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niceEshop(TM) Purple Owl Design 3D Cartoon Soft Silicone Case Cover Fit for the New iPhone5 5S +Screen Protector
niceEshop(TM) Purple Owl Design 3D Cartoon Soft Silicone Case Cover Fit for the New iPhone5 5S +Screen Protector
Offered by Cosy Zone
Price: $2.99
4 used & new from $2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great case and very cute!!, October 5, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'm a huge owl fan so even though I figured this would be a cheap, flimsy case, I had to have it just for the owl factor. The case was much better quality than I thought. The silicone is fairly thick and it fits the phone perfectly. It's also very cute - I've gotten tons of compliments on it. I love that it comes with a screen protector. The screen protector is of decent quality - I've purchased expensive screen protectors and cheap screen protectors and this one is just as good as any of them. For the price, this is a fantastic deal. My only complaint is that the bottom of the case (at the feet) has a large cutout for where you plug in the charger and headphones. I feel like the bottom of the phone isn't as well protected because of this. It isn't a big deal if you're one of those people who rarely drop their phones - which I am, but I'm a little paranoid lol. I wish, instead of a large cutout, there were separate smaller cutouts for the headphone jack and the charger.

Samsung Galaxy S3, White 16GB (Verizon Wireless)
Samsung Galaxy S3, White 16GB (Verizon Wireless)
Price: $699.99
10 used & new from $174.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great change from iPhone 4, October 19, 2012
My first smartphone was a pink blackberry pearl back in the day when only 30% of cell phone users had smartphones. Then I upgraded to the iPhone 4. I had an iPod touch and really wanted an iPhone and when Verizon finally was able to have the iPhone 4, I preordered it. After using the iPhone 4 for nearly 2 years, and after seeing the new iPhone 5, I was really disappointed. It looked pretty much the same, just longer and with a smaller port. It was faster than 4 or 4s, but I still wasn't impressed. I decided to go for the S3 after reading reviews and playing with it in the store. I'm glad I did. Here's why:

*The screen is a fantastic size. It dwarfs the iPhone 4/4s and makes the 5 look silly. It's a great size for viewing web content, emails, videos, photos, etc. It's not too big that it feels awkward in your hand. I have pretty small hands and I can do most things with just my thumb, though typing is difficult. But I wasn't even able to type using my thumb on my iPhone, so no big deal.

*Speed: The processor is incredibly fast. I can run multiple applications at once and switch between them seamlessly. And the 4G/LTE is AMAZING. When a friend switched from a 3G phone to a 4G phone, she said she couldn't tell much of a difference. Maybe it's the LTE, I don't know. All I know is that when I've downloaded apps on the go, they download just as fast - maybe even faster - than when my phone is connected to my N-router. On my iPhone with 3G, sometimes it took FOREVER to download apps or web content and it was frustrating.

*Battery and MicroSD card: The battery life is decent. I think my iPhone 4 had better battery life in the beginning, but definitely not towards the end. I was lucky if it would last the day. The S3 usually has 30-35% left at the end of the day and I play with it a lot. I also like that the battery can be switched out if it goes bad and a mircoSD card can be used to expand storage. With many phones, one must either send the phone in to have the battery switched out (if under warranty, otherwise it'll cost you) or learn to deal with the failing battery life. And with iPhones (and iPads and iPods), one isn't able to expand storage. Note that if you buy the battery with more charge, you'll have to have a different back cover and your case (if you've purchased one) will no longer fit. A friend of mine purchased the extra capacity battery and it's a little bigger so it came with an extra back cover. Her case (an expensive otterbox) would no longer fit. Just FYI.

*Weight: The phone is REALLY light for how large it seems in comparison to the iPhone 4. It weighs a lot less than a friend's Thunderbolt and I think it weighs less than my iPhone did. It doesn't weigh my pants or my purse down at all.

*S-Voice vs. Siri: Essentially, they're the same thing. I jailbroke my iPhone 4 and was able to add Siri. Siri has a nicer voice - it's less robotic sounding. However, neither Siri nor S-Voice are perfect. They both make weird mistakes at times. Using the voice-to-text on the S3 seems more responsive than with the iPhone though. For me, neither S-voice or Siri are essential. I have used it at work before to set a reminder (iPhone) or task (S3) when I don't have the time to type it in. The S-voice is faster with processing this as well. However, remember that I was using Siri on a JB iPhone 4, which it was never meant to be used on - the iPhone 4 processor is slower than the 4s so Siri wasn't working at full capacity on my phone.

