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Profoot Pedi-Rock Flexible Callus Foot File
Profoot Pedi-Rock Flexible Callus Foot File
Offered by OTCRX4U
Price: $6.35
4 used & new from $5.84

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5.0 out of 5 stars An improvement over my pumice stone......., April 8, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I normally use a standard pumice block for my problem feet and was anxious to try this Profoot Pedi-Rock out.

ON the plus side, it is easy to hold to (I have arthritis in my hands) and it seems to work better and cover more area than my old trusty pumice stone ever did.

The little black particles that fall off during use (along with dead skin) are a bit on the messy side. No big deal if you use this in your shower or tub. I am unable to do so and end up just putting down a towel to catch the mess, then go shake it out.

Not quite sure how long it will last, never having used one of these things before, but the Profoot DOES do the job well and that's what I needed!

Good quality and function with a very attractive price!

Recommended by ME, Marty G !

Swingline LightTouch Reduced Effort Stapler, 50% Easier, 20 Sheets, Black (S7066402)
Swingline LightTouch Reduced Effort Stapler, 50% Easier, 20 Sheets, Black (S7066402)
Price: $12.99
33 used & new from $8.65

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Kicking out the JAMS!, April 3, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I own 4 staplers which are in use throughout the house. They are all made by Swingline. This one sports a smaller size than most and average build quality. It is easy to use and works as well with 1 page or 20 pages. A nice boost in leverage provided by this design and honestly it truly IS easier to use..........

That’s until it JAMS........ Yep, for some reason this unit seems prone to jamming. It works great and all the sudden, “WHAMMO” and you are dead in the water. I am thinking perhaps the quality of the staples I am using are not up to snuff. On the other hand, staplers should work, no matter the brand of staples, as long as they are the right size. That's another point, you MUST get 1/4 inch S.F.4 #35450 staples  for this thing to work properly at least according to the instructions printed on the box.

After bit of work and a few poked fingers I got the thing un-jammed and THEN I had trouble closing it up. Too much trouble for me to keep messing with. On the other hand, all 3 of my other Swingline Staplers work perfectly. Go figure. Sounds like some folks here have had better luck than I have,. With that in mind, your mileage may vary but I can't personally recommend this one.

Continental Divide
Continental Divide
DVD ~ John Belushi
Price: $9.22
57 used & new from $4.19

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent DVD transfer!!, April 3, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Continental Divide (DVD)
'Continental Divide' is a nice little sleeper of a film that takes me back to the 80's. I've enjoyed it since it's original showing on HBO back in day and purchased this DVD because NONE of my 800 Fios channels show it. Ever!

I've always had sort of a soft spot for this film. John Belushi shows us that he can actually ACT and not just make us laugh. (although this film has more than one humorous moment) It's a sweet movie and gives us all a real glimpse at what might have been in store for John Belushi's acting career if he had only survived the 80's.

This would be a great title to be released on Blu Ray, but since we only have the DVD I thought it would be good to report on the picture and audio quality for those of you who are wondering about it.

So how is the video on this thing anyway?

In a word, G R E AT ! For an earlier DVD, the widescreen version (presented in the original aspect ratio with small bars on top and bottom) gives us a stable image (mostly) and the original color timing along with great motion rendering and an almost complete lack of DNR or Edge Enhancement. A bit of dirt and specks here and there along with some healthy grain during darker scenes (but much better than the abysmal '48 Hours" on Blu ray)

IN particular, the colors stand out as VERY pleasing. I never once had the urge to adjust my color temp/saturation controls while watching.

I watched this played on my Oppo BDP-95 Blu Ray player which upconverted the video to 1080p, then sent it to a Darbee Darblet for some added detail and contrast enhancement, then to my newly acquired LG LA9700 Ultra High Definition TV. I was worried that up-converting a DVD into almost 4K resolution would be detrimental to the picture quality. I should not have worried. This title up-converts to the highest resolution available today in great form! Needless to say, I was quite pleased to see this film looking SO GOOD. Better than it ever did on the old HBO showings, and at times ALMOST up to Blu ray standards for older catalog titles. If this is ever released on Blu Ray, it will be a very good thing indeed!

Ok, so the video is very good for standard DVD. How about the sound?

We are given a 2.0 stereo mix for 'Continental Divide'. Both music and dialogue are for the most part, clear sounding. The stereo mix is good and provides some nice imaging. Due to the original production sound quality, it is a bit on the flat sounding side.

On caveat about the sound: There is a low frequency HUM that is almost constant and is sent to your sub if you have one hooked up. It was so distracting during the quieter portions of the film that I had to just switch it off altogether for this movie. (probably an electrical ground problem during production or during the transfer to DVD) Bummer. Otherwise, the audio on this disc is just fine, all things considered.

NO special features to speak of, other than the theatrical trailer which is not in the greatest of shape. That's fine as I bought this for the FILM and anything else would have been nice but is not necessary to enjoy the movie.

I am also happy to report this came in an actual HARD SHELL DVD case. No flimsy 'Eco' cases here!

