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5.0 out of 5 stars everyone's lookin' guilty on this flight, October 22, 2014
This review is from: Non-Stop (Amazon Instant Video)
Non-Stop certainly lives up to its name! It's NON-STOP action! Just the way I like it. While it's true the typical hijacking storyline of airplane films has been done a million times by this point and it's a formula that's getting a little old, Non-Stop seems to take that formula and rejuvenate it most likely because Liam Neeson is just *that* good of an actor! His presence alone gives the storyline new meaning and emotion. He's of course phenomenal in films like Taken, but Non-Stop arguably is just as suspenseful.

What seems like a harmless airplane ride with a nervous Liam Neeson (which is hilarious in itself- Liam can go around outsmarting and out-tricking all the bad guys with an arsenal of gunshooting and knife skills and yet he's afraid of airplanes during the lifting off period, lol) turns into a MUCH more dire situation as soon as Liam starts receiving text messages on his phone that every 20 minutes someone on the flight will die unless Liam can turn over 150 million dollars. Seems compelling enough, but the fact that nearly everybody on board seems to take at least a minor role on the plane makes the story even better. The storyline being REALLY well-written in a Jack Bauer 24-kind of way is another highlight (hey I love that show!)

Everyone from a little child afraid to be on airplanes, to Julianne Moore as a passenger (who's been showing up in a lot of movies lately- by this point she must have a whole overwhelming list of films she's starred in), to a rugged police officer, to a polite Middle Eastern doctor, to the stewardess lady, to the pilots themselves, to a geeky guy with glasses, to the elderly couple... everyone's a suspect!

Anyone who has a phone has to be searched carefully and cautiously. Gradually throughout the movie Liam -who's an air marshal- must find the culprit and end the death count before it gets any worse. The problem is, who's actually the one responsible for these deaths? Someone is able to see and detect Liam's every move! Certainly the voice isn't coming from someone on board. However it eventually turns out one or two people might be responsible... and I'm not going to reveal which ones of course! That would be a really big spoiler. Anyway people don't know how to interpret Liam since he comes off looking like a mighty suspicious killer so he really has to reach deep within and find a way to win everyone over when he claims he's being set-up and targeted.

Of course you can expect a dramatic landing scene. That's a given with airplane thrillers. But... there's a catch. There's a bomb onboard. And there's no way to stop it from going off. You'll have to tune in to see how Liam and company figure a way to handle this situation.

The action-packed flow can't be denied. I was fully engrossed in this movie from beginning to end. Liam Neeson is just the perfect man for these kind of roles. You know, the action hero type. Though I admit I *almost* thought a swerve was coming in the very beginning and that Liam was actually going to be the bad guy holding an airplane full of people hostage. It almost ventured in that direction. Maybe in Liam's next suspense he'll take that route and surprise everybody!

Resurrection County
Resurrection County
DVD ~ Dayton Knoll
Price: $15.35
18 used & new from $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars it's shootin' time!, October 21, 2014
This review is from: Resurrection County (DVD)
Resurrection County is just SICK! All because a couple guys stumbled upon private property in the woods. Well the gentlemen that live in these woods don't take too kindly to strangers, especially the stuffy know-it-all city type that these two men are (can't blame 'em there... just kidding!) The city folks don't want any trouble of course, but apparently they just can't read simple signs scattered all over the forest that probably say "Do Not Enter" or "Private Property".

This must take place in the south since everyone walks out of their homes holding guns. I guess when you're secluded long enough, any unusual noises just makes it mandatory to be sensitive to any sudden, offbeat sounds. As sick as it sounds however, I gotta respect people who are willing to protect their property. Not enough people would ever protect their lands so strongly like these guys do. In that regard, there is some justice being served.

