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Deeper: A Novel (Caroline & West)
Deeper: A Novel (Caroline & West)
Offered by Random House LLC
Price: $4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Kissing, UST, sexy times, heartbreak, brooding guys, strong women. It’s all there and it’s divine., July 2, 2014
5 epic kissy UST filled stars Whoa. I’m not sure where to start. The insanely amazing kissing scenes or my heart at the end…welp.

You can read the synopsis for an idea of what the story is about. We get to the crisis right away, but we also live through the shame and pain that Caroline goes through, and how West gives her a place to just be herself. No judging. From there they become non-friends (lol, I loved the denial!). But just when Caroline thinks she can move ahead, West’s demons drag him down. As I read this I was constantly cheering for them to overcome every obstacle. There’s still a road ahead of them, but I know (I need to know) that they can do it. You won’t want to put the book down because you want to turn the page and see if it’s getting better (or kissier, see next paragraph).

The romance, well I have always said I liked UST and that slow build up, and yep, I certainly had to work for it in this book. But I’m not talking about getting right to the “deed”. I’m talking about just getting to a touch, A KISS. A dry kiss at that. But man, when we got to the kissing —> Ms. York really Got. To. The. Kissing. Like pages of it. Delicious, warm, hot, crazy kissing. You need to read this book just for the kissing. I’m pretty sure that Deeper gets the award for best kissing in a book ever. Yes, ever. 50 minutes will never be the same again.

The ending. I got it, I really did. But that didn’t make it any easier when I got all choked up. For the love of all things romantic, please, please, please let there be happiness in the next book. We, I mean Caroline and West, are so close!

Would I rec this? HELL YES. Kissing, UST, sexy times, heartbreak, brooding guys, strong women. It’s all there and it’s divine.

Harder: A Novel (Caroline & West)
Harder: A Novel (Caroline & West)
by Robin York
Edition: Paperback
Price: $10.36
70 used & new from $3.78

5.0 out of 5 stars This book, this series…touched my heart and me. A fabulous, compete, and full circle love story filled with every single emotion, July 2, 2014
5 gushing heartbreaking perfect stars

This book, this series…totally touched my heart and me. A fabulous, compete, and full circle love story filled with every single emotion.
Let’s go through the spoiler-free feels before I talk details:
1. Tissues please, I’m still recovering from the ending of book 1, Deeper.
2. Oh thank god, they still need each other.
3. *walks on eggshells*
4. What?!? I can’t believe SPOILER HERE SORRY NOT SORRY I’M SO FULL OF SPOILER HERE SORRY NOT SORRY. I need to discuss with someone ASAP.
5. *sobs* because I can’t put the book down and it’s the middle of the night and no one is awake to tweet with. *continues reading*
6. That reaction was brilliant. But I’m still so SPOILER HERE SORRY NOT SORRY.
7. Come on, come on, COME ON, COME. ON. Give in, dude. PLEASE!
8. PLEASE! (still begging)
9. Yes. *fist pump* Baby steps, but we can do this. *turns pages faster*
10. West called her Caro again. *melts with relief*
11. bites nails, it’s still not happening fast enough for me, the greedy reader.
12. *skips in circles*
13. *sings kumbaya*
14. My heart is so happy, I love HEAs.

What makes this book so good? The way it’s told, really. Then add in strong characters with an epic romance and you have a very special book. You seriously don’t need to know anything else. Ms. York has a gift for storytelling, for creating characters that you ending up knowing inside and out, and it’s hard not to think that you are actually in the book yourself.

But if you do need to know more detail, I will give you this…you should know there is a sexy leading man named West who is so brooding, so tortured, and so good at naughty things taking care of things. He is strong willed, but still listens to Caroline, to his sister, and to his heart…eventually.

Caroline is strong, but got even stronger when she had direction and purpose…then she was on a mission and nothing and no one could stop her. She was kick-ass and awesome.

Is there anything I didn’t like? Um no. But there is something additional I would have liked and that is an epilogue, maybe a few years down the road. I know Caroline and West were in a great place, but I still wanted to know a few things. I’m just going to assume they happened. :)

Would I rec this? 1 million billion trajillion times YES. Drop by and let me know what you think, or tweet me as you read!

