so I can't really comment on run time per se. It seemed to have no trouble going the distance when it came to overall time, but for standards of time based on consecutive running we can't comment really.

We rated the Wahl at three stars *** because it just seemed to be a little weak in the cutting department for the longer, thicker fur of our bunnies. I could see where with a thin-fur animal like a terrier dog, or a Basenji like I used to have a pair of, that this cutter would work 100%. But for really deep, complex cutting situations like an Angora Bunny's cutting has going for it, the Wahl just wasn't up to the task without a LOT of coaching and prodding of the machine and its abilities. It's not that it is weak by any means, it's just that we expected more after reading many reviews. Let's say it just didn't live up to its reputation, and leave it at that..

This is a good cutter for trimming and for shorter haired/furred animals, but I cannot recommend it for a cutting job on an Angora bunny like our two sisters. We ended up using a pair of scissors and using the Wahl for trimming around difficult areas, and in shorter furrer parts of the bunnys. Used within its abilities this is a great clipper, and extremely light and portable too, so those are positive things to write about the Wahl cutter.

Three Stars *** is all we could think of giving the Wahl clipper with the feature of being completely cord-free if you wanted it like that. I think it's an excellent buy at the price point it's in, but for a heavy coated animal like an Angora bunny we would prefer a stronger, heavier clipper...brand to be determined at this point ,but we're 'leaning toward a non-battery powered unit.

Wavey Davey - September 18, 2014

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy PCIe RX 7.1 Sound Card with High Performance Headphone Amp
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy PCIe RX 7.1 Sound Card with High Performance Headphone Amp
Price: $59.92
58 used & new from $43.13

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The Creative Audigy Rx Sound Card is the best Creative card less than $125.00, September 10, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The Audigy Rx changed the way I think about Creative audio products, somewhat, least *some of them* anyway seem to be developing to be different products than those I'd been used to in the 2006-2012 time frame anyway. Although still somewhat burdened by massive software packages that goes with the hardware they sell (to wit, when I was using the Creative Fatality Titanium sound card prior to 2010 when I discovered Asus and other brands of audio cards, that card was blessed/cursed with almost 1GB of software panels, sound packages, and peripheral enhancements to the card, so much so that the card was virtually useless if one actually tried to *use* several of the sound panels at once!

So I leaned toward castigation when it came time to review/analyze and/or use Creative products prior to this sound card I'm reviewing tonight. The Audigy Rx is a much simpler system of performance and enhancements it seems, with a virtual array of control panels to the card that begs the imagination, however, these sound panels are much less intrusive and actually help the card perform vs previous experiences I've had with this company. or example, there's the EAX Studio, with multiple effect groups to use, of which I found the most helpful and defined was the simple graphic equalizer, itself with an array of effects and special tonal additions to the card's output.

Still, I found that I got the most out of the Audigy Rx by simply leaving the controls set to "Living Room", and having just a simple special effect or two going on, a slight reverb or vocal effect perhaps, in order to derive the best sound possible out of a plethora of choices. I tried out most of the complex control panels that are offered in the software package but discarded them all for the purity of the sound card itself, and left the enhancements to simple balancing of my speaker system (5.1/7.1 Logitech Z906 Computer Speaker System, with five satellites pumping out some 50+Watts of power each, a midrange for clear voice and high-instruments like guitar or upper register horns and strings, and a thunderous sub-woofer that can crank out wall-bending thumps and low register bangs with some 220W of power behind it (all RMS readings).

With those types of adjustments in mind, I was able to achieve fantastic effects and increases in the level of sound per musical component group in a recording, tape, or TV offering/BluRay movie rather than letting a crazy control panel take over and literally ruin the sound experience. If I indulged my constant fiddling with the system controls and actually *used* the Creative control panels that were available to try and balance or improve the music or sounds, I found myself fighting clipping and distortion of the worst order, just like with the Fatality sound card. Memories like that are not easily forgotten!

