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Rachael Ray Tools Bamboo 5-Piece Tool Set, Orange
Rachael Ray Tools Bamboo 5-Piece Tool Set, Orange
Price: $26.78
11 used & new from $20.39

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Very attractive, very well made, not at all precise -- not great for cooking., December 11, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I've really struggled trying to write this review in my head. Not so much in relaying how I feel about this tool set, but more in terms of tying it all together into a cohesive message. I think (based on how I've chosen to start writing this) that I'm just going to set aside any attempt at cohesiveness and just simply explain what I like and what I don't.

Let's start with the don't, because (for my own use and style -- and that's a key qualifier) it's the don't that will keep me from putting these somewhere in my kitchen where I will use them frequently. My biggest issue is the thickness and, for lack of a better word, clumsiness of the instruments themselves. Not so much along the shafts which are thick and comfortable to hold, but in the functional ends. The flat edged paddle scraper, for example, lacks the sort of precision in use that would come from something that was worked down to half its given thickness. The spoon -- all I can say there is that I can't imagine a single kitchen use for that instrument beyond tossing a salad, or perhaps being turned into a "let's bang on things" toy that would be a fulfilling delight for a kid, and a nightmare for a parent. Again, it's about the thickness of the tool, the big slow rounded edges, and how this speaks to a loss of practical value in the actual cooking process. The silicone scraper is great, the highlight of the bunch. The tongs beautiful (more on that below) but clumsy enough that no one is going to reach for them over a simple set of metal chef's tongs when something needs to be lifted or turned. Precision. That's the key word here, that's what these tools (to a last) lack. So read this last paragraph with your own purpose and intent in mind. Are you looking for wooden tools with which you can cook? I can't recommend them as such. To display and serve salads, sure.

There are, despite the above, a lot of positives. This is a beautiful set. Alternating shades of bamboo in tools that have pleasing, gentle curves, and feel *and* look great in the hand. As much as they may lack in precision, they make up for in terms of visual appeal. So again, consider your needs. They seem and feel durable, even the tongs with the resistance coming from two 'spring' bands of bamboo look and feel like they'll hold up for years and years, with the proper care and maintenance.

I wanted to like these a lot more than I did, but it could well be that my particular needs (function over form) just stray away from the strengths (form over wide function) of this set.

Jabra SOLEMATE Bluetooth Portable Speaker - Retail Packaging - White
Jabra SOLEMATE Bluetooth Portable Speaker - Retail Packaging - White
Offered by AZDeals
Price: $119.99
18 used & new from $69.99

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly rich and happy sound from an attractive little ultra-portable package., December 11, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I liked this portable little speaker the minute I saw it. Clean lines, good aesthetic, simple controls, convenient carry loop, and there's something decidedly fun about the sneaker-like 'combed' rubber bottom on which it sits. I had tempered expectations about sound quality. I just wanted something to which I could stream (via bluetooth) music from my itunes playlist on the phone, and I hoped it would at least be loud enough to hear outside over typical ambient yard noise.

So what I wasn't expecting was the rich bass and impressive range and depth of sound. I wasn't expecting it to be bright *and* pull off meaty thumps when the material called for it. Within moments of turning it on I was throwing a wide range of music at it, and it continued to impress the more I listened to it. This is *not* a speaker that you're going to put out in the back yard while you mow the lawn. But if you're lounging out back, sitting around with friends on a deck, or just somewhere where portability trumps power -- this is an amazing option. I've had people ask me what it is, and I always respond by just powering it on and playing something through it. The SOLEMATE speaks for itself on that front.

Pairing with an iPhone5 was ridiculously easy, as one would expect and require.

While I can't claim to have a regular need for the SOLEMATE, I love that it's sitting there waiting for its next opportunity to impress, and impress it always does. It would make a great gift for an active student.

Bosch PS130-2A 3/8-Inch 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Ultra-Compact Hammer Drill/Driver Kit
Bosch PS130-2A 3/8-Inch 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Ultra-Compact Hammer Drill/Driver Kit
Price: Click here to see our price
4 used & new from $95.99

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Power, portability, compatibility, and quality construction., December 11, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Some time ago I received and reviewed the Rockwell RK2515K2 LithiumTech 3RILL 12-Volt 3-in-1 Impact Driver and glowed about it. I really liked the power and portability, I loved the front facing (of course) light, how it felt good in the hand and impressed with the power and range of function that one would normally expect only of a heavier tool. The one issue with the 3RILL that I lamented was the lack of a traditional chuck meaning it required hex shafted bits. The 3RILL required an accessory chuck to use traditional round bore bits, and that was a curious knock on what was otherwise a great tool.

