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5.0 out of 5 stars A Good Fit..., September 6, 2012
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This ring arrived much earlier then expected and was in MINT condition. If you are having doubts about receiving the wrong size, or it being of cheaper quality, don't. Top quality, correct size, withstands the high-impact grind of a daily job. Highly recommended.

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Ring You'll Love..., September 6, 2012
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I recieved my ring less then five days after placing the order. It arrived in MINT condition, and in the correct size. I wore this ring immediatley and it has stood through the hardships of my daily job. I highly recommend this item for anyone interested.

14 used & new from $29.49

4.0 out of 5 stars As The City of Babylon Falls..., August 13, 2012
This review is from: Babylon (Audio CD)
W.A.S.P. has returned to us once again; with their impressive fourteenth album. Blackie Lawless, lead singer, over the course of these fourteen albums has in my honest opinion, become one of the strongest song writers in the history of recorded and distributed music. With this album, Blackie and the boys show us their vision of a great and tragic biblical story. The fall of Babylon with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Here is my track-by-track review of "Babylon."

1. Crazy - The album kicks you in the teeth immediatley upon pushing play. Starting with what has become that quintessential W.A.S.P. sound; the listener knows instantly that this is an album by Blackie, and we're all in for a ride. Very much in the same vein as the song "Mercy" is, for their last album "Dominator." Very solid opening to get us all ready. 4.5/5

2. Live To Die Another Day - Following, is a track that I got a sense had a slight 1970's feel to it. Still held that sort of dark undertone that the album is trying to convey; but with a slight air of paying homage to recording artists of the past. Solid guitar work done here, and a pretty catchy hook. 4/5

3. Babylon's Burning - For story purposes of the album, I suppose this is the song that says it all. Amazing imagery which is painted into our heads by the lyrics that Blackie has written. A dark, haunting melody, which is encased by the guitar playing of Doug Blair, and further enticed by the bass lines of Mike Duda. This is a song where it all came together for the band and is one of the solid stand-out tracks of the album. As it is said in the song, "If any man has an ear, let him hear, let him hear." 5/5

4. Burn - The band decides to include their cover of the Deep Purple song here on this album. Originally slated for "Dominator" it wwas pushed to this release. While I will say it is a very good cover, and a solid interpretastion; I feel there is simply no need for it. With an album like "Babylon" that has so much concepts and imagery that can be explored and played with, why include a song already written? Why not write all new material to fill that space? Especially off the heels of the previous track, this song just doesn't fit well or add anything new to the fold. 3/5

5. Into The Fire - Luckily the band bounces back with a solid output here. In vein of the song "Take Me Up" off their "Dominator" album, this song again shows how well the band can harmonize soft melodies, with the dark and haunting undertones. Solid track. 4/5

6. Thunder Red - A very heavy track. I want to give a well deserved shout to Mike Dupke their drummer. Very heavy, very solid. This is also a track where Blackie seems to really let go and show us all that vocally he can still put that hard passion into what is being said. Harmonized beautifully with the guitars and bass and everything comes together. 4.5/5

7. Seas of Fire - With just one listen, you get a solid sense that the very location of Hell is being dipicted here. Again, I feel the drums by Mike Dupke is what brings this all together. A heavy, yet haunting song that brings that imagery and story of the album back to the forefront. 4/5

8. Godless Run - The "ballad" of the album if one wants to consider this to be it. I however look at this song as simply the crescendo of the album. Haunting, and beautifully written by Blackie; and well supported by the band entirely. If you have heard "Heaven's Hung In Black" off "Dominator," then thius is very much in that vein. Amazing song, again showing us all that Blackie has not lost touch when it comes to lyrical content. 5/5

9. Promised Land - This track (a cover of the Chuck Berry classic) I feel is a slightly better fit to the album than "Burn." However, my complaint is still the same; why not have even more new material? The Bible is a place that can inspire so many stories, images, and interpretations, I feel there should be no excuse for a lack of original material. Add to that, while this is a very solid covcer, it simply doesn't fit with the overall feel of the rest of the album. Coming off the heels of the previous track, it definetly doesn't fit. Good cover, poor placement on the album. 3.5/5

There you have it folks, my review of "Babylon." While I must say, I have been a supporter of W.A.S.P. since the day I discovered their music; and while I didn't mind the short length of "Dominator" I simply cannot fathom why this album lacks more originality. As another reviewer had said, 7 new tracks and 2 cover songs is not an album by today's standards. I know Blackie is a gifted songwriter, and with a tool, and an inspiration such as the Book of Revelations in the Bible, there is so much more that could have been done.

