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Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories
Price: $11.88
109 used & new from $3.90

2 of 7 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars they should stop trying to be radiohead - seriously almost made me vomit. terrible cd, May 29, 2014
This review is from: Ghost Stories (Audio CD)
first off, i'm a huge coldplay fan, seen them in concert numerous times. love most of their work.

this cd is sooooo boring. i've listened to it both sober and intoxicated and both ways it's still just as bad.

i came here just to read some of the 5 star reviews to see if i was missing something, but no, it seems most of the 5 stars are from people who generally would just love everything coldplay did even if all they did was fart different patterns and if the cd was 5 minutes long. this is so bad it put me to sleep in the car and it almost made me vomit. i would rather shoot myself than listen to this cd again. i won't be seeing them live this time around unless i get the tickets for free and if they hand out 8 balls of coke at the gate to keep me awake.

of course there has to be a song on every coldplay cd now that is featured in every commercial or sport event, which there is but i can't remember the name of it because i was in such a foul mood from hearing all this junk and then they force the obligatory pop song on us. it's the only one i recognized off the first listen, and it's decent, catchy, perfect for commercials and will get stuck in your head. you all probably know which one it is. besides that, this cd is trash.

i've noticed the early coldplay was much more rock'ish and now it's easy to tell that most of the instruments on the newer cd's are electronic and patterned out on beat machines. this is why i made the radiohead comment in the title. my personal opinion is that this group has been trying too hard to be radiohead ever since kid A came out, and it's making them look and sound stupid. if i want radiohead, which i love, i'll pop in one of their cd's. coldplay, do your thing and stop trying (and failing) at being someone else. you have talent, use it. stop putting us to sleep and making me vomit all over the place.

thank you!

Kenwood DDX8901HD Excelon Double-DIN 6.95" DVD Receiver with Built-In Bluetooth
Kenwood DDX8901HD Excelon Double-DIN 6.95" DVD Receiver with Built-In Bluetooth
Offered by Mobile SoundWorks
Price: $619.95
9 used & new from $559.00

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars If you don't use USB or Android this is a fine unit. However, I use both., May 27, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Except for the USB issues detailed below, this unit is pretty much everything I expect of an excelon, of which I've owned three in the past, all single Din. This is my first Double Din Excelon.

First things let's get the good out of the way.
Sound quality is excellent.
EQ/Customization is awesome.
All devices are recognized right away, requires little to no set up.
Instructions are great, unit looks professional and fits nice.
Menu isn't as customizable as I would like, but there is at least some customization which is better than most other decks.

Now for the Bad/Terrible:
When I have the USB drive playing as I turned off the car last time, then it will take well over a minute for the music to start playing once I turn on the car. It doesn't give me a choice to go back to any other source while the USB is loading, so basically for more than a whole minute, I'm listening to nothing. Not acceptable at all. My last few single din excelons did not have this issue, it would play instantly.
This unit does NOT utilize the kenwood music editor like the previous units I've had. This is a windows program that creates a database for your USB drive, which lets you search your drive by artist/song/album, etc. Not sure why they took this functionality away without replacing it with something better or at least equal, STUPID move on their part.
Even when I am not listening to the USB drive, if it is plugged in, I cannot control the unit for about 2 minutes after starting the car. Basically the touch screen and buttons are unresponsive during this time. This goes for selecting source, changing channels on the radio, and yes even changing volume. It's extremely annoying. If the USB drive is not plugged into anything then this is not an issue, so I'm assuming that the unit is busy doing something in the background with the USB drive.
Another thing, the unit only recognizes 255 folders of music. Anything else and it ignores those files. Really ridiculous. Why such an archaic limitation? This is 2014!!!!!!

Before anyone starts commenting about how a lot of decks have similar limitations with USB devices, let me point out that this is a $600+ deck, and my previous excelon deck, which is the same exact company and line as this, is 2-3 year old and single din and can be bought for around $150 right now. And my old deck doesn't have ANY of these problems/limitations. It's almost like Kenwood took effort to go backwards or make people stop using USB drives by making it the absolute worst experience.

Another thing, I have an HTC ONE, which is supposedly compatible with the smartphone app and the HDMI cord, but I'm stuck at the screen calibration screen. I have upgraded to the most recent firmware which is supposed to work better with androids, but still same problem.

