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AudioSource AMP-100 Stereo Power Amplifier
AudioSource AMP-100 Stereo Power Amplifier
Price: Click here to see our price
27 used & new from $50.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect Solution, December 16, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've been shopping around for an amp to drive some monitor speakers for use on my PC for music creation. I didn't want to sacrifice quality by going with a smaller unit, but I also didn't need all the extra features offered by larger stereo amps/receivers (FM tuner, multiple line in/line out, etc).

I was first looking at the Pyle audio amps, but after a bit of research I found out they only deliver the rated wattage at their 'peak', not continuously. And they seem to have an issue with clipping when pushing a strong current. For light duty where just pushing sound out to a pair of non-essential speakers, and saving some money is the goal, maybe the Pyle models are superior. But I wanted something that didn't compromise. Then I found the Audio Source amp.

It has two RCA stereo audio inputs, one output (perfect, since I need the line out to pump audio to my powered sub from the amp), and it delivers a full 50 watts per channel at 8Ohms, which is just enough to power my speakers well. Being able to use banana plugs is a big plus as well for me. Audio is crisp and clear, bass and mid tones come out strong, and it doesn't clip. I also like that the system has audio level detection on the two ports, and will auto-switch to whichever one has audio coming in. The unit will also auto-standby to save power when no audio is being fed into it (the green power LED will turn red when this happens).

There is a very faint "Hum" that emanates from the top of the unit around the air vents. But its much quieter than most amps I've owned over the years. You can't hear it from 2 feet away. The knobs are smooth and responsive, and the footprint is pleasingly small. The look is clean and simple, without any distracting colors or designs.

For the price, I don't think you'll find a better two channel amp around. An excellent buy.

Asus VE278Q 27-Inch Full-HD LED Monitor with Integrated Speakers
Asus VE278Q 27-Inch Full-HD LED Monitor with Integrated Speakers
Price: $249.99
60 used & new from $189.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Visual Fidelity, November 14, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've been shopping around for a new monitor for quite some time. I always do my research before making a purchase, and it was no different with this monitor.

Having been a past ASUS component owner who is impressed with the quality and innovation in their products, I ended up searching around for quite a while only to come back to them.

I started out with quite a list of features I was looking for in a monitor, and I wasn't sure I could find any monitor that could satisfy the list of essential features. But then I found the VE278Q.

The monitor has everything I wanted in a top of the line monitor, and it delivers in every way exceptionally well. I'll do a pros and cons list first, then round this out with more info:

+Excellent color quality - very rich and accurate color when calibrated.
+Super fast - no ghosting.
+Even lighting - no backlight bleeding.
+Wide range of input options, and audio options.
+Very bright, instant on with no warm up time, and outstanding contrast.
+Solid range of adjustments, video modes, and display capabilities.
+Anti-glare coating removes nearly all glare.
+Price is low for such quality monitor.
+No dead pixels.
+Very good max viewing angles with minimal color distortion
+Decent internal speakers that don't waste visible space if you don't need them.

-I can't really think of any



**** Input options:

HDMI, Display Port, DVI, and RGB inputs - an outstanding range of input options. It also has a stereo audio input that will output sound from the internal speakers, which I might add aren't half bad for a display thats so thin. They don't have much distortion even at max volume (which is pleasingly loud), and thanks to internal Bass and Treble settings you can make them sound pretty good, though still not as good as a dedicated desktop system. I didn't expect much from them, but I was surprised. There is also a line out jack that works wonders for HDMI content. I currently have audio coming from my PS3 (along with 1080P video) in a different room through an HDMI splitter into this monitor, going out the line out on the monitor and into the line in on my PC, which then outputs the sound to my high quality desktop speakers that are connected to my PC (this lets me share audio between the two). The way it handles HDMI audio is a truly outstanding bonus, and it really made this monitor far more useful to me as a secondary display for my other HDMI entertainment devices.