Bosch, of course, has done it right. All the power and flexibility as described above, but with a much more convenient keyless traditional chuck that is ready for any bit that you've had floating around in your tool chest since ... well as far back as you might reasonably go. What you have here then is a tool very comfortable in the hand, very ready for any normal job around the house, yard, or even in real work environments. You're not going to go shoot a 1" hole through cinderblock with it, but of course that's not the point. It's a well designed, durable, quick charging tool that marries power with portability and convenience, and it's a terrific addition to my tools. The 3RILL, as much as I liked it, will now retire to its bag, to be stored with the rest of my generally untouched extras (that random orbit buffer that was going to make my car shine just hasn't done a ton of shining yet, woops).

Bosch comes through. Takes a charge reasonably quickly, holds it well, impresses with the power from such a small, light body, and this truly makes the ideal compliment to a heavier more powerful drill that can now be left behind with the jobs require more agility than strength. Great tool.

Seagate Backup Plus 3TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive for Mac (STCB3000900)
Seagate Backup Plus 3TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive for Mac (STCB3000900)
14 used & new from $99.50

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good with PCs, great with Macs, nearly ideal for a mixed household., December 11, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
While the description clearly identifies this as being "for Mac", the reality is that your PC (such as my Win7 64-bit laptop) will play instantly and happily with this huge (at the time of this writing, anyway, I reserve the right to call it tiny in, oh say 6 months or so) external drive. All it takes is a quick, small, easy download from the site listed clearly in an insert that comes with the drive, and you're off and running.

The drive itself is near silent. None of the spin-up or access noise I get when I open the case to my desktop. It's aesthetically attractive, the LEDs unassuming but plainly visible, and mine has now found a home sitting next to my wideband modem and Airport Express Extreme router.

I've had little issues here and there that I attribute more to my own network and systems than anything else, but I bring them up because it has recurred a few times. Rarely, when copying a lot of data (more than a few gigs at once, let's say) from one of the computers on the network to this drive, my network simply stalls -- nothing short of resetting the router itself brings it back. Again, this would seem to be more about my router than the drive, but there's the one headache I've had with this setup.

I'll plan on updating this review in a few months if there's anything to note about its durability, but so far everything has been wonderfully smooth and easy. You're up and running (even on a PC) within moments of getting the box open, it's quiet, attractive, and at 3TB huge. Can't ask for much more than that if it's also reliable over the long term.

ANNA Little Ceramic Heater - White
ANNA Little Ceramic Heater - White
Offered by MoreQualityLessMoney
Price: $99.99
15 used & new from $99.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Responsive, attractive, comfortable, and reasonably quiet., December 11, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I admit to just not trusting space heaters. I'm sure that's because of the media's love affair with dire warnings about fires caused by ancient, ill-maintained, and improperly used equipment that only loosely falls into the same category as the the ANNA Little Ceramic.

So when I unpackaged this little heater, I took heed of the warning about not not covering it while on (herp derp), and not having combustibles (like paper, cloth, etc.) within three feet of the sides. We plugged it in (my only complaint with the ANNA, to broadcast how positive this review is going to be, is that I wish the cord was longer), and let it go. We like to keep the house pretty cold during the winter months. Cold enough that you look forward to blankets, appreciate a hot mug of whatever, and where it's worth digging out old flannel shirts that are more about comfort than they were style back when Temple of the Dog was a big deal. In our dining room, which functions as a makeshift office for all but a couple days of each year, with its large front facing and not-so-well-insulated window, sometimes that means that "cozy cold" translates into "boy it's sort of hard to make my fingers move enough to find the right keys on the laptop." Enter the ANNA, which is perfectly happy sitting on the table blowing nice warm clean air out that has no unhappy scent, and is no dryer than any of the rest of the air in the room. It's a comfortable sort of heat, depending on your control adjustment of course, in a relatively limited area (another positive) that you're happy to reach for and enjoy periodically as a comfort or even a reward (I get to warm my hands once I finish this review!)