For all of these issues, I've emailed Kenwood 7 days ago and have not received a response. They say there's a 24-48 hour response time for answering my questions, but 7 days is much more than that. I expect better customer service when I purchase something so expensive.

Extremely disappointed in this. I wouldn't recommend buying this unless they announce a firmware upgrade.

Offered by gadget-town
Price: $353.98
57 used & new from $299.99

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Mainly rated poorly for terrible USB interface, May 1, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I recently replaced my stock unit with this head unit. This being my first double din aftermarket ever, it was fun playing with the screen and all the different menus, touchscreen, colors, etc. However, I'm used to Kenwood Excelon deck and quality, which I've always found to be top notch.

The thing that attracted me to this deck before I purchased was the affordable price. It has all of the features that I want: USB, siriusxm, HD radio, dvd/video playback, and 6 preamp outs. Aux in is nice but I've used that maybe 2-3 times over the past few years, not that important to me.

Things I liked:

The DVD and avi video works fine, I used the parking brake bypass switch recommended along with this unit by amazon, and that works perfect.

I really think the "favorites" option is nice because I live in Chicago and don't want my sub booming when I park on the street. the favorites puts the subwoofer on/off option only 2 button presses away. Super easy to find and manage. The bass boost is also pretty good. EQ options are limited compared to the excelon, but I think compared to other decks in this price range, it's either right on par or a little better.

Set up and settings are easy to find and the UI is very intuitive.

Things I didn't like:
My biggest gripe here is with the USB performance. Half the time that I start my car and the USB stick is still in from the previous drive, the deck tells me that there's no device detected. But then I unplug and replug the stick in, and it starts reading it like normal. That isn't such a huge pain, but because the USB input is on the rear, i have to wire it to the front. and in my case I've wired it into the glovebox. I can't be opening up my glove box every time I want to listen to music on my thumb drive. I mean, I can, but I just don't want to..

Then once it starts reading the thumb drive, it takes close to a minute for the unit to start playing anything. That's unacceptable, my older Kenwood deck would play immediately. Once it's playing, it asks me to create a database. So I press the database button and it works for about 10 minutes. When it's done, it tells me there's insufficient storage (5 MB needed) on the stick, so no database was created. I've done this about 10 times so far, same result. There is a ton of space on that drive. I called pioneer support and they told me that I probably had too many files/directories (can support up to 1,500 folders and 15,000 files). So I spent a good part of my day removing files to get below that threshold. And same problem. Called support again and they said I have a defective unit, return it.

I've read up on this problem and there are other people who have the same issue. This is a brand new USB stick and works fine on my computer. So, i'm returning this and getting a kenwood excelon double din. It's a lot more expensive but the new deck also lets me use my android for navigation and what not.

ANOTHER weird prob with the USB file management is that if you don't have a database, you have to browse by folder, which is expected, but the folders are arranged by date modified, not by alphabetical order. I couldn't find a way to change this either. Very stupid. Should be alphabetical. Then, when you are playing a file but then backtrack out to the root of the USB drive, it always ends up back at the top of the root instead of having the screen located on the folder you came from. Just really stupid.

Also, there was no trim for this unit, which was weird to me. I've bought a ton of aftermarket stereos and they've all had the cosmetic trim come with it in the box. not sure if this is normal or like pioneer said, I just have a "defective" unit.

Things I haven't tried are the ipod, HD Radio (tried it, but realized that I forgot to hook up the antenna), mp3 files on a cd/dvd, or the mixtrack feature which sorta looks cool but not real practical for every day usage.

So basically, if you don't care about USB, this might be a more than decent deck. But since I use USB and Sirius almost exclusively, with all the other stuff used sparingly, this deck will not work for me.
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 18, 2014 5:53 AM PDT

Oxymoron [Deluxe]
Oxymoron [Deluxe]
Price: $18.53
55 used & new from $11.47

5 of 20 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars this cd is ok, nothing special, February 25, 2014
This review is from: Oxymoron [Deluxe] (Audio CD)
not really impressed with this cd although there are some decent beats and occasional interesting verse or a few bars here and there. this cd probably is gonna do well commercially cause of the thirst of the lack of anything else mainstream coming out right now plus all the TDE hype/support which is justified due to previous efforts and the general rap skill/ability of their crew.