Anyway the two men and two women who rode into town looking for a little camping fun get the surprise of their lives. While the two women are taking over campfire duties, the two men venture off on a four-wheeler adventure around the forest when, again, they meet up with one individual who's not so happy to see their arrival. He questions what they're doing on his land. One thing leads to another as the 80's song and old saying goes, and suddenly one of the southern boys ends up shot in the head and dead after the city folks made the mistake in believing their lives were in danger. All because they misunderstood southern hospitality and became defensive... alright alright, actually because the southern guy wasn't being so generous and reacted violently by teasing the city guys. The little teases are the worst!

And the one girl. The one who was such a pretty little thing with her long brown hair. For her troubles she had to take a bullet in the mouth so the back of her brains could be blown out. Maybe she didn't take in the gun barrel correctly or maybe the finger slipped on the trigger. Either way an eye for an eye as another saying goes. The one forest guys brother dies, so does the wife of the city man. Seems fair. Afterwards the 3 survivors hang around (hehe) long enough to be trapped in chains and prison-like rooms while the funeral proceedings for the two southern boys who died so honorably protecting their land occurs. Let's not forget the resurrection with pants pulled down of course, for additional humiliation. Oh and... what a crossbow shot! If a young group of fun-loving campfire starting kids didn't express so much disrespect maybe the entire situation could have been avoided. Darn. Such a pretty pregnant thing too.

Anyway Resurrection County is completely violent. Expect blood to squirt, torture to dominate and deaths to continue while watching the movie. And respect the land of others- that is the moral here. So have a bowl of soup. It'll keep you healthy for a couple days. Get your strength back up. Bang!

The Majestic
The Majestic
Price: $2.99

4.0 out of 5 stars majestic indeed, October 20, 2014
I think the original reason I didn't want anything to do with the Majestic has to do with my dislike of Jim Carrey ditching his comedy style and going in a more serious role. 10-15 years ago I took exception to this career change. I believed being a comedian was his forte, and he shouldn't have changed direction. Well 12 years later, I look at the world in a different light and I understand career changes are sometimes necessary or a welcome change for an actor when one seeks venturing into other roles, so I no longer believe Jim Carry should have spent his entire career being a comedian.

I still remember the days when Jim Carrey taking a turn away from comedy was a shocking and major decision, and the Majestic still remains in my memory of those days. However the film itself is quite good. I shouldn't have disregarded it so quickly. While the first 15 minutes is really lousy, as soon as Jim Carrey's character takes a drive across a bridge the story changes *significantly*. Jim wakes up on a beach with a dog licking his face after his car goes over a bridge and he floats towards land, and it's discovered that he's been dead for 9 and a half years. To add an even bigger shock to the system- he's actually a war soldier named Luke returning home.

Jim Carry goes along with it- he believes he's this Luke guy because he has no recollection of his past, so he has no choice but to believe it. For a while, since the writing and acting is so stellar, I was believing it too. Well without spoiling too much and specifically the ending (though this next part IS a slight spoiler- you've been warned) we find out who he really is, but despite that he makes it his mission to fight for the memory of Luke and to fight for American rights during a time when the public felt intimated and restricted by the government so they hardly ever stood up for themselves and others like Jim Carrey does in his role here. It's a shocking storyline change, the one that occurs during the final 30 minutes. A slow story too- the movie's 2 and a half hours believe it or not.

I think the best parts however, are when the entire town believes he's Luke. The part where his old music teacher wanted him to play elaborate jazzy music on the piano and he instead chooses to rip it up and entertain the crowd with really good, sophisticated blues music was a fun moment. However Jim Carrey is most certainly serious in this film, and the story even takes a few sad turns. Expect NO comedy anywhere. Jim's a very different person here than in say, Ace Ventura. And if you're wondering why the movie is called the Majestic... well, Jim's actually an actor (not a soldier) and he stars in films that people view in a performance theater called the Majestic. He and the other people of a small town fix the theater back up and get it running.

Overall this is a really entertaining film. Not quite a classic since I reserve classic movies for Jim Carrey's comedy roles, but highly recommended either way.

