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Denon HEOS 3 Wireless Speaker
Denon HEOS 3 Wireless Speaker
Price: $299.00

9 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Impressive sound quality/no audible latency!, July 11, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
THIS REVIEW is for BOTH the HEOS 3 and HEOS 5.....

The Denon HEOS line is to 2014 what the Bose Wave Radio was to 2004. A smallish, self contained unit that outputs high fidelity sound. Of course, the Bose only played CD's and OTA Radio. Times have changed and people expect more. Much more.

And MUCH MORE is exactly what you get with the Denon HEOS line-up.

I have both the HEOS 3 and HEOS 5 and will review both units, as individual standalones and as part of a multi HEOS system although both have much in common.

Going in, it is very important to realize that the HEOS system is absolutely dependent on external control for both speaker operation and media control. (not counting the included physical volume control) You WILL require either an Android or iOS device to make this work. You will be required to download the HEOS app and you MUST have a home network, preferably wireless, although you can use the included Ethernet port for a hard wired connection.

Making connections with all your external devices, local storage, etc. is accomplished thru the HEOS software. As with all software, there is a learning curve albeit a small one in this case. In my case I am using a Kindle Fire HD for control and can access my music files from that device plus others on my local network. There is also a USB port for local attached storage so even if you never connect to cloud based music services such as Pandora, you can still play a multitude of music. Choices. You have plenty of choices.

Connectivity has been a non issue for me. Once the software updated itself (twice w/restarts) I was good to go. Our home network is based around the newest Verizon Fios router and we pay for their "Quantum" speed. I have yet to hear any dropped audio, although there IS a slight delay/lag at times for both responses to playlist changes and volume control messages. It is very minimal but perceptible.

I'll tell you what I like and do not like about the HEOS so far.

Likes: Excellent aesthetics, very nicely constructed with premium build quality, sound quality (on the 3) that equals or possibly surpasses the original Bose Wave radio. Even the HEOS 3 is capable of decent sound levels and for smallish rooms (ie: bathrooms, kitchen, small bedroom, etc.) it is more than sufficient. For larger bedrooms, family rooms or a large living area I would definitely steer you towards the HEOS 5 or HEOS 7. (more on the HEOS 5 at the bottom of this review)

The ability to play a different song in every room is a feature I will probably never use but nice to have if you are having a party and some want to slow dance and others want to rave. Again, it's all about choices with the HEOS system.

If you are using multiple HEOS units throughout the home, the single most important thing you need to worry about is signal latency. In the case of HEOS, it is so low that it is virtually indistinguishable from unit to unit. NO flanging can be heard between units, no digital delay, etc. They are basically synced and rock solid to the naked ear.

While the Denon HEOS produces quality sound and in abundance, it is necessary for me to state flat out that these will never replace a full sized sound system, at least not for me. I grew up with large stand along speakers that were connected with wires to an actual stereo amplifier/pre-amp. Yes, I am from the stone age. For MOST people though, the HEOS system, especially if you include a model 5 or 7 in the set-up, will be more then enough to rock the house day after day, night after night. The class D amps drive the enclosures to perfection. They ARE loud. They DO rock and most listeners WILL be impressed with these. I admit to being one of them.

Also, these run a bit warm, but NOT hot. Included cables are of good quality and I have found nothing overly "cheap" about any of it.

Dislikes: So far, the most irritating thing about the HEO for me is the seemingly inability to dim the operation LED. It is too bright for my taste and I would like to dim it or better yet, to turn it OFF. Hopefully a software upgrade can alleviate this. Wi-Fi only, no Bluetooth. There are good solid reasons for this, but I would have preferred the option.

Home Share files need to be recognized and made usable. Streaming from Amazon requires a direct connection with your phone or device. (unless I am doing something wrong) Also, even though an Aux in jack is provided (and cable as well) you still can't use it without going thru their software. I would prefer being able to use the speaker in standalone mode w/ no network needed if that was what I wanted to do. No dice!