Because I don't really trust space heaters, I worried about safety. We'll never run it unattended. We do sometimes have papers within 3 feet. But even when it's running you can touch the top, back, and sides with a bare hand and experience no discomfort. Where the heat is coming out, well, that's as hot as the air itself, but even there I can't imagine that I'd actually burn my hand if I picked it up that way while it was running. What I mean to say is that if this fell over, I'd neither be concerned about picking it up or it causing some sort of dangerous situation for a moment on the carpet.

It's small, reasonably attractive, the fan noise it emits doesn't distract us even when what we're doing requires listening to the spoken word. It's a welcome addition to our work space during these cold months, and a new reason why we're perfectly happy telling our beloved Nest thermostat to go ahead and leave the daytime temps around 62.

Very happy with it, just as happy to recommend it to others.

Epson WorkForce WF-7510 Wireless All-in-One Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax (C11CA96201)
Epson WorkForce WF-7510 Wireless All-in-One Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax (C11CA96201)
Offered by Technology Galaxy
Price: $203.30
20 used & new from $142.49

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Epson continues to impress -- efficient, attractive, intuitive, and iOS-ready wide-format printer is a winner., July 19, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Already impressed by Epson's new line of wireless printers, I was excited about the prospect of a wide-format all-in-one. Epson didn't disappoint. Just like the Workforce 845, the WF-7510 can print from, and be controlled by, iOS devices (Android as well, as I understand it, although I can't speak to that) by way of the free (and well-reviewed) app available in the App Store.

One enjoys instant and (importantly) intuitive access to a level of connectivity and control that exceeds offerings from earlier generations of printers. Moreover, the print quality on plain-text documents rivaled that of my 7 year old laserjet (to the point that they are near indistinguishable), the photo print I ended up with after printing wirelessly from my iPhone isn't going to be confused with what you'd get if you took a shot from a high-end camera and had a professional printer produce an image for you -- but that's not what I was expecting from (a) my phone, and (b) an economical all-in-one printer. The image I got, on my first try, from a phone camera, dramatically exceeded my expectations.

As with the 845 (the machines are virtually identical aside from the wide-format in the WF-7510 the printer itself is handsome; gloss black, the tilting touch-screen control panel an impressive touch -- but beyond the pleasing aesthetics what you have here is a workhorse that is clearly ready to do everything I ask it to do, whether I ask through a computer, or through the iOS app. I love that the ink colors are individually tanked so that if one runs out I don't have to lose the remains of the rest in order to restore full color (a complaint from my old machines). I love that I can double-side print without being there at the machine to flip over and properly orient the page. I guess what I'm saying is that after a month of pretty regular (and at times quite heavy) use, I'm a big fan of the machine.

Set-up was incredibly simple and uneventful. Out of the box, remove the packing tape, plug it in, power it on, and then just follow the on-screen prompts that will walk you through your own configuration including (but not limited to) connecting to your home network (wirelessly or not). After an identical experience with the 845, I had the WF-7510 from box to printing in less than 5 minutes.

My 'tag' for the 845 was that Epson had restored my lost faith in inkjet all-in-ones. The WF-7510 is all that, and more, given its wide format. Anyone needing (with any degree of regularity) to scan or print legal or other wide-long format pictures and documents will benefit from the quality and accessibility of the WF-7510. Epson continues to impress with this line/generation, and I find myself extremely happy with the printer in terms of its functionality AND form.

3M Mobile Projector MP410
3M Mobile Projector MP410

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Big punch, tiny body. Simple/easy, bright, impressive., July 19, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Pulling this tiny projector out of the box, I had relatively muted expectations. Frankly, I expected to see it struggle with image clarity and brightness when stretching the distance/size of the projected field. I expected it to have a bit of a delay. I expected it to be loud. Understand that I expected to still be pretty impressed despite these issues. I mean, what I was holding in my hand (and it's so small that it was in one hand) was a fraction of the size of like-featured (and generally more expensive alternatives). I was ready to mentally trade function for the reduced size. Happily, I didn't have to.

