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10 Ft. X 10 Ft. Super Heavy Duty 8 Oz. Brown Tarp - 16 Mil Thick
10 Ft. X 10 Ft. Super Heavy Duty 8 Oz. Brown Tarp - 16 Mil Thick
Price: $25.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent cover for your dog kennel, December 12, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I ordered this on June 21 and installed it as a cover for my dog's kennel on June 24. I hoped that it would serve the purpose of providing protection from the rain, sun, and heat found down here in Texas. I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality and strength of this tarp since day one.

I won't review the size and dimension problems that others have mentioned. None will be perfect or the same apparently. If the exact size and grommet location is of the essence for your situation, you might do some research elsewhere, BUT if you're looking for a bad ass, high quality, tough as nails tarp- then look no further!

There was only one pic to view in the description when I added my two. Their description pic shows that there is a black material around the grommets that I think would help strengthen the material and keep it from tearing. My tarp doesn't have this material. But it is strong, nonetheless. My pics show the ice that sat over my tarp and how much was actually on there after I broke it off in chunks and it slid onto the ground. My guesstimate is 150 to 200 lbs of ice that it supported for 6 days. The sides of my kennel are being pulled inward from the weight of the ice on the tarp. None of the grommets ripped out, but I did lose2 of my metal zip ties. lol.

Not only has this bad boy withstood a nasty ice storm for Texans, but it has dealt with the constant 100 degree heat of the sun thru this past summer w/o cracking/weathering. And on another note, I would recommend using metal zip ties/straps to secure this if there will be an open area where wind can get under it and make it whip and pop. The weight of this tarp combined with strong winds will snap the heavy duty plastic zip ties fairly easy.

And to sum it up, this is THICK, STRONG, and WELL WORTH the money! I paid nearly twice as much for mine in June as it is listed for right now, but it is worth every penny......... and I wouldn't even say that about a penny!
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Spec Ops: The Line - Playstation 3
Spec Ops: The Line - Playstation 3
Offered by NYC Electronics
Price: $16.28
119 used & new from $8.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars Finish the game and you'll be like, "WTF!!??", November 1, 2013
As most reviews have stated, the story is the big draw for this game. By the end, you'll realize you can't be a hero w/o making difficult choices.

First, let me state that I have never played a game for the story. I can really care less about the story of ANY game I've ever played. I grew up on Atari 2600. I play games nowadays for the graphics and gameplay. That's what I like. I play mostly first and third person shooters with an occasional adventure or racing game thrown in the mix.

With that said, the story in this game is what has made me play thru and beat it 3 times so far the past month. I play every shooter game on easy the first time thru. I'm impatient and always try to Rambo my way thru which leads in plenty of deaths. Steam showed that I had 10 hours on the first playthru on easy. Leveled up to Hard and took 11 hours to beat it. Went back thru on easy to get some achievements and took less than 4 hours. Now I'm on level 7 on FUBAR and have spent another 5 hours already!

I don't normally care much for achievements either, but the decisions you make in the game will affect some of the achievements you receive. But if you make the more righteous decision, the game will still deal you a bad hand for you to deal with! lol. The cliché- shoot first, ask questions later- will save your life a few times in this game.

As for the gameplay- it is somewhat generic. You are Walker and your 2 Delta team members are Adams and Lugo. You can give them orders to kill and to heal each other if one is shot and injured. As you increase the difficulty, you must play smarter because Lugo and Adams get DUMBER! Ammo seemed scarce playing it on easy the first time, but after running thru on hard, it was very plentiful in the easy setting. lol. Stay in cover, take your time, and pick your shots wisely.

Yeah, I know there's some rambling above, but it's hard to talk about the story w/o spoilers. Just play the game and you'll be like, "WTF???" lol.

Pilot [HD]
Pilot [HD]

5.0 out of 5 stars Could be some changes, but still FUNNY as HELL!!!, May 16, 2013
If you didn't take the movie too serious, then you should get plenty of s***s and giggles out of this pilot. There are probably as many holes in the plot and story as there are in the floors of the 4 or 5 story building that Eugene fell thru. It's hard to try and put everything you need from an already established concept (the movie) into a less than 30 minute show. The original characters being filled by new roles is w/o a doubt, the biggest disappointment. With that said- I found them to be funny as hell. The new Tally was funnier than Woody's version to me, but he seemed to be TRYING to be funny as compared to how Woody's just came out naturally. The other 3 noobs did a commendable job, also.

