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Preternatural Affairs, Books 1-3: Witch Hunt, Silver Bullet, and Hotter Than Helltown
Preternatural Affairs, Books 1-3: Witch Hunt, Silver Bullet, and Hotter Than Helltown
Price: $0.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Major waste of time., June 14, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Cesar is a witch/witch hunter, and works with a secret government agency that deals with paranormal investigations. Cesar wakes up and finds a woman that was tortured and shot in his tub, full of blood. Now the government agency that he worked for his now hunting him for the murder of the woman. Cesar has a short time to find the truth, but there are those that want to keep the truth buried.

Wow, this one is bad. First off, there's a lot of swearing in this, I mean a lot. I usually I don't mind profanity, but it's over the top. F this and F that Mother this and mother that. It's just not necessary. When I find that an author does that, they're kind of a hack, and this book proves my point. Second, the author seems to have an obsession with genitals, both male and female. She seems to fix on boners, hard ons, and descriptions of both female and male genitals. Again, this author is nothing but a hack. Third, the ending was stupid. I only just finished it to see who the killer was, and it was really dumb, and the motives of the killer was dumb too.

Don't even both with this book. Life is to short to read books like this.

The Emerald Quest
The Emerald Quest
by Renee Pawlish
Edition: Paperback
Price: $8.00
39 used & new from $3.81

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good start to the series., June 14, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Emerald Quest (Paperback)
Noah and his family are treasure hunters, and someone has hired them to find a certain emerald. This is a case that they've been working on, and during the quest, someone kidnaps Noah's parents, and wants the emerald too, and the secrets that go with it , and will do anything to get it, even if it means killing Noah and his parents. Noah soon finds that there's no help coming, and it's up to him to save himself and his family.

This really is a good read that has a lot of adventure to it. To be honest, I expected this to be a cute lil light hearted story....I was wrong, and glad I was. This has a few plot twits, and Noah has to get out of read danger. This has a lot of action and adventure to it

I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

Chloe Grace Moretz Signed If I Stay 8X10 Photo W/Coa Mia Hall #1
Chloe Grace Moretz Signed If I Stay 8X10 Photo W/Coa Mia Hall #1
Offered by HollywoodMemorabilia
Price: $115.02

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not from If I Stay., May 13, 2015
This picture isn't from the movie If I Stay, it's from Kick Ass 2.

Gathering Prey
Gathering Prey
by John Sandford
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $17.37
220 used & new from $8.24

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1.0 out of 5 stars The more I read, the less I cared., May 12, 2015
This review is from: Gathering Prey (Hardcover)
I think I'm done with the series. The Prey series has to come to and end. The plot is simple. Letty befriends two people, one of them goes missing, and the other asked Letty for help. Soon Davenport is involved to help solve the case. UGH! That's the time I want to spend on the plot.

This one is so bad. 1) There's a lot of talking and planning. Lucas and Co has a meeting finding out where Piliate is and they go there....they find out Pilate is gone, have a meeting, finds out where he is, they go there....and he's gone. This happened over and over and over and over and over. Lucas Davenport, one step behind. 2) I miss the old Davenport. The old Davenport that smacked people around, the Davenport that was smart. 3) There is also a side plot or two that goes no place.

I would say this series needs to before it's to late.....but for me, it's already too late. I think the series is done of me.

The Stranger
The Stranger
Offered by Penguin Group (USA) LLC
Price: $8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty good, May 12, 2015
This review is from: The Stranger (Kindle Edition)
This was a much better read that I though it would be. Adam is living the dream, a perfect life. Then one day, a stranger comes up to him, and tells him a secret that will change his life forever. As he digs deeper into the secret and someone he loves, his life become unraveled, and doesn't know who to trust anymore. That's all I want to say about the plot. This plot is very good, and I can't say more without given spoilers away.

This was good, it has a lot of twists and turns that will keep the reader glued to the page. This is much better than Coben's past few books. If you start it, I can pretty much promise you'll like it. I know I did.

The Lazy Couponer: How to Save $25,000 Per Year in Just 45 Minutes Per Week with No Stockpiling, No Item Tracking, and No Sales Chasing!
The Lazy Couponer: How to Save $25,000 Per Year in Just 45 Minutes Per Week with No Stockpiling, No Item Tracking, and No Sales Chasing!
by Jamie Chase
Edition: Paperback
Price: $11.70
89 used & new from $1.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good Tips, May 12, 2015
This was good, but not all of it was true.

The Good: This has a lot of good advice in it, and a lot of great info for people like me who's just getting into couponing. Chase gives all of the ins and outs of what to do and how to do it. She goes over all of the different stores and what to do. She goes into great detail on how to get the most for your money. Her explanations were straight forward and she doesn't talk down to the reader, and I liked that.