But the Audigy Rx has many great qualities going for it, and I count among them a finely honed treble and high note group of sounds, while the bass is strong, but somewhat subdued vs the previous cards I used from Creative, a very nice balance of effects! For those reasons I rated the Audigy Rx 4-Stars, and it deserves all of that and then some. Were it not for the inclusion of unnecessary control panels which could potentially damage one's aural experience with this audio card, I'd have rated the card 5 Stars, but's a VAST improvement over the other Creative offerings that I have used prior to this card.

Much to my pleasure this card also embodies a very nice faculty for being able to push the sound up, up and away in the listener's experiential framework, and play music and live shows at much louder levels than one would normally associate with such things, and still maintain a very nice balance, ambience and verve. I might go so far as to say I think that this audio card is the creme de la creme of the lot of inexpensive audio cards from Creative, Asus, and others, and that it gets my "Kick arse" award for an inexpensive audio card being sold today! After all the price point of the Audigy Rx is somewhere around $60-$80, while the card actually costs just more than $65 shipped, a cool bargain in my book of tricks for audio cards. You might say that this card is Creative's turn toward more realistic and specifically less-enhanced audio cards, at least I can hope so, can't I?

They mean well, they just don't know how to straddle the balance between "great sound" and "excessive sound" it seems. Well, maybe with the tendency of this audio card to minimize the audio experience and let the music do the talking, such as a great audio card generally does, it signals that Creative has been listening to people's comments about their products after all...again, I can hope right?

I really do enjoy my bargain basement cost Creatvie Audigy Rx audio card over all others in this price range of say $60 to $110 or so, and I'm convinced that if you just simple do NOT indulge Creative's tendency to utility over-dramatic effects into music and other sounds that a computer can generate or enhance, and just simply take the sound and its message to a new and pure, easy listening sound effect device like other cards tend to do, and adjust accordingly!

Suffice to say I really *like* this card a lot, or I wouldn't have given it such a great write up and wasted my time, you dig? Creative really could use more lessons in humble-pie sounds and simplistic tonalities such as other great audio card manufacturers have and use. The alternative is to go back to where they were 4-5 years ago with their products just filled to the brim with special effects and tedious attempts at trendy and cool control panels, panels which did nothing but help ruin a great listening experience in my view.

I like what this audio card signifies for me with respect to Creative's contributions in the future of audio cards and sound...they can choose to make sounds better for the listener rather than bombard us with special effects, and ruin the output that their audio cards are capable of delivering, just like the Audigy Rx does WITHOUT indulging its control panels and special effects to the maximum levels. Take it easy, Creative, and continue to concentrate on improving sound rather than defining it in terms of all the special effects that you are capable of giving the listener. That is my advice to the company, and I hope that they take it and run with it.

Wavey Davey - 9-10-2014

Carry360 Super Bright 3800 Lumens 3x Cree Xm-l T6 LED Flashlight Torch
Carry360 Super Bright 3800 Lumens 3x Cree Xm-l T6 LED Flashlight Torch
Offered by Yliyaya
Price: $16.81
14 used & new from $16.73

0 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Excellence in Lighting! The Sky Ray 3x Cree 6Tx Light Reigns Supreme over the competition, September 9, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The Sky Ray SuperBright 3800 Lumens 3X Cree T6x Flashlight is a whale of a bargain for what it is, and what it does, and can do, and the rest is very professionally administered! I mean what is left to complain over...NADA, ZILCH, Nothing! This is one whale of a flashlight! For the ascribed "camping, boating, hiking, etc" viewpoint this thing is a Home Run bar none, as it looks the part of a rugged and expensive little number, such as it is, and the little guy just BLASTS out beams of light like a Photon Generator (?) no less, just filling the night with light, lumens, and loads of daylight! It's sort of like "night sun" is if you've ever experienced it...just brilliant and full featured, lighting up even the most obscure of items along a trailhead, roadway, bike or beaten path, wherever you happen to take the little beastie.