Last Hit (Hitman Book 1)
Last Hit (Hitman Book 1)
Price: $4.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A love story with an organized crime story woven thoughout. Loved it!, June 29, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
4-4.5 sexy action packed with a very bad boy stars! It’s official. I will read anything with the name Jen Frederick on it. This was a love story, but not just a love story…the way the organized crime plot was weaved within Daisy and Nikolai’s romance made it addictive to read.

Let’s first talk about the main reason I heart this book so much: Nikolai. And right from the very beginning I could not get enough; I ignored my family, let the dishes pile up, and didn’t get up to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer. I had to know more about Nikolai, and frankly, his inner thoughts were D I V I N E and drove me to turn through those pages like it was my job. *cough I’m Sure You Get My Drift cough*

This was me:
• Before Nikolai and Daisy meet: omg omg omg *biting nails* when are they going to meet, what’s going to happen omg omg omg. Did he just think –>THAT<–?! Holy cow.
• Then Nikolai and Daisy meet and I was like: OMG OMG O.M.G.!!!! *breathless* this is even better than fantasizing about it. He said THAT and then did THAT. *blacks out*

Yes, my friends, it was dirty and hot. And they hadn’t even had sex yet. But oh, it wasn’t that simple, and that is exactly why it was so good. Nikolai and Daisy both had pasts that were anything but boring or traditional (see the synopsis for more detail), and so any type of relationship was also not going to go down the path of normal either. Nikolai may have left “family” but was no way living the life of someone on the straight and narrow. Daisy had such a sheltered life, but she was drawn to Nikolai and his whole aura like a moth to a flame. She was addicted and even though he reeked of danger she threw caution to the wind and dove in head first. Loved it.

Let’s now talk about stuff that made Celeste (yes, I’m referring to myself in the 3rd person) go sweet lord baby jesus did he just say THAT?? Example:

“I’ve died. The Madonna in heaven is staring me in the face. I was sure I would go to hell, but there is an angel sitting in my car asking me to THIS PART HAST TO BE BLOCKED OUT BECAUSE IT IS SO NOT APPROPRIATE. Surely that is Heaven.


I know, right? You are dying with curiosity…as you should be. But be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart or smut haters.

So now you know that the romance was clearly a hit with me, I also want you to know that there really was more to the book than just chemistry that could burn your house down….it combined the story and the heart flutters which made it a total win.

So why isn’t this a 5 star you ask? The ending. It was rushed in a way…it was like that part of the story got glossed over. I had felt each and every emotion in the beginning when Daisy left her father and met Nikolai, but the final portion of the book was told in such a different way. While many ends were tied up and I knew what happened, I wished it had been told in a manner that made feel how it ended too. I didn’t get to “live through” the end. It seemed more like a massive epilogue. Still, it was a great, fun, sexy time read that I would rec to everyone.

When will I start book 2? Um, NOW. I can’t wait to hear Daniel’s story!

Last Breath: A Novel (Hitman Book 2)
Last Breath: A Novel (Hitman Book 2)
Price: $4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars If you love a hot romance between characters that have some messed up backgrounds, this is a great read., June 29, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
4.5 stars I’m not sure exactly how to review this story because I think my thoughts are all over the place, but I want you to know that I truly loved it, especially the two main characters Daniel and Regan. (Like really really loved them!)

Why am I not sure how to review it then? Well, this book has a lot of dark and a lot of light and I’m thinking about the balance of it all. What happened to Regan in the brothel was dark, graphic, and disturbing…and to me almost impossible to emotionally recover from. Basically, if you are sensitive to anything to do with that topic this book is not for you. But then the scales tipped the other direction because the love between Daniel and Regan was so good, so real, and so very whole. With that being said, I will first talk about the million reasons why I fell in love with Last Breath.

Reason #1 I loved Last Breath: Daniel. Holy smoking hot sexy. He was confident, a hitman, sexy, dirty talking, tall hard all over piece of man. I’m not sure if I loved his internal dialogue or what he said out loud to Regan more. He did realize how crazy and insane the situation was, and he never, ever took advantage of Regan, and that is what made me fall in love with him. (Well, that and the dirty talking)

Reason #2 I loved Last Breath: The sweetness of the romance between Regan and Daniel. I felt it. I didn’t just read it, but I really felt it. They hadn’t even had sex and I was dying. (Ask Ana and Christina because they have the texts to prove my flails.) From the very first time they kissed my own stomach did a flip. I’m not kidding!! It started off so sweetly, but then slowly, so very slowly it worked up to more.

