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Columbian CO128 (#10) 4-1/8x9-1/2-Inch Security Tinted White Envelopes, 500 Count
Columbian CO128 (#10) 4-1/8x9-1/2-Inch Security Tinted White Envelopes, 500 Count
Price: $17.16
46 used & new from $8.65

3.0 out of 5 stars average, September 17, 2014
You know how sometimes when you pick up an envelope, go to lick it, and the flappy parts on top refuse to stick so you give it a heavy coat of lickable fluids which often times doesn't work either? Well here's the reason- you're probably using one of these Columbian types of envelopes. Maybe other Columbian envelopes are more reliable but surely these ones are average at best. You can lick until the cows come home but they probably won't stick. I'd say more than 50% of the time these envelopes won't stick which means you're going to be disappointed. The best thing is to just apply a piece of tape after you give your best attempt to seal it shut enough to mail it, but I understand in a business-run world such an option isn't very practical and shouldn't be necessary, not to mention constantly applying tape can be very time-consuming. The best thing I can tell you is to search elsewhere for envelopes that are dependably sticky. Also worth noting is that the paper itself strikes me as a little thinner than other envelopes but I could be imagining things. I do know one thing very well- save your money and don't buy these particular envelopes.

Child's Play
Child's Play
DVD ~ Catherine Hicks
67 used & new from $0.01

5.0 out of 5 stars a personal fear of dolls will make this movie even better!, September 17, 2014
This review is from: Child's Play (DVD)
Watching this movie again last night I realized how many things I'd forgotten about. Such as the cop/bad guy scene in the beginning where the bad guy runs into a nearby doll store (or factory) and after he's shot and knows he's dying, he uses his dark magic on a nearby Chucky doll to turn him evil. Of course you know what this means if you've ever watched a good horror flick- this Chucky doll eventually makes it to an innocent mother who just so just happens to buy this particular Chucky model, haha. The writers do a wonderful job making the mom look nice and innocent like a typical caring/extra protective mother, and her son's character is perfect too since he just wants a friend to play with which is the reason the mother buys him the doll. Excellent choice to make the two people you'd least expect involved in such a violent situation!

How about the legendary scene when the mother realizes her son might be correct about Chucky being able to speak and function like a real person when in the kitchen she's alone with Chucky. She's about to read the box to figure out what might be the problem when the batteries fall down to the floor. Shortly before this Chucky was speaking to her *without batteries!* HAIR RAISING MOMENT, haha!

This whole scene continues to frighten me- Chucky rolls under the couch when he momentarily speaks like a typical doll as the mother's holding him, the mother cautiously reaches under to pick him up... and after a threat to toss the doll in the fireplace what HAS to be considered a really excellent piece of trickery comes next- we actually see the doll come to life before our very eyes. I'm sure in reality this doll was created with the ability to express anger while a voice actor is speaking while Chucky moves his mouth but it sure looks excellent and about as authentic as it could be! Of course Chucky's profanity is quite comical and noteworthy as well which is another aspect that has made him quotable over the years (especially the comment he makes in an elevator after two people comment what an ugly doll he is, LOL!)

I find it somewhat unintentionally hilarious that even when the babysitter looking after the son "falls" from the upper apartment building window (which is the only scene I could remember before last night) the kid doesn't seem concerned at all about her death nor does he seem shaken up when his mom and police question what happened. Instead he insists "Chucky did it" and of course nobody believes him. I don't want to spoil more moments but you can probably guess Chucky goes around with a knife since he's such a stab-happy little guy! This movie is just terrific. Yes it's really cheesy but the whole "doll come to life" plot used here is about as scary as one can possibly be. We all love Chucky!

Mega Man X8 - PlayStation 2
Mega Man X8 - PlayStation 2
51 used & new from $23.99

4.0 out of 5 stars improves... megaly, haha!, September 16, 2014
Well guess what? I have some really wonderful news. Remember how you hated rescuing reploids in X6? You don't have to do that anymore! Remember how X7 blended 3D with 2D elements making the levels awkward and often times forgettable? Capcom eliminated 3D for the most part! Remember how dreadful and childish the voice acting sounded in X7? That's gone too! This game seriously got rid of 3 very annoying aspects and I couldn't be happier! Those 3 eliminations automatically boost the rating up a couple stars.

This game is just such a big improvement that we haven't seen since X4, I'm simply beside myself that it actually exists. That Capcom actually decided to listen to their fans and eliminate the aspects that didn't work while focusing on the ones that DO work. Now it's not a flawless game by any means. A couple levels here and there are less than superb with questionable design choices, and a few of the boss fights are needlessly elaborate and come across as overbearing while sacrificing fun and innocence in the process which is what the X series is supposed to be about, but for the most part I'm totally satisfied with this game. I'd easily place it in the same category as X1-X4 (the classic years). Just skip over X5, X6 and X7 and go with X8!

Let's describe the characters. Axl can hover in the air this time, and when he rapidly shoots you will occasionally see a blue beam amongst the other shots which is supposedly more powerful than the normal shots. Nice addition there and very subtle because I would have missed it without someone mentioning it to me. He's not as weak as he was in X7 either and eventually develops a beam attack. X himself has several abilities too, including a tri-shot you'll acquire later on which is pretty fun to play around with along with a cool nova strike. His character is significantly larger in appearance compared to the older Mega Man of the past, and I'm noticing a trend that with each X game Capcom likes to make Mega Man a little bigger in size each time. Probably a coincidence and it's not like it's going to last forever. Otherwise we'd eventually have a screen-sized X, haha. Zero... he's pretty much the best playable character in the game. He has MANY moves that can be acquired later on, and he's the best option for dealing with the most dangerous situations.

Immediately when the game begins we see a jungle setting that eventually leads into a factory which goes to show Capcom is even putting some serious effort into the very first stage since this stage takes several minutes to complete. The action is very fast, you're hardly ever surrounded by swarms of unavoidable enemies and there's definitely a degree of skill and challenge present throughout the game instead of lucking out and hoping you'll survive all kinds of annoying hopeless situations. I like this. This brings back childhood memories of the older Mega Man where I'd have to keep trying and figuring out strategy methods until I succeeded. You'll be doing the same here.

Anyway back to the intro stage- it has a beautiful forest background and an atmospheric factory setting totally reminding me of Jurassic Park for some reason. I love the waterfall too. When switching to Zero you'll find he's more powerful than before. I can't even describe how much of an improvement the voice acting is this time around. Now X, Zero, Sigma and Alia sound more mature and realistic which better conveys the emotions they're going for. They no longer sound like kids rehearsing a play for example. The Mega Man series is based around action and explosions- adult voice acting just makes more sense.

