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Jopen Jopen Ego E3.5 Silicone Vibrating Cockring Waterproof, Blue
Jopen Jopen Ego E3.5 Silicone Vibrating Cockring Waterproof, Blue
Offered by Super Duper Deals
Price: $74.81
18 used & new from $67.34

3.0 out of 5 stars This ring was a big disappointment.., August 13, 2014
This ring was a big disappointment...sorry to say. It promises a lot, but in the end it's just another ring that does one thing well, well sort of anyway this is true! :(- Please try to accept my apology for this unit having so much trouble! I have sent it in for repairs as you know, and will be calling Mr. to see if it's me, or the item itself. I can only say a couple words about this p0roduct because that's all she wrote! It[s boringly the same, no variation in thje hummmma nd buzzz noise it makes at all, it's just stuupidly made IMO. Get somehting nice, like thje Mio which i also just reviewed tonight, and it's a winnah allthe way. This one is NOT a winner, just ua boringly well made clone of many other rings I can think of offjhand...the Lelo pair called Tpr II and Tor I, although mine has not broken at the ring finger part of the device like the Lelo products did after someo 20-30 uses of the things...

Im short, put your money toward a better product than this is, and get something worth buying if you are spending bocuo bucks on a cock ring of some sort...this one's for the birds!

9 Hoover Platinum Type Q High Efficiency Allergy Filtration Vacuum Bags, Compare to Hoover Platinum Part # AH10000, UH30010COM, Designed & Engineered by Crucial Vacuum
9 Hoover Platinum Type Q High Efficiency Allergy Filtration Vacuum Bags, Compare to Hoover Platinum Part # AH10000, UH30010COM, Designed & Engineered by Crucial Vacuum
Offered by Crucial Vacuum Inc
Price: $17.99
2 used & new from $17.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Batter bags here than the OEM factory bags! GET THEM!! NOW!!!!!!!, August 13, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
These are a great way to populate your cabinet with varuum cleaner bags! Their price is literally 1/2 the cost or less of the factory "Platinum bags" that Hoover sells on its web site. I can see absolutely ZERO difference in the generic bags abilities vs the factory baggs, and I've gone through a whole order of the Hoover bags and the same of the generic bags here to compare, for example. I don't know how these folks do it, but the generic bags they work BETTER than the Hoover OEM bags IMO, and that's putting it on the line and telling you the truth! I see absolutely no reason at all to spend twice or more as much on the OEM bags when these do the job better than the OEM bags do! This is one instance where the generic bags work better than the "home brand" that costs so much $$$ it's sad to compare them! Get these in a heartbeat!!! They work BETTER than the factory bags, they cost a bunch less $$$ to purchase them online from Crucial Vacuum, and that's the bottom line here for this review and others also, if you read them carefully. These are GREAT BAGS! Sturdy, tough,dirt-killing bags that defy you to fill them up, and then some each time they get to their EOL status, just amazing bags! Five stars aoll the wasy to the bank, and that would be your bank where you save a ton of $$$ buying these instead of the Hoover factory bags, which aren't as good as these in any case. Go Crucial!! Go Platinum Hoover Vacuums!! These vacuums are rated highest of any vacuum cleaner that Hoover makes, did you know that statistic? They are No.1 in ranking out of everything Hoover makes,.. so congratulate yourselves on getting the best vacuum made by Hoover first of all, and second do the same for buying these great bags instead of the factory OEM version! A win/win situation if there ever was one! Love these bags!!

Je Joue Mio Penis Ring With Five Vibrations, Purple
Je Joue Mio Penis Ring With Five Vibrations, Purple
Price: $79.61
21 used & new from $70.29

5.0 out of 5 stars This is one Cock Ring that does NOT break after 20 or 30 uses; it's sturdy, built fantasticly, overall a winner!, August 13, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is a rather personal review if I ever did one, but what the Hay! I don't mind doing it for this great product by Mio, of France! I've tried all the so-called "best rings" out there over the years, from Lelo, from all of the good manufacturers of these things, and they to a one break every time---every time on the small ring end end because they are made so cheaply that they don't account for usage from even an average guy like myself. The Je Joue ( "The Joy') Penis Ring gets down and dirty and does things you'd never think possible from a cock ring! You must try it out and see if I'm telling the truth, Yah? I think so! It's not cheap, it's not so easy to get except here at it turns out, and most of all it performs unlike anything you've ever tried, period! There are 5 different algorythms (sp?) for speed, and five other different choices for variety, from a soft pulse, to a raging inferno of action that would wake a dead man and come, like Mick Jagger says in his famous rendition of the song "Start Me Up". This ring is sort of a magical thing to me because it performs better than advertised, so get one and try it out, and thank me for this extensive recommendation also! I calls it like I feels it this time, and this ring gets the job done, and then some every time! Enjoy yourself, love yourself too (as their ads say), and get it done full ecstasy mode with the Mio cock ring from heaven itself!