**** Video options:

The display features customizable "Splendid" picture modes (5 total, with sRGB being raw, and non-configurable), sharpness adjustment, "Trace Free" which attempts to remove any additional ghosting as far as I can tell, and ASCR (ASUS Super Contrast Ratio) which is available as an option for all display modes except sRGB and "Standard", and AI Light which adjusts the back light to a balanced level with the room lighting.

Of those options I use the following settings. I set Sharpness down from 50 to 40 to give the display a nice smooth look for reading text, and it works very well, since the display is otherwise one of the sharpest I have seen. I set "Trace Free" to 0, since with a 2ms response time, ghosting is essentially nonexistent (this monitor is fast!). I leave ASCR on, since it really does do an amazing thing for gaming - the display can literally go pitch black when a dark scene is on the screen, and then within 1-2 seconds ramp up to eye burning max brightness when needed. AI Light works great, but it should be noted that it is only available when ASCR is disabled, since both cause adjustment of the LED lighting.

The monitor has no gamma adjustment, but it does feature custom color temperature settings with an R/G/B adjustment menu along with some presets (Cool/Normal/Warm). My current settings for R/G/B are R: 83, G: 76, B: 69 to make it match the calibrated output tone of my top of the line theater projector. I set color to 43 for all modes to prevent clipping, and contrast to 67 to keep color tone balance consistent across the entire grayscale, and again prevent clipping. It looks very, very nice with a bit of adjustment. Uncharacteristically warm for an LCD, in a good way. I've always been a fan of the warm, smooth, fast look of CRT's. This monitor is the first one I've seen that I could say matches and exceeds all of those characteristics.

**** More features:

Picture in picture works excellent, allowing you to move the smaller image window and change its size. You can have picture in picture from one of the other inputs that you aren't currently using as a primary for the entire screen. Audio tone adjustments allow you to make audio from the internal speakers sound pretty great for internal speakers in my opinion, and if nothing else they give you some freedom to tweak the sound coming from your HDMI line thats coming out to your speakers or headphones. The buttons on the bottom of the display are hidden well, which I like, and offer quick access to PIP, backlight brightness, speaker volume, input, and Splendid modes. Overall I love the ease of access and the audio/video features of this monitor. Its uncommon to find many of these features in a PC oriented display.

**** Design/quality:

The design of the monitor is very nice. I love that the screen is antiglare, and the entire monitor is glossy. It really makes the image look raw and undisturbed in contrast to the glossy exterior. Its great. The backlighting is extremely bright if you want it to be, instantly lit with no warm up, has a very neutral color tone (I expected the typical LED blue hue), and lights the screen very evenly without any bleeding at the edges. It also makes little to no heat, no hum, and shouldn't dim over time like traditional CCFL panels. The display controls are hidden pretty well, but are easy to access when needed. The speakers output audio from grills on the top of the monitor, and sound pretty decent. The AI Light sensor sits at the top of the monitor between the two speakers. The base is very sturdy and actually looks pretty nice. It has as much tilt range as I've found myself needing. The monitor has well placed 100mm x 100mm VESA mount holes as well, which I plan to utilize very soon.


+Gamma was hard to pin down to 2.2, since out of the box it sits at about 1.8 (This could be related to my default ICC profile, as there is no driver disk with the monitor).

+Yellow push was visible in skin tones out of the box, though there is a skin tone setting to adjust around this a bit (This could also be related to my monitor ICC profile).

+I loved this monitor so much that as soon as I used it for a week, I purchased a second one. If there are noticeable differences between both monitors I will make note of it here.

UPDATE - December 9th, 2010:

As noted above, I have returned to report if there were any differences between the first VE278Q and the second one that just arrived today. I'm very pleased to say that they are visibly identical in all but completely black scenes (there is a slightly different spread on the back lighting between them). The color tone is within 100K of the original at the same settings. There are again, no dead/stuck pixels or sub pixels. Call me impressed. With extended desktop between these two identical monitors, I now have an outstanding work station. Hope this review helps others! If Amazon gets some more of these in, I may get one more for my other desktop - these are too good to pass up.
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Bolle Fusion Limit Sunglasses, Shiny Gun/TNS
Bolle Fusion Limit Sunglasses, Shiny Gun/TNS

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent design, fit and quality., December 12, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
These glasses are some of the best fitting/looking I've ever owned. They wrap around the side of your face and cover all of your peripheral vision, keeping light out from all directions.