Easy-Off Oven Cleaner - Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner - Aerosol 16 Ounce
Easy-Off Oven Cleaner - Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner - Aerosol 16 Ounce
Offered by Grady's Online
Price: $6.99
5 used & new from $4.55

5.0 out of 5 stars easiness in a can, October 20, 2014
Let me try writing this review again and hope unusual shut down messages won't appear on my browser this time that inconveniently give me no choice in the matter whether I want to click on them or not...

As I was saying, this Easy-Off oven cleaner is magnificent but for most effective results it's best to spray the spots that water and a dish rag can't scrub away with simple soap and water, and let this stuff sit on the dirty spot overnight. Or if not overnight, at least let it sit for a couple hours. The instructions will probably tell you otherwise but believe me, applying and rubbing away this Easy-Off too soon will NOT remove the grease/burn marks.

However in extreme cases, the entire mark won't come off and you'll see slight remnants of a grease or burn mark for a while on top of your stove. It should eventually all come off over time however. Overall this stuff works well but please stand back when you spray it, otherwise the overwhelming smell might go into your nostrils! Usually I pinch my nostrils shut when I spray this stuff and run out of the room for 15 seconds, haha. It's strong!

Atm [Blu-ray]
Atm [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Josh Peck
Price: $15.36
32 used & new from $4.69

5.0 out of 5 stars wrong man!, October 20, 2014
This review is from: Atm [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
Atm is an entertaining suspense. It's about 3 young business people that go out together on an extremely cold night. Brian Geraghty, his workmate and potential girlfriend eventually decide that they need to make a stop at the Atm machine before heading to a pizza restaurant. Well if you've read the description for the film you know what happens next (or just by taking a glance at the front cover of the box). A man with a hood hiding his face walks around keeping the threesome trapped inside. That's the whole storyline. After they see the man surprisingly kill somebody by smacking his head repeatedly into the pavement outside, well that's when they realize they better stay inside. Ouch! That hurts! And to think this isn't the first time the murderer does this either- a poor security guard is the victim of more sticky frozen pavement blood courtesy of his slammed face. I guess some gruesome murderers just get their rocks off performing certain types of deaths!

Anyway the 3 young people trapped in a tiny Atm building... yeah, they're afraid to leave. You're probably wondering since there's only one murderer and three of them, why don't they step outside and simply gang up and overpower the murderer? Well I was asking myself the same question! The answer is probably that the two guys are physically weak and the girl has no motivation whatsoever to protect her life, or the lives of the two dudes. She prefers to just stand around and hope for the best, lol.

I was expecting the inevitable segment to come and enjoyed it all the same when it arrived, that being the three accusing each other for finding themselves in a tricky predicament trapped inside an Atm building with a murderer on the loose. I liked that they tried to figure out who the murderer was based on their actions at work and the nastiness they expressed towards certain people on the phone who could be out looking for revenge, even though logically the odds are much better these 3 just happened to be at the wrong place/wrong time.

This isn't a bad movie by any means, but it's illogical on a few occasions. This is a SPOILER so don't read th next 2 paragraphs unless you've already seen the movie...

but why did an entire swarm of cops come after the trapped people managed to get the smoke detector to go off? It seems odd *that* many police officers would arrive on the scene. The ending... my gosh the ending. So horrible. Horrible because the wrong person got accused of wrecking the Atm building and the killings (one death completely accidental and just bad luck) but also because there's no resolution. Showing the murderer drawing maps of the entire city and apparently planning his next thrilling murder strategy is a lousy way to end the movie but I suppose watching Brian Geraghty's character seeing the murderer among the crowd after the cops take Brian away provided an interesting "Ah, what a crappy ordeal for you Brian!" moment.

The movie does make people who wear those specific types of fluffy hoods seem threatening like they're planning or hiding something so I guess the suspense is slightly stronger than I thought. However the part with the security cameras stringing the events together in a way that made Brian Geraghty seem responsible... was this coincidental or did the killer have access to the security tapes and pieced it together to make him look guilty? I was never quite sure.

The film provides enough suspense, but of course there's plenty of more suspenseful films out there more worthy of your viewing pleasure.