A savvy Amazon member and Vine Voice informed me where the EQ controls are located.
Quoting from William Gross: "In the HEOS app, under "Music," there's a cog icon on the screen. Go in there, pick My Devices, pick the HEOS device, then pick EQ, and there you can adjust the bass/treble." Thanks very much William!

IF I could pick JUST ONE feature I wish could be added, it would be the ability to run the HEOS app from a networked PC. For me, that would be the very best way to use this. My wish for this painfully shows just how "old school" I am.

In Conclusion:

In the end, it is all about the sound! In the case of the Denon HEOS product line, sound quality is a non issue. These sound good. VERY good. Mids and Highs sparkle on the 3, but the low end is a bit weak. This is to be expected. Again, if you need MORE low end, go with the 5 or 7 model.

Alone, or as part of a multi-room system, the Denon HEOS 3 can give you wireless access to your music collection and from most cloud based services. The sound quality is WAY above average for this type of device and the build quality is excellent. The HEOS 3 is an exceptionally good value and after being a former Bose Wave owner, I can firmly attest to the fact that you get more, MUCH MORE with the Denon HEOS system than Bose has ever offered and for MUCH less money!

INFO specific to the HEOS 5 Wireless speaker:

The HEOS 5 sits right in the sweet spot between models 3 and 7 in both performance and price. My system consists of the 3 and 5 so I will note the differences.

It's a much larger unit and shaped differently. Sound seems to emanate in an almost 360 degrees pattern. It truly is impressive in action. Build quality is high end as well.

Audio quality is much improved with the HEOS 5. Noticeable stereo separation is apparent when standing/sitting in the sweet spot right in front of the speaker. Bass response along with overall volume levels are also enhanced greatly. With 2 sets of tweeters and "Mid-Woofer" drivers , plus a passive radiator for low frequencies, you are getting a much more well rounded audio delivery system. You can easily fill a mid sized room with music with the 5, but it still lacks the thumping low end performance you would get from even a modest dedicated subwoofer, as far as bass response goes. This isn't saying there is no bass. There is, and it is quite pleasing. Just keep your expectations in check and you won't be disappointed.

IN a recent announcement, Denon says they will be in introducing a subwoofer to the lineup so those who require more bass will soon be able to get it and all within the wireless HEOS system. That's what I call good thinking! Bassheads can rejoice!

Comparing the HEOS 5 to a Soundbar/ small Sub combo, this Denon will stand up admirably. Hands down better than ANY boombox I used to own over the years and better sounding than any mini shelf system I have owned, some of which cost many times more. I feel the unit has power to spare and I could get it's volume level up to the point where it was more than loud enough and still not hear any distortion from the built-in amps or speaker array.

Again, it is important to note than when using both the HEOS 3 AND 5 together and playing the same program material, there is no audible latency between the two speakers. The HEOS app will let you decide which speaker you wish to control and what each one should be doing. It sounds more complicated than it is actually. In use, it is not at all difficult to control both speakers for whatever purpose you desire. Whether you have different songs playing on each, or the same on both, the HEOS 3 and 5 (and 7 if you have one) act together as part of a system.

As far as quality and product longevity, I can attest to the fact that my Denon AVR is still going strong after 6 years of daily use. I have no reason to believe this product won't last as long. Denon gives you a nice 2 year warranty on the full range of HEOS components, a very welcome change from the usual 90 days parts and labor stuff that many manufacturers stick you with.

Recommended by ME, Marty G !
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Curel Rough Skin Rescue, 13 Ounce
Curel Rough Skin Rescue, 13 Ounce
Offered by ToysOnline
Price: $25.08

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Seems as good or better than Gold Bond for cracked feet, July 8, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I admit to having a problem with dry and cracked skin on the bottom of my feet. It is a major pain and I have to deal with it year round. For the last 4 years I have used Gold Bond and it has seemed to keep things in check, while not fully solving the ongoing problem.