This album is worth a purchase if you are a W.A.S.P. fan, but even I can admit, from the standards they have set for themselves, the potential was so great for this story; and it seemes as though something was lost along the way.

Price: $11.02
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4.0 out of 5 stars Delta...Cleared for Take-Off..., November 22, 2011
This review is from: Delta (Audio CD)
Delta Goodrem. A name I have come to know quite well, and an artist I respect and appreciate immensely. I was first introduced to Delta while browsing online, I came across her video "In This Life" on YouTube. Instantly, I fell in love with her voice. Delta is such an incredible, honest, and true talent, it's a shame she has not taken off here in the United States like I believe she should. With that said, here is my track-by-track review of her United States debut album, "Delta."

1. Believe Again - I absolutely LOVE this song. A very strong way to open an album and introduce all us Americans what she is capable of doing. The message is so powerful and positive that after listening, you truly feel like you can do anything. I love the mixture of Delta's voice with the choir in the background; it harmonizes very well. Overall, amazing way to begin and sets the stage for what is to follow. 5/5

2. In This Life - I believe this is the first single off the album, and one can hear why. Another strong song here with a completely positive message of hope and uplifting. Definetly a radio-friendly tune, but make no mistake, Delta is strong on this track and pours all her emotions on here as well. 5/5

3. Possessionless - The message of this song is amazing! Be happy, truly happy with all you have and everything you are! Delta knows this feeling better then most of us, as she has successfully beat her cancer diagnosis. I also love her piano plying on this track and how it harmonizes well with the backing vocals. The passion in her voice is unmistakable. 4/5

4. Born To Try - Again, a very strong tune with a strong message. Here, Delta shows the true power behind her voice. One of the best things about this song is how it builds. Starting softly with just the piano, leads to a full-on uplifting, spiritual song! 4.5/5

5. Bare Hands - This song is amazing. A very haunting feeling behind it, reminds me of something Madonna might do. However, unlike Madonna, Delta keeps her voice so steady and so soothing that everything gels so smoothly together. Backed by a sort of techno beat, the haunting piano keeps the listener on track as Delta guids us through a story of deep imagery. Amazing! 5/5

6. God Laughs - An ode to the old saying, "Everytime we make plans, God changes the circumstances." Again, points back to the message of "Possessionless" Be happy with who you are, under the eyes of God everything will work out the way it's supposed to. The fact that Delta keeps this song on the softer side, contrasts beautifully with the previous track, the transistion is seemless. 4.5/5

7. You Will Only Break My Heart - Delta strikes back here with another up-beat, electronic inspired song to being an independent woman. She points out here that everytime she gets close to someone, they break her heart. The electronic beats here surprisingly bring it all together, as Delta again keeps her voice smooth, which draws us all in. 4.5/5

8. Woman - Off the heels of the previous track, Delta slows it down and proclaims in no uncertain terms that yes, she is a woman, and deserves to be loved as such but more than that, as another human being in general. What draws me into this song is her voice, again powerful and unwaivering in the message. 4/5

9. Brave Face - This is another strong song, and a very underrated tune overall. In the same vein as "Born To Try" this is a song that starts slow and builds throughout. Delta remains strong, but deep down in the layers she conveys a sense of vunerability. Which works, as the message overall is to remain strong no matter what we all face. 5/5

10. I Can't Break It To My Heart - Another ballad of sorts here but Delta makes it shine. The piano work here is what amazes me. Very soft, yet genuine. I feel as though everything harmonizes so well here that as a listener you truly feel some of the pain Delta must be going through. Don't look past this song, it will take you by surprise every time. 4.5/5