Nurse [Blu-ray]
Nurse [Blu-ray]
DVD ~ Nurse
Price: $14.96
30 used & new from $7.27

4.0 out of 5 stars I'd like another nurse to check on me please!, October 20, 2014
This review is from: Nurse [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
Nurse is a dark comedy mixed with suspense and exoticness. The suspense only occurs occasionally. The movie is about the mentally warped/messed up character of Pa De La Huerta going around killing men in graphic fashion. Not just any man- men that have an interest in kinky cheating sex but have a wife and children. She has a particular interest in killing and sadistically torturing these men! She leads them to building rooftops or parked cars and paralyzes them by stabbing needles into their necks (and if you notice she has a strong interest in the neck- she's either stabbing guys in the neck or using a scissor-type device to rip through the back of their neck so blood squirts through their throats in gushing delightful fashion!)

There's another element to this story. The character of Abby Russell who I must say is absolutely BEAUTIFUL becomes a nurse, and Pa De La Huerta and Abby hit off an unintentional relationship (Pa drugs her one night and makes her do the dirty deed without Abby realizing it, so she wakes up the next day confused and uncertain what happened the night before and thus they're now a couple!) However when it becomes apparent to Pa that Abby isn't interested in her sexually, Abby goes to the police to get the situation with Pa taken care of, however due to a traumatic event that Pa experienced as a child, she has this ability to be one step ahead of Abby all the time so Abby is the one who ends up looking guilty! Come to think of it, the writing throughout this film isn't much different from the lady in the Hand That Rocks the Cradle and the prostitute from Monster combined. Pa's character is basically a combination of the two!

Expect a LOT of sexual situations to occur. The mood, the writing, the quiet and seductive way these characters interact... Nurse is almost an adult film in disguise. It's one step away from being an adult movie seriously. Pa De La Huerta is more like a stripper than a nurse, and oddly I feel the writing misses a few marks in the setting. While the ending is blood-gushingly violent for a few minutes, it would have been better had the hospital setting been more prominent. It seems the hospital is more like a place for perverts to slap each others butts and for sexual situations to develop which is really odd but then again the whole movie is odd for cryin' out loud! Oh and the nurse who signs up for the job and she's exceptionally smiley while talking to the other nurses... the presence of her character is pure gold!

Valentyne Suite
Valentyne Suite
Offered by Fulfillment Express US
Price: $17.21
30 used & new from $4.01

5.0 out of 5 stars suite? more like sweet!, October 19, 2014
This review is from: Valentyne Suite (Audio CD)
Colosseum is a band I only know a little about, based entirely on two live albums (Colosseum Live from '71 being the most obvious- GREAT album this one is, and a live album from '05 I bought a couple years ago that is apparently somewhat rare and I'm not even sure if it's listed on amazon anymore). Well how about the bands studio albums? How about the Valentyne Suite?

Well it's awesome of course! The entire 17-minute suite is especially notable because of its relentless display of instrumental prowess. Colosseum just has this way of being exceptionally boisterous with their jams which makes the band very sufficient. They don't beat around the bush that's for sure! It makes their jams different from say, an Allman Brothers Band or Traffic jam to name a couple examples, where often times you have to allow a build-up of instrumental playing to take place.

While the suite is split into 3 different pieces, I like to blend them all together and consider the entire piece one whole jam. It just works better that way. Expect melodic and outrageous keyboard work to ferociously take the cake reminiscent of the Nice perhaps, with bits of melodic Van Der Graaf Generator-like saxophone and vibraphone in between. My favorite part is 7 minutes in when these haunting chants come in. This part occurs in such a way that fits in flawlessly with the surrounding instrumental work so as not to feel clunky or tacky or anything. Makes me think of myself searching for a secluded forest graveyard in a rainstorm and not being able to find it as the feeling of dread grows stronger. This particular part reminds me of a part near the end of Procol Harum's "In Held Twas In I" suite in terms of dreariness. Anyway this entire jam is a LOT to take in so I'm sure it will only get better the more I play it.