*Personalization: If you've never used Android before, you will be pleasantly surprised. I was able to personalize every inch of my phone easily and within minutes of first turning it on. Granted, I downloaded an app (GO Launcher EX) to help with this - but the iPhone only allows the user to change the wallpaper. On the S3, all I have to do to change an icon is to download a theme (which will automatically change certain icons, depending on the theme) and then long hold an icon and click "replace" and select from a list of available icons. With an iPhone, you must jailbreak it to change the icons. And if there's icons that didn't automatically change, you have to connect the iPhone to the computer and SHSH into the phone to change them. PITA.

My only gripe is that Verizon won't allow users to use Google Wallet. I think this is absolutely stupid, especially since users on other networks were able to sign up for Google Wallet and get a $10 bonus. I'm hoping that the wallet app that Verizon is supporting, Isis, gives new users a bonus as well.

All-in-all, I'm very satisfied with this phone. I wouldn't switch back to the iPhone 4 if someone paid me. The best part? I found a website that was willing to buy my used iPhone for $30 more than what I spent on my S3! As for all the errors others have experienced, I've never had those problems. No network issues, no sim card errors. I've had this phone since 10-07-12.

Clingo Universal Hands-Free Car Mount for iPhone 4, 3G/3GS, and All Cell Phones and Mobile Devices
Clingo Universal Hands-Free Car Mount for iPhone 4, 3G/3GS, and All Cell Phones and Mobile Devices
Offered by Everything Authentic
Price: $29.70
10 used & new from $9.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best phone mount I've used so far, October 19, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've owned several of those clamp type phone mounts and none of them lasted as long as the phones they were purchased for did. And several fit the phones WITHOUT the cases I'd purchased, but I was unable to fit the mount on the phone with the case. With many, the suction didn't hold out and the phone (and mount) would come crashing down in the middle of driving and I'd have to fish around for it while trying to keep my eyes and my car on the road. I'd given up on car mounts until I saw the commercial for this on TV.

My phone: Samsung Galaxy S3 with an otterbox commuter case. The phone has a bigger screen than the Thunderbolt but weighs much less even with the case. It's a fairly lightweight phone. I think it weighs less than my iPhone 4 did.

I've only had the clingo for about 2 weeks but it has worked well in that time. Only once did my phone fall off, and I had just slapped it on there and it fell off after 5 minutes of driving. Now, when I stick my phone on the clingo pad, I press it on there to make sure it's suck firmly. It never falls off now and I have to pull pretty hard to get it loose.

I also mount it on the dash with the included mounting disk because I don't like it mounted on the windshield. The mounting disk is covered with super sticky thin foam adhesive on the back and is helpful for people who have texturized dash boards - like most of us. I cleaned the area thoroughly before sticking the disk to the dash - first with a basic cleaner, then let dry, then with a bit of rubbing alcohol, then let dry. After applying the disk, give it awhile to fully adhere before attaching the clingo mount - the suction will pull on it and it will come off (happened to a friend of mine with a similar product).

My otterbox case is a silicone case with a hard plastic shell that "snaps" onto the silicone case. The shell is slightly textured and the clingo sticks just fine - but it's not nearly as sticky as some people have stated, at least not in my case. It sticks just enough to hold the phone but it's never overly difficult to remove the phone. However, if your phone (or phone case) were very smooth I'd think it would stick even more.

To prevent the clingo pad from getting dusty or dirty, I kept the piece of plastic from the packaging that was covering the pad and whenever I remove my phone, I put the piece of plastic over the pad to keep it clean. It's also helpful that the piece with the pad comes off of the arm so you don't have to take the whole mount in the house when you want to wash the pad.

So far, I like this product enough to have purchased the portable desk/table mount for my nightstand as well (the one that's circle shaped and folds up). The weather here is pretty chilly right now (in the 30's and 40's on average) so I can't say how it would fare in the summer with highs in the 90's and 100's. I will definitely update this review if anything changes.