Reasons #3 – 1,000,000 I love Last Breath: The times the romance was very naughty:

“Goddamn.” I feel the cords in his neck tense.
“You want me to talk dirty to you?”

Yes and please.

The romance was not only crazy hot, but also a fantastic partnership. While at first Daniel was simply protecting Regan and carrying out a job, he soon found himself actually wanting to take care of her. I loved how he always had her armed, and even went along with her plan to rescue his sister after listening to her reasoning. He never dismissed anything she said as unimportant. Le sigh. He truly was so swoony.

So now that you know how invested I was in Daniel and Regan I have to discuss the darker parts of the book. I normally shy away from books with non-consensual sex, but I knew going in that this one was a little dark. With that in mind I tried to compartmentalize those parts as I read. It was as if I attempted to take a step back from getting emotionally invested in reading those scenes because I know they were disturbing and haunting (and I’m a big baby). I certainly came out knowing how truly strong and brave Regan was though. It was all worth reading through to the other side because getting to the romance between Daniel and Regan was so very special.

So while I tried to gloss over how awful Regan’s situation was, I ultimately still knew those parts were there and here’s where I wish something was done a little differently. It made me think that if a woman was sold into a brothel and abused, she would not be able to function, much less jump right into an intimate relationship with a man days later. That was the part that was just a little inconsistent for me. I’m no psychologist but I’m pretty sure there is no way in hell that would ever happen. I accepted it for the story’s sake even though that part did not resonate as real to me. I’m not sure what I would suggest? Maybe that Regan was being set up to be used, but no one had touched her yet so she would not be as scarred? I’m not sure, but I do know that it didn’t totally jive for me.

However, after all the crazy, I was glad the ending recovered by mentioning that Regan was undergoing some serious counseling. That made it more real, that it wasn’t a simple “happily ever after” because things were looking pretty rosy. There was so much that Regan had to deal with and the authors addressed that nicely.

So, would I rec this? YES! If you love a hot romance between characters that have some messed up backgrounds, this is a great read. It took some courage to get through the beginning but was totally worth it and I found myself rooting for these two all the way. I will also read anything and everything Jen Frederick writes.

Pretty Little Things
Pretty Little Things
by Teresa Mummert
Edition: Paperback
Price: $9.89
23 used & new from $9.44

4.0 out of 5 stars I really liked it, I just wanted more, June 29, 2014
This review is from: Pretty Little Things (Paperback)
3.5 stars I really enjoyed Pretty Little Things, and found myself so drawn to Colin and Annie’s story. Trying to get past their previous lives while trying to keep a sizzling romance at bay was a great combination.

Plot, Pacing, and Style: Colin and Annie got the chance to have a fresh start after escaping a very horrific past, and you can read the description in the synopsis if you need a little more detail. This story definitely had some parts that could be very sensitive for some people, so please be warned that it was not all warm and fuzzy. While these events happened in the past to the characters, the flashbacks were real enough.

It all happened fairly quickly, which was good in some ways because I wanted the story to move along. However, at the same time I wanted more detail so that it would have drawn out the romance which would have allowed me to savor some of that sexual tension even more. This was told in multiple POVs, and I will just let you know that it wasn’t just Colin and Annie, we got POV from another character as well.

Main Characters: Colin was so delicious, so multidimensional, and I totally fell in love with him. Excuse me while I take a moment to daydream about his epic swooniness. I’m going to continue: he was so complicated, dark, brooding, filled with regret and self-loathing, but so fiercely protective of Annie. I could go on and on and on with all his qualities, but like I said he was so complicated so there isn’t a one word answer to describe him. ;)

Annie was a great character as well, and while I really liked her I wished I had gotten to know her better. She was very brave and totally trusting of Colin, which was sweet (and hot). Her relationship with him was really interesting, and I was dying for more insight and thoughts for how she felt about him. Not just at the end where she put it all out on the table.

There were also some other characters that I wish had been expanded upon. Instead they ended up seeming extraneous.

Romance/Chemistry: I loved the sexual tension in this story. But yet I never felt totally satisfied with the romance which is why this part of my review is going to be a mixed bag. While the romance was fantastic with a great build up, I found it was just shy of leaving me satisfied. I felt like there were so many times and situations the attraction could have been elaborated on with more detail, as well as either a longer or even an additional scene. Basically more more more!