The 3M is bright and highly responsive. After plugging it into an older Netbook running Win7 it was quickly identified as a second monitor (with no other interaction or intervention from me than plugging in the USB cable) and I had a live/real-time, smooth projection of my desktop right on the wall. No delay or stuttering as I fluidly moved the mouse pointer across the wall, onto a curtain, and then up onto the ceiling (yes, at this point I was the emotional equivalent of an 8 year old boy who was just given a new toy). I was blown away by the brightness and clarity -- focusing was as simple as making small adjustments to a conveniently placed lateral slide placed above the lens in the top-front surface of the device. As I backed the projected well away from the wall and asked it to really stretch its limits (around an 8ft diagonal projection), the clarity held up and the brightness was impressive in a darkened room (no hedging there -- you WILL be surprised by how bright this little projector is, particularly at smaller projection sizes).

How could the MP410 be better? I do have ideas here. I want to be able to stream video from my iOS devices. Built-in bluetooth would be amazing (I understand one can order an accessory to accomplish this, but I'm just talking about my 'dream' device now). I'd like to have an included remote (again, one can order one separately). I'd like it to support a broader range of video formats natively, so I could load a movie onto a USB stick in, say, .m2ts format and it will play it cleanly (right now that format ends up with a lot of stuttering and pixelation -- a product of the streaming format it's in more than anything else, I suspect). Here's the thing about all of these ideas though, and this is why I haven't brought the MP410 down in my rating because it lacks them: what we'd be talking about at that point would be a much more expensive (at least at the moment), and perhaps a bigger device, and then it might not be the wonderful marriage of small size and powerful performance (overall bang for the buck) that it is now. Nonetheless, I'll hope for a new generation that does offer those features, and truly impress people in the meantime with the MP410 tethered to a laptop.

Logitech UE Air Speaker for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and iTunes (980-000625)
Logitech UE Air Speaker for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and iTunes (980-000625)
Offered by Vino Deal
Price: $196.99
43 used & new from $98.00

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Rich sound, brilliant relationship with iOS devices, highly attractive., July 19, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I've enjoyed quite a few docking/speaker systems for iOS devices over the last 5-6 years. Pioneer, other Logitech models, etc., they've all managed (to varying degrees) to take your little phone and blow it up into room-filling sound. I've loved (and continue to use) many of these older devices, each of them requiring that I actually dock the iPhone in order to play the music -- and *that's* where the UE Air immediately stands out.

I pulled it out of the box, plugged it in, and then docked my phone. The phone immediately prompted me to install an app, which (in turn) auto-configured the phone for an alternative audio out (the same functionality that allows the phone to stream music to my vehicle). I removed the phone from the dock, slid it back in (the dock attractively slides out from the base), opened iTunes, selected a song, engaged the alternative out, and hit play. After a short second the room was filled with rich sound. I left the room, went to the other end of the house and adjusted the volume on my phone. In real time the Logitech adjusted the volume and the sound stage spread throughout the house and continued to impress me with the richness of the sound, the range, the depth of the bass.

As I tend to do when exploring new speaker sets for the iPhone, I presented the UE Air with a pretty wide range of songs, each requiring different 'needs'. The UE made them all sound terrific, and it really stood out in terms of its ability to really power out and project the music.

It's wonderful, anywhere in the house, to be able to just tap the iPhone (or iPad) screen a few times and hear my song selection broadcast out from the UE Air's new perch on our hutch in the dining room. It sounds great playing quietly if I'm sitting in that room. It sounds great playing loudly if I'm working in the kitchen. Logitech continues to innovate and impress, and the UE Air is a true step forward in this arena. They've stepped up their game (an already STRONG game) in audio quality, and taken a huge step forward where they've removed the need to have the iOS device physically attached to the dock.

The UE Air's form is (to me, clearly this is an entirely subjective area) as appealing as its function. What you're looking at in the product picture is the whole of the device. A meshed black 'flexing'/lightly bowed speaker face with a gloss black (and functional, as above this is where the dock slides out) base. Gloss black top/back surface with three brushed silver/chrome buttons (one a dial) set into the surface. Highly attractive without being assuming at all. As I said, I've placed mine in my dining room, and it's a welcome and subtle addition, visually speaking.