Bottom line: If you love John Belushi (or Blair Brown for that matter) or this film in particular, then this purchase should be a real no brainer. The movie is still satisfying , the video is way above average for a DVD and the sound is more than serviceable.

'Continental Divide' (currently only available on DVD) is a MUST for your Belushi collection!

Totally recommended by ME, Marty G !

JBL Sub 260P 12-Inch, 300-Watt Powered Subwoofer (Each)
JBL Sub 260P 12-Inch, 300-Watt Powered Subwoofer (Each)
Price: $599.95
3 used & new from $460.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This thing is a BEAST!, April 3, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
JBL ups the ante a bit on both build quality and performance with this JBL Sub 260P'. It is a pretty massive cabinet, rear port , all the usual controls on the back and a front firing 12 inch PolyPlas woofer. Rated at 300 Watts RMS, it gives you enough power for most home theater or musical system needs.

JBL also makes some fairly inexpensive subs, but this one is a cut way above any of those. Right out of the box it is obvious that JBL has put a bit of time in with their R&D and it shows. The same can be said after you connect and power this bad boy up. It works exactly as expected. Overall performance is absolutely defendant on sub placement, but you can pretty much put it anywhere and get reasonably good to great results.

While I have heard “tighter” subs , JBL has covered all the basses and presented a product that works almost equally well for any application. As the anchor in a 5.1 system or the bass extension in a 2.1 or 2.1 music system, this sub will do a very good job. If you are planning on blowing the roof off your home and that of your neighbors, you MAY wish to look for something just a bit more powerful, but as it stands the 300Watt RMS amp sounds like it has a fair amount of headroom and is very very slow to distort or bottom out. I could not put the master volume control higher than 1 O:Clock without everything in my medium sized media room vibrating LOUDLY.........

Basically, we are talking quality over brute force here and personally I would much rather hear a quality sub with 300 Watts over a flabby sounded boom machine that is rated higher.

Remember, this thing is a bit on the large size, so checking with your significant other before purchasing is probably a good idea. On the other hand, it IS a very nice looking piece of gear and that should help some with the “spouse approval factor”.

So really, the build quality and performance , while not at the very top of the subwoofer food chain, is close to it and the unit looks very substantial and attractive overall.

The published spec on this thing for the low end is around 29hz but my ears and program material tell me it is digging a bit deeper than that. I do think that after a good break-in period of 100 hours or more it will tighten up a bit more in the response and blend a bit better with my other speakers. Even fresh out of the box, it sounds good, not overly one way or the other. It easily bests lesser brands offerings and to my ears sounds bit tighter and more accurate than my previous pair of Klipsch RD-12's. IN fact, I see this JBL sub as a direct competitor with the current SW112 from Klipsch, both priced at 600 bucks right now. If you are a JBL person you will probably go with this one if you are like me and like your system components to match somewhat.

For me, one of the MAIN considerations in purchasing a sub is the warranty. In my experience, at last so far, EVERY brand I have purchased has had at least one amp go bad within 2 years./ I do not run my system at high levels, nor do I run it for hours on end. But every brand I have owned from Klipsch and Energy, to JBL and even the occasional Velodyne has had “issues' with the amp. NONE of the drivers on any of my dead subs have ever failed on me, it is always the amp.

With JBL subs, it is very rarely the cabinet that gives you trouble (rattling, etc.) and almost NEVER the speaker itself. Rather, it is the AMP that usually goes and unfortunately JBL has a somewhat spotty record with the durability of the integrated amps. I am not saying they were bad, and perhaps those who suffered blow-ups were abusing their subs, but I have read more alarming things about previous JBL amps than most other brands....

With that said, it is really anyone's guess how THIS particular amp will perform over time. At this price point I would imagine it will last at least 4 or 5 years, maybe longer depending on your climate, hours of use and volume levels desired.

JBL covers the actual speaker for 5 years, while the amp is only given a one year warranty period. That should tell you something. Of course MOST brands only give you 1 year on the amp, although SVS gives a very generous 5 years for the ENTIRE sub, including the amp. Currently the very best warranty in the business, in my opinion. (Disclaimer: I happen to own a pair of SVS SB1000's so I am just a bit biased here)

If you are a JBL fan and need a new sub for your system, this 260P will fill the bill nicely. You could pay less or pay more, but the current asking price of around $600 is in the ballpark I think. To be brutally honest I would mention you can get as good or better quality from a few other brands for about one hundred dollars less and as stated earlier SVS will cover the entire sub for 5 years, not just the driver.

This is not to say this JBL sub is not good, it IS. It is just a matter of HOW LONG the sub will last, verses the warranty time and taking into consideration some of the lower priced competition.

If you love JBL, you are NOT going to be disappointed. This thing IS a BEAST!

LG Electronics 55LA9700 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 240Hz 3D Smart Nano LED TV with Sliding Sound Bar
LG Electronics 55LA9700 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 240Hz 3D Smart Nano LED TV with Sliding Sound Bar
Price: $3,499.00
8 used & new from $2,799.99

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The best LCD/LED currently made by LG......, April 1, 2014
I am a HUGE fan of LG. Over the last 5 years I had gone thru 5 different models (5400, 6200 , 7600, G2 , and LM9600) before finally purchasing THIS unit. Each subsequent TV was an improvement over the last, but THIS TIME the improvement is a major one. I care very little about Apps or web features and as such will not include them in THIS review. I am more concerned about picture quality and I will mostly talk about THAT.