11. One Day - A very upbeat song here, could easily be played in a club. Delta stays strong with another positive message of being happy with who you are, but never stop striving to learn more as you grow. The backing vocals and the bass line is what ties everything together here, as Delta's voice again has a haunting feel to it! 5/5

12. Angels In The Room - I'll be honest, the first few times I listened to this album, this song flew under my radar. I wasn't truly anamored with it. However, recently sitting and hearing it all over again, this song is easily one of my favorites! The piano playing is exceptional and Delta keeps it all slow, haunting, and absolutely REAL! I LOVE this song! 5/5

There you go all, my review of "Delta." This is an album not to be missed and truly shows that she deserves all the recognition she gets and more. An amazing album overall and well worth a listen from everyone!

Price: $10.94
87 used & new from $4.36

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5.0 out of 5 stars Let The Wind Carry You Home..., October 8, 2011
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This review is from: Blackbird (Audio CD)
By now I'm sure you all know the story behind Alter Bridge or else you wouldn't be on this page looking into their music. So, rather then go into all that, I want to bring you my honest review of their album "Blackbird." I'll start my saying I actually do not own their first album so, in comparison to their debut, I have none.

1. Ties That Bind - A very killer, hard-hitting way bto begin this album. Myles' vocals are a bit harder, yet mesh so well with the guitar work and the bass line. The bass line is what I believe gives this track that rawness and hard feel it has. A definit highlight to begin and get us all ready for what's to come. 5/5

2. Come To Life - Again, a very heavy intro right off the bat; the guitar work here is incredibly solid, and the drums come through with such power it makes you rock out instantly. Myles lets his voice harmonize over the heaviness again, and what you get is pure emotion in a rock 'n roll way. Amazing. 5/5

3. Brand New Start - This is a song I believe is a slight ode to Creed, and where Alter Bridge wants to go as their own band. Also, meaningful to Myles and what he's going through and wants to change. The vocals here are what do it. Very strong, powerful, and hauntingly emtional. 5/5

4. Buried Alive - I'll admit, I wasn't crazy about this song when I first heard it and truthfully I don't know if I'm 100% behind it. The guitars and drums are solid; but for me, something doesn't quite fit. It seems to me, the chorus is actually a step ahead of where the guitars and bass are trying to go. A strong track overall, but you may find it just a bit off. 4/5

5. Coming Home - Another solid tune here. I absolutely love the guitars and how they just exhude a deep rawness. Vocally, it seems haunting. As a listener, you can tell there is a deep level of emotion being poured into this track. Yet another strong effort. 4/5

6. Before Tomorrow Comes - A very, very strong tune here. In the beginning you're made to feel that this could be a ballad, however, what you get is a very heavy, uplifting and inspiring song. Again, the powerful vocals of Myles Kennedy is what brings everything together here. Amazing song. 4.5/5

7. Rise Today - Perhaps the second best known song off the album. Following in the same vein as the previous track, this song is heavy, raw, and full of that positive message to rise up and overcome. This is indeed one of my favorite songs off the album, and you can see why it's a single as well. The guitars and drum work on this song will make your jaw drop. 5/5

8. Blackbird - I LOVE this song. This is a song that has come to have such a deep meaning to me that I truly canno explain it. Myles provides vocals that are haunting, yet so strong and emotional that yiou know he means what he says. This is THE SONG off the album! Everything harmonizes so well. The heavy guitars, drums, and bass, combined with such a strong vocal performance, just makes you say "wow!" A truly amazing piece of art here! 5/5

9. One By One - Off the heels of such a powerful track, you don't know what to expect from these guys. What do you get? A very heavy, solid track which again showcases the vocal talent of Myles Kennedy. There is truly no shortage of energy and emotion on this song. Another heavy, yet meaninbgful song. 5/5

10. Watch Over You - This is the ballad off the album, and it is amazing. As I listen to this song I can honestly see that very real emotion is poured in. There is a sort of dream-like serenity that falls over you as you listen and it is almost as if you're dragged into a story. Trust me, just shut your eyes and watch where your mind takes you when you listen to this song. Another amazing performance from Myles and the boys here. 5/5