"Butty's Blues" is a strange tune. It's actually more jazz than blues based on the vocal melody and the saxophone work. The sax is the best part about it I think- the vocal melody doesn't strike me as anything great, but the saxophone makes it listenable. Perhaps it will grow on me more one day. The keyboard work has all kinds of potential in the beginning but it soon takes a back seat to the vocals and sax. "The Kettle" is entirely different from the rest of the album. It's based around a heavy guitar riff and fast rhythm with vocals not much different from something the Monkees would sing. Great frantic guitar solo too. "The Machine Demands a Sacrifice" is groovy in a psychedelic Cream kind of way with a brief but memorable keyboard jam in the middle when the pace oddly slows down. "Elegy" has similar rhythm and mood to "The Machine Demands a Sacrifice" with perhaps a slightly better vocal melody since it's jazzier. Enjoyable saxophone solo too.

Overall a really amazing album. It's actually in the same league as Colosseum's live '71 album in terms of tight jamming material. I highly recommend the Valentyne Suite!

Chain Letter
Chain Letter
DVD ~ Nikki Reed
Offered by SNUBS2011
Price: $8.83
45 used & new from $0.98

3.0 out of 5 stars chain letters... lol, October 19, 2014
This review is from: Chain Letter (DVD)
Chain Letter is only scary for people who are taken aback or feel concerned whenever they receive messages through email or facebook that say "Send this to 10 other people or else!" Some people actually feel uncomfortable and fear the consequences unless they send it to 10 other people. I know crazy right! That's basically what a chain letter is, and what makes up the plotline to this "horror".

Now I'm willing to give this movie a little bit of a break because despite the bottom of the barrel choice for a plot that's way too typical of the modern age we live in grasping for anything to wrap a movie around, there actually ARE a few decent moments in Chain Letter. I enjoy the death of a person chained to the back of two cars, so when the cars drive down the road the person chained gets smacked around experiencing bumps and bruises in graphic fashion. This is especially thrilling when the lady in the right car looks in the mirror while stopping at a red light and realizes there's a body attached to the back of her car but... she can't warn the guy in the other car in time as he speeds off so yeah, that poor body, haha. For additional effect maybe they should have filmed these particular scenes somewhere in Pennsylvania, har har! In case you don't know, PA has some extremely bumpy roads. Would have been ideal I tell ya!

Anyway the other deaths involving a girl rather realistically dying after a spear goes through her head is pretty cool, as is the one where the teenage boy gets his face ripped apart by a chain tightening across his face. I can't even imagine what it would feel like to have a chain smash my face in such a way. Maybe these deaths aren't original at all but I've never seen them before in other films so for now I'll consider them nice moments of creativity. How about that guys head who gets squashed like a supersized bug while looking at his car motor, haha. Blood just dunks out of his head like a giant bin of red pudding.

Otherwise the storyline is just really bad. The acting is below average (the brother and sister arguing over a computer with childish insults is plain writing) and the cop detective going around figuring out clues wasn't a good actor either and seemed somewhat arrogant and inappropriate for his role. Lousy acting all around by everybody. Only the deaths can save this one. It's passable only for the deaths, but please, if you know what a chain letter is and have received them online, you'll probably end up mocking or flat out disliking the choice to base an entire script around the subject. It's just not worthy enough for a horror film.

Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor

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5.0 out of 5 stars survival seems almost impossible given the chaos, October 18, 2014
Lone Survivor is quite the moving and violent film. Surprisingly the first 30 minutes is extremely boring and accomplishes nothing at all and is nothing more than typical soldiers having generic discussions that we've seen in several other films. It's honestly really bad writing, so it's quite the extraordinary jump in quality and storytelling when the attention turns to the Navy Seals out in Afghanistan who suddenly find themselves in the tricky situation of having to react quickly to the surprise appearance of a few goat farmers heading up the hills towards their direction while the Navy Seals are scanning the scene and looking for a particular al-Qaeda member.