No complaints after a month of use. Love love love the option just to leave the base on and be able to stream music to it without touching it (let alone being near it). Highly recommended, very happy.

Nest Learning Thermostat - 1st Generation T100577
Nest Learning Thermostat - 1st Generation T100577
8 used & new from $199.00

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Nest is already paying for itself. Thermostat done right., July 19, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
The Nest is elegant, attractive, intuitive, and efficient. Installation was almost absurdly simple, a lot of thought went into every step in the process. This device brings (or helps to bring) thermostats into the information age. Support is wonderful, and my experience only continues to improve.

Brilliant. The Apple roots are evident here. Easy to open (always a bigger deal than it sounds in a review). Easy to access. Every reasonably conceivable need is provided. An egg-shaped (more comfortable and functional than I expected) screwdriver with a variety of tips stored in the handle, a wide variety of mounting hardware, and optional base plates. Short of paint and spackle, everything is provided right in the small and attractive box.

Roughly 20 years ago I spent some Summers working as an HVAC installer. So I had some background and a measure of confidence going into the process. Ultimately, I didn't need any of it. After turning the power off to your HVAC system you pull the face off of your existing thermostat. Take a picture of the low voltage wires as they connect to your current base so you have a frame of reference. Go to the Nest website and enter the wire values (for example: Rc, W1, Y1, G) into their compatibility check -- that will let you know if you're compatible, and where the wires will be going in the Nest. Disengage the wires and remove the old plate from the wall. The base for the Nest has a level built in. All the mounting hardware is provided whether you're going into drywall or (better still) into a wall stud. Screw the Nest base into the wall, plug the wires into their respective ports (no tools needed with push button access), snap the Nest itself onto the base plate, and turn the power back on. You're all but done. Enter some information, connect it to your wireless network, and that's really it. The whole process took me about 15-20 minutes, and that was with patching old screw holes and applying a little paint to the wall. I bought one for my brother who has no HVAC experience at all, he found the installation just as quick, just as easy. The other one I bought for my mother (no, really, Nest has won me over -- can you tell?) will be easy for her to install.

Programming the Nest, particularly through a web browser, is as easy as dragging and dropping dots with temp values on the daily/weekly time lines. Beyond the Nest's impressive capacity for learning your needs, I've never enjoyed such easy and intuitive access to a thermostat. In comparison, if I wanted to change the overnight 'sleep' temperatures for a single night in my old 'smart' thermostat, I had to cycle through the entire week to do so. You're just drowning in smart features with the Nest though, many going well beyond programming. Everything is focused on saving you power (and thus money), everything is about efficiency. The Nest learns how long it takes your home to go from one temperature from another. As it approaches the target temps it will turn off your outdoor unit and continue to cool your home with the residual coldness in your indoor coil. You're air conditioning your home for 15-20 minutes with nothing but the indoor fan! If you enable the feature (it defaults on), Nest will pay attention to when you leave the house and when you come home; saving you a significant amount as it will let your indoor temps relax to your 'away' values but bringing it back to where you like it before you walk back in the door. The iOS apps (for both the iPad and the iPhone) are brilliant. You have easy access to how long your system ran for the previous 10 days, it even tells you why (higher/lower outdoor temps, temperature adjustments indoors, etc.) you may have used more or less 'on' time than normal. You can make real-time adjustments to the mode and temperature. Too warm in the middle of the night? Reach over, grab your phone, and three taps later and you've dropped the house a degree. Best of all, the Nest keeps getting better. Over time new updates come in with new features -- including a monthly summary via email to give you an overview of your usage and efficiency.

I find the glossy, dark-screened, silver-bezel(ed) positively attractive. As you walk past the Nest it comes to life with a blue (cooling) or red (heating) backlight and your current temperature. It's clean, simple, modern, and appealing.

After a few months, I couldn't possibly be happier. I've thought long and hard about negatives (or even potential negatives) that I could discuss for the sake of a clear-eyed and balanced review. I've got nothing on that front. I've read comments about problems with updates (I've gone through two and have had no issues). I've read comments about problems with the way Nest keeps its internal battery charged with newer outdoor equipment -- my condensing unit is less than a year old from Carrier and I have no issues whatsoever. I've read concerns about not being able to replace the battery -- I can't speak to (nor can many/any others, yet) what the life of this battery will be and what our options will be if/when it fails. Security? The Nest is connected to and controlled by external devices over your network, and it's connected to the internet. Is it conceivable that some ne'er-do-well can figure out a way to change your temps? Sure. That has little (or nothing) to do with the Nest itself though.