Timbuk2 D-Lux Race Stripe Laptop Messenger Bag 2011,Black/Gunmetal/Rev Red,L
Timbuk2 D-Lux Race Stripe Laptop Messenger Bag 2011,Black/Gunmetal/Rev Red,L
Offered by MotherNature Outdoors
Price: $125.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great for purse replacement to carry iPad 2!, July 28, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I recently purchased an iPad 2 for school. I have a backpack with a special laptop compartment, which works great to carry the iPad 2 in (the iPad is kept in a special rooCase zippered portfolio as well, for protection) but if I need to go somewhere - Wal-mart, the mall, the grocery store, etc. - I don't want to bring my backpack in with me and I don't want to leave it in the car due to the heat. I also don't want to have to grab the portfolio out of my backpack and carry it around with me either - it increases the possibility that I might leave it somewhere or that someone will recognize it and know what's inside.

So, I decided to purchase this bag. It has a lifetime guarantee and looks like it will meet all my needs. I could use it as a purse yet keep my iPad inside it as well, minimizing the amount of bags that I have to carry around.

I ordered the SMALL. I was wanting the X-SMALL, but the style I like and the price I wanted didn't offer the X-SMALL. It is a tiny bit larger than I wanted, but it's actually the perfect size. My iPad is pretty thick when it's in the portfolio and I don't think it would fit well in the x-small size. I managed to get all my purse items in the bag (using the Kangaroo Keeper) and my iPad and it's still pretty lightweight. It's also not as big as some of those purses you see women carrying around and it's more stylish than most Laptop/iPad bags available. You would be able to fit some notebooks and smaller textbooks in this bag if needed, but I would recommend more than that. I'm a nursing student and some of my textbooks are so large that they wouldn't even FIT in this bag. This bag is perfect as a purse replacement to carry your iPad around and not look like you're carrying it around. If using is as a purse replacement, you might consider buying something like the Kangaroo Keeper - there aren't a whole lot of pockets available for girly things, and if you're like me, you don't like all your stuff just floating around in the bag somewhere - I HATE digging for stuff!

This bag has a lot of really cool features. My favorite is the laptop sleeve - it's padded and studded and provides lots of protection. The bottom part of the sleeve isn't quite as padded though, so you'll have to be careful. You might want to put another sleeve on your laptop or just be careful when setting the bag down. Since I use it mainly for my iPad, it isn't a big deal since my iPad is always in it's case.

My second favorite feature is the napoleon side-entry pocket. This pocket is great for things you may need to access fast without opening the bag - such as a wallet. You just slide your hand beneath the flap, open the zipper, and pull out whatever you need without undoing the zippers or buckles.

Timbuk2 also uses durable ballistic nylon with a waterproof TPU liner. This fabric is very heavy duty and easy to wipe clean. It's also thinner than some fabrics used on heavy duty bags, so it's not as heavy. The TPU liner isn't super attractive, but it's great incase you get rained on or spill something on your bag - the liquid won't get inside to your laptop. Also, if you spill something inside, it will be easy to wipe clean.

The bottom compression straps are great if you're not carrying much. Say you only need to carry your laptop and a few basics - you can readjust the compression straps so the bag is actually thinner and less bulky to carry.

The internal chassis system has potential - I'm just not sure what potential it is yet! This system allows modular accessories - a pen pouch and a zippered pouch come with the bag - to be moved around inside the bag to wherever you might need them. However, Timbuk2 doesn't make/sell additional modular accessories like this....kinda weird. So if you needed more, you'd either have to buy another bag for it's modular accessories, make your own, or try ebay to see if someone on there doesn't want theirs. It's good that they move, I guess, because I was able to take the zippered pouch out of my small bag and I can use it in my medium bag - it was taking up uneeded space in my small bag. But for the person who only has one bag and wants more accessories, it's just weird. If Timbuk2 would make more accessories, it would have more value for the consumer.

The exclusive memory adjust CAM buckle is great for those who like/need a shorter strap to wear the bag closer to your body. With this buckle, you can adjust the strap as short as you need (or as long as you need) and then unsnap the buckle to make taking the bag off easier. We all know how difficult it can be to take off a cross body bag when the strap it too short - this way, you just unsnap the buckle (makes the strap instantly longer), remove the bag, and then when you put the bag back on you just snap the buckle closed and it's back to the length you began with. It's kinda tricky to learn at first, but you get used it it. This buckle might be difficult for people who are lefties - it's built for the right handed person who wears the strap on the left shoulder and the bag on the right hip. If you're a leftie, you'd have to wear it that way or not use it. On the Timbuk2 website, you can customize your own bag (colors and everything) so that the CAM buckle is on the other side, but it will cost you a lot more. Might be worth it if it's a feature you think you'll use a lot.