The only times you'll witness 3D elements is when the camera occasionally does a tricky move while progressing through levels (which is done perfectly since it's done in a subtle way) and when you're facing a boss and perform a certain kind of special finishing move that presents a certain camera rotation trick. This camera angle's actually really awesome to admire and I never get tired of it. Energy capsules are REALLY rare this time. Even more rare than in X6 which is surprising. Just be careful not to take too many hits (especially near the end of the game with the series of boss fights you have to contend with- the game isn't going to hold your hand for the final boss fight I can promise you that!)

You're ranked after each stage which I have mixed feelings about. This isn't Medal of Honor! I shouldn't be ranked for how well or poorly I've played. Besides, until I familiarize myself with the levels it's not like you'll be ranked high on your first few playthroughs. I guess Capcom added a rank system to encourage gamers to try harder next time and it actually works since the game relies on skill instead of luck so you ARE motivated to try harder, but eh. It's an alright addition I guess. I ignore it to be honest.

Also you have to BUY heart upgrades and energy tanks now. They aren't simply scattered throughout the stages like they used to be. A real shame there because it's more fun searching for hidden spots where they might be located. Throughout each stage you can find metals which is required to buy upgrades at the item shop. You can actually build up hundreds/thousands of metals after a while so you'll probably hardly ever be in short supply. Whenever you get low on important items, all you have to do is enter a completed stage, collect the metals scattered everywhere (they're abundant thankfully) and buy what you need at the shop. You can also buy weapons at the items shop. The shop offers a large selection of items and weapons to experiment with, making the replay value high since you can play the game differently the next time around.

Game overs in this game means you are taken back to the stage select screen if I remember so it's somewhat significant to not get a game over for careless reasons. I believe you can purchase 1-ups at the item shop so no problem there. You can do combos in this game which is basically entering small areas where you can shoot multiple enemies in a row. These come up every now and then. Like I mention above, Zero has all kinds of saber and special attacks which greatly enhances your chances of winning in the heat of a battle more times than not. He'll ideal for these combo rooms.

You can also buy an ability to walk on spikes for a temporary period of time (I think it's based on the number of times you land on spikes instead of actual time) which is a really fantastic feature, however it would have been significantly better to have such a crucial item in X6 and make it permanent in that game, haha. MAN X6 is one tough monster! It desperately needed a spike protection item. You can also buy an item to revive a dead character but I don't know how this one works. There's actually so many things available for purchase if you find enough metals that I don't have enough room to list them all.

You can choose between X, Axl or Zero per stage. Often times if you're on the verge of dying you can quickly switch to another character to save your bacon! In order to obtain all the items in the game -just like in previous X titles- you have to revisit each stage several times. Not a chore at all however. This time around Aria isn't your only helper. You have a couple other helpers referred to as navigators but I find their presences totally unnecessary. It's true they provide decent information on enemies and levels, but neither of them feels like they add much to the game. One of them has a crush on Zero so you're led to believe a romance is coming up eventually not only due to her choice of words but the music getting romantic in one scene, but it never happens. I think Aria could have covered all the duties of these two characters just fine. Never a good idea to throw in new characters just to toss in some variety. If they're not really necessary they shouldn't be included. It just gives Capcom an excuse to use them in the future but we if don't care about them here the odds are good we won't care about them in any game Capcom uses them in the future.

The music is mostly heavy metal much like in X3. However the difference is that in X3 it was plodding sludgy heavy metal- this is more like guitar soloing technique theme music the likes of which Jeff Beck or Joe Satriani would be impressed. Often times the notes themselves are only somewhat impressive but hey, I'm a big fan of heavy metal over ambience so I'll take it! With that said, expect a few techno or ambient themes from time to time. Some music is even quite sad which can serve as a remarkable and shocking change of emotion and direction.

Also throughout the game there's certain mini games that pop up which is a nice way to obtain metals based on your skills. One of them is in front of a waterfall where you have to keep attacking an infinite amount of enemies coming from off screen until you die, and the other one involves the ride chaser and destroying icy blocks appearing ahead on the track. These are fun but they could be interpreted as mindless fun. I neither hate or love these type of games. I'm probably missing a few.

Now let's mention the stages.

Primrose is a unique level where pressing red buttons located in certain spots literally changes the angle of the room. You could be walking to your right, press a button and suddenly the room changes to a different angle and you're falling down! Reminds me of a certain mini game in Super Mario Galaxy 2. I personally love this level to pieces but I have a feeling most people would think it's irritating and would rank it as one of the worst stages in the game. Anyway this stage is for the most part moderately challenging until you arrive to the halfway point and have to contend with blocks with spikes attached to them. It's easy to accidentally get caught underneath of them while they're falling down in a tricky to avoid pattern and take heavy damage or death. This particular part of the level is basically a puzzle room where you have to carefully and cleverly avoid the blocks and spikes by way of dashing and jumping a certain way. I like it because it requires memorization skills. I think it's clever how the blocks temporarily serve as platforms but you have to be careful you don't find yourself taking unnecessary damage by being too slow. Anyway the rest of the level is much like the first part with the button pressing/room changing angles.

Pitch Black is a pretty mediocre level I'm afraid. It's one of only two levels I dislike. You have to move forward avoiding being detected by spotlights darting across the walls otherwise swarms of enemies will immediately appear and you'll have a huge plate of problems on your hands before you know it. Vile makes a surprise appearance in this stage and to be honest I think his voice sounds inappropriate. He sounds too manly and confident. I figured while playing X1 and X3 he'd have a typical robot voice but with a nervous and chaotic edge given his uncontrollable nature. Oh well. Glad he's back at any rate! His fight here isn't really memorable and the stage overall is too dark and empty to make much of an impression so I don't really enjoy it.

Troia Base is more like a series of mini challenges and combo trials. I wouldn't say it's a failed experiment but this doesn't belong as a regular level and Capcom shouldn't have included it as one. At least it provides a lot of shooting action. You basically keep entering portals and arriving to new enemy-filled combo areas for the most part. I like the tricky spiky section near the end that involves some carefully timed wall jumps. It's pretty hard but not excessively so or anything. The best part of the entire stage is the spinning dragon boss near the end who's electrified and you battle him while on a moving train which is cool.