When it was announced a bit more than a year ago that 4K would be soon coming to a store near you, my heart skipped a few beats. Knowing that 4K broadcasting is a long way off (if at all) and that there was an almost complete lack of 4K video in general for consumer use, I was still not deflated, Fact is, I wanted a 4K display for what it could do for my current collection of Blu Ray titles. (and my Fios HD DVR)

That's correct, I lusted for and ultimately purchased this TV for it's ability to up-convert my video collection to something beyond 1080p Full HD level. Using a 4K display to improve my existing collection is the ultimate, albeit a bit expensive, tweak. I waited for the price to come down, and with Amazon's current price and $500 store credit rebate, I couldn't wait any longer and took the plunge.

Just took delivery a few weeks ago and I am still glowing from the extra added HD PLUS (what I am calling it right now) that I am getting to enjoy.

I want to make one thing VERY clear! I have read all over the web about how it was "scientifically impossible" to see or notice the benefits of 4K (Ultra HD) on screens smaller than 70 or so inches. I am here to tell you that is ABSOLUTELY untrue. It is readily apparently that you are watching a much higher resolution than 1080p within seconds. It is everything I had hoped HDTV would be, but wasn't. And I am talking about upconverted source material , not native 4K.

I sit approx. 8 feet from my screen, in a Lazy Boy and dead center in the sweet spot. I bought the 55 inch screen due to space constraints. There is NO DOUBT at all that I am seeing the difference,. Even my 84 year old father can see it. (He raved on about it for half an hour the other day)

SO...... if you are on the fence because you aren't sure whether or not this type of television can or will improve the viewing pleasure with your current video collection,. Rest assured IT WILL....... OH yes, it will!!!!!

I need to say that I use an Oppo BDP-95 as my source component, run into a Darbee Darblet and then into the LG LA9700. The results have varied from "Really Good" to "Freaking Unbelievable" !

After viewing this for a few weeks, I can honestly say the improvement in perceived video quality is around 25 to 35% , depending on the quality of the video signal you feed the TV. Even my better DVD's look simply amazing after up-conversion. ( the video quality of "Seinfeld" on DVD now rivals the TBS HD broadcasts in both perceived resolution, delineation and stable and correct color rendering)

This really is the way to go for movie lovers that want more from their current 1080p panels. While true native 4K content is totally mind blowing, unconverted HD content, ESPECIALLY well authored/scanned Blu Ray is really beyond belief! .. I was and AM stunned each time I see it.

As for the actual TV itself, it is top of the line for LG. Made in Korea (not Mexico or China) and a cut above in both build quality and operational ability. Gone is the annoying reflective "Chrome" border that was around the bezel of last years 9600. Nice clean lines and THE BEST and the sturdiest TV stand LG has ever made to this date. Everything about the build quality is pro expect for a non-removable power cord. Even my much less expensive G2 has that. Hmmm.......

The main thing with all LG panels I have owned has been this: Their out of the box picture just isn't all that good to start with. MANY adjustments are needed to find the sweet spot in regards to picture quality. The LG has a very good dynamic range and once you undo the factory settings and use a few consumer calibration discs, you will be well on the way to seeing what this panel can REALLY do.

The main reason that THIS unit looks so good can be summed up in two words... PIXEL DENSITY! You are basically getting 4 times the pixels compared to a 1080p display. Of course, you are at the mercy of your up-convertor, whether it comes from a Blu Ray player or the chip inside the LG itself. So far I have only used the LG to up-convert my 1080i and 1080p signals. If a better job can be done, then I would like to see it.

The other reason the picture is so good is down to the FALD (Full Array Local Dimming) design of the panel. LG has never completely got FALD right and this TV is no exception. The problem is the LED's are just too close to the front of the screen. If the TV were maybe ½ an inch deeper then perhaps the Nano Filter could completely eliminate any and all horizontal banding and light leakage. While the zones go on and off quickly, I think the placement of the top and comer zones could have been thought out a bit better so that when watching films with top/bottom bars, you would get zero light bleed. As it is, you WILL get a bit, not very much, but it WILL be there no matter how low you put the backlight. When the screen should be 100% black, IT IS, but when there is a bright object at the end of the screen or very top and you have black bars beyond that, you WILL see a bit of light where it doesn't belong. It is down to the design of the panel. It is not a malfunction.

People seem to want wafer thin panels and LG is trying to please those people while still offering a FALD panel. Personally, they should have gone with a deeper cabinet design that would have rivaled the SHARP Elite from a few years back.

Oh well, you can't have everything. The viewable portions of the screen look fantastic , once you calibrate the panel. Colors are thick and rich, blacks are deep and dark and shadow detail is well preserved.

Overall panel performance COULD have been increased by just adding a faster quad core chip, instead of the dual core this one sports. Oh it works well, but perhaps the up-scaling and motion rendering could have been better with 4 cores.