The bag also comes with a stabilizing strap that connects to additional rings on the back of the bag. It goes across your body to stabilize the bag when you're doing certain activities such as running or biking. I haven't used mine yet, so I can't really say how well it works, but it is a nice feature especially for those who ride their bikes to school or around campus.


The only con I can see is the lack of a "grab-it" type handle on the top of the bag. I would like a short handle on the top of the bag so it's easier to grab when the bag is on the carseat next to you or leaning against your desk on the floor - that way you don't have to fiddle with the long strap. It wouldn't be hard to have one sewn on, but it might void your warranty, I'm not sure - and you'd probably have to take it to a tailor or leather worker.

The padded strap is also kinda bulky. They offer sleeker, more contoured straps on their website but they come in limited colors and you have to pay more for them. The strap takes some time to mold itself to your shoulder as well and you have to make sure it's on there just right or the velcro might snag your clothing.

The price is also a little steeper than most bags - which might be a concern for most people - the price it worth it though, since you do have a lifetime warranty and the bag is stylish and well-made.

Other than that, there are no issues I have with this bag. It's very well made, very sturdy, and the colors are great.


I would reccommend this bag for anyone who wants a sturdy messenger bag. It's very well made and worth the money. A tip - you can usually find a better price on it by purchasing from Amazon instead of the Timbuk2 website - and the shipping is usually free! Timbuk2 also makes great on-strap accessories - I'm still waiting for the 2Way accessory case that matches this bag. It goes on the should strap and your phone goes in there for easy access. I don't always have pants/jeans pockets that hold my phone well and it's a pain to dig around in my bag for my phone. This way, my phone will be right there and easy to grab.

rooCASE Executive Portfolio Genuine (Magenta) Leather Case for 4th Generation iPad with Retina Display / the new iPad 3rd / Apple iPad 2 (Automatically Wakes and Puts the iPad to Sleep)
rooCASE Executive Portfolio Genuine (Magenta) Leather Case for 4th Generation iPad with Retina Display / the new iPad 3rd / Apple iPad 2 (Automatically Wakes and Puts the iPad to Sleep)
Offered by PC Micro Store
Price: $25.00
3 used & new from $25.00

9 of 18 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great iPad 2 Case!, June 2, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'm glad I purchased this case!

*Color - it's a nice, bright pink color. Exactly like the photo, from what I can see.
*Inside pockets/slots - there is one large flap with smaller pockets attached. Great for holding a few papers, a small notepad, and business cards/debit cards. You won't be able to fit a whole lot, but it's better than nothing - or having the stuff laying in there loose.
*Padded - the portfolio is padded nicely - not too thick, not too thin. I feel comfortable putting the whole thing in my bag and not worrying about my iPad getting jostled or bumped around.
*Removable sleeve - the iPad itself goes into a sleeve which velcros to the lining inside the case. The sleeve itself isn't really padded (though it is lined with the same material that the portfolio is lined in) but it does offer some protection and it's easier to grip than the iPad without a sleeve. Because the sleeve velcros in, you can easily pull the sleeve off and take the iPad out or turn the iPad so that it's in landscape/portrait - very handy!
*Lining - the portfolio and sleeve are both lined in a nice, soft microfiber-like material.
*Magnetic stand - there's a stand on the back of the portfolio which enables the iPad to lay at an angle. I have yet to test it to see if the angle works well for me for typing, however the stand is sturdy and it will hold the iPad without collapsing. It lays down against the back of the portfolio nicely and is held in place with a magnet to prevent it from flapping around. You don't even know it's there when you're carrying it around!
*Stylus loop - inside the portfolio is a stylus loop, which holds the stylus into the fold of the portfolio and prevents it from laying on the iPad. Very handy if you use a stylus - I do. You could also keep a pen in the loop instead, if need be.
*Zippers - the portfolio zippers shut so that nothing can get inside and damage the iPad. Also prevents dust and dirt from getting in and damaging the port. Two zippers are used, which is nice because you can zipper most of it shut, but leave a small part open to charge the iPad - this way, it will be protected while charging, in case someone knocked it down or something.