11. Break Me Down - This to me is the weakest song off the album. Not saying it's weak as it stands by itself, however, it just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the album. I have a hard time hearing whether it's supposed to be a slower song, harder song, straight rocker, or one with a message. The drum work and guitar work are again solid, but overall I do find myself able to do without this song from time to time. 4/5

12. White Knuckles - For some reason I wasn't crazy about this song upon first listen, however this is one song that has grown on me and has become a definite favorite! A very hard-hitting and heavy sound here, which meshes VERY well with the vocal range of Myles! This song will get stuck in your head after a few listens, trust me. 4.5/5

13. Wayward One - If you have the copy I have, this is the final track. At first, I again wasn't too crazy about this song. Yet, the more I listened, the more haunting and mesmerizing I found it to be. Another very strong vocal performance here, and the guitars by Tremonti really scream out. Overall, a very strong way to go out, and really leaving us fans wanting more! 4.5/5

There you have it folks, my review of "Blackbird" in a nutshell. A definite buy if your a fan of Alter Bridge, or even good musicianship in general. Myles Kennedy has one of the best voices in the music industry today and should not be missed!

Price: $9.00
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3.0 out of 5 stars Let's Do Some Damage..., October 3, 2011
This review is from: Damage (Audio CD)
I first heard these guys while searching on Youtube. I was going to see Alter Bridge, and I saw that Emphatic was on the bill as the opening act. I came across the song "Stronger" and immediately liked what my ears were hearing. This brings us to the debut album from Emphatic, entitled "Damage."

1. Do I - I Love this song. To me, as a new up-and-coming band appealing to the masses of rock 'n roll this is the type of song you want to lead with. Pretty heavy, solid vocals and a catchy chorus. I was also pumped when they played his live. For me, this is the strongest song on the album which is both good and bad. 5/5

2. Get Paid - A good follow-up song here as it remains pretty heavy and seemingly just a solid rocker. The one weakness I see (which begins here and follows repeatedly throughout the album) is the weakness of the lyrics. A good, solid rocking tne overall; just not the best lyrically. 4/5

3. Put Down The Drink - A solid outing. This song is caught in the middle somewhere as I wouldn't quite consider it a ballad, but it has elements of such a thing. Again, some aspects of the lyrics as a whole can come across slightly cheesy, but overall, another good rocker here with a slightly slower feel. 4/5

4. Bounce - Let me just say, I like the energy of this track I do. I also understand that this song is probably the one single that the record company made the band write and release in order to get any play and/or any extensive support on a tour. Overall, a solid strsight rocker which is very heavy. However, lyrically some of the cheesiest I've heard, and one you can tell is simply there for radio play. I feel that this song is a step down from what I can see this band is capable of doing. 3/5

5. A Place To Fall - Luckily the band seems to (no pun intended here) bounce back with a very, very solid song. Again, I personally wouldn't consider this song a ballad by the standards, but it is a very good track. Lyrically they are stronger and the words really seem to mean something. Overall the band seems to be very well put together here and shows us a glimpse of what may be coming in the future. 5/5

6. Beg - Another mediocre song follows however. This for me is quite a shame and this is where I begin to see the ups and downs of this record as a whole. Albeit this song isn't quite as bad lyrically as "Bounce" but it seems to me the band is trying to hard to come across as Motley-Crue type rockers who just on't care about the law, etc. Maybe it's just the record company again but I feel they can do better then this. 3.5/5

7. Tonight - This is the ballad of the album. Where the other two were riding the border, here is where the band brought out their softer side. For me though, something comes up short. It's not a bad song per se, it just comes across as slightly a generic sounding ballad. One that again, every band NEEDS on their album before the record company will back it 100%. Ballads bring in the most well-rounded radio play and that is what record companies want. Overall, good but very average. 3/5

8. Pride - I want to like this song I really do. There are elements to the song that I do like. It seems to be a very positive and inspiring type song, but again the lyrics are the downfall. With a very solid musical arraingment (particularly good drum playing) the lyrics just don't make this song believable. Overall, a good attempt but falls short. 3.5/5