Title/Cover: I love both. The title comes up a bit in the story and every time it was perfect. I also love, love, love the cover and would be lying if I didn’t tell you that it was THE thing that drew me to the book in the first place. Visually, it’s gorgeous and striking.

Ending: Things wrapped up so I got my HEA…but I wasn’t even close to letting it be over.

Gripes/suggestions: Too short! So much of the story was like a teaser and wish so many of aspects of the story had been developed more. I also don’t think we needed Jacob’s POV in there. I didn’t feel like it added anything to the story. He wasn’t a close enough friend to have an impact.

Final Thoughts/Rec it? Yes, just be prepared to want more!

Past Imperfect
Past Imperfect
Price: $3.99

3.0 out of 5 stars I loved book 1 a lot more, but maybe if your friends liked this installment a lot you should give it a try, June 29, 2014
This review is from: Past Imperfect (Kindle Edition)
When I saw there was a book about Brad I knew I had to read it. And, look at that cover. Holy gorgeousness. It’s sexy, but looks so heartfelt too. I had to have this! If you didn’t know, I loved Present Perfect and couldn’t wait to find out all about Brad. This was his story with Mabry, which was about real love, some serious self-reflection, and plenty of sweetness too.

Like I said just a second ago I had some seriously high expectations because of of book 1. I started reading and I’m not going to lie; the dirty talking drew me in like nobody’s business…but I then never felt like it got backed up. Somehow I seriously missed the boat on Brad and Mabry’s chemistry. I”m not sure why, maybe because it was they were hot and heavy first, and then we got to know them second? I usually like to get to know my characters slowly, even if the attraction is immediate.

I loved Brad, I loved his inner dialogue, I loved his real-ness. He was so in touch with all his flaws, and that made him so incredible. I mean, who doesn’t love a reformed bad boy? He really was a good person AND a whole lot of sexy.

While I loved Brad I found that I didn’t connect with Mabry as much. I’ve read other books where a lead character self-harms, but this one really bothered me. I kind of shudder just thinking about it. I understood her personal struggles, but for some reason never felt like I was seeing things through her eyes and I don’t know why.

Since I didn’t connect with Mabry maybe that was why I wasn’t feeling the romance. I think if that had clicked it would have been a totally different story for me, so keep that in mind if you are thinking about this book. Clearly lots of other people felt it, so it’s probably just me.

Would I rec it? I think so. I loved book 1 a lot more, and I’m kind of in the minority here, but maybe if your friends liked this installment a lot you should give it a try.

Bird After Bird (The Byrds of Birdseye Book 1)
Bird After Bird (The Byrds of Birdseye Book 1)
Price: $0.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Parts of it were sweet, tender, and loving, and other parts of the story were harder to connect with, June 29, 2014
2.5-3 stars This is a mixed review. Parts of it were sweet, tender, and loving (Laurie), and other parts of the story were harder to connect with (especially the bird theme and Wren).

Bird After Bird was a story told by a bird loving girl. I knew that going in, but I didn’t know the novel was saturated with all things bird. So, if aren’t fascinated by them be prepared to read more than you ever wanted to know. I’m one of those people and I’m pretty sure I skimmed most of those sections. As much as I wanted to be sucked in, I just didn’t find that I wanted to know what bird vs. what bird did what. It bored me. But what was harder than Bird Class 101 was that it felt like a paranormal story instead of contemporary. In my entire life of 41 years I’ve never met a bird lover and all of a sudden there was a whole town dedicated to it. Named Birdseye. And all the bird names. It was just a wee bit too much for me. I tried to accept it for the sake of the story, but honestly, I guess I never did.

The shining spot in the story is the leading male. I found myself in love with Laurie. He was the swooniest. He was true, wore his heart on his sleeve, and a total catch. He loved with his whole being and I really could connect with him almost all of the time. What a good guy, and he definitely pulled on my heart strings.

On the other hand I found that I just didn’t care for Wren. While she had a tough go of it because she lost both parents, she was ultimately kind of shallow to me and chose career over love. Me personally, I would choose love every time, so right there it’s harder for me to connect because we wouldn’t have the same goals in life. Plus, she was kind of mean to Laurie when she left him.

The ending was a HEA, but you have to get through a lot to get there and it was pretty predictable…from when Wren was faced with job choices to the fate of the band…is that a good thing or a bad thing? Would I rec this? Depends on what you are looking for in a read. So, if you light birds and stories that are light and fluffy YES, but I love stories that dig a little deeper, push a little harder, cut a little more…and this wasn’t it. Plus, the bird theme was too much for me. However, it was pretty different so you might want to give it a shot if this theme appeals to you.