*I wish the 2 zippers had holes in the end of them - possibly for a small lock or something.
*Sometimes the velcro on the back of the sleeve gets annoying. It scratches against tables, sticks to clothing, and will leave you pants looking fuzzy if you rest it on your legs/knees when using the iPad. Not a deal breaker, just annoying.
*I wish the portfolio could be folded backwards so I wouldn't have to remove the sleeve and deal with the velcro issue above.

All of my cons are pretty nitpicky. None of them are deal breakers, just things I wish were different. In conclusion, I feel safe having my iPad in this portfolio and sleeve and it looks stylish at the same time! It would be nice if they offered the same portfolio in canvas as well, with a few different prints instead of in leather only with solid colors. But with the lack of stylish iPad 2 cases, I'll take it.
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ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for Apple iPhone 4/4S (Screen) - Retail Packaging-Clear
ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for Apple iPhone 4/4S (Screen) - Retail Packaging-Clear
Offered by biddeal_co
Price: $10.78
49 used & new from $2.30

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2.0 out of 5 stars Gross!, February 11, 2011
This is an awful screen protector.

I bought it at a local store because I pre-ordered my iPhone 4 from Verizon and received it on 2/7/11. I was paranoid about scratches and didn't want to wait so I bought this. It was twice as much in store as it is here and NOT worth the money!

First if all, they don't tell you on the packaging that you have to wait 24 hours after application to touch your phone. Seriously?! Even if it weren't the coolest phone ever, I'd still need to touch it. They give you the option to use a blowdryer on the coolest setting to dry it, but you'll have to stand there forever and it still won't do any good.

Second, after letting my phone sit all night and into the next day, I try to put the case on it and the edges of the film - all the way around the screen - start peeling and bubbling up. WTF? Upon further investigation on the ZAGG website, I find out that they have ANOTHER film which is CASE FRIENDLY. It really would have been nice for them to say on the package that this film wasn't CASE FRIENDLY, as the store didn't sell the case friendly product so I had no idea.

Third, the application process is WEIRD. Your phone has to be dust free, first of all. Then, you have to spray the film with this stuff that comes with it (both sides) and apply it to the phone. Then you use the squeegee to seal it on and press out the air bubbles. The squeegee is nice, it's actually like a squeegee, not just a glorified piece of plastic like other application cards. It doesn't do any good, however, when the edges keep peeling up!

Fourth, the film has a weird texture. It improves after it sits for the 24 hours, but it's still not great. It has a rubbery feel and your finger doesn't glide easily across it. You can see weird little bumps when the light hits it too.

Don't waste your money. You'd be better off with a cheap, self-adhering screen protector instead of this one!

LED Book Light, Perfect Night Time Reading Light. Accessory for Modern eBook Reader Amazon Kindle 1 Kindle 2 Kindle DX Barnes and Nobel NOOK
LED Book Light, Perfect Night Time Reading Light. Accessory for Modern eBook Reader Amazon Kindle 1 Kindle 2 Kindle DX Barnes and Nobel NOOK

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Piece of you-know-what!, September 17, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I bought this to use with my Barnes and Noble nook (ereader device like the Kindle). I liked that it had a flexible neck and it looked lightweight...and the price and free shipping was a plus too.

However, this thing only works when it feels like it and it's only a few days old! I have to fiddle with the neck, twist the light around a bit, and turn the switch on and off several times to get it to turn on. A waste of money, even if I didn't spend much. The only good thing about it is that, when it works, it's nice and bright. The neck is even funny to twist into the right position. Also, if you move your book or ereader around while reading, the movement will undo whatever it was that I did to get it to work and it will flicker and turn off. And then I'm usually in the dark, in bed with my husband (so I can't turn on the overhead light), and too tired and irritated to try to fix it again.

Don't waste your money on this thing. I'm going to buy a nicer light and then return this one.

Skechers Women's Shape Ups - Metabolize Fitness Work Out Sneaker
Skechers Women's Shape Ups - Metabolize Fitness Work Out Sneaker
Price: $40.53 - $199.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great for lower back pain!, July 14, 2010
Okay, first of all I have to say that Skechers needs to change their marketing a little - these aren't going to make you skinny or give you super model legs or an awesome butt, unless you walk A LOT more than usual. If you just walk the same amount, they will help, but they aren't miracle workers - at least not for achieving the perfect body.