9. Original Sin - I like this song. This is a song where again, the band shows signs of what they can do. Lyrically even this song isn't tat strong, but it is a very straight foward rocker and gets you hooked. A song that will get you pumped. Good track by the guys here. 4.5/5

10. Don't Forget About Me - The album closes here with another ballad. This song however has some good lyrics and one you can tell comes from prsonal experience by one or all of the bandmates. Good guitar playing here and the vocals just seem to gel, harmonizing with everything. The album ends on a very high note here. 4.5/5

Overall, you get a debut album by Emphatic which I consider slightly above average. I would give this album a total of 3.5/5 stars. To me they need to work on a couple things. One, the lyrics. Cheesy on some (okay most) of the album. Two, being who they are. Don't let the record company scare you. I urge anyone to give these guys a chance. They put on a very good live show and have massive potential. One final thing, I would have replaced one song (probably Beg or Pride) with "Stronger." That's a killer track that needs to be released on an album in the future.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Fate of All Humans..., October 3, 2011
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This review is from: Iconoclast (Audio CD)
Symphony X; the Gods of Progressive Rock/Metal have returned. This time around, we have been blessed with the arival of an album of truly epic proportions. That album? Iconoclast.

I will admit, upon first listen of this album, there was a part of me that didn't like it. Then, I gave it another shot and truly listened. This is not Paradise Lost 2, this is Iconoclast, the SX version o what will surely be the downfall of our human society. So, without further ado, here is my track-by-track review of "Iconoclast."

1. Iconoclast - This is how to begin an album. That typical haunting and dark sound of Symphony X, that builds then punches you right in the face! Everything on this track works. The guitars, drums, bass, all very heavy; yet they don't drown out the vocals of Allen. The harmonies are perfect here, and the break in the middle with the epic guitar solo with the choir, ah that's the trademark of these guys. Very, very good beginning to wet our appetite for what is to come. 5/5

2. The End of Innocence - Not stopping for anything, track two starts hard, heavy, and again right in your face. There is a bit more of the classical undertones here which gel so well with the solid guitar plying. Allen's vocals here are incredible and truly show why h is one of the best in the world. One of my favorite songs overall; just amazing. 5/5

3. Dehumanized - Here was a song that initially turned me off. The track is very heavy and hard-hitting, but for me I couldn't initially get into how the vocals were arrainged throughout the song. Upon listening more, I can see it works very well as Allen has more of the growl and deeper impact over the heavy layers of the guitars and bass. Great song theme-wise as it really brings the listeners into full swing. 4.5/5

4. Bastards of the Machine - Again, this was a song I was initially turned off by. The guitar work here is absolutely superb. Gels very solid with the heavy and endless drums. However, Allen's vocals too me just didn't mesh. Upon further listening, I find it does work well however I still feel there is something a little off with this track. As I listened, I feel it is simply the fact that there may be too much going on on this one track. While heavy, and intense overall, there are elements that seem to get lost in the shuffle. 4/5

5. Heretic - Here is a song that is heavy all the way through, and everything seems to work in harmony with everything else. Amazing guitars, heavy drums, and deep, dark, broading vocals. What makes it so good is the small elements of the classical music underneath the heaviness. Heretic is a solid rocker off the album. 4.5/5

6. Children of a Faceless God - This is a song that seems to have everything wrapped into one. If you liked "Paradise Lost" if you liked "V" and if you liked "Divine Wings..." this song is one that wraps all of it together. I LOVE the guitar work on this track. Each member of the band seemed to have brought their A-game here; just an amazing track. 5/5

7. Electric Messiah - Again, hard hitting, in your face, and fast. This seesm to be the song that sums up the theme of the album as a whole. Very, very intense guitar work here; and Allen seems to pour every emotion into the vocal arraigment. Very solid tune, fits extremely well. 4.5/5

8. Prometheus (I Am Alive) - I LOVE this track. To me again, it seems to have every element that we fans have come to know and love about the band. Heavy riffs, solid bass, and killer vocals. This to me is a hidden gem on the album and really one that brings the theme into a close from the heavy and dark concept. Amazing. 5/5

9. When All Is Lost - I won't lie, when I first heard this song, I didn't like it. To me it just didn't fit with the rest of the album. The rest of the album was so raw, dark, and heavy that this song just seemed very, very out of place. Recently though, as I listen further I can see that it is really a song thst brings the album to a solid close. With the rest of it being so heavy, Allen's vocals along with the piano are a sort of calm release. Telling the listener that this journey is coming to a close, and to understand the dependence we all have on technology; which is too much. A very solid tune that again shows us all that Allen can sing with the best of them. 4.5/5

There you have it, "Icooclast." For any and all fans of Symphony X this is a must have!