also this guy is representing LA better than anyone else besides k dot recently, so i'm sure he'll scoop up a lot of purchases based on that alone. not saying that he's the best rapper from LA, but he's "repping" meaning making sure everyone knows he's from there, which you know, is cool if you're from there. if not it's no big deal. but someone like the game can make a career and a decent living off of it despite being garbage.

favorite songs are collard greens, the purge, and blind threats. and that's mostly for the guest spots (k dot, kurupt, and chef) and for their beats. speaking of blind threats... i'm not usually a fan of rappers so blatantly using another rap song's sample (cypress hill illusions), especially if the previous song is a single, which illusions was from temple of boom, but i do like how they expanded on the beat here and it ends up being more than decent. besides those 3 songs, i can't see myself bumping this much longer but if it does grow on me, i'll come back to update this review.

not hating, and i like that he's got a real distinct voice and flow. i also like that the production sounds consistent from track to track. so for me that's enough to give this 2 stars and maybe come back with a 3 later. but this is definitely not 4-5 star material.
Comment Comments (7) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 14, 2014 4:43 PM PDT

The Heist
The Heist
Price: $9.99
120 used & new from $3.98

7 of 13 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars don't understand this one here, November 18, 2013
This review is from: The Heist (Audio CD)
i've tried so many times to get into this cd and i just can't. i liked the videos for thrift shop and can't hold us. not so much the songs. some of the hooks are catchy, and the guest spots are nice. i really don't like macklemore's rapping style or his content. at all.
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The Marshall Mathers LP 2
The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Price: $6.96
94 used & new from $2.99

7 of 13 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars some really good tracks and some terrible, still better than recovery though, November 6, 2013
I love eminem, respect his work. While I dislike most of his last few cd's, I will still listen to whatever he drops just because I know what he's capable of. Summary of what probably will be a long rant: Overall this is a mixed bag that won't have much replay value except for a couple songs.

FINALLY got rid of the ridiculous accent that he used a little on Encore and throughout Relapse. In fact I would have LOVED Relapse if it weren't for his stupid accent. Also he isn't yelling on every track like he did on Recovery. If you were like me and just wanted Eminem to go back to using the same voice that he did on his first 3 cd's, then you will love that about MMLP2. obviously it isn't the same EXACT voice since he's older and voice is deeper, but besides that it's the same.

Lyrically, his flows are on point and he has a lot to say here. Some of the stories he tells are very interesting and funny. Again, on this note he is definitely living up to the MMLP name here.

Beats are not great. Only a few of the songs have hot beats, especially in comparison to MMLP or Relapse. Very silly beats and samples. Overall there aren't a lot of head nodders here.

Hooks are corny. he sings too much.

Singing.. He actually has a song on here where he sings most of the way and it's just terrible. And the featured artists who sing over the hooks take away from the song, make it feel much more Pop than Hip Hop. If you typically like Pop music more than Hip Hop then this should be a good thing for you. For me, it's bad. I can't bump this stuff in my ride with the windows down.

I give this 3 stars even though I have more bad things to say than good things because I feel like the cd, as a whole, is very listenable from front to back. The songs that I don't like do sound like they belong here. There are only a couple songs I want to skip. Most songs are tolerable if not great.

This isn't on MMLP1 level but it definitely isn't as horrific as Recovery or Encore. I think people are 5 staring this a lot just because they are happy to hear him stop screaming/yelling over the track like Recovery, but by no means should this cd be 5 stars. MMLP1, SSLP, and even eminem show are deserving of 5 stars. This is just good not great.

In My City
In My City
Price: $0.69

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars i really hate this song, October 18, 2013
This review is from: In My City (MP3 Music)
just another fake ripoff song about nothing. i've only heard this due to thursday night football. and it ruins every thursday night of my life. so whack.