I was eager to try this Curel and since it is fragrance free (a must for cracked skin) I was more than willing to give it a shot. Long story short, it works and actually seems to last longer than the Gold Bond which required twice daily applications.

My only actual criticism is this product seems to be overpriced. I simply cannot afford to shell out 25 bucks a bottle when I can get a 3 pack of Gold Bond for almost the same price.

This Curel Rough Skin rescue is a fine product and it works exactly as advertised. However, it is just priced too high for me to consider using on a regular basis.

Bottom line, great if you can afford it.

Quartet Cork Bulletin Board, 3 x 2 Feet, Black Aluminum Frame (2303B)
Quartet Cork Bulletin Board, 3 x 2 Feet, Black Aluminum Frame (2303B)
Price: $35.99
25 used & new from $11.15

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very well built !, July 8, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
This thing is really constructed well. Heavy duty in every way that matters. It will last a good long time and while it is a bit of a pain to hang/mount, the end result is a rock solid bulletin board that will easily stand up to repeated and extended usage.

The frame is aluminum, not plastic and the cork is quite dense. It is not going to fall apart on you. Dimensions are just right for office applications. It easily bests my less expensive red bulls-eye store model and has replaced it in my study.

While a bit on the pricey side of things, if you want top quality you will need to shell out just a bit more. The longevity of this product should outweigh the slightly higher price. I really do believe it is worth the price and built to last.

What more could you ask for in a bulletin board?

Fekkai Essential Shea Shampoo 8 Fl Oz
Fekkai Essential Shea Shampoo 8 Fl Oz
Price: $14.26
24 used & new from $10.24

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Top Quality + Extended Manageability!, July 8, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Fekkai Essential Shea Shampoo is perhaps the priciest shampoo I have ever tried. I had high expectations and quite honestly I was not let down in the slightest. Let me tell you why.

First of all, as expected, a little goes a long way. It is a smallish size and wouldn't be worth the cost if it wasn't highly concentrated. It is.

Second, it thoroughly cleans both my hair and scalp. There is no doubt that this shampoo does a superior job. None.

Third, it rinses out clean and leaves no discernible residue. (other than a pleasant scent) ** while the scent is a bit much out of the bottle, once rinsed out it is light.

While all these points combine to make an excellent product, there is one more extraordinary thing I have noticed after using Fekkai Essential Shea and simply put, this shampoo leaves my hair more manageable for much longer than ANY other product I have tried in recent years. The extra control and just plain feeling of “clean” lasts at least 2 days for me. I have oily skin and hair and this benefit is simply amazing to me.

The old axiom 'You get what you pay for' really comes into play with this shampoo.
Yep, it is pricey, but it is also a superior product.

Totally recommended by ME, Marty G

Denon AH-C120MA Studio Quality In-Ear Headphones with 1-Button Smartphone Remote
Denon AH-C120MA Studio Quality In-Ear Headphones with 1-Button Smartphone Remote
Price: $99.00
3 used & new from $99.00

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Replaced my Ultimate Ears with these, June 26, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I mainly use ear buds for 'on the go' listening. For at home listening I use Hi Fi Man 500's and Tesla T-90's but they are open back, not portable and when out and about I prefer the convenience of a good sounding pair of ear buds. Until I tried these new Denon's, those earbuds were my Ultimate Ears that I think I paid around the same price for some 5 years back.

The Denon's improve upon my 5 year old Ultimate Ears in every single way. I had previously found the Ultimate Ears to have the best price/performance ratio, but I am quickly changing my tune. ((no pun intended)

With 4 sets of various sized tips, you are sure to get a good fit. For them to fit any better I would need a custom mold made of my ear canal. Of course, fit is everything if you want good bass and noise isolation. Once I found the right size for myself (Large, in my case) I was very happy to discover the sheer amount of musical fidelity these things can actually produce. Hey, $100 is a LOT for most people to spend on ear buds and as such you would hope to get something that sounds better than your cheaper pairs or the ones that came with your Apple or other product. Rest assured, these DO sound quite a bit better.