Chasing the Grail
Chasing the Grail
Price: $15.01
41 used & new from $3.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars Chasing The Grail...And Living A Dream!, February 1, 2011
This review is from: Chasing the Grail (Audio CD)
I have been a fan of Fozzy since their inception. Like most, I was drawn to the band due to their front man, Mr. Chris Jericho. Since then, I can say 100% I am a fan of Fozzy because they are a truly talented band. Their latest release "Chasing The Grail" shows a continuing maturity in their writing, performing, and overall existence as a band. Without further ado, my track by track review of "Chasing The Grail."

1. Under Blackened Skies - At first listen, I was a little unsure about this song. Although impressed with the heavy guitar riffs, solo, and drum playing, I wasn't too crazy about how the vocal arraignment meshed with the song as a whole. However, the more I listened, the more I liked. Very heavy, and a solid way to begin an album! 5/5

2. Martyr No More - The first single off the album. A very well put together song, one that you can tell is ready for radio play. Save some semi-cliche lyrics; the delivery is perfect and the guitar work here is amazing! Again pretty heavy, solid stuff! 4.5/5

3. Grail - Again I wasn't 100% sold on this song. However again with a few more listens I was hooked. In many ways in could be viewed as a sort of inspirational song. I truly love the guitar work on this song and how it meshes so well into the hook. The vocal performance is delivered well. My only complaint is that it would seem they were looking for words to merely rhyme, sometimes with no reason. 4/5

4. Broken Soul - My one complaint with this song is the transition into it from the previous track. Somehow in the beginning it just seems out of place. Once you get past tat however, it is a very solid tune. The very first ballad to make a Fozzy album as well. Pretty deep if you think about it! 4.5/5

5. Let The Madness Begin - Truly a metal song through and through!! Heavy riffs, solid drum work, vocals and lyrics that just scream metal! Although I feel it could have benefited from being a bit heavier (especially in the chorus) it's definitely worth a listen for any metal fan. 4.5/5

6. Pray For Blood - With a title like this, you'd think it would be insanely heavy. Luckily that's what we get. Although it's not heavy say in comparisons to "screamer metal" it is definitely one of those dark and foreboding songs. Very much like an Iron maiden tune might be. Although not my favorite off the album; still worth a listen or two. 3.5/5

7. New Day's Dawn - I love this song! Everything about this song just gelled together so well. Fro the very beginning with Rich's falsetto voice, to Chris' vocals, the guitars, the deep bass, everything! I think this would be their hidden gem off the album. I've grown to like it so much that my band and I (who have just reformed with new members) are looking to adopt this as our new band name! 5/5

8. God Pounds His Nails - Again, solid and heavy. This song mixes so well coming off the heels of the previous track and again everything gels together! Heavy drum work here as well. I'd say it's the "pump-up anthem" off the album and a true rocker! 5/5

9. Watch Me Shine - The band follows up with another near perfect tune. Is this a ballad? I wouldn't say so in its own right; but I do feel it has romantic undertones to it. At the same time it's a very strong and uplifting track for everyone! 5/5

10. Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday The 13th) - This song reminds me a lot of something Iron Maiden or Queensryche would write. At first I was unsure but again was pleasantly surprised at how well everything comes together. It will surprise you because it'll be stuck in your head for days afterward and you won't even realize it! 4.5/5

11. Revival - A very very solid outing from the band here. I feel Chris put everything he had emotionally into this song. Very solid drum work that seems to fit well with a deep, haunting bass. 4/5

12. Wormwood - This is THE TRACK! The great 14 minute epic that everyone is talking about! I couldn't believe it when I heard it at first. The topic is a very interesting one to be putting into song and the way the band had split up the various sections of the story make it feel almost like a mini-album in itself! Very impressive all around here, I would welcome more of the same by the band in future releases. Just truly amazing! 5/5

There you have it folks. If you are a Fozzy fan and don't already own this piece of art..why not? And, if you're a fan of metal but are unsure if this album or band will live up to the hype; think no more! Fozzy is here to stay!

