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Has God Seen My Shadow: An Anthology 1989-2011
Has God Seen My Shadow: An Anthology 1989-2011
Price: $16.99
34 used & new from $11.73

5.0 out of 5 stars It really doesn't get any better than this..., March 26, 2014
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This compilation puts into perspective how talented this guy is. People may say what they want about this song and that song, about what they're offering on ITunes, etc.- the point is this- you have here one of the best songwriters that has come around in the last 30 years. Not to mention the fact that he's got one of the best voices in the history of rock, folk, or blues. It doesn't get more real than his material is- it really doesn't get any better than this.

Offered by B68 Solutions Limited
Price: $12.65
53 used & new from $4.96

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4.0 out of 5 stars Left field is more Lou's territory................but Metallica has thrown us for a curve before, too., February 23, 2014
This review is from: Lulu (Audio CD)
I bought this when it came out because, being a fan of both bands- Metallica in my youth, and Lou Reed in my adulthood- I just had to find out what these two entities came up with. This isn't as strange a collaboration as many, many Metallica fans are claiming that it is. For example- it's not like Judas Priest covering Joan Baez on Diamonds and Rust. It's not as if Rush decided to pursue making an album with Garth Brooks. These are two artists who definitely turned some heads when they arrived on the scene at the beginning of their careers. Two artistic entities that did not care what others thought from the beginning- check. Two artists who have explored both the heavy, distorted sounds and the acoustic, mellow approaches- check. Two artists who have gone through various phases of their career where they decided to change things up a little- sometimes for better, sometimes for worse- check. That's the thing about many metal fans. They don't have much of an open mind. It's like they're afraid of something. It reminds me of the title of the Talking Heads album, Fear of Music. This album has grown on me quite a bit. I thought it was cool from the beginning, but now- a few years later of casual listening, not the forced approach where it's a chore to make sure that 5th play all the way through occurs before the end of the first week of ownership- I think this album will be something I refer to regularly over the years. A bit of advice to Metallica- take Frank Bello's recent comment on That Metal Show into consideration. Frank said that he just wanted to continue "throwing a curve to the fans." Metallica are not stupid musicians, nor stupid businessmen. This album wasn't Metallica being forced to do anything they didn't want to. For the Metallica fan that remembers the mid to late 80's and what a breath of fresh air they provided to Metal- my sentiment is this- DON'T EVER BE AFRAID OF MUSIC. And anyway, that kid that has the locker a few down from yours- DON'T WORRY- he probably isn't going to kick your ass if he finds out that you listen to music that isn't metal. HAHA! Keep an open mind kids.

Price: $11.99
37 used & new from $4.79

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, September 18, 2013
This review is from: Imitations (Audio CD)
The only negative to this disc is that the song "She's Gone" is not the Hall and Oates cover. I thought that would be hilariously cool to hear! It was noted in the product description before the release of the album, and I wonder if it was a an intentional joke. I can't wait to have heard this disc for a month or so, to have completely become familiar with all of it. Have tickets to see him at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago coming up in October, and I want to know these songs inside and out before the show. I particularly like Solitaire and Lonely Street so far, along with Not the Loving Kind and Deepest Shade. Maybe next time he does a cover album he can do Sara Smile or Maneater. :)

The Wheel of Darkness
The Wheel of Darkness
by Lincoln Child
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
266 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Story, June 7, 2013
The only other book I've read of theirs is Reliquary, and I thought this to be far superior. Slow pace? ARE YOU KIDDING? I couldn't put this book down.

Black Pudding
Black Pudding
Price: $11.39
30 used & new from $6.63

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5.0 out of 5 stars New territory for Mark- much more spacey, ethereal........., May 14, 2013
This review is from: Black Pudding (Audio CD)
This is SOOOOO good I can't stop listening to it. It's got everything minus the hard rock stuff, which is cool! I can always whip out some old Screaming Trees, and his last MLB album had its share of rockers. This is dreamy without being electronic of folky, or even bluesy, for the most part. It ventures on sounding almost like old Pink Floyd in places-- think Meddle. Great addition to the catalog. I'm going to be listening to this religiously for a very long while......Highly recommended if you REALLY dig Mark Lanegan. If you're new to the guy, it's not a bad place to start, either!! May this guy make music for a LONG LONG time to come.

