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Pinkie:  Stories of a Homeless Man
Pinkie: Stories of a Homeless Man
Price: $2.99

Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I like it even if the ending was a bit weird. The story of Pinky the homeless guy was written very losely meaning his back story was strategically vague. Pinky was a well edeveloped character but done in such a way that you could almost put yourself in his place. Pinky is obviously a moderately well educated man. Pinky was not a low wage minimum wage earner in his hayday according to his back story. Pinky held a number of different jobs but for some reason just hit a rough patch and was down on his luck. Pinky was not a crack head, drug addict or junkie. Pinky was not mentally ill except for some depression. Pinkie lost his family, his wife, his sense of purpose and his stability when he lost his home. Pinkie is just a normal guy who fell from having a home into homelessness. Pinkie is one of those guys living one paycheck away from homeless who ended up losing his paycheck. Pinkie describes the brutal way his last employer let him go.

Pinkie shares with us the day to day grind of being homeless. Pinkie shows us how much work is involved in surviving as a homeless person. Pinkie is a great book but hard as it is Pinkie actually does not show the true brutality of homeless life on the streets. It is hard not to like Pinkie because he is just real enough to form as a person in your imagination. Pinkie lacks the first hand gritty experience that would fill the pages if the author had really been homeless.

There is a Kindle book named Homeless: one American story that is totally heartbreaking, it tells the story of a real homeless man. It is just 99 cents but it is easily the best 99 cent book I ever read bar none. Homeless: one American story is a real life Pinkie who speaks of his real life experiences surviving on the streets as a homeless man. I am not saying Pinkie is not good and is not a must read but if you like Pinkie I'd also strongly suggest reading, Homeless: one American story. Have a box of tissue near the end because; if you have any heart at all you will cry at the end of Homeless: one American story.

I give Pinkie four stars because the experience lacked a certain reality. Maybe it is because I used to help homeless people that I know Pinkie was a santized and less real version of homelessness. Actually real homelessness is much worse an experience than is shared by Pinkie. Pinkie is a great start for people who want to understand what it is like to be homeless and as such is a MUST READ! I just hope those with the heart to read Pinkie don't stop when the Pinkie book ends. I ask that everyone who reads Pinkie please consider reading Homeless: one American story it too is a must read!

"Silent Watch" Timber Wolf Christmas Cards
"Silent Watch" Timber Wolf Christmas Cards
Offered by Team Husar Wildlife Photography
Price: $16.95

5.0 out of 5 stars A great card for those of us who love wolf themed art and cards., February 3, 2015
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The cards are simple and beautiful if you love wolf themed art with a happy holiday feel. the cards are printed on qualitypaper. The evelopes are also made of quality paper and construction. The wolf is photo-realistic and the card is a good size. A great value for the moeny.

How To Increase Homelessness By Joel John Roberts
How To Increase Homelessness By Joel John Roberts
Price: $4.99

4.0 out of 5 stars This book justifies Obamacare Mark 2 the Homeless Solution ready to rob the middle class again. BEND OVER HERE IT COMES AGAIN!, February 3, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Joel John Roberts is without a doubt a good hearted man every word in his book testifies to the kind soul he has worked hard to engender within. The author makes some insanely valid points in this book using a counterbalanced method suggesting how we can effectively increase homelessness. This book as awesome and truthful as it is has a major flaw. The people paying for all these awesome programs will not be the richest 1% who already make obscene amounts of money. The income reditribution needed to finance this huge liberal lets house everyone and clean up all the drunks \ dope addicts and derrilicts campaign suggested in the book will be paid for by the dwindling hard working middle class minority that is increasingly locked in a battle to survive. I went to college and suffered mightily to break the back of poverty and enter the middle class. I don't want to pay 70% of my income in taxes so bums, drunks, mental patients and dope addicts can have a comfortable life at my expense and if that is politically incorrect to say then so be it.

The guy writing this book is filled with noble intentions and I love him for it but all that admiration stops when he digs in my pockets for the money needed to give every dope addict, every criminal, every low life with 11 kids and 5 baby momma's a home, supportive care, drug treatment and whatever else they can conjour up. Just like Obamacare helped the totally poor while hurting the middle class not the rich. Obama's lie about if you like your current plan and doctor you can keep them is the biggest lie ever told making Old George Bush's Read My Lips No New Taxes seem weak indeed.