Inferno is the second mediocre stage I was referring to above that I place right behind Pitch Black. Both stages feel the same too- lifeless and uninspiring. I'm not too crazy about the first part where you're auto-scrolling downward while either jumping or hovering to the platforms below. This is only challenging because it's overlong and it gets monotonous after a while. But... darn. This same exact section appears not just one more time but TWO more times, and the location of the final time is really surprising (without spoiling anything). Now the portion in the middle is really awful too- several wall jumps and tricky spike avoiding areas that's overlong too. It's annoying how you lose a life by just barely touching a spike. It can happen several times in a row resulting in several losses until you get it right. Ugh! Also it nags me a bit that the stage is called Inferno but there's hardly anything flaming that you encounter.

Central White is a ride chaser race level rushing across snowy paths and patches of ice while shooting enemies and making bombs explode. On a couple different occasions you encounter a flying robot and you can hit him with charged blasts. Fun level overall and incredibly fast unlike that one racing level in X7 that's too slow and boring to be memorable.

Metal Valley is a VERY unique stage that centers around a mining theme. I love the rocky desert background. Immediately you will discover that the object of the level is to move QUICKLY to your right at the very start so you can remain a few steps ahead of a giant yellow persistent robot always hot on your trail from the left side of the screen. This particular part in the beginning of the level doesn't last a long time, but it's pretty action-packed and tense for what it is. It's especially awesome when the tables are turned and you find yourself chasing HIM while collecting a bunch of metals! The purple cube room soon after is really exciting due to the fast-paced nature of it. Perhaps a similar concept to the block puzzle found in Primrose but MUCH easier. You're able to easily detect a pattern in this case. After this you face the yellow robot in a different indoors setting where you're walking back and forth across a balcony up high and hitting switches in a semi 3D setting used to repeatedly smack the boss with a crane. REALLY fun level!

Booster Forest is a forest stage where you spend most of your time on the ride armor punching or stomping other ride armor enemies. The tricky 3D effect in the beginning where you ride the armor on the other side of a water fountain is really amazing to me. What can I say, I admire the small touches! Some clever trickery involved in reaching Dr. Light and speaking of Dr. Light, his voice is sort of cool and cheesy at the same time. Still more fitting than previous voice acting impersonations in other X games at least. There's another part near the end that requires a Samus morph ball-style move. Everything about this stage feels just right- just the right amount of action, the right amount of jumps and the right kind of challenge.

Dynasty is the last of the 8 levels. The entire stage is based in a futuristic city setting where you're riding a jet bike and chasing the boss around while avoiding barricades. I guess this would be considered a 3D level but it doesn't feel like it. It's recommended to shoot him as fast as possible because doing so will shorten the level considerably and thus, make the chaos go by sooner. Anyway this is a pretty fun chase level. I like how you sometimes find yourself in a traffic jam and have to avoid flying vehicles. This is a really cool stage no doubt about it.

Oh and before I forget to mention it, how amazing is it that you can return to the intro stage to obtain more items? That's never occurred in a Mega Man game before unless I missed it in X7.

Now let's discuss the bosses.

Bamboo Pandamonium features quite the arsenal! Rocket launchers, grenades and a particularly deadly claw attack... it's a crazy variety-filled offense and spectacular to watch. These attacks should be more devastating and do more damage then they do (though he does have a one-hit kill move I think). I'm really impressed with his appearance and move set. I find myself switching between characters often when on the verge of death and I'm pretty sure most people play the game the same way. Optic Sunflower is a female boss... or at least is voiced by a lady. A lady trying to sound big and bad which is always funny because women typically don't have the right voice for that. She shoots solar shots and green beams and disappears often. Her vanishing frequency is the reason this battle lasts such a long time and the reason she's pretty tough. Don't take her lightly. She also spams blocks in the middle of the room during the fight. I like the occasional disco ball attack however, haha!

Dark Mantis has a REALLY cool appearance, even surpassing Bamboo Pandamonium's. At least the lights finally turn on during the battle so you can see what's going on. Avoid his many sword swipes and wall jumps. He uses that sword like a professional swordsman sometimes! Just another subtle touch that proves X8 was worked on a little bit harder than X5, X6 and X7. Gravity Antonion uses the walls and ceiling to climb around and toss blocks, and in one extreme attack method he tosses a BUNCH of blocks that slam down from above in a speedy sequence. This is a tricky to avoid sequence similar to that one section of Primrose and clearly his most powerful move. Earthrock Trilobyte is an average boss in both the way he looks and his attacks which are both uninteresting. He has no memorable dangerous attacks but he loves to constantly make shiny golden cubes appear but they are more pesky than anything.

Gigabolt Man-O-War is very easy to defeat and even easier using Zero. Only a beautiful looking lightning attack is threatening. I LOVE the fast-moving background showing city buildings while the platform where this fight takes place floats up and down in a way that really captures the intensity of the boss battle because it gives the player the illusion he or she has to move quickly. So it's funny this is one of the easier fights in the game. Avalanche Yeti short jumps around a lot shooting ice pellets. His coolest attack is launching snowflakes in the air so an electrical snowflake floats down on top of you- it's a fascinating move that appears unthreatening at first and takes advantage of the PS2's technology but the boss fight itself is probably nothing special. Burn Rooster jumps and dives around the room moving the floor up and down. He has the ability to create a spiral fire attack on both sides of the room. Pretty good fight.

Sigma has all kinds of attacks in his "first" form (and there's a reason I'm putting that in quotation marks). Ricocheting purple laser beams, ground lava, etc. In "the next round" he uses a green sword and launches rings you have to jump/hover/air dash inside of which can quite tricky to pull off properly until you get a feel for his patterns. I'm REALLY impressed that the final stage is an actual castle the likes of which Harry Potter would be proud of! It's visually impressive and dangerous too with all the spikes. I love it. Also... without spoiling what happens, after the Sigma fight don't rest just yet! I can't spoil what happens because it's too awesome to mention in this review, especially the storyline in the cutscenes. Most intriguing cutscene moment in the game for sure. Just make sure you don't use any energy tanks during the Sigma fights. Trust me!

Overall X8 marks a return to classic form. Capcom listened to their fans and took the series back to its roots. While it's not as good in my opinion as X, X2 or X4, it might surpass X3 and *especially* surpasses X5, X6 and X7 by a country mile. I highly recommend this game.