Kingston USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader FCR-HS3
Kingston USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader FCR-HS3
Price: $18.69
76 used & new from $11.22

5.0 out of 5 stars Kingston USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader is FAST, Stable, and Sturdy!, May 21, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I am a big fan of Kingston products overall, as I use their memory for PCs and Macs exclusively in my build servers and desktops, becoming a believer in the RAM a long, long time ago...back when the word G-5 in Mac-speak meant you had a great desktop!

It's the same story with this card reader by Kingston. It's substantial, being made of metal not plastic, so it has a little beef to it, and it will stay put on your desk without flopping around and getting run over by a chair, or worse (stepping on it!). The USB 3.0 feature is the No.1 reason for investing in one of these, what with data transfer rates being waaaay up in the stratosphere vs USB 2.0, even Firewire readers (I have one of those, yes I do!) can't compare to the new USB 3.0 setup of today, it's just incredibly fast data transfer that occurs when you click on any photo or movie you've made on a digital camera! Fast, Fast and Faster yet !

Overall there's not really much to say about this device other than BUY IT! It's simply the best, small card reader that $$ can buy these days, with its small footprint on the desk area it just makes it that much better than a cheap plastic reader. Hey, it's made by Kingston right? It's got to be substantial, well built, and inherently high quality, right? Right! Get one today!

BSA 30 Scope with Illuminated Red, Green and Blue Dot Reticle
BSA 30 Scope with Illuminated Red, Green and Blue Dot Reticle
Price: $34.83
12 used & new from $26.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic RBG-Dot 30mm Scope! This being my 2nd one..., May 21, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I love these BSA Optics (Gamo Sport Inc. parent company) Red, Blue, and Green (RGB) scopes for all-around shooting assignments as used on my Benjamin Marauder 22-Caliber PCP Pistol, and a new Crosman/Benjamin NPR .177-Caliber rifle, these being air guns that are very capable shooters with the right equipment. The choice of the three color reticles remains a big advantage that this series of scope by BSA has vs. other simple red dot scopes, and I particularly enjoy using the green setting for daylight use, ie it's just so much more visible than red in daylight.

I'm pretty experienced at mounting by now, having fitted this scope to no less than four different pellet guns before I decided that the 2nd scope belonged to the Benjamin NPS rifle--at setting up the scopes with a variety of setups. My best setup for this scope is on the Marauder PCP pistol, where I'm using a set of 1"-inch BKL lightweight aluminum individual mounts (2 pieces) so that the scope bridges the magazine correctly, with about 1/2"-inch or so to spare for clearance. Using the adjustment pots of the BSA scope is simple, just like with most other types of scopes the right side pot is for windage, right and left, and the pot on the top is for elevation, ie up and down. Use a small #2 screwdriver, or a dime works really well also, for this scope's adjustment pots.

Use a starting distance of 30-feet or thereabouts with a pistol, using a regulation Gamo 6" NRA target for initial setup; for pellet rifles it's best to start at a minimum of 15-20 yards (40-60ft) otherwise you won't account for parallax (set at 50 yards at the factory) correctly with this fixed parallax RGB dot scope. Ideally we should start at 50 yards, but that is often impractical or impossible to achieve (because of poor eyesight mostly).

The key to getting your adjustment right with the BSA RGB-dot scopes is to make small adjustments only, do NOT turn the MOA adjusters 5-10 or more clicks to do it quickly! You will just put the scope so far out of alignment that it will be difficult to bring it back without centering the whole setup and starting out fresh again.

I start out with a setup shot group of 5 pellets, once the scope is securely mounted and centered on the pistol/rifle, measuring the high and low points of the group, along with how far to the left or right of the center the shot group falls. Take the center point between those the high and low points of the group, and adjust from there. Use small 2-4 click adjustments on the elevation adjuster first, if the scope is way off and has to be brought down or up significantly. Use 1-3-click adjustments if the shot group is at least on the paper and inside the 9-ring of your target.

When you've figured out that the dot point is going away, or getting closer to the center point of the target with each adjustment, the rest is easy! Just simply keep making the small adjustments until the elevation is close, then start working on the windage and get the left-right adjuster into play. Leave the elevation alone when you start on the windage adjustments, and go as far as you can go logically with the left/right adjustment pot, then fine tune each setting as you get it closer and closer to dead center. Pretty soon you're done, another scope-aiming session in the books.