No the ground sweel to make sure every bum, crack addict, heroin junkie and low life has a home first is the same way of thiking that got us Obamacare. This book advocates that BIG government is once again the solution to the ills of homelessnness. In a number of years the liberals will have so brainwashed people into thinking the big government answer will work we will get a program providing a home for every low life in the USA. Every addict will be shooting up in a neighborhood near you. The middle class will be the only ones hurt by hoardes of low lives and this is what is considered in this ultra liberal books so called conclusions. The book makes an accurate casefor what it is like to be homeless in the USA and if you love BIG Government solutions to societies ills you will love this book. If you are a middle class person trying to eek out a nice life in this economic hell this book justifies Obamacare Mark 2 the Homeless Solution ready to rob the middle class again.

Offered by SONY Music Entertainment Downloads LLC.
Price: $0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Ok yeah this is a truly STOOPID REVIEW... Know that going in and have a laugh or two on me baba!, January 23, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Haboglabotribin' (MP3 Music)
Ok yeah this is a truly STOOPID REVIEW... I brought this Haboglabotribin' MP3 file solely because I heard it playing on my fictional car in Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 edition. Haboglabotribin' is located on the GTA5 radio channel called SPACE hosted by none other then BOOTSY COLLINS baba! I loved BOOTSY Baby from my youth. I grew up with the One and Only Rhinestone Rockstar Doll Baby Baba BOOTSY, the master of Funky Things To Play With BOOTSilla. This Haboglabotribin' MP3 has kept da FUNK I love alive. Yes I brought this mp3 because I heard it as part of a mix on a fake radio station in Los Santos GPA 5 PS4 version yes I did baba.

Yes I gave Haboglabotribin' five stars because; while it is not exactly FUNK it is so close as to render it Funkable add Bootsy to the mix and oh yeah baba it's Funk and nothin but the funk!

Ambassador LONDO MOLLARI with Transport of Centauri Republic
Ambassador LONDO MOLLARI with Transport of Centauri Republic
Offered by BROOKS-4-BOOKS
Price: $5.93
25 used & new from $4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Ambassador LONDO MOLLARI with Transport of Centauri Republic a testiment to AWESOMENESS!, January 5, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Londo Mollari of Centuri Prime was an awesome if imperfect soul and he is well represented in the action figure on offer here. Ambassador LONDO MOLLARI with Transport of Centauri Republic is a reasonably accurate version of the Londo we all came to know and love or hate and love. Yes Londo was a complex man part clown, part ladies man, part patriot, part warrior and in the end part wise elder statesman. This Ambassador LONDO MOLLARI is not a perfect recreation of Londo but it is nice enough and great attempt. Included is a Transport of Centauri Republic which is a nice little extra with limited detail.

If you loved Babylon 5 you will love this Ambassador LONDO MOLLARI with Transport of Centauri Republic because; it takes you back to your heyday watching the show and enjoying Londo. If you did not like Babylon 5 you might just consider this a cute toy. I am happy to add this Ambassador LONDO MOLLARI with Transport of Centauri Republic to my collection.

The Complete Series Rumpole of the Bailey
The Complete Series Rumpole of the Bailey
4 used & new from $34.99

If you can still find a copy of this complete set of the Rumpole of the Bailey then you are in good shape. Audio quality is somewhat compormised by a very mild hardly noticable hum and hiss. It is as if there is a tiny electrical appliance running during all parts of the program. The noise is not really that bad. What makes this Rumpole series nice is the author Mortimer gave little introductions to each episode that gave a bit of insight to the goings on you were about to enjoy.

Rumpole was a old Bailey hack who remained always fiercely true to his man of the people ideals. I looked at my entire Rumpole series this set over the recent holiday season. I was jolted by how much "She Who Must Be Obeyed" reminded me of one Hyacinth Bucket. While our Hyacinth is certainly more over the top than "She Who Must Be Obeyed" the bucket woman does not lead by too much in the social climber department.

The video quality is easily 8 out of 10 no artifcats on the screen. The images are not entirely clearbut good enough. I am watching on a 65 inch Samsung with 240 MHz and image enhancing software cleaning things up a tad. The images are good even without image enhancing systems. The colors are rich deep and true. Flesh tones are fresh and correct. the bleak rainy London days and nights are properly rendered. Inside visuals of 3 Equity Court, chambers, court rooms and country side are all done well. Colors are pretty darn near vivid.