Today I watched Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan on BD. I was simply awestruck through the entire film. The amount of detail in the picture was so improved that I saw many things never seen before , including a wire or two that were previously hidden, even on the best 1080p sets. Shatner's toupee line was clearly visible and "Khan's" pecs were so clearly defined that once and for all you could finally see that they were ACTUALLY HIS and not a prosthetic device as some have claimed. "Space" looked just right, nice and black......

If you are new to calibration, even basic calibration, you may wish to hire someone who is ISF certified to do the job. The difference is night and day and whether YOU do it, or hire it out, IT HAS TO BE DONE or this TV will not perform to it's full capability. If you are going to plunk some the $$ for this puppy, then just be prepared to spend just a bit more $$ or a bit more of your own time to dial it in properly.

I will post my initial settings in the comments section of this review. You can use them as a starting point for using your Spear's and Munsil disc or whatever you have. It will at least put you in the ballpark.

A word about updating the TV software, If you are connected to the web and get prompted to update, make sure you write down your settings as the last update I did wiped out all my settings and put it back to factory condition. My last few LG's did not do this, but this one did. Just a word of warning.

Motion rendering is a problem with ALL LCD TV's. This one is no exception. Unless you enjoy judder and blurring, you will NEED to use the Tru Motion. The trick is in HOW to use it and HOW MUCH you should use. I have found that for 60hz source material the User Setting set to Judder 2 and Blur 2 will work wonders without introducing any noticeable soap opera effects. For 24 fps material (Bu Ray, etc) using a user Setting of Judder 1 and Blur 2 works very very well and I couldn't get it to even start to show judder on pans or noticeable blurring on fast action scenes. The factory presets for Smooth and Clear are just TOO MUCH and change the cadence of the motion too drastically for my tastes, not to mention the dreaded soap opera effect in all it's glory!

LG has improved their Tru Motion algorithms from 2012's models. Rolling credits on movies were a major problem for it and they would tend to break at the top and bottom of the screen when Tru Motion was engaged at ANY setting. Now they roll by flawlessly with no artifacts. ALSO, the adjustments themselves for both Judder And Blur seem to have a bit more headroom since I can pretty much eliminated all judder BEFORE the "SOE" (soap opera effect) kicks in.....

I have, however, seen the LG processor "choke".. It happens every now and then while watching a news channel and there is fast moving multi directional action on the main screen WITH a crawl going on at the same time. That just about pushes the chip into having a nervous breakdown at times. This is the only time I have seen it choke. Watching "The Hobbit" in 3D did not induce any motion artifacts thankfully. But if you put in the CNN craw at the bottom of the screen during it, the TV would most likely have a digital anxiety attack! It is good to remember that this sort of motion handling problem is not exclusive to LG and that LCD displays IN general have a few inherent weaknesses with judder being one of them. (all you judderless DLP fans out there are feeling so smug about now eh? ) HA HA!

After owning and USING multiple LG models over the last 7 years, I have found that the KEY to getting the best picture out of them is to ALWAYS ALWAYS keep your backlight control AS LOW AS POSSIBLE and build you entire calibration around it. I currently have mine set at 38 which allows for a much deeper contrast/brightness ratio and ALSO decreases the visible horizontal (and sometimes vertical) banding that plagues these things. The higher you set the backlight, the more you will see the actual panel structure and THAT is something you do not want.

Anyway, keeping the backlight DOWN with enable you to find this TV's "Sweet Spot". Once you see it, you will KNOW IT. I have seen this with ALL LG sets, once you hit the magic combination of Backlight/Contrast/Brightness values, it will go from look "Very Good" to "Freaking Unbelievable".. It is undeniable.

*** check the comments section on this review for my initial settings.........

While I would PREFER not to use the Tru Motion at all, it is necessary with this panel, plain and simple.

3D performance is phenomenal. HANDS DOWN THE BEST you can get in an HDTV right now. You are getting at least Full 1080p from both sides with a passive system. Basically with this LG, as far as 3D goes you are getting to both have your cake and eat it too. It has to be seen to be believed,. I watched "The Hobbit" yesterday in 3D and it rocked beyond belief! It's the best, really. Watching 3D for me used to be more trouble than it was worth. Now I am having to rethink that point of view. It's as good as the best active you have seen, only better since it doesn't have the active system artifacts.

The LG Magic Remote has been refined and now no longer falls over on it's side when you set it down. Nice! The highly touted speaker bar is fine, but the motorized feature is nothing more than a gimmick. I have it set to always stay down as I just know that motor will wear out when the speaker is UP and not DOWN!

The speakers themselves are fine, but they are not up to the same level of the removable speaker/sound bar that used to come with the Pioneer Kuro panels. It does, however play louder and sound better than any other TV speaker I have heard lately, except for last years Sony's with the Dumbo Ear speakers on their first 4K models. You can customize the sound itself with a built in equalizer and a fake surround sound algorithm. You can also adjust the delay, both forward and back for lip sync problems. Any good sound bar will outperform the Lg speakers however. They are good, just not all that great. Of course, anyone who spends this much on their TV is probably planing to use it with a full surround system anyway.