Magna Carta Holy Grail
Magna Carta Holy Grail
Price: $12.35
82 used & new from $4.10

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Lazy, over commercialized waste of time, October 7, 2013
This review is from: Magna Carta Holy Grail (Audio CD)
completely uninspired, lazy, over commercialized, eh just a big waste of time. i was very looking forward to this cd after seeing the commercial during the nba finals. but when i heard he's striking that deal with samsung i figured something was fishy about this. then i heard the thing and realized he's just in this for the pay day and trying to make a product for the sole purpose of making money, similar to mcdonalds and abercrombie. this wasn't a piece of art like many of his other earlier cd's, this was just an investment opportunity for him. not hating on the dude for making money, do your thing you know? it's too bad cause a lot of the beats are hot. months after the release i can say i'll probably listen to this cd maybe 5-6 more times in my entire life, if that. there's too much better stuff out there to waste my time chanting "tom ford" over a 5 year old timbo beat. no thanks. i don't pop molly or rock tom ford and one thing i definitely don't do is blast tom ford commercials in my ride when i'm cruising. so whack.

Nothing Was The Same (Dlx/Exp)
Nothing Was The Same (Dlx/Exp)
Offered by MMM®
Price: $13.88
60 used & new from $9.00

2 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars great cd. this dude went off, September 24, 2013
i was afraid of this cd since there was so much trash put out this summer, namely yeezus and the million copies of jay z's hour long commercial for tom ford that samsung still hasn't been able to give away yet. big sean, j cole, those were decent but nothing has come out like we had the last few summers. it's been pretty weak overall in hip hop. also, i wasn't as impressed with "take care" like a lot of drake fans were. i only like half the songs on there. so while i had high hopes, i really had low expectations.

then i got the leak of this last week and right away i was underwhelmed. no club bangers, no radio hits, basically nothing that i'm used to hearing from this dude. but after 2-3 listens when i was about to say forget it and stash this one away and move on to the next, i found myself rapping a lot of his lyrics to myself and singing the hooks like in the shower or toilet or whateve lol.

now i can't stop listening. i get it i get it i get it i get it. this is just too good.

he goes HARD on some of these tracks. "too much" made me pull over in my ride while driving. the stuff that he's saying is ridic. and the track with jay z on it, jay's verse is better than anything on MCHG, although i feel drake's verse is way better. his content is on point in this cd. he doesn't have any token featured artists like nikki or wayne. birdman is on there for like half a minute and a classic jay verse. that's really it besides some backup and hook singers.

40, or like drake says "scorsese" really does bring it as well, beats wise. none of them are truly catchy at first and i agree with another poster that it does sound like dude was trying to be edgy with the beats. i felt that way while listening, like he's trying too hard to do something different production wise. at the same time though, i appreciate the mostly dark and non-in-your-face backgrounds cause all the drums hit nice, and it makes it easier to really feel some of drizzy's long verses which take somewhat of an effort to comprehend at times. drake really establishes himself as a top rapper on this cd, not just a guy who can make amazing pop hits like most people think of him as.

very happy this cd is on repeat i just wish it came for the summertime.

Trilogy (Explicit)
Trilogy (Explicit)
Price: $13.31
80 used & new from $4.60

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars man i just gotta put this out there, sorry folks, September 16, 2013
This review is from: Trilogy (Explicit) (Audio CD)
yo i'm a huge fan of the weeknd and i really like, or LOVE house of balloons and thursday. wasn't feeling his third one too much. with that said, this triolgy cd is WHACK due to all of the unnecessary remixing. whoever produced this thing should be ashamed. most of my favorite songs are re-leveled, re edited and mixed and it's not just to make the sounds crisper or clearer, but most of the time they've removed key elements, and instruments, sometimes the vocal effects are missing or there are new ones where there weren't on the mixtapes. i'm a big fan of remixing and i love the mixtapes that spawned the first two parts of this trilogy. i am ALL FOR producers adding their individual touches on something just for the sake of remixing. but in this case i think it shouldn't have been done, as this is technically the weeknd's first retail cd so in my opinion it should haven't been touched. or if he wanted to release this as a remix cd, that's cool. a classic is a classic and it shouldn't have been messed with. the remixing on this effort hurts it so much that i just can't listen to it.

i'm all for supporting the weeknd in going to see his shows and promoting him to my friends, but i can't honestly tell anyone to go out and spend their money on this when the mixtape versions are free and way better.

i'm totally not doing this for attention being the lone one star review here, but i have given this trilogy MANY chances in my ride and in my ipod, but it hurts too much and i have gone back to the mixtapes for good now.

with all of that said, it's nice to see that a lot of his fans on here like (love) both the mixtapes and cd. i hope this dude really breaks out into something huge cause he puts a lot of work and love into his craft and i want to hear more.


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