When I opened the box, I expected to find a "professional quality 'kit' with accessories, and a polishing cloth maybe"...but no way Jose! The kit arrived in a brown baggie box so to speak, just a plain brown box with no particular mapping or trappings about it, just a regular old semi=cheap Hong Kong box, with little extra protection or fanfare associated with this purchase. But once opened up, the box reveals the 1st Class Flashlight inside, and all complaints vanish!

I'm not bugging the seller of this item at all really, just telling the folks out in Land that there will be no bells and whistles with your purchsse of this particualr flashlight. There won't be a buddy sack or companion of sorts for carrying the thing in when you want to tote it here, or there, there's just an economy sized box, cheapo Hong Kong issue trappings to get to the product as quickly as possible, and the flashlight itself is its own reward, that is all I mean by this paragraph or the last. It doesn't go to do the flashlight justice to complain about anything really now, does it? Suffice to say you get a flashlight, and little else in the package, just that with a meager to middling packaging effort by the reseller to get the thing to you. The frills are reserved for lesser flashlights, I guess!

But to install four 18650 HD flashlight batteries and take it somewhere where its legal to use (the flashlight is BLINDINGLY BRIGHT, so do NOT use it for joke-city with a friend or relative or wife/ will literally blind the person completely for a couple minutes if you were to do such a thing), and push the button! First time I pushed this things button to "high power" which is the 1st selection on tap, I could NOT believe how bright, defined and accurate eveyrthing was! This flashlight can hardly be called "flashlight" to me, it's sort of like calling a Ferrari a "car" you know?

This flashlight is the creme de la creme of such things, and its finish, fit and comprehensive "space-tech look" of the bright, shiny surface of its surfaces is just thrilling, to say the least!! I LOVE the way it looks! There are no PB Graphics to set it aside as a special thing, nope, none of that. No etchings or product trade-names stenciled into the bronzed finish, no, none of the above either! The light is just simply well thought-out and nice, and it speaks for itself, in my view.

Oh,a there IS a lanyard attachment that comes with the flashlight though, so that's a nice touch! it's made out of some very, very tough nylon cord, about 1/8th" in size, so there's something to grip and it's not going to cut into your wrist if you were to have it in such a position that it might happen that way when carrying the light. Its JUST the right size too, smaller than a traditional flashlight, more like a "Junior Jumbo Mini Light" size, to where it's just larger than one's hand and fingers, and it doesn't weigh too much either...c. 80-100 grams or so without the batteries a very comfortable weight.

This light lacks ANY external padding, embellishments, or extra plastic or ultra-wearable thing to cushion impacts to the frame, so in that regard care must be taken with the flashlight vs a tough and ready for anything "Ever-Ready" flash light, perhaps. No, this light is stylish and pretty, and somewhat fragile when I sit here and try to imagine it being in the "wrong place for a wrong use" type of situation. I think one would have to be protective and overly careful with the light to maintain its brilliant bronze and silver external appearance over time, but what the hay! This light isn't going to stay "brand new and polished" for its entire life, right? Well, maybe with some reasonable care it could! I dunno, but take care with your Sky Ray light I would think is the best recommendation that I could give for the light...take those words to heart and treat the light with some respect and care, and it will reward you with undiminshed incredible lighting power, like you've never seen before, perhaps!

I don't think the light actually is 3800 Lumens of light power, but then how does one judge such a thing anyway? Do we get out the traditional yard stick and ball and "measure" the brightness? I don't think so!! Let's just say that it's like an "array of light blasting out of the darkness to carve a huge swath of lighted wonderfulness to the use, and that it is BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT in the extreme as far as tactical lightness goes, so there's no doubt that you've got one of the brightest things on earth in your hands that can actually FIT in your hands...yes, that pretty much says what this thing's brightness means to me anyway!

I think it's brilliant beyond all shadow of doubt, with respect to "normal flashlights", and that it will shock and amaze you, your friends, and anyone close by the 1st time that you use it, yes, that too. Take care with the flashlight's direction, I will say one, more time though, because you could/may/might cause someone to be rendered temporarily BLINDED by the brilliance and power this flashlight has, should your aim be errant or negligent, so take care with the points and shoots!