The BSA scope's small hood over the business end of the body is a great aide when you're shooting into shadows, or the sun is going down and there's a light transition at the POI or close to it. I think that the scope's weight is just about perfect for a pistol or rifle, which is right at 6 ounces complete.

With a 1-year BSA factory warranty these scopes are simple to maintain, as there are no user adjustments other than the pots discussed above and alignment of the scope. DO NOT take this scope apart for any reason whatsoever, as it will VOID THE WARRANTY! Clean the outside with a damp, soft terry or cotton towel, or lens paper or a lens rag, brushing all debris off the lens with a lens brush first, otherwise you will scratch the objective or ocular end of the scope! Don't ruin your scope by being overly picky and aggressive with the cleanliness and Godliness thing, you know? Keeping one of these scopes is easy: they are dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof so there'a nothing to do but enjoy the accuracy and fun when it's all said and done!

This is the best sub-$40 scope out there, bar none, and i highly recommend it for use on any type of rifle, pistol, rim fire or air, CO2 or will give surprisingly good accuracy to just about any weapon I can think of!

Wavey Davey - 5-21-2014

10 pcs LR1 Card 1.5V alkaline Battery Compatible with LR1 AM5 E90 KN MN9100 MN9100/N N UM-5 UM5 LR01 810 KN-2 910A plus Hillflower Coupon
10 pcs LR1 Card 1.5V alkaline Battery Compatible with LR1 AM5 E90 KN MN9100 MN9100/N N UM-5 UM5 LR01 810 KN-2 910A plus Hillflower Coupon
Offered by Hillflower Store
Price: $8.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Great LR1 Type "N" Lithium Battery; Low Cost alternative to the Big Brand batteries!, May 10, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This again is a winner, pure, plain, and simple in just a couple words: they are inexpensive, work as good as the high-priced Eveready, Duracell et al batteries do or better, and this 5-pack of the popular N-type batteries is a great way to stock up when you know you'll need more sooner than later. I've been buying this brand or battery for almost 2 years and counting, and they have yet to disappoint me in terms of longevity, strength, and economy of purchase, ie the price is as always less than the Big Brand batteries. To be frank, I go through these with regularity, needing a new one every couple of days it seems, for some electronic toys that I love to play with, so I purchased a 10-pack of these 5-battery packs, and I'm set for a long while now!

You cannot go wrong with this brand, whomever is selling them. Just shop around for the best deal and buy them, you will not regret that purchase one little bit! Five stars all the way!

4200mAh Battery Charger Power Bank Case Cover Fr Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III N9000 (With Flip Cover    Color=Black)
4200mAh Battery Charger Power Bank Case Cover Fr Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III N9000 (With Flip Cover Color=Black)
3 used & new from $14.44

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Wavey Davey Says: It works aok fine, but charging can run HOT with USB 3.0 Samsung OEM Charger!, May 10, 2014
I have had this charger/Power Case for a couple weeks and counting, and I've been through the mill with it and figured out its strong and weak points, which are somewhat complex if you really look at the charging circuitry of the item. I can blind charge the Power Case **Only**/without the phone being attached/in about 2 hours total time using my Samsung 5.0V OEM charger, which uses a USB 3.0 terminal into the port for maximum charge power :-) However, if you add the phone to the equation, it can take up to four (4) hours to charge both the phone and the battery backup system, not so hot!

But on the subject of HOT, I found that the same Samsung OEM charger @ full 5V output will scorch the bottom of the battery pack while charging, ie you cannot hardly touch the bottom of the Power Case on its bottom edge, or you'll risk getting a flash burn from the Power Case! The case can take the charge just fine, but do NOT grab the bottom of this case with bare hands while it's charging on the OEM charger using the USB 3.0 terminal. If you use the Mini-USB cable feature of this charger things go standardly aok fine, it doesn't heat up quite so much, but it does get pretty warm.

I wouldn't put the HOT feature at deal breaking record HOT, but it can/should be used with caution for a by-word, I think is the best way to describe the situation. Using a standard Apple after-market charger that puts out its voltage at 1.20Amps instead of the Samsung charger's 2.0Amps output rating I find it does NOT heat up the bottom of the Power Case like the charger from the manufacturer does, not even close! So pick your poison with this particular battery backup system for the Note 3.