Audio suffers in that it is hampered by a slight buzz and hiss combination but I was clearly able to hear Rumpole's side bar comments to himself without trouble. Rumpole honestly needs higher quality sound if the full awesomeness of his stories are to be enjoyed. The best moments of Rumpole happen when he takes his audience into his own mind for a cozy little side bar. Rumpoles self talk sidebars reveal to us alone delicious little facts and tidbits about goings on. I love when Rumpole calls us old darling or other such things. Rumpole speaks to his audience as if he is sharing with us priceless insightful tidbits that only an old Bailey hack like himself would know. Rumpole often shares with you the issues and interesting challenges faced by the people he encounters.

It has been said that the newest Rupole of the Bailey on offer is substandard in audio. This version I found had slight audio challenges at times. For the most part this version of the Rumpole of the Bailey is understandable if you set your TV sound up correctly. I found this a fun and interesting Rumpole Series Set that while not absolutely perfect was perfectly adequate in video and audio quality. For sure this complete Rumpole series is superior to the new version on offer if the new Rupole Series reviews are to be believed.

Destiny - PlayStation 4
Destiny - PlayStation 4
Price: $39.99
169 used & new from $16.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Activision greed ruined this Destiny game just like it did in Dead Space 3. I give 1 star only because I can't give zero stars!, December 30, 2014
I was going to buy this turkey before I read the reviews. I even went so far as to play the Demo on Playstation Plus and it was uninspired and disappointing.

My brother got duped into buying this Destiny and we found it is nothing but a cash grab. The game updates making your previously purchased content obsolete. The upgrades to enjoy the entire game is expensive to the point of being redicious. This would have been killer awesome had it been developed with a strong solo componant. If you have every bell and whistle connected to a sony system you will like the online multiplayer game at least until the next money grab requires you to upgrade again to continue playing a game that is not worth the continual upgrades.

Destiny comes with certain content and features which are taken away by updates to the game and you must spend $19.99 to recapture functions you had. Sorry but in my humble estimation this Destiny is the biggest cash grab rip off I have endured since Dead Space 3 which was made by the same company. It is getting so I won't buy Activision Products because; the game you spend $60 for is more and more just a shell that you must continually plow money in renewing features of games that are not really that great in the first place. I know I won't get any love for this review but what I shared here had to be said. If I lose my top reviewer rank for this I'm cool with that. I believe gamers should get value when they spend $60 on a video game. There is no way Destiny is worth the $60 they charge. Even at $10.00 Destiny would be way overpriced because you are expected to shell out so much more additional money for in game perks and DLC.

Destiny put all its hope in being a great multi-player game and the game infrastructure for a robust online gaming experience just was not there. Add the steep cost of additional Destiny chapter DLC from a game that is not really that good and there is no reason whatsoever to buy this game. I am really sad Desiny did not come with a solid solo game because; the controls were first rate. The story was third rate to begin with and you learn nothing unless you go to the Destiny website. This Destint makes you work too hard to play a game that at best is just a good not great shooter.

Destiny would have been a great game as a solo or a online multiplayer but Activision greed ruined this game just like it did in Dead Space 3.

Steppin' Out
Steppin' Out
Price: $1.29

This review is from: Steppin' Out (MP3 Music)
I have listened to the two versions of this same sone Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson and this is the better quality version. In this version it is louder but also the words are more clear. The sound is not so muddy as is the case with the first version on offer. The other version is passable in quality but this version is much superior in overall quality. I really enjoy "Steppin' Out" as a favorite song so I listen intently as it plays and this is just the better sounding version even if the other version has all the reviews.

1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]
1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]
Price: $49.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Value of an Investment is determined by its longterm returns. I conclude Playstation Plus is a GREAT VIDEO GAMING INVESTMENT, December 19, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
In the past PS3\PS4 Plus membership was revelent only if you wanted to play co-op game play. Today Play Station Plus offers far more than access to co-op play. I like the ease of storing game stats and progress information online. I like the free games you get. You get just enough free games in a year subscription to make the $50 investment pay off in my estimation. The Sony Playstation Plus membership is not forced on you with the heavy handed big brother threat, fear and fire wall function feature barrier tactics used by other gaming systems.