The Real Man's Guide to Fixin' Stuff: How to Repair Anything You Need (or Just Want) to Know How to Fix
The Real Man's Guide to Fixin' Stuff: How to Repair Anything You Need (or Just Want) to Know How to Fix
by Nick Harper
Edition: Paperback
Price: $11.11
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good For Anyone..., October 10, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
As a 24 year old guy who has been living on his own for awhile now, I've had the pleasure of encountering many troubles of everyday items breaking down. Now, other than some quick thinking on my part, I've never been one that has known how to fix things the "right" way.

That is where this book comes in. After seeing it right here on Amazon, I decided, hey a "How to fix stuff..." book couldn't hurt. Having seen the positive reviews on this particular book, I decided it was for me. Not a disappointing purchase here.

You will notice that many of the solutions offered may seem like common sense. However, if you'd of thought of them yourself, you wouldn't be on this page looking at this book now would you? That said, even though many of the solutions do appear to be common sense, they help out tremendously. At the very least, they get you started in the right direction.

Overall, a very worthwhile purchase; and a book that every new bachelor living alone should own!

Price: $12.58
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Full Recovery..., September 27, 2010
This review is from: Recovery (Audio CD)
I, like many have been a fan of Eminem since he burst on the scene, showing everyone in the world his undeniable skill he possesses when it comes to words. Believed by some, to be the best rapper of all time, Marshall Mathers could retire right now, and forever leave his mark within not only the hip-hop community, but the entire musical world as it stands. "Recovery" happens to be his latest release, a little more than a year after his previous effort "Relapse."

"Relapse" is widely considered by fans and critics alike, as perhaps Eminem's weakest output. Hence, clean off of his addiction, Shady strikes back with perhaps his strongest outings. With this understanding, I'd like to offer you all with my track by track review of "Recovery."

1. Cold Wind Blows - The album kicks off with a pretty tight beat, and Eminem getting us fans ready for what promises to be a sick ride. A pretty catchy chorus, with Shady doing what he does best. Overall, a strong track to begin the album and doesn't disappoint. 5/5

2. Talkin' 2 Myself (Feat. Kobe) - An awesome track here! Kobe does an amazing job in the background with the chorus. Eminem apologizes to his fans (and fellow rappers he felt jealous of at the time) for letting elements of his skill fall off due to addiction. The rhymes are tight, and doesn't stick with one syllable measures. A sog that flows very nicely throughout. 5/5

3. On Fire - This track seems to be one of those where Eminem just has fun. He shows his skill here throughout, with a sick beat that flows with. It did take me a couple listens for it to really grab me, but in the end it holds up and definetly belongs on the album. 4/5

4. Won't Back Down (Feat. Pink) - I have tried to like this track, I really have. However, after countless listens there seems to be something missing. Don't get me wrong, I like Pink, and she is strong in the chorus of this song, but I'm not sure if she mixes well with this track. Also, although Eminem is once again strong lyrically, his rhymes don't seem to go anywhere. It seems as though he rhymes here for the sake of rhyming and nothing more. Not a terrible track, but you may find yourself skipping it from time to time. 3.5/5

5. W.T.P. - The party track of the album. Picture previous gems like "D*ug Ballad" or "C*m On Everybody" from the Marshall Mathers LP and Slim Shady LP respectively; add a more mature Eminem, and you get this track! The beat is hot, and the rhymes and lyrical structure of this song makes it one of the hidden gems off the record. 5/5

6. Going Through Changes - A track dedicated to his daughters, Proof, the fans, and himself as his vows to himself to get up and fight against all that has kept him down. This is one track you can definetly tell Eminem has matured dramatically in his lyrics. Structurally, the song also has samples of Hailey's voice from past albums which create an even more intimate feel. Overall, an amazing track offered to us by Slim. 5/5