I love this light! I think that for $30 or so shipped from Amazon Prime that you cannot go wrong with it! I highly recommend it, so Wavey Davey gives the thing 5 Solid Stars!! Value, performance, and absolute power reign supreme with this purchase, and Amazon has done itself proud once again with the Sky Ray LIght and Amazon Prime in the same sentence! No two doubts about it, GET ONE TODAY!!

Wavey Davey - 9-10-2014

3 Hoover HEPA Style Type I High Efficiency Allergy Filtration Vacuum Bags; Compare to Hoover Platinum UH30010COM, SH10000, SH10000RM, UH30010CCA; Part # AH10005, 985059002; Designed & Engineered by Crucial Vacuum
3 Hoover HEPA Style Type I High Efficiency Allergy Filtration Vacuum Bags; Compare to Hoover Platinum UH30010COM, SH10000, SH10000RM, UH30010CCA; Part # AH10005, 985059002; Designed & Engineered by Crucial Vacuum
Price: $7.99
3 used & new from $6.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars ... that this little vacuum battery bag just plain works great! I bought 6 of them last year, September 5, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
For my encore I write that this little vacuum battery bag just plain works great! I bought 6 of them last year, and use my little hand-held Hoover vacuum incessantly you might say, and I finally had to re-up on the bags so this time I ordered 3, saw they were the same, and now am ordering a dozen to last me 2 whole years!

These are Great Bags! GET SOME!!

Five Stars all the way! *****

Wavey Davey - 9-04-2014

No Title Available

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars "Ultra Fire" 3.7v Lithium-Ion- Batteries, are SIMPLY THE BEST BATTERY THAT $$$$ Can Buy!, September 4, 2014

I am sooooo impressed with these GENUINE Ultra Fire battery cartridges for my more powerful 3 and 4-way flame-throwing flashlights that I want to jump out of my skin and chant: "O ULTRA_FIRE GODDESS<WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?"

These are the real deal when it comes to long life, and high output! I cannot recommend a brand of battery of the 3.7v-Lithium-Ion Class any more than I am doing these batteries here, right now, they are just that good!

I have the newest goodie out there the Sun Ray 2000 Lumens 3-Way Flamethrower light cruch machine right here in my hand, and it's got no less than 4 (four) of these babies inside of it. Did you know if I leave this thing on "high setting" for more than a minute pointed at a brick wall, that the wall vanishes in a pile of brick and mortar dust!!!?????

Well, I am of course giving it some "literary license" as my adviser used to say about some of my writing when I was in J-School in my early 20's (at San Francisco State University, editor of the Phoenix newspaper no less!), to say that the wall vanishes in a pile of dust!

Of course it doesn't vanish! But the light from my new Sun Ray 2000 Lumen=-rated candle thrower is just astonishing and surreprederously fanstastico! (spelling and punctuation purpose ized!). And it's all because of these batteries! The light doesn't diminish qwuickly like it does with some batteries, nor does my handle heat up to the point that you cannot hold the thing anymore, doesn't do that with these batteries. Nope, not here! I was very surprised to use the batteries extensively the other night on a hike into the back-country behind my home here in Ventura County USA, up to almost 2 hours use it was, and the batteries did NOT fade, did not slow down, did not fail to deliver their output consistently, purposefully, and most of all brighter than HELL's BELL's in the HADES!

I will always want to buy this brand, as long as you guarantee me that I am buying the real deal, not some knock-off unit! The company selling these particular batteries did exactly that for me when I queried them about the batteries' authenticity...they wrote back an email that they were indeed selling ONLY name brand, no knock-off Ultra-Fire (with the circled "R" mark right next to the E in Fire) batteries. So I bought four of these, and now wish I'd had gotten 8 or more of them!