While not providing top of the line "Audiophile" sound, these Denon AH-C120MA 's present a very well tonally balanced sound. Lows, Mids and Highs are all well within what I would consider to be a respectable tonal range and balance. You won't get booming pounding bass from these, but you will get appropriately balanced sounding bass. The mids are especially good and the highs are neither brittle or overbearing.

Besides the multiple tips, you get a nice little carrying case, an adapter for Sony Cell phones and a decent oxygen free cable with built in mic and integrated 1 button remote for your Apple, Android or other branded smart phones. I am not using these with any devices that take advantage of those features and as such can not comment on them.

However, for straight forward music listening, these are really good sounding ear buds. Efficient enough to be driven by ANY source and with enough fidelity to satisfy almost every user. Just for fun I tried them with a few movies, connected to my Denon AVR and I was very surprised at how well they did. While they will never replace full sized headphones for me, for good well balanced sound on the go these are exactly what I had hoped they would be. They are certainly a cut above and my new "go to" ear buds.

Are they really worth the asking price? Well, only you can decide that, but they are certainly better than any of my other ear buds and I used to think my Ultimate Ears were tops. Not anymore.

Nice one Denon! While YMMV, I do recommend them to anyone who is not satisfied with their current "stock" ear buds and want to hear something better. These definitely ARE better!

Epson LabelWorks LW-600P App-enabled, Portable Label Printer with Bonus 1" (24mm) Tape Cartridge
Epson LabelWorks LW-600P App-enabled, Portable Label Printer with Bonus 1" (24mm) Tape Cartridge
Price: $115.68

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This is not your father's label maker!, June 26, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Forget just about everything you ever knew about label makers. This Epson Label Works takes you into the future. I doubt very much Dr. Tim Whatley would re-gift this one!

After needing to connect via USB (just once) to install the proper drivers, this unit is strictly wireless all the way. I can give it it's marching orders from any number of portable devices. You do get an included wall wart power supply but it will also run on SIX AA batteries so you can take it anywhere.

Bluetooth connectivity was a breeze and once you have this thing set-up, you are good to go. I haven't experienced even one tech issue so far and that is pretty rare for any electronics. Changing/installing cartridges is literally a snap. Operation is easy and very intuitive. Everything works as advertised and I was surprised at how well it actually works. It's a nice little unit. Also, the construction suggests it is built to last. Great!

A very large selection of label types are available for just about any use you can think of. Seems Epson has pretty much thought of everything with this unit. I sort of went on a labeling spree lately and stuck one on almost everything but the label maker itself. Please, somebody stop me before I label myself!

The is most likely the last label maker you will EVER need. Recommended!

Pinemeadow Golf Realtree Stand Bag
Pinemeadow Golf Realtree Stand Bag
Price: $89.99
2 used & new from $89.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Well made, easy to carry and nice looking..., June 26, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
If you are looking to replace your aging golf bag and/or want to try something a bit different, look no further. Beautiful camouflaged colors and design blend in with your surroundings out on the links. It is a very nice looking bag that both looks and feels like it should cost much more $$ than it does.

You get dual straps (wide) with 7 pockets and a velour lined valuable pocket. (a nice touch) 5 way club divider , an umbrella loop and a handy kick stand. You even get an insulated drinks pocket to keep things cool or hot. While not sporting a stereo, TV/Phone or Beer Tap like Rodney's bag, it is designed to be both functional AND handy. The overall construction is very high quality for the price. Honestly, I was not expecting this much.

The Realtree Camouflage Golf Stand Bag is lightweight and weighs in at just about 5 pounds. Couple that with the wide shoulder straps and overall ergonomic design and you've got something that is both functional, nice looking and easy to carry. With a nice array of convenience features, you will grow to appreciate it more and more as time goes by. A one year warranty completes the picture.

I am replacing my old trusty 30 year old Hot-Z bag with this one. I am not sure I will last another 30 years myself, but this Realtree bag is more than likely to.