I think all 4 actors/actresses would have been better if they were portraying 4 new characters to the story. Tally's dialogue with Detroit was funny, but just didn't seem like the original Tally to me. Where the hell did Detroit come from is a good question, but it is a great idea to keep an on the road adventure story continuing for at least one season. So the pilot is like so many movies I watch nowadays- if you analyze it too much, you start to notice many faults/blunders, and you pick it apart til you can't enjoy it. I think this pilot does an excellent job of using these "holes," as many are calling them, to make you laugh even more at the stupidity of the zombies and the actors!

So, thanks to the new Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock for making me laugh out loud tonite. I hope to see you all soon in a full season of stupid laughs!


American Capitalist [Explicit]
American Capitalist [Explicit]
Price: $7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars N.W.A.H.M., October 11, 2011
Yes, I consider this the New Wave of American Heavy Metal!! Let me preface my review by saying that I'm a guitarist who, sadly enough, hasn't listened to many lyrics in songs for the past 20 years. 5FDP changed that a few years back. Not since the days of Pantera have I enjoyed the wait of a band's new album being released! I love their distinct sound/tone- the guitars and bass, the vocals, and most of all.... the drums! lol.

Yes, Moody has some sweet vocal range that he has shown more and more on each album. Bathory and Hook have returned, with the new guy- Kael, to lay down the patented riffage you will hum as you try to go to sleep at night. But, DAMN, Spencer does some serious beats on the drums. He did an interview a few months back and said that this was the hardest album for him so far. Really? I love his rhythms from verse to prechorus to chorus! Just listen to If I Fall. They're BREWTAL.

I'll try to give a brief desription of each one:

1. American Capitalist- 5 of 5, Typical 5 Finger sound- which is AWESOME.

2. Under and Over It- 5 of 5, More great 5 Finger riffage. Essentially, Moody talling eeveryone to F@*# Off

3. The Pride- 5 of 5,

4. Coming Down- 4 of 5, Great melodic vocals. Good song, just VERY radio friendly

5. Menace 4 of 5, Seems more of a "filler" song, epecially being in the middle of the album

6. Generation Dead 4 of 5, Not use to having arpeggios in the verso of a heavy song. Seems like another filler.

7. Back For More 6 of 5, In case you can't tell- I really dig this song. Not really a typical 5 Figer song, except the chorus, but I dig the riffage.

8. Remember Everything 4 of 5, another VERY radio friendly song, did I mention that I don't listen to the radio? The music seriously reminds me of an 80's Def Leppard song? WTF!!

9. Wicked Ways 5 of 5, More of Spencers beats, more Moody's vocals, and more of Bachory and Hooks riffage..... need I say more?

10. If I Fall- 5 of 5, I definitely dig this song, At the beginning I was like, "Oh snap" and then it just kicked Azz. MAJOR Azz!

11. 100 Ways to Hate- 5 of 5, Kind of like with War Is the Answer, 5FDP saves some of their best songs for last. Such is the case with the last 3 on this one. And this is the best of those.

Hopefully my ramblings will help you with YOUR decision! lol. I've listened to the album 3 times since midnite, so I'm giving you my honest opinions- from an EXTREME 5 Finger Death Punch fan. Even their "BAD" to me are pretty damn good songs- just not my style. If you're new to 5 Finger- definitely try out American Capitalist, Over and Under It, If I Fall, and 100 Ways to Hate. If you're already a fan- hurry up and buy this thing, so they can get some major tour dates across the States!

Peace and Styches to all the Bytches- otherwise- see you in the Pits! JMart
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Under and Over It [Explicit]
Under and Over It [Explicit]

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5.0 out of 5 stars American Capitalists- Get ready to get your a** kicked 10/11/11, September 2, 2011
This was definitely WORTH the extra dollar to be able to hear it a month ahead of time! I will definitely be picking up American Capitalists in the A.M. on 10/11/11. Should have been paying attention when this dropped a month ago! There are some pretty brutal riffs in this song, especially for the airwaves. And the death punch to the 5FDP haters out there who this song was written for- and yes, it is Ivan who wrote it and pumping the vocals for this one. It's worth the dollar just for the lyrics from about 1:35 to 1:53! lol.

