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by Donald R. Burgett
Edition: Hardcover
39 used & new from $5.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars THROUGH A WARRIOR'S EYES, May 10, 2001
This review is from: Currahee! (Hardcover)
War history is best told by those that lived it and not those that have only studied it. This is a point once again proven in Currahee. Donald Burgett tells his story of World War 2. His time with the 101st airborne makes for a moving and dramatic tale. The book overflows with the tales of his heroism and the courage of others. While Burgett downplays the danger he faced just by his straight forward style, the reader cant help but be amazed as he continuously dodges bullets, hides from artillery, and jumps from low flying airplanes.
The book reads fast and is as entertaining today as the day it was published. It gives insight into the mind of a dedicated warrior and a glimpse into what must have faced those that fought so courageously in WWII. I highly recommend it for history buffs and for just about anyone that likes a good book.

The Yards
The Yards
DVD ~ Mark Wahlberg
57 used & new from $0.01

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3.0 out of 5 stars UNREALIZED POTENTIAL, April 20, 2001
This review is from: The Yards (DVD)
The prospect of the film had me salivating with anticipation. Mark Walberg, Charlize Theron, Jacquin Phoenix, James Cann, and Faye Dunaway all star in a film that revolves around the corruption, bribery, danger, and violence that accompany contracting with the New York Train systems. Unfortunately the potential of such a combination of cast and plot was never realized.
Walberg is Leo, a recently paroled car thief (who was probably innocent of course) trying to find a job in the family business. His Uncle Frank (Caan) wants him to learn a trade and eventually be a machinist. Leo wants a quicker source of income and goes to work for the business with an old buddy (Phoenix). Trouble quickly ensues. Leo realizes the large scale corruption in the business and he gets caught up in and accused of a crime he didnt committ. To top it off Leo seems to have an unhealthy attraction to his cousint (Theron) How he does or does not escape this dilemna is the finale of the film.
Aside from a stellar performance by Jacquin Phoenix, the cast is rather flat from lack of plot and character development. Most of the big names (Theron and Dunaway especially) are underused. The plot is lackluster until the final half hour of the film. The movie is not a complete stinker and there are definately some moments of worth. It was worth a rent but there are a lot more films worth my buying dollar.

DVD ~ Colin Farrell
Price: $5.68
391 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars BRILLIANT ACTING AND SUPERB STORY TELLING, April 20, 2001
This review is from: Tigerland (DVD)
It doesnt take explosions and firepower to make a gripping Vietnam movie. As a matter of fact, Joel Schumaker proves it doesnt even take Vietnam to make a gripping Vietnam movie. All you need is a moving tale and a flawless performance from your lead actor. Tigerland has both.
Colin Farrell is Bozz, a renegade private in training before he sets out for the battlefields of Vietnam. His flamboyance and disrespect has him hated by those who would train him and awed by those that would serve with him. His character proves to be more than a rebel. Through a brilliant job of acting Farrell shows Bozz to be scared, anxious, compassionate, and intelligent. The setting of the story revolves around army infantry training that culminates in a mock Vietnam setting called Tigerland. Throughout the movie we are exposed to the emotion of those that fear Vietnam and would do almost anything not to go, and the lunacy of those that welcome the carnage with open arms. The film has many moving moments and the good guy vs. bad guy sub plot that we all love. (The bad guy being a Private Wilson - another fine bit of acting)
Tigerland is full of great imagery and even shot with a grainy texture that gives it a documentary sort of feel. The effect is profound in its pseudo dating of the film, adding an air of authenticity. While this is not an action flick, the acting and flow of the movie are flawless and a great five star tale results.

Shallow Graves (John Pellam #1)
Shallow Graves (John Pellam #1)
by Jeffery Deaver
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
108 used & new from $0.01

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3.0 out of 5 stars A VIEW OF THINGS TO COME, April 12, 2001
John Pellam is a film location scout who thinks he has found the perfect setting for a new flick. The problem is that there are some key town players who dont want the Hollywood big wigs disturbing their small town environment.....or are their reasons more sinister. What seems to be a series of warnings turns into a deadly game and Pellam must deal with wanna be movie stars, crooked cops, and even a romance or two to find out who is out to get him.
The pretense of the book has possibilites but the dedicated Deaver fan will be left a little gloomy from the shallow plot of SHALLOW GRAVES. The roller coaster thrill ride that usually marks a good Deaver novel is nowhere to be found. The character development is almost non existant and the subjects remain....shallow. There is one sudden flip at the end of the book that gives you a glimpse of the master suspense writer that Deaver was destined to become.
Sadly the book is average. It wont bore you to tears but it doesnt keep you on the edge of your seat either. A worthwhile read for a true Deaver fan but others should stear clear.

Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills
Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills
by Charles Henderson
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $6.00
195 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars A STORY OF SELF DISCIPLINE AND HEROISM, March 26, 2001
There are few books that capture the essence of a Marine the way that this tale does. Gunny Hatchcock was more than a Marine, he was also a heroe and a pioneer. His mastering of the sniper craft and his eventual legend were responsible for the ultimate success of the Marine Corps sniper program.
Charles Henderson does an admirable job with this book but realistically it is a story that sells itself. This narration details some of the many missions Hatchock underwent during two tours of Vietnam. It chronicles the more often than not painful self discipline that made Hatchcock the deadliest sniper in Vietnam. The author also peppers the account with enough of Hatchcock's personal life to show what a great man and Marine he really was.
The tale is amazing enough in relaying how great of a shot that Hatchcock was but the true mark is hit in that is shows that Hatchcock was a devoted Marine. To say he was dedicated would be a dramatic understatement. The tale of his stalking the Vietnam general and the patience it took to get that one shot is worth reading the book alone. It is a testament to not only his training but his own self discipline.
The book reads in a flash. I have read it several times and it hasn't lost any interest. A must read for Marines, military and history buffs, and just anyone curious about a tale of a hero.
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Remember the Titans (Full Screen Edition)
Remember the Titans (Full Screen Edition)
DVD ~ Denzel Washington
Offered by DMM Treasures
Price: $35.00
25 used & new from $0.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars A MOVING STORY OF HEROIC DETERMINATION, March 22, 2001
Denzel Washington is Coach Boone, a black football coach who finds himself in unfamiliar territory when he is appointed head coach of a high school team in its first year of intergration. When the fomer coach Yoast agrees to be his assistant it seems that turmoil and not determination will rule the squad.
Boone's determination to win is only outmatched by his drive for racial harmony within the team and coaching staff. By forcing his players to interact he creates bonds and friendships. Throughout all of this he knows he must win or his tenure as head coach will be short lived. He must not only battle the racial tension in the team, but in the town as well. Only his sheer will can guide his team to the promised land.
The movie is an outstanding piece of cinema. It adresses a social issue with raw emotional power. It teaches a lesson without screaming it in your face. The acting is without a doubt full of some of the best performances of the year to not have been recognized by Oscar and the likes. While Denzel Washington and Will Patton are phenomenal the show is stolen by the members of the team. Watch this film and you will get the point. An emotional five star film worth watching again and again.

Actual Innocence
Actual Innocence
by Jim Dwyer
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
88 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars MISCARRIAGES OF JSUTICE, March 22, 2001
DNA has uncovered a number of truths. Not since finger print identification became main streamed has science had such a tumultuous impact on criminal investigation. The truth of DNA, according to the authors, is that an alarming number of innocent people have been sentenced to death. While the book serves as a sounding board to discuss the benefits of DNA its merit rests more in its overall discussion of the criminal justice system.
This book is a non stop series of accounts of justice gone wrong. While Shceck and his cronies are heavy with their opinions, the problem is that even if you dont like them, you cant argue with the science. Through their accounts they relay stories of men wrongly convicted by mistaken identity, misled witnesses, shabby defense attourneys, police bumblings, and even law enforcement and prosecutorial misconduct. All of these grievous errors were realized due to DNA testing.
More alarming than the number of innocents convicted and possibly executed is the trend for prosecutors and judges to disallow DNA testing after convictions. The facts according to the authors are that there are thousands more that could be freed with DNA testing.
Although science is not the stop gap for flaws in any criminal justice system, the authors convincingly argue that it would be a beneficial start. The opinions and accounts in this book are both informative and entertaining.
The book reads well and holds interest throughout. It loses a star due to the more often than not preachy tone of the authors. There point is better taken with the facts and not the lecturing. However it is a book well worth reading and must have for true crime and sociology fans.