Crow's Row
Crow's Row
by Julie Hockley
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $29.08
26 used & new from $23.79

5.0 out of 5 stars This was, and I’m sure will still be one heck of a ride; a story full of secrets, double crossings, murders, loyalty, and love., June 29, 2014
This review is from: Crow's Row (Hardcover)
I. Loved. This. Book.

That is really all you need to know.

But, if you want to know why I loved Crow’s Row, here you go:
I loved Cameron.
I loved Emily.
I loved Meatball.
I loved Rocco.
I loved the friendships.
I loved the more than friendships.
and I love that it’s not over and there are 2 more books!

This was, and I’m sure will still be one heck of a ride; a story full of secrets, double crossings, murders, loyalty, and love. The journey was intense, it truly never let up. Just when I thought I could relax, I’d turn the page and find my heart was pounding in my rib cage again. And yes, it might have been 1:00 in the morning because I couldn’t put this down.

So now that you know we have a page turner, let’s talk romance. The swoon factor between Cameron and Emily was at a pretty high level, and it started with just a little smile, a little look, a little touch, a little hand holding. Which all means that the romance was really good, nearly perfect in fact. But it wasn’t just swoony. It was dangerous. It was complicated. It was selfless and I wanted more. With so much real danger in the book there wasn’t actually a lot of time for romance, but yes, it still got a place on the stove, and for me was one of the front burning stories always simmering away, teasing me…and I loved it. The attraction and chemistry between Emily and Cameron made my own heart flutter. I adored them together and every moment they spent apart I could feel myself going a little stir crazy, just like Emily did when she waited for Cameron to come home. Yes, I felt like I was Emily, which means that Ms. Hockley is a fantastic, amazing author.

But you know what? I’m going to confess a little something here. *whispers* While they did have a romance I wasn’t totally satisfied. No, not because it was more of a YA than NA, that doesn’t matter. But I’m a romantic at heart and I just needed more kissing. That’s right. KISSING. I needed more kissing. Yes, this is greedy Celeste. Or maybe creepy Celeste because I wanted more descriptions about the smooches. I don’t even know if we needed an increase in the number of kisses, maybe just more details on the actual kissing. The rest of the sexy was fade to black, so I needed something here. The chemistry was stellar and burning up, so I’m assuming the kissing was off the charts and yes, I needed every delicious savory detail.

Let’s now try and cool ourselves down (ok, just me but I like to think you are totally into this review too) and change gears from romance to the shootings and double crossings. Hold me. Seriously. HOLD ME. I really truly did not see one thing coming at all and I was stunned. *zips lips* I’m a spoiler phobe so I can’t say anything else, just know I have a very sad face right now just thinking about it, and I’m a little upset with Ms. Hockley. I still love her, but yeah, I’m sad.

I don’t want to think about that part anymore so maybe now’s a good time to get to the ending…let’s just say that I was so smart to wait until I had book 2 in hand, Scare Crow. Book 1 ended in a way that is pretty cliffy-ish, and if I didn’t have to write this review I’d already be reading it. Let’s just say I’m a little annoyed with someone’s choices, but I understand. I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds!!

Can. Not. Wait.

Is there anything I didn’t like? Ok, maybe one teensy little thing would have made this even better. But before you read any further please know that my love for this story outweighs this insignificant critique and can’t even bring down the rating to a 4.9. It’s a 5 star all the way. Here it is: the use of the word love too soon. It lessened the intensity of what Emily and Cameron felt. If they had held off using the phrase “I love you” and let actions speak for themselves it would have been stronger, more meaningful. As soon as Emily said it I felt like it made her immature.

On the last thing (ok 2 things) I want to talk about are the title and the cover. At first I didn’t get the title, but the book had so many stellar reviews I didn’t spend much time thinking about it and just started reading. But then it happened and I was like this title is so perfect. I mean, really perfect. I loved when it came together. I love the cover too, it’s spooky, dark, creepy, and mysterious. I believe there’s a lighter cover out there, but this one is the one that made me look and ponder for quite a while.

So finally, the part of my review for you…would I rec this?