As for normal operation, the Power Case defaults to battery backup, with the phone operating on its own battery if you do *not* touch the power/charge switch on the unit. If you activate the charging system by clicking the switch (chrome power symbol at the front of the device), the Power Case will actively charge the phone with whatever it needs to get back to 100% power, if possible, at which point the Power Case can become passive (depleted of battery power), or resume backup function (some power left in the device). It's pretty intuitive what the power switch does, as you can see it operating to charge the Note 3 smartphone with the indicator LEDs flashing in sequence. The LEDs also indicate how much power is left in the device (1-4 LEDs lit or not), which you would expect the LEDs to do. It's logical, simple, functions make the device appealing but for a couple issues that can negatively effect the user experience.

Problem No.1 that I find with Power Case is that I cannot use the S-pen, (one of the main advantages of having the Note 3 in its many featured guises as an all-around brilliant note taking device) when using the Power Case---it completely covers the end of the phone where the S-pen resides. You literally have to remove the case from the phone and extract the S-pen, use it for whatever purpose you are using it for, then replace it and re-install the battery backup unit...and off you go, S-pen saved for another usage stint. I find this rather **inconvenient** for my purposes, and have stopped using this great charger/battery backup system called the Power Case regularly.

I can't be bothered to extract the pen every time I need it by having to remove the battery backup case to get to it!! That is a deal-breaker for me, I was enamoured with the long-life battery prospects with the Power Case and the regular 3200Mah Samsung OEM battery working to give a very, very long extended runtime. I could see, with power-saving features enabled on the phone that is, a lifespan per charge with both fully charged as being up to 2.5 to 3 or more days between full charges...a very nice feature indeed!

That's my take on the features of the unit in mind only. Ergonomically the battery backup system works well, fits the phone well also, and maintains the svelte and relatively thin footprint the Note 3 exudes via its sexy, thin shape. True, the Power Case/phone combo literally doubles the thickness of the system vs the bare phone, but then who uses a bare phone? Not I!! That's just too risky for my cup of tea, with the Note 3 being of the more fragile variety of phones with respect to being dropped hard on a hard surface, and sustaining major damage most likely if that were to happen.

I have an Otterbox case for my Samsung Note 3 in case of heavy travel demands, and the Spigen Slim Armor case for normal running around town and the office, so I do have some nice choices for the Note 3 cases in hand. Those protect the phone near-100%, with my thin tempered glass (.4 mm thick) screen cover in place especially this is true. I do not expect the Power Case to afford any real protection from drops and the like accidents that *can happen* to even the most careful of owners.. It is a thought isn't it? If someone were to make an Otterbox/Spigen quality case to protect the phone WITH a battery backup system included in the basic design of the that would be a miracle!

I rated the phone backup/charger 3 stars, when I really wanted to rank it higher than that, but alas, the facts speak for themselves, and Wavey Davey always tells the Amazon readers the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth when it comes to smart phones and features of accessories! I hope this review saves someone a headache or two with this battery backup system called Power Case--that's my goal, and may the truth be blessed!

Wavey Davey - May 10, 2014
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NcStar Red Laser Sight with Weaver Mount (APRLS), Black
NcStar Red Laser Sight with Weaver Mount (APRLS), Black
Price: $17.95
60 used & new from $12.95

5.0 out of 5 stars I LOVE this laser red dot sight!, March 2, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
NC Star, I love you! This little optics and sights company puts out some of the best bargains online for laser sights and lesser optic scopes too, and they have a surprisingly loyal group of followers who do self-promotion of their brand and products, myself being one of those folks too. To wit this great little integral Weaver-mount laser red dot sight for pistols and rifles, all kinds of uses. It costs less than $20, comes with batteries and instructions for the unaware among us, and it adjusts easily to foster proper sighting in all types of weapons. I'm using this particular sight on my newest pellet pistol, a Crosman Vigilante .177"-Caliber pellet and BB pistol, with the integral weaver rack on the front of the barrel underneath the action.

I find it's a perfect adjunct to the factory dead-on blade sights, and properly aligned and sighted make for a formidable cross-referencing co-witness if you will, for that great Vigilante pistol setup. There's no reason on this earth to have to equip such a light pistol as the Vigilante with anything too heavy, too massive, or just plain too big for the top of the gun surface or barrel, such as a full-on laser lens system of one type or another. Nope, all the pistol needs is one of these below the barrel in the front-most part of the fact I align my laser sight with the exact end of the barrel, or as close as eye-relief can gauge anyway, and it works a treat and is easy to adjust in the configuration also.