The 6th Day
The 6th Day
DVD ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Offered by megahitrecords
Price: $19.42
223 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars TOP NOTCH ARNIE ACTION, March 18, 2001
This review is from: The 6th Day (DVD)
Adam (Schwarzenegger) is a helicopter pilot in the not too distant future. Cloning is still a hot topic issue and he comes home one day to find that another him is in the household. Why this has happened and what he can do to stop it are all part of the bizarre plotline.
The movie scores big where it is supposed to. The action sequences are great and the effects hold their own. Arnold does the usual job of carrying the film both with his muscle and his corny one liners. I am a big Schwarzenegger fan so I enjoyed it for the eye candy that is was.
Word of warning. This is not a thinking man's movie. There is no overwhelming dramatic acting here, even by the likes of supporting actors Robert Duvall and Michael Rappaport. The plot line is step by step and the ending is as transpartent as Saran Rap. But the film overall was an extemely enjoyable action flick and the video and sound are great. It entertains and any action fan will love it.

1st to Die (Women's Murder Club)
1st to Die (Women's Murder Club)
by James Patterson
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $28.80
563 used & new from $0.01

12 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars AN EDGE OF YOUR SEAT SUPENSE PACKED MASTERPIECE!!!!, March 13, 2001
When at his best, noone packs a mystery curveball like James Patterson. Having read and loved all of his Alex Cross novels I ventured into new territory with 1ST TO DIE and read this great thriller in a flash.
Lindsay Boxer is a top notch female detective with San Francisco Homicide. Her skills look like they may have met their match when a newlywed couple is savagely defiled and murdered on the night of their wedding. At the same time she learns that an illness may cut her down in her prime. The killing becomes a series and Lindsay isnt to proud to enlist the aid of some old and new friends. Off duty she collaberates with the chief medical examiner, the assistant D.A., and a hot shot reporter, all of whom happen to be women. When they put their heads together they come up with a sure fire suspect who should be a slam dunk conviction.....or is it?
As always Patterson keeps you guessing, this time right up to the very end. There are no shortage of surprises. The nature of the prime suspect gives you an insight into the diabolical imagination that Patterson must have.....we are talking a great thriller with Stephen King chills.
Most of the characters are strong and Patterson doesnt sway off course too much with the romantic and illness subplots. The book not only holds your attention but it demands that you not put the book down because you are convinced that every sentence has the possibility of an explosive twist. A solid five star read and a great book for Patterson fans and any fan of good thrilling fiction.

Making the Corps
Making the Corps
by Thomas E. Ricks
Edition: Paperback
187 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars JUST LIKE BEING THERE.....ALMOST, March 7, 2001
This review is from: Making the Corps (Paperback)
While words could not fully explain both the fear of entering and the pride of leaving Parris Island South Carolina, first as a recruit and then as a Marine, Thomas Ricks comes as close as possible to putting the reader into boot camp.
Having been a Marine and graduating from Parris Island In January of 1990, I was given an amazing case of deja-vous from reading this account. Ricks follows a group of recruits in 1995 that would be platoon 3086. He focuses on some of the differences among the recruits while effectively relaying the boot camp experience, detailing everything from close order drill to the pesky sand fleas. His account is true to form and gives even the nonmilitary reader a true window into the daily events on Parris Island.
Ricks also opens up new territory by detailing the philosophies and daily lives of the drill instructors. Having never been a drill instructor I particulary enjoyed these moments of the book. Every recruit would catch himself wondering, "Are these guys like this all the time". Ricks also follows both drill instructors and recruits after graduation and details some of the success stories and failures.
More than a diary, this book also is a tribute to Marine Corps pride. Ricks' interviews and detailing of Marines past and present sheds some light on just what makes the Marine Corps a cut above the rest. Almost every inch of this book will make a Marine stick his chest out and those who are not look at Marines with a bit more awe.
Ricks does stray from time to time, especially in the later chapters when he waxes philosophic about the politicization of the Corps. However he offers some true and poignant insight, it just doesnt seem to go with the flow of the book. This tale of platoon 3086 is a great read for Devil Dogs and everyone else. A solid five star piece of literature. HOO-RAH !!

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