This is a nice one folks. Worth the asking price and then some. FORE !!

Seagate Fast 256GB Portable Solid State External Drive STCM240100
Seagate Fast 256GB Portable Solid State External Drive STCM240100
Price: $244.84

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Using for Multi-Track recording/editing, June 26, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I love this drive. When Seagate says it is fast, they are NOT joking. You are only really limited by your computer bus speed but you can rest assured you can push the USB 3 spec to the limit with this and get the performance you are hoping for.

Build quality is very nice. Very small and light as well. It's a pro unit, make no mistake.

Installation was a non issue. Everything about this is fast, including boot times. Basically, it is fast enough to edit HD video on the fly without hiccups. My own use involves SONAR recording software and I am able to easily record and playback many multiple tracks with quick snappy performance and no perceptible latency introduced by the drive itself.

My only complaint, and I only have one, is the storage capacity of the drive. For the money I would hope for at least 500 GB. I know that SS drives are currently priced at a premium and in time prices WILL come down. IN the meantime, having a portable drive that is THIS fast is really is a great thing. Even with the smaller storage size.

If you are doing professional work with audio, video or photos, you just can't beat the performance. While they do have a finite life span, at least you will never get the 'click of death' from your old fashioned quick to heat up spinning hard drives. No moving parts means you are going to get cooler performance as well.

Also, for recording applications, these are DEAD QUIET! A real plus for professional use.

If you are new to SS drives, prepare yourself. You will be pretty much blown away by the speed. This is the future of portable physical data storage. NO doubt about it.

Totally recommended by ME, Marty G !

WordPerfect Office X7 Standard
WordPerfect Office X7 Standard
Price: $172.44
23 used & new from $159.95

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I am saying goodbye to Open Office!, June 26, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I've been using Open Office for years now but have always wished for a few features it just never has offered. WordPerfect X7 has given me all the missing pieces and I have found it a real joy to use.

Installation on my mid level Windows 7 machine (6 GB ram, Intel i5) was painless and glitch free. Once installed, the program loads quickly and has been very stable. So far, not a single crash (knock on wood) and overall performance is very snappy. Much snappier than Microsoft Office'

WordPerfect is not just a word processing program. It is so much more! Being able to create and export seemingly endless file formats for one. Templates and utilities designed for eBook creation and publication was something I REALLY wanted to try and then use and WordPerfect has my back on that. Honestly, this thing has features to spare.
I will probably never use half of what this thing can do, but am glad it is there just in case!

Burning utilities and good ones at that. Glad to see Blu Ray is an included format. Cross platform compatibility abounds. Start a project in Word and continue working in WordPerfect or any combination.

The key word for this program is FLEXIBILITY. You can design your own work flow and WordPerfect X7 will keep up with you. I never felt I was fighting the program at all. Things were where I expected them to be with an intuitive and attractive GUI.

It is obvious that a lot of thought went into this latest implementation. This program appears polished at every turn and my creative output has increased as a result. Obviously, this program is priced EXTREMELY competitively when compared with Microsoft's offerings and in my opinion offers way more bang for the buck. I also really feel the program's response is much much snappier as well.

Many people are married to their current word processing programs, but if you want or need to try something else, I am of the opinion that Word Perfect now pretty much smokes both Office AND Open Office, at least for my current needs.

If you are wanting a program with tons of options that's both stable and easy to use, this one will do it for you. Price to performance ratio is very high and as such I heartily recommend it.

A Hard Day's Night (Criterion Collection) (Blu-ray + DVD)
A Hard Day's Night (Criterion Collection) (Blu-ray + DVD)
DVD ~ John Lennon
Price: $27.59
23 used & new from $22.28

60 of 61 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars TEN STARS for Criterion's Blu Ray! (The opening screams are finally back!), June 24, 2014
A Hard Days Night' from 1964 was the movie that changed everything for every serious rock musician coming up back then. I especially love David Crosby's tale of seeing this film with Roger McGuinn and remarking "So that's how to do it" ! They saw the Rickenbacker 12-String, the Vox Amps in the back line, the classic Lead, Rhythm , Bass Guitar and Drums lineup and they KNEW this was the future of rock and roll!