However, if you have feet that get tired and sore easily or if you have lower back or leg pain, these are the shoes for you! I start nursing school this fall and I purchased these because I will be on my feet all day. In January 2010, I hurt my back while putting my daughter in her car seat. Went to the doctor and he said that I had a herniated disc with sciatic pain. Now, it is July and the pain is still there - it can take months or years for it to go away. So I get these shoes, hoping they will help, because nothing else has. Can't be doped up on painkillers while at school! So far, the Skechers Shape-ups have worked really well. I can walk around for much longer than I used to be able to. I plan on pushing myself everyday so that by the time school starts, I will be able to be on my feet for the entire day without popping any painkillers. I've tried wearing my regular (but expensive) shoes and I can't stay on my feet for more than half an hour. I can tell that they are helping to strengthen my back muscles and my core muscles - my leg muscles too. But like I said before - these shoes DO help with working your muscles, but they aren't miracle workers. You have to do most of the work. They do allow you to stay on your feet longer and therefore workout more. They are extremely comfortable and even fun to wear. I wish that the other colors and models of the Shape-ups came in wide widths - not just the white and black. I would like to have these in another color. White isn't my favorite, but it's required for school.

Anyway, Skechers Shape-ups Metabolize sneakers are great - they will help you immensely if you have foot, arch, or heel pain (like plantar fascitis) or if you have lower back pain like I do. They will not give you the body of Halle Berry or Kate Moss but they will help out more than just any plain running shoe. Don't expect miracles - do expect comfort, style, and possible relief of pain.
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Nokia 7705 Twist Phone, Black (Verizon Wireless)
Nokia 7705 Twist Phone, Black (Verizon Wireless)

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2.0 out of 5 stars Yuck. The WORST phone I've ever owned., June 12, 2010
When I first got this phone, I loved it. I've only had it for around 6 months and I HATE it. I actually just purchased an older model Blackberry 8330 on ebay because I can't stand to use this phone for another month!

The worst part? The camera. The only time I've gotten decent photos is outside, in direct sunlight, when my subject wasn't moving. I thought it would have a good camera because it's 3MP but it just sucks. Photos come out blurry and washed out 99% of the time. Plus, the boxy shape of the phone can make it difficult to take photos - it's very easy to accidentally get a finger or thumb on the lens. My old enV (the 1st one) took awesome photos and made this phone's photos look like poo. The lack of photographic capabilities is a big deal for me because there are MANY many times when I'm with my family and my daughter and I don't have my Nikon with me. So, I use my phone's camera a lot for quick, memory making snapshots and I save them to a microSD card so that I can print them later. I can't even see what half the photos are when I use my Nokia, and I wouldn't waste the money on printing any of them.

The second-to-worst-part: This phone is S-L-O-W! A rep at a Verizon store gave me the run around about how my phone would be faster if I deleted text messages and such. That is BULL. I deleted all my messages - sent, drafts, inbox, everything - and nothing changed. My enV was always super fast and this phone is slow with everything! I don't even use habitat mode because it's slower than just going to messages and sending texts from there. Habitat mode is a cool idea, and it would be awesome on a better and faster phone (especially a smart phone) but on this phone, it's just annoying. And with Habitat, you can only choose 3 different themes, which kind of stinks. I would pay to download cuter and more fun themes - on a faster phone, of course.

This phone also crashes a lot. I've had it replaced once because it kept crashing when I'd get picture messages. I was hoping that maybe my phone was seriously defective and when I got the new one, it would be a lot faster and work better. Everything was the same except that it didn't crash as much.

I love the look of the phone - it's very sleek, cute, stylish, and fun. However, the design is also a major flaw. I have never had problems with dropping phones until I got this thing. It slides off of everything. It's difficult to hold on to. It scratches easily too - it looks like I've had it for a lot longer than 6 months.

The light ring is pretty cool though - you can change the colors of the light and you can have different colors for different contacts. It serves a similar purpose to customizing your ringtones but if you're like me and leave your phone on vibrate, it is kind of handy. The light still lights up on vibrate. It also can stay lit up for a few seconds after a text, so if the phone's screen goes black (because it's going into standby) you will still know that you got a text or a call or whatever.

The keyboard is very scrunched and if you have bigger fingers, this is NOT the phone for you. I've always used my nails when texting so it doesn't bother me too much, but it's still really easy to type in the wrong thing. And it's really annoying that you have to push the symbol key every time you want to enter a symbol. There are also 2 touch buttons under the screen and it's extremely easy to accidentally touch one and totally mess up everything - whether you're texting, calling, or just looking a photos.