Brilliant product that starts paying for itself as soon as you've installed it. Its Apple roots are evident in the intuitiveness and attractiveness of the design. Welcome to the 21st century, HVAC.
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STREET by 50 Cent Wired Over-Ear Headphones - Black by SMS Audio (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
STREET by 50 Cent Wired Over-Ear Headphones - Black by SMS Audio (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
30 used & new from $69.00

179 of 203 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars STREET vs Beats, Round One. Ready, fight..., February 22, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Length:: 2:00 Mins

It's all but impossible, I think, not to draw direct comparisons to Beats Studio by Dr. Dre. The STREET by 50 both benefit and suffer as the result of such a comparison.

Audio Quality (Advantage STREET): Where STREET may lack some of the skull-shaking mid-bass as the Beats, many will see this as an ultimate positive insofar as the trade-off is better reproductive accuracy and clarity. While few will be left wanting in terms of bass, STREET certainly delivers on this front, it seems clear that SMS Audio and 50 were acutely aware of one of the biggest knocks on the 'granddaddy' of this music mogul-inspired/endorsed headphones arena, and sought to directly address it.

Noise Cancellation (Advantage Beats): STREET suffers here in contrast. Beats enjoy battery (AAA) driven active noise cancellation that is immediately apparent and very effective from the moment you turn it on. STREETs passive cancellation just don't hold a candle to it, and the end result is that you're a little less immersed when listening in an otherwise hostile (audio-wise) setting.

Build Quality/Comfort (Advantage Beats): I find this area to be a bit of a wash, though I'll give a slight edge to the Beats for two reasons. (1) The Beats have metal slides that result in much more smooth and precise movement as one opens and/or closes (expands and/or contracts) the size of the headset. (2) The Beats fold into a smaller profile for carrying or storage, STREET does not. They are both comfortable on the ear and around the head, both aesthetically pleasing in their own right.

Packaging/Extras (Advantage Beats): While this is the most minor of minor considerations, some engineer at Monster clearly put serious time and effort into making the packaging on the Beats both luxurious *and* functional in terms of ease of access and use. Everything fit together perfectly, opened easily, and the whole thing just smacked of quality. As my video might suggest (where I fast forward through wrestling the package open even after cutting through the taped points), that's just not the case with the STREET. While the core blue box itself is nice enough, there's just no real comparison. But then, we're talking about packaging that you're going to open and then probably discard, so there's that. There are two points here actually worth making though. The Beats come with a semi-rigid but still small-profile case -- one that serves to both protect and neatly store, and this is (I think) a superior option to the bag that comes with the STREET. Additionally, Beats come with two cables, one with a mic and one without -- STREET simply comes with the one (shown in the video) that has a mic. May not matter to some, may to others.

One might scan through all of this and come to the conclusion that I think the Beats are superior -- the truth is I just think they're different. Even as I give the advantage in more categories to the Beats, I indicated that STREET has the edge in audio quality even when the fare needs that extra mid-bass response because of the improved overall accuracy in audio reproduction. As audio quality is going to take center stage over the likes of packaging, and situationally over noise cancellation -- I really do see STREET coming out on top.

At the end of the day, these are (as the Beats are) a great set of headphones that are really going to impress those in the market for a set of urban-style, durable, high quality, dual-function (listen to music, send and receive calls) phones. True audiophiles need not apply, there are other options out there that will probably be a better fit your needs/bang for your buck (see: Sennheiser, Phiaton, Audio Technica, Grado, Shure, etc.) and so I'm not focusing this review on how they might respond to these (I'm guilty of being a bit of an audiophile myself, but I approach and value headphones like this on their niche (as I see it) purpose).

Great phones, only knocking a star off because the active noise cancellation of the Beats better fits my own preferences. Despite that, I find superior audio reproduction here so at home, these will likely be my go-to headphones. Would absolutely recommend these to others (with the limitations above), particularly those who wanted bass-focused dual-purpose phones but were put off by the 'muddiness' of the Beats.
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