The Tooth Fairy
The Tooth Fairy
DVD ~ Lochlyn Munro
Price: $5.68
62 used & new from $0.50

4.0 out of 5 stars teeth feeling wiggly huh?, September 16, 2014
This review is from: The Tooth Fairy (DVD)
Just a note- this isn't related to Dwayne Johnson's Tooth Fairy, haha. Don't make THAT mistake and accidentally pick up the wrong movie! One's a comedy, the other's a horror. The two movies are extremely different and it wouldn't be very pleasant if say, you bought this movie by mistake for your child as a Christmas present and he or she found out the hard way.

This movie is downright strange in many different ways. The writing itself is strange. Calling it "The Tooth Fairy" is too basic of a name. It should have been called something more appropriate like, to give one example, "The Witch Fairy!" Or "The Tooth Collector". Just calling it the Tooth Fairy is too bland. It's about a family out in the country who discover from their spooky-clichéd lady neighbor that they live in a dangerous house where a tooth-collecting witch once lived, and she's returned so all their lives are in danger. It just so happens the young daughter Nicole Munoz still has a few baby teeth making her a perfect candidate!

This movie is filled with questionable moments and many of them don't make much sense to me. For one thing when the mother (played by Chandra West) and her daughter Nicole Munoz stop at a gas station, the two scummy men who work there immediately give the mother a hard time and proceed to rape her while the daughter stands by the car door and watches this puzzling bit of storytelling unfold which is quite the intense and surprising moment for one thing, however when they arrive to Chandra's husband (or ex-husband's) house played by Lochlyn Munro she explains what happened when he notices her window had been knocked out by the gas station workers after she managed to escape the rape and drive away. But he... doesn't seem to care at all. He's more like "Oh yeah, those two! They do that sometimes!" What the heck? Isn't he supposed to, I dunno, CONFRONT them? Instead of brushing it off as no big deal?

Anyway to make matters more confusing, I often get Chandra West mixed up with another person living in the house played by Carrie Anne Fleming. The two resemble each other a lot. In fact there's a reason they both resemble each other besides just looking similar- they both talk in a seductive kind of way, and with the low budget flow of the storyline and film overall it really makes the beginning of the Tooth Fairy seem like it's in the process of setting up a sexual scene and that this is an adult movie. Even the sexual music that plays while the family is eating dinner makes one wonder where this movie is going. It's all very weird to me!

However ignoring all that, the film does improve quite a bit. Whereas it turns out the gas stations workers are nothing more than a couple knucklehead pests that come across more threatening than they really are, it's still surprising in one scene when they flat out smack Chandra in the face along with her husband (Lochlyn Munro) only for the husband to suddenly get up and lay the two out. They AGAIN brush it off as no big deal in the later scene. Not to mention these two actually tried raping the woman earlier in the movie. Some seriously bad writing taking place here! And since I'm on a roll here noticing all kinds of problems, why is there so many people living in the house? Of course they are only there to provide more juicy deaths by the witch but their actual reason for being there is puzzling unless it was mentioned somewhere and I missed it.

However let's mention more important aspects of this movie...

Basically the little girl Nicole Munoz is the star. She actually deserves to be the one who gets the most attention because she's the only character who actually acts normal and sensible. She portrays herself as a typical kid interested in Harry Potter films and initially thinks the story of a witch in the area provides entertainment instead of feeling threatened when she becomes friends with a "girl" around her age that lives in the neighborhood who occasionally appears and informs Nicole of a tooth-collecting witch. Now if I was a little 10-year old girl I'd probably be freaked out by such news, but Nicole's brave and doesn't seem to mind... initially.

Anyway another unusual feature is that despite the low budget quality of the movie, it's surprising that the deaths themselves are REALLY graphic and bloody (especially the bedroom scene when the one character is chained to the wall and has her guts pouring out onto the floor- shown in all its graphic glory). Hilarious that Lochlyn Munro actually thinks it's an accident when another character gets shoved in a woodchipper. He clearly sees all the blood when he opens the garage door and turns the light on, yet he somehow comes to the conclusion it's an accident. Right.

Overall this is a great horror with a LOT of flaws. It's a minor miracle I'm not giving it a lower rating. The presence of the witch appearing unpredictably in her mission to collect teeth offers enough entertainment to win me over, and the brutal and bloody murder segments are of high enough quality that I enjoy the movie overall but expect illogical moments to occur quite often.

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos
Offered by g d r
Price: $399.99
85 used & new from $2.99

4.0 out of 5 stars ninja-ing up again, September 8, 2014
An improvement over the original Ninja Gaiden due to being slightly more manageable and not as luck-based, but still flawed in the extreme difficulty department because seriously, who wants to play a game so challenging more than once a year? The enemies seem to take a turn for the worse- they seem smaller overall and less interesting to admire with their weaker animations this time around, and of course the music is *nowhere* as legendary as in the original.

However the gameplay and specifically the level design is where the sequel shines much higher than the original. You go through train levels, waterfall areas, fire-scrolling background stages which are all phenomenal to look at with familiar city street and cave areas as well. The boss fights are excruciatingly hard just like in the original but often times you feel like there's an element of skill involved while battling them if you're willing to give them a chance. With some of the bosses in the original Ninja Gaiden you have to tightly grip your controller hoping you're able to take them out before they take YOU out. The sequel is ever so slightly more forgiving in that regard.

The storyline is this games biggest improvement. I seriously couldn't understand the story in the first game at all. Now I can plainly tell it's about a ninja having to stop demons from turning the world into eternal darkness. Nothing flashy and certainly nothing I haven't heard a million times already in plenty of other video games, but I suppose the Ninja Gaiden series was one of the first to utilize cutscenes in between completed levels which is an idea that is WAY too common nowadays (a negative influence). Still, an influence is an influence and such a concept supposedly began with the Ninja Gaiden series so I have to give the game props for that.

I do unfortunately have to stand by the high difficulty being the main reason I never feel like playing the Ninja Gaiden series, so I believe it's highly recommended if you're interested in old school NES games to seek elsewhere such as the Mega Man, Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Punch Out series which are all certainly beatable. There's no guarantees you'll beat this game. Then if you wish to progress down harder territory check out Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden. Overall not a bad game at all and the levels are quite fun. Just a ninja with a sword, fast-paced action like in the original and a pretty fun time.

12 Years a Slave
12 Years a Slave
DVD ~ Chiwetel Ejiofor
Price: $11.99
49 used & new from $4.49

5.0 out of 5 stars 12 years of brutal punishment, September 6, 2014
This review is from: 12 Years a Slave (DVD)
12 Years a Slave is a REALLY tough film to watch. It's an emotional rollercoaster ride as the character of Chiwetel Ejiofor gets tortured time and time again all because he was promised a shot at a circus only to wake up and find out he'd been drugged, chained and locked in a dingy dark room since the supposed circus entertainers are nothing more than slave traders. He's soon shipped to a Louisiana plantation. He has to persevere some extremely harsh predicaments such as whippings, endless farming with other slaves, constant yelling and threats, forced to entertain white folks with his violin talents, getting acquainted with fellow slaves who have their own hardships, etc.