This seller is real, honest, and will sell you honest to GAWD Ultra Fire with the "R' encircled next to the E in Fire on the label, I swear to God!
It's the brand to beat, and so far nobody's done it in my experience you may say! I've b een into the ultra-heavy-duty flamethrower lighting devices for years and years, and it's just recently that things have gotten settled down and coherent in the industry producing these 3-and 4-way bulb-laden lighting sticks. You may call them flashlights, but I've never been able to do that because they are so outrageously STRONG and HEAVY and BRIGHT TO THE MAX!!! You can light up an entire City Block with one little "flashlight" if you will, errr flamethrower light stick! They are just that strong and I'm NOT kidding!

Anyyay, once the dust had settled in the marketplace, the battery of choice was TBD, you know what i mean? Well along comes this Chinese company who Register the "Ultra Fire" brand with the R encircled next to the E in Fire-brand batteries, and the rest is La Historia!

This is the brand to beat, to enjoy, and the Best of the Best!


Wavey Davey - 9-04-2014
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Passion Lubes, Natural Water-based Lubricant, 16 Fluid Ounce
Passion Lubes, Natural Water-based Lubricant, 16 Fluid Ounce
Price: $13.53
31 used & new from $12.39

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This stuff is the best lubrication of its kind, dollar for dollar, in the bizness!, September 4, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I this is my 2nd review of this potion for love making and better things, so it may be redundant, my apologies if this is so!

This is the best-kept bargain lubricant of its kind in the business! All the adult sites that cater to enthusiast lover machines people make a bloody fortune selling other brands of lubricants, and they to a one are n ot that much better than this lubrication is. Yes, it taste a little bitter if you are so stupid as to try to ingest such as thing during a frenzy of love (!!!), but that's about the only bad thing there is to say about it!

The quantity is unprecedented! The lube quality is fantastic, and easily revived with some H20 or God Forbid, some girlie saliva!


Five Cigars ***** ALL THE WAY!

Wavey Davey - 9-04-2014

JSB Diabolo EXACT  .177 Caliber Air Gun Pellets
JSB Diabolo EXACT .177 Caliber Air Gun Pellets
Price: $17.59
7 used & new from $11.36

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The JSB DIABOLO MATCH EXACT Pellets are like fine wine, Beluga Caviar, and some great Brie cheese to your pistol or rifle!, September 4, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Talk about consistent!! These pellets wrote the book on consistency!!!

I have never, ever experienced conformity of shot, perfection in pressing the pellets, and just incredibly CONSISTENT shooting out of any pellet made than I have with these JSB Diabolo EXACT .177-Cal pellets...and PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE NOT THE "HEAVY" Diabolo's either! These are the standard weight EXACT Diabolos that JSB makes so carefully so perfectly, so ever-lovin' nicely !!!

I champion these to all my shooting buddies and friends alike! If you can shoot with these, if you get the chance to shoot with these pellets, any misses of the center of the target or animal you are aiming at are ALL YOUR FAULT! User ERROR! It's not the pellets to blame for anything here, because they are so gosh danged perfectly shaped, made, and inspected with incredible precision it seems, that they rate as my No.1 Pellet when it comes to accuracy in a vast majority of my pistols and rifles of the 177-Caliber variety!

And they are so CLEANLY made also!

I hardly find any residue on my fingers with these pellets, if I use them exclusively that is. If I am mixing rounds with these, and say a Benjamin or other manufacturer other than JSB in the rotation of shots, then I can see that it's the OTHER pellets that are polluting my fingers!

I LOVE THESE PELLETS TO DEATH>>>>! And you can quote me 100 times on that and I won't care!

You cannot go wrong with this particular pellet in virtually any 177-Caliber rifle or pistol!

I cannot say enough good things about them after using them now for almost 2 years and counting....they are super, super superb!

GET SOME or I'll call you cheap, unadulterated trash and worse!

The JSB Match Diadolo EXACT pellets are simply, to a pellet rifle or pistol, like eating Beluga Caviar and some fine, fine French Burgundy or the like wine...beautiful to the pallet, the mind, the head, and certainly to the rifles and pistols themselves!

