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DVD ~ Liam Neeson
Price: $4.62
332 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Mesmerizing Epic, June 21, 2000
This review is from: Excalibur (DVD)
Excalibur has long been one of my favorite films, filled with mystery, action, and a sense of visual magic that few films have achieved to capture. Excalibur is a dazzing re-telling of the legend of King Arthur and his kingdom. Nigel Terry makes a dashing and noble King Arthur. From his time as a young squire who pulls the legendary sword from the stone to his final battle, Terry captures the noble essence of the destined and conflicted King. Nicol Williamson is memorable as the mercurial wizard Merlin. Helen Mirren as the sinister and wicked Morgana, Cheri Lunghi is Guinivere and Nicholas Clay as Lancelot. Also featured in the cast are Liam Neeson, Patrick Stewart and Gabriel Byrne.
John Boorman really creates the definative cinematic tale of King Arthur. The visual atmosphere is breathtaking, both dark and foreboding and teeming with brilliant colors. The Production design is simply awe inspiring and really takes the viewer to another time and place. The original music by Trevor Jones and music of legendary composer Richard Wagner perfectly captures the mystery and larger than life adventures of King Arthur and the knights of the round table.
This DVD edition is overall quite excellent. The picture and sound quality is excellent and includes John Boorman's commentary about the making of this powerful film. My only quibble is the the changing of the cover art. The original and evocotive illustration has been replaced in favor of a rather lame and uninspiring photo composite.

Jaws 2 [VHS]
Jaws 2 [VHS]
Offered by Curiously Random
Price: $27.99
25 used & new from $0.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars A very solid sequel, June 15, 2000
This review is from: Jaws 2 [VHS] (VHS Tape)
I was only 4 when the original groundbreaking film Jaws was first released in 1975. In 1978, I was old enough to see Jaws 2. A film, that while it pales in comparison to Spielberg's classic, it's still an exciting and enjoyable action thriller.
The story takes place several years later and focuses on Martin Brody's (Roy Scheider) two sons and their group of teenaged friends. The summer resort island of Amity is once again facing a threat from a great white shark. After several mysterious deaths Brody is convinced that a another shark is lurking in the waters. The Mayor and town council think otherwise. Brody's two sons and a large group of their friends take off in their sailboats and big trouble ensues. Acting alone, it's up to Brody to come to the rescue.
While lacking the intial shock and surprise Jaws generated, this sequel manages to capture a couple of nice surprises. The film's big climax is geniunely exciting. Roy Scheider delivers a first rate performance. The young cast does fine as the periled day sailors. John William's score is simply terrific and in some ways better than than his music for the original. Director Jennot Szwarc does a nice job in his direction and generates enough tension and suspense to make this a worthwhile sequel. The two following sequels are best to be forgotton.

Jaws (Widescreen Anniversary Collector's Edition)
Jaws (Widescreen Anniversary Collector's Edition)
DVD ~ Roy Scheider
Offered by Paint it Orange
Price: $6.98
220 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is not a boating accident!!, June 15, 2000
My first encounter with Jaws was back in 1978 when I saw Jaws 2 as a 7 year old. A year or two later I got to see the original Jaws when it was re-released during the summer. I was genuinely enthralled by this landmark classic as a kid and to this day Jaws hasn't lost any of its bite!
It's simply amazing what Steven Spielberg pulled off despite the legendary problems that was faced throughout the production of the film. This adventure/horror story based on Peter Benchley's original novel, is exciting, terrifying and even funny. Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and the late Robert Shaw made a unlikely but highly memorable team as they went about hunting down a 25 ft 3 ton Great White Shark named Bruce. Jaws is filled with memorable images and scenes from the opening credits to the very end. One that always stands out to me is watching the Orca set sail through a set of shark jaws hanging over a window in Quint's studio.
A combination of skilled direction and editing, terrific acting, and a highly charged and unforgettable music score by John Williams create of the greatest films of all times. This upcoming DVD looks to be the definative edition to watch this groundbreaking film for many many years to come. Jaws still delivers the goods 25 years later.