This is a tough movie to watch simply because the acting is so phenomenal and believable you'd swear these events are actually happening right now. Some of the most shocking and gruesome slave torturing I've ever seen in a slave film. You really feel for the one black girl in particular named Lupita Nyong'o who's so small and helpless and yet when she disobeys the white family who owns her in one segment, she gets the beating of her life. You really feel anger that the man beating her shows no sympathy whatsoever and instead keeps screaming over and over about how she was wrong for what she did and needed punished as a result. Anyone with a brain should understand human beings shouldn't be treated this way and yet, slavery's been going on for hundreds of years. Unbelievable. Man the blood flying from the intensity of the whippings with each swing... this is VERY shocking.

Anyway Chiwetel Ejiofor's character begs and pleads that he has a family and he's a free man, but of course the slave owners give him their own name, make him a slave and tell him to forget about his past since it doesn't matter anymore. I knew the character played by Paul Dano would end up being a no good son of a gun based on his jealous attitude towards Chiwetel whenever he'd display his house building talents and other contributions, and sure enough Paul starts making trouble. However how great was it when Chitwetel kicked Paul Dano's rear-end hard and whipped him silly! Talk about letting out necessary aggression! For a few minutes you really feel satisfaction that Chiwetel would have this one golden moment of bliss. Of course we all knew Chiwetel would have to pay a horrible price for disobeying his white owner (that results in quite the shocking moment involving a hanging that extends for several agonizing minutes- VERY uncomfortable watching this part) but yeah, that one moment with Paul Dano getting beat sure was great!

There's rape scenes, suicidal requests, torture the likes of which I've never seen previously in other slave movies and this movie is not for the weak-minded at all. Whether this kind of torture and mistreatment happened as violently as portrayed in 12 Years a Slave remains questionable for some, but I believe it's mostly true. Hey the story's based off the real-life story of slave Solomon Northup that he experienced in the 1850's, so we really have no choice but to believe this incredibly depressing display of slavery is in fact realistic. What a shame. Hard giving such a movie 5 stars when you despise what the story's about and presented with realistic portrayals, but I was focused watching the movie the entire way through so it succeeds in strongly keeping my interest.

Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden
77 used & new from $9.95

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars big bad ninja dude, September 5, 2014
This review is from: Ninja Gaiden (Video Game)
Ninja Gaiden isn't worthy of classic status like the many online reviewers have been telling me I'm afraid. I had no idea this game was some kind of cinematic adventure with emphasis on story elements. I'd have rather the game just focused on the levels themselves and skipped over the storyline completely since it's uninteresting, confusing, needlessly character-oriented and unnecessarily elaborate for such a short game (less than an hour long).

Not only that but the story elements play similar to reading a comic book and let me tell ya something, I *hate* comic books since I can almost never find myself feeling connected with the characters. I don't care what happens to Ryu (the ninja), his father, the masked devil, the demon statues or the black moon. All this nonsense would've been better off dismissed.

Anyway the levels themselves are alright but then another problem arises- the challenge is so high that it's impossible to really enjoy the experience. If animals and birds aren't charging you from behind at lightning speed giving you no time to respond, it seems that whenever you're about to land safely on a platform below, it's at that exact point an enemy makes a surprise appearance and a cheap attack on you. It's really annoying how these two scenarios happen time and time again so I really have no choice but to deduct points on the overall rating for that.

Your ninja character gets a sword and he's very efficient with it. His ability to climb walls reminds me of the Mega Man X series and I love it since it's a nifty way to get around. The gameplay moves at a remarkably fast pace which has to be somewhat of a surprise considering the year this game was released is 1989 and most gaming characters were still slow at that point (especially NES ones). The enemies are quite animated considering the games age and you'll often find kickboxing, axe tossing or bazooka soldiers trying to take you out (and often succeeding!)

The boss fights is where the challenge gets downright crazy and impossible for someone of average gaming skills (like me). The last few bosses will bring even the best gamers to tears since the game is all about lucking out and hoping their attacks don't hit you before you hit them. That's basically the key to the entire game in fact- move fast, stay ahead and be in control. Otherwise you'll fall behind and take unnecessary hits from the swarming enemy danger. Perhaps if the game was more generous with your life meter and let you take at least 10 hits before death it wouldn't have been a problem. The music is mostly forgettable except for a couple themes, and the levels are nothing but basic areas such as caves, snow, city streets, oceans, mountains, etc.

Overall a decent game but honestly I prefer Castlevania's challenge more.

Stephen King's The Shining  (Two Disc Special Edition)
Stephen King's The Shining (Two Disc Special Edition)
DVD ~ Steven Weber
Price: $6.75
94 used & new from $2.33

5.0 out of 5 stars shiny mean people, September 4, 2014
Arguably superior to the original Shining since the cast consisting of a troubled child and wife-abusing caretaking drunk of a father, a helpless, fearful and bored mother and a curious telepathic son are all more developed than in the original Shining. That's because this particular version of the Shining is technically a mini series based on three different parts, each one an hour and a half long. So these characters are unintentionally more developed.

Anyway if you've seen the original, this one is basically the same concept except more attention is given to each family member which perhaps unintentionally boosts the spookiness and atmosphere of the creepy haunted hotel setting since just like the character development, more time is devoted to it. Either way, I actually do prefer this 1997 version more than the original *holds up shield from tossed tomatoes!* Not that I hate Jack Nicholson's role in the original of course since I fully recognize Jack Nicholson's performance has become legendary and is the most notable aspect when people mention the Shining, but Steven Weber does a tremendous job teetering between "A caring loving father" and "A complete psychopath planning to murder his family due to lack of alcohol" just a little more convincingly I think. It's close though.

Man this movie has so many spooky moments I truly don't know which one freaks me out the most! How about the animal-shaped bushes that occupy the front part of the property? They come to life or rather, they *appear* to come alive whenever one of the characters steps outside. It's hard to say given the trickiness of the writing whether they really are coming to life, since whenever it appears one of the family members is on the verge of being attacked the camera does a tricky "reset" move and the bushes return to their original pose position like nothing ever happened and it was all part of our imagination (or part of the characters imagination). I LOVE this effect! It teases me really awesomely. So one moment a lion-shaped bush appears to be sneaking behind the child innocently playing in the snow in one scene, only for the bush to suddenly go back to its original position when the child turns around or whenever the mother or father run outside! However just before the conclusion we get the answer to this one...