This song reminds me of the radio friendly tracks The Bleeding and Hard To See. The chorus softens up a bit with some melody in the vocals, instead of the "normal" Jasta style vocals that I love. Zoltan and Chris provide their patent-pending brutality on guitars and Jeremy has to be the best F'n drummer on the planet! (And no dis-respect to the local fave- Vinnie Paul.) The new guy, bassist Chris Kael, isn't on this album, so if you're lucky enough to catch the tour- you'll see him in action.

Yeah............. I'm PSYCHED!!!!!! For that Death Punch coming in 5 weeks!

Peace and stytches to all the bytches.

Bulletstorm [Download]
Bulletstorm [Download]

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Bulletstorm the GAME- not the download!!, June 26, 2011
I had read all of the the reviews before I DL'd this game. I was very timid, but when I got it for the uber-cheap price on 6/22, I couldn't resist. None of the reviews, so far, really comment much on the actual GAME- just mainly the issues with the DL process. I WILL address that first. lol. As the top reviewer mentioned, you should turn off your antivirus software first. It still took me 3 DL's to get the game to install properly. I am still running Vista SP2 (please- no flaming!), but I had to close all other programs in order to get an uncorrupted DL. ??? Not sure if that's a prob w/ Amazon's game DL program or EA's fault- but I'll put the blame on the latter. So, in short:

1. turn off antivirus program(s)
2. start DL
3. don't open any programs (i.e. browsers, media players, etc.)

The file showed to be just under 7GB in size and took a little over 3 hours (each time) with an average DL speed of .5 to .6 mbps. Hopefully that will help with planning on when and what time you decide to DL it. This part was a pain in the A** and would barely get the game a rating above 1 star. BUT, once you finally get to play the game- it's pretty dang good!

First off, my computer is about 3 years old w/ an Intel Q6600 quad core, ATI 4870, 8 GB DDR2 RAM, and Bulletstorm is installed on a WD velociraptor 10,000 rpm HD. Not the best anymore, but it still runs Crysis w/ no hiccups. I'll try to give my synapsis of each of the main components of the video game:

STORY- The main character, Gray, is hellbent on revenge against his former general that misused his team to kill thousands of innocent people. I've only played thru the first 3 Acts, but so far- Gray is a foul mouthed, egotistical jerk trying to help save his buddy, Ishi, who was roboticaaly repaired after nearly being killed in the beginning. We are after the general, and we just teamed up with Trishka, who is a foul mouthed, bad a**, pissed off b***h! She's constantly putting down Gray and pissing off Ishi thru the beginning of Act 4. Their banter is pretty amusing- just make sure no children are listening to it, because there are many profane things being said between Gray and Trishka.

GRAPHICS- The graphics looks pretty sweet. That and the controls are major points for ME. I don't care much about the story in video games. Sorry, but I grew up on Atari 2600 and NES. I was tortured as a child! lol. I'm running the game at 1440x900 (I think) w/ no AA, but all shaders and textures on high. The game is somewhat choppy. You "play" the cutscenes- by play I mean walk and turn- no running or shooting. And most of the choppyness or hiccupping is the crossover between the scripted cutscenes and "regular" gameplay. By regular- I mean where you can control ALL of your actions. So, it is taxing my ATI 4870, even though that is the recommended card for high settings?

CONTROLS- That leads me into the controls of the game. Overall- they are very good. I like holding the space bar to run and tapping it twice to do an awesome, long, fast slide! Weapon controls are accurate and reliable. Kicking with the "E" and leashing with the "Q" add excellent variations to your skillshots!

SOUND- The sounds in the game are pretty spot-on. The voice over work- alot in the beginning of the game- isn't very good. I usually have some metal playing, so I can't comment on the in-game music.

MULTIPLAYER- I don't play very much MP and haven't even tried it out on this game yet!

OVERALL- Once you get past the DL and install, this is a FUN game. Kind of a bastard child of a Gears of War/Left 4 Dead crossbreed? The characters and gameplay from GoW and the relentless, fast paced enemies and blood from L4D. If you can tolerate all the CRUDE humor and enjoy wreckless killing, you definitely need to try this one out. I'm lovin' it so far!

Any questions? Please comment, and I'll try and answer.

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Transcend 16 GB JetFlash 500 Retractable USB 2.0  Flash Drive - TS16GJF500 (Black)
Transcend 16 GB JetFlash 500 Retractable USB 2.0 Flash Drive - TS16GJF500 (Black)
Offered by Limited Goods
Price: Click here to see our price
74 used & new from $4.95

84 of 100 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Nice performance for the price!, September 4, 2010
I purchased this as a Gold Box deal, so I won't include price as a factor in my review- in all fairness to later reviews. I purchased this for the sole purpose of transporting music and picture files.