The Bad: Not all what she said was true. For example on page 156 she says, "For example, imagine looking though the flyer and you see this advertisement for ThermaCare heat wraps. Notice the sale price for the item reads 2.79 and the Extra care bucks earned for purchasing it are also 2.79, making it free." That's simply not true. You have to use the $2.79 Extra Care Bucks on you*next* purchase. You're not getting it free, you still have to pay the original 2.79. Chase also gives you the potential, and makes it seem like the norm. She'll say you buy something, but you have a MC coupon, a product coupon, and they double them, and you have some Extra Care Bucks....well, that's a lot of 'if's"

Bottom line is that this is a good book, but you have to use common sense too.

14th Deadly Sin (Women's Murder Club)
14th Deadly Sin (Women's Murder Club)
Offered by Hachette Book Group
Price: $9.99

3.0 out of 5 stars It was pretty good., May 12, 2015
This was a pretty good read, not bad, but not great. It was good to read once, but that's it.

It seems that some criminals are running around robbing and killing people. The thing is that they're wearing SFPD windbreakers and caps. Lindsay and her partner have to figure out if they're just regular bad guys, or is the threat much, much closer that she thought, and some people are waiting for her. That's all I really want to say about the plot, it was the most interesting one in the book.

There were a few problems. First is that there was far too much useless plots going in. The ones with Yuki and CIndy were just to add pages to the book. They offered no substance to the book. The plot with Yuki was just silly and over the top. There were some thing happening with the cops that just would never happen, at all, ever. It was laughable. Lindsay and Joe were off investigating side cases, that didn't add anything to plot, again, it was just adding pages to the book. Lindsay also annoyed me when she said things like "My husband....." and " I kissed my beautiful baby...." This was done over and over again.

Again, overall, it was okay, just not great.

Lemon Larceny: Donut Mystery #15 (The Donut Mysteries) (Volume 15)
Lemon Larceny: Donut Mystery #15 (The Donut Mysteries) (Volume 15)
by Jessica Beck
Edition: Paperback
Price: $8.99
20 used & new from $3.00

1.0 out of 5 stars The series needs to end., April 4, 2015
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
In this go around, Suzanne find out that her favorite aunt has died. She and her mom go to the reading of the will then soon discovers that her death wasn't accidental. So it's up to Suzanne and her mother to solve the murder. That's all the time I want to spend on the plot.

There's nothing good about the book. Suzanne and her mom are nothing but bullies in the book. They push people around to get what they want. There's also a lot of meaningly, pointless, jibber-jabber between Suzanne and her mom. It's mind numbingly painful. She actually explains to her mom how a killer will lie to them, and not say that have killed anyone. Mind numbingly tedious.

The series might have come to an end of me . There's no way I'm paining full price for meaningless jibber-jabber like this.

Rex'd: Welcome to Scholomance
Rex'd: Welcome to Scholomance
Price: $4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Such a fun start to a series., April 4, 2015
Man, this was a fun read. Rex has a lot of changes in his life. He's starting over at a new school, and that's never easy. His mom was also killed by a hit and run...or so that's what people tell him, but he knows that's not the truth. Since when does a hit and run rip off the top of a car? What could have ripped off the top of the car? Well, some think it was a bear, but Rex knows it was really a monster. Some events unfold that confirms Rex's suspicions. It's up to Rex and his friends to get to the truth, but the problem is, where there's one monster, there's usually more...and they're waiting for Rex.

This is such a fun read, I loved it. If you know somethings about horror movies, you'll discover little priceless gems. Just take a close look at the last names of some of the characters. It gave me many chuckles. There's a lot of action in this that will keep the reader glued to the pages. The characters are real and life life, and you actually care what happens to them. The writing style is one that if flows at a good and even pace, and the reader is never bogged down by useless information.

I hope there are more books to this series. If there are, I know I'll be one of the first to get it.

Fry Another Day (Biscuit Bowl Food Truck)
Fry Another Day (Biscuit Bowl Food Truck)
by J. J. Cook
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $7.28
74 used & new from $3.22

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars A major let down., April 4, 2015
This was such a let down from the first book, and I liked the first book. The plot is that Zoe and her team have entered her food truck in a food truck race. During the race, they have to preform different tasks, and as they do, the bodies start to pile up, and Zoe wants to know why.

Okay, there are a lot of problems with this one. The biggest problem is the amount of fluff that's in it. 1) This book spends more time on the tasks that Zoe and her crew have to do, than they do on looking into the murder. The murders are pretty much a back story to this installment. 2) The characters seem fake and one demential. I mean, one character is following the food truck race, from city to city, or no logical reason. She's just there to add tension, tension that doesn't needed to be added. 3) For a cozy mystery, the body count is really high. Yeesh. 4) There really wasn't any investigation by Zoe, things just fall on her lap, and people come to her. For me, it just didn't make any sense. 5) The reveal. For me, this was just silly, the killer and their motives. It was just over the top, and not in a good way. 6) I felt that the romance was forced and we get to hear pretty much anything and everything Zoe thinks.

Bottom line, if you liked the first one, then skip this one. I have no plans to read any more in this series.

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