This laser projects a long, long way too! Make no mistake about it, the NC Star Red Laser Sight with Weaver Mount (integral) in black is a winner all the way, even though it looks fragile and you wonder if it's going to hold zero correctly for a long time, trust me if it's torqued down correctly in the Weaver rails it won't budge even a bit, after heavy shooting and large loads either! I'd guess this laser will point effectively down range at least 50 yards clean and clear, perfect for pistol uses, with an actual ceiling of perhaps as much as a 1/4-mile or more, if you could see that far, that is!

With just two adjusting .050" hex nuts to work with you'd think that it's a beeetch to get right on adjustment, but the truth is it's not, and it's the lasers with three or four adjustment pots that ARE hard to center on target! If there's less to play with, there's less to go wrong, right? Correctamundo! The switch runs side to side, where pushing it to the right side of the gun turns it on, and the opposite motion shuts it down, easy baby! There's a nice, positive "click" feeling in the switch, and it's NOT too hard to press down either, just a simple push is all that's needed.

The sight comes from the factory with three button-type LR44 batteries in the box also, sealed so that they don't go bad or discharge unwittingly either. I never take chances with OEM batteries in general, so I installed a fresh set of Maxell button LR44 batts in my case, and that first set it STILL in the sight after more than 15 hours of being "on" and working, so I don't know how long a battery set is supposed to last, just reporting what my particular NC Star sight is doing right now., So that's pretty darn good battery life, right? Right!

I champion this sight 100% without any reservations for pellet rifle or pistol uses, it just works great for this application! Buy it, install it, and just use it after proper setup, that's how you work with it. It's foolproof and simple to install and get aimed correctly for your application, and I encourage others needing a cheap laser red dot to use for their guns to try this first, because you will NOT be disappointed with this sight or its quality!

--Wavey Davey - 03-02-2014

Crosman Pellgunoil® Air Gun Lubricating Oil (1/4 ounces)
Crosman Pellgunoil® Air Gun Lubricating Oil (1/4 ounces)
Price: $4.19
35 used & new from $2.19

5.0 out of 5 stars Have pellet rifle/pistol? This is the mandatory oil you've got to use outside the chamber!, March 2, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've got a tube of this oil by Crosman that has to be 10 years or older by now, and it still functions, has the correct viscosity and flow characteristics right now as when it was brand new...go figure! With a scant 1/4-ounce in the tube, you'd think you will run out of the stuff so quickly that you'd best purchase two of them when buying it in any quantity, but that's also not the case either! The oil is so effective that a single drop can take care of an entire weapon's outside surfaces, if necessary, so be ready to be surprised the 1st time you use it!

Uses for the oil include all hinges, external fittings such as bolt sliders, friction sights, any kind of metal to metal contact that has a moving surface of one kind or another, or just plain use it to keep weapons lubricated on the barrel or chambers for air in air rifles and pistols, to prevent rust, discoloration, and chafing inside a sticky foam case, too. Be sparing when applying it to any surface and you'll be surprised again at how far a drop can go! Crosman and Benjamin both recommend this particular oil for virtually all their air guns, rifles and pistols, so it's a world leader and standard too...don't rock the boat with your guns and keep them lightly lubed with this oil for longevity, great surfaces and blueing survival also.

It's NOT to be used in or around any chamber or o-rings either, that's for silicon lubes or chamber lube itself, as that is what it is called perchance...I carry a tube in my master cleaning kit at home, in the box, and I always keep a spare in my go-to assembly for taking to the range or field for shooting trips, of one kind or another. The buck stops here at PellgunOil, so indulge yourself and your air guns with a tube for many, many uses and feel great that you've got it between the guns and rust, abrasions, chafing, and hinges and bolt actions will always be smooth as silk too!

--Wavey Davey - 03-02-2014
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Offered by Hillflower Store
Price: $4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Cheap, effective alternative battery package to the "Name Brand" units, and they work a treat, too!, March 2, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Since this pack of 5 LR-1 type "N" batteries is so much less expensive than the name brand packs by Maxell, Eveready, and the other major mfrs of this N-type battery, it's a no-brain situation to decide in favor of these vs those name brands. Sold by My Battery Supplier, as these were in my case, you can rest assured that should they prove to be bad cells for some reason or another, that My Battery Supplier and Amazon will make things right as rain for you tuit suite, mon ami! And since is the shipper of record for My Battery Supplier lately, using my PRIME account to run batteries over here quickly when I need a refill is de reguer normal for myself in today's fast-paced world of shippers and shipping. Nothing beats PRIME by Amazon, and put PRIME and My Battery Supplier together and you're going strong!

These cells seem to last just as long as my Eveready's or Maxell's do, so there's no excuse to spend too much on N-type LR-1 batteries anymore, it seems. These work just great in my stuff, and if you need N-type LR-1 batts, this is the way to go!

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