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Monty Python's Graham Chapman - Looks Like A Brown Trouser Job
Monty Python's Graham Chapman - Looks Like A Brown Trouser Job
DVD ~ Graham Chapman
21 used & new from $4.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very Interesting Portrait of Great Commedian, April 30, 2005
I just finished watching this film and I thaught it was great. Most people would probably say "My, that quality was just terrible." Well, this is true. It was the late '80s when film technology was a bit shakey, but one has to set that aside after awhile and just remeber that they are getting a very rare and unique look into the final days of Chapman. His stories are funny, the glimses into his Python days are very interesting, especially if you haven't seen the Life Of Python box set yet. The stories are good, and it was very entertaining. However, if you are a technology buff, this may be a bit frustrating. I tried looking beyond that and realized what an interesting look into Chapman's life I was able to have. So...5 stars. This one is good.

Price: $7.00
143 used & new from $0.01

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2.0 out of 5 stars good, if you like repititious rap music, February 16, 2005
This review is from: Confessions (Audio CD)
i'm an open guy. i usually like anything on the radio, but this album astonishes me. i LOVE how these rap/r&b people could get away with a song with 3 notes in in repeated OVER AND OVER again. Thats not a song. thats 3 of the most annoying notes repeated over and over again untill you could go insane. then, theres talking over it. thats not music. listen to bethoven or some of the clasic rock out there. its better than this stuff. so, if you are a person looking for creativity, look elsewhere, because with an album like this, you will just be getting the same old rap songs with a few notes that are catchy for awhile, but then grow more annoying and annoying and annoying. but i guess if you're into that kind of stuff, this might be your holy grail. (eh, but i do respect him for his dancing. hes like michael jackson. amazing...)

Pet Sounds
Pet Sounds
Offered by megahitrecords
Price: $9.88
106 used & new from $0.84

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5.0 out of 5 stars if i was stuck on an island..., February 15, 2005
This review is from: Pet Sounds (Audio CD)
this would be the first album i would bring. how do you give it less than 4 stars. it has been proven one of the best albums of all time. anybody who gives it less than 4 stars is ignorant on the making of the album. the time, thaught and work he put into this album. amazing. harmonies on sloop john b: the best. the tracks are timeless. crazy bass lines that were way ahead of their time. you will love this album and if you dont, do your research. you will find that the work put into the album is amazing and easily the greatest album of all time...ever.

Offered by MediaNett
Price: $34.98
127 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great album!!, February 15, 2005
This review is from: Smile (Audio CD)
this is a great album. however, a lot of people don't think much of it. They think its wierd, abstract, out of the ordinary. Well, you are correct. And the only reason i believe people don't have the heart to give it a 5 star review is because people do not understand the troubles this album had gone through. Brian was going through some tough times back in '67 when this album was abandoned. Drugs, alchohol, a splitting image was the cause of the fall of this album. Plus, i believe that Brian was upset that Pet Sounds did not do as well as he thaught it could do. He put so much time, effort and compassion to that album and the fans still stuck in their "surfer" image were disappointed. He could look back now, though, and see how much of an impact it had done for artists. the biggest example being the beatles' sgt. pepper. the beach boys also expressed that this album would be better that Pet Sounds, and according to VH1, Pet Sounds is #3 on the countdown. So, this album had great impact, in my perspective. It's not that the tracks are catchy or that the single would sell out and be a was simply to be a different perspective in the music industry. and most importantly, to make us SMILE. so, this record is unbeatable in many ways. The instrumentation, chord changes, the instruments used. amazing. you'll love this album if you want to see a new perspective on things. Hey, it won a grammy as well for Mrs. O'Leary's Cow. It should have won more for Good Vibrations as well, but it didnt. hey, at least its better than rap. People putting out songs with 3 notes. like Yeah! by Usher. its a G, D, and D# over and over again. Thats not music. But rap is a completely different story. anyway, this is a great album that will change your life. it changed mine. also, if you want to see smile's brother, check out Pet Sounds. Or, you could even see other albums like Friends and Smiley Smile that contain a lot of the songs the Beach Boys recorded when Smile never came out. While Brian's vox aren't what they used to be, he still puts up a good preformance. get this album!

John Cleese - The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It
John Cleese - The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It
DVD ~ John Cleese
21 used & new from $5.25

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars good film, not too good quality, February 13, 2005
i've always been a cleese fan. connie booth is great too. so, i figured this would be a great film. well, it was just good. it was very silly arbitrary humor, but it still got a few laughs. so film overall-4 1/2 stars. i gave it 3 star for quality. i dont know about you guys, but when you got the dvd, were there white lines running through it like a vhs would? maybe it was just me or it was the poor video transfer. the voices were muffled and the picture was grainy, but i guess thats the best you could get for a movie over 40 years old. so overall, if you could get a deal on this film, go for it. its pretty funny if you like the python scenario scetches, but if thats not what you're looking for, check out fawlty towers with john cleese and connie booth. its fantastic!

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