Wavey Davey - 9-04-2014

Air Venturi Quick Cleaning Pellets .177 Cal, 100ct
Air Venturi Quick Cleaning Pellets .177 Cal, 100ct
Price: $7.49
3 used & new from $5.65

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Beeman Quick-Cleaning Pellets (made from cotton fibers, compressed) are FANTASTIC BARREL CLEANERS!!!, September 4, 2014
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I've used these for years and years in all my pellet pistols, and some break-barrel rifles that I own, and I do NOT recommend them for chamber-loading rifles or pistols like my side-lever cocking Air Arms S510 EXTRA FAC Superlight .177-caliber rifle. DO NOT use them in such appendages of shooting because they can get hung up in the chamber and do damage to seals in there, little rubber O-rings that are meant to hold the charge in the chamber until the last possible millisecond of a shot, and prevent blow-back and leakage in the chamber itself. If you damage those seals, they are incredibly difficult to replace, and it is often a trip to the gunsmith that it takes to resolve such a dilemma!

These are fantastic barrel cleaners in open barrel rifles and pistols, break-barrels and some repeaters with mechanical breeches like my Marauders for example, so Wavey Davey says " GO GET SOME!"

These are rated 5-Stars all the way to the bankola, you dig? They just work exactly like you think they work...barrel cleaners supreme!

Wavey Davey - 9-04-2014

Beeman Kodiak Match Extra Heavy .177 Cal, 10.65 Grains, Round Nose, 300ct
Beeman Kodiak Match Extra Heavy .177 Cal, 10.65 Grains, Round Nose, 300ct
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5.0 out of 5 stars Beeman Kodiak Match "Extra Heavy" Pellets are a WINNAH--- Plain, Jane Simpleton!!, September 4, 2014
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I've been using these fantastic Beeman Kodiak Match Extra Heavy .177-Cal pellets in a variety of my PCP and other pellet rifles and pistols, everything from a Walther CP99 pistol to my favorite rifle of them all, my ultra-fine and beautiful Air Arms S510 FAC EXTRA Superlight match-quality rifle (C.$1200 cost!), and they have performed with great success. They seem to be just right in terms of heaviness, and I could NOT be calling them "really heavy" by any means, so the name brand of these pellets from Beeman is somewhat misleading IMHO>!!

A super light pellet load in the .177-Cal area is about 7 grains of weight, like the Beeman "Lazer" pellets that I covet very much! An incredibly light pellet in the category we're writing about tonight is a 4-grain sanctimoniously crazy light synthetic-material pellet like the Benjamin "Green" pellets that I use for very short plinking with my CO2 pistols mostly. So when Beeman tells us that these pellets at 10.65 grains are "extra heavy" I can't say the same thing! "Extra heavy" would be more appropriately branded with a Eun Jin 16.8-grains .177-Cal pellet, like the ones I use in my very powerful PCP rifles and certain break-barrels like my Umarex Octane Rifle, (which can shoot a pellet faster than anything that I have in my inventory of stock pistols and rifles...up to 1400FPS no less!!!!), that would be rifledss that can HANDLE such weight with aplomb, not a stretch at all!

To call the Beeman pellets here again, "Extra Heavy" is a misnomer, 100% true in my book, but so be it, they are fantastic performing pellets that strike true and consistently so with a variety of my pistols and rifles, so I call them "Five Star Pellets" without any doubt!!!!!!!

Do NOT be afraid of these because of their weight! They work good in little CO2 pistols like my Walter CP99 with the laser scope built right into the bottom of the barrel OEM stock, all the way up to that Umarex Octane I just mentioned in passing, so I think they are multi-faceted and appropriate for almost any rifle or pistol that I can think of.

Five stars all the way with these 10.56-grain domed pellets! They shoot true, are manufactured with great tolerances pellet by pellet, don't have too much oil or lubrication of any type on them for clean shooting experiences, so I say "GET SOME!"

Wavey Davey - 9-04-2014

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