Or perhaps the lady in the bathtub in room 217 attempting to lure the child (played by Courtland Mead if I haven't mentioned it yet- interesting name) into the bedroom/bathroom is another high point, since it seems the moment that door opens the evil presences lurking throughout the hotel seems to intensify to a dramatic extent. Or when the supposedly empty beehive suddenly fills with hundreds of swarming bees in the middle of the night? My worst nightmare since I HATE bees! Actually my favorite moment is the sanity or rather insanity of the father. You don't want to trust a man like this! You're constantly sitting on the edge of your seat wondering whether he'll be able to keep his soberness and attitude in check to support his wife and child who are basically secluded (and defenseless) in the middle of nowhere without any outside help due to well... I won't spoil why help can't come. It's probably not a big spoiler or anything, but I'd rather not mention it. I don't want to mention ALL the details do I? No siree! Let's just say the biggest snowstorm in 10 years changes everything.

Anyway since the emphasis of the storytelling is mainly on Steven Weber's character trying to function normally despite desperately craving a nice cold alcoholic beverage, the father/husband is basically the reason this movie is so remarkable. Not that I'm taking anything away from the animal bushes, the lady in the bathtub, the bar ghosts or ANYTHING else- I'm just pointing out that the father is the one who gets the most attention and deservedly so for his role. While I don't think the son is a bad actor like many people do, he could have been replaced with someone else of the same age without any major differences (like say, that Thunder Alley/Sixth Sense boy who looks a lot like Courtland anyway) and the wife played by Rebecca De Mornay is a really talented actress too but her emotions are never quite as strong or memorable like Steven's because they're not supposed to be. When HE goes crazy, look out! He has the perfect personality and voice for his role. You learn to fear Steven's uncontrollable behavior.

For a mini series that first appeared on TV, the acting is amazingly strong. Arguably matching the original Shining's acting. At least the son gets his share of attention in this mini series. In fact whenever he closes his eyes and talks to his "imaginary friend" (there's a reason I'm putting that in quotation marks, hehe) we brace ourselves for a possible ghostly encounter. I just love how the writing in this movie perfectly plays with our imagination and makes us guess whether the events are really occurring or not. Oh and please pay close attention to the boiler dialogue in the very beginning of the movie since it's crucial. I admit I forgot all about it a few hours later when the story was wrapping up. Don't miss that part!

I really like the segment where the ghosts trapped inside the hotel suddenly come to life inside the bar because you're constantly guessing when these demonic figures are going to reveal their real identity. Turns out they excel at manipulating the father VERY well and encourage him to drink because they know drinking escalates his desire to be angry. Whenever the father yells at his son and says things like "Little boys should be punished for going where they shouldn't" as the son tries to defend himself, you just have to think to yourself as a viewer "Well come on- he's a little kid. Of *course* he's going to be curious and go where he doesn't belong!" but eh.. this is a horror movie so that kind of simple parenting logic isn't allowed here, hehe. Anyway the son's telepathic abilities are never expressed in a cheesy or forgettable kind of way but rather enhances the plot even stronger and makes the movie even better since it adds another element to the storytelling.

Just imagine for a moment. You're trapped in a haunted hotel in the middle of nowhere for several agonizing winter months and your very own father or husband gradually loses his mind and blames everything on you resulting in an escalation of tempers and uncontrollable behavior. Yes my friends, that's why the Shining will always be a classic. No this version doesn't contain the unforgettable blood pouring out of the elevator doors or the twin girls in the upper hallway, but what it does accomplish remarkably well is a proper building of atmosphere and often times delivers with just as many frightening ghostly situations as any one of the classic horror films out there. If the ghosts don't get under your skin, the father will. For that I say, this movie is totally worth owning. 5 stars whether it's the original or this version. Now come have a drink at the bar downstairs if you dare!

Mega Man X7
Mega Man X7
Offered by You Name the Game
Price: $99.99
39 used & new from $12.99

2.0 out of 5 stars serious disappointment, September 3, 2014
This review is from: Mega Man X7 (Video Game)
I probably don't hate Mega Man X7 as much as most people but I feel confident the game is at least the second worst X title in existence. X6 is the very worst of course and I highly doubt my feelings with change there.

X7 has its share of flaws however. It's amazing Capcom actually thought blending 2D with 3D would be the wave of the future for the series. They apparently didn't realize Mega Man maintaining 2D roots with fast-paced action is the reason we fell in love with the series so much. You can't really make a change of this magnitude without lots of backlash from fans. With that said however, the game likes to take elements of 3D and combine them with classic side scroller 2D the entire way through the game. I'd say there's some occasions this combination works really well, but there's other times the 3D portions either become monotonous, tedious or just horrible.

Well instead of playing as X from the beginning, for a good chunk of the game you have to play as a much weaker, wimpier character named Axl. His name makes him sound tough, but he's anything but. You can also play as Zero but unfortunately his saber is much slower this time around which means you often leave yourself wide open to enemy attacks/retaliation if you're just out of their reach, and this game has a way of not seeming very dangerous at first until you realize you're being overwhelmed. It's usually a gradual process when the danger surrounds you, but thankfully not NEARLY as brain-smashingly hard as in X6. Yes, X6 is all about smashing our brains into walls with its neverending needless difficulty, haha!

Anyway with Zero's saber there's no real strategy- just go in and slice enemies. Axl is basically a really weak version of X as I mention above. You can switch between Axl and Zero throughout most of the first half of the game, and when X comes in you can switch between Axl, Zero and X. You can only take two of these characters with you per stage. The ability to switch between two characters is a nice throwback to X3 and I like it.

As far as graphics go, well in some stages they're really unique (Radio Tower for example, and Deep Forest) but otherwise they tend to be dark and uninspiring (like the intro stage). It's almost like Capcom thought that using dark graphics would disguise the blandness of the stages, or that the darkness would play into a more realistic/serious setting. Either way it's unimpressive. Now the awful news- you have to rescue reploids AGAIN! Yes I know, this idea was atrocious and unnecessary in X6 and unfortunately they brought it back again in X7. Talk about a lousy attempt to extend the gameplay. If they want to add replay value, how about stepping away from the usual 8 levels/boss battles and give us 12 stages and bosses? Anyway I believe you can collect 64 reploids which is less than half compared to X6.