They discuss what to do with the Afghans once they're caught. If they let them go they'll run back to the others and get revenge by storming the hills with weapons and looking for the Americans. If they tied them up around the nearby trees they can at least by themselves some time to continue onward. If they kill them, well, they'd have to live with the guilt. So what do the Navy Seals do?

They choose the first one which turns out to be a regrettable decision. Soon these Navy Seals gentlemen find themselves surrounded by danger. They're outnumbered by quite a bit too. Though the plodding nature of this particular segment builds slowly, it's only because once it begins you're going to experience basically over 1 hour and 20 minutes of gun shooting, bomb exploding chaos with bloods and bullets flying everywhere. If you're familiar with this story you'll know what happens at the end. It's not a pretty situation in any conceivable way. This is just a downright grim film to watch so be prepared for the violence to be extremely high and quite possibly realistic. The helicopter going down in one scene is just... wow. The timing of it occurring really stunned me.

I guess if there's any positive outcome well, at least the ending is nice. There's a moment of pleasantness despite the traumatic experience thanks to a savor I guess you could say. A moment of hope that arrives out of nowhere. A touching moment to be sure, but not touching enough to make the outcome any less horrific.

Compared to other war movies I'm pretty sure this one has to rank really high in terms of violence and realism. It's entertaining to watch, but the kind of you movie you feel guilty for enjoying due to the true events that it's based on. So with that, it's an extremely well-made film, I suppose it's mostly accurate (though someone below mentions there's no rattlesnakes in Afghanistan- not sure if that's true or not) so I guess a few things here or there have been changed.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
DVD ~ Logan Lerman
Price: $4.50
17 used & new from $2.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars perkless, October 18, 2014
I certainly wasn't expecting to see over 1,200 reviews upon opening up amazon and preparing to write a review for the Perks of Being a Wallflower. I figured it was a relatively unknown movie. Boy was I wrong!

It's about a shy teen played by Logan Lerman who struggles initially to find friends and fit in at school. He approaches classes and other students with hesitation due to fear of the unknown and even lets their insults get under his skin as a result, but gradually he warms up to a few people (Emma Watson in particular, with an American accent oddly enough- guess I'm still used to the Harry Potter films!) and Ezra Miller's quirky character. These three are the main characters more or less, with Mae Whitman (the little chick from the hit TV show Parenthood- great show! Too bad it's ending this year) serving as Logan's girlfriend temporarily.

The only issue I have with this movie is that it moves at a snails pace for a good chunk in the middle. This is when Logan goes through his experimental stage with drugs, partying, girlfriends, making mix tapes and discussing bands like the Smith's and David Bowie with the girl of his dreams (Emma Watson- can't blame the poor kid there!), relationship ups and downs, expressing feelings, enjoying his English teacher lessons, wondering why his sister is dating a woman beater, discovering Ezra has a preference for men that he demands Logan keep secret, etc. A lot of stuff going on... but most of it goes by very slowly and quietly so you have to be pretty patient with this movie. Not just quietly and slowly, but almost in an unimportant kind of way which hurts the movie a little. This is partly due to Logan just making sense of everything, but it's actually mostly because the writing just isn't compelling enough to be as great as you'd believe.

The movie does pick up dramatically soon after Mae Whitman and Logan hit off a short-lived relationship and Ezra's nicknames soon turn into more violent encounters at school when it's discovered he likes men and his classmates pick on him for it. Also worth mentioning is that Logan is constantly troubled by a particular family member death that keeps haunting his thoughts. It only grows into a much bigger problem as the movie progresses. I'm surprised just how much this problem takes over his mind and I feel like a goof for underplaying it when it's first shown. It's pretty good writing.

Overall a teen drama for the patient crowd. Don't expect it to instantly wow you or anything, but expect it to be interesting just enough to watch it once or twice during late night hours. Overall however, it's probably a bit of an overrated movie if for no other reason than I can't understand the thousands of enthusiastic reviews for it online.

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