Starship Troopers
Starship Troopers
DVD ~ Casper Van Dien
Offered by SourceMedia
Price: $7.03
261 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Satiric Action Film, May 1, 2000
This review is from: Starship Troopers (DVD)
I don't think most people "got it" after seeing Starship Troopers. The biggest complaint seems to be about the casting. A lot of young and gorgeous actors in the lead roles then watching them get ripped to shreds. It is supposed to play out as a purposely reversal of "Aliens"
I thoughly enjoyed Paul Verhoven's take on the classic Robert Heinlein novel. First off, they are two very different entities. While the movie does keep the basic storyline, that's where it ends. If anything Full Metal Jacket would be a closer adaptation of Starship Trooper the novel.
Verhoeven plays up the cold fascist militaristic atmosphere which purposely plays out as quite humorous and the the gigantic insect creatures which are a special effects extravaganza. The script by RoboCop writer Ed Neumeier has some fun with the novel. The diologue is simplistic, it's supposed to be. I laugh more than cring watching Denise Richards, who's drop dead gorgeous and really is a "space cadet" Starship Troopers is supposed to play out as a "Pretty things go to war" kinda like driving your brand new Porsche into the city, through giant potholes, crazy cab drivers, car thieves and such.
This DVD edition is first rate with a nice collection additional material on the making of this loud, gory, and tongue in cheek action film. It's a movie... so don't take it so seriously.

Robocop 3
Robocop 3
DVD ~ Nancy Allen
2 used & new from $5.86

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3.0 out of 5 stars A Slight Improvement, May 1, 2000
This review is from: Robocop 3 (DVD)
Robocop 3 actually has a worthwhile story unfortunately any adult edge has been taken off in favor of a kid friendly PG-13 rating. Robert John Burke fills RoboCop's suit nicely taking Peter Weller's place.
The story featuring the mega-corporation OCP being bought out by a larger Japanese rival was a rather timely art imitating life plot line. RoboCop going renegade after OCP uses force in driving out people so it can finally create it's Delta City of the future is a worthwhile storyline.
Rip Torn is now the chief of OCP, Felton Perry returns as the beleagered OCP executive. Nancy Allen's character is pointlessly dismissed. Some familiar faces are seen here as well Jill Hennessy (Law & Order) as RoboCop's OCP technician, Steven Root (News Radio) Daniel Von Bargon (Malcolm In The Middle) are two resistance fighters. British actor John Castle is the OCP commando leader.
Director Fred Dekker does a solid job, Frank Miller's story is solid but is too soft with the addition of a 10 yr old whiz kid girl. Basil Poledoris' music score helps and the Special Effects are scaled back but pretty good. RoboCop 3 is a kid friendly film and not all that bad, but really really pales in comparison to Paul Verhoven's classic.

Robocop 2
Robocop 2
DVD ~ Peter Weller
7 used & new from $0.01

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2.0 out of 5 stars What Went Wrong?, May 1, 2000
This review is from: Robocop 2 (DVD)
RoboCop 2 is a serious dissapointment. Director Irvin Kershner who directed an excellent sequel (The Empire Stikes Back), does his best here but is just saddled with a script that is pretty much a disaster. Writer Frank Miller had the right idea but went about it in the wrong way.
The story about a drug lord who is later created as a bigger and more dangerous robot that feeds on it's own drug supply has a great Frankenstein quality to it. The biggest problem with the film ..The mind numbing violence and a sadistic and scheming 12 year old boy is ugly and in poor taste. The biting sense of humor is scattershot but there a couple of real zingers.
Tom Noonan as the drug lord is all but wasted, he could have been an interesting and scary character, but just walks around looking stoned out. Belinda Bauer as the scheming and zealous OCP scientist, fares a bit better. Willard Pugh as the mayor of Detroit is a painful to listen stereotype. Gabriel Damon is the infamous 12 year old criminal. Really poor taste there. Peter Weller is back as the heroic Cyborg, showing a funny side as well, after he's been reprogrammed to be more "human friendly"
The music of Basil Poledoris is sorely missing here. The Special Effects are the saving grace of the film. The design of the RobCop 2 machine is a frightening entity, and Phil Tippett creates an epic battle between the two RoboCops. RoboCop 2 could have been a pretty good film. The story idea itself was good but too many ugly and unneccessary ideas were added to the story. Reserved viewing at best.
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DVD ~ Peter Weller
10 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Sci-Fi Classic, May 1, 2000
This review is from: Robocop (DVD)
Back in 1987 RoboCop was the sleeper hit of the summer. I had read a little about the film prior to its release, but after I saw the trailer, I knew it was gonna be awesome. I saw the sneak preview a week belore the film's actual release, I was simply floored. I saw it 4 or 5 times during it's release. In the sneak preview I saw, the cut footage was still intact.
Peter Weller is terrific as the ill-fated cop who is brought back to life as the virtually indestructable cyborg. Nancy Allen plays his partner who helps him rediscover his old identity. Kurtwood Smith is a real stand-out as the nerdy looking yet appaulingly sadistic cop killer Clarence Boddicker. Ronny Cox and Miguel Ferrer are terrific as the corporate suits that battle over Robocop.
The story is filled with violence and a biting sense of humor. Writers Ed Neumeier and Michael Minor create both a super and tragic hero. Both a live action Comic Book film and a contemporary satire. Dutch director Paul Verhoeven made his American film debut here and pulled no punches. Rob Bottin's RoboCop suit and makeup work is first rate and highly unique. Basil Poledouris's highly charged music score is terrific.
There are two DVD releases, a standard widescreen release and the Criterion Collection. The later one has some very nice extra features. While both are widescreen, neither are anamorphic editions, I imagine one will be released sometime in the future. Despite this overlooked feature. RoboCop is must have for Sci-Fi/Action film fans. Definately NOT a film for the kids.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
DVD ~ Mel Gibson
Offered by Outlet Promotions
Price: $24.50
79 used & new from $1.55