The atmosphere in the game is similar to a Metroid Prime game oddly enough, and the 3D mechanics are strikingly similar to Metroid: Other M. I realize this game came out way before Other M but similarities are noticeable in the atmosphere. The voice acting... REALLY REALLY AWFUL! Yes, I had to state that in big words so everyone could see- the voice acting is just atrocious. Zero's voice is too deep and manly, Axl sounds like a little kid playing in a sandbox but X... X's voice is the worst one of all. I've never heard such a bloated overdramatic way of speaking since Richter from the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night days and actually thought such exceptionally bad voice acting would have been eliminated by this point in time (2003 when X7 was released). Apparently not! Bosses can speak annoyingly too as I'll mention below but for different reasons (repetition).

The problem with the voice acting is that all the dialogue text is now spoken, so we hear all these characters speak. It makes the game feel way less like an action/shoot 'em up Mega Man video game adventure and more like a low budget cartoon. Proof that voice acting doesn't belong in the Mega Man series unless it's only used occasionally like in X4. The truth is all the voice acting sounds like little kids in a high school play reciting lines and their interpretation of what they believe is acceptable, but for those of us playing the game and especially those of us who grew up with the NES and Super NES games, we realize just how unnecessary, distracting and grating this stuff sounds since we know X or Zero should *not* sound the way they do here. You'll quickly realize how bad the voice acting is after the opening stage when Axl, X and Zero have a conversation. It's so wrong it hurts.

What else can I say before moving on to describing the stages and bosses? Well Axl's charge shot is very weak. The animations you see when Axl, Zero or X die are all really bland and identical. Unfortunately sometimes you still have to risk unnecessary life or death instances while rescuing tricky placed reploids such as when they're placed over spiked areas. Not as overwhelmingly annoying rescuing them compared to X6 due to spikes only appearing sometimes and due to Capcom easing up on placing reploids over bottomless pits, but unfortunately rescuing them is still occasionally an issue. The gameplay seems to be a little slow in my opinion. The X series is supposed to move much faster than the original Mega Man games, at least that's the impression I get since the original Mega Man X on the Super NES moved along at a SUPER fast pace the moment you obtained the dash ability. This game feels slow in comparison to the previous X titles, and I have a feeling the reason is to compliment the 3D elements. Maybe the slower speed is Capcom's way of making the game seem more realistic or maybe the game has trouble functioning going back and forth between 2D and 3D sections all the time. Who knows the real reason.

At least X's charged shot is superior to Axl's, but I have to wonder if it's just exaggerated eye candy. I mean X's shot is so huge it fills up a good chunk of the screen! Looks like a massive blue fireball shooting forward, haha. Anyway I like how X can shoot upward or downward. There's also a glide or fly move that looks unintentionally hilarious to me since it's so out of place for an X game. Capcom obviously wanted to change the series completely with this game, that much I do know by looking at the graphics and how the game plays. Also before I forget to mention it, this game has a severe shortage of energy capsules. Just try your best not to take damage. It's not an impossibly hard game like X6, but it's certainly challenging enough that you'll want to avoid taking damage as much as possible.

Alright let's discuss the levels...

The Lava Factory has a pretty strong atmosphere despite the fact it's just a typical factory setting with areas of lava. This level is unique in that the first half is all about typical 2D side scroller shooting and the second half is all 3D-focused involving several tricky jumps across awkwardly placed platforms avoiding or shooting red dragons coming out of the lava or pesky red laser beams. The 3D platforming portion of this stage lasts a long time which is annoying. Radio Tower is based around a spiral staircase-like setting similar to Split Mushroom's spiral areas from X4. Creative use of 2D and 3D blended together, and even more creative is the mini boss fight I guess you could say, who stays in the middle of the room as you progress up the stairs avoiding rockets and fireballs from all kinds of surrounding danger (including the boss himself such as his claw move which is used to halt your progression). This stage is pretty awesome I admit.

The Battleship stage is all about total 3D level design running between crates and avoiding explosions. The enemy variety is unusual here- you battle blue birds positioned on platforms with their own shooting attacks. Perhaps the 3D setting is hte reason this area so unusual. Basically the entire Battleship stage feels awkward since it's split between a few different 3D areas, and that's it. A failed experiment on the part of Capcom. Others may disagree with me however and see it as an experimental success. However with that said, the huge robotic mid-level boss is REALLY cool. He's elaborate and intimidating enough to almost be a regular boss!

Deep Forest is another pretty decent stage. I love the dark green forest in the background which is realistic enough to remind me of something out of Metroid Prime 3, and the best use of 3D occurs in this level- around the halfway point when you walk down a hill, the camera switches to a 3D effect. It's subtle and most people probably won't care or admire it enough to compliment, but I think it's a genius idea to implement 3D portions in this one specific area since the appearance is so beautiful. It's *very* effective and adds to the atmosphere. The enemy variety is poor however- you shoot bees all over the place, and even more plentiful are these boring stone moving enemies that move up and down with green lights attached to them. They're sort of like thwomps from the Mario Bros. series. You can climb over them or dash under them. The rolling boulders are a little better but due to Axl being so weak, not that much fun either I'm afraid.

Now let's mention the AWFUL levels- the next four. One in particular is atrocious enough to never pick this game up again.

Central Circuit is all about a slow-moving 3D race on your ride chaser which basically another version of the jet bike. You have to take it slow in order to rescue all the reploids. I hate the idea of basing an entire level around the driving mechanic unless it's high-speed action. This however, is lackluster. At least the glowing green sky over a futuristic dreary setting is nice. Tunnel Base is one major problem after another. The stage feels 3 times bigger than the other 7 levels for one thing so it's clearly overlong. You ride blue and red armor robots in the first two sections while shooting laser beams or stomp the ground for a shockwave effect across narrow hallways while dealing with dark uninspiring surroundings. Make that WAY too dark in this case. When the third half arrives and the stage feels like it's trying to develop into something more, it's evident this is nothing but generic destruction involving spamming the ride armor and punching enemies in an open 3D setting. I hate this kind of gameplay a lot.

Air Forces is an exceptionally bad level. You begin by jumping from airplane to airplane way up high in the sky which in theory seems like an amazing idea, but the execution is furiously difficult. I love the cloud effects here however. You basically have to glide from one plane to another without jumping short and falling which is much harder than it sounds. In the second half you must avoid giant blue laser beams swaying back and forth in a 3D isometric setting. I really wish the first part of this level was designed differently because the good news is that the third portion of this level is where you go deep inside the ship and the atmosphere gets really thick and enjoyable here. The third portion saves this level from mediocrity however...