Sony has a better system in the PS4 and it also has a superior incentive driven system that for my money appears more friendly and customer centric. My Playstation Plus experience last year was so much fun that I gladly re-enlisted in the Playstation Plus army once my first tour of duty was up. I found a partery $50 a small price to pay for all the fun moments Playstation Plus Membership gave me over the past year. I don't usually go in for value added services because; they are usually short on value. I am not a co-op gamer being autistic I have few friends to game with online. I love video games but, I have cerebral palsy, autism and other disabilities so my game play skills leave me barely able to survive in the easy games. Hard video games I leave on the shelf forever. Playstation Plus gives me additional ways to enjoy video games I am able to play. Playstation Plus gives me games I can play FREE or at steep discounts. Playstation Plus lets me preview a game which lets me see if it is a game I can play even with my disabilities BEFORE I sink big money into buying the fully unlocked version.

Playstation Plus delivers on the one thing I enjoy most. Playstation Plus promises me fun options and gaming opportunities and it delivers far more in value than the $50 I invest. The Value of any Investment is determined by its longterm returns. I must conclude that Playstation Plus is a GREAT VIDEO GAMING INVESTMENT!

Dr. Kildare: The Complete Third Season (Back-to-back 2 Pack)
Dr. Kildare: The Complete Third Season (Back-to-back 2 Pack)
DVD ~ Raymond Massey
Price: $49.99
10 used & new from $40.12

Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Dr. Kildare was a great series for its time. This was done in black and white so it black and white is NOT your thing be warned. Dr. Kildare was even more awesome in the third season because he is finally a First Year Resident. He is finally helping interns learn. The third season took more risks. Dr. Kildare as a character is better fleshed out as a living breathing human being in this season. Many of these episodes have depressingly tragic if realistic endings. The first and second seasons were far more upbeat and uplifting than season three. Season three is not all bad or sad endings but their are far more hard endings than in seasons 1 and 2 combined.

Video quality was first rate from what I saw on my 65 inch Samsung with a 240 refresh rate. The grayscale was excellent and the sound never dropped out or faded. Sound was constant at all times. There was no hiss or hum associated with the DVD playback. The Menu system was very straight foward and easy to use. There are no special features that talk about the making of Dr. Kildare which would have been nice but I can live without them. The price while steep for such an old show was not cost prohibitive for me.

The medical science in Dr. Kildare is obviously dated in some parts of the show compared to what we know in 2014. Unfortunately somethings suffered by fictional patients in Dr Kildare are just as ugly and deadly today as they were in the early 1950's early 60's of Dr. Kildares time. Cancer of the Pancreas because it hides so well till discovered too late is just as devistating today as it was over 50 years ago. It is said that Steve Jobs the Apple Computer visionary was taken from us early by that evil known as metastatic pancreatic cancer. So in some ways Dr. Kildare is as relevant today as it was at production time many years ago.

Most notable in Season 3 is Dr. Kildare takes it on the chin hard when his doctor girlfriend is raped while as he watches being held back by a small army of thugs. While daring for the time this is the most unrealistic Dr. Kildare ever. The raped doctor behaved like a Star Treak Vulcan female escaping into the logic of not letting her attacker destory hersense of self. More interesting Dr. Kildare has his much wanted showdown with the rapist of his doctor girlfriend and does not kill him or at least leave him horribly mamed as I would have loved doing in such a situation. the only realistic portrayal in that whole episode was the Beast which was this installements namesake. It was daring and couragous at the time for a mainstream media outlet to even talk about rape in the frank if extremely minimalist way done here. Back then rape was our cultures dirty little secret and very bravely Dr. Kildare shone a bright light on the subject even if the effort is considered half hearted and insufficent by todays far more liberal standards.

The best thing about watching Dr. Kildare is for what it says about how the USA saw itself as a culture in the long ago 1960's. The surfer culture, beatnik culture and alcoholic housewife is well represented here. The story on Epilepsy shows in brutal realistic detail the horror of seizure management in those olden days. Thankfully 2014 era drugs and surgery offer todays epileptics far greater options for a better life than those depicted on the show. Still it is nice to watch Dr. Kildare practice what was considered cutting edge medicine at fictional Blair General Hospital. Oh and I loved the Blair General Hospital Main Building since it looked like a smaller version of LA County General Hospital a design I find timeless in its size, execution and beauty.

For so many reasons I think Dr. Kildare should be part of your collection. The Dr. Kildare Season 3 is on the dreaded blue disk that are not as forgiving to mishandling or abuse like the silver disks we love. I am generally very careful with all disks in my collection so it is not so much an issue with me. I include reference to the fact this Kildare collection is in the blue on demand CD+R disk format because; some people hate and avoid buying shows recorded in this cheaper format.

Dr. Kildare Third Season

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