I bought this phone because it looks kind of like a BlackBerry when opened - I wanted a BB but was told I'd have to pay $45 extra a month. Now, we've had to change plans (a cheaper, much better plan) and the unlimited data only costs $30 a month. Since I was able to find a new BB curve on ebay, I decided to bite the bullet and get it. I would NOT recommend that anyone buy this phone unless you want to be endlessly frustrated.

Ecopad, the Refillable Coffee Filter for the Classic Senseo (pack of 2)
Ecopad, the Refillable Coffee Filter for the Classic Senseo (pack of 2)
Offered by Wildair & Co.
Price: $11.65
3 used & new from $10.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Better than buying pods!, December 16, 2009
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I LOVE my Senseo. It's so easy to just pop in a pod, push a few buttons, and watch your drink flow into your cup. However, I don't really care for the Senseo pods because they're not individually packaged - I feel like I can almost taste the staleness even after a day of the bag being opened. And other brands of pods aren't readily available in my area except for Folgers and I can't stand those (they're also not individually packaged). So, if I want pods, I have to order them online. Sometimes, I'd just rather drink freshly ground coffee or coffee not offered in pods.

I've used the ecopad several times. I only have a couple issues with this product but they're not a big deal. First of all, there's a round extension on the bottom of the pad that helps anchor it in the podholder. I'm not sure if it's because my machine is an older model (Senseo Supreme) or what but this little knob is much too long to properly fit in the 2 podholder. So I just took a pair of wire cutters and trimmed it down to fit. The knob is now about half the size it was before and it fits perfectly.
The other issue is that there's not quite as much foam when using the ecopad as there is when using a pod. I'm not sure if this is because I trimmed the knob or what. It doesn't quite bother me as I don't always need the foam - if I want it, I just use a pod and it goes back to normal.

If you're having problems with this product, here is what I've learned from using it:

1. Use the finest grind possible! The finer the grind, the more coffee the machine can extract. My grinder has a Turkish setting on it, which is finer than espresso grind, so I use that. Otherwise, espresso grind is fine. Also, you may want to run the coffee through the grinder a couple times until the grind looks uniform. Some grinders don't always grind the beans to a uniform texture. Having it all be uniform in texture helps the extraction.

2. Do not overfill the pad! I know it might be tempting, but just don't. The top could pop off and cause the coffee to clog your machine. Or it may make it more difficult for the machine to extract the coffee.

3. Make sure there are NO grounds on the lip of the pod or the pod won't close properly.

4. Don't pack the grounds down in the pod - a light tapping with a finger tip is fine, but if you pack it down tight, the pressure won't be strong enough to properly extract the coffee.

5. Since no one seems to know exactly how much this pod holds (at least I've never been able to find the answer!) a little bit of experimentation is in order to brew your perfect cup. I like medium roasted flavored coffee and I use my own recipe for sweetener and creamer. But I also like my drink to taste like coffee. What I do, is I fill the pad with my favorite coffee and use as little water as possible - usually 3 - 4 oz - and then pop in another pod and do the same thing, so I end up with about 6 - 7 oz of strong coffee. If you like your coffee weaker, go with more water. It just takes a little experimentation.

Some people also complain that this kind of takes away from the whole experience of the Senseo - popping a pod in, brewing a quick cup, tossing the pod, rinsing the podholder, and you're done! But really, this isn't much of a difference. You just have to rinse the coffee out while you're at the sink rinsing the podholder. It also saves coffee because you don't brew several cups at one time and throw most of it out or have it burn while the carafe sits on the warming plate. It preserves most of the Senseo foam and allows you to use ANY coffee. For me, it's definitely worth it. I am the ONLY person in my house who drinks coffee and I don't always have pods around. I like to try weird, different coffees from around the world (I have traveling relatives) and this device allows me to brew whatever I want.

Also - don't think you can use powdered milk or creamer in this. My sister tried to make her own version of Senseo's Cappuccino pods by brewing one ecopad with espresso in it (3oz of water) with one ecopad with powdered milk and sugar in it (3oz of water). I don't know what she was thinking, but apparently she thought that Senseo's ability to foam coffee would help. It just made the powdered milk mixture really gross and sticky, and the brew that came out tasted nothing like cappuccino - it didn't even taste like coffee with milk in it. Just a warning!

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