This model seems to power up a lot quicker than previous models did. It also seems to run a bit hotter as well. As I said earlier, I am a fan of LG. I find their menus easy to navigate and their brand as a whole to have excellent reliability. I have yet to have even one of my 5 other LG's go bad on me. (knock on wood)

In closing, until 4K content becomes easily available, the main reason to own one of these things is to up-convert your existing video collection. IN that regard, it does a GREAT job and I have ZERO buyers remorse regarding this purchase.

Both Blu Ray and DVD look very good. Even my highly throttled Fios signal (HD LITE) is easier to look at now. The better the transfer, the more dramatic the improvement will appear to be. I jack things up a notch with my Darbee Darblet for even MORE added detail and contrast enhancement. (I use a setting of 54 on Full HD) The Oppo, Darbee and this LG make for a winning combination, with my movie collection taking on a whole new life of it's own now. I am pushing 60 and never thought in a million years I could get a picture this good in my own home. It is truly amazing and at the current asking price, for movie lovers it is WORTH IT!

Yes, 4K will eventually come to both physical media and broadcast, and yes, the standard may NOT be compatible with THIS TV.... be that as it may, this is THE BEST WAY I know of NOW to watch BD video at home. And the passive 3D is beyond belief. And while there IS both horizontal banding and some minor light leakage both caused by thin panel design, the quality of the viewing image itself is so darn good that I can overlook it pretty much.

Overall, a GREAT Ultra HDTV! This LG has blown me away constantly over the last two weeks and as such, gets Marty G's highest recommendation. Or as Kenny Bania might say " It's the BEST Jerry, the BEST" !!!
Comment Comments (8) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 10, 2014 5:25 AM PDT

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR Remote with Customizable Touch Screen Control (915-000224)
Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR Remote with Customizable Touch Screen Control (915-000224)
Price: $249.99
2 used & new from $220.00

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good Solid Unit! (but I still love my original Harmony One!), April 1, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I have used nothing but Harmony brand remotes for the past 8 years. I currently own and use a pair of Harmony One's as my 'go to ' remotes. They are VERY durable if properly cared for with one of my two 'One's” lasting more than 6 years old now and subjected to DAILY heavy use! Needless to say I am a Harmony fan and was eager to try this new Harmony Ultimate One out and see how it stacks up against my beloved original Harmony One.

Before reading more you may wish to read this disclaimer:

“These remotes are NOT for the technically challenged OR the chronically impatient! The website/software that allows you to custom program your Harmony Ultimate remote features unlimited combinations that you can use for both your devices and your “Activities” (macros), but also features one of the WORST software interfaces currently in use. It took me a good few months to find my way around the software enough to get fast with it. At this point it is all 2nd nature to me but honestly if you are not willing to spend the time and trouble on Harmony programming, you most likely should look elsewhere. On the other hand if you are willing to learn and spend a bit of trial and error time, you will be greatly rewarded with a remote that controls all your devices exactly the way YOU want it to.”

Ok, end of disclaimer....... Now back to my review.........

This particular Harmony is the IR model and will not shoot commands through solid objects, etc. This is for 'Line of Sight” control.
*** You can upgrade this remote by buying the Smart Control unit which will add RF capability to this , and more.

The until itself is very well made. It is smaller and lighter than my original Harmony One. Like the original 'One', it is rechargeable and includes a recharging base. You can control All your devices (up to 15) and create custom “Activities” to turn any number of devices on/off and change them to the appropriate inputs in one button push. All the functions work as advertised, although the gesture control will take a bit of getting used to. I am sure it will be a very fast way to do certain things, once I get the knack. Smart Phone users should have no trouble at all using the touch screen and the associated gesture controls.

Honestly, for what it is, the new Harmony Ultimate One remote works exceedingly well. I have a complex system consisting of up to 9 devices and have encountered ZERO programming/operational glitches. What I mean to say is that IT WORKS!

I honestly only have one major complaint/problem with this remote.....

While I like this new Harmony Ultimate One, in my opinion it is far from BEING ultimate. I still consider the original Harmony One (discontinued model) to be the best product they have ever turned out. Here is the main reason:

Basically the Harmony line of remotes underwent a drastic layout change just a few years back. The greatly loved classic configuration of the button/touchscreen layout was scrapped and replaced with new models that moved the touchscreen to the center of the remote and the most used transport buttons to the top. This just a plain bad idea when it comes to ease of use. It is just too easy to activate the touch screen on the way up to your transport controls and when you DO wish to use the touchscreen, functions that USED to be controlled by dedicated buttons are now requiring a glance or two to operate. I am spoiled and used to using my Harmony One by touch alone, but that doesn't cut it with touchscreens.. Also, having to reach to the very top for transport functions is uncomfortable at best and at times requites two hands instead of one. (at least for me it does)

<<<<Sigh>>>>> Oh well, I am sure Logitech has heard this from MANY people already, but my feeling is IF they could give back the classic button layout while still shrinking the product, they would have a real winner.