I received this yesterday and plugged it into a USB 1.1 port on my case- Not a 2.0! I installed the Transcend Jetflash elite software. I haven't utilized anything in the software, but it includes features for:

1. Outlook Expres and Windows email
2. easy access to your favorites in Intenet Explorer and Firefox browsers
3. secret-zip setup- password feature
4. Data backup and Data sync
5. PC Lock
6. My Jetflash- shows what's on the drive

After installing their software, there was still 15.1 GB available, which I believe is what's the norm for a 16GB drive.

Performance is usually the most critical issue (besides price) with all drives. Needless to say, that is not a big issue with me, since I have it plugged into a 1.1 port! lol. But I did decide to do a couple of performance checks for the tech geeks! (Yes I fall into that category, too!) These specs are read from an external Maxtor One Touch 1TB hard drive and written to the Transcend 16GB jump drive- into a 1.1 port and out a 1.1 port! Sorry, I didn't feel like pulling the full tower case out to reach the 2.0 ports!

A 77.2 mb music folder took 13 seconds (nearly 6mb/sec and a 337 mb music folder took 52 seconds (6.5mb/sec). I imagine it would perform quite better using 2.0 ports.

The only con I can think of would be the somewhat cheap construction (plastic) of this drive. It rattles slightly when you shake it, so rough users might have issues with this. Hopefully, some of this may help you with your decision!
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DJs Are The New Rock Stars-Live Mashup Mix
DJs Are The New Rock Stars-Live Mashup Mix
Price: $8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mash Up Mastery!!!!!, May 1, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I'll start by stating that I've become a fan of the mashup scene as of late. Mashups, or remixes, consist of 2 or more songs combined or blended together to sound like a true mix/recording. I've downloaded quite a bit of remixed music off Amazon in the past year, and let me say............

DJ Godfather is the BEST. Hands down. He takes hit songs from the 70's, 80's, and 90's and blends them seamlessly together. If you don't like hip hop, then you shouldn't be reading this! lol. So, hopefully you like to move ur azz, and this is an excellent set of songs to do that to. When I found Godfather on here, I sampled the songs and decided- WTH?? Why Not?

He starts off with AC/DC to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Buckcherry to Beastie Boys to Run DMC to DMX to Queen to Linkin Park to Prince to Rob Base to Steppenwolf to everything else. Even his commercial advertisements are blended smoothly in the mixes. If you have listened to CB Shaw and dug his work, then you won't be disappointed with Godfather. I could go on and on, but it wouldn't justify it. Just buy it. I don't think you'll regret it.

You'll be the next superstar DJ at your next party- thanx to DJ Godfather!!

Rothco Black VenTec Tactical Goggle
Rothco Black VenTec Tactical Goggle
Offered by Captain Dave's
Price: $10.99
16 used & new from $10.99

23 of 28 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars So you wanna be Riddick....., September 12, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
OK, so they won't make you into Riddick, but they'll give you some of his style! For the price, these are a nice pair of glasses.

Pros: block alot of sun, foam padding around eyes will keep sweat from running in your eyes if you're outside

Cons: the strap is huge! I'm talking about width, here. as in 15/16ths of an inch- ok. I'll exaggerate- it's an inch! Wrapped around the back of your head. lol. Depending on how big your ears are, they might work as earmuffs also. But since it's not usually cold when the sun is out, I can't consider that a PRO!

If the wide strap isn't a problem for you, then these definitely look cool if you're already looking at them.
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No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Shoot to Thrill, September 12, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This Firefield 7.62x39MM bore sight gets the job done right. Let's start with the outside- the color. The bright red color makes it easy to locate- whether it's in a bag or a rifle case. The gold colored battery cap screws on/off with ease. As mentioned in the description, it comes with 2 batteries to get you sighted right out of the box. There is no on/off switch, so slide this puppy in the chamber and aim. It is really simple using the iron sights on a stock AK-47. (I live inside the city, so I used the Firefield to sight my rifle while indoors. I took it out to shoot 2 weeks later, and it was zeroed in on everything we shot.)

Just pull back the bolt carrier and aim the rifle upwards and the bore sight will slide out. Be ready to catch it! lol.

As ammo prices have increased lately, I felt this was a good investment for future use. If you shoot frequently, this could save you lots of time and money getting your rifle zeroed in correctly.

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