The worst level I've ever played in a Mega Man game (well besides the Clown Man stage in MM8) occurs next. Cyber Field. I HATE this level! It consists of nothing but blue platforms shaped like pentagons in a generic futuristic setting with no personality whatsoever, and teleportation *overload*. I can't even figure out how to navigate this confusing place without using a guide- I need to actually see someone play this game on youtube in order to figure my way through. This is because all the areas look identical. To make matters worse, there's even an upside down segments that must be completed around halfway through. UGH!!

Now onto the bosses. Soldier Stonekong makes amazing use of 3D effects similar to the spiral staircase level I mention above, except you go around in a circle on a stone structure. Fun boss too since his attack patterns are exciting to dodge. Tornado Tonion has an annoying and repetitive squeaky Asian voice and it's especially awful hearing "ah!" every time you hit him. However once again this boss fight is fun. Splash Warfly offers suspense whenever he jumps out of the water and surprises you. Flame Hyenard does the WORST THING EVER! He won't stop screaming "Burn to the ground!" a hundred times in a row! This is why voice acting is a serious negative in my book, for reprehensible moments such as these. This particular boss is really boring and feels like it's missing something, since it takes place on top of a giant robot. It's almost like the robot itself should have been the boss fight instead.

Ride Boarski is an *extremely* hard and long boss fight with the camera positioned showing a faraway aerial view of a gated platform where the battle takes place, and you have to avoid fireball attacks and prepare yourself for moments of slowdown which is odd. Snipe Anteator's battle takes place on a see-through tunnel leading to the ceiling. While the setting is cool, the boss battle is annoyingly difficult since he mostly stays on the other side of the tunnel on the opposite side of your shooting range. Then he cheap shots by spamming blasts which are hard to avoid. Wind Crowrang is notable for X's hilariously bad voice acting before the battle begins. He once again sounds pretentiously heroic. Very similar to Richter from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night like I mention above. The boss fight itself is awesome since it's 2D fast-paced action which is *just* the way I like X games. Vanishing Gungaroo contains more hilariously awful/overdramatic voice acting from X and the boss' voice here isn't any better. This is a bland and generic fight where you simply jump around shooting in a 3D environment. Totally forgettable.

The Sigma boss fight is pretty awesome at least. The first round is all about 2D jumping, dodging and attacking like in Vanishing Gungaroo, then the second form is pure 3D perfection with a screen-sized Sigma and avoiding his many moves while standing on top of a series of platform, and countering attacks accordingly until you're able to find just the right moment to retaliate. It can be frustrating if you keep falling off the edge however since it takes a while to bring him down.

Overall pretty disappointing but not the worst X game.

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America [HD]
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America [HD]
Price: $3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars all over a stolen tv, September 1, 2014
You know when Beavis and Butthead first came out in the early 90's I was apparently one of the few teenagers who didn't find the cartoon funny at all. Crude, simple and idiotic typical teenage jokes just wasn't my idea of funny humor back then which is why I immediately preferred the Simpsons which in my opinion smears Beavis and Butthead entirely in terms of creative and diverse humor and character variety. Even to this day with the decline of the Simpsons I still feel the same way. When Beavis and Butthead Do America came out it was my dad's ex-girlfriend of all people who convinced me we should go see it in the theaters. While everyone in the audience including her was laughing, I was only pretending to laugh as I thought it was really silly how Beavis would walk through the White House rooms and hallways blurting "I am the great cornholio- I need tp for my bunghole". It just didn't seem very funny to me.

However now that it's been almost 20 years later (wow has time flown by or what?) I'm watching the movie again with a fresher mindset. I'm no longer an upset teenager picky about judging humor. So now I find the movie absolutely hilarious! Though I really do believe the final 20% of the film is the least funniest part since it's all about a pill-crazed Beavis spazzing out and walking up to people blurting out the same lines with slight alterations isn't very entertaining. I love the first half however which is completely different, especially when Butthead points out "ain us" in "entertain us" while in high school attempting to wheel the TV out of there before their teacher stops them. Whenever Beavis and Butthead split up big words and detect dirty or offensive words is always REALLY funny to me, haha!

I suppose I did the complete opposite. I'm supposed to find a movie like this as a 33-year old man disrespectful and childish now, but I've really loosened up over the years pertaining to just about everything life has to offer, not just comedy movies. Anyway the story is that Beavis and Butthead want desperately to score any way they can after it's discovered someone broke into their home and took their TV, so they take unintentional road trips across the country with an old lady who plays a frequent role, and the FBI agent chasing down Beavis and Butthead voiced by the legendary spooky-voiced man himself Robert Stack from those Unsolved Mystery programs. Tom Anderson comes along on the adventure too while taking a vacation with his wife. Of course he ends up on the receiving end of Beavis and Butthead's wrongdoings so both Beavis and Butthead come out looking like gold while Anderson looks bad in comparison. By the way the toolshed joke involving Beavis going at it was overused too.

Yeah the animation is rough, but truthfully it looks slightly more appealing than the way it's presented while watching the old MTV cartoons of the show. The humor is a little funnier, the storytelling sharper and more creative, the soundtrack featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne and other popular acts of the time is fantastic. You can't go wrong with these artists. Anyway Beavis and Butthead find themselves travelling to Las Vegas where Beavis and Butthead become fascinated with a big-chested statue, hotels, New Mexico, the Hoover Dam (involving a hilarious flooding segment), Washington DC of course, and several areas outside such as the desert. I don't remember seeing Beavis and Butthead riding motorcycles like we see on the box cover though.

Favorite moments? Well how about when Beavis and Butthead get on the wrong bus and ride with the nuns? "Hey baby!" says Butthead when he realizes he's on a bus with chicks. The nuns can't fix these boys but they try... for a while! And they sneak away running when Beavis and Butthead have their backs turned so they can finally have some peace of mind! Or whenever Beavis and Butthead would find themselves being in the right place and the right time when someone would spot them on a Wanted poster, so they'd always be able to make a clean escape in some unintentional way or another. "Ignorance is bliss" is basically the meaning here! Or the scene where Beavis and Butthead walk across the desert and they see two vultures going at it before taking a hallucination-like drug trip as they pass out from heat exhaustion. Just too many funny segments to really name the most memorable one. If you're a fan of the TV show you'll be surprised the quality of the movie writing here is superior to the show. A full-length 80 minute film is ideal for Beavis and Butthead lovers. Highly recommended.

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