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Worthy Sequel, May 1, 2000
This review is from: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (DVD)
The third chapter of the Mad Max films can't possibly outdo the success of The Road Warrior, but it's a worthy successor, an exciting film with a very interesting story.
Mel Gibson's Max is back again and finds himself helping another group of ragtag characters. Max finds his way to a town called Bartertown and is forced to engage in a gladiator battle to the death. After refusing to kill his beaten enemy, he's dragged back out to the wasteland, there he's rescued by a group of tribal children. A small group from Bartertown is looking to escape to "The Promised Land" Max and some of his young rescuers lead the way.
Tina Turner is on hand as the wicked Aunty Entity, ruler of Bartertown. Bookending the film are two excellent songs from her as well. Mad Max "3" is a worthy sequel, while not as intense as the previous two, the story is thought provoking and while a bit slow paced, the ending is more than worthwhile. Maurice Jarre's music score isn't as intense but does create an appropriate epic atmosphere. George Miller and George Ogilvie are the directors and create both a sequel and a film that can stand on it's own.

The Road Warrior
The Road Warrior
DVD ~ Mel Gibson
Offered by too many secrets
Price: $38.76
63 used & new from $0.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Classic, May 1, 2000
This review is from: The Road Warrior (DVD)
In 1982 this epic action film was released here in America as The Road Warrior.. In Australia and Europe it was Mad Max 2. The film that made Mel Gibson a movie star. A landmark action film that has been emulated considerably since it's release.
The world has finally caved in after wars and social decay. Australia has become an epic wasteland where it's remaining survivors hunt down the remaing gasoline. A bizarre and vicious pack of barbarians led by Lord Humongous kill any and everyone who gets in their way of the precious fuel. Max now a loner and roams the land for the fuel becomes a reluctant ally with a motley but tight knit group that has established a small fuel depot. An epic battle ensues when the ragtag group decides to transport its fuel to "The Promised Land"
This explosive and spectacular film still lives up to the critical and public applauds here in 2000. Mel Gibson's Max is a futuristic take on Clint Eastwood's Man with no name. Bruce Spence as the Gyrocaptain, Mike Preston as Papagallow, Virginia Hey as The Warrior Woman and Emil Minty as the memorable feral kid are some of the standouts in the film. Brian May's exciting music score adds to the tension and action of the film. George Miller created an epic masterpiece and all but the greatest "sequel" ever made. This DVD edition is a must have for action film fans

Mad Max
Mad Max
DVD ~ Mel Gibson
7 used & new from $1.29

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4.0 out of 5 stars Mad Max: The Beginning, May 1, 2000
This review is from: Mad Max (DVD)
Mad Max was Mel Gibson's breakthough film back in 1979. This low budget film really packs a whallop and set new standards in filming breathtaking car chases. It's essentially a pulp comic book brought to life. A raw and exciting film that set the stage for two powerful sequels.
The police, sporting black leather uniforms and driving colorful high speed cruisers that are stationed at the Halls of Justice and are constantly under siege. The bad guys are a malicious motorcycle gang led by a crazed and psychopathic goon named Toecutter. After one of Toecutter's cronies is killed by Max, Toecutter is looking for some serious payback, but he's messing with the wrong don't wanna get Max mad.
The production design coveys a world that's gone to hell and captures the grim atmosphere perfectly. Brian May's (not the guitarist from Queen) exciting music score gives the film a larger than life quality. Director George Miller makes the most of his small budget. The chase sequences and editing is terrific.
This DVD edition is taken from the original video release.

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