IF you have never used an original Harmony One or are NEW to Harmony remotes, then this new Harmony One Ultimate should both please you and serve all your remote needs with ease. BUT if you are like me and are still clinging to the older version, you are bound to miss the classic button layout with the touch screen at the top. It really IS the best layout and for many, many reasons. Be that as it may, THIS is the new top of the line for Harmony remotes and while I don't find the layout easier to use, it IS well made and all the functions remain, just implemented differently and found in different places on the physical remote itself.

AS you have probably surmised, I am a real Harmony Fan. The day I put away all my remotes for good was one to remember. I even use my Harmony to turn on/off and adjust my AC and room lighting. The Logitech database is vast and you will most likely find ALL your devices on it.

If you want to control ALL your devices with one remote and be able to make totally customizable control layouts and multi-device macros, then this Harmony One Ultimate will bend to your will. You just need a bit of patience and determination, plus a touch of imagination to turn this remote into YOUR Ultimate remote.

Again, I don't care for the new design, but this device is top of the line with great construction, good looks, and the ability to perform each and every function on every electronic device you currently use for stereo/home theater.

As such, it IS recommended by ME, Marty G !

Seinfeld: The Complete Series
Seinfeld: The Complete Series
DVD ~ Seinfeld
Price: $75.99
64 used & new from $74.39

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Buy this DVD set or I'll show ya' what it's like!, March 27, 2014
'Seinfeld' is still as smart and funny to me now as it was when first watched back in the 90's. The perfect combination of the right Actors and Writers, extraordinary semi-regulars and guest stars, two ace Directors and a one of kind musical score. Things changed just a bit starting with Season 8 after the lamentable departure of Larry David, but 'Seinfeld' still had many classic episodes left before it's final show in 1998. In my opinion, STILL the best comedy on American television.

With that said, this review will focus mainly on the audio and video of this DVD, along with special features and the packaging in general.

For those of you who have NOT watched 'Seinfeld' on DVD and don't know how the transfers fared, then worry no more. As far as DVD's go, the transfers are first rate. Presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio of 4:3 and with Dolby Digital Stereo sound and fully uncut, 'Seinfeld' really shines on DVD. My playback equipment allows me to extract glitchless 24 fps playback from these discs which attests to the integrity of the disc authoring.

Colors pop, details are abundant and motion is rendered naturally. There is very little to complain about regarding the video quality. Sure, Blu Ray will be great (if and when it happens) but in the meantime this set is no slouch and easy on the eyes. NO obvious sings of DNR or edge enhancement so you can massage the video with whatever signal processors you have in your HDTV or disc player to extract an even better image than just popping them in! Giddy Up!

These were all down converted from HD scans while still retaining superior color rendering and detail. (yes, 'Seinfeld' HAS been scanned in BOTH aspect ratios in HD, so hopefully when the BD's come out they will offer us both versions)

Each season (other than Season 1 and 2) feature 4 discs each with the episodes and special features spread out among them. Color portraits of the characters adorn each disc and they change with each season. The disc media itself is robust and unlike George Constanza, not cheap in any way.

Upon receiving this set I went and checked to makes sure ALL the discs were there. (they were) I would recommend doing so in case you get to Season 7 and find you are missing the 2nd disc and it is too late to complain about it.

The overall packaging is very convenient. It looks great and is very compact, considering it holds 9 Seasons! Yes, that's correct, there has been significant shrinkage in the overall size of this collection!

The main case is not flimsy and should stand up to years of use with ease. Many have complained about their discs being scratched by the cardboard/paper disc holders. Honestly, mine looked fine and with a little care they should play for years without incident. Each disc is held in a separate page of the "book" with the flip side of the page displaying all the info for the episodes. It is a fast and clever way to find what you want and fast! I used to own the Black collectors set (w/ book) and frankly this system is much better for finding the show you want quickly. Owning this set will make you Master of your Domain!

Ok, so 'Seinfeld' looks great on DVD! How about the sound?

'Seinfeld' is presented in Dolby Digital Stereo with basically the broadcast mix. There is no real reason for a surround mix to be created for 'Seinfeld' and stereo serves it well. The music is beefier sounding that I remember but not overbearing. Dialogue, effects and audience reactions are all easy to hear and mixed well. I am looking forward to a lossless mix if/when the Blu ray is released, but until then this will do quite nicely. Mandelbaum...Mandelbaum...!

Alright then, so 'Seinfeld' both looks great AND sounds great on DVD. But how about special features? Does this set deliver the goods?

IN a word, YES , YES, YES and YES! (ok, that was 4 words) This Seinfeld box set includes ALL the special features from the individual box sets and if you are familiar with them, then you know they are plentiful indeed. In fact, for real Seinfeld fans, the current asking price for the entire set is a fair price for just the special features. Broken down into different groups such as "deleted scenes", "Seinimation", "First Looks" - which are small mini documentaries and behind the scenes stuff about most episodes, plentiful commentary tracks, and even a few special features on the departure of the great Larry David. Round it all off with some extensive blooper footage and you have an enormous amount of special features. HOOCHIE MAMA !!!

Sony did a great job with this release. Kruger Industrial Smoothing couldn't have done much better and the rumor has it that this release is "Art Vandelay Approved" for your viewing pleasure!