They have very solid build quality, include a quality carrying case and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The design is sleek and attractive, and the glasses are very light and durable.

The TNS lenses block a good deal of outside light, but not so much that its uncomfortably dark to see through them. They add a slight green tint to the images you see through them.

I really like how I look in these glasses. Including a 1 year warranty as well, I certainly feel like I got what I payed for.

Spears & Munsil High-Definition Benchmark Blu-ray Disc Edition [Blu-ray]
Spears & Munsil High-Definition Benchmark Blu-ray Disc Edition [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Stacey Spears
10 used & new from $65.00

7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best system test/optimisation disks I have used., November 9, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
The Spears & Munsil benchmark disk is outstanding. If you have never used a benchmark/calibration disk before, rest assured this one will deliver visual results. If you already have DVE or Avia, this disk may still offer some excellent test patterns.

I used this disk to calibrate and test my Epson 6500UB projector, and by the time I was done there was a notable difference in image quality. This disk will get your image looking much more natural and 3-Dimensional if you follow it correctly and have the adjustments available on your HDTV that let you take advantage of it's patterns (like color decoder, RGB cutoffs/gains, etc).

It certainly gets you in the ball park much better than most test disks. The color saturation pattern was especially well done. It got the color range maximised very easily and easily showed if it was clipping or not. As did the black level and contrast ramp tests. Basically, this disk will let you peak every aspect of your display (black level, contrast, color levels, tint, sharpness, overscan, grayscale, color decoder, chroma delay, de-interlacing, and more). If you want to take it to the next level, this disk is perfect to use before you use ColorHCFR and a colorimetre to get near perfect color levels and gamma.

The demonstration video on the disk is beautiful full HD footage that really shows what your system can do. It present a wide range of real-life locales that all show exceptional detail, natural color, contrast and subtleties. It's real treat.

It doesn't feature as many audio test as say DVE, but it features video test patterns that are every bit as good, and some that I would consider far superior to the average benchmark/optimizer disk. This is a video system benchmark, and it focuses purely on delivering in that area very well. The few audio test demonstrations include DTS Master Audio, and Dolby TrueHD audio samples. Limited, but fun little flicks.

All in all, I feel it was money well spent. If you are looking for a complete HDTV/Bluray benchmark disk, or if you have DVE already and are looking for something more, this is the disk for you.

Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Messenger Gold Pack
Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Messenger Gold Pack
3 used & new from $169.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars XBOX Live Gold - Best Deal, September 16, 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is an exceptional value.

I recently purchased an XBOX 360 Arcade, and I got into XBOX Live with the free month of Gold. I loved it so much I began looking around for some good deals on Live 12 month Gold cards on Amazon. I stumbled across this bundle, and decided that for only $8.99 more than buying a year of Live Gold directly through my 360 - I'd give this a shot because of all of the great extras.

Let me run down the items included and what I think of them:

12 Month Gold Subscription Card:
This is not a 12 Month + 1 free card like the other sold on Amazon - this is strictly 12 months, which is fine by me, I got my first month free of charge just for signing up.

XBOX 360 Live Chat Pad:
This device clips on seamlessly to your XBOX 360 controller, and sits in a position that is very convenient and accessible to use. It is back lit, and works very well for typing messages, or communicating with MSN Messenger contacts if you are using XBOX Live Gold on your 360. It even has a shortcut button to pull up your messenger contacts so you can start chatting right away. The buttons have a nice tactile 'click' to them, but they're not too firm. The device also has a headset connector port on the bottom for use with the included XBOX 360 communicator headset. (NOTE: this chat pad headset port will not work with the original launch model communicator headsets that had the mute and volume controls on the connector).