For most of the world, 'A Hard Days Night' was their very first up close look at The Beatles, an entertainment, cultural and musical phenomenon that is still going strong more than 50 years later. For a small segment of fans, this was the blueprint for every garage band that followed.

There is no way I can even come close to explaining how important this film is to so many around the world and to myself personally. If you love music, this is required viewing. For me, it is mandatory viewing at least twice a year. With that in mind, this review will focus on the video and audio quality of this superb Criterion release and not the film itself.

For those that don't wish to read a long review, I will cut to the chase right now: The Video is so close to perfect that it isn't worth mentioning anything minor that could have been improved. It just isn't necessary. The audio is beyond belief! Choose between Mono, Stereo or 5.1. All in beautifully restored and uncompressed full fidelity formats. Special features are plentiful and the included (and rather thick) booklet is totally great.

If you want to hear more, please keep reading, otherwise press the "Add to Cart" button and order this thing right now.

From the first day it was announced that Criterion was going to work their magic with 'A Hard Days Night' , I was in an ecstatic state of anticipation. Owning all previous versions on VHS, Laser-disc and various DVD's, plus the Canadian Blu ray, I knew exactly what I expected out of THIS release. AND I GOT IT!

The included booklet breaks down the restoration process. When you read that this have been given a 4K scan from the original camera negative, you can believe it. Easily one of the best Black and White scans I have in my rather large collection. Contrast levels are beautifully balanced. Blooming just isn't there. Artifacts of any kind are nowhere to be found. Sharpness and fine detail is abundant, motion is rendered perfectly. No detectable signs of digital manipulation.
Aspect ratio is as per Richard Lester's instructions. It's all good!

This is as close to perfect as you can get folks! Plenty of depth can be seen and at times the image was so realistic it gave me goosebumps.

Ok, so the video is as good as it gets. How about the audio?

AGAIN, this truly IS as good as you could possible imagine. Multiple pieces of source materials were used to find the BEST and the MOST authentic takes of every bit of audio, from the dialogue and effects, to the great George Martin underscore and of course for all the Beatles tunes in the movie. I own the Beatles 24 bit USB stick and these cuts even blow those away handily. Rest assured, you have NEVER heard the Beatles sounding this good in your life.

Having viewed all my previous versions of this film multiple times over the last 25 years or so, it is readily apparent that the audio has been lovingly and fully restored in every single way imaginable.

AND FOR ME, the biggest thrill initially was hearing those screaming fans once again during the title number. Those screams had been missing for ages and now they are back where they belong, perfectly mixed among the title track with a perfect fade/segue at the end instead of the previous version's abrupt end of the tune followed by screams out of nowhere. Giles Martin and his co-workers are to be commended on a job very well done.

Yes, the "Slow" and "Low Pitch" versions of the TV Set songs are still screwy, but everyone by now knows that is due to the Pal/25 frame incompatibility with 24fps film and would be extremely difficult if not impossible to reverse engineer at this point. No biggie. This was the way the film played in theaters and it is fine by me. Everything else is so close to perfect that I just can't worry about it.

As for extras, you get tons of them. 3 discs with one for the DVD copy, and another full of extras in addition to the Blu ray disc. There is really no need to list them all. Trust me, everything but new interviews with the surviving Beatles are included here. It is a great package. The included booklet is very useful and well thought out. The entire package is top quality, everything from the disc media itself to the materials used. Ok, so some do not care much for the over art. That's fine. I don't watch or listen to the cover art. But overall, the entire package seems quite professional and worthy of this great film.

Fans have waited a very long time for this release. 'A Hard Days Night' has never looked or sounded better. It sounds better now than it EVER did in the theater back in 1964. This is an amazing restoration and as such, I give it Marty G's most highest recommendation.

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