For fans of the show and comedy everywhere, 'Seinfeld: The Complete Series' is a great purchase. (yes, the disc storage issue MIGHT have been handled a bit better, not that there's anything wrong with it) All 9 Seasons with great picture, good sound and TONS of bonus features, ALL organized and easy to get at whenever the mood strikes you,. YADA YADA YADA!

Marty G's most highest recommendation! ***this review is makin' me thirsty!

SVS SB1000 12-inch 300 Watt Powered Subwoofer
SVS SB1000 12-inch 300 Watt Powered Subwoofer
Offered by OneCall
Price: $499.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Tight, Musical, Well Made and Impressive!, March 26, 2014
I purchased a pair of these SB1000's to extend the low frequencies of my Klipsch Heresy III speakers. I have a dedicated 2 Channel system strictly for music that consists of an Oppo BDP-95 , a Jolida JD502CRC 60 Watt Stereo Tube amp, the Klipsch Heresy III's and now the SVS subs in a true stereo 2.2 configuration.

I had wanted to purchase the newer model from SVS but they no longer include the high current inputs and I wanted to wire the speakers “Amp to Klipsch, then Klipsch to high current inputs” on the subs. As it stands, they work beautifully.

Upon delivery the first thing that stood out was the packing. Absolutely great! No shipping damage of any kind as you are getting a box within a box with SVS thinking ahead and doing their very best to circumvent any shipping damage to the subs themselves.

The Subs are very nicely built, although I did notice a chemical type of smell coming from the grills. It HAS dissipated over time but really stunk up my music room for a few weeks. This was in sharp contrast to the new Heresy smell which reminded me of wood-shop in school.

These subs are a bit larger than I had expected but are still small enough to be considered “compact”... All the controls feel solid and they are very precise in their adjustments. (they are actually digital controllers, controlled by analogue looking pots)

I set both of them up right next to each speaker and with the grilles aligned with the Hersey’s and “toed in” at the same angles. Once I found the correct crossover frequency for my room I was able to achieve a perfectly seamless transition between the Heresy's and the SVS subs. Although it has been published that these subs do not require break-in, I beg to differ. I noticed the crossover point seemed to really “smooth out” after a good two weeks of use (perhaps 50 to 70 hours) and the “speed” of the drivers also seemed to coalesce around that time so that both my speakers and my subs were all acting as one large unit.

Because the Klipsch are so darn efficient, I am having to run the SVS subs at around 2:30 to match the levels. This has not caused any extra hiss or hum that I can discern and the subs, while not running cool, run only warm for my needs.

I listen to rock and pop from the 50's thru the 90's almost exclusively and the combination of the Klipsch and SVS speakers seems to cover all the frequencies I want and expect to hear. While these particular subs don't hit super hard (the ported models do) they are precise sounding, clean and punchy , fast and musical. Basically EVERYTHING I could want in a sub for my 2.2 system is covered by these and the price is outstanding for the quality you get.

Couple that with the BEST warranty in the business from SVS and you have a REAL WINNER here folks. Yes, this is not the latest model, but if you need high current inputs and a sealed enclosure, the SVS SB100 is really a cut above other brands anywhere near this price range. My Klipsch front firing/ported 12 inch subs that I use for my surround system sound positively flabby compared to these although I would strongly recommend the SVS ported subs for your surround needs while retaining the sealed boxes for music only systems unless you REALLY need a loud “Boom Boom” factor.

About the only thing I can really complain about with these subs is the front operational led. It glows Blue when active and is a bit distracting when listening in the dark, so I just put some black tape over them and that problem was gone.

You really CAN NOT go wrong with these subs.

I am 100% satisfied (and quite impressed) with my purchase and as such give it Marty G's highest recommendation!

Jarrow Formulas NattoMax, 100 mg, 30 Count
Jarrow Formulas NattoMax, 100 mg, 30 Count
Price: $10.29
19 used & new from $7.61

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3.0 out of 5 stars No results yet, but sticking with it for now!, March 26, 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I wanted to try NattoMax to see if it would help at all with my Superficial Thrombophlebitis. I suffer from varicose veins in the legs with some superficial clotting under the skin on one of my feet. Yep, it is nasty to look at and nerve wracking just knowing I have it there, ready to implode at a moments notice. YIKES!!

So basically, since I am NOT on any Rx blood thinners at the moment, I was hoping that perhaps NattoMax would help to appreciably dissolve the visible clot. So far , no luck after 2 weeks of one per day with food in the AM. I can honestly report there have been no noticeable side effects of any kind, but also no actual results yet. NO gastric problems or bad tastes either so the product, at least for me, seems benign.

Perhaps the results I am seeking won't occur quite this quickly and I do plan on giving it a chance with a 60 day course of treatment. For now, 2 weeks have given me no noticeable results. (but no side effects either) IF NattoMax ends up actually DOING something for my condition I will edit this review. (I am notorious for editing and adding to my reviews)

****I am giving this product 3 stars (a Neutral rating) but may raise my rating if I notice any actual visible results from use.