XBOX 360 Communicator Headset:
I have no issues at all with this headset. I also have a launch model one without the inline volume control and mute switch that this newer model has, and I have to say I much prefer this newer model. Not only does it have a better appearance without the bulky connector, I like the ability to clip the controls to your shirt, and I also hear a notably higher volume level that is available on this model compared to the the launch model headset I also have. It's much easier to hear my friends on Live with this headset.

Project Gotham Racing 4:
For a free pack in, this game is excellent. The graphics aren't the most outstanding on 360, but they are very well done. It's a fun game to play with friends, and even a good experience as a single player title. I found it to be yet another great reason to choose this bundle over buying just a 12 month gold subscription. This edition comes in a normal green 360 package, not the silver/gray platinum hits packaging.

This package also (at the time I purchased it) includes a Netflix trial subscription so you can stream movies to your 360 using your Gold account.

Closing comment:
For only $8.99 more than just buying a 12 Month Gold subscription, you're getting PRG4 (a $19 value), a Chat pad ($24 value), a Live Communicator headset ($19 value), and a free netflix trial. If you haven't got these items already and you need a year of live - this deal is hard to beat.
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No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon's HDMI Secret, September 5, 2009
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have to say when I first saw this and the exceptionally affordable price tag, I was skeptical to say the least. However, after using it for a bit I have an entirely different opinion.

This product is for lack of a better word - perfect. For it's price, I have simply never seen a better execution of a device for handling HDMI switching. I always stayed away from switchers because their prices were over $100 (some were much higher priced than that not all that long ago), or it meant buying a new $1000+ AV receiver with HDMI switching to replace my RX-V2500 which I'm still very content with.

The priority function - flawless. The HDMI splitting up to 1080P - flawless. The price - couldn't be any better. It's even a nice quality looking device with no spelling errors on the case text (which is usually the case for devices in this price bracket), it's cosmetically similar to the PS3, has gold plated HDMI terminals, and LED's to show which input it's on.

I am using mine to switch between a PS3, XBOX 360, and DirectTV HD cable box all at 1080P HDMI. It works exactly like I would hope, and ultimately delivers exactly what you want. It works so well, I'm thinking of attempting to setup a daisy chain of them so I can have my HTPC in the loop and still have 1 spare port for other HDMI enabled goodies as they come along, like the Zune HD... :)

There is seemingly no handshake delay caused by it, nor is there a delay in prioritized input switching. It's instant.

For reference, I'm using it with an Epson 6500UB with HDMI 1.3b support. This device seems to pass things through without any change of signal or flag data. Everything works great with it. I even tried it on my older Sony KD34 XBR960 CRT that has a single HDMI 1.1 input on it, and it works just as excellent on it. So if you have even the oldest HDMI capable TV, or one of the newest ones, this is a perfect way to extend their range of inputs.

If you need an extra HDMI port, or two... or more. This is your answer.

Xbox 360 Arcade
Xbox 360 Arcade
16 used & new from $59.99

35 of 42 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Jasper is everything I hoped for., August 27, 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Xbox 360 Arcade (Video Game)
This is the latest model 360.

I opted against an Elite because I wanted to be %100 sure I was getting the new, 65nm Jasper chipset. And I did. Boy, what a difference. I have two close friends with Xenon launch model 90nm chips, and the the difference in heat output is night and day. Under full load it barely puts out warm air. That's a massive difference. I also notice it's quieter on idle than the older models as well. The real test will come with time, but understanding how the problems occur and what Jasper does to fix them - I have no reason to believe this will have any issues. Now is the time (if you've been waiting) to 'Jump in'. XBOX 360 is an outstanding entertainment device that I've wanted to own since launch, and the only thing holding me back was a fix for RRoD. I believe we now have it.