Keep It Up
Keep It Up
21 used & new from $5.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Setting the record straight........., July 9, 2012
This review is from: Keep It Up (Audio CD)
This in my opinion is the best album of theirs. And unlike many other reviews, I don't believe at all that this is "more pop" oriented than their previous efforts. I think it rocks harder than those. The first two records didn't flow nearly as well as this one. It really has a great feel to it, from one song to the next. Paul Dean is an underrated guitarist. Nothing flashy, but great feel. Very tasteful player. Not tasty, as is often used- I've never tasted a musician before. Food is tasty. Musicians are tasteful. Now I've set the record straight. :)

Use Your Illusion
Use Your Illusion
Price: $9.69
46 used & new from $2.37

5.0 out of 5 stars Seems like a good song set......, June 27, 2012
This review is from: Use Your Illusion (Audio CD)
Neither of these albums compares in any way to the first two releases. That being said, I think this is what should have been released initially. Then, they could have years later, released the other filler songs. I remember when both illusion discs came out in 91, and it was like something was missing. The formula had been obviously been messed with pretty severely. What started out as a street-cred rock n roll band now seemed to be approaching Def Leppard's production ideals. November rain? Never got what the big deal was. I mean, this was supposed to be GNR, not Elton John. And hey, I love Elton John. But let him do that thing. Anyway, the song titles on this seem like the best of the discs combined. And I don't think You aint the first was one of the worst songs on either disc. You have to realize how seminal Destruction was when it came out. We were teenagers getting stoned and drunk in the car, and Appetite was in that damn player seemingly forever. And it rocked. These discs never came close being in that heavy of rotation. Lies is better than these two. This is what should have been, and it still wouldn't have had the impact. Sadly.

Blues Funeral
Blues Funeral
Price: $11.88
50 used & new from $3.78

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5.0 out of 5 stars He hasn't let us down...., April 30, 2012
This review is from: Blues Funeral (Audio CD)
Mark Lanegan has made yet another excellent album. Picking up from where he left off on the fantastic Bubblegum, he continues to address the dark side of the sub-culture wrapped up in bad habits. You know who you are if you can relate to lines like "Don't it feel so bad," found in the song Muddy Water. This collection of songs seems a bit more cohesive than the group of songs on Bubblegum (which still flowed very well in my opinion.) To me, it seems like the natural evolution of that album, kind of like what Exile on Main St. was to Sticky Fingers, if you will. It picks up right where that album left off. He gives all of us that understand what it's like something to look forward to with each of his (solo?)releases. If you're a fan of this man's music, I don't see how you could possibly be let down by this. Electronica, acoustic, distorted, mellow, it doesn't matter how it's put down on tape. It's Mark Lanegan, and he's one of the best there is.

Flashback With the Grateful Dead
Flashback With the Grateful Dead
Price: $4.99
68 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Their heads are dead....., October 4, 2011
How can a release with good sound quality and songs of this caliber get picked on so badly??? Something to do with a true dead head would never.....Get over it, and get over yourself.

Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert [Remastered]
Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert [Remastered]
Price: $6.99
82 used & new from $1.81

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best live albums ever, September 9, 2011
Anyone who says this cd is subpar to the original release must be on Heroin themselves. It's FAR better sounding. And the performance? Anyone who says that this is a subpar performance to the Dominoes live, or Just One Night- well, I'm afraid they don't get it either. This is classic stuff. Raw, not rusty. Yeah, maybe they hadn't rehearsed 100 times. That makes it sound that much more lively and off the cuff. Don't let anyone dissuade you from this. This is a fine musical performance. Probably my favorite, best sounding live release.
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