Police Academy 1-7 - The Complete Collection Box Set [Blu-ray]
Police Academy 1-7 - The Complete Collection Box Set [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Leslie Nielsen

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5.0 out of 5 stars This Blu Ray box set is GREAT!, March 14, 2014
All SEVEN 'Police Academy' films in one box! WOW! And all of them presented in glorious 1080p with uncompressed Mono (original) soundtracks. Before I even start, this set represents true value for money. If you are even close to being on the fence about this purchase, JUST DO IT! Just click the "Place my Order" link and you'll be glad you did!

If you're here,and reading this, then you already know what these films are. Installments 1 thru 4 are the best, with #5 not so good but #6 being better than #5 at least. (ok, those assessments are strictly a matter of opinion as 5 or 6 MAY be your personal fave) #7 probably shouldn't have been made period... but still has a few good laughs in it. Regardless, I find the Police Academy films to be very entertaining and a good way to cheer myself up and have some lighthearted laughs. It's a great dose of nostalgia to see the cast do their stuff again. Just the thing to watch while you clean your goldfish bowl.

These are classic (so to speak) 80's comedies. Low budget? You bet. Do they still hold up? YEP! Just seeing the sign for "The Blue Oyster" and I was laughing out loud and suppressing the urge to Tango. LOL ALL your favorite 'Police Academy' films are here so there is really something for every fan of the series. My personal overall favorite has to be #4, "Citizens on Patrol"....... (Bobcat rocks in that one!)

BUT ENOUGH ALREADY! How does it look and how does it sound and do ya get any Special Features? All your questions will be answered so read on McDuff !

Housed in a semi sturdy and colorful cardboard sleeve, you get 3 inner hard plastic cases. Three discs in one, and two each for the others. All the discs have matching graphics (plain looking) and all the menus look alike. The disc media is robust and my overall impression when opening this set was "WOW, This is really nice!" Each film has their own disc obviously...... A nice touch. The bit rates are on the high side and the average picture quality is a solid 3 and ¾ stars out of 5 with it straying into 4 and 4 ½ occasionally, depending on the film. The discs are Region Free and playable on any Blu ray player.

Considering how low the budgets were on these (at least at first) the picture quality of these transfers are really much better than I had hoped for. Colors are GOOD. They are frequently GREAT. The original color timing seems to have been preserved for each title. Nothing is too "off".. A few encoding problems here and there were spotted, mostly having to do with motion handling. Either that, or there were actual missing frames from time to time. It doesn't happen often and unless you are looking for it you probably won't even notice......

The image is reasonably sharp with minimal noise. Lots of natural film grain but not overly so. Basically, these were done right. No over-usage of sharpening tools or DNR can be seen. Occasionally you can spot DNR at work but only on problematic scenes that most likely needed it anyway to be presentable. I found myself saying over and over "If Only my Blu Ray of '48 Hours' looked this good, I would be so happy" ....... (with '48 Hours' being my most disappointing Blu Ray hands down)

So picture quality wise, these films really look GOOD on Blu Ray. It is NOT demo material for your system, but it is way more than just barely watchable. Two thumbs WAY UP to the team that cleaned up and scanned these in..... All of em look better than you might expect and nothing in the video presentation took away from my enjoyment of the series.

SO OK, the picture is really good, how about the sound?

Again, these were low budget features so the sound never WAS all that good to begin with. However, the overall sound, including dialogue, effects and music is pleasing to the ear. Problems with production sound can't be eliminated but I never found myself having to strain to hear anything. Music was fine, full range and not distorted. These are the original mono mixes and presented in uncompressed DTS HD format. Very nice and a real kick to both SEE and HEAR them at this level after so many years of sub standard cable and pay TV broadcasts.

OK then, both PICTURE and SOUND are really good ... They couldn't possibly kick in with some decent special features? Well,COULD they?

The answer is YES, YES and another YES!!! 'Police Academy 1-7: The Complete Collection' has a great variety of special features including commentaries on all the films and special featurettes. Some are in HD and were made especially for this release, while others are ported over from the original DVD releases. Bottom line is, you are getting a TON of great stuff here! Almost everyone participated in the special features as well. From Steve Guttenberg to G.W Bailey and the great George Gaines...... Bubba Smith is there along with Marion Ramsey and so many more....... I found myself watching each set of special features after viewing each film. None of them bored me and I was very glad they were included. Hearing the stars doing their commentaries was a real treat as well......
Really, after already having the 7 films in such great shape, it is just really cool to have all these special features thrown in on top of it.

Bottom Line: 'Police Academy 1-7: The Complete Collection' is a no lose proposition. You get all 7 films in good shape with good picture and sound, plus a TON of bonus features and all put together in a nice looking case. If you enjoyed these years ago or just discovered them recently, the 'Police Academy' series will entertain you for a good long while. They have GREAT rewatchability built in and are sure to bring you lots of pure movie enjoyment, time after time.
An excellent value and guaranteed to make you laugh! " PROCTOR!!!!!!!"

As I suggested at the start of this review, just click the "Place my Order" link and you'll be glad you did! MOVE IT, MOVE IT , MOVE IT!!!

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