Buy it, and enjoy it - you won't regret it. :)

UPDATE - 08-31-09:

After having used this system for almost a week now, I'm even happier with it. XBOX Live is incredible - certainly worth the low price of ~$3.35 a month (if you buy a $44 live 13 month card from Amazon). The NXE interface is great - a nice mix of CoverFlow and XMB. The Marketplace is outstanding! Not as many classics as Virtual Console, but a very large variety of content with far more/better original titles (IMO). I've already purchased more original content on Marketplace than on Wii and PSN combined, and I've had a PSP/PS3/DSi/Wii since they launched.

And now, onto my hardware impression after a week of heavy use. Quiet. Low heat output. Seamless. Not a single problem! Maybe I'm just lucky, but usually if there's a bad one in the stack, I end up with it - but not this time. No RRoD, no sticky disk tray, no disk scratches, no problems whatsoever. Like I had hoped, the Arcade model has the quiet, clean looking, faster performing BenQ DVD-ROM drive, the quiet brush-less fans, the larger 512MB internal memory for storing content (about 240MB is available for use out of the box with NXE using the rest), the superior Jasper chipset, and the excellent HDMI port and support.

With prices so affordable on the awesome array of 360 games, and the hardware issues seemingly solved, I believe this is the console to beat.

UPDATE - 12-12-09:

My 360 is still going strong and working perfect.

UPDATE - 12-14-10:

Still not a single issue. It still fires up and works perfect, day in and day out.
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Hawking Technologies HNC320G Wireless Network Camera Server
Hawking Technologies HNC320G Wireless Network Camera Server
Offered by Genesis17:7 Bargains
Price: $99.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hawking 320G - a great product for the price, September 4, 2006
I recently purchased a Hawking 320G IP camera, and I found it to be a very good product.

Setup was minimal, and fairly straight-forward. I simply plugged the included ethernet cable into my IP Camera and into my PC, and then used the included software to perform the initial setup process. I was then able to go to 'My Network Places' and find the camera (It supports UPnP by default, so it shows up almost instantly).

Once I performed the initial setup, I set a static IP address for the camera and adjusted all of the security settings. I then set the wireless connection to match my WiFi router settings. I then unplugged the ethernet cable, and simple as that it was working flawlessly on my WiFi network - not even a hickup when I unplugged the ethernet cable.

The setup process for the FTP upload feature was easy, and the cam now acts as a realtime webcam for my website by updating the image on my server every 60 seconds. This feature, atleast for me, is extremely useful. The picture quality is surprisingly good for the low price, and it is exceptional in low light situations - far better than most web/IP cameras in this price range.

The quality of the design is pretty good, and the mounting options are great. The mount is heavy duty, and very adjustable. I allows you to get the viewing angle on the camera 'Just right'. I found the ability to mount the camera with the ball-joint base attached to the top very useful, since I mounted my camera in the top of a window. This allowed me to do so without being forced to mount the camera upside-down.

The IP-View software works great - though I rarely use it. It works without trouble in both ethernet and WiFi connected scenarios from my experience. I'm sure I would find it more useful in a security based setup with multiple cameras.

The ONLY problem I have with the camera is that, on occassion, it will lose connection to my WiFi router for no apparent reason, and I have to unplug and restore the power to the camera for it to show up in 'My Network Places' again. This will occassionally prevent the camera from continuing to upload images to my FTP server. Not a huge problem, but rather a minor inconvenience.

I'm sure in a new firmware update this may be resolved, but as of now there are currently no updates available. I'm still adjusting settings in the camera and my network to see if this is a problem with the camera or my network setup.

If you want to see a sample of the image quality, do a Google search on 'Edna Bay Alaska - The Official Home Page'. Once at the Edna Bay website, go to the 'Webcam' page and look at the (larger) top webcam image. This is a live image from the Hawking 320G (Updated every 60 seconds by it's FTP upload feature). It may appear slightly blurry because it's looking out through a window.

All-in-all, this camera is a great bang for the buck, and certainly a product that works PERFECT as a webcam for a website. I can even see where having a group of these would be a pretty efficient security system aswell.

Hope this review helped! A+ product.

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