So that would be a yes ;)

Tease: The Ivy Chronicles
Tease: The Ivy Chronicles
by Sophie Jordan
Edition: Paperback
Price: $11.70
77 used & new from $0.81

3.0 out of 5 stars A good New Adult Read, but I liked the 1st book better, June 29, 2014
I absolutely loved Foreplay so I was beyond excited to read the next installment in The Ivy Chronicles. While Tease was good, it was no Foreplay. This was more of the typical NA story that we see very often. It was still really enjoyable, and seriously, Shaw is a 5 star book boyfriend all the way so right there this book is worth reading.

In this story we had Emerson, who gave off the appearance of party girl, but really wasn’t. She did that to mask her true self because she was dealing with all sorts of baggage. We also had swoony Shaw, an ex-marine who also had to deal with a lot after his tour of duty, but was not afraid to go after what he wanted. Both were alone, but totally drawn to each other, and once they got their messages right the romance took off. However, it wasn’t without a few bumps along the way.

So, let’s talk more about that romance. I mentioned how it worked once it got off the ground…but the chemistry, that worked from the second Emerson and Shaw laid eyes on each other. Yes, the physical chemistry ALWAYS WORKED and was ALWAYS HOT. *fans self* I’m not kidding. Every. Single. Time. But back to the romance, I enjoyed it when it was on track, but Emerson fought it a lot of the time and frankly I wanted to strangle her because it didn’t make sense or register with me. I couldn’t connect with why she was pushing him away. But, being a smart girl, she got over it and we got to see all the fireworks and puffy hearts by the end, which made me wicked happy.

I have to mention another strong point in this book, and that is the supporting cast of friends. So often they are irrelevant and annoying, but in this series I love them! Pepper, Georgia, Suzanne…love them all. Well, then there’s Annie, but she’s not a friend so that’s ok. :)

The ending was good and wrapped things up well, but it was extremely predictable…from the second Emerson sent the text I knew what was looming. Was it good? Yes, it was still good.

Would I rec this? Sure, it was a sweet, enjoyable quick read that I didn’t want to put down.

Scare Crow:A Crow's Row Love Story
Scare Crow:A Crow's Row Love Story
Price: $7.55

3.0 out of 5 stars Did not love this like I loved book 1, a detached feeling with this one..., June 29, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Don’t hate me guys. I wanted to love this. I did. I was flailing over book 1, Crow’s Row, and could not wait to start this installment. You know I loved book 1 because I was willing to pay $8 for this ebook, which is pretty rare for me to do these days. Scare Crow took days to read, which right there tells you something. With Crow’s Row I barely got any sleep that night. This one, I put down all the time and only finished it because I wanted to start the next book on my TBR.

Romance. There’s good news and bad news.
Want my bad news first? Yes, let’s get it over with. There were the makings of a love triangle. I hate them, yeah I know, some people love them. I am not one of those people. I was cringing. He doesn’t really love her, he just wanted to save her. I’d love a whole other book about that guy though… ;)

The good news is that the intense and amazing love between Cameron and Emmy still exists. Even though they weren’t physically together, their love didn’t wane. In fact, they both reflected on their time together so much that their love actually got stronger even though they were apart.

How the characters felt to me:
I did feel Emily’s despair. The author did a fantastic job with that. I felt like I died a little bit inside too. I’m not sure I felt Cameron’s as much. I wish he spied on her a little bit more. Or something. I felt detached from him in this book.

What I loved so much:
Meatball. I still loved Meatball so much! Gah. That dog is pure awesome.

What I struggled with:
• Parts weren’t realistic like the baby, it was such a back burner issue, and there was such denial about it.
• “Someone” became a drug lord and it didn’t really work for me, even though it’s fiction, I couldn’t buy that storyline.
• The cover. It’s just ok. I love the crow part, but the face…just no. I don’t like it that at all.

The ending
Yeah, I understand that cliffhangers are the way to rope you into the next book, but we didn’t even get to savor any emotions. I waited over 300 pages for something and got 1 minute of time with them. That is what killed me. I think the entire book could have been summed up with all their time apart. And while maybe it was important to the storyline, you also have to keep me engaged, and with no romance I was not engaged in the book.

Would I rec it?
I don’t know. I loved the first book so much. Will I read book 3? Well, if it was out already I would buy it for sure. But if there’s a 2 year wait I will not be buying it. I’ll be over this story. Basically, my rec for you is to wait until the trilogy is complete before buying anything. Book 1 is one of my very favorites ever, though, so now this series is a total mixed bag from me. Good luck!

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