7. Not Afraid - The first single off the album. An amazing track all the way through. Lyrically, Eminem shows us again just how much he's matured. This is an uplifting track for any people who may be struggling with things in their lives. Again, he apologizes to us fans for the way he may have let us down in past albums. Strong chorus, with great use of a choir as well. 5/5

8. Seduction - This for me, is one of my favorite tracks within the whole album. There has been much debate as to who or what this song may be directed towards. Nick Cannon? Haystack? Is he "seducing" the rap game? Hmm?? Either way, the beat to this track is amazing, and Eminem appears to be 100% on his game lyrically as well. I believe this is a true hidden gem here and wouldn't mind if it became a single somewhere down the line! 5/5

9. No Love (Feat. Lil Wayne) - At first I was unsure about this song because I felt that Lil Wayne and Eminem had such drastically different styles that they conflicted. However, the more I've listened, their respective styles flow incredibly well together. An awesome outing here by Wayne who seemingly was on his game for Eminem 100%. Eminem also kills it here as I literally had my jaw open when I heard his part at first. I also love the sampling of Haddaway's "What is Love?" 5/5

10. Space Bound - A complete departure of what we're used to hearing from Em on this track. An amazing flow here from the beat, lyrics, and a very strong hypnotic chorus that will definitely be stuck in your head for days. Awesome track overall and much like "Seduction" is definitely single-worthy. 5/5

11. Cinderella Man - This track is to "Recovery" what "Til I Collapse" is to "The Eminem Show." The difference here is again we see the maturity of Shady. Some of the sickest lyrics I've heard in a song and a flow that is addictive and strong! This is a bonafide diamond. Will be sure to have you rapping along all the way through. 5/5

12. 25 To Life - This track again shows a deeper side to Eminem. The chorus is haunting yet peaceful at the same time. On top of that, the beat is tight and the flow is just as good. It makes the listener wonder exactly who or what Eminem is talking about. A relationship? the rap game itself? Either way, with the back vocals done by Liz Rodriguez, makes this a stand-out performance. 5/5

13. So Bad - This is a track similar to "Seduction." Lyrically very strong with a very tight beat to carry the flow throughout. It also has a very infectious chorus. Overall, Shady remains strong all the way through. 4.5/5

14. Almost Famous - It took me awhile to really form an opinion on this track. My first reaction was that thee is so much going on here, everything seems jumbled together. Although the lyrics are tight, I find it hard to feel how the chorus flows with the rest of the song. Part of me likes it because it reminds me of "Amityville" off the Marshall Mathers LP, but again I feel it is a lot of material stuffed into one track, and doesn't really work in the end. 3.5/5

15. Love The Way You Lie (Feat. Rihanna) - The second single offered to us. Hauntingly beautiful despite the lyrics. Almost creates a sort of oxymoron. Rihanna's voice gels so well with Eminem. The arrangement is very strong, with the strings, piano, violin, and hints of a choir. Everything flows together so smoothly on this song it's no wonder it fits the radio for a single. 5/5

16. You're Never Over - A track solely dedicated to Proof. Perhaps the most influential person in Eminem's life. For those that don't know Proof, I encourage you to read up on him, D12, and his influence on Eminem. I love this song 100%. The beat is one of the strongest off the album, and the lyrics are right with it. Eminem even sings again on this track, and pours his heart into every last bit. Amazing track! R.I.P. Proof. 5/5

17. Untitled - A bonus track for us fans. I must say that even though the lyrics are tight, to me there is no need for this track. You figure that after an amazingly strong track dedicated to Proof, what would you have to follow on thos album? Overall, not a bad track per se but there is just no need for it. 3.5/5

Overall, this album is by far one of the best rap albums I've heard in quite awhile. Eminem show us he has matured to a level that is finally allowing his true talent to shine. On this album, we don't hear about his mother, his ex-wife Kim in a bad light, and there aren't a lot of shots at pop celebs! well what does it have? A grown-up Eminem who appears to be back on top!

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